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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  KGO  February 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> bye-bye. breaking news tonight as we come on the air. from new hampshire, the results are in and we are projecting the winners tonight. donald trump and bernie sanders both claiming victory. votes tallied at this hour. we are one on one with donald trump. we are with marco rubio, jeb bush. does he need a strong showing here to survive? and john kasich. does he have late momentum? >> we're getting pounded by everybody. and hillary clinton, the deciders, who they chose and why. "world news tonight" starts now.
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good evening tonight from new hampshire where every four years, the nation watches and waits for the results. and at this hour, they are in. abc news is projecting the winners on both sides. donald trump coming in first, a major victory for trump. a four-way battle. second place. gov majernor kasich and exit po at this hour as well. what we are learning about voters on both sides. more than half of the voters saying they are looking for a candidate outside of political establishment. nearly 7 in 10 describing themselves as liberals, higher than the past. trump on top for the republicans. how will the other candidates
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fare? some have acknowledged if they don't do well tonight, could do them in. we have live images from the sanders party. we are live with marco rubio, and a lot of talk at had thundershower about john kacsich that hour. and first, live to tom llamas. donald trump was cautious about the polls leading to votings tonight. but tonight, a major victory, the polls were right this time. >> reporter: that's right. i'm sure he will be incredibly confident here tonight. pandemonium at this hour. abc news projefrkted him the winner, and this room went nuts. their did what he asked for. they made him a winner tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a huge victory for don't trump, winning in new hampshire. and all day, we were with him.
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>> is tonight your v your night? >> i v we will find out. we never know. >> reporter: trump taking no chances, visiting with voters in manchester. >> i love it! >> reporter: ivanka. >> we are going to make america great again because of your father. >> thank you. you are right here with us. >> your wife is disgusted with you. she said i'm leaving. no matter what, she says, i love you, but i have fallen in love with another man. i don't give a damn. you got get out to vote. >> reporter: the billionaire turned reality star turned politician put the trumpbt bravado on display, when a supporter mocked senator cruz with a word we can't say i
5:34 pm
television. she said, he's a [ bleep ]. that's terrible. terrible. >> cruz, not amused. >> donald doesn't like losing well. he doesn't like that he lost in iowa. >> do you regret the "p" comment on ted cruz. >> i didn't say it. this was a repreat of a woman screaming it from the audience. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich pouring coffee in a diner. today, he says his opponents see him as the real threat. >> we're getting pounded by everybody. i would love to see v know how many negative dollars have brn send in negatived a veer advertising. >> reporter: some of his volunteer, saying jeb bush is trying to keep the family business up and running. up say youing you don't want jeb
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bush to run the family business, is that the same thing snanchts is a pat on the head come paper fod the anvils they have dropped the past two weeks. >> reporter: senator rubio struggling to come back from a dismal debate. >> it will's dispel that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing. >> reporter: he went back to the president yet again. >> anyone who believes that barack obama wasn't doing what he is doing onnen purpose -- >> reporter: rubio trailed by a pair of roboted, clashed with supporters. in manchester, rubio telling me he is staying the course. >> we're not going to change our methods. >> reporter: tonight, chris christie who took down rubio in the debate hoping it will pull off. he may need a miracle.
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>> back to tom llamas. what is next for trump? >> so far, this is going to be a very good night. we do know that donald trump will be in south carolina tomorrow with a night time rally. we're expecting a huge crowd. beyond that, he is looking to south carolina, thursday, he is in louisiana. david? >> you will be right there, tom llamas every step of the way. thanks. breaking news tonight for the democrats as well. abc news projecting bernie sand erps the winner right here in his own backyard. not long ago, the clinton team conceding defeat, trailing bernie sanders by double digits going in the primary. here is what we are learning. 3 in 10 voters say that honesty and trust worthiness are the characteristics important to them. and taking 85% of the voters under 30. cecilia vega is live.
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major win. bernie sanders tweeting, when we stand together, we win. thank you new hampshire. >> that's right, david. and the clinton camp has conceded saying that bernie 157bd erps has tapped into an anger by the voters. they were hoping to avoids embarrassment here. and this party here there is no celebrating going on tonight. tonight, bernie sanders was a big winner in his own backyard. swarmed by reportered when i caught up with him. your prediction. >> if it's a large voter turn out, we will do fine. >> reporter: he did. and for hillary clinton, disappointment. it started here in manchester. what is your prediction for tonight? >> i just love the way hrn hn does it. i love the issues. and they keep coming back. >> reporter: the final hourps, volunteers hitting the streets.
