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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. president obama is in the bay area this morning to help raise more money for democrats. one bay area city is telling the white house, wait, throw some money our way. good morning, after 5:00 a.m., i action reggie -- am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> mike? welcome to thursday, everyone. we are tracking high clouds at 27,000 feet. if you watch live doppler hd here are on app, the radar returns are not making it to the ground. the air is too dry. look how it looks from the exploritorium, a gorgeous morning at 44 to 52. the lunch special of mid-to-upper 60s and before average this afternoon, but, probably not record-setting, like yesterday, mid-60s to 70 and over to sue. >> if you pay cash at the bay bridge toll plaza you will have to wait a too minutes with minor
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delays and otherwise traffic is slowing with the transponders and fast track. here is the golden gate bridge near the toll plaza, a few cars coming in and we watched the super truck make the four lanes in the southbound direction. traffic is at the limit. all the way through and over the waldo grade, and the robin williams tunnel, so give yourself extra time this morning if you are heading out, but, right new, it is easy going. we will be back with a look at the south bay commute in a couple of minutes. >> right now, president obama is in milpitas resting up before would bay area evens to raise money for the democrats, one is in atherton and the town is planning to seek compensation for the extra public services. amy hollyfield is right outside where the president is staying. amy? >> yes, good morning, natasha, he is staying in milpitas. look at the security we cannot drive down the street that leads to the hotel. these officers were not say the name of the person who they are
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here to protect. president obama needs the high level of security wherever he goes, but a bay area town wants to be reimbursed for the cost. here is president obama arriving at most field last night, greet by local mayors and members of the military. he will appear at a democratic fundraiser in atherton and they plan to scat organizers to pay for the police services provided for the president. attar ton asked before for previous visits and has been denied but the city plans to try again. the mayor of san jose, though, is focusing on what this president does to support the region. >> this is one of many mayors working with the white house. this president gets it about the need fix cities, about the need for transit, for jobs, for broadening communities. a last communities have been excluded. >> the president has two events, one in atherton and one in palo alto. they are private. no public events are scheduled. he will leave this afternoon for los angeles.
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>> thank you. stay on top of probe president obama's visit with the news app which can be done loaded for free. >> the santa clara county sheriff will release more information about human remains found near gilroy. we do not know a lot at this time, not even if the bones belong to a man or a woman. we do know thens were found yesterday afternoon near castro valley road. if you are familiar with the area, that is near the gavilan college golf course with more information later today. >> a big victory for neighbors in san francisco. a sex offender rehab center has scrapped a plan to open there the on monday the neighbors spoke out about proposal to on the center on church street saying as a rut, it is seeking an alternate location out of respect for the community. >> dog owners in the east bay
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are alert after two pets were injured by taxes, one is looking hundreds of them at the dog park in hercules and police say it is not just animals in danger. here are details from alan wang. >> someone wants to hurt these dogs at the park in >> police say on two occasions, dog owners have discovered hundreds of taxes tossed inside this play area. >> one give was picking them up and his dog swallowed one and he had to go to the vet. >> another person the dog was limping and she put the paw up and there was a tack in the paw. >> on january 30, dog owners first noticeed the they picked up piles of them. >> we got most of them out, we come back and they back again.
