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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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tonight the flag outside the supreme court is flying another half staff. president obama commented about the passing, talking scalia's presence on the bench. >> brilliant legal mind with an energetic style, incisesive wit and colorful decisions and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. >> here's more about scalia's sudden death. >> reporter: good evening, justice scalia's passing, his sudden death has the potential to be a political game-changer as the anchor of the court's conservative wing passes in the desk of a liberal presidency. >> antonin scalia was found dead of apparent natural cause as a resort in west texas. he died in his sleep. scalia was the longest serving justice on the current united states supreme court, nominated by president ronald reagan in 1986. >> each getting nominated to the
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supreme court is the culmination of a dream, of course, and i'm greatly honored that the president would have confidence in my. >> he was the first italian member of the court. he quick i became the anchor of judicial conservative and. >> the sheer force of his personality, he for three decade led the conservative movement in american law to roll back the era of liberal activism. >> schoola, nicknamed nino, was widely known for high intellect, elegant writing writing and cau. john roberts called his late colleague, quote, an extraordinary individual, jurist, admired and treasured miss colleague. school ya leaves behind a wife and nine children. he was 9. >> with the passing there's already political jockeying.
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some g.o.p. leaders saying president obama should not be the person to select scalia's successor. instead they say the next president should have that honor. reporting live from washington, abc news. back to you. >> the president said he will make a nomination in due time but not just yet. the open justice seat has back pot topic on twitter. senator ted cruz said that we owe it to him to ensure that the next president names his replace: senator majority leader mitch mcconnell tweeted saying the vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president. however democratic senator harry reid said the president can and should send the senate a nominee right away, and it would be unprecedented in recent history for scotus -- the supreme court of the united states -- to go a year with a vacancy. sergio quintana is live with more about the impact. >> for those who knew justice
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scalia, his passing is a shocking loss. he was an intellectual heavyweight on the supreme court and his death has just ratcheted up the stakes in american politics beyond the presidential race him was often the most forceful and eloquent voice on conservative decisions on the u.s. supreme court. uc hastings law professor david levine spent a summer as a visiting professor in italy. this a picture he took. and despite scalia's rep few addition as a conservative fire brand, levin says he was a charming man to spend time with, person who was unafraid of sharing his point of view. he says scalia's passing has significantly raised the stakeness the u.s. presidential race. >> you've got this presidential election coming up, and because everybody knows that this slot could change the balance of power on the supreme court, for decades to come, so the stakes could not be higher. >> he says supreme court confirmization can take months
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especially if the republican controlled senate delays or votes down any of president barack obama's possible nominees. levine pointed out current supreme court justice anthony kennedy was president reagan's third nominee. the president versus senate standoff could also focus attention on senatorial races republicans are defending more seats than democrats this year. live in the newsroom, abc7~news. >> we have much more about scalia's passing and his work as a u.s. supreme court justice on our web site. that's at for breaking news updates the moment they happen, download our abc7 news app. new details in the stabbing death of 54-year-old san leandro man and bishop of a church in men -- menlo park. police arrested to 1-year-old man suspected of murdering his nature yesterday morning in his apartment. officers responded to a neighbor's call of hearing man
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screaming for help. they said the son opened the door covered in blood and they found his father suffering from stab wounds. he died on the scene. police in san jose are looking for a man who shot another man in a back in a vta light rail station. the shooting happened around 10:15 last night near south expected east santa klara streets. the victim is expected to be okay. witnesses say they heard several shots ring out and three people ran away. sheriff's investigators released these images hoff the suspect taken from vta cameras on the light rail platform. so far no one has been arrested. it's a warm holiday weekend. great for heading outdoors this valentine's day. a live look outside from our exploratorium cam at pier 15. you can see a little cloud cover out there tonight but changes are coming. beautiful shot as the sun reflects off the clouds, meteorologist drew tuma has more. drew? >> what a winner of a forecast to start off the weekend on saturday. this is how the sunset looked
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from the east bay hills camera. notice high clouds streaming in from the north but otherwise it's a really quiet saturday evening on tap. live look outside the exploratorium camera, beautiful. a glowing sunset in front of coit tower. notice the evening planner. by 7:00. high clouds. by 9:00, look how mild temperatures stay, in the 40s to upper 50s. that's going to set the statement for a very warm valentines day on sunday. by 4:00, downright lovely. and topping out in the 70s, monday and tuesday, record warmth arrives before we track rain. full deal tails in the forecast. >> muni requireds requireds on n street were taken by surprise. a dozen stops were taken out of service as part of a plan to ease traffic flow on the busy street. lilian kim is live with more on this story.
