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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. it is friday. it is almost valentine's day. it is 5:00 a.m. thanks for being with us this o our it is finally here, maverick surf competition is kickoff in a few hours, one of the most hazardous sporting event it is in the world but thousands who want to want. >> our reporter, matt keller is at half moon bay. matt? >> good morning, reggie. there is a high wind advisory because that is why they call
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the condition test for today here for mavericks. the harbor patrol is ready and in the water. just in case. that is thrill of mavericks, the waves are going to be huge with up to 40' and water moving at 20-0 miles per hour, and 24 were given 48 hours to get here from around the world. last area the came was never made because they never got big enough. this season that is not a problem. >> i feel more prepare than ever in my life just because we have been every three days there has been a giant swell whether it is here or mexico so everyone is battle ready at the moment. >> here is why you cannot watch the titans of maverick surf condition test on the beach. 13 injuries in the tournament helped that and park rangers and sheriff deupties are patrolling the area to were coup you out, and the event is on the internet with many restaurants and businesses here in half moon bay
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will be showing it on the big screen. >> they are battle ready. thank you. mike, the big question: will we have big waves. >> 20-0' and maybe up to 40'. can you ma'am riding that at 20-0 miles per hour? no wonder they would rather be hit by von miller than a wave? we have fog this morning and 53 and hazy sunshine by noon and 61 three-quarters visibility in petaluma. we have fog forming and livermore is four. you see the fog is moving inland from the coast and that is why it is cooler this afternoon after starting in the 40s ending up in the low-to-mid 60s at noon and low-to-upper 60s from the coast inland by 4:00, and mid-50s and enjoy a nice evening. the commute is. >> foggy. looking at emeryville camera, the fog is rolling in over the east shore freeway, and just a minute ago we had a perfect view. heads up here from golden gate
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field into the city, a nice 12 minute drive and here is what is waiting at the toll plaza, no delays, no metering lights, it is hazy, and perhaps fog is on the way to the bay bridge as we speak. give yourself extra time. we are back with a look at the drive times coming up. >> now the developing news we still don't know the motive behind the shooting death of an off-duty richmond police officer officer gus vegas was shot inside his vallejo home yesterday morning. it happened during a dispute involving his daughter, her six-year-old son and the boy's father who had a gun. the 30-year-old robert vega was are arrested in fairfield and his wife was injured dug the incident after jumping from an upstairs buy she new is out of the hospital recovering from the injuries. friends and colleagues say officer vegas and his wife were extremely en.rouse to their community, and particularly to children who needed a safe home and a love family. we joined with the impact this
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man had well beyond the police department. >> over and over we have heard from people saying they are stunned and saddened by all accounts, officer vague at was beloved, the father to ten 13 -- ten children, the grandfather to 20 and foster parent to countless others. he was a 15-year veteran of the richmond police department and yesterday, flags were lowered to half staff and officers covered their bands with a black band in mourning, he was always in a good mood according to the neighbors and the type person who opened his home to anyone in need. >> gus was a great human as you ever come across. oedipus was a very like am, always pleasant, always in a good mood, this is a huge blow for us. it is a tough loss.
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>> the mayor release add statement saying "the sheless killing has last him deepless saddened." for vegas was 58. in the newsroom, for abc7 news. >> thank you. it is a humid loss and you can stay on top of the store by using our abc7 news app and enable push alerts for updates as they happen. >> democratic candidateses hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off at a pivotal moment in the race for the party nomination last night. it is the final debate before the nevada caucus and our reporter shows us the moment that mattered most. >> i do have a disagreement here. >> the differences were substantive, but subtle last night in the democratic debate. >> we agree that wall street should never be allowed to wreck main street again. but here is the point i want to make tonight: i am not a single issue candidate and i do not believe we history in a single issue country.
