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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> this is a shot of san francisco and beyond from our sutro tower camera, the bay area certainly looks beautiful right now on this president's day holiday. guess what, you are going to get the weather to match it. good morning, i am reggie aqui. >> coming up on 5:00 and hope you had a great valentine's day and machine is bringing us lovely warm weather. >> warm sunshine warming your heart and live doppler hd showing a few passing high clouds with colorful sunrise pictures, and i will cap tour
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them and put them on twitter and facebook. from the exploritorium over san francisco it is 64 degrees in downtown, and 50 to 62 is the temperature at 7:00, and noon, 68 to 72 and watch out, moderate amounts of uv index, 68 to 78, warm at 4:00, and expect 60s in the evening, francis? >> we had a couple new accidents but traffic is still delay free and light for the holidays, a soft golden gate bridge, shows a very few cars across the span and, again, it is crowded later today for folks heading to the beach to enjoy the warm weather and looking good across the beautiful bay bridge with the lights and keep in mind a lot mass transit operating on a weekend or holiday schedule such as golden gate transit and the ferry and ace train. guys? >> thank you. family and friends are looking for a missing alameda man who owes tens of millions to the government. we are in san francisco with a possible clue the family is now
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using to search for >> you they are focusing on the beach area of san francisco mealing at the imn this morning, and here is the clue that brought temperature to this area. over the weekend, the family spotted a picture on instagram and they think, they are convinced, this is john beck taken in the area of the seal rock inn. relatives will hand out flyer with a good picture of the 73-year-old from alameda. he disappeared on tuesday and last seen boarding a bart train at the 12th street station in oakland. beck is accuse evidence running a get rich quick real estate scam and facing $113 million federal judgment. the family is expecting to be out here at 6:30 this morning to start the search. relatives have also hired a private investigator. >> thank you, amy. police officers are ramping up
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patrols at san francisco's twin peaks after two men died and another was hurt in a shooting early yesterday. police believe the shooter target 9 his victims. they helped surveillance video cameras captured video of the incident tracking a sting of violence at the popular look out spot, and in january a tourist was pepper sprayed and robbed and? december, two older french tourists were injured during a mugging. >> san jose police are looking for the person would shot and killed a man near pioneer high school and the victim's body was found inside a crashed cash early yesterday morning. police have not released the man's name, neighbors tell our media partner the mercury news he went by the name dc and like a dad to a lot of people in the neighborhood. >> if you follow the san francisco international airport on facebook, you may notice some strange posts last night. we noticed the link on the facebook page before 11:00 and it appears the page was hacked. some of the postings were too
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sexually explicit to show you on television so we checked around midnight and the links were gone at that point. we have reached out to sfo for comments and we have not heard back. >> fremont police need your help to find the person who shot a cross bow at a truck, the driver was headed to work on wednesday afternoon and he heard something friday the truck and he found a crossbow arrow sticking out of it. there are no wants or suspects so far. >> safety officers are looking for whoever is responsible for using blow gun darts on the golden gate bridge on friday night injuring two suspects. one tourist was visiting from canada and one from mexico. both victims were walking north to vista point and hit in the thigh and in the knee. giant looking needle, and paramedics had to treat them at scene. all the woman would tell to her death at the bart station on saturday night has not been identified. bart officials say she drew attention by acting irrationally and unstable on the concourse
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level. she june when the police approached her and fell on the platform and decided l is no word on what made her jump. >> we are looking at man mario woods was accused of stabbing before san francisco police shot and killed woods back in december. he is showing his face in this new exclusive video speak anonymously only to abc7 on february 4, about mario woods stabbing him in the bayview neighborhood the it is the same knife officers say woods refused to drop before they shot the 26-year-old, 20 times. >> it bothers me because it is something i see often, too much. i see too many black men get gunned down for no reason. >> the shooting death of mario woods prompt add call for change in the police department use of force policy. >> the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia is believed back in washington, dc, he died of natural causes over
