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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> on this holiday weekend there is increased security at twin peeks after a triple shooting this morning left two men dead and another wounded. good evening. i'm eric thomas. we start with the developing news in san francisco. that's where police are hoping someone will step forward with information that leads to an arrest in the shooting death of two young men in the twin peeks neighborhood. sergio is live in twin peeks with the latest on the investigation. sergio sph. >> reporter: it is a long holiday weekend and the weather out is beautiful so over the evening we have watched hundreds upon hundreds of tourists and residents get a spectacular view of the city. we have seen lots of police officerss on patrol. we're told they are here
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because of what happened earlier this morning. san francisco police were out on patrol over looking the cars. they say they are here because of the triple shooting. it happened about 2:00 a.m. when police arrived they found three men had been shot. one a 20-year-old was dead at the scene and the second victim 22 years old died at the hospital and the third an 18-year-old is still being treated. he suffered life-threatening injuries. toby sunshine hopes someone might have seen something. >> there is always a bunch of people here. it is 2:00 a.m. i wouldn't go anywhere at 2:00 a.m. >> there are a few surveillance cameras used to help protect the tv and radio antennas. it is not clear if they got the early morning incident on radio. she likes the extra patrols right now. >> they patrol and they are watching out.
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>> there have been a few attacks in this area over the last few months. january 27th a tourist was pepper sprayed and robbed. >> grabbed her purse and ripped it off of her. jumped in a car, a four-door dark colored sedan. >> in december two elderly french tourists were injured during a mugging on twin peeks boulevard. an 81-year-old man was left unconscious and his 77-year-old wife was bruised in the confrontation. in this morning's attack police say the shooter may have targeted his victims. but investigators haven't released much of a description of the man. abc7 news. valentine's day brought an outpouring of love and support for a police officer who was killed last week. abc7 news was at the hill you vaw -- at the hill vallejo. the pastor remembered officer vegas as a long-time caring
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foster parent. the officer's wife was touched by the turnout. >> there are so many people who have come alongside me and my family. i have never felt so much love in my life. >> he was shot and killed at his home. his grandson's father is accused of the murder. a memorial service is planned for friday. >> february is not the month known for beach weather. >> it is better here. >> people soaked in the sun along the california coast. they were happy to not be in colder climates. this was the scene in san francisco. as you would imagine it was just as crowd in santa cruz and it was a perfect day for a nice walk. san francisco news was at pier39 as they took in the newly planted tulips grieving it a -- giving it a spring-like feel. tomorrow and tuesday we
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could see record warmth. drew is here with the weather. >> it is not surprising why folks flocked to the beaches. there was a warm high of 76 degrees. you can see all across the bay area. it is well above normal with everyone in the midto upper 70s. look at the numbers. we are at 69 degrees in fairfield and 68 in antioch. we are at a comfortable 62 in oakland. tomorrow morning we will have coastal fog through the 7:00 a.m. hour. by 9:00 in the morning some locations are already getting very close to 70 degrees. we are on our way to record warmth and we are tracking some rain. we'll look at the details in the accu-weather forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. in concord, a candle on a
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couch started a fire on clayton road. not before the fire damaged two apartments. seven people are without a home. a cat was killed. residents helped each other evacuate as they started to see the smoke. >> i was president trying to get down-and-out. >> we were trying to get them away from the fire and the smoke. >> the damage estimates are about $400,000. the clean up is underway after 16 people were displaced. crews boarded up shattered windows. you can see the scorched exterior of the building. muni and power lines in the area contributed to the difficulty of fighting the fire. >> a child suffered minor cuts
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and it was reported about 8:30 last night. it took crews about an hour to contain it. now to the surprising dt of the supreme court death of scalia yesterday morning. we are learning tonight the 79-year-old died of natural causes. his body was flown from texas to virginia. the owner of the west tebz text ranch scalia was staying at says he was his usual self at dinner and retired saying he wanted a long night's sleep. his body was discovered yesterday morning. the death will set up a showdown between president obama and congress. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nome name a successor. -- nominate a successor. >> presidential candidates insist the president leave the job of naming the successor to the next president. 17 supreme court justices have been appointed in election years and it is not clear if republicans have the political capital to delay the
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president's nominee. the indian-american was approved by the senate. they have bay area ties. the court has the potential to deadlock four liberal leaning justices and three conservatives and anthony kennedy often considered the swing vote. if the court ties 4-4, the ruling of the lower court is upheld. harris has been mentioned as a potential replacement as well. a source tells abc news she is not interested in the opening. she is is running to replace senator barbara boxer. pope francis blessed and visited with sick children in mexico city. he thanked the staff for treating the young patients.
