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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 15, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PST

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this morning on "world news now," the impact of justice scalia's death. >> memories of the supreme court conservative found dead in texas. the condolences, the politics and the unforgettable words of an outspoken justice. arctic agony. the record shattering cold and the dozens of skiers stuck in the bitter conditions in that brokendown tram. the snowfall predictions from accuweather. turf war. the warning every parent needs to hear. young athletes at risk of cancer because of artificial turf. the federal agencies cracking down. and finer dining on valentine's day. it's an annual tradition at white castle turning fast food sliders into something a little bit more elegant. what a treat on this monday, february 15th.
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we do say good morning on this presidents' day. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. incredible weekend with the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. we're going to begin with the political chaos sparked by his sudden death. >> it was really sudden. scalia, conservative icon served on the high court for 30 years. now the bipartisan battle lines drawn over when his seat should be filled. more now from abc's elizabeth hur. >> reporter: a hearse carried the body of justin antonin scalia to the airport for a final flight home as the battle for his seat on the supreme court is brewing. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. >> reporter: adding another bitter divide in this election year not only in congress but also on the campaign trail. >> we should not allow a lame duck to essentially capture the supreme court in the waning
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months of his presidency. >> it is outrageous that republicans in the senate and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. >> reporter: scalia died in his sleep saturday at a texas ranch during a quail hunting trip. >> he was totally peaceful. he was a man who went to sleep and just didn't wake up. >> they assured me they did not see any signs of foul play. >> reporter: the scalia family objecting to an autopsy after talking to investigators on the scene. back in washington with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell declaring this vacancy should not be filled till we have a new president, president obama is forging ahead. and on the short list of his potential candidates judge sri srinavasan. considered the front-runner. the stakes could not be higher. on affirmative action policies, without scalia the court remains divided 4-4.
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reena and kendis? >> elizabeth, thank you. presidents, politicians and colleagues are all reflecting on scalia's life and legacy. justice ruth bader ginsburg said they were best buddies. and justice clarence thomas called him a towering intellect. more from abc's tom llamas who gives us a snapshot of scalia in his own words. >> a man who has made no enemies is probably not a very good man. >> reporter: he was never one to run away from a fight. bold, brash and yet poetic in his argues. >> i love to argue. i've always loved to argue. it may well be that i'm something of a shin kicker. >> reporter: unafraid to speak his mind and seemingly incapable of backing down. >> i'm in the business of enforcing democracy. what democracy means on controversial issues even on stuff like homosexual rights, abortion, we debate with each other and persuade each other and vote on it. >> reporter: scalia creating
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unlikely but lasting friendships on the bench. >> i've criticized the opinions of some of my colleagues and we have remained friends. just as they have criticized my opinions and we have remained friends. >> reporter: and never losing a step. >> i will certainly retire at the time where i perceive that i am not as good as i used to be that i've lost a step. >> reporter: tom llamas, abc news, new york. one of the favorite stories that i've heard came from david axelrod, senior advisor for president obama. he said there was a moment at a white house correspondents dinner when scalia turned to him and said he knows i'm not under any illusions you're going to send me someone conservative like me, but i hope you send me someone smart. axelrod said i can't believe he's telling me this. you're not supposed to talk about this. he goes send us elena kagan. the president ended up choosing sonia society society mayor, and
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then kagan. even though they're both not conservative, they're different political spectrums he really respected her and ended up going hunting with her. during the confirmation, she said she would shoot a gun at some point and went with him. they became hunting partners. they all hunt together even though they were different views. >> i think they learned that from sandra day o'connor who told them if you want to get on the good side of justice scalia, go hunting with him. >> is that what she told them? >> yes. it's a tip she passed on to many others. >> folks on capitol hill could get that, despite having different political opinions they could still make it work. >> of course, we'll have more on the justice's passing. we're going to move on right now to another towering figure, pope francis. his visit to mexico. thousands of the catholic faithful gather inside anticipation of his open-air mass in the state of chiapas. pope francis passed by in a
