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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> as we were getting our car, we hear these popping sounds. when i look back to the left, we see the gunman coming toward us, kind of with his back turned but when he turned around, he had the gun in his hand and planted it straight at robert. >> we locked eyes right when he turned around and pointed the gun at me. >> all i seen was the gun with the big clip it in and i instantly just looked down and pushed the unlock on my car and i said, babe, get out the car. i opened the door and ran out. >> i was so in shock, too, i just got up out of there as fast as i could. >> reporter: the gunmen got in their gmc suv and sped off hitting another car in his way down twin peaks. they hid behind the porta-pot porta-potties while she called 911. what the couple did not know in the moment of shock and terror, the gunmen just shot three people. as they looked around, they saw a bloody crime scene.
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>> we could see the bodies over there laying dead. >> they were just, like, on the ground. one was next to a car. i believe he got shot in the face. >> one guy was, like, behind the car, like, by the back tires, like, laying out behind the car. >> the third victim was lying behind a nearby wall. they were questioned by police and eventually taken to park station hours later. the gunmen took everything they had. >> our car, money, credit cards, i.d.s was in there. >> reporter: police, they say, took them to the train station at sunrise. they caught the 640 back to fresno. wondering if they'll ever get their car and belongings back. vic lee, abc 7 news. well, six people are moemless after a fire gutted their san jose home this morning. bay area news group provided this video of the fire which broke au broke out just before 8:00. three children were among those living in the house.
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we are at least glad to tell you no one was injured. a gourmet butcher shop in petaluma shut down of a suspected drunk driver ran his car through the front window. petaluma police released this picture of the damage on petaluma boulevard north near oak street. police say 22-year-old jason lopez drove his car through a display window in the middle of the night. no one was hurt, but lopez was arrested for dui. investigators have red tagged that business. police identified a husband and wife suspected in a string of armed robberies in concord and walnut creek. police say a man used a gun and knife and would often tell workers give me all the money and i won't hurt you. police say his wife, tonya, typically drove the getaway car. the two are in custody on nearly $3 million bail. the robberies happened between january 15th and february 5th. hard to believe this is still winter season, whoever's in charge of weather doesn't seem to know that. look at this. people took advantage of the warm temperatures. really headed to the beach at
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santa cruz today. >> hey, why not? a picture perfect day in san jose. abc 7 news at the municipal rose garden, people came out to enjoy the sunny sky and warm temperatures. the high here reached into the mid 70s. some 15 degrees above the average highs. and records are certainly being broken. let's check in now with abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel outside on this hot and lovely day. >> reporter: it's warm out here. people on the embarcadero with shorts and t-shirts for good reason. the record for today, a beautiful view from our east bay hills camera as the sun is getting ready to set. a half a dozen new records for today. san francisco, 76. just barely surpassing the old record of 76 set in 1930. a tie in the mid 70s. oakland, 74, new record. san rafael, coming in at 80. it is february. richmond 7 7. also a new record for today. live doppler 7 hd showing you high clouds, but we are going to bring back the storm impact
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scale. we rank our winter storms 1 is light, 5 is severe to help you repair. i'll let you know exactly when you need to prepare, when weather is going to return and it's going to feel like winter weather. kristen? >> thank you, sandhya. this warm weather is producing glorious sunsets like the one from this live picture from our camera at mt. tam overlooking the bay. unseason temperatures are also making trees bloom early. lyanne melendez is live in emeryville. the consequences of an early spring with nothing to sneeze at. >> reporter: wait, kristen, in you do sneeze, i got your back. bless you. of course we try to be funny here. on a more serious note, many people, bees and farmers, of course, aren't happy with this warm weather especially so early in the year. this is not what february in the bay area is meant to look like. most cherry and plum trees have blossomed putting out a heavy amount of pollen in the air.