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coming a little later we will take you to the open mass he held and the message he had for the faithful. a 10-year-old boy from antioch has been thrust into the spotlight after doing a good deed. in a story only on abc7 news, lilian kim tells us how a lost wallet created a viral sensation. >> when they found a wallet containing a woman's driver's and -- wallet with debit card and cash he knew he had to return it to the rightful owner. >> i wanted to make her feel better about losing something. >> his mother helped him mail the wallet the next day, but his concern for the woman didn't end there. >> he said, dad, do you think we will get it to her before she goes to dmv? he didn't want her to go to the dmv line. >> unfortunately it came two days after her trip to the dmv. but it didn't matter.
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it is what the sweet letter he wrote. he said he knew what it was like to lose something and she looked like a nice person. >> the fact that he took the time to write it and it was so cute. my favorite line is i'm glad i got it instead of some bad person. >> she was so moved she posted the wallet and letter on facebook and from there it went viral. >> his dad picked him up and he said my teacher said i am a celebrity. i'm like, what is going on. >> she wrote back thanking him giving him a bag of candy and a $20 reward. >> feels odd. i never got this fame before. >> do you like it? >> a 10-year-old boy doing the honest thing to do. abc7 news. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, it is being called a cosmetic game change. next hear from the bay area
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company that says it can get rid of your wrinkleses without the botox needles. without steph curry making a dramatic shot? we are in toronto with how curry and the rest of the dubs fared tonight. and let the feathers fly. the celebration enjoyy -- enjoyed by hundreds of pillow swinging people. >> and a teenager with all of the right moves this valentine's day. >> a
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making meals out of livestock, pet dogs and pet cats. the department of fish and wildlife studied more than 80
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mountain lions killed legally across california last year and they found more than half ate domestic animals. only 5% have eaten what is normally their prey of choice, deer. the report didn't give a reason, but is serious enough that two public meetings are scheduled in the bay area smie. a one of a kind -- a one of a kind pharmacy is offering free medication. it is offered at 725 east santa clara street in august. a grand opening is set for tuesday. drugs are all donated and they are for people who can't afford their prescribed medications. no painkiller like oxycontin are dispensed and patients should check on-line for available drugs. we have a link on our website at a bay area company believes it may be on the verge of improving one of the most popular was met particular treatments in the world, botox. as cheryl jennings reports, it could revolutionize the way
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the wrinkle freezing drug is delivered. >> like millions kathy turns to botox injections. >> look at my eyes. and the fact that lines disappear. that's what we all love about botox. >> what if you could deliver the same affect without a needle. the bay area company is looking at the active ingredient in botox to travel through the skin like cold cream. the topical treatment would have to be administered by a doctor, but could deliver significant advantages. >> the topical has a lot of benefits for patients because there is no needles involved, no pain, no bruising. >> and the topical gel freezes the skin area where wrinkles and crow's feet form as seen in the before and after pictures. >> it will be a breakthrough by itself, but there is another potential benefit to this new technology.
