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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> it's sunday february 14th. happy valentine's day everyone. i'm chris nguyen in for caroline tyler. we are off to a mild start across the bay. here's lisa argen with with the first look at live doppler 7hd. hi lisa. >> good morning. it's warmer in parts of the north bay. the north winds getting underway and we have some high clouds. would you the calm winds and the radiational cooler, we are warmer in most spots burks not everywhere. it's still cool in the 40s for you no mountain view. in san jose and livermore. check out the north bay and the coast. we've got mid-and upper 50s. so the winds will be gusty in the higher elevations and probably not working right down to the surface with the offshore winds. but at times you may feel the
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breezy winds. tonight is a possibility into tomorrow but overall looking for plenty of sunshine. this is just the beginning of a three-day trend. we will be looking at temperatures not only above normal but near records. we've been about 6 or 7 degrees above normal. today we are adding on another 5 degrees. by noontime we are well into the 60s, even 70s. and we have 80s for the next few days beyond. chris. >> thanks. developing news out of san francisco. civic center bart station is closed right now after a woman died at the station last night. bart officials say the woman was acting irrational only the concourse level at the station. police approached her before she jumped from the concourse level and fell to her death on the platform. muni is providing trains while the station is closed. be sure to stay with awb7 news for updates. >> new details on a three alarm house fire in the panhandle neighborhood. a dog that went missing during the fire has been found safe. the fire started at around 8:00
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last night at fulton and baker streets. when firefighters arrived they saw flames shooting out of the garage and first floor. it quickly escalated to a third alarm. the location of the home contributed to the difficulty of getting the fire out because of the power and muni lines. one neighbor tells us what she saw. >> i only saw the flames on the roof so it was pretty scary. i was about four doors down. i was hoping the fire didn't spread. >> one child was hurt in the fire and two dozens residents are displaced. happening today, a special prayer during this morning's service nor gus vegus, the richmond police officer murdered in his home last week. 30-year-old robert vega was arrested for the time. his family paid tribute to him and today church members will honor him during prayer.
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the service starts at 10:45. 6:02, the time. u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. he's being remembered as the conservative rock of the nation's highest court. he died in his sleep yesterday morning at a ranch in west texas. his death will likely set off a struggle between the president and congress. president obama has ordered flags at the white house and across the country be flown at half-staff. the commander in chief said scalia was a, quote, larger than life presence on the ben. a brilliant legal mind with energetic style. he was 9 years old. his death has sent shockwaves through the residential race but bay area experts say u.s. senate races could also be affected. sergio win takenna has that part of the story. >> i antonin scalia, solid
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-- >> there will be plenty of time to replace him. >> bay area officials and scholars are analyzing how it will play out. jackie speier will not have a role in the confirmation process, but she knows the politics. >> it's a very tightwire that the senate majority will actually be walking because they could be seen as being obstructists. >> supreme court confirmations can have a role in national races. some to example lars say the contentious confirmation of justice thomas and anita hill ushered no big changes in the senate the following year. >> many consider it the year of the woman. >> john was the lawyer for the senate judiciary committee back then. most recently as dean. the usf lawsuit, hosted antonin scalia for a similar to
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percentium here. he believes president obama maybe able to replace him. >> the president may not get his first choice but at the end of the day you will see his nominee approved by the u.s. senate. >> if hearings are set, the senate can affirm a nominee by a simple majority. in the case of a tie vice president joe biden can cast the deciding vote. abc7 news. >> the last six justices to be nominated all were confirmed or withdrawn in 87 days or less. the senate took the longest to confirm president obama's nominee justice kagen. and president obama has 342 days left in office. 11 justices have been confirmed in election years. the new york times and several other news outlets have speculated california attorney general camilla harris is on the short list of potential supreme court nominees to replace justice scalia. the 51-year-old twice-elected district attorney of san francisco has declared her intention to run for the u.s.
