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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. back to work tuesday. we are ready to help you. and live doppler hd shows how dry it is. temperatures are running cooler
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than yesterday. when you step outside, dress for temperatures in the mid-40s to mid-50s by lunch, all of us in the low 70s and high clouds will roll in this afternoon and we will still be in the low-to-mid 70s with records falling. check out the temperatures at 7:00, above average. now the next three days include rain. here is frances. >> mike, heads up for drivers on 580, a couple of new accidents just reported so we will take you there, one is westbound at 6 80 but there are the traffic could slow down when direction from the a mass as everyone looks. westbound 80 at american can corner they trying to clear an accident from the center decide and southbound 101 on the peninsula in palo alto to embarcardero is cleared. an update on the different times because of the accidents on 580 next. >> frances, the beyond opening for pharmacy that will not take
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your money. our reporter is for us in san jose at a place where every drug is free. >> all you need a prescription you do not need insurance, you do not node a co-pay and there is no cash inside the better health pharmacy. it officially opens up in august but today the department of public health in santa clara county is holding a grand opening ceremony, better health pharmacy is the first-of-its-kind in northern california and the drugs are all donated and a majority offed medications come frommens thered and skilled nurse facilities through the state and our media partner reports it was made possible by 2005 state law allowing counties to accept and redistribute medications to people in need. so far the pharmacy in downtown san jose has dispensed more than 8,400 prescriptions since august that used to be thrown an or destroyed when not needed. there are limitations there are no controlled drugs including pain medications like oxycontin
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or certain anxiety and adha medications. for a list of medications that are available go to . >> thank issue matt. friend police confirmed they made an arrest in connection with the twin peaks shooting that killed two men and injured another. an armed swat team went into a home in riff monday on san pablo last night before arresting the suspect. we have learned that the suspect, richard contreras carjacked a couple visiting from fresno before the shooting. the two victims who died are rene mora and julio peraza, both from santa rosa. mora's father is in shock. >> my son, i know from the bottom of my heart...i know that he was very well liked. >> an 18-year-old map survived the shooting but still is in critical condition. contreras faces two murder
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charges at this point, one attempted murder built what, and charges of carjacking and poe sex of a firearm by a felon and assault with a semi-automatic weapon. >> a prominent santa rosa attorney is missing. the sonoma county sheriff is searching for 56-year-old steven mitchell. his wife reported him missing after she did not hear from him on saturday. mitchell was hire by the county to defend it against a civil lawsuit filed by the family of andy lopez. the teen was shot and killed by a sheriff deputy in 2013. all the family of a missing alameda man is trying to figure the next move after the photo failed to help the situation or move forward. lands end in san francisco on tuesday, the same day that the 73 year old john beck disappeared. family and friends searched yesterday but they found no sign of him. he is going to federal court in oakland when he disappeared. he has been ordered to pay the u.s. government $113 million for alleged get rich quick scheme
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the now the battle over the highest court. three in california are among the names mentioned to fill the supreme court seat left open by the death of antonin scalia but republicans say they will block any nominee from the president. and as we explain it is all setting up a historic high court showdown. >> state attorney general kamala harris is mentioned frequently as a possible supreme court nominee. the problem sex she has no judicial experience and is from liberal san francisco and her is looking for the united states senate leaving two appellate judges as better choices from california, jacqueline nguyen and wall watford from the 9th circuit court of appeals. both have stellar records and both of them would be interesting additions to the court because of the ethnic mix and their background and history. >> but senate republicans are suggesting they may not even hold a hearing no matter who it
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is, in an hour of the death, senate majority leader mcconnell declared it will not be filled until there is a new president. >> democrats fired back, couldn't the senate majority leader have the decency to wait until the funeral before playing politics. this must not stand. >> both sides are willing to roll the dice here. the outcome is going to be very dramatic and it is going to be a battle roil. all the white house said the president will go by the same criteria when he nominated kagan and sonia meyer. it usually takes 25 days to vote. >> danville city council will vote on whether to ban short-term home rentals in the city. residents have complained about the increased traffic and loss of privacy the rentals can create. the homes are popular among