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the smoothing affect could last longer. >> jacob is the co fonder of revamped. a molecule the company developed also holds it in place longer. in tests with an injectable version it lasted twice as long as the traditional botulitum. >> it would be a desirable thing. they are currently in clinical trial. but not yet fda approved. and some observers urm caution caution -- urge caution until the final results are in. >> what happens in the phase three trial? will it be as good as phase two? >> a needle free wrinkle treatment or one that lasts longer could mean a major make over for one of the most popular cosmetic items on the market. >> if the new drugs are approved they could benefit
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patients using botox for treatment beyond cosmetics including for migraine headaches and excessive per spir ration. feathers went flying in the annual pillow fight in san francisco. hundreds took part in the valentine's day tradition. we talked about what it means and if there was a strategy to it all. >> our strategy is to divide and conquer. >> i am always love. you know what i'm saying? it could be anti-valentine, but i may find my valentine. >> i would love to whack you with the pillow. >> it cost the city thousands to clean up afterwards. they asked participants to bring their own garbage bags to help clean up. >> drew is looking at the weather forecast. >> out there right now, just
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seeing partly cloudy skies in the month of february, it is one of our wettest months in the bay area. the first 14 days had been anything but rainy. san francisco is at 7% of their typical rainfall. oakland is less likely to pick up rainfall, and we finally track a storm system this month. quiet as can be across the bay and the forecast is going to call for monday and tuesday. the temperatures are well above normal by some 10 to 20 degrees. we will track the change. first the temperatures are going to cool off rapidly and then the rain moves in and lasts on thursday morning. 64 in oakland and 61 in san francisco. 59 in san jose and a mild 63 degrees in mountain view. most spots are going to stay in the mid to lower 50s and
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this will create the launching pad for a warm monday on the way. santa rosa and napa at 80 degrees. a very warm high of 74 degrees if san francisco. they are flirting with records. napa's record is 81 degrees. oakland is coming close to their record and livermore with a forecasted high of 77 tieing the record. the record is in the mid70s and we will see records fall. the mild air sits over us. then a complete change in the air mass and it gets colder as we track our storms. 1 to 5 and rating our storms all season long from light to severe. the one coming on wednesday is a one. future weather picks it up wednesday morning at 10:00 in the morning. it is generally dealing with
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cloudy sky. by the later afternoon and the early evening hours it does look like the rain will spread from north to the south and by 11:00 wednesday night we will be tracking some light showers and unfortunately it doesn't stick around for all that late on thursday morning. on the accu-weather seven-day forecast it is all about the beach weather. tuesday records are very likely. on wednesday the temperatures crash back into the 60s. the rain arrives in the evening and could lippinger into wednesday morning. it is a 1 on the storm impact scale. saturday and sunday a mixture of sunshine and clouds and seasonable temperatures. very warm the next 48 hours. >> looks like your admirer is back. >> he will not give up on the cup cake. >> thanks, drew. still to come on abc news at 11:00, the sweet gesture by students t
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valentine's day by the sophomore class of mercy high school. the students sent valentines to police officers in san francisco's mission district. one student wrote "dear sfpd, thank you for your service. you .re in my thoughts and prayers. happy valentine's valentine's valentine's day. i hope to become an officer of the law one day too. stay safe. your service will never be forgotten." and this nba allstar game may never be for the goen. >> -- may never be forgotten. >> it was something else. steph curry never misses from half court. an amazing display of
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you by riverwalk casino. >> if you couldn't sneak a peek at the nba allstar game while out with your sweetie we had plenty of dunks and lots of moments and hitting ridiculous shots. getting a good round of applause during introductions, but nothing like kobe bryant. steph showing some dunks. a big grin afterward. the east's kyle lowry and for the big slam. for most people it is exhibition only, but for steph, it is just another day at the office. kevin durant finding westbrook for a big dunk. theater 1 points and he was last year's -- 31 points and he was last year's mvp. and roll, and roll. kobe can't help but chuckle at
11:30 pm
that one. it was a dunk. the leonard bucket and steals the inbound for the lay up. paul george and he's good too. one off will chamberlain's record. it is off his complete game. westbrook to three. he gets mvp honors for the second year. the west ran away with this one. seconds to play. steph is gonna dribble it out. instead he takes a shot from half court. 196-173 the final. like allstar games we saw a ton of dunks.
11:31 pm
it is a very occasional defense and we spoke about allstar weekends. >> the more you come here, the easier it is to enjoy it. it is a high express environment and we play every regular season game. to enjoy the entire night is something you want to be able to take in. >> it is a great time interacting with these great players. especially all of the guys from l.a. i never would have thought i was playing kobe bryant. >> from start to finish given this is is the first allstar weekend experience on a scale of one to 10. >> 15. it is an amazing experience. i am thankful to be a part of it. >> the allstar game is in the books and they have a few days off before they start the second half of the season friday night in portland. in toronto, larry beil, abc7
11:32 pm
sports. >> this report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. larry beil is talking with green's mom. stick around. worth the wait. still ahead, remembering justice antonin scalia. the conservative rock and the fight to replace i'm h.
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broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas and in tonight's headlines, warm weather and the holiday weekend brought out big crowds
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along san francisco's embarcadero. tomorrow we can see record high temperatures around the bay area. our meteorologist will tell us when much cooler winter-like weather and rain will return in just a few minutes. police are looking for a man accused of a deadly shooting in twin peeks. it happened around 2:00 this morning. a third man died. from el paso, texas to virginia. he died yesterday of natural causes while staying at a remote west texas ranch. he plans to nominate a successor in due time after the senate returns from a week long recess. justice scalia is a lornlg are than life figure. he fought hard defending his position.