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senate to replace fellow democrat barbara boxer. justice scalia's beth took center stage last night at the gop presidential debate. they began the debate with a moment of silence but the gloves quickly came off. tiffany wilson covered the debate and has more. >> the candidates offered condolences to justice scalia's family. >> he will go down as one of the great justice necessary the history of this republic. >> and then discussed his replacement. >> i think we ought to let the next president of the united states decide who is going to run the supreme court with a vote by the people of the united states of america. >> i think it's up to mitch mcconnell and everybody else to stop it. it's called delay delay delay. >> some disagree with that stance. >> they want to delay for the benefit of themselves. and it's -- i find that to be a very selfish attitude. >> the questions pivot today foreign policy which set off a nasty clash. >> we should have never been in iraq. we have destabilized the middle
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east. >> while donald trump was building a reality tv show my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe and i'm proud of what he did. >> the world trade center came down during the reign -- he kept us safe? that's not safe. >> donald trump also battled with ted cruz. >> and he supports federal tax payer funding for planned parenthood. >> you are the biggest liar. you probably are worse than jeb bush. you are the single biggest liar. >> the intense exchanges caused governor john kasich to have this warning. >> i think we are fixing to lose the election to hillary clinton if we don't stop this. >> abc7 news. >> marcel gardner, the man mario woods was accused of stabbing before san francisco police shot and killed him on december 2nd is showing his face for the first time. he previously spoke anonymously
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only to abc7 news on february 4th about woods stabbing him in the arm with a knife in the bay view area. it's the same knife officers say woods refused to drop before they shot him 26 times. >> it bothers me not just because of what happened but it's something i see often too much. i see too many black men get gunned down for no reason. >> the shooting death of woods has prompted a call for change in the police department's use of force policy. family and friends of a missing 73-year-old man from almeda spent yesterday handing out flyers hoping someone will find him. john beck missed an appointment in downtown oakland tuesday morning. he was last seen board ago bart train at the twelfth street city center station. his family thinks he was headed to san francisco. yesterday they focused their search near the sutro baths and bakers beach. >> we saw his overall search history and he had public transit out to this area and that was the morning before he
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disappeared. >> beck is accused of running a get rich quick real estate scam. he's facing a $113 million federal judgment. his daughter doled "the chronicle" she doesn't think that is connected to his disappearance. there is an award for $1,000 for lead to go the arrest of those responsible for placing tax in a dog park last year. peta is donate $1,000 to install security cameras at the park. happening today, heads up if you are planning on going to golden gate park this morning. hundreds of runners will be in the park for the kaiser permanente half-marathon. the race starts and ends in the park. the run also features a 5k run and some routes in the muni area will be affected until about 10:00 a.m. the funds benefit a number of charities in the city.
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the run starts at 8:00 this morning. lisa, it will be a little warm for the runners out there. >> yes. it's 53 right now and north winds working in the north bay to warm them up. we are looking at temperatures a little cooler in the east bay valleys. 48 san jose but today a warming trend gets underway. maybe a record but we are certainly looking at records through tuesday. i'll explain in just a few minutes. >> thank you lisa. also ahead, a mess of twisted metal kills at least three people. the surprise on the road that caught dozens of drivers in pennsylvania off-guard. and a street surprise in san francisco this valentine's day weekend.
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>> breaking news out for the bay. two people are dead after a crash on highway 1 at bodega bay. it happened around 1:00 a.m. the car crashed into a tree and then burst into flames. officers have not yet identified the two victims. stay with abc7 news as we continue to follow this breaking news. 6:and 13 is our time. >> this morning arctic air is sweeping across the country. in pennsylvania dozens of car piled up in a major interstate, killing at least three people. abc news reporter eva pilgram reports from philly. >> it seemed to come out of the nowhere. blinding snow triggering this massive pileup killing three people, leaving at least the 40 injured.
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>> we have at least 15 people trapped on the westbound lane. >> more than 50 vehicles on i-78 in pennsylvania caught in the crash. five medical choppers rushing to the scene. one moment the road was clear. the next white-out conditions. >> come to 78 and go west bound in the eastbound lane. >> snow squalls barreling across pennsylvania highways, catching drivers off guard. >> sounded like two bombs went off. a couple people laying out and trucks and cars all smashed. cars underneath tractor trailers, in between tractor trailers, and total destruction. >> ambulances shutting some of those drivers to the local firehouse to keep them out of the bitter cold. everyone has been rescued from cars and trucks still scattered on the interstate. state officials asking people to stay off the roads unless they absolutely need to travel. eva pilgram, abc news, bethel, pennsylvania.