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>> itchy eyes, runny nose real bad. >> reporter: some people with allergies started taking their medication early. >> i want to run and hide, but also i want to enjoy because it's beautiful. so that's why i take the medicine. thank god for the medicine. >> reporter: jacob's allergies are so bad that today he had to run to the drugstore to buy cough syrup. >> i use it because i've been getting a lot of sicknesses because my allergies have been irritating my throat and it's really easy for me to get sick. >> reporter: a very early spring is not ideal for bees either. while the blossoms are releasing their pollen sooner a hard rain could wipe everything off the trees leaving norg te ining not bees who need to collect the pollen for several month. >> there won't be food for the bees. >> reporter: no food for the bees means little honey for the rest of us. judy heatherly is with the mt. diablo beekeeper's association. without the blooms, fruits on some trees will never be. >> this hot weather is going to be pumping all these flowers forward and if there aren't
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enough bees to be out there to forage, and if the rain knocks them off, then it could be problems for farmers for sure. >> reporter: she and her bees are hoping for a very light rain this week. in emeryville, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. mpolice are investigating hw a six-day-old cold was stranded in a ravine in fremont. the horse is injured and may have been trapped for two days. the fire department rescued him from morrison canyon yesterday. wayne freeman is live where the baby horse is being cared for but may not make it, we're told. that's too bad. >> reporter: this is a sweet story, happy story, story with an uncertain ending. let's give you a look at this little horse. his name is valentine. he's very lucky to be alive tonight here bullet he's maybe unlucky as well. >> he's honestly quite a month. >> reporter: a six day old
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quarter horse cross named valentine because that's when sarah and the fremont fire department found him in the bottom of a ravine off morrison canyon road. >> he was laying in a creek in a pool of water. he was soaking and shaking. he was probably in shock at that time. the person -- >> reporter: how long had he been there? >> at least two days. >> reporter: how long would he survive if you hadn't come along? >> the vet was surprised he survived at all. >> reporter: the question will valentine survive until tomorrow? he found a temporary home but this colt has a broken pelvis from the fall. one misstep, one wrong twist could rupture and artery and that would be it. sarah plans to spend all night at valentine's side. she and the fremont police department hope to raise $10 thousand to pay for that emergency operation as soon as possible. >> the best possible outcome is to surgery and have it be successful and rehab from there. >> live picture of the little horse, he's sleeping peacefully.
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how will the animal shelter pay for this $10,000 operation? you got a big heart. >> yes, thank withdryou. we're requesting donations. need about $10,000 to do the fractured pelvis surgery at uc davis. >> and that will work? >> hopefully. there's good prognosis for it. >> somebody is calling right now maybe hopefully. we have information on our website, take a look there. sarah, you're a nice person, apparently quite popular. >> i am today. thank you. >> live in pleasanteon, wayne freedman. >> thanks so much. the road to carnegie hall goes through walnut creek. ♪ that's the sound of dreams coming true. you'll hear from a bay area student making music at a world-class institution. plus, the california family and their odyssey to see pope francis in mexico. also, they're common prescriptions for heartburn that are now linked to a higher risk of dementia. and the design flaw causing problems for people who own
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santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. more than 100,000 people joined pope francis for an outdoor mass in mexican mountains. the holy father spoke in three languages in the center of the mayan culture. francis denounced mexico's centuries-old exploitation of indigenous people. a southern california couple vowed to try again to see pope francis in person. they traveled to mexico to see the pontiff but one thing after another went wrong and they ended up missing pope francis at each stop. david ono with our sister station in los angeles shares their story from mexico city. >> reporter: at the national auditorium last night, it's
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quiet, nothing but a few people out for a walk. it wasn't supposed to be this way. there was supposed to be a giant crowd here because pope francis was originally scheduled to deliver a speech to end his day. but it was canceled. >> we came here to see the pope and -- >> unfortunately -- >> unfortunately we missed him. >> reporter: that's winston and fian fiancee both here hoping to catch an elusive glimpse of the pope. how difficult has it been to catch up with him in mexico city? >> it's like a rat race, we're trying to catch up to him. we're always too late. like, he didn't show up right now. >> it's a little upsetting, you know, because i was really -- i can say, excited to see him, but other than that, it's understandable. he's a very important man. >> reporter: they are the offspring of immigrants. they believe in pope's message and call this a once in a lifetime opportunity to see him. but there's another reason. >> one of my -- my father
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recently passed away about two months ago and he originally wanted to come see him himself. so i was stepping in for him and came to see him in his honor. >> reporter: his dad was diagnosed with leukemia last year. he'd been planning to come to mexico city to see the pope for himself but the vicious disease took his life in only four months. i find him wearing a pin honoring his father and his fight against leukemia. >> oh, man, a little heartbreaking but, you know, it's understandable. >> so there they go. happy to talk to some hometown folks and willing to give it another try tomorrow. reporting from mexico city, david ono, abc 7 news. school may have been out on this president's day but learning didn't take a holiday in marin during a lunar new year celebration. that's when three lion dancers that entertained young visitors at the bay area discovery museum
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in sauce lsalitsausalito. a huge turnout to honor the year of the monkey. there's an added attraction, an exhibit on life in china. >> homes are smaller so appliances have to be smaller. chinese prefer to two to the market to pick up fresh produce every day so don't need to store as many things in our fridge as we to. >> this is the 20th year the bay area discovery museum held a chinese new year celebration. the event typically draws the museum's largest attendance every year. i took my kids one year. so much fun. >> i bet. such a spectacle. great day for it, too. the price of your airline ticket and layoffs at whole foods top our consumer news today. >> 7 on your side michael finney here with more on that. >> interesting day for consumers. whole foods laying off thousands of workers. that could change your shopping experience there. the "wall street journal" is reporting the natural and organic food retailer will be shifting some duties away from its local stores and areas to
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its texas corporate headquarters. the company also plans to computerize some tasks allowing workers to be fired. the company hopes to pocket an extra $300 million a year in part by eliminating more than 2,000 jobs. when it comes to credit, men and women are different. but not by much. the study by the website found when it comes to the question of who has a better credit score, men win, but by an ever so slight margin. the average credit score for men is 630 compared with 621 for women. the highest possible score is 850, so neither group is actually doing all that well. airfares have dropped to the lowest average price since 2010. that's the good news. the bad, many airlines are still charging a fuel surcharge at least part of the time. even with a price of fuel down so much. some charge the surcharge when applying domestically, others when flying overseas, so others
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charge the fee only when those -- they charge only those traveling on frequent flier miles. get how complicated this is? all of this demands consumer check for fuel surcharges before selecting a flight. one more hassle that's part of what we've become used to in booking a flight. some have it, some don't. >> you trained us. >> all right, thanks, michael. >> sure. a walnut creek teenager just returned from performing with an elite group of high school singers at carnegie hall, no less. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony brings you the story of abc 7 star, serene. ♪ take a step with me >> reporter: already an accomplished singer and musician in her hometown of walnut creek this 15-year-old can add performing at carnegie hall to her list of establishments.
