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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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a live look now from the emeryville cam. this could be a taste of what is coming this yankee. for more on the weather, let's check in with drew tuma. notice very few people in santa cruz dipping their toes into the water because the ocean is a cold 56 degrees. so a warm valentine's day. this is our time lapse showing you the sun setting moments ago and a little then veil of high clouds and otherwise a mild day. we set some records in spots, especially in san rafael. a record high of 78. you see most spots were in the 70s. 77 concord, same in antioch, 72 very warm degrees in san francisco. a live look outside, our camera atop the exploratorium, cotton candy clouds. a we'll bottom out in the 50s
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and that will set the stage for more record worm. the forecast is coming up. >> services are set forry. police officer who was killed last week. officer gus vegas will be remembered at a found -- funeral service on friday. today mourners peaked his church to support the family. >> there's so many people who have just come alongside of me and my family and just -- i've never actually felt so much love in my life. >> the outpouring of support for bus vegas and his family continued during a sunday service. people packedded the church where last week he sat in front row. for pastor scott peterson, the loss is personal. >> does vegas' untimely death has brought incredible turmoil and pain that cannot be describe.
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>> pastor scott and vegas had been close friends more than 25 years. they raised their children together, and took family vacations together. vegas was a foster parent. he leaves behind ten kids. >> gus is just amazing in his capacity to love so many people. >> reporter: officer vegas was shot and killed at his vallejo hem on thursday. his grandson's father is accused of the service. >> it's important to support the family. >> vegas' wife is without him this day. >> i miss my husband and i love him. and he will be missed. >> people plan to meet here again thursday night to honor officer vegas. his funeral is scheduled for friday. in vallejo, abc7~news. >> there's manhunt for a gun nobody san francisco after two people were killed. it happened early this morning at twin peaks. two men in 20s died and an
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18-year-old man is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. police say the shooter specifically targeted these men. police in san jose are looking for the person who shot and killed a man near pie nor high school in an an alley. the man was found shot to death inside a car that crashed into a pole. investigators asked for the public's help in identifying a suggest. tonight the body of supreme cower justice antonin scalia is headed back to washington, dc after he was found dead of an apparent heart attack yesterday in texas. his sudden death has sparked a political battle. president obama says he would not rush to replace scalia but will nominate someone soon. republicans want the next president to make that decision. >> in the wake of supreme court justice an thonin schoolies are sudden death the top ranking democrat on the senate judiciary committee blast any notion of delaying a vote on the next nominee until after the presidential election.
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>> it would be a shared dereliction of duty for the senate not to have a hearing, not to have a vote. >> republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell wants the nomination to be put 0 on hold saying, quote, the american people should have a voice in the selection. some republicans claim there's an informal history of not voting on judicial nominees in the months preceding an election. here's marco rubio. >> the next president should have a chance to fill that void, not someone who is not going to answer to the elect terror again. >> but they say the g.o.p. is confusing the facts-reminds them tom ronald reagan's nominee was confirmed in 1988. >> president obama is doing the same thing prat president reagan did at the end of his term. >> scalia's vacancy will be felt as the supreme court justices are expected to take on several hot-button issues, including the contraceptive mandate, abortion, and obama's actions on
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immigration. abc7~news. >> pope francis made a stop at a children's hospital in mexico city today. he bent down and kissed dozens of sick children, hugged them and took pictures. before this he held a huge outdoor mass and told the crowd there can be no dialogue with the evil and warned them to resist the temptations of wealth, vanity and pride. valentine's day can be tough to be alone but it can be fun. sergio is live where thousands are gathered for their perfect valentines day. >> reporter: the melee started just a few minutes ago. i it was supposed to start around 6:00. a few people jumped the gun and started swinging pillows early, but check that out there. there are hundreds of people
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swinging their pillows at each other for self minutes. a few people go in and then come out. so they can take a breather. i talked to a few people just before the melee started. >> i saw this on snapchat last year when i was on the plane on the way here itch thought i have to go to this, and i found out it was today. >> i'm never anti, i'm always love. could be antivalentines. >> this is the pillow 900. it's for maximum hitting. comes with a pillow case for maximum hitting. looks like people are going to be going at people who are even outside of the melee. so eric, i'm going back to you so i can get out of the way. >> thank you very much. you took it like a man.