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the weekend. this afternoon, president obama is going to address reporters give them the first chance to ask about plans to succeed scalia. here is a closer look. >> just as antonin scalia body transported to virginia after the final vacation, a quail hunting trip at this texas ranch was cut short dying in his sleep. >> he was totally peaceful, a man would went to sleep and did not wake you. all the political fallout less than peaceful. in an hour of the supreme court confirming scalia's death, senate report leader mcconnell question chaired the vacancy should not be cleared until we have a new president. president obama made it clear he is ready to move. >> i land to fulfill my constitutional responsibility to nominate a successor. >> both pairs have reason to fight for who gets the nomination because of how it could shift the balance on the supreme court. which without scalia is split 4-4. >> now, if the next appointment is critical for important
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decisions that are coming down the pike. >> including decisions regarding abortion, affirmative action, and immigration. that adds a any dimension to the presidential race. >> it is outrageous that republicans in the senate and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. >> republicans backing up mcconnell saturday night in the debate. ait is called delay, delay, delay. >> senator ted cruz vowing to filibuster, if necessary. >> we should not allow lame duck president to essentially capture the supreme court in the waning months of the presidency. >> who could the president nominate senate two names are mentioned jane kelly and another who is a circuit court judge who approve unanimously three years ago. >> a lot of people have off today. >> we do not. >> mike nicco, we are so happy
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for them. and you delivering a forecast they. enjoy. >> hope it is worth our time and their time. good morning, everyone, 50 in napa and american canyon, the cool spots, petaluma at 48, rohnert park at june and everyone else in the mid-50s and mill valley is 62 and same in tiburon and vallejo and bodega bay at 60 degrees. now as we look deeper temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 50s everywhere and a few low-to-mid 60s around so when you step outside do not be surprised if it is warmer outside than in your house. san rafael right now looking north along 101 there is no nicaragua this morning but a lot of tree pollen, and weed and grass pollen and moldspores low, watch out, u.v. index is moderate today if you are near the beaches, you get the reflection and that will make the sun even stronger. juniper and cedar and around and pine, major allergies. no major flight delays. we top out 80 inland, and again
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tomorrow, and 80 around the bay, and 78 tomorrow, my 70s along the coast, and this is the big game changer, coming in on wednesday, mid-60s with wet weather and hour by hour look at that coming up, but how abut the traffic? >> frances? >> we will look in the south bay with a new overturn crash reported with green traffic on the if lanes and the east bay, southbound 680 near king and because it is an overturn crash it could mock a lane although it is off to the shoulder right now, keep that in mind. the traffic has been light enough in the area it is not causing any major delays and it is late for the holiday to show you how light, 101 in san francisco for headlights moving northbound that is 880 across the screen and it is also look ing good at 280 and highway 17. but 17 will be crowded this across the screen heading to the beach later on this afternoon. drive times, though, delay free on most freeways right now, southbound 680 from highway 4 to walnut creek and easy six minute
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ride and we will check out the north bay commute next report. >> nice to see you, frances. it is called a game changer, the bay area company that said they are making botox dreams that are needle-free. >> while we are in for another beautiful day folks on the other side of the country are waking side of the country are waking up to
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this
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is abc7 news. >> a one-of-a-kind pharmacy in san jose is offering free medication. the better health pharmacy will hold a grand opening tomorrow. can you find it on 16th street, with drugs donated and they are for people who cannot afford the prescribed medication. no painkillers are dispensed there. maybes should check online for the available drawings with a link at >> a bay area company believes they could be improving one of most popular cosmetic treatments in the world: botox. it could revolutionize the way wrinkle-freezing drug is delivered. >> like millions of patients, kathy turned to botox for wrinkles. >> my eyes and the fact that lines disappear. we all like that about botox. >> what if you could deliver this without a needle? >> a system is being tested which allows the active ingredient in bow docks to --
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botox to travel through the scene like cold cream. the topical treatment would still have to be administered by a doctor but could deliver significant advantages. all the topical obviously has a lot benefits for patients because there is no needle involved, no pain, no bruising. >> like botox, it freezes the christian area where wrinkles and crow's feet form and as seen in these before and after pictures. it is a breakthrough by itself but there is another potential benefit to the new technology: early tests suggest that smoothing effect could last even longer. >> jacob is co-founder of the company saying they developed this to carry the toxin to the target also holds it in place longer, in tests with an injectable version, the effect lasted nearly twice as long as traditional injection.