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happening today, planning to go to the chapel to get married on valentine's day? the san mateo county clerk will open at 9:00 this morning and almeda and contra costa offices open up at 10:00 a.m. for those hoping to tie the knotted to. some are getting an unexpected treat this valentines weekend. melanie woodrow tweeted these pictures yesterday of money and change in envelopes on the street. and it's fun watching people smile as we find the envelopes and some leaving the money for maybe someone else who needs it more. >> if you are still looking for a valentine, the almeda an be malshelter has you covered. there will be a fundraiser today and all funds go to the angel funds which helps pay nhl costs of the animals before they are
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adopted. the party starts at 2:00 p.m. at the fireside lounge in almeda. 6:15 the time. west starting to warm up. >> we have high clouds around. normally we should see about 60. san francisco and oakland will be well into the 70s today. this is the beginning of our three-day warming trend thanks to an offshore flow and building ridge of high pressure. here's a look at live doppler hd where the clouds are over parts of san francisco and the north bay. but it's the winds and the upper elevations gusting to 37 miles an hour around mt. tam that has allowed for temperatures there to stay in the 50s all night long. here's a look at the ridge. that will build in to the north and east of us. a spring summer-like pattern setting up the next few days. if you are doing biking or might being you may feel the gusty winds at times, certainly tonight into tomorrow. but at the surface we have a lot
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of warmth as we get compressional heating. 53 in san francisco, 48 3akland. 54 already on the coast. and from our roof camera the sun coming up at 7:01. it will be nothing but sunshine. a few high clouds, 56 santa rosa. in napa cooler a the 45. 59 joe sought toe. 47 by the delta, 49 concord and livermore 44 degrees. as we have some of the isolated areas with the warmer conditions we will have the isolated areas with the gusty winds as well. overall it will be a very warm pattern. look at the temperature profile with the lack of wind here. below where we were yesterday by 6 degrees. 13 to 14 degrees warmer in the north bay. our highlights warmer today. for valentine's day records possible and toll. rain arriving by midweek. 80 southern california. rain changing to snow in the sierra by wednesday and thursday.
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mid-60s, 65 for monterey. and we are looking at warmth here from the or ranks here. upper 70s to near 80. this is tuesday. very little change. here's what happens by wednesday. only in the 60s, and a 1 on the storm impact scale. the weakest of what we will see comes our way. the rain wednesday night into thursday. looks like 28 favor the north bay with amounts anywhere from oh, quarter of an inch to a half-inch. some forecast models projecting upwards of an inch near santa rosa. check out the 70s. 70 in napa. 78 in napa, i should say. 76 san jose. as we cool off we will get a little wet and then still dry into next weekend. returning degree, i should say. not what with he want to see going into week two of dry conditions. >> i have a feeling napa and sonoma will be very busy this weekend. i'm sure people had plans to head up there because of valentine's day weekend but you add in the weather and it's like you've got to enjoy it right? >> a party.
6:19 am
yes. >> coming up, one woman lost allurer wedding photos when they were wiped off her start phone. hear or warning to make sure this doesn't happen to your pictures. in honor of black history month we are celebrating the people who have made a difference where you live. today we remember jazz legend duke ellington. named an honorary citizen of oakland. the washington, d.c. native was a regular as spots in the '40s and 50s.
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>> in the old days you needed a camera and film to take pictures. nowadays it's a lot easier. you just need a phone. unfortunately it may be easy to delete them. a little too easy. >> he put it in my hand and it said "marry me." >> ingrid and john took pictures when he proposed, and more at their city hall wedding. >> right under the rotunda right where we wanted it. the only copies were stored on her i-phone, so she decided to back them up for safekeeping. >> i told my husband i'm going to go to the apple store. >> she figured they could store them safely in the cloud. >> can you assist me with this?