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i'm proud of you. san francisco man showed a lot of love this valentine's day in a very big way. we were in the castro district where a special proposal happened at this mural on 18th 18th street at the casa indian eatery. the mural features two men, camiel and george, camiel wanted to surprise his partner with a proposal. the artist, deb, said this project is one of her favorites. >> while i was painting people were coming up and -- i had so much of people putting hand over their heart and saying, oh, my god. thank you so much. >> deb says her work celebrates love of all sorts, including lesbian, interracial, and transgender love. by the way, george said yes. more american killeds are being exposed to pesticides. coming up, find out how parents can help reduce the exposure. >> prowling our neighborhoods. a look at the shifting diet of mountain lions that now includes
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more of man's best friend. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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>> scientists at uc berkeley found children can benefit from eating organic food. a diet of organic vegetables and fruits lowered pesticide exposure in kids in both rural and urban areas up to 49%. traces of pesticide from their living environments are still at higher level than previous studies. there's a new warning tonight for bay area pet openers. the department of fish and wildlife studied more than 80 mountain lions killed in the state and found that more than half of feast on domestic animals, including livestock, dogs and cats. wildlife experts thought deer would make up a considerable part of their diet, yet only five percent had eaten deer. love that fills a school bus. coming up next at 6:00, the special valentine's day gift for
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hundreds of east bay families. rain is on the way. meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the forecast. >> nba all-star game in toronto tonight and a big question, can the warriors beat the bulls record of 72-10. we had another surprise winner in pebble beach and he did it in style, final round
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students in the east bay are feeling a lot of love this valentine's day. the blue oaks church sent us pictures of the stuff a bus event in pleasanton. the goal was to fill a bus with new clothes and laundry supplies for families that need health. the clothing goes to a program in pleasanton. they accept new and gently used clothing donations and especially need new underwear and socks. >> abay area company wants to improve on a cosmetic treatment, botox. millions of people get the injections every year to freeze wrinkles. reporter cheryl jennings shows
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how you can get the same treatment without the level. a look at the forecast. maybe some records falling? >> some falling tomorrow but the best chance for widespread record warmth is coming on tuesday. live doppler 7hd, we're dry, just some high clouds clouds ans creating a gorgeous sunset. a live look from the emeryville camera, showing you the twilight hours. the forecast, we're calling for temperatures monday and tuesday, some ten to 20 degrees above normal for this time of the year. by wednesday, mid-week, the temperatures are going to tank and we'll quickly cool off and that's going to come with rain wednesday night and into thursday morning out there right now it's all about in the mild numbers. 70 in concord, 68 oakland. a mild 64 in san jose. 57 with a little fog in half moon bay, and sitting at 60 degrees in san francisco. so, overnight tonight, temperatures are going to be slow to fall, and overnight most spotters going to hover in the
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50s. 53 in oakland, 50, san jose, 55, san francisco, and drop to 50 degrees in napa. the mild start tomorrow morning will excel numbers well above normal. santa rosa, nap park likely hitting 80 degrees. 74 downtown san francisco, 78 in oakland and san jose, and antioch, nice and warm, a temperature of 79. look at this shot. my word. from the east bay hills camera showing you the firey sky. let talk about the records on monday. napa coming close to the record high. a forecast of 80 is one degree shy of the record. livermore, forecasted high of 77 degrees tomorrow would tie the record set a year ago in 2015. as we head into tuesday, the recorders lower in the mid-70s. so there's a better chance we sigh widespread record-breaking warmth on tuesday, lots of spots
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into the 70s, even san jose likely touching 80-degree is. on wednesday, boom, temperatures drop some ten to 20 degrees. only in the 50s in the north bay, and most spots. this is more february-like. comes with some rain. on the storm impact scale from one to fine, one is light, five the most severe storm. helps you to better prepare and what to expect with each storm. the one on wednesday, it's a one. a light storm, light rain and light winds. future weather, wednesday morning, just dealing with cloud cover. by wednesday afternoon, some light showers developing around cloverdale. we have such dry air over us that a lot of the initial rain will evaporate before it reaches the ground. by wednesday, 11:00, most areas seeing light steady rain but doesn't linger that long, and by thursday, 5:00 in the morning, all but wrapping up. total rainfall, light amounts, a quarter to maybe a third of an inch of rain, a little more in the north bay where the showers