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>> hillary clinton trying to regroup after being walloped. voters more than 90 percent white in iowa and new hampshire but this serve second half of the democratic votes could be african-american. >> the fire oks really coming at the end, with this moment. >> the criticism that we have heard from senator bernie sanders about our president, i expect from republicans, i do not expect it from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. one of us ran against president obama. i was not that candidate. >> hillary clintons with also asked about how she magazined to lose female voters and she responded she worked her entire career to empower women to make their own choices even that choice was not to vote for her. >> hillary clinton is.
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coming to the bay area next week, she will be in atherton on the 21st for a fundraiser build as a conversation with hillary clinton for young leaders and women in tech and hold events in peed monday and menlo park. >> caltran has the green light to spend $150 million to reof moot rest of the old eastern span of the bay bridge as evening nears presented the bridge, a two-step process. first the cage loses trusses are lowered and taken away by barge. the piers them are employeded like the big explosion we saw last fall. the process will take about three years in all. >> the raiders are staying in oakland. at least for another year. >> raiders ower mark davis and members of the coliseum authority have a new deal phone the 2016 season with team options for the season and the nfl stopped the attempt to move the team to a new stadium in southern california.
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>> mike has been telling us a high surf advisory is in affect along the bay area sure line until tomorrow night. this afternoon, the coast guard, san francisco and fire department and national fire department will team up to educate viewers about dangerous surf conditions. there has been several drownings and close calls in the gate recreational area. there will be a mcrescue at 1:00 p.m. to demonstrate the beach hazards. >> everyone should be safe and it will be a nice weekend if you like it sunny and warm. >> especially by valentine's day. but, yes, we have the high wind advisory until 8:00 tomorrow. if you headed to the coast. >> mostly cloudy. and 50 degrees in san jose. as we look at 280 and 17 the high amounts of tree pollen again, korea car and elm and fine particulates are moderate. heading to pebble beach, temperatures are going to run in the mid-60s. from the upper 50s this
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morning to mid-60s is high clouds and sunshine, and notice golden gate bridge where did the fog go? it is pretty much to emeryville, so it is a very localized area of fog like a school of fish, swimming through the bay right now. here is my three day forecast, today and tomorrow, our coolest, starting with fog in the morning and high clouds and sunshine and mid-70s and then upper 60 at the coast and deeper into the forecast, a chance of rain, wednesday and thursday, and we will talk about that when we come back, absolutely, see you then. >> to walnut creek, clear sailing, and no delays, southbound 680, and from pleasanton hill interest walnut creek, and highway 24, looking from, and 24 to the caldecott tunnel, no delays and in san jose checking on highway 87, through the s.a.p. center, this is the julian exit, it is getting busy but lit conditions here and everyone is moving at the limit. overall traffic picture is looking great this morning, so, green is good and everyone is
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move nicely at the limit, a hard road closures is in the remote area of the santa cruz mountains so not affected a lot of people, so not affected a lot of people, highway 9 nine high >> a huge warehouse fire on the east coast and pope francis is showers away from a step in cuba showers away from a step in cuba with the history he is about to
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daly city, dublin, los gatos by bay. >> this is new video from new jersey. crews are still trying to put out flames at an industrial park with the massive fire breaking out at lunch time. yesterday. 16 hour ago. the smoke can be seen for miles. meteorologist say it is showing you on their radar this morning. public schools are closed because of the safety concerns. so far, no word of anyone getting hurt but crews are keeping a safe distance as they try to put this out. >> new video from the united states coast guard rescued from yesterday. the two men are staring out of back of a plane, waiting to drop food to the 42 machine who abandoned the tanker because of a massive fire. the men were able to get back on board when the fire died down. another ship now is on the way to relieve that tanker which is 1,800 miles south of hawaii.