6:23 am
sure, no problem. i've got this. >> and they said no problem, i got it. >> the technician was having trouble and an hour later a manager was examining her phone. she took back her phone and then the shock. >> oh, my god, i said my pictures are gone. i think i'm about to have a heart attack. >> the technician somehow deleted all of her wedding photos and thousands more. >> all of a sudden you hear a scream and a cry and everybody was kind of silent. >> ingrid's daughter, victoria was there when her mom cried out in the store. there was no way to get the pictures back. >> at this point i said -- i'm in tears and i said, what are you going to do to fix this? >> they gave her a couple of free backpacks. ingrid said nothing near of what she lost. >> i said you took a moment of my life, something i can't get back. >> and they said this can happen, even at an apple store. >> i'm afraid to take pictures on my phone because they are not accountable for what they have
6:24 am
done. >> apple said after looking into the issue we are reviewing your in-store procedures to determine if we can make any further improvements. the only consolation. she posted two wedding pictures on facebook. now the only ones she has left. >> i had to take one for the team, but i hope this never happened to anyone else. the apple technician told ingrid he used the find my i-phone feature while trying to back up the pictures and she believes that wiped them off her phone. i posted a link with information from apple on how to back up your photos. you can find it on i'm michael finney, open your side. >> you know baseball is right around the corner when the san francisco giants host their annual fan fest. we were at at&t park yesterday where 30,000 fans put on their orange and black. many had a chance to meet their favorite players. >> kind of feel the love for them and the fans were cheering and it was like an awesome community. >> we were walking around earlier with a hot dog.
6:25 am
>> you never know who you are going to bump into. >> he was right in front of me. who was it? >> hunter pence. >> some got signed autographs. others took pictures. millions of americans get botox injection toss freeze away their wrinkles. now a bay area company believes they can deliver the same results without the needle. coming up, why some doctors say this could be a cosmetic game changer. that's tonight on the news. a similar michigan man won't be spending valentine's day alone if his co-workers have anything to say about it. they surprised him with his own dating billboard. it shows him and his contact information. he's taken dozens and calls and texts from potential dates.
6:26 am
♪ ♪ >> lots of chinese new year's celebration necessary san francisco's chinatown yesterday, leading up to the big parade next saturday. dozens came out for the parade. a traditional practice to improve wellness through exercise and meditation in nature. big parade is next weekend. here's a look at the route. the parade begins at 5:15 p.m. on sat danks february 20th. much more aid heads on the abc7 sunday morning news. bringing hope. the pope's trip south of the border continues and why he says mexico has a bright future. >> one of the most iconic and controversial figures on the supreme court unexpectedly died. i will have so much more on the legacy of justice anthony scalia, and the political fight on
6:27 am
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>> it's half past the hour. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a quick look at the forecast. here's lisa tracking the conditions where you live. hi, chris. >> hi, and it's gorgeous out there. we have a few high clouds and the sun officially up just after 7:00. it's 48 degrees in san jose. oakland, low 50s.
6:30 am
san francisco 54. and from our exploratorium camera, lots of cool blues. by this afternoon it will be a big warmup. in fact look at that 59 degrees in novato. that's right, due to a north wind. also up in santa rosa. the north winds from mt. tam and the upper elevations allowing for temperatures to stay up this morning. it will be a warm afternoon with plenty of 70s around the bay. near 60 today in some spots in the next couple of hours. 71 in the inland valleys, and by about 4:00 we will be in the upper 70s santa rosa. 76 in livermore. and on the coast upper 60s. so the temperatures will continue to warm up in the days ahead. i'll tell you how warm and for how long in just a few minutes. chris. >> thanks lisa. now back to our developing news on the sudden-death of justice antonin scalia.
6:31 am
america continues to mourn his loss. this morning we are learning more about his judicial legacy and the fight for who will be his replacement. ray is in new york with the latest. good morning. we have just learned the body of associate justice antonin scalia was taken to a west texas funeral home but at this hour we don't know what would happen to his remains. we are also learning about list jurist legacy and how he will forever be remembered. america mourns the loss of one of the most conservative injurists on the highest court s. >> he influenced a generation of judges, lawyers and students and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. >> scalia, nominated by president ronald reagan, served more than 30 years on the bench.