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>> that was last saturday. they were still finding more while we were here. but it is not just dogs police are worry about. >> child is very quick with thattized thing and could have i in his mouth and swallowed. >> police are not sure the motive but they are depending on the eyes and ears of the public to catch the person or persons responsible. >> a new permit could be required for certain fireworks shows in california, with the effort following this show in san francisco during opening night of super bowl city. the national park service said it believes the fireworks are responsible for debris that washed on shore, much of it at acquatic parks. the water quality officials are looking into creating a clean water act permit for fireworks that happen over the water. >> follow owner of a north bay slaughterhouse will go to prison for a tainted beef
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petaluma. he admitted to selling meat from condemned and uninspected cattle. nearly nine million pounds had to be recalled from the plant a few years ago. the slaughterhouse has re-opened under new ownership. the concord city council will discuss whether to release a report of possible misconduct involving the development of the closed naval weapons station. they focus on a developer competing for the project. the developer is accused of improperly loaning the city council members. >> if you ride bart there is a debate new about how much money should be spot on the extension of bart to san jose. the palo alto city council is tackling a proposed ballot measure asking that only 20 percent of the tax be spent on south bay extension project and joining other peninsula cities. most of the funding from two previous transportation tax measures has again to the bart property and palo alto would
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like to see the money bow to caltrain improvement. >> california medical marijuana patients face 15 percent tax increase with the state senator proposing that 15 percent sales tax increase. it would raise $100 million for grants for local cities regulating medical marijuana and the john newspaper, parks and wildlife and drug programs. >> mike nicco? >> well start with temperatures, shall we? as the computer loads, we are 50 in oakland and castro valley and union city and only to be cooler in fremont, at 49. some of the warm spots, in slap drove and alameda at 54 and el sobrante at 53, and berkeley is 2357, and orinda 52 and in mountain view, we are in the 50s, and los gatos is 467, and same in concord, 48 in novato and napa. a slight brisk win as you head
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across the golden gate bridge. today we are topping out in the mid-60s at the coast and low 70s for the rest of us and the coolest afternoon, temperatures are 62 at the coast on friday and saturday, and upper 60 to forely 70s for our bay and inland neighborhoods so when i come become i will talk about warmer weather, and, also, a chance of rain in the seven-day forecast. we will get an update from sue. >> we are going to the san mateo bridge, with the 14 or 15 minute drive if you are headed from 880 across the span to the high-rise and over to foster city. looking good, the tail lights are headed in the westbound direction to the peninsula, over all, our traffic map is looking green with the exception of the slow traffic from the central valley and well look at that with slowing out of tracy and up and over the altamont pass, and it picks up and moves at limit through him into the dublin/pleasanton interchange. we are looking at a 40-minute drive between tracy and dublin/pleasanton. it is starting to bunch up. we had an issue with the early road work, westbound 24 to westbound 580, the cones were
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scattered all over the road although the road is open, so, they are trying to clear that out, heads up there. we are back with a look at north by coming you. >> i will notice a big change in the latest swimsuit "sports illustrated" with who the magazine is featuring. >> the final numbers are in, the winerseserses and looters -- los of the super bowl celebration. stay tuned. four score and seven years ago, our [train horn blares]th-- ... to the continent... [claps] ... a new nation. announcer: why not celebrate presidents day with a better night's sleep? through presidents day at sleep train get up to four years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, and save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, plus same-day delivery,
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, by bay. >> a lot of buzz about "sports illustrated" with more cubs in the new 2016 issue. ashley graham is size 16 and she will be rockin' in a bikini in a three page ad. and there will be a 56-year-old in a swimsuit, the oldest model to date. this issue of "sports illustrated" comes out on tuesday. >> super bowl host organizers say 1.1 million people visited evens in san francisco including super bowl city and the nfl expense, 10% higher than the million visitors they anticipated. a lot of the visitors pasted the finish by businesses including roadside burgers. any were there, they had a line out the door. >> and pedi cab drivers pulled
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in the money. >> >> slower now. >> back to the regular february. >> which is slow? >> our slow time of year. >> businesses that rely on the regulars, in other words, people who actually work nearby were lard to mind and they did not do so well during superpower, including the lunch trucks and the popular spots inside the ferry building. >> we had a lot of rubs but it was harder to get to the ferry building with the roads blocked. >> streets at the foot of market closed for super bowl city will re-open tonight and muni will resume their normal schedule starting tomorrow. >> a lot of people looking forward to that. >> a getting back to normal. >> an effort is underway to give every baby a piloting chance in the man for babies kickoff for the march of dimes. at the ever have the, teams organized for the big walk in april and they set a goal to raise more than $375,000.