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small white hard top fiat rather than an open-air popemobile. he got out and greeted well-wishers gathered near the residents. blessing them and holding hair hands. later he spoke out against the drug trade. the eagles of death metal band finished a concert cut short by the deadly attack in november. the california-based band started its rescheduled european tour on saturday in stockholm, three months to the day after bombers stormed the bataclan theater killing 89 people. some survivors of the attack say they won't be attending the concert tomorrow. >> the idea of returning there so soon and being in a venue, i think for me personally, it would be too soon for me to be there mentally and obviously physically. it's a nonevent at the moment. >> psychologists are expected to be attending the concert in case any fans suffer flashbacks. we're getting some new light
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that is being flown on an incident of sexual harassment involving peyton manning during his time at the university of tennessee years ago. now, during the incident which happened in 1996, manning allegedly assaulted a female athletic trainer while she was assessing the extent of an injury that he was dealing with. the incident was settled the following year. but the case is mentioned in a newly filed lawsuit in which six women claimed the university will a systemic disregard for women claiming sexual harassment. the school says it acted lawfully in the situations outlined in the case. dozens of people at a new hampshire ski resort are spending the night safe on the ground after a harrowing few hours suspended mid-air. they were aboard the two tram cars at cannon mountain that became stuck 40 feet in the air. after about three hours, they were able to rappel down to the ground. there was no panic, just concern. >> it was a bit harrowing especially to be lowered from the floor of the tram on a
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cable. >> an 8-month-old baby was among the first evacuated. the temperatures in franconia was minus 4 during the midafternoon emergency but there were no injuries. but there is bitter cold there in new hampshire. and the rest of the northeast over night. bostonians awoke to the coldest morning yesterday in nearly 60 years. 6-0. 9 degrees below zero. commuter and transit rail service was disrupted when rails shattered in the cold. there were also delays at logan airport because of cold weather problems with ground equipment. further west, heavy snow in the chicago area and it's continuing this morning into the commute. hundreds of flights were canceled or delayed and traffic snarled an area highways. strong winds hampering visibility as the storm system moves east. it's expected to turn into ice. we're going to get more now from paul williams at accuweather. paul, good morning. >> good morning to you, as well.
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you've heard the phrase hot mess. this is going to be a cold mess for the deep south. we're looking for significant icing to happen throughout charlottesville over towards asheville with dangerous travel expected in the area you see highlighted along with power outages. and that's not all. we go to the deep south where we're expecting flash flooding with torrential downpours from nashville towards atlanta towards jackson and reaching as far as south as new orleans. and that's not all. there's a sequel to this thing. it's going to reach up towards the northeast by the time we get into tuesday. we're looking for that same area of flash flooding and heavy downpours with severe weather expected down in the deep south. it's going to reach all the way up towards richmond and eventually slide its way up to boston. kendis? reena? >> thanks. we're going to warm things up right now and calm things down with what is definitely one of the more unique ways love birds were celebrating valentine's day. >> this can't be real. white castle? come on now.
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>> casa blanco. >> apparently for the 25th year in the row, the home of the slider put on its valentine's day dinner. some restaurants were decked out for the occasion. there were tablecloths, balloons, flowers. you get the idea. hose who made reservations were served by waiters and waitresses. for some, it's a tradition. >> we've been coming seven or eight years. we go to a nice restaurant either the day before or the day after. and we always come to white house castle on valentine's day. >> in addition to the usual sliders, there were some other special menu items include sriracha shrimp nibblers and, of course, there were some special desserts, as well. >> so the two vegetarians on set. >> yeah, it's always a problem when we do segments with meat. tommy will kindly step in. tommy says you're a big connoisseur of white castle. >> yeah, here you go. >> get another one.
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>> jack? >> no, i'm good. thank you though. >> deb? >> i'm good. i'm driving. > these are all cold. nobody heated them. >> there's some warm one. >> they're good cold, scott's saying upstairs in control. >> you want to try a cold one too, tommy? >> how did you get so hooked on white castle? >> i got hooked back in high school. love them. >> so that's what you guys did? >> you didn't go to the malt shop? >> malt and white castle together. >> you get the malt at the white castle. it's a good tradition. >> jack, i love them. >> i would give the shrimp sriracha a try. >> voila. coming up in "the mix," a perfect gesture for the day after valentine's day. what you can do with your ex's old stuff. a health alert about the artificial turf on athletic fields. the young athletes at risk and how the feds are cracking down. and later, predicting earthquakes using your smartphone. the app that could warn others miles away about a dangerous jolt. >> and remember, you can find us on facebook come on over, tommy.