6:32 am
he will forever be remembered for his strict interpretation and staunch defense of the constitution. republican presidential candidates reacting during saturday night's debate. >> this is a tremendous blow to conservatism. it's a tremendous blow frankly to our country. >> he will go down as one of the great justices in this republic. >> the longest serving justice on the u.s. supreme court reportedly died in his sleep of natural causes. this morning flags are flown at half-staff outside of the supreme court to honor scalia. this, as a political battle brews over who will replace him. senate republicans threatening not to confirm an obama nominee. reaction on both sides of the aisle. >> i believe the president should not move forward, and i think we ought to let the next president of the united states decide. >> the president has a responsibility to nominate a new justice, and the senate has a responsibility to vote. >> and as the controversy continues as to exactly who will
6:33 am
replace justice scalia, he will be mourned by his wife and nine children. he was 9 years old and died just three weeks shy of his 80s birthday. abc7 news. fresh off of last night's debate in south carolina, gop presidential candidates john kasich and marco rubio will have a lot to talk about. the two will appear on "this week." and plus after his double-digit win over hillary clinton, bernie sanders will also come to the show. you can catch it right here on abc7. >> pope francis is in mexico city before holding a ms. in
6:34 am
mexico city. reporter david ono from our sister station in los angeles is following the pontiff's five-day visit to the country and is in mexico city with more. >> as hope frances appeared on the streets of mexico city he brings with him something far greater than celebrity. he brings hope. 2 million people have emerged from their homes to getting a fleeting glimpse of the pontiff high. the sight of him is uplifting, it's his words that have the most impact. ♪ ♪ in his speeches you don't write into the heavy issues that burden this country. he talked of mexico's violent drug trade. >> i am particularly concerned about those many persons who seduced by the empty power of the world, praise illusions and embrace their mocover symbols to commercialize death in exchange for money. >> the pope also shined a light on corruption and poverty. but in his speech in front of the president of mexico, and many other powerful dignitaries, in his own, kind, comforting way, points out the solution to these problems is, in fact, that half this country is made up of the young.
6:35 am
this offers hope and future prospects, the pope says. a people with a youthful population is a people able to renew and transform itself. >> there he goes. that's the pope! >> as our cameras captured the excitement of the pope's route through the city. citizens tell me they are grateful for the pope's bold words. >> capitalism is so important. i think he's the best person to give that message. i think that will make more people to get it. >> we need to lead with the heart so we can make contingencies in our lives. mexicans have an obligation to make a better world. >> the pope is going to be right here at the national auditorium making another important speech. reporting from mexico city david ono, abc7 news. >> this weekend many muni riders on mission street have been
6:36 am
taken by surprise. a dozen bus stops were taken out of service, part of a plan to ease traffic flow on the busy thoroughfare. >> kim has the story. >> muni riders showed up at their usual stops, only to discover the buses were driving right past them. much to their surprise changes have begun on mission street. a busy corridor where people ride a muni bus on this busy stretch 65,000 times a day. >> wouldn't it be better to have more stops an fewer stops? >> i just need to adjust my routine by going down one block. it's not the worst thing in the world. >> in all twelve stops have been taken out of service. seven going toward downtown, five going toward daly city. >> some people are upset, the older people are upset. but what can i do? >> it's all part of a plan to ease traffic flow on mission street and make the muni ride faster, but some riders are worried about safety. >> especially if you are walking alone at night, you don't want to walk too far.
6:37 am
woman. a lot of my female co-workers take that bus. >> removing bus stops is just the first step. red transit-only lanes will be added and left turn restrictions will be implemented this is what it will look like when it's finished. >> this will save you five minutes each way. >> is that significant enough, you think? i don't know. >> the $3.8 million project is being paid for by voter-approved bonds. the changes are expected to be completed by the end of april. in fran, lilian kim abc7 news. >> still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. concerns over safety is prompting an oakland business to change its name. we will tell you what the problem is. first the time right now is 6:37. a beautiful look from our abc7 roof camera where we are looking ahead to warm condition later today. lisa argen will have the full accuweather forecast in just a few minutes for you.
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>> 6:40 is our time. welcome back. a high school senior brought a smile to every girl's face this year by buying them flowers more than 800 of them. he works in a grocery store and
6:41 am
saved up money to buy the flowers. he asked for permission to deliver them during the last period on thursday before the holiday weekend. >> got around 800 flowers out there. i don't think a girl should be left out during valentine's day. >> it cost the teenager $500 to pull it off. he started the tradition during his freshman year when 30 girls received flowers. every year since then the number has gone up and he wanted to make sure his senior year was the biggest year of all. scan you say possible social media stars? >> he's got to have some sisters. >> showing the love. >> that's cute. very cute. >> good morning. we are starting out with a beautiful picture outside from mt. tam with north winds up to 30 miles an hour in the upper elevations are allowing temperatures to stay in the upper 50s for many neighborhoods. but it's cool in the 40s elsewhere w he will talk about the three day warmup and the offshore flow. it's in the 7 day outlook ahead.
6:42 am
>> lisa, thanks. ahead, some splash brotherly love. steph curry and klay thompson battle for a announcer: through presidents day at sleep train, get up to four years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, and save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic plus same-day delivery.