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travelers using airbnb and home away. the city council will meet tonight at 7:00 at the town meeting hall on front street. all the warmth this week could really hurt farmers and plants are bought soming and releasing pollen early and it will mix-up the pollination cycle for the bees, so there will be less honey by the bees. the coming rain could knock the blossoms off the trees so there will be a lot of fruits that will not develop. >> they have to stay on this long enough for the bees to get to them and the weather has to be good enough when the trees are blooming in order to get out and actually be on the tree. so it is a delicate cycle. >> did you notice the bee earring? she knows what she is talking about. there is early blooms and early allergy season. >> that is causing a problem, mike nicco? >> the tree pollen is high,
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mostly juniper and cedar and ash and pine. watch out for the u.v. index it is moderate if you bun easy. waking up in san francisco the cool spot is portrero hill at 55 and the warm president is ocean beach, and west portal and sunny side, and in downtown, 58, and through the ferry building is 59, and through the financial district is 62, 46 in palo alto, and 47 in santa clara, walnut creek and petaluma. now, a look at what will happen today, the activity planner, ford being is good before the rain rolls in tomorrow and warm subshine for walking the dog and record warmth for riding the bicycle. in walnut creek it is 47 degrees right new and on the way did let 70s to mid-70s at the coast account rest of us in the upper 70s to 88 and wet weather tomorrow with hour by hour look at that coming up and it pills into thursday, our cool of the day. frances? >> yes, mike, drive time is really getting super slow
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westbound 580 from tracy to dublin at 45 minutes. westbound is still looking good, antic to conquer at 15 minutes and south 101, san rafael to san francisco is delay free. why is westbound 580 so slow? a couple of things: a crash on the shoulder on the connection ramp but eastbound 580 although it is eastbound direction, it is an injury accident in the center divide so this is causing the backup to grow out of the altamont pass. also, the bay bridge toll plaza has minor wait for the cash-pay lanes but a new crash reported eastbound on the carquinez bridge. i will keep you posted. reggie and natasha? >> we have another bit of rain with more snow in the sierra. still ahead, the weather water users will get that will sketch their heads. >> and the grammy awards have >> and the grammy awards have social media o
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> uc berkeley police are looking for the attacker who problem add continue-year-old girl at knife point on campus. the victim said she was walking near the north side of the valley life sciences building and she was approached by a man^. police could not find the man when they searched. the girl was nature hurt. >> the united states is blaming
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syria this morning for the deadly missile attacks on five medical facilities and two schools. authorities say close to 50 civilians were killed, many more were wounded some children. the u.n. is calling the attack as blatant violation of international law. the humanitarian group doctors without worders said the missiles were fired by syrian government-led coalition forces. >> you hear a picture said a thousand words, and never more true than in a presidential campaign. for example, talking about america, and actually showing canada a new ad from marco rubio cough pam lorenzo cains a mistake and he talked of a new morning in america but the first few seconds actually shows the skyline of vancouver with a dug boat that has the canadian flag. oops. >> jeb bush brought the former president george w. bush to the south carolina who has been invisible since finishing the second term, but hopes to inject
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were needed umph into the campaign. >> we need to nominate someone who can win in november who can take a positive message across the entire country. someone who can inspire and appeal to people from all walks of life. 9 race to be the nominee is turning into a circular firing squad and donald trump called try value ted cruz the single biggest liar i have ever come across. >> if vallejo get ready to possible pay more for your water. the city will pale out notices soon regarding possible new water rates and the city council unanimously approved the mailing during a meeting early this month. >> all right, mike nicco, we have warm weather but you think it will change. >> as quickly as temperature. that is when the rain will start to roll in and we will look at live doppler 7 hd to see any are
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heading out the door now wondering about the next three hours i hope it does not take that long but it will be dry. >> 280 at 17, in san jose, it is 47 degrees. under clear sky. mostly sunny. record warm the today, unsettled system coming in on wednesday and thursday and friday and chance of wet weather each day. february, unfortunately, is trending dry and it will end that way. the long-range is not showing strong storms. record high today, 80, san jose, the cool spot, milpitas at 77. and 75 is the cool spot with record high at 77 in redwood city and 76 in half moon bay, and cool of the sunset at 71 and another record for downtown san francisco at 76. 72 in sausalito cool of the along the coast of bodega bay at 70 and coolest inland at petaluma at 75 and san rafael is a record 76. loan the east by shore the coolest temperature is 75 in richmond, a record, and not san leandro not an official reporting station and oakland is 78.