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there were no injuries reported. >> we will watch as pope francis makes his way to cuba where he will have a historic meeting with the head of the russian orthodox church. it is unprecedented. a moment of reconciliation between the roman catholic and russian orthodox church that will be healing the 1,000 year split of christianity and then continues to mexico for a visit. >> the family of a 12-year-old boy shot and killed by a cleveland police officer will not have tory pat city for ambulance and medical services. the lawsuit to get $500 from the family of rice was generated automatically and they are with drawing what claim. >> we apologize to the tamir rice family for any additional pain or suffering this may have caused. >> he was shot to death by a white officer in november of 2014 while playing with a
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president let gun out of a recreation center. in december a grand jury declined to indictment the officer who movied the gun was real. >> people are ready for work and the welcome is on their mines. right? >> starting roof foggy and cooler today and tomorrow and nice warm sun sheep for valentine's day and well wrap up the seven-day forecast with rain. good morning, everyone, the next six hours you can see there is moisture out there but it is north and west of us and we are getting fog had morning, the paper layer is 800' deep and the fog is not a steady stream but if you look right here you can see where does the bay bridge go? it goes into the bang of fog that moves road the golden gate bridge and alcatraz and sitting over emeryville and to oakland. coolerrize are mile the next two days and warmer highs with near record on friday, actually, on sunday, monday, and tuesday. next storm is wednesday. and thursday. so the lies today starting with the seven-day outlook because
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there fewer in cloverdale and napa and fairfield and antioch and livermore and san jose and morgan hill and were else in the mid-to-upper 60s. palo alto is at 70, also. as far as tonight, a lost upper 40s around the bay to 50s around richmond and san mateo and san francisco, and everyone ini think the area mid-to-upper 60. quarter to half an inch of rain with lighter wind so it is a "1", and at 5:00, it has slowed down compared to yesterday and that is the case when you hook at a storm that is a week away. during the evening and overnight hours, that is when we have our best chance of wet weather but all of the snow heading to the sierra is a good sign. my seven-day forecast shows low-to-mid 70s, warmest open monday, and we are back into the low 60s to mid-60's by thursday. sue? >> a lovely day on valentine's day. >> very cute. >> now, san rafael, southbound,
5:17 am
101, beyond the specific center looking good with no fog, and you are look at 20-minute delay from san rafael to the city, and here is the san mateo bridge, fog free, as well, and a nice ride from hayward to foster city at 15 minutes. overall, our traffic map is good and we have an issue at the dublin/pleasanton interchange, westbound 580 before 680 a branch new accident blocking a couple of lanes. we will update that in a couple of minutes but, first, the drive time if you are headed westbound 580 to castro valley, not bad, 101 from the san jose airport is over ten minutes and 280 along the coast from highway one to san francisco is ten minutes. we will update that dublin/pleasanton accident when we return in a few minutes. >> this gets your attention, california lawmaker was so heated about a proposed ban on vaping he pulled out his own during a congressional markup, the congressman hunter of san diego tried to make his point by
5:18 am
smoke his own vape right there and said there is no combustion and those in favor say allowing it on lanes could lead to fighting and the smoke still is a second-hand health risk. >> lamar odom is good enough to go to his brother-in-law's fashion show in new york yesterday. yesterday. along with the car -- this is his first public appearance, the crowd was cheering and shout his name. >> hold on to the portfolio wall street could be in for another rocky morning. here is america's money. >> topping america's money, oil prices are doing levels at not seen in 13 years, and the plunge opens on a four-days there
5:19 am
streak with stops down across asia overnight. >> finally, kanye west big night before a big crowd in new york, and he simultaneously unveiled the new fashion line and debuted his new am bull. it prompted an offer from former drug company c.e.o. promising west $10 million to release a new album only to him. guess nature. >> you that is america's money. have a great day. >> tonight at 11:00, the hidden world of emojis do not always represent what you think, what your kids are really say when they text the symbols. that tonight. >> you if your child is using an old school phone, you do not is to worry the. >> love birds in california at the academy of science are celebrating valentine's day early, biologists will hand out heart-shaped valentines for the