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mmmm, yoplait. in sports tonight is the main event in toronto as steph curry, klay thomson and draymond green play in the all-star game. last night for the second year the splash brothers squared off in a thrilling 3-point shooting contest. here's mike shumann with the
6:45 am
highlights in the this morning's sports report. >> good morning. let's head to toronto for all-star saturday in the nba 3-point shooting contest. steph curry, the defending champion, but his splash brother, klay thompson, knows his stroke is as pure as steph's and proved it last night. klay was the top dog in round 1. with 22 points, steph had to drain his last two shots just to make it into the final rounds. he finished with 21. steph, and klay were in the finals. klay went last and night the final 8 shots. finished with 27 points and the three point trophy stays with the warriors. klay thompson wins it. first team in history to have a different player from the same team win back-to-back titles and both wanted to win it bad. >> it's awesome. it's a dream come true. so fun going against steph in the final. i thought is this deja vu when i saw him hit 8 in a row? i thought he was going to hit 30. i was lucky i got real hot.
6:46 am
>> had a higher score but feeling better, a lot more rhythm on the shots and on the rack. with klay it was fun to watch. under pressure, knowing what number he had to hit, and he did it. >> ducks last to cal on thursday. jordan bell hoping it didn't happen again with the monster jam but the ducks, 4 of 5 from beyond the arc. 9 of 12 shooting in the game. 25 points, 5 seconds left. oregon down two. michael humphrey, rejection. stanford upsets oregon. cardinals 5-7 in pac-12 play. meanwhile, cal hosting oregon state. and meanwhile jabari with back-to-back 20-point games. finished with 23 points, 7 rebounds and a dunk right here. jalin brown provides one of the top ten highlights. oh, my, and the foul. cal wins. 83-71. they are now 7-5 in conference play and undefeated at home. sharks hosting pacific division rival arizona at the tank.
6:47 am
with less than 30 games left, time to get busy. before the game they honored their head coach. the team bought him a boat. sharks gave up four goals in the first feared to the flames on thursday. much better last night. from the point, his second. 1-0 sharks. later in the period, brent burns with a pass to chris. he redirects it and the sharks go on to win 4-1 that final. yesterday was moving day at pebble beach. pros and celebrities. last chance to make the cut. playing their third different course in three days. 45-year-old phil mickelson won the event four times and made a huge move to the top of the leaderboard. >>justin timberlake. alfonzo rivera doing the carleton from bellaire. just misses the cut. the par save on 15. 49er legend steve young had a par safe on 15. he will miss the cut, as well. actor mark wahlberg paired with
6:48 am
bubba watson just made the cut at 17-under. he drains the long birdie for a net eagle. the entertaining bill murray signing autographs. and later on the pro side phil out mickelson shot a of-under 66 at the pebble. the 45-year-old has a two-shot lead heading into today's final round. we will have that at 5:00. have a great day. >> larry beil continues his report at the all-star game in toronto tonight. you can also follow larry's updates on twitter @larry @larrybealebc7. and speaking of larry, he is stuck in some cold weather out in toronto right now. >> yes, much of the northwest and while we bask in unusually
6:49 am
warm weather. this is just the beginning of a three day stretch where we likely will see some records. we saw 60s and 70s across the board yesterday so we have been above average and we will continue to add another 5 and 7 degrees of warming today and tomorrow with the warmth peeking probably on monday even tuesday some records. live doppler 7hd highlighting the cloud cover. it's high clouds and we are also looking at a wind shift that has allowed for temperatures to be quite mild. gusty north winds on mt. tam and a big dome of high pressure that's set to build into the bay area for the next couple of days bringing us the offshore winds. afghanistan at 43. 50 morgan hill. half moon bay 54. this vantage point from the east bay hills camera, we are is the 56 in santa rosa. 54 in novato. and napa 45 degrees. 44 livermore.