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inland, record high is 77 in livermore and tonight we are in the low-to-mid 50s and the seven-day forecast shows storm impact a "1" because of the wet weather on wednesday and breezy lasting into thursday. frances? >> we will start off with a look at a couple of new accidents reported here. 101 in san francisco this is delay free for headlights moving southbound and we take you to the maps because there is a new crash reported near the benicia bridge southbound 680 near 780 slowing that has turned green and it looks like this is going to be cleared and, also, eastbound at the toll plaza on the cartinez bridge traffic is slow right at the toll plaza. mass transit a good way to go and caltrain is reporting no delays. check out the drive time on westbound 580 it has grown to almost an hour, tracy up to castro valley and 57 minutes
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because of a couple of incidents on 580 which i will update you next report. guys? >> and there will be a new vehicle that can be used to take tourists to spay one day, 15 1/2 months since an early model was destroyed that killed a pilot in a test flight. despite disaster, virgin is determined to san tourists to the edge of space and beyond. hundreds of people have put up $250,000 to be the first to get up there. >> barbie could always be in style but the pink consider vote feels dated so she has a new way to get around which hopefully will not burn her. my goodness. barbie is going on a new high-flying adventure on her hoverboard, hopefully it does not need to be charged but it
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lifts off the ground, and the 2016 tore fair where the remote controlled hoverboard was shown with the barbie doll and is expected to roll out in the fall at $60. >> how soon will it poke a kid's eye out? >> knock on wood. >> a rally overseas is giving wall street a boost after the long holiday weekend. >> here is america's money report. >> topping america's money, the companieses are expanding into cuba and getting a grand light for the first united states factory in cuba in more than half a century a alabama company will assemble small factors. we will leadership when regular flight could resume between the two. united states markets re-open after president's day and there is republican for optimism. markets were up for a third day overseas. >> not a moment too soon, united states stocks have lost $1.trillion in value this year.
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how about 4304 kate diamond, the side of a lighter found in a mine in angola that is worth up to $14 million. that is real fling. right there. >> that is america's money. have a great day. >> this thing is called the coolest cooler. have you soon it? a blender. a charger, and a year after investing money in this product thousands of people are still waiting to get it. tonight, "7 on your side" will find out if the promise lives up to the hype and what you need to know before you invest in products on kick start. >> a rare comic from 1962 could tech $400,000 at auction for the debut. there are a few thousand in circulation but only a handful are in nearly mint condition. the seller was laid off after
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working as a super market baker fore 27 years and will buy his late father's 17-acre vegetable farm in new york. >> did you see the grammys? it was memorable for good and sometimes...for bad. >> taylor swift! >> a good moment. taylor swift won big, earning the "album of the year," for $1989, beating kendrick lamar and alabama shake and chris stapleton and for "bad blood," first woman to win album of the year at grammys twice. ♪ if i had to go >> that was a good step of adele's performance but the rest of it had many asking if she was off her game, she sounded flat on tv and there were ought yes
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problems at the beginning of the performance not her fault and she took to twitter say the mikes on the piano fell on the strips so it sounded out of tune and she later tweeted she would treat herself to "in and out," so she still a winner. >> do not forget the biggest night in fashion and who wore what? dark colors the choice for many artists and presenters. lady galley went full david bowie with a full look with the firey read hair and coat dress and paid tribute to him with a special performance. >> and kendrick lamar, getting a last kudos. the seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> amazing discovery scientists have may. brazil takes the war on the zika virus to a new level and who new virus to a new level and who new is mobiliz
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>> 5:23, if you are headed outdoor the seven things you need to know. >> at the rainfall and possible with our next storm, maybe quarter to half an inch and i will give you the hour by hour look at when it will impact your life and if you are headed to the sierra, a couple feet of snow on the way. back to work tuesday the backup is starting to grow at the bay bridge toll plaza with possibly a stalled truck on the upper deck so we will keep you posted on this and hot spot is westbound 580 through the altamont pass. 26-year-old richard coenures is arrested in the double homicide and near fatal shooting of another man at twin peaks in san francisco. he knew the victims. >> a rescued baby colt made it through the night and now is getting an the clock care at an east bay animal facility. the six day old colt was found at bottom the ravine on valentine's day.