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>> longer duration is desirable. >> this is now in clinical trial but not f.d.a. approveed. some observers urge caution until the final results are in. all the proof will be in phase three, what happens in the trial s will it be as good as phase two? if successful, a needle-free wrinkle treatment or one that lasts longer could mean a major makeover for one of most popular cosmetic treatments on the market. >> if the new druze are approved the company could benefit patients who use botox for treatments beyond the cosmetics including migraine headaches and excessive sweating. >> we could not want to unit in but the east coast is in an arctic blast and we have great weather. so cold in philadelphia over the weekend that firefighters saw the water turning to ice and in new york city the temperature hit one degree below zero the coldest there in 22 years. north of indianapolis blowing
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snow and white out continues called several pileups on the interstate with ten people hurt there. >> thank tops and shorts here. >> in the 60s in some places. >> on the way to 80s in some places. that happens, they have to be an normally cold for us to be abnormally warm. >> is that science? >> it it is called the sea saw affect. >> not really. >> i believe you. >> not really. >> a temperature tumble. >> good morning, everyone, the winds of blowing to the ocean so it will be warm today. information, look how clear it is in walnut creek at 51 degrees record highs the next 48 hours and wet and breezy and cooler wednesday through thursday, and winter comes back, because it will be warm again this coming weekend. enjoy, a look at the temperatures, we are close to record highs in gilroy and san jose, a degree or two, and in the upper 70s even to 80 in
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santa cruz and sunnyvale and milpitas is coolest at 76 degrees. we have 70 in mountain view a degree shy of a record, a record high at 78, in redwood city and the coast, half moon bay, 76 and i hope i am not go low, 72 in daly city and the sunset, downtown, sole san francisco, 75, record high today in downtown san francisco at 76, and san rafael is 80 the record high, so is young in napa and petaluma is 76, and leave early for the bench at 68. 80 in oakland, record high temperatures and 78 today in castro valley, and just shy, 80s in livermore today at 77 but antioch is at 80 and fairfield is 81. tonight, look at the temperatures in the upper 40s to low 60s. at look at what will happen, we get our best chance of rain on wednesday during the evening commute and through thursday morning our storm impact scale is back, light to severe at "1"
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to "5" and this is light because of the rain only .1" to .5". temperatures are back in the upper 50s to low 60. 70s returns on sunday. i wanted to remind you for the holiday a last mass transit systems are rate on modified saturday schedule. here is 101 in san rafael, traffic is light as you would expect and the drive time is 31 minutes from petaluma to san francisco and mike said the coolest number was 76 in petaluma? is that it? that is the coolest or coolest number is 76 so it is warm today. if you head across the san mateo bridge, looking good in both directions, but, again, spend the heavy traffic heading to the beaches at 92 crowded to half moon bay and 17 in santa cruz and, also, 101 and highway one, reggie and natasha? >> thank you. financial insiders weigh in that another recession could be coming. >> here is america's money
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report. >> good morning, topping america's money, fears of another recession a survey of financial insiders fines that nearly half think there is a good chance of another recess this year. the positive scattered showers and storms spending report may put the fears to rest. atop vw managers were warned they could be in trouble over emissions more than a year before it admitted to faking emissions data. >> reports say they were told the united states was looking into whether vehicle software was giving false results. >> a record-setting weekend at the box office, "dead pool," foul mouth super hero was the biggest "r" rating opening ever, and "how to be single," was third. >> all right, that is america's money. >> thank you, federal governments were -- feathers