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new mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. this was awesome. many people who know a good slam-dunk contest when they see it, they say saturday night's nba all-star slam-dunk contest
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was epic. the best ever. zach lavine of the minnesota timberwolves, that's zach right there, what do you think of that? and aaron gordon of the orlando magic needed two extra dunks to finally decide the winner in the end, they had to pick someone and it was him. but i'm saying it was really, really tight. it was the second-straight dunk contest victory for zach there. last night in toronto, kobe bryant was the guest of honor at the league's all-star game. defense in this one was a complete after thought if at all. the final score was laughable as the highest ever. the west all-stars came out the winners taking it 196-173. russell westbrook scored 31 points in his second-straight all-star mvp performance. like the harlem globetrotters playing there. from the hardwood to the turf, a certain type of artificial turf on which millions of american children play is raising red flags. >> several federal agencies are looking into the safety of the
3:17 am
so-called crumb rubber fields made of a possible carcinogenic material. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: a major step towards answering a crucial question for athletes across the country. could the fields they play on be a hazard to their health? espn's "e 60" series addressing the growing concern last november. >> all these kids that are playing because they love it, i want them to be safe. i want to know the truth. tell me. is it good or is it bad for us? >> reporter: three federal agencies are now looking into whether a popular artificial turf caused crumb rubber could contain dangerous carcinogens. several lawmakers raising the
3:18 am
issue worried about the effect of the turf made from ground-up used tires. athletes say during a game those little black pellets are unavoidable. >> they get in our sores, our eyes. they're everywhere. we eat them. >> reporter: crumb rubber is used at more than 10,000 athletic facility nationwide from school playgrounds to public parks even stadiums where the women's world cup was played. >> there are some serious health concerns. what's in those little rubber pellets, i don't know. i think it's irresponsible. >> reporter: concerns like those prompting this high school in washington to make a costly last-minute decision to switch to a different type of turf. >> because nobody is sure what or how serious it is. >> reporter: the epa, cdc and consumer product safety commission now investigating explaining some of the government's best and brightest scientists are working to identify what is in recycled tire crumb and if it is harmful. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> terrifying. it's in some of the parks i think my kids play at. >> that's scary. coming up in our next half hour, disturbing questions about a popular social media app. does snapchat encourage reckless speeding? first the app that could millions of lives in an
3:19 am
earthquake. how my shake could one day turn millions of smartphones into tiny early warning systems next on "world news now."
3:20 am
earthquakes are nearly impossible to predict. >> but a new app could be used to warn people miles away that an earthquake is imminent. kgo's katie utehs has the story. >> reporter: designed in california, and downloaded across the world, developers of the my shake app await data from the earthquakes. >> we're jittery, too. >> reporter: lewis schreier is working with u.c. berkeley's seismological lab to turn your mobile phone into a quake sensor. >> the accelerometer in the phone been record the ground shaking, send that data to our system and we can use that data to understand the physics of the process underneath us, how the
3:21 am
buildings around us respond to these earthquakes. and we have more data than we have from the tradition counsel seismic networks. >> i might have 1,000 sensors. here in california alone, there may be 16 million smartphones. >> reporter: data sent to the lab will be compared to official usgs seismic readings. once it's been thoroughly tested and deemed accurate it could develop into an early warning system, especially an important technology for places like nepal. >> here an alert can save lives. so it becomes vital for somebody in a country for which there is no early warning system. >> reporter: the my shake app is free to download for android users. not yet available on iphones. in berkeley, katie utehs, abc 7 news. >> this could be part of a global network to alert people across the world when there's an impending network. >> many are saying it turns your phone into a pocket-sized seismometer. coming up, the goodwill gesture by goodwill for valentine's day.
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and now try move free night. the first and only 2-in-1 joint and sleep supplement. it's time for "the mix." valentine's day isn't quite over it's time for "the mix." yet, the festivities around it. apparently you can donate your ex's stuff to goodwill. it's a program they're doing. this will go to help people who need jobs and training and community programs. so it's called it's really only available in sarasota, florida, and southern nevada. but if you go to, send a cardboard box on it and put all their stuff in that box. you ship it out, get rid of the bad memories and you have fresh karma for that next hot guy or gal coming in your life. >> you get rid of all their stuff, don't have to deal with it. >> like a memory eraser.
