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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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weekend right here, and they exclusively spoke to abc7 and the couple said the suspect pointed the gun right at them and ordered them out of their s.u.v. fearing for their lives they bolted from the vehicle and started running. the suspect took off in their vehicle and police later found it parked away the corner from the home in richmond. the father of one of the victims learned of the arrest last night but said nothing will bring his son back. >> my son from the bottom of my heart...i know he was very well liked. >> according to jail records, the suspect, richard contreras, faces two murder charges, one attempted murder charge, carjacking, possession of a firearm by a felon and assault with a semi-automatic weapon. >> thank you. we broke news of the arrest with
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our push alert and you can get updates on breaking news as it happens. download the app for free. make sure to be able push alerts. >> in fremont, a big effort to save a horse all night people have been caring for the animal rescued from certain death. amy hollyfield is in fremont this morning to show us how the horse name valentine is doing this morning. >> yes, valentine was rescued on valentine's day resting as comfortably as possible but he is going to need surgery. he was rescued on sunday, valentine's day, found at the bottom of a very steep a vine in pleasanton on a ranch. he got separated from his mother. he was lying in some water and he is only six days old. firefighters and animal services got to him and pulled him to safety. he is a fighter. so are the people would rescued him. >> we showed up, animal services
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officer, in the bottom the a vine, it was steep and rocky, and tough getting there. he was laying in a creek in a pool of water, he was soaking and shaking and he was probably in shock. >> how long was he there? >> at least two days. >> valentine will need surgery he has a fractured pelvis and they are estimating it will cost anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000. a gofundme gofundme account has been set up to help fund the surgery. so far they have raised $4,57. animal rescue crews are telling us that valentine will need the surgery to survive. >> thank issue amy. two protests are taking place outside nfl headquarters in new york this morning sparked by beyonce's performance at super bowl 50. her half time performance included dancers who wore costumes reminiscent of the
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black panthers and some distanceers held up paper that read "justice for mario woods." a pro police group will march against the performance and beyonce supporters will profit that protest. >> sheriff deputies are hoping this morning you can identify a just released photo of is an wanted in a violent beating. look the at man in a black-and-white shirt wanted in a beating at a house party that left a man severely hurt. our reporter, alan wang, has the damed. >> when joe gordon walk by this house in orinda on friday night he said the party here seemed to be under control. >> we had our eye out and ear open. we thought, if we her hear something we will call. at 2:00 on saturday morning, police were called to this parking lot across the street. that is where they found an unidentified 21-year-old man laying unconscious in critical condition.
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four party guests spilled into the streets. all the older kids late high school and early college, it was dark. >> the sheriff posted this picture on twitter of the man they are looking for, they say he is the suspect who beat the victim. both men are believed to have been gifts at the five home rented out on airbnb rented for a maximum of ten party but the renter held a big party. >> probably something he did not want in the first place but it happened and now you are wondering where your liability is to the party that took place. >> we tried to contact homeowner but no one was home. the sheriff has taken over the case because this could become a homicide. investigators would like to hear from anyone with information about what happened. >> look at the surveillance photos a man breaking into a van during the day in san francisco and the guy you can see here still has not been caught.
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he approaches the van near washington and a few seconds later he smashes a when, and you can see his leg sticking out of the van, he gets in and takes off. 9 tourists who were ripped off shared the pictures with us and state evidence of the vehicle, showing the pictures of evidence of the video saying the break-ins look like they are everywhere. >> glass on the sidewalk, and there must have been many break-ins to cars around here. >> the thief who broke into the van popped into a waiting white car and drives off. the tourists say they lost thousands in items. >> this is 9 arrest of a man who san francisco police say tried to run over one of their officers. they say the man tried to ram one of them with a motorcycle at silver avenue in pore troll last night. the officer was not hurt. the man took off running and others caught up with him. no word on what started the confrontation.
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>> commercial crab fishermen could get welcome news over if they can catch dungness crabs off the coast. a deadly con tap nation closed areas to the recreational crabbers, the commercial crabber s are facing stricter news. >> a task force is starting to survey fire survivors in the valley fire that burned 76,000 acres, more than 1,200 homes were destroyed leaving hundreds without a place to live. damage estimate times have been gathering information in the affected area. the task force will use the survey to help long-term recovery and in the rebuilding stages. >> funeral details for the supreme court justice antonin scalia remain unknown, presidential candidates are wasting no time using the justice as a warning to scare voters. ted cruz airing a new ad that
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said conservatives are a supreme court justice away from losing on issues like marriage and religious liberty. and conspiracy theories are arriving over the failure of an autopsy being performed on scalia. the texas county judge said she was leaning toward ordering an autopsy but changed her blind after speaking with his doctor. >> there is a dispute about who is responsible for closing one of the bay area's most popular tourist spots when it is too crowded 9 a look from our camera almost empty and traffic on the bridge is smooth. yesterday it was a different picture. a backup caused by people trying to get to vista point, and a spokesman said the district would rather close vista point at times like this to prevent this congestion but the c.h.p. actually manages the area. official say they have been wand not to close this without the high patrol pore permission. >> we had a record-breaking day
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yesterday and we are looking like the same today. >> we are starting off cooler but we will end up in the same area as we did yesterday. union city is 50 and fremont is 51 and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50s from castro valley at 53 to berkeley at 58. you can see upper 40s livermore and brentwood and antioch 49, and same in napa and 46 in novato and san francisco is 58, and pacifica is 59, and headed to san jose, 53 and the peninsula at 54. from the exploritorium, at pier 15, we are going to have high amounts of tree pollen and modern u.v. index so be careful outside. from mount tamalpais you can see today, mid-70s to low 80s again and notice we are 10-20 degrees cooler tomorrow with rain and that will linger into thursday. our rain chances looking pretty good the next couple of days with an hour-by-hour look at this next. frances? >> better news on the peninsula, the early crash i mentioned in palo alto c.h.p. just arrived a few minutes ago and have cleared to the shoulder southbound 101 at embarcadero.