5:20 am
after scan penguins, from last year. this is more than a cute valentine's day gesture, the males are in charge of building love shacks, the love nest from sticks and leaves and now they can make it from the big hearts. >> i feel like a whole pixar movie could be made from that. >> if i give one to my dog... >> he would eat it. >> seven things you need to know as you start director day. >> in the market for a emextra ing radio service. ought music giant that could be just what you are looking for. just what you are looking for. >> a helmet camera
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the titans of move ribs contest at half moon bay. because of the danger, fans are not allowed to watch the event in person. >> a little bit of fog in. that is part of the trend we are going do have today and tomorrow and warm weather for sunday, monday and tuesday and cooler yet next week in a chance rain. >> three, family and friends are mourning a fallen off duty richmond police officer who was killed in his own home in vallejo yesterday morning. officer gus vegas was shot in a domestic dispute. the 30-year-old robert vega of fairfield is arrested. >> four, breaking overnight if you drive along winchester boulevard in san jose listen up, police are still investigating a faith hit-and-run accident overnight with streets still shut down in the area. witnesses say the driver was in a red compact car. the car took off. >> if you are headed to work in san francisco, relief. the super bowl road closures are
5:24 am
over. muni is back to normal. running under regular schedule. >> sue is following the friday commute. not light if you are headed to the dublin/pleasanton breach. we have an accident westbound 580 before 680. we will check the rest the commute coming up. >> seven, get ready to pay to park at the coliseum bart station at warriors and raiders games. packing now costs from $7 to $30. bart is raising fines for packing violations at all lots. >> morgan stanley will pay $3 billion to settle charges that they misled investors of the quality of the mortgage-backed securities. department of justice accused them of not only knowing they were risky but told the staff to present them as healthy investments. this is a year after the company agreed to pay $2.6 billion for their role in the subprime mortgage crisis. >> stocks in pandora shot up 10
5:25 am
percent on news the streaming service could be for sale. "new york times" reports that pandora is in preliminary talks with morgan stanley to scope out buyers. pandora stock has plummeted the last few months leaving 60 percent of the value since october. that is because of increasing competition. they are looking to move beyond internet radio and into on-demand streaming. >> oklahoma highway patrol trooper is recovering this morning after being hit by an s.u.v. the highway patrol released the camera and the officer is walking away from the cruiser to investigate an accident along the interstate and an s.u.v. loses control in the opposite direction. hard to watch. we had to block that out. he slammed into the trooper and the impact was covered up. the dirt and the debris and the s.u.v. rolls and crashes into the trooper and he was thrown into traffic. witnesses including a nurse rushed in to help.
5:26 am
a firefighter to the rescue in sacramento. look at this, the camera caught him rescuing a dog he pulled from from the home engulfed in flames on wednesday morning the crews went inside the house looking for victims and spotted scared dog hiding in a back bedroom and pulled her out, reunited her with the owner who escaped earlier. we rarely see something that close so it is nice to see how hard they are working and trying to find our pets. a full 90 minutes of news including a ban on crash fishing that is partly lit in california and what it means for the crab love others. >> new details in the deadly >> new details in the deadly greyhound bus in san jose and
5:27 am
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live from the kgo-tv
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broadcast center this is abc7 news. coming up on 5:29. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. it is friday. valentine's day is around the corner. >> what? what? what? >> mike! >> you are running out of time. >> hours left. >> in my marriage? >> good morning, everyone. here is our radar, live doppler hd showing a last high clouds rolling law and i were whatted it show you the fog in the lower left hand side you can see a few cars and it gives an idea of how knick it is. we are running in the low 40s to 50, this original, at 12 hour day plan we, low-to-mid 60s, hazy lunch, low 60s at the coast and upper 60s for the rest us at 4:00, so nice to be outside and this evening, no worries, temperatures in the mid-50s to 60. sue? >> we have a couple of hotspots and, first, i will go to san jose, and this is 101 in the northbound direction with the headlights headed -- this is the 880 overcrossing northbound so it is not bad.