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the big deal is because premature birth is the number one cause of death for babies. we are so proud to support march of dimes and several of our colleagues are at the walk in san francisco, san jose, santa rosa, fairfield, and pleasanton, including quite a few people on the steps. we are so exited. >> we all went, pleasanton. >> i will be in san francisco one. >> thanks for kicking that off. a great organization and great volunteers and the people that walk and they all have a story to tell. they all is a story. >> we will tweet that out and facebook the great stories. >> now, the warm both, get out there and enjoy it, we have a little bit of a cooling trend and we will take tomorrow into saturday and another chance of record highs but i am jumping ahead. everyone is talking about how murky it is, but there is a lot of tree pollen and moisture in the air and extra pollution in
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the air, also, because the winds are light right now. shear at look at walnut creek where it is cloudy and 43 degrees. here are the highlights, high clouds and warm sunshine, nearly record warmth next week, and winter runs with cooler weather and rain on wednesday. now, what will happen today, temperature from 72 at san jose and livermore antioch and all the way back to san francisco at 67 and even the coast is cooler at half moon bay and 66 degrees. lows tonight are going to be like this morning, so grab the same coat, mid-to-upper 40s inland and upper 40s to low 50s at the bay and to the coat. storm impact scale, "1" is light and "5" is severe and that is the impact on your life and items around us. this will be a "1" for wednesday night into thursday and we will have quarter to half an inch of rain. here is a look at 4:00 on wednesday morning, nothing really going on but as we head to the afternoon and evening hours, the darkest greens are right over us during the evening
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commute, and it tapers to just showers, and maybe drizzle by thursday morning. my seven-day forecast shows what it will do is finally erase the 70s from our forecast after making a run at record highs, especially on monday and tuesday. have a good one. >> we will go to san rafael with our cameras taking a look southbound 101 the tail lights on the north gate mall and civic center and we have light conditions all the way out of novato, from novato into san francisco about 22 minutes. so hooking good this morning the overall our traffic map is green, that is good, slow traffic from the central valley. and the drive out of antioch, everyone is at the limit and it is looking great, traveling at speeds of the 60s into concord with a 20-minute drive from antioch to the concord side. well have mass transit options in a few minutes. >> see you then, a window washer would fell 11 stories from a san francisco building.
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>> no one survived a fall from that high up. >> that is pedro perez surviving the fall in them of 2014 and we will have exclusive interview tonight at 11:00. >> incredible. >> welcome news this morning if you are concern about the impact of rising interest rates will have on your finances. >> here is america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money, caution from the fed. >> congress serve told that interest rate increases could be delay the. >> that is because of the during mile in the global markets. and gold is now up 50 percent. >> more automakers are recalling vehicles with the defective vehicles with the defective airbags, vw, au -- i and b the united states that have been recalled. >> burger king is adding hot
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dogs to the menu. all the 100% beef, flame grilled dogs go nationwide on the 23rd of this month, with two different types to enjoy be classing dog costs you $1.99 and cheese dog costs $2.29. >> that is america's money. have a great day. >> thank you. only on abc7, daly city leaders are considering a money saving proposal to outsource the police dispatch system to san mateo, which would save $750,000 a year. it is opposed by officers who say such a move puts public safety at risk. dispatch agree saying they have a close relationship with officers on the street. >> come to the center and we know them, we know the way they talk, we know the codes, and it saves us a last time if we can shorthand words on the radio opposed to spending a lot time and wasting the air traffic. >> rank and file officers have signed a petition against this move saying that the dispatcher do a lot of records work for the
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officer on the side. the city will take up the proposal in two weeks. >> if you have solar panels in your home, congratulations. you have helped create a record number of jobs in california's solar industry. more than 7235,000 people now work in the industry. that is a 38% increase over the past year. the majority of jobs are in installation, follow by sales and distribution. >> how deep are you into harry potter? >> how shallow can something be? >> i am excited. harry potter is back. >> he potter and the cursed child are released this summer, a script book based on the play which opens july 30. it will be released on july 31 after the play premieres in london. >> a lot of people are looking forward to that. >> facebook buzz about this even if you are not exciteed. >> seven thing you need to know as you start your day.
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>> a berkeley company wins a top prize to help children. >> a big section of state capital building could soon be history. the danger it could be posing the danger it could be posing right now to
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5:24 am
are following: dry weather, warmer than average and records are possible before winter returns next week. look at that 70s% chance of rain. i will let you know what it means in the storm impact scale^. >> tracking your thursday morning commute, do not go back to bed, it is light. things starting to get busy. look at that beautiful shot of the eastern span of the bay bridge. the commute on the east shore into the city is 12 minutes. >> a sacramento judge will hear arguments in the lawsuit filed to phone the controversial high-speed rail system. the farmers want to stop it from being the through their property. >> seven if you think of getting away now is the chance. air fare have dropped to a six-year low because of plunging fuel costs and more competition from low cost airlines. >> part of california state capital building could be demolished because it contains toxic materials. >> hazardous materials that need
5:25 am
to be removed such as lead and asbestos and mold. >> some of those are known to cause cancer so the capital annex was finished in 1952 and 9 eastern wing of the current building. the proposed budget includes using $1. 5 billion to replace the annex and three other state office buildings. the legislature has to approve the plan. >> a company just won the top prize and $1 million from the united arab emirates for a robot competition. the company designed this pediatric medical skeleton which is designed to work with the patient as opposed to simply moving their legs through a range of motion. the founders have used this to develop sites to help children with cerebral palsy. >> nice to see the lunar new year's celebration in full swing around the bay area right now.