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the bay bridge toll plaza is delay free. this is how it looked all day year, and that is not the case today. there is also a new crash reported eastbound 80 at american canyon so that could slow things down, as well, we will keep you posted. 80 is looking good to the bay bridge and we are seeing slowing, of course, the first spot out of tracy to the a pass, a few brake lights and the drive time now from tracy to dublin on westbound 580 has increased to 32 minutes. >> reggie? natasha? >> this sinkhole created a traffic snarl when it first opened. a new challenge it will mean for drivers this starting today. >> one minute they are munching on pizza and then they are trying to save they will selfs trying to save they will selfs
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>> the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule news that lives where you live. >> social media came in handy last night as the oakland fire department announced an accident blocked the highway. firefighters were using periscopes to warn people that highway 980 was backed up because of a two car accident the it happened before 11:00 and clears cleared the scene by 11:40. if you take the tiburon ferry you need another way to get around for two weeks. the service will be suspended for dock maintenance and repair
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starting today. service will be replaced with a bus bridge from downtown tiburon and the ferry building. the ferry will be ser way for two weeks. >> travel alert if union city with a sewer line being repaired that was buried in a sink hole. the eastbound lane of alvarado boulevard is closed at 9:00 a.m. and it will remain closed for the rest of the week. the cause of the huge sinkhole is a mystery. >> now, more on the warm weather and check out the eastern and southern part of the country, a different story. you have to believe it has per -- paralyzed traffic driving and in the skies. it is wild weather. >> cleaning up the area so that no one slips and falls. >> up and down the east coast, slippery sidewalks make for
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difficult walking. on the roads, that left drivers scrambling to get traction. in pennsylvania, a man was drive down route 29 in valley forge and he went off the road and just missed this tree. >> i tried not to hit the guy if front of me and i gist tried to turn in a skid and i came off the road. >> north carolina winter mix caused 1,500 cause accidents in less than 24 hours. the 1,200 miles per hour long winter storm is also creating trouble at airports. red dominated the departure board at charlotte, close to 1,600 flights were canceled on monday. >> i i ready for summer. >> the snow and rain are marching up the east coast, with 17 states seeing winter weather alerts with a big warm-up later tonight in many places. >> severe wet is after a weekend that shattered cold records in new york and boston.
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today the temperatures in some places are expected to rise into the 50s. >> look what the weather did in florida, it spawned a rare february tornado. high wind whipped through the rural town of sentry destroy or damaging ten mobile homes. trees were uprooted and several of them wrapped around downed power lanes. crews used a chainsaw to cut a door lay on top of a 94-year-old woman the she is okay. >> and in louisiana another tornado blew the roof off of a carwash and went straight into a pizza hut restaurant. can you imagine? customers were inside. they were not hurt. two employees had minor injuries. they were taken to the hospital. the damage was significant to the car wash and the pizza. >> crazy on the east coast. and we are having crazy warm weather here.