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were flying over the weekend in san francisco. >> we were at herman plaza as hundreds took part in the valentine's day tradition, we talked to people about what they think it means and if there is any strategy to this. >> our strategy is to gang up on everyone and divide and conquer. >> ninja style. >> i am not anti but i am "love." it could be antivalentine's day but i could find my valentine. >> no rain in mike nicco's forecast the next couple of days but i am about to rain on this parade because the city has to pay thousands to clean this up. pay thousands to clean this up. and ago o.j. bring stuff to clean this up. >> straight ahead, the seven things you need to know as you
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start the day. start the day. >> finding acyl four >> what is the a
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eeee the record highs today. two, the remark is light works no delays on the bay bridge toll plaza but a lot of mass transit systems are operating on a modified schedule and look out for the heavy traffic as people head to the beep later today. >> three, the family of missing alameda man, john beck, will resume the sent this morning for him. the 73-year-old disappeared on
5:24 am
tuesday. he is facing a $113 mi judgment nor a "get rich," scam with real estate. >> two men died on twin peaks after a triple shooting with a third being injured, the third attack in as many months at a san francisco landmark. all the remains of supreme court justice antonin scalia supreme court are believed back in welcome after dying of natural causes over the weekend in texas. republics demand the senate block any nominee by president obama until after the presidential election. >> six, australian police have seized $1 billion worth of drugs hidden in bra ininserts and art supplies, the largest seizure of liquid meth ever. >> leonardo chances of winning a oscar got a boost from the other side of the pond last night at the u.k. equivalent of the academy award winning for best
5:25 am
film, best director, and best actor with "revenant." >> two schools in california are leading the way in study the zika virus for a vaccine. scientists are researching the impact of the virus on the fetuses and the world health organization declared it a global emergency. the scientists will focus on the transmission of the disease during pregnancy and will take a year to develop. >> yesterday, the n.b.a. all star was one for record books with three warriors in the spotlight. >> steph curry showed off the skills throughout the game and seconds to play it looks like steph curry is going to wait for buzz are but takes a half court shot. and nailed it. it was an all-star record for points with 196 and steph curry after game. >> the more you cover the easier to enjoy it, such a high stress environment and we are playing,
5:26 am
all the regular games so to be able to enjoy the entire night it is something you want to be able to...take in. >> now, look at that smile? he is on "good morning america" today and you will want to catch the interview we are all watching at 7:00 a.m. right here. >> this male octopus did not get love. the aquarium invites people to watch the sea creatures...mate but its with canceled. the staff said they were afraid the male who is weighing twice as much as the females, could eat them. >> no romance for that are dude. all the females are, like, thanks, we are okay with that. >> on valentine's day, a high school senior in utah brought a smile to every girl's face in his school. he bought flowers for all 800 of the girls. he worked at a grocery store and
5:27 am
saved up the money all year to buy the flowers and asked for permission from the principal to deliver them. >> got around 800 flowers and i don't think a girl should be left out during valentine's day. >> spreadin' the love. they cost $500 and he started the tradition during the freshman year and said high will not get any dates because three record has a happy relationship a girlfriend, who said she things his valentine's day tradition is "sweet." >> a girl told me never to give her carnations. >> coming back with a full 90 minutes of news including the latest city to restrict airbnb rentals. rentals. >> a big
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> guys coming up on 5:30. get up. i am natasha zouves. >> or lay there and enjoy the day. it is monday, february 15th we will get to a quick check of the weather and traffic. >> it is record highs today and tomorrow. here is a look at the next three hours, nothing showing up on live doppler hd. you can see how beautiful it looks from emeryville this morning. we usually get record warmth and "spare the air" day but not today. watch out for the u.v. index, it will be moderate with tree pollen. most of us are in the 50s, a few 60, and nearly 70 at noon, 70s at the coast and mid-to-upper 70s for the rest us at 4:00, enjoy the delightful evening, low-to-mid 60s, still, at 7:00. now, how is the holiday commute? frances? >> yes, everyone, it is fun to fill in for sue and it is holiday "lite" with green traffic all around the bay and we have been keeping traffic of