11:37 pm
abc news reporter terry moran watched justice scalia over the years and reports on his legacy. >> judge scalia lead the charge to take it back to the original meaning. >> it is not meant to facilitate change. it is meant to impede change and make it difficult to change. >> on that score perhaps his greatest triumph, the ruling that the second amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms where he brushed aside concern in modern america. >> it is not the roll to pronounce the second amendment extinct. the 2000 case that awarded george w. bush the presidency and divided the country. >> i and my court >> when the court upheld
11:38 pm
obamacare for the second time last year scalia ?eered, we should start calling this law scotis care. and in oral arguments they feared his poignant questions as they could create a right to gay marriage after 200 years of laws banning it. >> when did it become unconstitutional to exclude homosexual individuals from marriage? >> he loved a good argument, but he made friends across the judicial spectrum and especially with ruth bater-gins. >> ruth is bad on the kneejerk stuff. >> scalia's death leaves them short handed and divided 4-4 on things like president obama's climate change policy. especially because one of those including anthony
11:39 pm
kennedy swings to the liberal side unpredictably. abc news, mexico city. the east coast is experiencing and of the coldest weather seen in years. it was so cold in philadelphia firefighters saw their water meant for flames turn to ice. in new york city it hit 1 degree below zero and that's the coldest it has been in 22 years. snow, ice and heavy snow and blowing snow and white yows -- whiteout conditions caused. 10 people were hurt. pope francis is in mexico city after a busy day visiting a children's hospital. the pontiff is condemning the drug trade on his visit. >> another day, another opportunity for the throngs of catholics to get a glimpse.
11:40 pm
>> the pope is m coming. -- the pope is coming. his motorcade is down the street. >> the pope was dashing to a waiting helicopter and scurrying to mass. >> that is pope francis taking off to celebrate sunday mass. he is flying to will outskirts of mexico city. >> as the pope arrives hundreds of thousands waiting to greet him. celebrating mass is the largesty event in mexico and these people say they need it. to those on the periphery and those who have forgotten and those dealing with hardships. this is often called a lawless community of 1.7 million. organized crime runs the place. it is impoverished and the violence is beyond description
11:41 pm
especially against women. but the fact that the pope qhoas their community is giving them strength. >> no need to make the despair and poverty of many the opportunism of a few. >> today the pope visits us. we receive him with love and today we will change. >> she fully understands the magnitude of the pope being there today. >> we have a city full of con fling and -- conflict and delinquents. we want to give the world a different image of us. >> the final engagement was posed to be here where he is set to make a speech, but he is exhausted and they canceled the event. he has gone home to rest. reporting from mexico city, abc7 news. police in philadelphia want to know if the popular social media app snap chat
11:42 pm
played a role that killed three women in their twenties. it shows the qar speeding by -- the car speeding by before it burst into flames. another person said his niece was using a special filter that told about their speed. >> the fact the app is on there is you are ruey responsible. i am not blaming this for the death of my niece, but i hope somebody gets something out of it and puts it down while they are in the car. >> a snap chat spokesperson says they take it seriously including a do not snap and drive warning message when the filter is first accessed. look at this video from new zealand showing a cliff climbing into the sea. the epicenter was 10 miles east of the church. the earth quick comes nearly five years after one that destroyed much of christ church killing 185 people.
11:43 pm
so far no reports of serious damage or injure vees from this earthquake. rare photographs from the world wildlife fund of their animals in their natural habitat. the stationary cameras are left out for a long period of time and snap a a high quality photograph when the animals are detected. the photographer never saw the animals in question, but noticed them through the pictures p. >> well, not just human celebrate valentine's day. coming up at 11:00, the animals who enjoyed the romantic day together. and the recipe for romance from the couple who has been married for 80 years to a teenager with all the right moves. >> going from record warmth to rain.
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valentine's day today with its animals. from sea horses hooking up their tails to kissing sea lions there were plenty of romantic incidents. the zoo posted an album of how they celebrated this day of love on facebook. from animals to humans we have the recipe for romance.
11:47 pm
a couple married more more than 80 years and a rookie, a teenager, with all of the right moves. >> the weird prediction made about this day in "ghostbusters 2". >> according to my source, the end of the world will be on february 14th, the year 2016. >> valentine's day. bummer. >> she said her source was an alien. whatever. on with the stunts. we have john and anne who are both over 100 years old and married 83 years. we hang on to one another. a few hugs and we are fine. we have brian and florestina. a small businessman and phd holder in organic company mystery making the waffle house their get away. and a high school senior who gave a flower to every single girl in his high school, 800 flowers costing $500.