5:25 am
>> another difficult of freezing rain along the east coast and then temperatures are forecasted to rise into the 50s. air travelers will welcome that change at 1,600 flights in north carolina alone were canceled yesterday. >> if you drive a new car these day you are not alone with new car sales soaring in california by more than 11 percent, twice the national average. >> kanye west is explaining why he is $53 million in debt and begging for cash from likes of technical titans. he said he is "personally rich," but needs other people's money for business projects like his clothing line. >> the sing are and actress none as vanity has die in a fremont hospital, also none as deniece mathews, had a hit song in 1982. she became known for collaboration with prince and appeared in several movies and poised twice in playboy and died
5:26 am
at age of 57. >> and brazil is mobilizing military to fight the mosquito that carries zika virus calling the effort operation zika zero, help into through parts of latin men. it is harm misfor most, but it has been linked to a very serious birth defect among newborns. the outbreak will not economize the summer him -- olympics held in rio de janeiro in august. >> a new flower spear see has beenen cased in amber for 15 million years, with the two flowers perfectly preserved, among 500 fossils property back from dominican republic in 1986 oregon state university professor said that the plants lived in a tropical forest and the work inspired the original novel of jurassic park.
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>> stay tuned. for another full 90 minutes of news including the meeting that commercial crabbers will keep a close try on as they wait to close try on as they wait to start the long-delayed
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. glad you here. and now on the back to work tuesday, i am natasha zouves. >> i am regular. meteorologist mike nicco has another warm day cooking in the weather center. >> we do. good morning, everyone, check out live doppler hd, absolutelying in to worry about. as far as wet weather. number, from the east bay hills camera it is clear. 44 to 54 cooler when you step outside. dress accordingly. it is warm by noon low 70s and low-to-mid 70s at 4:00 with record highs falling and still in the low-to-upper 60s and
5:30 am
warmer than average by 7:00. injury. it is about to end the i tell you when. friend says? >> we are starting off with a closer look at the bay bridge and we took our camera and zoomed it in on the span approaching the pressure -- treasure island. there was a stalled truck. it is now flowing well. because of the stall metering lights were turned on early. you can see the backup is growing to the 880 overcrossing. we have a few hotspots. an update next report. >> the suspect accused of killing two men and shooting another at twin peaks is behind bars. we are in the newsroom. i know you have details we just listened about the map they have arrested. haw is right. according to jail records the suspect is 26-year-old richard contreras of richmond arrested last night in richmond. i want you to look at this video you can see the armed swat officers as they approach the
5:31 am
house where contreras was staying, and police say high shot and killed 19-year-old rene mora and julio peraza, 21. he shot a third man on sunday morning and that 18-year-old is still fighting forly lie. a couple from fresno at the lookout nearly became the next victims speaking exclusively to abc7 and said contreras point add gun at them and ordered them out of their s.u.v. they both jumped out and starting running, contreras allegedly took off in the vehicle. police later fund the vehicle parked near a home in richmond. i seen a gun with the big clip in it and i instantly look the down and pushed the inlock lock -- unlock on my car and opened the door and ran out. >> father of rene said the father is devastate devastated
5:32 am
and although there was an arrest will not bring their son back. he face to murder, carjacking, possession of a firearm by a felon and assault with a deadly weapon. >> we broke news of the arrest with our push alert from our news app and you can get updates on breaking news as it happens, for free, make sure to enable push alerts. >> in pleasanton, a big of the to save a small horse. people have been caring for the animal rescued from what was likely to be certain death. amy hollyfield will she us how the horse named valentine is. you are getting close now? >> i would like to introduce you to valentine, reggie, look how cute high is hopping around a minute ago but right now he is getting sleepy. he is on pain medication so we have been able to see him hopping around and high was so happy to get his breakfast this
5:33 am
or. he was found on sunday. quite a contrast to when he was found lying in a steep a veep. his mother is nowhere to be found but he was rescued and now he is in the care of a a retirement home at the ranch and sarah, can you tell us how he did overnight and how you are feeling? >> he did really well. i turned on light this only to feed him he was excited. he is just night and day difference. i am floored how people have come forward, he has $6,700 in the gofundme government account. >> he will need some surgery, he has a broken pelvis he will need the surgery you think to survive? but it will cost how much? and where are you on the funding? >> roughly $7,000 to $10,000. we are about there.