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linger the longest but it's nice to see the pattern children. beach weather tomorrow, records likely on tuesday. much cold oren win with re rain moving in, a chance of a light shower in north bay friday. and then saturday and sunday, nothing but clouds and sunshine and seasonal temperatures. so much warmer tomorrow. >> drew, thank you. >> nba in action. >> that's right, nba all-star game set for tonight in toronto, where we find our own sports director, larry beil. larry, the warriors are the league's top dog. they're getting respect from the all-stars in toronto? >> i think a lot of the players -- they accept the warriors. i'm not sure about the media. but the warriors, the conversation this weekend, has been on their pursuit and the focus of their pursuit to get to 72-10. the all-time best single record
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set by the bulls. they're 48-4, have to go 25-25 the rest of the way to -- 25-5 the rest of the way to breck the record. i asked steph curry about it. critics think last year's championship was a fluke. >> it's a tough crowd if it takes all of that. >> it is a tough crowd. >> can't worry about that. we're not really worried about it because we're pretty comfortable whoa we are as a team and what we're doing. if that hasn't changed by now, i don't know what's up. >> cool to be in the conversation. that's such a untouchable record, and to see how far warriors basketball has come to be in the conversation to beat it is crazy. if it's there for us, we want to get it. but at the end of the day, trying to win a championship, and always remember that if we break the record and don't win. >> the nba, that's a pretty special record. i think we'll get some credit
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for it. >> the key is you want to get the record and win the title. i you get the record and lose in the championship, you lose somewhere in the playoffs, then that's just heartbreak. now, coming up at 11:00, we go one-on-one with a real character here for all-star weekend, that is draymond green's mom, mary, who is absolutely hilarious. later on tonight at 11:00. for the moment, live in toronto, larry beil, abc7 sports. >> can't wait for the interview. final round at pebble beach. phil mickelson had a chance to win his first tournament since 2013 but another near 40-year-old stoled his thunder on the back knew. it was beautiful day at pebble. jonas blake makings now. he would make eagle, move into a tie for the lead but ended up third. phil mickelson, birdie but to
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tie for the leave but we had four bogeys on the day, including this one on 11. that dropped him to 15-under. that opened the door for 39-year-old vaughn taylor. in eighth place to start the day, birded four on the front, even better on the back. birdies to tie for the lead. four straight birdies, moves to 14-under and takes the lead on 16. he is in clubhouse at 17 under. now, mickelson birdies 17. all vaughn can do is wait. the birdie on 18 to force the playoff. makes those in his sleep. vaughn taylor's first win since the reno tahoe open in 2005. third on tour and a spot in the masters in his home town of augusta. >> i didn't even have my tour card, and got in this week off past champion status, and i'm
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playing in the masters pretty soon. so, that just a dream come true. >> to cal women's hoopsters. hosting arizona this afternoon. at berkeley. close game for the first half. second quarter, arizona's washington hits the three. she had 13. cal tie is up. cowens, three of her own, bears by three at the break. third quarter, cal starts to get distance, the foul h. bears by six. 24 points for her. on the night. the bears win it 75-56. just their third conference victory of the year. this sports record brought to you by bank of the west. now, before i go, eric, you and i have valentines at home and drew we knew you didn't. i'm going to give you also valentine's cake -- >> there you go, buddy. >> oh, my gosh. you know the way to my heart, sugar and flowers. >> to hold you over until you find that valentine. >> mr. special day.
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i. >> matches your socks. you just never know. >> thank you both gentlemen. next at 6:00, zoo lander back in theaters but did fans of the faux fashion models care? what movi
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>> join us tonight on kofy tv 20. meet a high school senior who will likely be voted most popular by the girls in the has. he has been making valentine's day one to remember for every girl at his school. then at 11:00 here on channel 7, the sweet act by a bay area kid to help out a local woman who lost her wallet. that is tonight at 11:00. well, the newest marvel movie connected to the x-men series obliterated records. dead pool is in an r-rated action comedy starring ryan reynolds. critics operatessed -- praised the movie. it sets the record for an r-rated movie opening "zoolander~2", diseye pointing 15 million.
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good fluff for fourth place. see you later.
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hi, everyone. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all comes together. there's so much. on today's show we're discovering the magic of story telling. >> it's really important, i feel, because of the one-on-one time that the children give. >> then to skate or not to skate. mastering the game. >> they come in skeptical and at the end they're laughing and having a great time. >> plus, up close with ryan reynolds. and was it comfortable? i mean that tight red leather. and 150,000 beautiful orchids come to san francisco. >> what's so


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