3:26 am
>> yeah. but what if they do the same to you? for the dating world, you have tinder, hint, you have bumble, grinder, all of these different, not that i'm familiar with all of them. now this probably takes the cake. this is called smell dating. it's the first male odor dating service. >> what? >> so, they send you a t-shirt. you wear the t-shirt for three days and three nights without deodorant. and then you return the shirt in an envelope and then they send you some, like, swatches of other people's shirts. and you pick the one that you think smells the nicest that you like. and then they see if there's a match and voila. >> that's impressive. i wish they could do that for coworkers in the newsroom. >> what are you saying? >> i'm not saying anything about you. i'm just saying in general. it's the middle of the night. >> you might work harder knowing you enjoy the scent drifting your way. >> that's what it is. it's the white castle. >> they did do that "the bachelor." you can understand it. it costs about $25 and it's
3:27 am
limited to 100 people. >> if i was single, i'd try it. you remember the guy who stuffed a whole bunch of colored balls in his home? do you remember this guy? his name is roman atwood. he now guess weather stuffs in his home? snow. this is like every kid's dream. he uses a little bit of hollywood snow, real snow, surprise, guess what. we're snowed in, kids. literally. and look at it. all this school stuff, skiing indoors. >> winter wonderland. >> i'm 100% sure momma was not home when this happened. >> how did they clean it out? >> that's a good question. take a look at the world's biggest rubik's cube. this took awhile for this guy to get it. it's 220 pounds. tony fisher wanted to set a world record with it with his massive rubik's cube. after he came together with the plan, he thinks it's probably about 20,000 times larger than a normal rubik's cube.
3:28 am
>> nerd alert, nerd alert.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," dangerous conditions from windchill warnings in the northeast to a snowstorm on the move from the midwest. today's icy predictions from accuweather. justice remembered. the conservative on the supreme court antonin scalia and his legacy. from his death in texas to the emotional debate about who will replace him. and new this half hour, could a former new york governor be in trouble again? >> why police are investigating elliot spitzer. what happened to his former girlfriend and what spitzer has to say about it. later, kanye west complains about money problems. is he really tens of millions of dollars in debt? the reaction in "the skinny" on this monday, february 15th.
3:31 am
we should say good morning on this holiday, on presidents' day. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. our top story this half hour. the extreme weather. snow falling at times overnight in chicago after several inches yesterday. many drivers said they were only on the roads because it was valentine's day and there were quite a few accidents. >> hundreds of flights were canceled, too. it wasn't just the chicago area. we get some details right now from abc's phillip mena. >> reporter: white knuckle driving across the midwest. heavy snow bringing whiteout conditions outside indianapolis, triggering multiple pile-ups injuring at least ten. pennsylvania's i-78 is back open after this massive pile-up saturday killing three and sending dozens to the hospital. that blast of arctic air sending temperatures plunging to lows not seen in years. >> it feels like a razor. >> reporter: new york city hitting minus 1 degree.