5:31 am
the trash, and traffic is delays and not causing delays. 680 at walnut creek, southbound, beyond north main to highway 24, fine through the sunol grade and not much of a wait, either, at the richmond-san rafael bridge. guys? >> thank i, frances. we are seeing 60s in some places this morning, and record breaker certainly is possible, and many of us are making president's day plans. matt has the warm weather ahead across the bay area and three is in los gatos for us this morning. matt? >> yes, normally president's day you think of heading to the mountains to go skiing and not heading to the beach or the park to get a tan but with temperatures approaching 80 degrees, bust out the shorts. it is hard to believe it is mid-february when we untilally see the coldest temperatures here in the bay area but you would not know it by looking at crissy field in san francisco, a lot people are out over the weekend enjoying the warmth with the high temperatures forecasted for today in the bay area are
5:32 am
10-20 degrees warmer-than-average for this time of year, and weather to enjoy no matter whether you grab or where you grab a seat. >> it is great. came to the beach with the kids, and i sat here. >> great view. all the bridge, the water, everyone is sailing, what else can you ask for? >> the bay and beaches will be nice and warm today, santa cruz is in the mid-to-upper 70s. ocean beach is forecasting for the low 70s and a lot of people have today off but if you don't, you can injury the weather today and it lookings like tomorrow is going to look like today, mice and warm. >> matt, thank you, happening today family and trends are searching for a missal made man who owes millions to the fog federal government. the family said the man in 9 photo is him disappearing on tuesday. the photo was taken on the same day on the trail along the san francisco coastline. beck's family will neat at the
5:33 am
see rock inn looking for him in this area accused of running a get rich quick real estate scam currently facing a $113 million currently facing a $113 million federal judgment. on the twin peaks trail. this is concerning the latest incident of violence at the popular look out? >> that is right, twin peaks is a popular tourist spot especially on the holiday welcome like this, and in past few months, an uncomfortable pattern of violence has developed. the suspect targeted his victims year, with officers responding to tin peaks at 2:00 yesterday morning and they found three men who were shot: a 20-year old was pronounced dead at the scene and two victims were taken to the hospital. a 22-year-old man later died. and an 18-year-old map is still in the hospital fighting for history life. police increased the patrols of
5:34 am
the twin peaks yesterday, and visitor say they are relieved but they also recognize the danger of being at twin peaks after dark. >> there is also tourists here, and alsoly i would not come here at 2:00 a.m. >> year's shooting followed other recent attacks in the area last month, a tourist was people more sprayed and robbed and in december a french couple was injured during a mugging on twin peaks boulevard. officers indicate that the public is not at risk, police have not released any details of the suspect in yesterday's triple shooting. >> thank you. funeral services for a riff mop police officer killed last week will be held friday morning, and the outpouring of support for the officer gus vegas and his family continue during the sunday service with people packing the church on the hill in vallejo where he sat in the front row. the pastor remembered the officer as a long time close trend and caring foster parent.
5:35 am
the mayor was included in the crowd the? 's wife was touched. >> so many people have come alongside of me and my family and just...i never actually felt so much love in my life. >> the officer was shot and killed at his vallejo home on thursday morning, his grandson's father is accused of the murder. >> the memorial service for officer gus vegas is on friday at 10:00 a.m. at richmond memorial auditorium at civic center plaza and the public is invited to the memorial followed by a private burial. gofundme gofundme account is set up to raise money for the family with $15,500 already raised. we have the details on >> santa clara county is getting help from the government to prevent teen suicide. a five-person team is arriving tomorrow and they will be with leaders to identify problems and work on preventive measures.
