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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> good afternoon, and thank you for joining us on this monday, on this holiday, i'm m i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. larry biel is on assignment. we begin with this heigat. the high reached into the mid 70s about 15 degrees above normal. there was just enough of a breeze to get a kite going for a bit. >> and it was warm enough for a beach day in san francisco. check this out. baker beach filled up quickly with people enjoying the holiday in the sand and the calm pacific waters. >> and this is a live look knew from our santa cruz beach camera, a lot of people out enjoying a spectacular day. abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma with the accuweather update.
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>> not many people have their toes in the water despite it being warm out the ocean water temperature 56 to 57 degrees. all about the warm temperatures right now. live doppler 7 hd, a beautiful day, blue skies, not a cloud to be seen. temperature wise, some spots like santa rosa at 84 degrees, that is 23 degrees above normal for this time of the year. a warm 77 in oakland, 75 san jose. 74 in san francisco. concord 78 degrees. a live look from our cam showing you it's busy across the bay on this holiday monday. folks are enjoying that sunshine and warm temperatures on their boats. two records so far. san francisco tied their record of 76 degrees. oakland airport beat their degree by 1 at 74 degrees. later on this evening, confid t comfortable as can be. on abc 7 news at 11:00, temperatures in the lower 60s. the next 48 hour, a little of a
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weather whiplash. records on the way and then much colder air and rain arrives. the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> that will be a change. with this unseasonably warm weather trees are producing blossoms and disrupting the cycle of things and doing wonders for your allergies. >> i saw a lost trees and flowers in bloom today. lyanne melendez with the consequences on an early spring. >> reporter: pollen, and of course lots of it. while this may seem like heaven on earth, of course this early spring is not good for mother nature's creatures. look around you and the colors of spring are already here. most cherry and plum trees blossomed putting out a heavy amount of pollen in the air. some people with allergies started taking their medication early. michelle started her early
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battle against pollen this morning. >> i had to take something this morning because my nose wouldn't stop running. yeah. and the watery eyes. >> reporter: jacob's allergies are so bad that today he had to run to the drugstore to get cough syrup. >> my allergies have been irritating my throat and it's ease city for me to get sick. >> reporter: a very early spring is not ideal for bees either. while the blossoms are releasing pollen sooner, a hard rain could wipe everything off the trees leaving nothing for the bees who need to collect the pollen for several months. >> then there won't be food for the bees. >> reporter: judy weatherly is with the mt. diablo beekeeper's association. bees aren't the only affected. without bloom, the fruits on some trees will not be. >> the hot weather is going to pump all the flowers forward and if there aren't enough bees to be out there to forage and if the rain knocks them off, then it could be problems for farmers for sure. >> reporter: she and her bees are hoping for a very light rain
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this week. in emeryville, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> use the free news app for weather conditions and breaking weather information wherever you need it most. car break-ins are one of the fastest growing crimes in the bay area and tourists are vulnerable. >> a surveillance camera caught this man in action. see his legs sticking out of the van in. he got away with a bunch of stuff from tourists visiting san francisco. >> abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana with what the city is doing about it. >> reporter: it was earlier this weekend a member of the abc. news team happened to be walking right along here and he noticed those tourists who had just been broken into. their rental van and a lot of things were stolen from there. now, they have since gone on to make the best of their visit to the bay area, but the pictures that they have shared give us a pretty good glimpse about the way this team of car burglars works. these are surveillance camera
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pictures a tourist shared with us of the friday afternoon break-in. you can see a man wearing a striped sweater walk over to the van. he looks inside then you see his legs dangling out of the rear window. when he's finished, he walks to a white krchrysler sedan parked behind the van. here's a different angle of the car. the tourists told us they lost thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and other property. a spokesman for the san francisco district attorney's office say they've made progress on cracking down on serial car burglars. al alex bastien says they're a new target. out of state or out of country victims are challenging cases at times but we're taking on new strategies to deal with this. at alamo square, street signs warn people not to use valuables in their cars. that's where we talked to rebecca cruz visiting from australia. >> yeah, we've seen heaps of glass on the sidewalks. i've seen heaps. that's what i said.