5:26 am
>> we were in san francisco as lion dancers enter attend the seniors where people feed oranges and lettuce to the die beyond dancesser for good luck. >> the lion eats the lettuce and when it falls on you, that good luck is on you. so by a lottery ticket. >> we want the lettuce. right now. >> i want lettuce. >> the performers are san francisco police officers. the accident is the only department on the west coast with their own lion dancers. around for 28 years. >> wow. >> incredible. we have a full 90 minutes of news including the latest step in the demolition of the old bay bridge. >> also, san francisco police chief wants to arm officers with chief wants to arm officers with tasers and why the department
5:27 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> coming up on 5:30, time to get up and get going. >> it is thursday. february 11. we will start with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning, regular i didn't and natasha. now, before us you can see the high clouds roll manage and you could see a radar run or -- return or two. it is not going to make it to the ground. it is too dry. full of pollen, hazy sunshine. we are starting mild at 43 tousle and by lunch 64 to 66 and mid-60s to 70, so, warm again but short of records at 4:00. enjoy a comfortable evening at 56 to 60. do you have a comfortable commute? sue? >> so far. if you take mass transit we have bart, at 37 trains all running on time this morning. no delays. this is the last difficult you will see muni re-routed an the
5:30 am
foot of market and moscone center because the demolition of super bowl city is finished and they will clear the roads tonight, and tomorrow, muni is back in the normal routing to get through san francisco it should be eased up for those who dry across town. good news there. we will back with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza coming up. >> thank you. right new the santa clara sheriff is investigating the discovery of human remains. it is raising the question again: can this be connected to missing teen sierra lamar. the remains were found near gavilan college south of matt? >> yes, reggie we are south of gavilan college near highway 101 with a couple of sheriff deputies here to watch the area until the medical examiner gets here the it is not known if the remains are male or female. when something like this is found, thoughts turn to sierra lamar, the teen who want
5:31 am
missing in 2012 while walking to her bus stop. a man was charged with kidnapping and murder although she has never been found. investigators say they found lamar's hair and d.n.a. in his car. we contacted sierra's sister and she said authorities have not reached out to the family about the finding. we expect to learn more from the sheriff later today. >> thank you. happening right now, president obama is resting up in the south by ahead of a pair of fundraisers for the democratic party. air force one landed at moffett field after 7:00 last night and the motorcade whisk him away. this morning he will attend a fundraiser and then another in attar ton, and this means big traffic for us in the area that is already seeking compensation for the extra public services. the president is staying at the
5:32 am
sheraton where security is tight. no public appearances are planned. >> the city of berkeley has just released a report showing that forly one in five ball copes, stairways and other outdoor structures need repair. the infections follow the balcony collapse that killed 60s people in june. we here now with what prosecute owners are supposed to do now. >> the city stepped up the inspection requirements following the deadly balcony collapse in june, and according to berkeley site, inspectors have found 400 properties that need repairs out of 2,000. the city extend up the inspections of a six young people were killed and the billion coach has given away due to dry rot amount victim, 22-year-old was from rohnert park and the rest were from ireland. in california. on a work travel program. buildings and hopes with balconies, elevate stare cases and walkways must be check by a contractor or structural engineer every three years
5:33 am
rather than five years. the residents would need to make the repairs have 60 days to file for a permit and the 90 days after that, to complete the work. >> new developments in oregon this morning, armed protesters at a federal wild lie refuge say they will finally surrender to the fbi this morning. the four remaining occupiers will leave the compound at 8:00 a.m. and surrender to agents in eastern oregon and made the announcement hours after the arrest of the father of the protest leader ammon bundy. the group seized the refuge last month in opposition of federal land use policy. >> federal investigators are at the scene of a plane crash that killed a tulare county sheriff deputy and pilot. the two membership crashed into a hillside along highway 190, 80 miles southeast of fresno. the againty scott ballantyne was 26-year veteran of the department, and the pilot was 45
5:34 am
-year-old james chavez years in the military before joining the sheriff 15 months ago. >> the justice department will review new use use of force policy after the wake of the shooting of mario woods by five officers. the proposal outlines policy and procedure for using people more spray and prohibited chokeholds and features using tasers. the policy would prohibit officers from firing on a suspect vehicle unless the suspect poses a threat outside of the vehicle throat itself. the police commission will hold two public hearings before a final version in april. >> parents, police in santa cruz say this man tried to hour a by into his car and he is still out there. this is a sketch of the suspect. a 12-year-old boy told police that this man stopped him on wednesday and asked him to get into the car. the boy ran arrest.