6:50 am
and cool spot with concord at 49. good morning fairfield, 47 degrees for you. 24 hours ago we were a little warmer in the south bay and that's because we had the calm winds. so you have definitely cooled off from hayward mountain view to san jose while we are getting the warmer stretch of air in the north bay. and san jose waking up this morning with cool temperatures. but this afternoon you will be well into the 70s. average highs in san jose this time of year in the low 60s. looks like february going down as a pretty dry month for 2016 because we are not only looking at a warmer day today, records possible monday and tuesday and really just a weak chance of rain. a minor one and a half day event for the next week and then we are getting into the last week of the month. outlook goes out for 16 days. it is not looking too promising for rain. 82 in los angeles today. 53 in the sierra nevada. rain on wednesday. then turning to snow. 68 in monterey. and speaking of the central
6:51 am
coast, they had to delay play yesterday due to the fog. but this morning it is sunny and low 60s by 11:00. mid-60s at 2:00 in the afternoon and the winds out of the north really working to warm us up. this is monday's forecast. we have upper 70s to 81 degrees in santa rosa. here are the records. so likely to beat those on monday. and on tuesday little change. still well above average. look what happens on wednesday. finally getting a trough in here. and on our storm impact scale we are rating this one as a 1. that means it can bring anywhere from a tenth of an inch of rain to upwards of maybe in inch of rain in the north bay valley. here is how it looks wednesday for the evening commute into thursday. it should be soggy. even the north bay wants to bring in more rain for friday morning. hope any this verifies. but today it's all about the sun. 76 in oakland. 72 in vallejo and the accuweather seven-day forecast. a sweet looking fast today. records possible through tuesday. a one on our storm impact scale wednesday into thursday and
6:52 am
then dry after that. so yeah. january was good to us. february not so much. >> well, enjoy these temperatures while we have them. >> right. >> lisa, thank you time right now is 6:52. >> it's the word for the egyptian goddess of beauty, but in today's world maybe not so much. >> beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so is the meaning of a name. >> what group would name they feel simms after a female to gip with and a goddess? like isis would move into our neighborhood. >> the name isis is now associated with ugliness. no longer the egyptian goddess of beauty or an oakland salon. >> we had to deal with too many bigots. the level of ignorance was unbelievable. >> people walking down broad which are snapping pictures of
6:53 am
this sign. we are changing our name for obvious reasons. it's funny but it's prompt bid obvious safety concerns. >> there were threats of people coming in and people just being really rude walking by and making phone calls. >> ten years after opening, they posted this banner promising the name change. with the help of their neighbor, hamilton broadway sign. >> he's a wonderful neighbor and a great asset to the community. >> as they talk about the clever banner, they turn bad luck into good branding. >> i thought it was funny. hilarious. >> the new name is alysieum, a place of paradise or heaven. something you won't find with the isis fighters. abc7 news. >> up next, love is in the air and soon feathers will be, too for the annual san francisco valentine's day pillow fight. we will tell you where and when
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
happening today, get your pillows fluffed for tonight's annual valentine's day pillow fight. nearly 1,000 people and feathers will fill the plaza. free for all is for people to release any valentine's day anxiety or stress. they encourage participants to bring a mask to protect against the feathers and a garbage bag to help clean up afterwards. it starts at 5:50 tonight.
6:57 am
values looks like a fun time. looks like it's snowing but we know that's not the case obviously. >> right. we have pink over the peninsula this morning. it's been pretty stung around the bay area for the sunrises. and temperatures are cool in the 40s from mountain view to san jose. 54 half moon bay. we are look be at highs today well above average. 74 fremont and 73 san francisco. how about 77 concord and livermore. the accuweather seven-day forecast it gets warmer tomorrow into tuesday with an offshore flow. we will bring in a weak system wednesday and thursday. maybe an inch of rain in the north bay but much less than that elsewhere. >> good information lisa. thank you and thanks to you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm chris nguyen in for caroline tyler alongside lisa argen. the news continues now online with our abc7 news app. "good morning america" is next. as we leave you this morning with a look from the exploratorium camera pointed at -- or from pi
6:58 am
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...was the right move for us. good morning, america. breaking overnight -- remembering supreme court justice antonin scalia, the high court's leading conservative voice passing away suddenly at this ranch in texas at the age of 79. >> he influenced a generation of judges, lawyers, and students and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. >> flags across america lowered to half-staff in his honor. this morning, the focus on his legacy. >> getting nominated to the supreme court is a culmination of a dream, of course. >> scalia served three decades on the court. a fiery, pivotal figure, admired by colleagues, widely respected. with friends on both sides of the ideological divide. >> we agree on a whole lot of stuff, we do. ruth is really bad only on the knee-jerk stuff.


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