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there must be have been heaps of break-ins. >> reporter: when i showed her pictures of the friday break-in she shared an interesting story from the visit to chinatown last night. >> i saw same dude, same hair looking in a car and just sort of looking around and looking in the car again. >> reporter: now, tourists might also be particularly vulnerable because they don't always know not to leave anything vulnerable in their cars. now, the spokesperson for the district attorney's office says sometimes these cases are a little bit more difficult to prosecute but coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, we'll tell you a new san francisco they're adopting to try to deal with that problem. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sergio quintana, abc 7 news. >> thank you, sergio. san francisco police are searching for a carjacked vehicle in connection with a double homicide in twin peaks. the gunman got away in the stolen suv. he's wanted for shooting three people yesterday killing 21-year-old julio and 19-year-old reneemora.
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police think they were targeted. we'll hear from them on abc 7 news at 5:00. a public memorial service is set for gus vegas, the richmond police officer shot and killed inside his vallejo home last week. the service will be held friday at the richmond memorial auditorium at 10:00 in the morning. meantime a court date has yet to be scheduled for officer vegas' alleged killer 30-year-old robert vegas is the father of vegas' grandson. a petaluma business is closed after a car smashed through the front window. it happened overnight on petaluma boulevard north near oak street, courtesy of pet loom that street. 22-year-old lopez drove his car through a window. the business has been red tagged until it's repaired. six people including three children are homeless after this fire on east taylor street in san jose this afternoon. this is video from the bay area
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news group. the fire broke out before 8:00. crews arrived on the scene quickly and took them 20 minutes to extinguish the flames. no one was injured. now to the search for a missing alameda man. john beck hasn't been seen since last week when he missed an appointment related to millions of dollars he owes to the federal government. his family hopes a new photo will help in their search. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield spoke to them today. >> reporter: the late ef clue in the disappearance of john beck brought friends and family to lands end in san francisco. they believe he was here because of this picture they found on instagram. the photographer was taking a picture of the golden gate bridge and cap chutured this ma his shot. job beck's daughter says she reck neeognizes him down to his posture. >> the instagram picture was huge, i got chills up and down. >> reporter: the picture was taken on tuesday, the day his family says he disappeared.
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gives them a place to look. a few friends showed up helping laura beck and her husband hand out fliers. >> it's been overwhelming all the support we've gotten from our friends. they've been -- they've been amazing. >> reporter: you may have heard john beck's name from the infomercials about his real estate company, a company that turned tout be a get rich quick real estate scam. >> america's top tax foreclosure expert has made millions from little known tax foreclosure properties. >> reporter: beck has been ordered to pay the u.s. government $113 million. he has appealed the case. >> yes, like obviously it's a factor and it's one of the factors of his life, though. he has so many other things and so many, you know, so many positive things and so much -- so many people who love him. >> reporter: amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. today is the three of pope francis' visit to mexico and already on this trip he's addressed very sensitive topics
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such as drug violence, immigration and problems with the catholic church in general. >> today he turned his attention to those who have been most oppressed. abc 7 news reporter kristen sze with the details. >> reporter: pope francis stunned the world with two little words, sorry, brothers. he asked for forgiveness from mexican's indigenous people. the southern state of chiapa, home to native cultures. the pope celebrated mass in three aztec languages. that is unprecedented. the church will now approve the use of the languages during mass. the service also included traditional music, dance, and other indigenous elements as pope francis called for the full inclusion of native people in society and the church. pope francis also continued to send his message of compassion and inclusion. at a sports stadium he lifted a wheelchair-bound girl onto the stage and blessed her. he also heard from this couple who had been divorced and remarried and cannot take
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communion and greeted a single mother who had a tragic upbringing. he also accepted hugs from children and kissed a little girl on the forehead. as pope francis was leaving he was greeted by the adoring faithful, some of whom he blessed on his way out. pope francis plan to return to mexico city tonight. he'll conclude his tour with a mass in wjuarez near the u.s./mexican border. still ahead, the battle over naming a new supreme court justice. and the stanford grad at the top of the list. plus tirists in space. the race is on now to get ready. at 4:30, the east bay boy who's become a viral sensation also returning a lost wallet. we'll have his story. 7 on your side's michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook. he'll answer them live later. search for michael finney on
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daley city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. new fire in the battle over the supreme court. justice antonin scalia died unexpectedly over the weekend. already republicans and democrats are clashing over the vacancy. one name at the top of many lists of possible nonl ominees a bay area connection. johnson graduated from both the stanford law and stanford business schools. abc news reporter lana zach is in washington with more. >> reporter: justice antonin scalia was the brighte eses ese
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conservative legal mind in america and his upcoming passing on the new elections could not be more profound. >> he ought to make the 2016 election a referendum on the supreme court. >> reporter: less than an hour after scalia's death was announced the political jockeying began. mitch mcconnell declared this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president. but it is the president's constitutional right to appoint a judge to the supreme court and there is no exception for an election year. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. there will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility. >> reporter: the senate has a constitutional right to confirm or deny that appointee. something they may choose to do after the election according to senator lindsey graham on "gma." >> when the election is over, the president wins, they have a chance to send qualified nominees of their philosophy to the senate and i will vote for them if they're qualified even though i would not have chose them. >> reporter: so who might president obama put forward?