5:30 am
the toll plaza shows haze but not so much socked in, no metering lights but we watching that of the generally overall, green is good and out of the central valley but here is the hotspot this morning, this is a multi-car accident rolling into the dublin/pleasanton interchange and you can see the traffic backed up to highway 80 looking at 20-minute delay to get beyond the scene. otherwise it is not so bad and the drive time is 45 minutes from tracy to the dublin pleasanton area. back with a look at the south bay drive coming up. sue? >> east bay community is mourning an off-duty officer killed in his own home. richmond police officer gus vegas as was 15-year veteran of the force, and tiffany is traffic accidenting the investigation. apparently the accused killer is someone he knew very well? >> that is right. investigators identified the suspect as 30-year-old robert vega of fairfield and he is the father of officer gus vegas six-year-old grandson starting
5:31 am
at domestic dispute between his adult daughter, her son, and vega who had a gun. there were shots fired yesterday morning at 6:30 and the officer was hit multiple times. other family members witnessed the shooting and his wife reportedly jumped out of second-story window in fear for her life. investigators say that vega took off with his son. yesterday afternoon police recovered the boy and arrested him at a fairfield apartment without incident. there is no word on a motive. but officer vegas' colleagues say he is the type of man who would step in to end an argument peacefully. >> trying to stabilize the situation and probable tying to mediate and protect his daughter is gist...end -- so, just ending peacefully. >> flags were lowered to half staff and the officer and his wife have ten children and 20
5:32 am
grand children. he was 58. thank you. officer vegas' wife sandra is recovering after jump out of a second-story window dug the shooting. she suffered becauses and fractures and was released from the hospital yesterday. the vegas family ran a nonprofit foster care taking in people would needed help. >> this house was "the" house by all accounts for his children and his grandkids and people in vallejo. though know the vegas family. in a positive way. >> that is yet another reason why neighbors and friends say officer vegas' violent death is hard to believe. aif you go to the richmond police officer association facebook payment right now you will see this message "we are hurting right now, rest in peace officer augustine gus vegas, keep his family in your thoughts and prayers." we have information on how to donate to help the officer's
5:33 am
family on the website at we are sending out push alerts as new information on the investigation is released. you can get the latest on the news app bien aing push alerts. >> in the south by san jose police are sending nor a driver who hit and killed a pedestrian near winchester boulevard. he was hit while walking down street, and witnesses say the driver was in a red compact car and took off. police have been on the scene all night long. expect possible closures. if you drive through the area, this is at winchester boulevard. a driver was behind a frighten a driver was behind a frighten ing
5:34 am
restaurant and took off. firefighters helped to clean up the mess with a tarp over the window and from looks of damage it is incredible that no one was hurt. >> after three weeks your downtown morning commute in san francisco is finally back to normal. super bowl 50 detour are now officially wrapped up. our reporter is in downtown san francisco. hallelujah, amy. >> did you see that? a train going by the trolley car, and muni is back in service on the embarcadero so don't walk by one of the stakes, you can actually storm and a bus or trolley car is picking you up. that is because the embarcadero is open again. the southbound lanes opened up last night at 6:00 and a section of market street that has been closed is re-opened at 8:00, and this is early, supposed to open tonight. now it is ready to go for your morning commute. we did hear complaints when all
5:35 am
of this what shut down and now it is behind us and we are hearing a little bit of change of heart. >> it wasn't that bad. it was good to have the super bowl here. it wasn't a big deal. >> how do you feel about having it back? >> it will be easier to get around town. >> southbound embarcardero and a section of market street are closed for three weeks to accommodate super bowl city. it made the commute quite a challenge and a lot people decided to abandon their cars and turned to public transportation. a spokesperson said that they saw 200,000 more riders during super bowl festivities. >> with new details just released about the deadly greyhounds bus crash in south san jose a preliminary investigation showed no signs of
5:36 am