5:35 am
he told his parents. >> caltran is hoping to get the money needed to remove the old span of the bay bridge. they expect to get approval for the $140 million to remove the old span that is hanging over the bay. the money covers more pier implosion in october and november and 13 smaller implosions in 2017 and 2018. engineers will continue on remove huge sections of the bridge using barges. >> mavericks surf competition near half moon bay is already coming up tomorrow, and for 15 years top circumstances from around the world have come to challenge the giant waves at maverick but a woman has never been invited to take part in the competition. the coastal commission said it could require women to be included in the future. the founders say women have always been welcome but getting one of 24 spots required an invitation. >> it makes more sense to have william compete it does not noon they cannot surf the same waves.
5:36 am
>> 26-year-old from santa cruz was chosen as a an alternate but a knee injury is keeping her on the beach. >> how will the weather be like as the surfers hit the water? wonder no more. here is a look at friday morning at 8:00 when we kickoff at 54 degrees for maverick and fog is possible. by noon, we are going to be partly sunny and 61 with northwest win at 5-15 and consistest breakers at 25-35' and possible 40'. they will be bigger up and down the coast starting at football today through 8:00 on saturday evening, possibly up to 13' with sneaker waves and rip currents and beach erosion. if you head out today, cedar and elm and juniper and pine, a last tree pollen the mold is slow. here is a look at san rafael
5:37 am
this morning. temperatures are 50 degrees. no fog. today we will top out in the upper 60s in san francisco and the rest of us are in the low-to-mid 70's, mid-60s in san francisco tomorrow, and low 70s for the rest of us so a cooling trend through saturday and another chance of record highs before record returns with cooler weather and a chance of rain. sue? >> metering lights are on at 5:30 this morning triggering this reaction, backed up now to the macarthur maze. and a solid 10 minutes from the back of line to get to the toll plaza to pay. when you are on the span, speeds are moderate heading into san francisco. our traffic map is looking good, with the exception of the typical slow traffic out of the central valley now from tracy area up and over the altamont pass, into dublin/pleasanton and 45 minutes. now, a look at the drive times, 41 minutes, i overestimated by three or four minutes. highway four antic to concord is
5:38 am
under 20 minutes and the drive from san rafael to san francisco is 20 minutes or under, as well, and we are back with a look at an issue with golden gate transit route with 54 canceled. >> thank you, sue. a secret a's and raiders fans have used is now coming to an end during the game. bart is stopping cheap parking. >> a big win from a super act of kindness, a set of super bowl kindness, a set of super bowl ti
5:39 am
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♪ gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. ♪ ♪ gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
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>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo , by bay. >> this is long an insider secret if you went to a's or raiders game cheap on game days, and now you have to pay for big events including at come see one minute and arena. right now it is $3 to park between 4:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. monday through friday and it is free to park outside of those hours. >> caltrain plans to electrify their system and getting a boost from the obama administration, the white house launched the earmark $125 million for the project the new trains will let caltrain carry 100,000 extra
5:42 am
passengers a day and cut pollution. the president's 2017 budget still has to be approved by congress. >> a follow-up on a story we brought you last week, a man who found a pair of super bowl tickets has turned his good fortune into a good deed. he discovered the tickets last week at the super bowl expense here in san francisco. he called police and made a real of the to search for the owner, and no one came forward. he post add message on his facebook page say he would give the ticket who would give with scholarship to a student at city academy a private school in the tenderloin where he works. >> the check for $8,500 i will give you the these two super bowl tickets and in 20 minutes they gone. >> this was a blessing that we would spend a fair bit of money but know it is going do a great cause. >> let me tell you those were good seats. guy anthony and his wife bought the tickets and super bowl superintendent was his 630th
5:43 am