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among the names being most discussed right now, one won firmed unanimously by the senate to a circus judgeship three years ago and would be the first asian-american on the supreme court. lana zach, abc news, washington. former president george w. bush returned to the campaign trail on this president's day urging south carolina voters to back his brother, jeb's run, for president. south carolina republicans hold their primary on saturday. george w. bush spoke on his broth brother's behalf a short time ago. listen. >> you can trust jeb bush to be measured and thoughtful on the world stage. our enemies and alleys will know that when president jeb bush speaks, he will follow through on his words. >> jeb bush faces a tough fight in south carolina, however, the former florida governor trails donald trump in the polls as well as senators ted cruz and marco rubio. now on the democratic side, former secretary of state hillary clinton is spending the day stumping for votes in
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nevada. clinton began the day in las vegas before holding rallies in northern nevada. democrats will caucus across the silver state on saturday. a fight over your privacy heads to capitol hill later this week. two congressmen plan to introduce a bill blocking states from banning the sale of encr t encrypted smartphones. apple's android phones include encrypti encryption. ted lou of los angeles is one of the sponsors of the bill in congress. he said smartphone encryption should be legislated at the federal level to make it consistent nationwide. police say banning encryption will help fight crime and terrorism. a state lawmaker from the north bay believes medical marijuana could be a moneymaker for california. democratic senator mike mcgwire introduced a bill that would impose a 15% tax on medicinal pot sold in california. many medical marijuana dispensaries already pay california's 7.5% sales tax. last year that alone generated
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nearly $5 million for califor a california. virgin galactic plan to roll out space ship 2 later this month, a new vehicle the government hopes to one day take tourists into space. it comes 15 1/2 months after an earlier incarnation was destroyed in a test flight killing one of the pilots. despite that, the dream of sending tourists to the edge of space and beyond is very much alive. space tourism companies are employing designed including winged vehicles, vertical rockets with capsules and high altitude balloons. our unseasonably warm weather on this president's day had people flocking to sunny spots to take in the sights. take a look at this backup at the north end of the golden gate bridge in this instagram video. all those people are ftrying to get to vista point. traffic at the exist was backed up onto the bridge. also crowded heading to santa cruz and half moon bay. >> felt like mid-april or later today. >> it's crazy. we need the cold weather and rain back. drew tuma with our accuweather
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forecast in for spencer. >> hi, ama, dan. i tell you this warm weather is absolutely polarizing, either people love it or absolutely hate it. we have something for everybody and it's coming in the next two days. live doppler 7 hd showing you nothing but clear skies. live doppler 7 hd has an easy job today. take you outside, live look from our east bay hills camera showing you the iconic golden gate bridge basking in sunshine. very mild conditions. current temperatures right now 71 in san francisco. that's 10 degrees above normal. 75 san jose. 78 oakland and concord. and santa rosa, still the extremely warm spot at 84 degrees. overnight tonight you can bet we're going have a mild night. most spots upper 40s to mid 50s under mainly clear skies. and that sets the stage for another day of very warm, potentially record-setting temperatures. 75 san francisco. 78 oakland. 80 in san jose. 77 napa. 80 in cloverdale. so records for tuesday, here we go, san rafael about a degree
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shy at 76 degrees. san francisco will tie the record at 75. oakland probably beating the record by 3 degrees going to 78. san jose probably a record high of 80. livermore, mild at 77 being the old high. 75 degrees. then everything changes wednesday. we bring back the storm impact scale from 1 to 5 rating our storms all season long. 1 is light, 5 most severe. gives you an idea what to expect. wednesday, a 1. light storm, lights of amount of rain and light rain. future tracker temperatures and rain. we'll show you wednesday afternoon. it's going to be significantly cooler feeling in the upper 50s to lower 60s. that's where we should be this time of the year. by wednesday evening, the rain moves in. light showers across much of the region by 8:00. but watch by midnight it's already pulling away and by thursday morning, it's just isolated light showers. so future tracker, rainfall shows you, we're generally thinking about a tenth to as
4:21 pm