5:34 am
but that money will go toward the surgery and the after care because he will have to be in a special unit for an indiscriminate amount of time. >> what is your reaction to people coming forward? >> i am floored. i did not think we would get the money i am pleasantly surprised. ahe will be okay if he gets the surgery? >> yes. >> thank you for join us and taking such good kay of them. there is a vet appointment later in davis and if you would lake to contribute to gofundme account we have a link at >> how precious. to make it easy i am tweeting a link to the gofundme account so find me on twitter. >> two protests are taking place outside nfl headquarters in new york, sparked by me conference's performance at super bowl 50. the half time performance included dancers wear costumes reminiscent of the black panthers and on social media
5:35 am
some of the dancers held up paper that read "justice for mario woods." a pro police group will march against that performance and a group of beyonce supporters plan to protest that protest. >> the sheriff wants you to look at this photo and see if you recognize the man wanted for violently petitioning another man at a party. look at the picture, it is pleasurey and the guy is -- blurry. it was held on friday night in orinda, a house rented on airbnb and a neighbor noticed the party but everything seemed to be normal. >> we had our eye out and ear open. we thought well, if we hear something well call it in. we have parties in neighborhood and people are respectful and quiet. this was quiet so it did not raise any serious red red flags not disturbing enough to call. >> something was wrong, the next morning, police found a
5:36 am
21-year-old man unconscious in critical condition in the parking lot cross the street. the sheriff has taken over the case because this could become a homicide. >> look at surveillance video showing a man breaking into a van that happened during the day in san francisco. this give still has not been caught. he is approaching the van, looking inside and he jumps into the van with legs hanging out of the van. the tourists who were ripped off say she see evidence of break ins all over the city. >> there are heaps of glass on the sidewalks and there must have been heaps of break-ins because they are everywhere. >> the thief who broke into the van hopped into a waiting white car and then drives off. the tourists say they lost throughs of items. >> the arrest of a man would san francisco police tried to run over one of their officers. they say this guy tried to ram one of them with a motorcycle in
5:37 am
portola neighborhood last night. the officer was not hurt. the man took off running but, other officers caught up with him. this is no word on what started the cop front station. >> commercial crab fishermen could get welcome news. the state financials may decide to finally let them catch the crab off the coast. a deadly acid contamination put the season on hold. acid was declared low enough to open certain areas to recreational crabbers but the commercial crabbers face strict are rules. >> and now fire survivors are being checked out after burning 76,000 acres and 1,200 hopes destroyed and hundreds still without a place to stay. damage assessment teams are gathering information. they will use a survey to help long-term recovery and to we building stages.
5:38 am
>> funeral details of the supreme court justice antonin scalia are unknown, presidential candidates are wasting in time courting voters by using the justice as a warning. texas senator ted cruz airing a new ad saying conservatives are just one supreme court justice away from losing issues like marriage and religious liberty. there are conspiracy theories over the failure of an autopsy being performed on scalia. the texas county judge who made the decision said she was leading toward an autopsy but changed her mind after speaking with the doctor. >> there is a dispute about who is responsible foreclosing one of bay area's most popular tourist spots when it is too crowded. a few headlights but nothing like what we saw yesterday. i want to show you that scene the backup caused by people trying to get to the point on the northern end of the bridge. a spokesperson said that the district would rather close the
5:39 am
point during times like this to prevent congestion but the c.h.p. managers that area. officials say they have been wanted not to close this point without the highway patrol's permission. >> people want to get a different view of the golden gate bridge but it should be a nice day. >> yes, maybe not quite so picture-esque as year. how often to we get record warmth and such clean airst that is what we had yesterday. that is what we will have today, no "spare the air" alerts, one this entire winter so far. 45 in petaluma. that is the cool spot. we have 59 in tiburon. and san rafael at 52. 46 right now in san ramon. 48 in cupertino. alameda is 57 and daly city is 60 and lafayette is 50. gardening before the rain it is a if time to plant. warm before the rain and we have sugar snap parkways over the weekend to put in the ground. walking the dog, warm sunshine
5:40 am