11:48 pm
>> i thought that was so cool. >> and admired by his girlfriend. note to aliens, we are still here this valentine's day. so far anyway, abc news, washington. >> oh my. let's see how romantic the weather will be? >> he says lovely. it is a beautiful night on the way. and the warmer temperatures tomorrow. future tracker temperatures as we go into your monday we are quickly warming up by 11:00. we have spots well into the 70s and nearing 80 degrees in napa. by the afternoon some spots will hit the 80 degree mark with most spots around the bay in the 70s. highs tomorrow, rather mild. 78 oakland and san jose will track some rain moving in midweek. it is a 1. light rain and light winds. future weather jumps into wednesday and wednesday evening and lasting through the night and even into the el
11:49 pm
morning hours. tracking the beach weather records likely on tuesday. a chance likely on thursday and friday and then all quiet on saturday and sunday. >> spooking of quiet as can -- speaking of quiet as can be it is time for mike shumann. >> larry beil and green's mother talking hoops. we had a fairy tale ending as he gets his first tour win in
11:50 pm
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you by riverwalk casino. >> we had high drama in pebble beach. phil mickelson had a chance to win his first tournament by 2013. another near 40-year-old stole lefty's thunder. can it get any better than this? former seminole making some noise early on. second shot on 6th. a nice lay up on the green. he makes an eagle putt and ends up in third place. here is the birdie putt on eight. he is tied for the lead, but he has four bogies on the day including this one on 11. this is a tough tar putt. tough par putt. it opened the door for 39-year-old vaughn taylor. in eighth place he birdied
11:53 pm
four. he woulds birdie to tie for the lead. he had four straight birdies 13 through 16 and to get to 17 under he takes the out right lead on 16. he is in the clubhouse. 7 under 65. mickelson birdied 17. he makes these in his sleep. it rims out. oh my. 39-year-old vaughn taylor's first win since 2005. his third victory on the tour in his hometown of augusta. wins by a stroke over lefty. quite a win for a guy who is not even a member of the tour with more to come. >> i don't even have my tour card. i got in on past status. i am playing in the masters soon and what a dream come true. >> what a story. green playing in his first allstar game and his mother could not be more proud. she is a pistol on twitter and larry beil went one on one
11:54 pm
with ms. green in toronto. >> there was nobody happier or louder in the air canada center than mary as she watches her son day-day. >> the mean streets from saginaw, michigan to the nba is a tough one, but he made it. >> they thought it is just some fat kid who has a dream. basketball is his passion. all his life he was said nobody has the ability to determine what is in your heart. whatever it is, you do it. >> i won't trade it for nothing in the world. that journey made me who i am and it made me appreciate this even more. i am thankful for my journey and i embrace it and hopefully this is the beginning. >> watching the journey is a bunch of family and friends from saginaw who made the four-hour drive to toronto.
11:55 pm
they are impressed with what he has become because this is so unexpected. >> i would go to the saginaw basketball games because they didn't think he would make. it he would trip and fall and they called him goofy. of all of the people who thought that would make it he is the only one who would make it. >> an nba allstar making millions was a dream. >> this is like the hugest thing that could happen to somebody from saginaw. to watch him do this and knowing where it comes from, it is a drive to never have to return back to that. you can always go home and be a part of what home is doing, but to know you made it out. >> mary made it too with 13,000 followers on twitter she is not shy with her opinions. >> you're crazy near twitter. >> i am not where crazy on twitter as i could be. he used to go in and delete my
11:56 pm
stuff. i was like, shoot, the people love me, dre. i think they love you because they love me. >> in toronto, larry beil, abc7 sports. >> great stuff. college hoops and 13th ranked stanford 45-25 and stanford roared back. asu hit a free throw to force over time. just gets off the shot and she is mobbed. arizona state will win it 63-61 in over time. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. war injures are back in action in portland for an eight-day six-game road trip. they need the reps for this allstar break. what a great story with larry and green's mother. she just blows up on twitter
11:57 pm
anytime she tweets something. so proud of her son and what he has done. he donated $3 million to michigan state when he signed a new contract. from where he came from, a typical nba player who had to fight to get to where he is and it is great to see him be successful. >> mom is so quiet and demure. >> you wonder where dre got it. >> for drew and s sh -- shu, the news continues tomorrow morning at
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