much as half of an inch of rain. but this system is bringing us to where we should be this thyme of the year and hopefully change our pattern for more storms. accuweather forecast, records again tomorrow then wednesday it gets much colder around here. the light rain moves in into the evening hours. isolated showers thursday morning. 1 on our storm impact scale. friday there's a chance but mainly in the north bay. nothing widespread unfortunately. friday, mostly cloudy. sunday, especially into monday, more in the way of sunshine and looks like temperatures going right back up to above normal one week from today. >> all right. thanks, drew, very much. >> sure. up next "star wars" fans rejoice. filming on the next movie is under way. we'll tell you about some of the new stars. after 4:30, a bizarre twitter rant by kanye west, why he's honored for money. we're using our bay area instagram feed to celebrate the
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people making a difference where you live. today we celebrate dr. joseph bryant jr. who served since 1996. dr. bryant is renowned for his community work, california coordinator for reverend jesse jackson's rainbow push coalition and consultant to pro athletes. learn more on our abc 7 news bay area instagram feed.
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"the revenant" came out the big winner at the british oscars. "the revenant" topped the winning five awards including best picture, best director for aljeandro and best actor for leonardo dicaprio. we're just two weeks away from the oscars. comedian chris rock hosts the show sunday february 28th.
4:25 pm
join us to see who wins. the countdown can now begin again for "star wars" fans. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome back. >> episode eight photography began today at london's pinewood studios. ryan johnson is the director and writer this time around. new cast members include laura dern. the moveie is set for 2017. "the force awakens" earned $2 billion worldwide. disney owns the rights to "star wars". the action flick "dead pool" has taken the box office by storm. obliterated records. it also set the record for the largest opening for an r-rated film, opened with $135 million. easily surpassing the last record of $85 million for "50 shades of grey." today's warm weather brought
4:26 pm
autoa big crowd for marin's largest lunar new year celebrations in sausalito. a trio of lion dancers delighted visitors to celebrate the year of the monkey. this is the 20th year the museum held a chinese new year festival. morning news anchor natasha zouves was the emcee. there was an exhibit of what it's like to be a kid in china. >> a school, a park, a little panda reserve. children have the opportunity to write chinese calligraphy, do paper cutting and participate in a dragon parade. >> the lunar new year festival is typically the biggest attendance day of the year for the discovery museum. what lovely weather to have for it. abc 7 news at 4 does continue. a beautiful warm day sounds like good news but the middle of february and a drought it could cause disaster for the state. freezing temperatures to another storm. the dangerous conditions millions of americans are facing
4:27 pm
right now. plus steph curry is heading back home after a whirlwind weekend in chilly toronto. we catch up with him to talk about the all-star game and his intern
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> here are your headlines at 4:30. right now san francisco police are on the look without for a gunman who shot three people
4:30 pm
early sunday. police say he specifically targeted the victims at the twin peeks lookout around 2:00 a.m. two died. the third is in critical condition. all three were from santa rosa. the gunmen carjacked a couple to get away. coming up at 5:00, reporter vic lee talks to them art that terrifying moment. reporter sergio quintana tweeted this surveillance video of a thief breaking into a van in san francisco. his legs are are tangling out of the broken window. the number of car break-s in is rising throughoutñç the bay are with tourists becoming common targets. the bay area is experiencing record-breaking heat. meteorologist drew u!tuma tweet these unwinter-like temperatures this afternoon, 84 degrees broke a record in santa rosa, san francisco tied a record at 76. it is a great day to be on the water soaking in the sun with those clear skies. baker beach in san francisco was busy this president's day but comes with a price. abc 7 news reporter david louie
4:31 pm
is live in los gatos which desperately needs a big dose of winter. david? >> reporter: ama, there are several ways to measure the percentage, one is the reservoirs and the percentage of normal rainfall. here at the south bay we stand at 80% to 95% of normal rainfall but visually at lexington reservoir, see how much rainfall we really, really need. south bay residents are are surrounded by reminders that we're still in a drought. the reservoirs that store drinking water remain low. >> the warm weather definitely affected it negatively and i think people are probably still thinking, hey, we've gotten a lot of water so therefore we're back to normal but we're not even close. >> reporter: santa clara valley water district's rez vaservoir s at the top of the list at 59% capacity. lexington reservoir comes in at the bottom shy of 23%. those enjoying los gatos creek trail noticed the amount of water spilling over the dam has diminished. this is runoff. compare that to this video. abc 7 news was here on november