birthday so it all came together. >> nothing about that story i don't love. >> brothers and celebrity tees off for the first round of the pebble beach pro-am and the defending champion has won two of the past three years and features five other players in the top ten players including top ranked two players. the amateur field includes bill murray, steve young, justin timberlake. the first players tee off at 8:00 a.m. at pebble beach and the monday try peninsula and country club. >> bill murray has a prosecutety nice look. all the hat to keep the sun out. he could need it again. >> a crowd favorite. the sun is stronger than we are used to when it reflects off the water. water. i tried to pull up the forecast
5:44 am
between the two points. 52 degrees and cool start and fog, but, mid-60s throughout the day, and hazy sunshine and a light breeze and the surf will get bigger as the day goes on so enjoy that view. the next six hours, there is rain to our north and nothing over-the-top us, clouds we have are high clouds and i expect no delays at sfo this morning, and all of us are under the mercury sunshine and warmer-than-average temperatures today and warmest highs are sunday, monday, and tuesday and possible records monday and tuesday, and cooler next week and transition is wet as we get back to winter. today, not so much with all the 70s, the exception is san mateo, vallejo, san rafael, at 69 and richmond at 68, and san francisco at 67 and half moon bay at 66. tonight, the temperatures are seasonal to little bit warmer-than-average at mid-to-upper 40s inland and at 4:00, next wednesday, notice the rain is rolling in during the afternoon and especially the
5:45 am
heaviest rain during the evening and it will taper to showers overnight into thursday. what does that mean? the storm impact scale is back from a "1" for light to severe at "5" and this is light at .25" to .5" of rain. on the seven-day forecast, it will wipe the 70s off map and bring us back into low-to-mid 76. >> heart warming for vet, love it. it will be warm in general. 44 bart trans out and on time this morning, with no delays and it is the last day you will see buses re-route around the foot of market and moscone center. they have demolished super bowl city earlier than thought and the road closures are open this evening, and the routes tomorrow from muni back in action. if you take the 54 goalen gate bus it is canceled at
5:46 am
heads up if you ride the 54 out of novato. the bay bridge is beautiful across the eastern span and metering lights on at 5:30 so you are looking at 17-minute, maybe 20 minutes from golden gate field to downtown san francisco. we will be back in a few minutes with a look at the drive out novato and san rafael. >> health officials confirm there is now a case of zika virus in northern california. the innotted person lives in yolo county near sacramento. officials are not revealing anymore details about the patient but said she contracted the disease outside of the united states. they are at let and doing okay. there is in treatment or vaccine for zika virus and it is related to birth defects in pregnant women and is video by a mosquito. >> the sacramento zoo is flooded with millions of sympathy after one of their prized tigers was killed. the 15 your old female tiger was
5:47 am
killed yesterday morning after getting into a fight with the acquired male tiger. the zoo is hopping that the two would mate and has been a fixture at the zoo since 2002 and has given birth to five cubs much the male has been taken out of public viewing area and is now being monitored. >> exports are up at the port of oakland, with import volume jumping 75 percent last month, and a year ago, west coast ports were locked if a labor dispute that slowed track. both sides signed a new labor contract last spring and it has taken six months for the ports to pick up lost business. >> wine lover you are for a treat. a huge wine retailer is getting ready to open their first bay area store in friend, total wine is hosting the grand opening this morning setting up shop at the pacific plaza shopping center. the family owned company prides itself as the united states independent retailer of fine wine and celebration starts at 9:00 this morning. >> winemakers in napa and sonoma
5:48 am
do need a boot. the government said that the 2015 wine harvest in the north bay was down 250 percent. that represent as drop of eight million cases of wipe. the wipe industry blames the route and the dry weather and said wine quality was not affected last year. >> something that could help you get to the gym this morning. a washington out a day could keep your brain in tiptop shape years from now. >> first, a giant on-and-off the field, brand continue crawford stepped up to the plate. stay tuned. announcer: through presidents day at sleep train, get up to four years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, and save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, plus same-day delivery. hurry! this special financing offer ends presidents day at sleep train.