5:38 pm
these clinton supporters planning to knock on 50 doors today alone. have you been able to change minds? >> we took two people. >> reporter: but it wasn't enough. the state that brought the clintons so much. in 1992 -- >> new hampshire tonight has made bill clinton the come back kid. >> reporter: and again in 2008. >> i listened to you and in the process, i found my own voice. >> reporter: this year, no v new challenging. today, donald trump piling on. asked what comes to mind when you hear hillary clinton. >> she went to your wedding. >> she did. she did. in a certain way, evil. e vile. >> whoa. >> reporter: coming to clinton's defend, jane sanders. >> that has no place in politics today.
5:39 pm
we're not going to play that game. >> and cecilia is back with us live tonight. what does hillary clinton plan to do now? what is the strategy to quickly move on to this? >> reporter: david, the focus is to to focus on south carolina and nevada where she is hoping on her support from african-american and latino voters will propel her. we are expecting her at the podium soon. >> what a victory for bernie sand erps tonight. let's go to david wright. bernie sanders said he was up against the biggest machine in politics, the clinton machine. and this is a state that has treated the clintons well. >> that's right. bernie sand erps translating the huge momentum of the crowd in victory tonight. the crowd tonight is feeling the bern. we are toelds the senator here
5:40 pm
is shooting hoops now with his grandchildren. his campaign tweeting out, when we stand together, we win. thank you, new hampshire. the big question now, can he translate the support he has here to victim rips in other states. david? >> that is the question. david wright, thanks to you. >> let's get to george stephanopoulos. first, the republican, donald trumpb obviously the winner. but intense focus who comes in second or third. it could reshape the race. >> it could. it's a traffic jam there. you have governor john kasich of ohio going so well. ted cruz, won in iowa also. marco rubio, jeb bush still in there. that is going to give all of them incentive to move on. and the longer they stay in the race, the better for don't trump. had they get the outside votes.
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>> a huge test next. >> nevada and south carolina are huge states. less liberal than iowa and new hampshire. but the clinton camp is worried tonight. they have to be nervous that the momentum that bernie sanders has, they have to shore up efforts in nevada and south carolina. there is some talk of retooling their team right now. this is a much worse loss than they expected or wanted. >> george stephanopoulos tonight. we will see you tomorrow. and telling tonight, by one estimate, 44% of voters here in new hampshire said they could still change their minds in the hours leading up to the primary. tonight, i met some of the late deciders who told us which way they went and why. >> reporter: across new hampshire tonight, voters are heard. we take you inside the elementary school. voters ib including michael clark jr., a veteran, bringing his son and his mother.
5:42 pm
how important is this day? >> very important. >> reporter: he told us he voted for hillary clinton because of her experience. his mother says she hasn't forgotten the veterans. >> we have a lot of veterans going over and coming home. >> reporter: and john says trump, christie and rubio topped his list. and today, he decided don't trump. to people who say he uses colorful language from time to time? >> i'm the say way. >> reporter: he got your vote today? >> he tells it like it is. >> reporter: a veteran came all the way from ohio to rally support for senator kasich. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: and meredith is a junior in college, studying education, her first vote, torn between bernie sand erps and hillary clinton. her decision? >> bernie sand erps.
5:43 pm
>> reporter: why tell me what about him? >> i think i had is relatable. i support hillary clinton too. it was a difficult choice. i think i resonate with bernie a little more. >> reporter: how you doing? primary day's here? >> it's here. >> reporter: outside, we met long time new hampshire voters who take pride in their role. do you love your role as first in the nation? >> i love it. >> reporter: why is that? >> we get to set the pace frp the rest of the country. >> reporter: they love their role, shaping the presidential race. voters giving donald a major win for republicans. the question, how will the others do? jeb bush, who spent more on new hampshire than any other candidate. and marco rubio, strong after iowa and under fire after repeating himself several times at the abc debate. let's go to jonathan karl tonight. jon, the stakes are high for senator rubio. >> reporter: they sure are. he came into this with all of momentum out of iowa.
5:44 pm
it was a third place finish but stronger than expected. he was the fastest rising candidate in new hampshire and he ran in a buzz saw in the form of chris christie at the abc news debate. we will see where he ends up. they were hoping for a strong second place finish. that looks highly unlikely now. and jeb bush, he will be back in second, third or fourth after the the ind of the night, it counts as a come back for jeb bush. he spent so much money here. he have was once the front-runner. he had fallen far back in the polls. he came out of our debate stronger and looks like he has all the momentum to keep fighting in south carolina. the important thing, you have four candidates aside from trump who have the reason and the resources to fight on in south carolina. that means the ante-trump vote will remain divided. that is music to donald trump's ears. >> certainly is. we a2008 hear from trumpb
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tonight. jonathan karl tonight, thank you. much more tonight on "nightline" and more ahead on "gma quth. we are also watching a squlor storm brewing. 18 states from georgia to maine seeing snow and a blast of cold air behind it. look at the images. a dangerous commute in harrisburg, pennsylvania, and a car sliding off the road in ohio. rob marciano has a track, rob? >> we have winter advisories down in the the deep south. part of a large trough that is sloppy with snow squalls from the great lakes to central georgia. we will see some accumulations in bigger city, including new york. be aware of that. wednesday morning, minus 16 in minneapolis, minus 7 and it does get to the northeast.