4:32 pm
2nd about three months ago. the amount of water coming down the spillway was significantly greater. there's optimism more rain will come this winter. >> we've got a good healthy snow pack now although that's slowly dwindling off. i think we're going to get more weather to help that out. overall we're not going to solve the drought just one year but i think we're getting a good start toward it. >> reporter: the building boom could make water resources scarce. >> you also think about all the construction and the new businesses and the homes that are going in, it's taxing our resources, so we think it's going to be here to stay. >> reporter: for a 5-year-old, however, more rain is needed for a different reason. >> i get to jump in puddles. >> reporter: you haven't had too many puddles this winter, though. >> huh-uh. >> reporter: is that disappointing? >> yes. very disappointing. >> reporter: be patient, macy. in los gatos, david louie, abc 7 news. a very different scene on the east coast. millions of americans are facing dangerous conditions as a huge storm system stretches across
4:33 pm
the country bringing rain, snow, and major traffic trouble. abc 7 news reporter elizabeth herr has the latest. >> reporter: snow in d.c., a winter wonderland to a travel nightmare. temporarily closing runways at reagan international and having a ripple effect at airports across the country. snow and ice wreaking havoc for drivers from iowa to illinois, indiana, and pennsylvania. i-78 finally re-opened after this massive and fatal pileup over the weekend. a new storm is now moving across parts of the northern plains and south making its way north bringing heavy rain and warmer temperatures. a welcome relief for the millions of americans in the northeast and new england. >> swung hard, swung back, and we knew that there was a problem. >> reporter: including these 48 skiers who spent some three hours in the arctic cold
4:34 pm
dangling more than 40 feet off the ground after two trams broke down at a ski resort in new hampshire. in all, 18 major cities in the east survived subzero temperatures that left entire city blocks frozen in philadelphia while firefighters battled the blaze. in boston, a 60-year-old record was shattered and in new york a record set a century ago is now history. speaking of relief, forecasters say temperatures are set to rise some 30 degrees in the next 24 hours from boston to d.c. meaning they'll be enjoying temperatures in the 50s by tomorrow. abc news, new york. the united nations said air strikes killed at least 50 civilians in northern syria today. aleppo and nearby cities. one of the facilities was run by doctors without borders. u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon issued a statement
4:35 pm
calling the attacks a clear violation of international law. some in the area are blaming russia for the air strike saying the munitions were more powerful than the syrian military typically used but russian officials are blaming the u.s. which denies any involvement in the attack. brazil mobilized its military and hundreds of thousands of health workers over the weekend to fight the mosquito that carries the zika virus. brazil is calling the effort operation zika zero. experts say the virus is sweeping through parts of latin-american, it's relatively harmless to adults but linked to a seriouses birth defect among newborns. saturday brazil's president said the outbreak won't compromise the summer olympics in rio de janeiro this august. the governor of hawaii declared a state of emergency to deal with outbreaks of mosquito-borne illnesses. the state has been in the midst of a dengue fever outbreak on the big island, 250 confirmed cases. the state of emergency also covers the zika virus though
4:36 pm
there have been no locally transmitted cases in hawaii. crews are on the scene of a bizarre accident in physicflori. a garbage truck plummeted off an elevated freeway in miami. this is video of the scene. see it crashed through the guardrail and landed in a parking lot below. the driver was taken to the hospital in serious condition, but miraculously was not killed immediately. still to come, kanye west is back in the news today, but not for another feud. now he's looking for money from some silicon valley tech leaders. i'm michael finney. ask finney is just ahead. i'm taking your questions on twitter and facebook. just search for michael finney. i'll answer your questions here live a little later. i'm abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma. we are soaked in sunshine this monday afternoon as record warmth has arrived. you like today? you're going to like tomorrow.