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>> i thought i was dreaming honestly. >> reporter: shown here during a rehearsal in new york, she was among 270 high school students from all over the country and the world who came together to perform at the esteemed concert hall. as part of the world strive high school honors concert choir. she was selected from 18,000 applicants. >> i, like, dreamed about, like, performing at carnegie hall, like, written reports on carnegie hall and it was just awesome to finally be there. it was unreal. >> i felt really proud because kind of everything that she's been working for so far, and everything she's dreamed of kind of happened. ♪ there's nothing wrong with loving yourself ♪ >> reporter: the los lomas high school sophomore is mostly self-taught on the piano. h here she's performing a song she wrote herself ♪ someday you'll see that your love can soar ♪ >> reporter: her dream is to
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someday return to new york, perhaps to perform again at carnegie, but definitely in musical theater. >> well, of course, there's, you know, broadway. i would love to be on broadway. ♪ >> reporter: so far it seems the sky's the limit for abc 7 star serene. ♪ in walnut creek, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> what a spectacular voice. >> i want to have that piece go on forever and ever. >> beautiful. that's quitie in exciting for h. she has a big future. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. hot, hot, hot. >> beautiful. look at that, sandhya. >> i know, dan and kristen, you can soak up the sun and even if you feel guilty because we're in a drought, you can't change the weather. this warm weather we have today is going to repeat again
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tomorrow. let me show you how warm you got in your neighborhood. if you were not at record setting levels, you were still warm. santa rosa, 85 degrees. 24 degrees above where you should be this time of year. 76 san jose. 75 livermore. 79 concord. 72 degrees in half moon bay. definitely a warm day. as you look at live doppler 7 hd, no signs of a storm but that's going to change. high clouds from our emeryville camera looking back toward fraengs. low 70s. don't need to worry about a jacket. 73 san jose. 6 3 half moon bay. a look at our lake tahoe camera, they'll be getting snow wednesday afternoon through thursday afternoon when a winter storm watch goes up. 80 degrees still right now in santa rosa. temperatures in the 70s from napa to livermore. if you've got this president's day off, you couldn't have asked for better weather and can see the blue skies from our south beach camera. record highs again tomorrow. much cooler from midweek.