5:36 am
the focus primarily is on palo alto which has seen an extraordinary number of teen suicides, continue in a since-contrary span most of them happening on caltrain tracks. >> look at the flames in a cell phone video, a scat died and seven have for place to live after the apartment fire that happened in concord. it happened last night, sparked by a candle on a couch. the firefighters are on the scene here. the damage spread to two units. residents helped each other evacuate as the smock was -- smoke was building. >> i had my son in one hand and my brother-in-law and b sons were in my hand to get them away from the fire and smoke. >> everyone made it out. no one was hurt. one pet was last. damage estimates are around 400,000. >> in san francisco, another fire, clean up is underway after
5:37 am
this left 16 people without a home on saturday night. you can see the crews boarding up the windows yesterday with the scorched exterior there at fulton and lion street. the assistant fire chief said the muni and fire lines made it difficult to fight the flames. a child suffered minor cuts and the fire was reported around 8:30 on saturday night and it took the crews an hour to contain it. >> the danville city council will vote on a friendal to ban airbnb-short continue herm rentals with objections to the unsupervised short-term rentals which man say are a business and should be subject to the same tax as they are. the city council have been expected to vote on the ban in december where they expressed unanimous support for the ban. the city council will now vote tomorrow at 7:30 at the danville town meeting hall on front street. all the body of late supreme court justice scalia is believed to be back in washington, dc, this morning, and we shot this video of a coffin unloaded at
5:38 am
dulles international airport last night. scalia die over the weekend at a texas ranch. the ranch only are described what happened on saturday morning. >> the same gentleman and i from walk, we went to his room, entered we a side door after knock on it vigorously and found him if his bed, the sheets everyone not crumpled, his hands were on his chest, he was atize perfectly. >> 9 county judge ruled he died of natural causes and there will be no autopsy. the body will lie in state at the supreme court at an unnone date. >> president obama will speak to the media the first time reporters will have a chance to question him about the plans to choose scalia's replacement. president obama has already said he will submit the name of a nominee when congress returns from recess. republicans want the nomination delayed until after the election. >> at the lot buzz that
5:39 am
california attorney scene could be on short list of people to replace scalia. a source tells abc that she is not interested in the open. she is currently running to replace california senator boxer, who is retiring. >> a washington, dc, circuit court judge is considered the frontrunner by many, an indian american approved 97-30 by -- 97 american approved 97-30 by -- 97 -0 in 2013, >> and now, berkeley is 62, and fremont is 63! everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50s. and oakland is at june. the odd person out right there. 61 in mountain vie, and fremont at 63s again, pleasanton is 62, and pacifica is 62, and we are nearly 60 in livermore, and san jose and 54 in novato, so we are off to a warm star so that miles
5:40 am
the beaches are going to be great and warm, with the beaches in the 70s, and a light offshore breeze, and the hiking, take an extra bolt elf water it will be warm. here is a look at the golden gate bridge east southeast winds only at three miles per hour, and today mid-70's with low 80s same thing tomorrow, and look at that, ten-15 degrees cooler with wet weather on wednesday, and hour by hour look at that coming up next. >> frances? >> a lot of mass transit systems are operating on modifyied schedule including caltrain. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, what you would expect, holiday light, no delays, metering lights are normally turned on at 5:30 but not on right now san mateo bridge, also, fine, at 14ent months from hayward to san mateo and 101, fine, all along the peninsula, and i cannot find delays on drive times for you, 680, highway 4 to walnut creek
5:41 am
six minutes and next an update on the crash. >> lightning strikes twice at this luck lucky convenience store in the south bashirly to have lottery ticket buyers in the south bay. the south bay. >> an adorable
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>> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> all the lottery catch phrase, someone has to win it may as well be you, if you want to win, go to this 7-eleven store in fremont for thing is time this career they have sold a powerball ticket with winning numbers, including in january pay out $800,000, and the same thing happened again, a ticket with five out of the since numbers also would the nearly $800,000. the business has been up since january and now you can bet he will expect more. >> you could be paying a health care tax to help california people with autism and other disabilities. the legislature appears to be getting ready to aprove a tax on health care plan to condition rate $1.2 billion each year and will boost the fund for developmentally disabled people
5:45 am
in california for the first time in a decade. >> pope francis will hold mass in three languages in the indigenous state aimed at boost faith in the least catholic state. >> pope is getting cheered on by thousands arriving at the ambassador's residence in mexico city. the pontiff visited children at a local hospital and a paint gay him a hand made valentine's day card. and he played doctor to a little boy giving him a vaccination for polio and inaugurating the vaccination campaign in mexico. >> we love this story, a young man from antioch said he doesn't believe in finders keepers but believes in doing the right thing so the story of a lost wallet has gone viral. you will only see this on abc7. a 10-year old boy found this wallet caping a womans driver's license and $38 in cash. he knew he had to return it to the rightful owner.