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>> the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> brandon crawford will announce winners of $100,000 in education grantses. 29 bay area schools will be award add portion of the grants to support sports, art and community-based programs. crawford will congratulate the winers and take photos with them, and a reminder that the 23rd annual giants fanfest is starting saturday at at&t park so you can meet the players and get autographs and go all over the park from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. with free admission. >> a $2 million home why great san francisco views is now just a memory. crews have finished demolishing the home after the hillside started sliding. city officials say a leaking water main may have weakened the hill. five nearby hopes have to be inexpected to determine if they
5:52 am
are in danger. >> 6,100 people are glad to be back on dry land this morning. all the passengers endured a massive storm in the middle of the atlantic and they still talking about the terrifying ordeal. >> 17 hours. a roller coaster you cannot get off of and strapped in. >> it was scary but the crew and captain were great. >> it was 12 hours of torture. >> torture. royal caribbean docked in emergency last night and the coast guard value to inspect the ship to make sure all the repairs are done before it is allowed to leave port. >> pope francis arrives in mexico for a six day visit and is expected it town open hot button issues especially immigration, and will be at the united states boarder to show solidarity with the my grants trying to cross it and will hold a cross border mass on wednesday. the "wall street journal" said that 200,000 people are expected
5:53 am
to attend on the mexican side of the border and 50,000 across the rio grande in texas. if you look for a restaurant job there is an app. a san francisco-based start-up will match restaurant owners with openings in their neighborhood including cashiers to cooks to general managers. create a profile and send an application straight to the business if you are interested. >> no rain in the forecast today. it will be, again, warm. >> absolutely. warm this morning. san rafael and mill valley and tiburon if the low-to-mid 50s. everyone else in the mid-40s and san francisco is 55, and alameda is 54, and redwood city at 52 and san carlos at 50, and 48 in san jose. activity planner, warm for walking the dog, and tree pollen if you hiking and rough at the beaches this afternoon all the way through saturday evening.
5:54 am
ready high 2357 at lake tahoe, and mid-70s through the stall valley and 86 in los angeles. >> we have yet another transit bus cancellation with in problems with bart, muni is re-routed for the last day around the food of market and moss scone center, and that will pick up this evening and the old bus route will be back in place. the 24 is canceledded out the fairfax at 6:20. also, the 54 out novato, the 7:11 a.m. departure is canceled, as well, with the nbc -- next one at 7:35 for 54. out of novato it is nice speeds. not bus was canceled you may have to get in the car but
5:55 am
everything is well to the golden gate. >> new accident we are hear about in san jose coming up. >> if you have wanted to ask something of our larry beale in the sports department now is your chance. join us at 6:15 as larry earned -- answers questioned. you can submit them now at # #abcnow. >> activists who want to protect california salmon concerned over a new drought bill by senator feinstein with legislation introducing make it easier for more water to be diverted from rivers to farms in the value. the salmon count in california is already at record lows because of the drought and the salmon association said the bill could only further harm the solomon and the fisher men, as well. and tesla new model low cost
5:56 am
model in the tesla world is go to start on march 31 online and in stores the next da and it will cost you $1,000 to make a reservation, the model three has a base price of $35,000 which is half price of the model s. >> many expect it will sell out the first day. all the most remarkable story of morning, a teen has a way to create artificial organs by using just a simple cotton candy machine. vanderbilt university provided a video, the machine used to make spun sugar can make capillaries which are crucial forgetting oxygen to and moving waste from the organs. vanderbilt said they got this machine from target for $40. >> crazy. >> amazing. the more trait of steven tyler
5:57 am
than many of you saw on super bowl xlix a copy sold for $7,000 and it is made entirely of skittles, 20,000 skittles. the money will go to tyler's charity for abused girls. >> next at 6:00, a wanting for pet owners in the east bay, what you should watch out for the next time you head to a dog park. >> a man who helped build a new pan of the babe was targeted by racist coworkers during construction. construction. the disturb incident that now
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> president obama waking up in the bay area to raise more money for democrats. a bay area city is tolling the white house, wait, throw some of that money our way. >> coming up on 6:00 a.m., i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves.
6:00 am
it is friday eve and mike nicco is bringing good wet for the president. i thought the nfl had far reaching power with the weather and the have been but the president, 70s, again today. we have high clouds. and 27,000' so you may see the radar returns if you are following live doppler hd on-line or with our weather app but they will not reach the ground. it is too dry. we have murky sunshine today. temperatures are running in the mid-40s to low 50s. through the day planner our lunch special is mid-to-upper 60s and 70s away from the cost at 4:00, and back to the mid-to-upper 60s by 7:00. >> metering lights were turned on half an hour ago at 5:30 and stacked up if the drive take you from 80 or 580 or 880, at least from 80, 20 minutes from golden gate field to san francisco and 580 is the same. we do have an accident in san jose north 101 before oakland road and you can now see


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