mechanical issues and no drugs or alcohol in the driver's system. the driver was one of 13 people injured in the crash and two women last their lives. the national transportation safety board plans to use bus camera footage, tracking. it is, and 3-d imaging to figure out exactly what happened. >> in the north bay, after school aide is accused of force three young children into sex acts. harmon was working at the school in santa rosa last december and he was first arrested in a case involving a four-year-old victim. since that type, two more victims have come forward and the charges include rain of an intoxicated victim, harmon was out on bail after the original arrest and now is back in jail. police say no insurance continues happened while he was out on bail. >> pacifica city council has approved emergency work for the crumbling cost line so repairs to the beep boulevard wall and promenade will start as soon as possible. city leaders think it will take
5:37 am
450,000 to stabilize the wall up to 2 million more to reconstruct it to the original condition. the el nino-powered storms damaged the sore line declared an emergency three weeks ago declaring the way for state and federal assistance. >> recreational crabbers have the green light to lay out traps saying they "for longer show unhealthy legal of toxic acid that causes sickness." commercial fishermen still have to wait for the all-clear from the department of fish and wildlife. we were at 9 wharf and half moon bay with people at both locations cannot wait for the season to begin. >> it will be a circus. yelling at each other. get out of my way, i'm first, i want to get out, and let's go fishing. our this is our white gold, where our money comes from. we need the crashes. >> this has been tough, so much that the governor brown said the
5:38 am
situation is is an economic disaster and is seeking a federal disaster declaration. >> in a few hours from now the quiet coastal town of half moon bay will be the center of the surfing world for titans of maverick. 24 of the best surfers are here for the big wave surf competition. we were at the hotel at half moon bay as serveers checked in and got ready yesterday. now, we will look at the harbor, all quiet right now and that is going to change very soon as surfers start arriving for the first wave at 8:30 this morning, it is important to know that spectators are not allowed to watch from the beach or the bluff. if you want to see the event you have to look at it online with a link on our website good luck to all the surfers. >> the big waves missed hawaii and the big question, are we heading out with good swells? >> i think so, 20-0', and maybe up to 40', running 20-0
5:39 am
miles per hour, that is impressive. we will have fog and hazy sunshine and high clouds by noon and 61. now, a look at what else is helping along the beep, it is color-coded for the high wind advisory until 8:00 tomorrow evening. if you are outside of pillar point you have swells building to possibly 13' like in monday trait and sneaker waves and currents and beach erosion. if you are sailing, stay in the bay. you will be okay. walking the dogs it is community after the. walnut creek is partly cloudy and 47 degrees. theys are the peninsula and san francisco, mid-to-upper 60s and rest of us are low 70s and the same thing tomorrow and look how much warmer it will be for valentine's day and we are trending warmer early next week before the next chance of rain arrived and that is coming up next. sue, we have a new accident? i do, a couple out there first, though, we go to san jose
5:40 am
280 at the 880/17 overcrossing with head lights looking good. we have san rafael here with reports of an accident and i don't see it on the shot solo respondout sin in the right hand shoulder wall near the exit which is right near the turn, the marin ymca with headlights southbound. we will check back with c.h.p. for you on that and check on the dublin/pleasanton interchange accident, as well, when we come back. >> coming up, a controversial land to bring oil shipments through the bay area by train hits another snag. >> also, finding a place to eat is easier in oakland and you is easier in oakland and you will
5:41 am
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> new outrage following the release of the mario woods autopsy report, the 26-year-old man killed by police officers in san francisco's bayview neighborhood in december. the autopsy shows that mario woods was shot 20 ties, mostly in the back. it also shows he had meth,
5:44 am
marijuana, and antidepress amendments in his system which explains his behavior. he is accused of stabbing a stranger before the shoot asking refused to drop knife. 20 bullets into mario woods is called an outrage. >> no mother should deal with they we are doing what we need to do to ensure it does not happen again. >> she wants new methods for tactics by police and committed to a full review. >> benicia has the brakes on the plan to transport crude oil through the city. they want to import oil on the car trains each day and the planning commission believes it poses significant health hazards. the company is disappointed and sit down to discuss the next step. >> president obama is in los angeles this morning. there was a quick fundraising visit to the bay area. he left moffett field yesterday