5:46 am
he mailed it along with a sweet letter to taylor of sonoma. >> the the fact he took the time to write the letter and it was is cause and my favorite "i am glad i got it instead of some bad person." i wanted to make her happy and make her feel better about: her losing something. >> how sweet! she was so moved she posted the wallet and letter to facebook. it went viral. she has written back thanking him and gave him a bag of candy and a $20 reward for the honesty. >> the parents are doing something right. >> love that story. >> all parents thing they have the influence on that. >> dress director kids fore the warmth tomorrow and put on the city council screen today if they are outside all day on the holiday. a few high clouds encroaching from the north like yesterday, and that will make for a wonderfully colorful we morning
5:47 am
and afternoon, sunrise and sun set. from the roof camera the flags not moving but flowing to the ocean, and that will help bring us record warm the today and tomorrow and cooler and wet starting on wednesday evening through thursday and almost as warm this weekend. if you missed it, one more time, and no records in the south bay, although we are 76-80. the san jose record 79. i am going at 78. gilroy, 80. we are close. redwood city is 78. a record high. half moon bay is 76. can pacifica, 72 and a degree shy of a record in downtown at 75 and 80 in san rafael and napa at 81, record high temperatures and 76 in petaluma and showing that, and it is not as cold. 80 in oakland, record highs and around 78 to 80 inland east bay neighborhood and tonight we are in the upper 40s to mid-50s
5:48 am
storm impact scale "1" is light and "5" is severe, and on wednesday into thursday it will be light with breezy conditions at .5" of rain and with our temperatures, upper 50s to low 60s by thursday and remaining into the 70s by sunday. frances? >> ing, everyone, we will i have an update on the crash in san jose in the south bay, with green traffic on the peninsula. and in the east bay. southbound 680 at king an overturn that has not been causing delays but mainly on the shower. it could be blocking a lane, however, traffic is getting by because it is so light right now. we have holiday traffic and here is a shot at san jose northbound 280 and highway 17 across the screen which you can expect to be jammed later on this afternoon, 17 heading to the santa cruz area and the beaches, and 101 looking good, and southbound through san rafael, down to the golden gate bridge and into san francisco and keep in mind if you are taking mass
5:49 am
transit, golden gate transit and ferry on highway schedules. >> a world war ii vet has reunited with his long lost love 70 years later. they met in 1944, she was 14, living in london and he was 21-year-old paratrooper you are for the united states. they fell madly in love but they were separated when he was deployed to none earned and k the love alive for letters and a terrible misunderstand, ended their reason mans, she misread and misunderstood a letter and vote he had gotten married so life went on, father's day other people but they never forgot each other, and last november, one of his sons found her online and the two reconnected on skype. >> what would you do if i could give you a squeeze? >> it would building -- be lovely. >> that is all cleared up, a crowd funding campaign raised
5:50 am
money for thomas to fly from virginia to australia last week so the couple first met before d-day and they reunited had time for valentine day, valentine's day. >> never who is happened in the age of texting, are you married or not? it would be cleared up in five seconds. >> and skype got them back together. >> a major change could be head down the track for california's controversial high-speed rail project and it could mean trains arrive sooner in the bay area. >> people are sighing more of these guys so keep a closer eye on your pets if you leave them outside. >> local student's kind act to >> local student's kind act to the f.d.a. has an officer
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> peta is offering $1,000 for information that will help police scratch the person who put 200 thumbtacks in a hercules dog park and this is not the first time that someone has done this at the dog partner. peta is donating $1,000 to install security cameras. >> warning to pet owners, worker say more mountain lions are on the prowl for dogs and cats and livestock after 80 million that were killed, it was found that half had eaten domestic animals. two public meetings have been scheduled in the bay areaing on february 23. >> good samaritan helped recover a loaded gun that was used in a shooting, in the bushes near santa clara street yesterday. police say a citizen called 9-1-1 after seeing a man searching for something in the bushes near the sight of shooting with a loaded gun in the very spot, and it does not