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>> quiet here but we will get rain tomorrow. one more day of record high temperatures. good morning, everyone, the next six hours on live doppler hd show absolutely dry and from the roof camera you can see all of the eastern span of the western pan of the bay bridge and beautiful dancing lights. we will have record highs today. chances of rain on wednesday and thursday and friday and another warming trend on friday and sunday but stopping short of record highs. in san jose, 80. record high. you are joined in cupertino and gilroy and santa cruz. up the peninsula, 78 in mountain view, and redwood city is 77, record high, and 76 at half moon bay today, and 72 in daly city, and record 76 in downtown san francisco and that is two days in a row with a record high and same with the 76 in san rafael. the warm spot is santa rosa at 78 and we will reach 70 along your beaches and over along the east bay more, richmond another record high at 78, and oakland is 75, and livermore is 77. a record high there, and
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everyone else around 75 to 77 degrees. tonight, a mild night milder with mid-to-upper 50s ahead of the next storm, and "1" is on our storm scale, and this is "lite" at 30 to 40 miles per hour. scattered showers before noon. along the coast. the rest of us at 4:00, with heavy rain moving in during the evening hours. we will have only scattered light showers through thursday morning. my seven-day forecast shows temperatures in the upper 50s to mid-60s on thursday, and the 70s are back on sunday. frances? >> good morning, everyone. we have had a few accidents reported this morning. one of them could cause delays. we go to that and the others have cleared. westbound 80 at american canyon and the cars are not drivable but in the center divide and that means they are sending a tow truck that could slow things down if they block a lane. 680, walnut creek, looking good, southbound, north main to
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highway 24, 24 is the delay free situation toward the macarthur maze. and if you take mass transit, bart, muni, and caltrain, right now we reporting no delays so it is still looking good for back to work tuesday. guys? >> we hope it stays that way. >> san francisco muni is looking at raising their fathers -- fares again and why you will have a chance to sound off on the plan. >> that is the sound of a dream coming true and a hall. >> comcast said all of the service has been restored but for several hours yesterday customs in major cities throughout the country could not access the internet or watch tv. >> there was no word on how many were affected or what causedded problem. >> brand new type of wearable device, a couple of former
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samsung employees developed we smart shoe that contained. in sensors to coaches create personalized work outs. >> a way to keep things clean in the office chair, those that park themselves. >> you can get them right back to where necessity belong, promoteing intelligent vehicle parking feature. >> not sure about the packing. >> not sure about the packing. >> looks ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a little over an hour from now pope francis will travel to the mexican state that is scarred by drug violence. he will hold a mass and speak to a gathering of young people. yesterday, the pope spoke to a crowd of indigenous people in chiapas and asked for the forgiveness in the way they have been excluded from society and will travel to the rio grande tomorrow where he will offer prayers for migrants and refugees. >> president obama is scheduled to make the first visit to vietnam in may when he will be in asia pending an international summit. the vietnamese prime minister invited the president your at a southern california summit with southeast asian leaders. the united states is looking to strengthen relations with vietnam as the country worries over china's aggressiveness in the south china sea. >> if you take muni to get around san francisco you could
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soon pay more. the muni pass could jump from $70 to $75 and the fare could go up a quarter to 50 cents and the first public hearing to discuss this is today. the transportation agency in san francisco is considering charging $17 more for residential parking permits. if approved all the new rates would go into effect in two years. >> today the board is going to consider fining adults and young people the same amount for not give up the seats to elderly or handicapped passenger. teens now pay more than double for the same offense. >> forget the red wagon or ten speed, tesla has a dream ride for any five-year-old. this is the model "s" if kids $500, and it is fully electric. the "s" comes with working headlights and is sound system and three color options. does it not go too fast. about six miles per hour.
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too much. >> a change from the barbie dream car. >> and i never got win of those. >> meteorologist mike nicco still get around in the barbie dream car. >> remind me of "toy store monterey is nearly 90 and palm springs, and 60 in lake tahoe, and 69 in yosemite, just short of record highs. starting at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, a winter storm watch, for lake tahoe and the western slope. the western slope will get 1-2' above 6,000'. if you are going to lake tahoe, this is what you will ski on: 12-20" above 7,000' but watch out for the winds from the south at up to 5 miles per hour. frances? >> good morning, everyone, as mentioned earlier, if you take the tiburon ferry their bus bridge is in place for dock maintenance. when you get across the golden
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gate bridge the traffic is light and drive from petaluma to san francisco is only 31 minutes. in san jose, northbound 280 under 880 traffic is flowing well in all directions. we have a lot of cent traffic so it is looking good on the peninsula and the east bay. not too much slowing yet out of antioch, westbound 4 right now from antioch to hercules is 28 minutes. i have an update on the early accidents i mentioned. guys? heads up for apple users who have trouble charging their mac. apple will recall unspecified number of charged cables an the world saying that cames may fail because of a design issue. the cables in question were sold with new macs through june of last year and a stand alone accessories and identified by a stamp on it saying designed by apple in california and assembled in china. the replacement is free. aif you take a pill to deal with
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heartburn, it could boost your risk of dementia. people over the age of 75 would regularly take the inhibitors had a 44 percent higher risk of demen too compared to those who did not. it is known as p.p.i.'s researchers warn that this study only found an association between dementia and the medications and they say more studies need to be done. the countdown can now begin, again, for "star wars" fans. >> the production episode 8 is underway in london right now. this first look was released yesterday, looking a lot like the other movie...i don't know if this is a first look. new cast members include laura dern and a new writer and director, this time an, and this
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is footage from the other movie. this is from "the force awakens" so we will look you in suspense, guys. but we will have a sneak peek ahead. >> serious bragging rights after performing at carnegie call for a 15-year old local boy. ♪ take a step with me ♪ into the world >> or she. >> she. she was among 270 high school students from all over the world to perform at the concert hall in new york city and selected from 18,000 applications to be part of the high school honor concert choir. >> i have dream about performing at carnegie hall and i have written reports on carnegie hall and it was unreal. >> the sophomore will republican
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to new york and work in musical these they are and i think she is well on her way. >> a pharmacy in downtown san jose where prescription drugs are free. next at 5:00 a.m., who it is aimed at helping and what you need to know about it. >> not everyone is loving this warm weather. warm weather. what it could
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. back to work tuesday. we are ready to help you. and live doppler hd shows how dry it is.


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