5:45 am
afternoon. but first he doned the shades for the california sun, kissing a baby, holding another baby. today he will name three areas of desert in southern california as "national monuments," setting the land aside for hikers, catchers and hunters. >> it will be easier to open a food truck in oakland. there has been no comprehensive policy for the vendors. now, the city staff hope to have a city-wide program to have a new area to set up, expanding the food zones in northwest and west oakland and make it easier for the trucks to park in the metering faces. uber could be getting back the money for using them, pushing to settle two class-action lawsuits over a fee. the suits chairman uber never should have called the service fee "safe ride fee." the suit said that is false marketing of uber safety records. they now are going to change the
5:46 am
name to "booking fee." if you took uber in the united states in the past three years you are about do get a refund and don't expect a big one, we are talking about something in the neighborhood of 80 cents. >> >> major leak soccer's biggest name face off if san jose this july. >> the log said that the english soccer heavyweight arsenal will face off with the all stars at the home of the earthquakes july 28. arsenal is the 13 time calculate of the top flight of english soccer. san jose last hosted the summer classic in 2001 at spartan stadium. >> do you remember the story there was a big arsenal fan he names his daughter after arsenal backyards. my dad is a huge fan, as well. >> what is your name backwards? >> while you do, that i will talk about the weather.
5:47 am
emeryville you can barely see anything to give you an idea that the fog is moving. here is another look, it is clear outside. visibility is lowest right now, at one and three-quarters and president human is two, and they were getting down near quarter mile at some times so wax out on 101 and from sutro tower you can see, still, nice looking outside, and cooler afternoon today and tomorrow and warmerrize for valentine's day, and that will go through tuesday, and wet weather is bringing winter temperatures and rain, finally back to the forecast on wednesday, and today we are hitting the 70s in morgan hill and san jose and livermore and antioch and forward and palo alto and napa and santa rosa and cloverdale. tonight, fog is possible, again, with a light onshore breeze and temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s, and at 5:00, wednesday evening, you can seat rain has slowed down from yesterday's model run and it will be mainly an evening and
5:48 am
overnight sensation and by time we get to thursday it will taper after the morning commute. storm impact scale is nice and rain in the forecast, one is "lite", to 5 is severe and here is what to expect, this is light, light winds at .25" to .5" of much needed rain and the seven-day forecast shows sunday and monday and tuesday, almost everyone is in the low-to-mid 70s and a few upper 70s obtuse and back in the 60 on wednesday and thursday. sue? >> thanks for delivery a pretty day for my anniversary on sunday. >> all for you. >> golden gate field to san francisco is 15 minutes, and emeryville shows the fog is lifted and the traffic is slowing, no major delays. though turned on the meet are lights on at 5 4:00 and it is backing united states in the middle lanes but i do not see a huge backup at 5:40 with the meeting lights. maybe we will be friday "lite". overall our traffic map is looking good and a hotspot in
5:49 am
dublin/pleasanton with an accident blocking a left lane of traffic, and traffic is tracks -- is stacking up to highway 84. 680 from highway 4 to walnut creek, and 24 walnut creek, and the 580 drive to dublin the gays? >> happening today, students at schools cross the country are being encouraged to eat together. it is national no one eats alone day. a studenten driven program that began four years ago in marin, in an effort to battle bullying and spread to hundreds of schools around the anyway, this is video from last year in san francisco. dozens will take part today. if you drive in the bay bridge most expensive public works property could be more expensive, and why the price tag could be going up by $50 million and the reason why. >> first, a terrifying ordeal for a mother, a man steals her car with her five-month-old baby
5:50 am
girl strapped inside and a small girl strapped inside and a small device getting a new
5:51 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups.