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a bombshell from rapper kanye west and unfolded in a serious of rants on twitter that began last night an continued through this morning. >> it was about his debt. in a tweet before noon, kanye wrote, yes, i am personally rich and can buy furs and houses to my family but i need access to more money in order to bring more beautiful ideas to the world. >> abc 7 morning news anchor reggie akey has more on what's going on. >> reporter: kanye west is taking to social media to ask many people in the bay area for
4:40 pm
money. it appears kanye west at least according to his tweets is broke. so he's going right to the head of facebook, mark zuckerberg asking zuckerberg to invest $1 billion into kanye west's ideas. now here's the thing. when we look this up, kanye west isn't actually on facebook and is using twitter to reach mark zuckerberg. maybe this is what it's about. he gets to larry page, the head of google and asks him the same thing. he says he's down for his help, too. maybe that's his backup plan. at one point asks basically the entire bay area if they listen to rap music to help real artists. what's happening here? who knows. kanye west is asking specifically for $53 million, says he's in debt that amount of money. $53 million. that seems familiar. oh, yes, that's because that's exactly what "forbes" said his wife, kim kardashian earned last year. maybe it's a coincidence and
4:41 pm
maybe kanye is kidding about this and a publicity stunt for his album and fashion line. all we know at this point, we're waiting for kanye to tweet again. abc 7 news. >> we can't wait. watch reggie every weekday on the abc 7 morning news from 4300 to 7:00 a.m. >> what a bizarre -- i can't believe kim kardashian made $53 million. let's talk about the weather. hi, dan, ama, record highs not only here but also southern california, l.a. is near 99 9 degrees. much of the golden state basking in a warm winter day. live doppler 7 hd, quiet as can be. we have clear skies. the numbers the big story. 78 concord. 84 in santa rosa. 74 san jose. 71 san francisco. beautiful shot at lake tahoe. you may be sniffling, may be sneezing. part of the reason why, this warm, dry weather. look at that. tree pollen is very high. the main offender, juniper seed, ash or pine. might want too take your allergy
4:42 pm
medicine. highs tomorrow, equally as warm. 78 oakland. 80 san jose. 75 san francisco. 78 santa rosa. if you're looking for cooler weather, look at this. a winter storm watch up for the sierra. snow coming wednesday night into thursday morning. 9 inches. tahoe city about a foot in south lake tahoe. 11 inches likely in kirkwood. that same storm will bring about big changes in the bay area with our temperatures and bring about a chance of rain. coming up at 5:00, meteorologist sandhya patel will detail that in the full accuweather forecast. still ahead, fresh off the all-star game, the warriors wa steph curry opening up about his team and daughter, riley. gas prices are down so why are san franciscans paying so much for gasoline? i'll have some answers coming up i'll have some answers coming up (male vo) across america, people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar.