5:46 pm
the snow does fall. stick around. >> bundle up across this country. rob, thanks. we turn to the economy now and gas prices, now expected to drop down to 99 cents a gallon in ports of illinois i indiana, michigan and ohio as well. >> there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight." we have new images of a cruise ship filled with americans trying to get back to the u.s. in a hurricane. the captain who didn't avoid the storm. and tonight, how the captain is now responding. also, the head on disaster. the deadly train collision. how did two passenger trains end up on the same track? and one of america's best known athletes speaking out about the zika virus. will it keep her out of the summer games? then those places change every few months...
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cruise ships is now speaking out. passengers furious with him after the ship was hit by hurricane-force winds. abc's linsey davis on how the captain is now explaining himself. >> reporter: new passenger accounts tonight about these terrifying hours at sea. >> it's probably the biggest scare that i've had so far in my life. >> reporter: shara strand tells us she was so fearful for her life sunday night, she called her mother, just in case she didn't survive. >> i just wanted to call and say that i loved her. >> reporter: tonight, this royal caribbean cruise ship is on its way back to new jersey after hurricane-force winds, over 100 miles per hour, and 30-foot waves prevented it from making it to its final destination of the bahamas. cell phone video captures flying furniture and shattered glass, as the ship moved right into a rough storm off the carolina coast. the captain tells the cruise director in a video, he didn't realize the magnitude of the storm ahead of time. >> the whole thing was not bigger than this and it was up
5:50 pm
here and it just exploded. >> yes, this storm did explode. it had rapid intensification. but that was forecast. this captain should have known what he was sailing into. >> reporter: the ship is going through more bad weather, and now isn't expected to return back here until tomorrow night. david? >> linsey, thank you. when we come back here tonight, the new safety warning for airlines about lithium batteries carried onboard. the deadly collision on the tracks. two passenger trains going head to head. how did they end up on the same track? and, hope solo making headlines tonight. her new concerns over the zika virus outbreak, and what she's now saying about going to the summer olympics.
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5:54 pm
if she had to make the choice today, she would skip the olympics, because she wants to start a family one day, and, quote, would never take the risk. health experts say zika raises the risk of birth defects only if you are already pregnant. a new safety alert tonight about lithium batteries. the ntsb now warning airlines that transporting batteries as cargo could cause a fire. they are now urged to keep them separate from flammable materials. officials believe a fire caused by lithium batteries may have brought down an asiana airlines plane back in 2011. when we come back, new clues coming in right now. what the exit polls are already telling us tonight, and which candidates could be helped most by what you're about to hear. i take pictures of sunrises. it's my job and it's also my passion. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine
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finally tonight, from here sd in hn the winners, abc news progents bernie sanders the winner tonight for the democrats. dornd trump projected the winner for the republican primary and a heated battle under way for second and third place between governor kasich, governor bush, senator rubio and ted cruz. secretary clinton has called bernie sanders to congratulate him. the latest on "nightline" and gma. see you right back here tomorrow. >>. new at 6:00 more than half a dozen teen-aged girls rescued
5:59 pm
from prostitution. the i-team has details of human trafficking. >> and the coast guard pulled a man from the ocean after a rogue wave washed upon the beach. and we'll take you inside of nasa ames research center. a woman returns her iphone to a retail store and gets charged for it anyway. a warning head on 7 on your side. and good evening, i'm dan ashley. and i'm ama daetz. a man who tried to rescue someone from the ocean was pulled from the ocean, unresponsive. >> this happened at shark park beach. we're live about details about what happened there today, vic?
6:00 pm
>> reporter: we're south of the pier. the coast guard tells us they pulled a man out of the water a thousand feet south of the pier. and how they ended up in the water is still unclear. eye witnesses tell us they were sun bathing and a sneaker wave caught them off guard. the first 911 call came in just after 2:00. the coast guard responded quickly. they were looking for an elderly couple, reportedly swept into the waters by a sneaker wave. beth grossman witnessed what happened. >> they were holding on to each other, took her out. and she was floating way up there. >> reporter: grossman says the woman was able to get back to shore.


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