5:52 am
it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. >> san diego county, a five-month-old baby girl is safe after a man stole a car with her inside. the car was parked as an apartment complex and he ditched the car a short time later, and left the child behind with the windows down. she was unharmed, and reunited with her mother. the parent left the baby in the car seat while she ran inside to get something she forgot. authorities are still looking for the suspect. >> the nba all star weekend officially starts this morning with media day in toronto. yesterday, warriors all star steph curry, and draymond green and klay thompson made the rounds with several interviews with the sports networks, and
5:53 am
this is the first all star appearance of draymond. >> i watched the game since i was a kid and always dreams of being there and never knew how it would happen. so, just to play in the game, my first all-star game, kobe bryant 's last, it a special. >> pretty cool, tomorrow, he will take part in the skills challenge and steph curry and klay face off for a second year in a row in the three point shooting contest and will play on sunday. our news anchor, larry beale, will report live from the all-star game tomorrow and sunday and you can follow update on twitter. indianapolis map got his wife the biggest valentine's day card we have ever seen, look at patrick sullivan, actually buying her a billboard saying his wife always asked for modest gifts like a note or card, and we wanted to do something extra special this year, the billboard
5:54 am
reads "pat and patty forever, 27 years and counting, you complete me." their advise for a long and happy marriage, take it day-by-day, love each other, communicate and have the same name. >> they have grandkids. >> i made up that lat part "have the same name." >> pat and tatty are together, forever. >> and now our question of the morning: what is the best valentine's day gift you have ever given or received? reggie wants do know the worst, as well. >> you can tweet us with # #abc7getup. bonus point if you include a picture. we have been getting great responds. >> trying to remember my this said she got toe socks boyfriend. >> that is one of the worst? >> one of worst. >> how is the weather on
5:55 am
valentine's day some. >> warmer, out-dorable. >> and the boys of summer are around the corner at 10:00 it will be 58, and more sunshine and 63 degrees by 3:00. high clouds and sunshine like we are seeing today of the look at 80s, 87, palm springs 87, low 70s through the central valley, and monterey, 65, and pebble beach coming up in 20 minutes of the lake tahoe is 56, and i will show you what is happening this weekend, temperatures are warm in the 50s to nearly 60 on tuesday but snow on wednesday. >> a look at the accident at dublin/pleasanton in the clearing phases now with westbound 580 before 680, still slow traffic toward highway 84 for continue meant delay and coming out of the central valley all green this morning, pretty nice on friday light for the drive from tracy to dublin and this accident? san jose north we before 80, two cars involved and we are
5:56 am
checking back with mass transit option on friday morning for holiday weekend. >> thank you. the bay area is coming through to help the nuns to be from home with gofundme raising $,000. more is needed. they feed the homeless from a building in the ten door line and have been there for eight years with the rent go up 50 percent since moving in. they fighting eviction. >> now, here is something to think about when you walk. a team has developed a device that firefigters in a shoe and whats the battery as you walk. it is enough electrickist to power your phone or tablet or laptop and shows plan powering a flashlight with the device. the researchers say it could be a solution for people on the go of the. whatting roar phone is simple as plugging into the shoe. >> he knows how to walk the. >> an emergency roadside delivery outside dayton, the
5:57 am
frantic father called 9-1-1 when he knew he worst not make it. >> the baby is being born right now. >> the dispatch kept the dad calm offered assistance and the father stayed on the phone until the big moment. >> the first cry? the paramedics arrived minutes later and the baby is named hannah maria and taken to the hospital and everyone is doing fine. >> next at 6:00, surfboard: ready. a report from half moon bay with final preparations under way for the titans of move ice surf competition. >> a bay area wine
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> this morning, surfers hope for a big wave as the maverick surf corn defendant is underway
6:00 am
at half moon bay. >> good morning, coming up on 6:00 a.m., i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. we will have weather and traffic in a moment, but, first, matt keller is at half moon bay with surfers getting ready for big day right now. matt? >> yes, we have a local surfer, santa cruz surfer, skin dog. you are ready to go out there and hit the mavericks. what are you feeling? 2 1/2 hours away from the first one? >> i am calm but you are still, like, tense. it will be nationally. there-- gnarly >> there are types where the surfers have been there? >> we have had a lot of stormy day and a clone day last week which was a black out, and today is better so, it will be amazing .


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