and bicycling is good. take the extra bottle of water. sfo should not be delays with temperatures running from 75 in san francisco to the north bay and east bay around 80 and same in south bay and look at tomorrow with the rain only low-to-mid 60s and slight chance of a shower and upper low-to-upper 60s again on thursday a cooler day and look at that, friday another cool day in san francisco but a were watching trend as we head to monday. the cool weather because of rain and hour by hour looking at that. >> mike, you can tell more folks are on the road and we have had half a dozen accidents and a few fender bender and westbound 580, a crawl, use make director way through the altamont pass, 19 miles per hour byes up and slows downtown into livermore and that is because of a couple of early accidents, and check identity drive time, tracy to dublin, it is over an hour, westbound 580 and you will find brake lights, as will, westbound 4 from antioch to concord at 20 minutes, but so far in the north bay 101 is good from san rafael
5:41 am
to san francisco and 18 minutes to give you an idea of what normal traffic looks like, brake lights on southbound 680 near north main headed to highway 24 and of course metering lights turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza but looking good in both directions and problem free at 880 through hayward. >> thank you. the sinkhole credited a traffic snarl in east bay neighborhood when it first opened and next the new challenge it will mean for drivers starting today. >> a minute they are eating pizza and then customers are pizza and then customers are diving for their lives in a
5:42 am
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the abc news app on the go on your schedule. >> social media came in handy for the oakland fire department with an accident block the highway using a periscope thatten wad people that highway 980 near the 17th street off-ramp was backed up after a two car accident. it happened before 11:00 last night and crews cleared it all by 11:40. if you take the ferry you will find another way to get around for the next couple of weeks. will service and suspended for dock maintenance with repair today. riders can use the ticket to catch the ferry in larkspur or
5:45 am
sausalito and take a bus bridge from downtown tiburon to the terry in downtown san francisco. >> travel alert for people in union city today, crews are repair damage to the sue we are lynn that was buried in the sinkhole that opened in oakland. the east lane will be closed starting at 9:00 this morning. fill remain closed for the rest of week, and the cause of the sinkhole is a mystery. >> we have loved the warm weather that meteorologist mike nicco has been bring us but the eastern and southern part of the country, a brave dog walker is clobber by the storms. there is good news ahead, travelers are feeling the brunt of the storms at 1,600 flights canceled in north carolina alone yesterday. one passenger surrendered to mother nature. >> i am done. i am done. i am done i am ready for summer.
5:46 am
ait will be warming up by tomorrow. one more day of this for those folks with temperatures reaching into the 50s for them. >> the crazy weather spawned a rare february tornado in florida. this is video of a 94-year-old woman being pulled safely from the wreckage. crews say a metal door fell on her and the chainsaws were used to get her out and knocked double trees and power lines and damaged or destroyed ten homes in the small panhandle town. >> in louisiana another tornado blew the roof off of a car wash into a pizza hut restaurant. several customers were inside and one shot this cell phone video and they were not hurt but two employees were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the car wash and the pizza hut had a lot of damage. had a lot of damage. >> mike?
5:47 am
>> and, now, mike... >> okay, here we go, we will talk about old man winter. the next six hours nothing on live doppler hd. san rafael, looking north on 101, not a cloud to be found at 54 degrees right now. >> our last day for record highs, chances are rain wednesday through friday and warming trend on friday and saturday and sunday. we will stay below record legals. today we have 80 in san jose and 77 in milpitas, to 81 in santa cruz and morgan hill and the spread on the peninsula, 75 to 78, and redwood city and mountain view record high 77 and 78. 76 in half moon bay and the warm spot to sunset at 71 and another record for downtown san francisco at 76. that is a record high in san
5:48 am
rafael and 78 in santa rosa and 80 in cloverdale, and 78 in oakland, and 75 in richmond, and that is the cool spot along with hercules and san leandro and newark. inland, 77 if livermore is a record high. lows tonight with the clouds coming in, warm weather, mid-to-upper 50s tomorrow morning and a look at the rainfall at 7:00 tomorrow morning, nothing, a few showers along the coast into the north bay by noon from 4:00 to for best chance of steady and heavier showers. we could get anywhere from quarter to possibly .5" of rain. on the storm impact trail, "1" is light and "5" is severe we will stay away from "4" and "5" with the most damage. it will be gusty in the evening so we will not have damage or flooding so it will be a "1" with a chance of showers on thursday morning. sunshine on friday. warmer weather through the
5:49 am
weekend. >> good morning, everyone, we will check out the shot in san jose right now it is quiet northbound 101 still flowing as you make your way out of morgan hill and pup the peninsula into san francisco so that is where we have had trouble free traffic but in the east bay, it is slow down, especially at the toll plaza and meetering lights were turned on early because of the stalled truck and the backup has green to the foot of the maze and right new the drive time from highway 4 at hercules to san francisco is about 32 minutes. and now the slowest drive time is westbound 580 a crawl out of the tracy an hour and 15 minutes because of a couple of early citizens. >> new at 6:00, a local man hurt from falling from a napa bridge is sue the city and the reason he said that bridge design is what led to his injury. >> san francisco muni is looking at raising fares again and have a chance to sound off on that