3:32 am
the coldest day in new york city in 22 years. >> it's like whipping you in the back of the head. it hurts. i don't like it. it's like being on a rollercoaster. >> reporter: boston even colder, 9 below but feeling like minus 36. for those braving the elements, it was brutal. 150 firefighters battling this fire for hours in philadelphia. the water meant for the flames turning to ice encasing this car. in new hampshire, 40 people had to be rescued from a mountain tram. the temperature there? zero. a messy start to the week, but the good news is this storm is bringing with it relief from this bitter cold. phillip mena, abc news, new york. >> boy, he looks cold. >> yeah, he does. >> that break phillip mentioned comes after snow, rain and ice. >> following a polar vortex so powerful you can see how the cold clear air blew all the clouds to sea in this picture that was tweeted out from astronaut scott kelly in space at the station up there. scott said, it even looks cold
3:33 am
from up here. accuweather's paul williams is tracking all of this for us. paul? >> i appreciate that, kendis, reena. what we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a storm that's going to turn ugly and stay that way. low pressure system will ride its way right into the northeast. and it's going to start off as just snow but it's going to turn ugly as a wintry mix will takeover all the way back towards the tennessee valley region with a mix of freezing rain, as well as sleet. this storm's not going to let up on monday. and it's going to bring significant icing down towards the deep south. ugly, like i said. kendis, reena. >> thank you, paul. and turning now to the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. the body is believed to have arrived in virginia hours ago is, flown back from el paso on a private plane. scalia died of natural causes at a ranch in west texas while on a
3:34 am
quail hunting trip. he was found dead in his room after missing breakfast and lunch. >> he was totally peaceful. he was a man who went to sleep and just didn't wake up. >> a texas official said scalia's doctor in washington told her he had been ill and came to his office both wednesday and thursday before the trip. >> this morning, justice scalia is being remembered as a brilliant legal mind with an incomparable sense of humor. a larger-than-life figure on the bench and off. and there are many fond memories from his political friends and foes alike. abc's terry moran takes a look at his legacy. >> reporter: for decades, just as antonin scalia led the charge to take constitutional law back, back he would say to its original meaning. >> the constitution is not meant to facilitate change. it is meant to impede change. to make it difficult to change. >> reporter: on that score, perhaps scalia's greatest triumph, his ruling in 2008 that the second amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms where he brushed aside concerns about gun violence in modern america. it is not the role of this court to pronounce the second
3:35 am
amendment extinct he wrote. another victory, bush versus gore. the 2000 case that awarded george w. bush the presidency and divided the country -- >> i and my court owe no apology whatever for bush versus gore. we did the right thing. so there. >> reporter: in dissent he was biting, caustic, clear. when the court upheld obamacare for the second time last year, scalia sneered, we should start calling this law scotus care. and in oral argument, lawyers feared his pointed questions as when he challenged the idea that the court could create a right to gay marriage after 200 years of laws banning it. >> when did it become unconstitutional to exclude homosexual couples from marriage? when did the law become this? >> reporter: scalia loved a good argument but he made friends across the political and judicial spectrum most famously with liberal icon ruth bader ginsburg. >> we agree on a whole lot of stuff.
3:36 am
>> ruth is really bad only on the knee jerk stuff. >> reporter: scalia's death leaves the court shorthanded and sharply divided 4-4 on huge issues like affirmative action and president obama's climate change policies. the stakes could not be higher specially since one of those four conservatives justice anthony kennedy swings to the liberal side unpredictably. terry moran, abc news, mexico city. >> thank you so much, terry. the political battle over the next supreme court justice began not long after scalia's death. majority leader mitch mcconnell said the senate should not vote on the nomination till after the presidential election but president obama made it clear he intends to announce a nominee and that's become an issue on the campaign trail. >> this next election needs to be a referendum on the court. we should not allow a lame duck president to essentially capture the supreme court in the waning months of his presidency. >> it is outrageous that republicans in the senate and on
3:37 am
the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. >> and said to be on the short list to replace scalia, merrick garland, chief judge of the d.c. circuit court of appeals, circuit court judge jane kelly, circuit judge sri srinavasan and u.s. attorney general loretta lynch. eliot spitzer, the disgraced former governor is of new york is under investigation for assault. sources say a 25-year-old woman claims that spitzer tried to choke her at the plaza hotel in manhattan. the pair apparently had a romantic relationship for two years before she tried to break it off. spitzer resigned in 2008 after being involved in a prostitution scandal. police in britain are investigating a laser strike on a virgin atlantic plane that forced a flight to return to london. the plane was heading for new york. the pilot said the laser strike happened about seven miles from
3:38 am
heathrow airport. the flight continued till it was just west of ireland. when it turned around and landed safely back in london. virgin says one of the pilots reported a medical issue apparently linked to the laser strike. passengers were put up for the night and will fly to new york today. new numbers show the skies in a bit safer in 2015. 136 people died in airline accidents last year, far less than 600 killed the year before but 374 people were killed in crashes of germanwings and russian metrojet planes last year. those where is deliberate acts. pope francis is celebrating mexico's indians today. he will celebrate an open air masses in chiapas in three native languages. yesterday onlookers cheered as pope francis passed by in a small white hard top fiat rather than an open-air popemobile. president obama is in southern california this morning for a meeting of asian nations, the first time the u.s. hosted a meeting of the asian association of south east asian nations, which does not include china. the u.s. will push the advantages of joining a pacific trade pact that doesn't include china.