5:54 am
appear anyone was hurt in the shooting and people does not fine the victim and so far, no arrests. >> an interesting valentine's day project from a local high school they did not send each other cards but they sent valentines to police at mercy high school, sending officers to officers in the san francisco mission district. "dear f.d.a. thank you for your service you are in my spots and prayers, happy valentine's day i hope to become an officer of law one day, too, stay safe your service is never foregone." officers are saying it is the sweetest gesture they have received. >> we had sweet weather. >> if you travel to the coasts monterey is 75, a record high tomorrow, and mid-to-upper 70s through the central valley and a record at lake tahoe, and 90 in los angeles and palm springs and the snow pack was measured on friday so it went down over the weekend and 100 percent on friday, and it will be lower than that, and the good news in the seven-day forecast for lake
5:55 am
tahoe, look at the snow coming in a winter mix on wednesday, heavy snow on thursday, and the snow will taper on friday, and this weekend it will be easy for get there. frances? >> because of the holiday, there will be modified schedule for caltrain and saturday schedule for muni and bart so keep this in mind. if you driving it is delay free. from emeryville to toll plaza light in and out of san francisco, metering lights not even turned on. 680 southbound, delay-free at north main and southbound 680 at king where there is a crash. >> this video from new zealand shows the cliff crashing down into the water after a 5.7 earthquake with the center more than 10 miles east of christ church and a driveway security camera capturing some of the shaking. the earthquake comes five years after one that caused widespread
5:56 am
destruction across christchurch and killed 18235 -- 185 no one if this earthquake was hurt. >> scientists say children can get a big health boost from eating organic food with fruits and vegetables lowered the pesticide exposure by 49 percent the size linked to health problems like attention deficit disorder and breathing problems. a jumbo-tron proposal at a baseball game, a flash mob proposal we have all seen it, but a san francisco man popped the question by letting his lover read the write on the wall. >> a mural in the castro district featuring two men, one planned the art work wanted to surprise his partner with a proposal and the artist said the project is one of her favorites. >> people were coming up and, i had so much of people putting
5:57 am
their hand over their heart and say, my god, thank you so much. >> she has a distinct style that and cool celebrating love of all sorts including the lgbt community and if you wonder what happened with the proposal? george said "yes." >> very happy. >> how could you not? >> new at 7:00 keeping our cell phone charges on the go that could be a tough job. >> a missing man is seen walking near san francisco at the inn a search to bring john beck home safe and
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is looking good, this is the scene if you are planning to spend your holiday at a bay area beach with more record warm the on the way, many of us will be out theren joying the sun-
6:00 am
drenched sand. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. we are coming up at 6:00 a.m. >> today and tomorrow record-breaking temperatures are possible. a few high clouds for a colorful sunrise and sun set. if you get anything beautiful to sure #abc7now. i will do that on twitter and facebook. from our camera on the roof you can see the winter is caucus -- the winds are calm. we will be nearly 70s by balloon and mid-to-upper 70s by 4:00, and 60s hack around at 7:00. that is the day planner. how is the commuting? frances? yes, everyone, good morning. the golden gate bridge is holiday lit, not too many folks out there, and a lot of people have the day off. remember, highway one heading out of 101 will probably be crowded headed to the beach later on today. in fact,


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