5:50 am
plan. >> how do you get to carnegie hall? hall? through walnut
5:51 am
that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
5:52 am
daly city daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> in a few minutes, pope francis will continue the journey in mexico in the state that is scarred by drug violence. he will hold mass and speak to a gathering of young people he spoke to a crowd indigenous people in chiapa and asked for the forgiveness in how they have been excluded from society and tomorrow will travel to the rio grande expecting to offer prayers for my grands and
5:53 am
refugees. >> if you take muni to get an san francisco it could soon cost you more. according to the foes it could jump for monthly passes from $70 to $75 and muni fathers could fare could go up from 25 to 50 cents. and the transportation agency could charm $17 more for residential parking permits. the new rates go interest affect in two years and today the board will also consider fining adults and young people the same amount for not give up their seats to elderly or handicap passengers. right now teens pay double for the same office tense. >> forget the red wagon tesla has something special for a five year old, a model "s" for kids at $500 is fully electric with working headlights and is sound system and three color options. it does future go too fast
5:54 am
topping out at six miles per hour. we have come a long way. you would impress the other six-year-olds in the neighborhood if you have that. >> absolutely. hopefully you have solar panels to charge it. in october we were all above average and now we are from 72% to 94% with more of the free sunshine today. mid-to-upper 70s through the central valley and 90 in los angeles and palm springs and 60 if lake tahoe and look what has happened tomorrow, yes, 2:00 in the afternoon, through thursday at 4:00 in the afternoon, 12-20" of fresh proudtory ski on above 7,000'. frances? >> we will watch the chain controls during thursday morning and right new we have break lights on southbound 680 in walnut creek beyond north main, drive time is still not too bad from highway 4 to walnut creek at seven minutes and what has been horrific is westbound 580 tracy to dublin an hour and
5:55 am
definitely minutes right new. and the backup at the toll plaza with metering lights turned on early and you may want to consider the san mateo bridge lacking good, westbound out of the hayward to san mateo and problem free were at peninsula. >> heads up for the apple users who may be having trouble charm -- charging your mac books. the cables could fail because of a design issue. the cables in question were sold with new mac becomes through june of last year or as stand alone accessories identified as a stamp designed by apple in california, assembled in china. apple will replace the cables free of charge. >> "the force awakens" is behind and i can still hear the music with the count down beginning for all of the "star wars" fans. >> production of episode eight is under way in london and disney is owner of the "star wars" franchise and our parent company released the first look
5:56 am
yesterday, and the director noticed a you will cough thing regarding the testing and the website said the nbc installment has new cast members including laura derm and mark hamill but did not include harrison ford. so if you thought he was coming back, it doesn't look like it. >> in walnut creek there are serious bragging rights after performing at carnegie hall and she is only 15 years old. ♪ take a step ♪ with me ♪ into the world >> she was among 270 high school students from all over the world to perform at the concert hall in new york city. she was selected from 18,000 politicians for be part of the high school honors concert
5:57 am
choir. >> i dreamed about popping at carnegie hall, written reports on carnegie hall and it was always and to be there. unreal. >> the sophomore aspires to return to morning and work in musical theater. >> at 6:00, this is a pharmacy in downtown san jose where prescription drugs are free. there is a catch you need to know about. >> have you had an unexpected cable bill price hike? we t
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. time to get back to work i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. it is tuesday. february 16. pike said enjoy the nice weather. changes are coming. >> back to winter tomorrow. fog in central valley. it is pulling toward fairfield
6:00 am
at two miles visibility. we do have the offshore braes. the commute will be fog free. it is clear from the east bay hill camera. running cooler at mid-40s to my 50s and by noon, everyone is to the low 70s and low-to-mid 70s with record warm this and enjoy the colorful sunset and temperatures in the 60s. frances? >> we head to san mateo where c.h.p. is en route to the crash reported eastbound 92 at 101, possibly all lanes blocked. we will keep you posted on that, most folks are interested in the westbound direction so coming off the san mateo bridge it is still fine but if you head to the bay bridge toll plaza you have the tuesday backup. right now it is extended into the maze. reggie aqui and natasha zouves? >> it is back. happening today, the grand opening for a pharmacy that will not take your money. our reporter is in san jose at the place where eve


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