3:39 am
they will also discuss the impact of isis in the region. if you live in nearly any of 40 big cities, maybe you came across a bunch of people running around in their underwear this broadcast weekend. it was for a good cause. >> it was for a good cause. they got in on it at the nation's capital. events like these are called cupid undie runs. obviously they're people running short course in their underwear after raising money for the children's tumor foundation. >> in d.c., they shortened the course because of the cold. all of the events aimed to raise $5 million for the charity. reena told me just before we got on air that she did a surprise trip to d.c. >> i did. >> last-minute trip to d.c. >> i did go to d.c. this weekend, you're right. >> we're going to having to scour that video. >> there's a reason i didn't tell you about it, kendis. >> exactly. i would have gone. coming up in "the skinny," the british version of the academy awards and the latest actor to criticize the oscars. also ahead, the high school
3:40 am
boy who spent hundreds of dollars buying flowers to every girl at school. the couple who couldn't wait to celebrate their love at waffle house. it's our tribute to valentine's day. first the app that can keep track of how fast a car is going and why it could be linked to horrifying crashes. who is speaking out about this next on "world news now." (ugh.) ♪ does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it, resolve it. our formula with a special conditioning ingredient, softens your carpet with every use. it's resolve, so you know it cleans and freshens. but it also softens. resolve. a carpet that welcomes you. and to clean pet messes, try resolve pet expert. it collects leaving gross up germ-ridden stains.
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3:44 am
northeast of los angeles. there's no word on what caused the accident. new questions are being raised about a feature on one of the most popular social media apps and whether it led to a fatal crash. >> the miles per hour feature on snapchat allows users to record their speed but some say it encourages reckless speeding. here now is abc's eva pilgrim. >> one car involved and people are still trapped in the vehicle. >> reporter: three young women, their car, slamming into a tractor-trailer filled with herbicide, bursting into flames. the driver and two passengers, killed. philadelphia police, blaming speed. surveillance video showing the girls speeding by moments before the crash. abc affiliate wpvi now reporting investigators are looking into whether the popular app snapchat also played a role. gia was a passenger. her uncle believes it did. >> one of her friends had told me that she was snapchatting throughout the night. in the car they were showing their speed, how fast they were driving, what they were doing.
3:45 am
>> reporter: he says his niece was using a special filter on snapchat which snaps, or records, their speed. a popular trend he believes encourages people to drive fast and share with friends online. >> the fact that that part of the app is on there seems irresponsible at some point. >> if that happened, it helped to kill my daughter. >> reporter: a snapchat spokesperson telling abc news they take distracted driving seriously, including a do not snap and drive warning message when this geofilter is first accessed. gia's family, now warning others. >> i'm not blaming this for the death of my niece, but i hope somebody gets something out of it and puts it down while they're in the car. >> reporter: gia's family is planning to subpoena her final snaps in hopes that it helps them find some closure. eva pilgrim, abc news, philadelphia. >> i had to idea. >> i didn't know this was a
3:46 am
feature on snapchat at all. >> at least it's out there and parents will be more aware. apparently youtube had videos of kids clocking their speed and posting it. >> speeds of nearly 106 miles an hour. but even if they're not doing that, just don't have the phone while you're driving like that. coming up, the wilderness drama that won big at the baftas but lost out to docudramas right here at home. and kanye west says he's $53 million in debt. >> do you believe that? >> how is that possible? >> i know. >> "the skinny" is next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny okay. time now for "the skinny." topping our headlines this morning, two more award bellwethers in the run-up to the oscars. >> last night in london, of course, we had the baftas. this year the british film academy handed its highest honors to "the revenant" for best film, best actor, best director. but stealing the show last night was rebel wilson taking a jab at the oscar so white controversy here at home. >> i have never been invited to the oscars because as you know, they are racist. [ laughter ] but the baftas have diverse members. and that's what we all want to see in life, isn't it? diverse members. >> oh, she is so good.