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ve nearby is . the nba's reigning mvp dominated the all-star game this weekend then this morning steph curry went one-on-one with "good morning america." abc 7 news reporter testi eer t wilson explains curry talked
4:46 pm
about his cooking skills, golf game and of course his little girl. >> reporter: steph curry is a superstar beloved for his skills on the court as well as his demeanor off it. during the all-star game last night, he dominated helping the west to a record-setting win over the east. >> oh! >> reporter: that's not all. curry has led the golden state warriors to the best nba start ever and the team is on track to break michael jordan and the chicago bulls' record number of wins. >> i don't know how many times you're going to be in position to chase, you know, historical record like that and be a team that everybody remembers. we'll go after it, but getting the championship is much more important. >> do you think you're the best player in the nba? i think that -- yes. that's my mentality, my focus, my motivation when i go out there. >> reporter: when it comes to life at home, steph refers to his wife. >> i only have one meal, italian sausage and egg noodle pasta. five ingredients. 15 minutes. i keep it simple. then you'll have that tomorrow, the next day, the next day, the
4:47 pm
next day. that's all i got. >> reporter: adorable post-game interview antics have turned daughter, riley, into a star in her own right. >> she's got so much personality and just so much fun about her. >> reporter: the reigning first family of the nba recently spent time with the first family of the united states. michelle obama posting this epic dub smash video friday. ♪ ba, ba, ba >> reporter: curry admits president obama got the best of him on the links. curry blames his poor golf game on the secret service. >> need a rematch and call it square. >> reporter: you can certainly tell he's competitive no matter what sport he's playing or who he's playing against. it's hard to believe curry is only 27 years old. the golden state warriors' next game is this friday. in the newsroom, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. all right. time now for ask finney. 7 on your side's michael finney answered questions sent via facebook, twitter and e-mail. michael, dennis m. e-mailed those who live and work in san francisco are paying $1 per
4:48 pm
gallon more for gas than the rest of california. he wantses to know why. >> it's not actually a buck. it feels that way if you're getting gasoline here especially if you're getting it anywhere near a freeway. we're in one of the more expensive neighborhoods. actually right now, gasoline in san francisco, the average price of $2.50 for regular and around the state is $2.41. paying about 9 cents for. the wrong gas station, you'll be paying a lot more than that. why does that happen? just like groceries cost more in the city, rent is more in the city. almost everything is more in the city. >> right, right. >> that includes gasoline. the best thing you can really is buy it when you're out, the further out you are. >> cheaper in the country. >> yes. >> kathie s. asked via facebook, i'm wondering why i so see so many people with expired license plates. >> that's right. it's something i haven't noticed. eight or nine months ago the dmv had trouble getting out the stickers. almost all the cars around you didn't have the correct ones.
4:49 pm
now they do or at least they should. if they don't, they can really get a big fine. depending how long they went without a sticker, a police officer can pull them over, fine, write them a ticket and then impound the vehicle. it's a really bad idea not to have it. and by the way, if they don't send you a notice and you think that's an excuse, you're wrong. >> really? >> doesn't count. they can really nail you. so if you're here watching this and going, wait, am i late? check. really. >> don't fool around with that. all right. chris b. e-mailed, i signed up for what i sought was a one-time membership to a marathon, but the company keeps charging me every year. i don't want this membership. how can i stop this ongoing charge? >> that's a marathon of memberships right there. look, i can't even believe they're doing it for a marathon. they do it for magazines now, do it for gym memberships. here's the law in the state of california. they have to tell you they're going to keep charging you over and over again. it has to be super obvious. it has to be done in wording you would understand. you're allowed to end these
4:50 pm
memberships at any time. unless you got a discount somehow like, you know, you signed up for two years and get two months off or something. certainly for that, call them up, tell them to knock it off, tell them to give you money in arrears. good luck with that. you probably won't get it but might as well demand it. >> thank you, michael. >> sure. the new "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition hits stands today and making history with the 2016 issue. this year instead of one cover model, there are three models for three covers. why? here's abc news reporter rebecca jarvis. >> we can now reveal the "sports illustrated" swimsuit 2016 cover. >> reporter: for the first time ever there are not one, not two, but three cover models. >>er don i don't know why i was here. i am so -- i'm shaking. i'm so honored. >> reporter: that's right. "sports illustrated" revealing ufc fighter ronda rousey,
4:51 pm
plus-size model ashley ram and model kaylie clausen as front page stars saturday night on tnt as part of the swimsuit 2016 reveal tv special. in a letter assistant managing editor posted on, she writes what defines beauty today? the truth is times have changed and one size does not fit all of our position son beauty is well known, healthy, curvety, vivacious, and bold. it's not a spiize. the three cover models demonstrate that. this isn't the first time "sports illustrated" made waves. african-american model tyra banks breaking barriers gracing "sport illustrated's" covers in 1996 and 1997. the cover stars taking to instagram to share the news. ronda rousey writing, such an honor to share the cover celebrating women of all body types. ashley graham, making history as the first size 16 model to be featured, writing truly