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>> reporter: at handful of stops muni riders have been getting a flier telling them about the changes that have begun and what is ahead. muni riders shopped up at their usual stops only to discover the buss were driving past them. much to their surprise changes have gun on mission street, busy corridor where poem ride a muni bus 65,000 times a day. >> always better to have more stops than fewer stops. >> i guess i just need to adjust any routine and good down one street. so maybe it's not the worst thing in the world. >> flier posted on muni stops and being handed out along mission street in all 12 stops have ben taken out of service. seven going toward downtown, five going toward daly city. >> some people are upset, the older people. they're upset. but what can i do? >> it's all part of a plan to ease traffic flow on mission street and make the muni ride faster. some riders are worried about safety. >> if you're walking alone at night, don't want to walk too
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far. if you're a woman, especially my female coworkers take that bus. >> removing bus stops is just the first step. red transit only lanes will be added and later left-turn restrictions will be implemented. this is what it will look like when it's finished. >> save you five minutes each way. >> that's significant enough, you think? i don't know. it's something. i tell you that. >> the $3.8 million project is being paid for by voter approved bonds. the changes are expected to be completed by the end of april. in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7~news. >> still ahead at 6:00, tens of thousands of penguins suddenly dead. what is behind the mass species killoff in the antarctic. a gas leak that flooded southern california with toxic fumes is now shut off. the new v
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150,000 penguins in antarctica have died off because of an iceberg. the penguin population dropped by 84% over the past six years when a large iceberg the size of
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rhode island became lodge eave the coast. because of the aisles the penguins can't access food supply and have to travel 40-miles to find food. unless the iceberg breaks up scientists think the penguins will be gone in 20 years. >> a gas leak was stopped in southern california, this time lapse video from an infrared camera in the porter ranch area. you can see the air finally clearing at 16 weeks. the well hasline leaking since october, forcing 6,000 people to evacuate their homes. the well still needs a permanent fix. it has to be filled with cement. up next at 6:00, the first sign that baseball season is nearly upon us. as thousands of giants fans flocked to at&t park. plus, more records and rain? meteorologist drew tuma is up next with a look at your
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topsy-turvy weather week hate. >> larry beil has a live report from toronto, and moving day in pebble beach. phil mickelson moved to the top of the leaderboard. his day and at the celebrities
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>> the orange and black is back in san francisco. abc7~news what at at&t park today for the giants' annual fanfest. baseball fans met their favorite players and posed for pictures with the team mascot. fans we talked to were both star struck and excited about the upcoming season. >> hunter pence. >> he is right by me and i'm like, okay, why is everybody making a fuss about. >> i think we'll do very well. and we're not going to congratulate the dodgers on the questions of the division championship. >> most fans we spoke to had a great team. a few were disappointed, saying they waited in long lines but were not able to snag an autograph. we'll get you drew's autograph. don't worry about it. here's drew tuma with the forecast. >> that will bring the value of
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the photo down further. live doppler 7hd, dealing with partly cloudy skies but certainly mild. look at this, antioch, warm 7 1. 60, san francisco, san jose as well we continue to have a high surf advisory for the next two hours. wave heights are coming down this evening but the threat is still there along the coast a strong rip current. this is gorgeous, the sun has set, beautiful picture, emeryville camera showing off the stuff tonight. a beautiful bay area image and the forecast calls for a sunny and very warm valentine's day on the way for sunday, record warmth is possible monday, and tuesday, and then we'll track a return finally of some rain in the forecast. but future tracker temperatures shows you hour by hour on sunday, mid-day, a lot of spots mild, under sunshine, with 70-degree readings. if you have some dinner date plans with your valentine on
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sunday, look at this. comfortable as could be with most spots under clear sky in the 60s. then fast forward in monday. in the north bay, that warmth could get into the lower 80s. most spots around the immediate bay will nold mid-to-upper 7's, and tuesday has he best chance of breaking records. for san seasons, oakland, san jose, the records mid-and upper 70s, a lot of spots exceeding the numbers on tuesday before cooler air works in on wednesday with some rain. remember, this is storm. pact scale, finally back after a brief vacation of dry weather. we rate our storms from one to five, one light, five the most severe. gives you a better idea what to expect. the one coming mid-week is a one,. a light storm, minimal impact, light showers moving moving in h light winds. jumping ahead into wednesday. notice the steadest of the rain is going to come shortly after the evening rush on wednesday,