3:49 am
taking this year's best actress award, brie larson for her role as the kidnapped mother in "room." the oscars are right here on abc february 28th. yes, and here at home in the meantime, the writers guild awards. >> american screen writers named "spotlight" tom mccarthy's journalism drama about "the boston globe's" investigation of abuse in the catholic church as best original screen play. "the big short" won best adapted screen play. "mr. robot" took the prize for best new series. and speak of movies we're going to get a little tease of a trailer for the much anticipated "ghostbusters" reboot. >> just released last night. the teaser shows no sign of its main stars melissa mccarthy, kristen wiig and leslie jones, and kate mckinnon. >> it's chock full of what appears to be chaos in the streets of manhattan asking that
3:50 am
all important question and now iconic question, who you going to call? >> them. the full trailer set for release on march 3rd. the movie is set to hit theaters on july 15th. >> girl busters. love it. >> good. next a startling announcement by kanye west. >> just days after the launch of both his new album and his new clothing line before an audience of thousands at new york's madison square garden, west tweeted out as he waited for his appearance on "saturday night live" that he's $53 million in personal debt. come on. kendis, do you believe this? >> kanye needs a payday loan. the twitterverse is skeptical about this. he claimed last year he was $60 million in debt trying to launch his clothing line. >> so, it's not helping. many of his fans complaining on twitter about not wanting to have to buy a title subscription to hear his new album. and he's also said that he's going to actually drop prices on his clothing line because he realized that that was sort of
3:51 am
one of the mistakes he made early on. if you're going to drop prices on your clothing line, maybe he will sell more. >> he did marry rich and went on and on and on on twitter overnight. he just took it hostage. he says mark zuckerberg, i know it's your birthday, but can you please call me? i need a loan. he's pressuring us. >> what happened to for richer for poorer? >> jack says whatever happened. >> whatever happened to that? >> i don't think that works out all that well. >> it's only 53 mil. finally, folks, just one day before the grammys, a personal tribute to david bowie by lady gaga. >> yeah, the lady herself snapchatted the inking in progress on her left side of that iconic image of bowie's face from the cover of his "aladdin sean" album saying, "this was the image that changed my life." >> she'll perform a special tribute to bowie tomorrow night at the grammys.
3:52 am
he died last month from cancer at the age of 69. looking forward to watching that. >> yes, but the bottom line, please send kanye a loan. >> go fund me now? >> $1. what do you have, anything? (ugh.) ♪ ♪ does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it, resolve it. our formula with a special conditioning ingredient, softens your carpet with every use. it's resolve, so you know it cleans and freshens. but it also softens.
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♪ ah, in case you forgot it, check your calendar. today is presidents' day, a federal holiday. so all government offices are closed. no mail, most schools are closed. most banks and credit unions and lots of sales online.
3:56 am
>> oh, yeah, absolutely. >> don't forget that. >> according to a famous prediction made in a movie in 1989, the whole world should have closed today. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: valentine's, when love stuntmen come out to play and stunt women like the couple getting married coatless in freezing wind high atop the empire state building on a record cold day. ponder the weird prediction made about this day in the movie "ghostbusters 2" 27 years ago. >> according to my source, the end of the world will be on february 14th in the year 2016. >> valentine's day, bummer. >> reporter: she said her source was an alien. whatever. on with the stunts. john and ann betar both over 100 years old and married 83 years giving relationship advice on twitter. we hang on to one another. just a few little hugs and we're fine. >> you all ready to order. >> reporter: we have brian and
3:57 am
florestina stewart, a small businessman and a p.h.d. holder in organic chemistry making the waffle house their celebration get away. and we have a high school senior named hayden godfrey. >> i want to make as many people as happy as possible, who gave a flower this week to every single girl in his high school. 800 flowers cost him more than 500 bucks, a gesture appreciated by the recipients. >> i just thought it was so cool. >> reporter: and admired by his girlfriend, too. so note to aliens, we're still here so far anyway. john donvan, abc news, washington. and there's a lot of love in a certain home in new jersey this morning. we want to introduce you to a new member of our abc family. >> meet kennedy charles muzyka, the latest production. isn't he adorable? a production of our broadcast producer tony and his wife marissa. seven pounds, nine ounces. healthy, happy and cute. don't they look like -- gorgeous. >> they look so happy.
3:58 am
>> family.
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning, america. a battle brewing over the supreme court. the race to replace justice scalia is on. republicans fighting to keep headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." death of a legal g


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