4:52 pm
speechless, this cover is for every woman who felt like she wasn't beautiful enough because of her size. you can achieve and do anything you put your mind to. #beauty beyond size. >> three different types of women representing every woman out there. we're rocking it. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> especially clever approach, isn't it? >> uh-huh. next on abc 7 news at 4:00, up next, a lost wallet turns a 10-year-old boy into a viral sensation. what he did that's inspiring others. kristen is here with a look at what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> thanks. coming up next a bay area couple being held on a nearly $3 million bail. what is going on? we'll explain why. the rescue of a baby colt found stranded in a ravine in fremont. and -- ♪ >> the bay area piano player who got to dazzle at carnegie hall. those stories and more when i join dan f
4:53 pm
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it's time to take a look at tonight's primetime lineup on abc 7. at 8:00, it's "the bachelor" followed by "castle" at 10:00 and of course abc 7 news at 11:00. a 10-year-old boy from antioch has been thrust into the spotlight after doing a good deed on a story you'll see only on abc 7 news, reporter lilian kim tells us how a lost wallet created a viral sensation. >> reporter: when 10-year-old that seem lawrence of antioch found a call lewall lth contain women's driver's license, debit card and $35 in cash he knew right away he had to return it to its rightful owner. >> i wanted to make her happy and feel better about her losing something. >> reporter: so his mother helped him mail the wallet the next day but his dad says his concern for the woman didn't end. >> he said, dad, do you think we're going to get it to her before she has to go to dmv? he didn't want her to stand in the dmv line.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: the wallet arrived two days after she made the trip to the dmv but says that didn't matter, what touched her heart was the sweet letter naseem meant to her, told her he knew what it was like to lose something and told her she looked like a nice person. >> the fact he took the time to write it, it was so cute, his favorite line is when he said, i'm glad i got it instead of some bad person. >> reporter: taylor was so moved she posted the letter and wallet on facebook and from there it went viral. >> his dad picked him up, like, my principal said i'm a celebrity. i was like, what is going on? >> reporter: taylor has since written back thanking him. she also gave him a bag of candy and a $20 reward. >> feels kind of odd because i never got this fame before. >> reporter: do you like it? >> yeah. surprising. >> reporter: a 10-year-old boy now a viral sensation for doing what he says was the honest thing to do. in antioch, lilian kim, abc 7 news. >> what a great story.
4:58 pm
all right. thank you so much for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins now with dan and kristen. we hear these popping sounds. i see people running. >> turned around and pointed the gun at me. >> a young couple caught in the middle of a terrible shooting at a popular san francisco tourist spot. how what they lost is playing a key role in finding the gunman. that's next. plus a horse stranded and injured in the east bay. you'll hear from the first responders who rescued that colt. and -- >> bay area birds are loving our weather, but the bees, not so much. >> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. and then on the other side of the wall you see the other guy there. >> an eyewitness visibly shaken after a gruesome kill lg. she and her boyfriend on vacation in san francisco
4:59 pm
suddenly stumble into the middle of a terrible crime scene. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. two people dead. one barely alive. the shooting happened early sunday morning. at one of san francisco's favorite tourist spots. twin peaks. today, abc 7 news spoke with an out of town couple who could have become the gunman's fourth and fifth victims. abc 7 news reporter vir eer vic live in the newsroom with the story you'll see only on 7. vic? >> kristen, the young couple is from fresno. the gunman was inches away from them with the gun pointed at their head. abc 7 news learned from sources police believe they identified the killer and they're looking for him. now the couple's story. >> i was just sightseeing enjoying the city lights, you know, walking together, enjoying our vacation. >> reporter: jessica costa and robert drove up from fresno for a romantic valentine's weekend. they parked their car at twin peaks. their last stop of the night.
5:00 pm
>> as we were getting our car, we hear these popping sounds. when i look back to the left, we see the gunman coming toward us, kind of with his back turned but when he turned around, he had the gun in his hand and planted it straight at robert. >> we locked eyes right when he turned around and pointed the gun at me. >> all i seen was the gun with the big clip it in and i instantly just looked down and pushed the unlock on my car and i said, babe, get out the car. i opened the door and ran out. >> i was so in shock, too, i just got up out of there as fast as i could. >> reporter: the gunmen got in their gmc suv and sped off hitting another car in his way down twin peaks. they hid behind the porta-pot porta-potties while she called 911. what the couple did not know in the moment of shock and terror, the gunmen just shot three people. as they looked around, they saw a bloody crime scene


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