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into late wednesday night. a quick moving system so doesn't linger that long to give us a soaking rain. by thursday morning, just aisles late showers. total rainfall, most spots picking up a third inch of rain, more in the north bay where the rain lasts the longest so not a blockbuster storm but very good to see the pattern change happening in february since we have been so dry. overnight tonight, plenty of stars. very mild. upper 40s to lower 50s, and that will set the launching pad for very warm valentine's day across the bay area. lots of sunshine in the afternoon. up to 72346 oakland, same in san jose, 71, san francisco. 77 santa rosa, and a very warm 79 in antioch. here the accuweather seven-day forecast, heart, warming on valentine's day tomorrow, flighting with 80s's monday. on wednesday, temperatures plummet, rain moves in the evening, lingers thursday morning, but it kind of shifts our pattern so friday and saturday, back to normal
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temperatures and a mixture of sunshine and clouds and is good to see the pattern finally changing for a little wet weather. >> thank you very much. >> this sports report is growth by bank of the west. >> you, again. >> his autograph is worth more than mine. >> not sure about that. we start with all-star saturday in the nba where we find our own larry beil live from toronto and there will be an emphasis on the golden state warriors, namely the slash brothers. >> reporter: absolutely and the 3-point shoot out. a lot of people believe -- long can-time nba historians and fans -- that steph curry is the best shooter in nba history. the question here is, will he be the best shooter tonight? we're finding that out at the air canada center. flash back to last year's competition because klay thompson came out on fire in the semifinals but cooled down in
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the finals and steph was able to take the title. i asked klay this afternoon, if he and steph had talked much about the showdown, that is about to go down. >> i haven't talked to him for a week. we're very serious bit it. it's going to be a lot of bad blood between us. we don't like each other right now. i told him i don't want to see him until 9:00 p.m. when you step on the court. no, just kidding. it's all fun and games. a lot going into it. we want the brags rights for a year. so only time you get to compete against each other. >> haven't thought about it much. i remember last year and the showdown at the end, me, him, and kyrie in the finals, so it was so much fun, just like the adrenaline rush. >> it's great. great shooters. i think two of the best shooters every. can't focus too much on each other when you got other good shooters out there. >> draymond didn't want to page pinner and said steph and klay, steph and klay. but after round one, klay had 22
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points, steph had 21. we're into round two now with two warriors remain out of four spotses. final results tonight at 11:00. live in toronto, abc7~news. >> thanks. moving day at pebble beach. the celebrities and practices last chance to make the cut. phil mickelson won this event four times, makes a huge move to the top of the leaderboard. justin timberlake and rivera doing the carlton, fresh prince of bel-air. timberlake made the shot of the round. bird putt drops but missed the cut. mark wahlberg just made the cut at 17-under. he is 14 hannity cap but drain thirds long bird putt for a net eagle. always entertaining bill murray won't make the cut but will sign
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autographs. phil mickelson shot a 6-under 66 at pebble. started on the back anyone. chipped in for birdie on 18. give this 45-year-old a two-shot lead heading into sunday's final round. lefty had 21 points two shots ahead of iwata, shot a 60 yesterday in third. >> i know that is i look back on the other victories here how special they were and how much it meant to me to play well here i have at work to get my ball striking back to that live that i need it to be for tomorrow's round. >> stanford hosting oregon ducks, lost to cal on tuesday, making sure it didn't happen again. the monster jam. didn't can't for roscoe allen. 45 from beyond the arc. 9-12 shooting for 25. five seconds left. orange down two humphrey with the rejection, stanford upsets oregon, 76-72.
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i cal hosting oregon state. the bears are 16. bird, back-to-back 20-point games. 4-8 beyond the arc. the dunk here. a brown add 15 and provided a top-ten highlight worthy dunk. oh, my. and the foul. cal wins it 81-73. now 75 in conference play. this abc7~news sport report brought to you by bank of the west. my money is on steph but you can't count klay out. >> you got good air on that dunk like you used to use. >> yeah, used to do. >> next at 6:00, coworkers playing cupid for a michigan man. the grand gesture they made to make sure he is not
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join us tonight for abc7~news on kofy tv 20 and abc7~news at 11:00. more reaction from here in the bay area and across the country following the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. republicans are reacting right now in a debate. join us at 9:00 on kofy tv 20 and at 11:00. >> the a single michigan man won't be spending valentine's day alone if his coworkers have anything to say. they spreaded hill with his very own dating ad on a billboard,
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