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rain and wind arriving wednesday and thursday. tomorrow morning, mainly clear skies. we're going temperatures in the upper 40s to mid 50s. quite comfortable. as we head toward the afternoon, any temperature like san jose indicated by an asterisk will be a record if it hits 80 degrees tomorrow. 80 in cupertino. 77 santo cruz. on the peninsula, 77 palo alto and redwood city. 76 san mateo. high clouds and sun, downtown san francisco, will be a record if it reaches 7 5 degrees. same thing for san rafael in the mid 70s. 75 vallejo. 78 santa rosa. 77 napa. east bay, oakland. 77 in fremont. inland areas, livermore, 77 degrees. 77 walnut creek. 76 in con court. here's our storm impact scale. during the winter we've been using it to introduce you to storms and tell you what to
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expect. 5, severe, 1 a light storm. we're ranking it a 1. between wednesday and thursday afternoon, a tenth to half an inch of rain for most areas. wednesday between 25 and 35 miles an hour. we're not expecting the winds to cause major problems which is why it's not a 2. that may change as we get closer. stay tuned. here's your timeline hour by hour as we head toward late wednesday morning into early afternoon. rain develops first in the north bay by the evening rush hour. you are looking at a wet commute wednesday. 10:00, it's widespread light rain. heading into thursday morning's commute, still looking at scattered showers. and it starts to wind down in the early afternoon hours. it is definitely better than continuing to talk about warm weather even though it's nice to see it. most areas as i mentioned will get anywhere between about a tenth to a half an inch of rain through thursday evening. this will mean snow in the sierra. snow levels will start out extremely high initially and then drop. so winter storm watch wednesday afternoon through thursday afternoon. 1 to 2 feet above 6,000. up to 10 inches at the 5,000
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foot elevation. if i were you, i would carry chains if you're heading up there. see what some of the resorts will be picking up possibly up to a foot as we head toward thursday night. accuweather seven-day forecast, records are likely tomorrow but don't get too used to the warmth. much cooler weather. 60s returning wednesday. thursday, wet, breezy, 1 on our storm impact scale during this time period. chance of rain in the north bay. on friday, the 6 0s hold for the first half of the weekend before it starts to warm up a little bit on sunday and monday. kristen, dan? there looking forward to the new snow for the folks enjoying ski week. >> absolutely. >> we need to get back into a good rainy pattern. thanks so much. the threat of rising sea levels may be leveling off. why it's not necessary a good thing next. new at 6:00, 7 on your side's michael finney with tips on how to find good kennel for your pet
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a new study says sea levels
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are on the rise, not as quickly as anticipated because continents are actually absorbing more of the water before it flows into the seas. scientists at the jet propulsion lab in pasadena say over the past decade thirsty continents slowed the larate of sea revel rise to 1 millimeter a year. sea level rise remains unprecedented at double the average rate seen during the 20th century. a new study suggests a popular class of heartburn medications might increase a senior's risk for dementia. german researchers found people 75 or older who regularly take proton pump inhibiters known as ppis had a 44% higher risk of dementia compared with seniors not using the drugs. ppis are sold under several brand names including prilosec, nextium. the study found an association, not a cause and effect link. well, meantime another study
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suggests a possible link between dim m dimentia and poor physical fitness in middle age. 1,500 people around 40 years old took a treadmill test and took another test 40 years later along with a brain scan. those who didn't perform as well on the treadmill test had smaller brains. it's related to cognitive decline and increased risk for dementia. if you use apple, heads up tonight. having trouble charging your macbook? apple plans to recall an unspecified number of usb charge cables for macbooks around the world. the cables may fail due to a design issue. the cables in question were sent with new macbooks through june of last year or as standalone accessories. they can be identified by the stamp designed by apple in california assembled in china. look for that stamp on the product you have at home. apple will replace them free of charge. a cultural aco cooon change
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all. >> ahead, barbie is ditching her pink convertible. she found a better way to sam
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the abc 7 news app on the go on your schedule on one screen. all the weather, traffic, and news that lives where you live. i'm ama daetz in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up new at 6:00 the questions surrounding the death of an experienced sky diver from concord killed doing something he's done dozens of times. tonight you'll hear from a close friend who made the dive with him. also the mysterious disappearance of a local man who vanished during his daughter's welding at the delta. need to make sure your food is gluten free? a bay area company can let you know if it really is. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> ama, thank you. a rare spiderman comic from 1962 could fetch $400,000 at auction this month. >> amazing fantasy issue 15 was
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spidey's debut. there are a few thousand in circulation but only a handful are nearly mint condition. >> the seller was recently laid off after working as a supermarket baker for 27 years. he plans to use the money to buy his late father's 17-acre vegetable farm in new york. spiderman was always my favorite comic. barbie may always be in style but her pink kor vet sp 19 70s. >> she has a new way to get around. check this out. >> wow. barbie's going on new high-flying adventures on her hoverboard. >> how cool is that? this is video by the 2016 international toy fair. mattel showed off a phone remote-controlled hoverboard that comes with a barbie doll perched on. >> the toy is expected it roll out this fall for $6 0. no word if it comes with a pink
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extingui extinguisher. >> "world news can david muir" coming up next. breaking news tonight. the travel chaos at this hour. a deadly mix of snow, ice and rain. more than 2,000 accidents. major travel delays. and at least six tornadoes reported. as this major system moves through, winter alerts from georgia all the way up to maine. trump's tirade. taking aim late today at jeb bush and his brother, the former president, who was out on the trail for the first time. >> the world trade center came down during your brother's reign. >> and what donald trump is now threatening to do. an epic battle under way over the supreme court. the death of justice antonin scalia, and now, the fight over his successor. the scare in the air. the passenger jet headed to new york, 252 people onboard. and the emergency in the cockpit. and, going to the dogs. seven new breeds competing at th


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