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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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two are in critical condition. officers say they were sitting in a car. witnesses saw men gathered around the car before the shooting happened. it was tough to see. officers say if there are any witnesses would have not come forward they would like to talk to them. >> a dark street. we do not know, we gave a full call bewe do not know how many saw it. if someone saw it or heard this, call the police department so we can find out what happened. >> this happen at park we street and san pablo avenue before 7:30 last knit. police have not said the motive. they do not think it was random. no arrests have been made. dispatch said investigators called it a might and got sleep at 2:00 in the morning. >> happening today the man accused of killing richmond
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police officer gus vegas will appear in curt. family members of the officer will attend robert vega's proceeding. sky 7 was over head yesterday as gus vegas body was escorted from the coroner to fairfield to the more the fee of his six-year-old grandson is facing charges. his daughter said the suspect is like a brother to her. >> he means a lot to us so we are tray for him and his family. we will get through it. just trying to be strong for my mom. that a special relationship to us. my dad would do it all over again. a million times. >> what a tough situation for the family. the officer will be laid to rest on friday. the public is invited to the memorial. it will be held at the richmond memorial auditorium on civic center plaza at 10:00 a.m.
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followed by a private burial with a gofundme account to help the family with expenses. we have details on >> pittsburg police are mourning the loss of a fallen officer this morning. this is officer chasing a shoplifter on monday and he suffered a heart attack and died. he was working a second job at the maul known for the general rosty. last fall, he found out a young boy had his play station stolen, he bought him a new one in time for christmas. the officer leaves behind an eight-year-old son. >> a school fight in the north bay has now amassed 13 million views, you can see a teen girl views, you can see a teen girl beating on a teen boy in exchange on social media. thank you is what the students say, with the boy making comments about the girl on facebook. she confronted him. he threw water on her.
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root student took this cell phone video showing girl kneeing the boy in the face, twice. here it is once. and again. and she body slams him to the ground on thursday at sonoma valley high school. the video caught the attention of professional fighter. he posted the video and it is viewed 13 million times. the school district said that the girl goes to creekside high school that share as campus with sonoma valley. according to the sonoma index tribune a similar fight took place at creek side last month where a 17-year-old girl threw a 17-year-old boy to the ground and kicked him in the face. and kicked him in the face. [ inaudible ] >> the district released the at the same time saying it took appropriate discipline after the fight last week. students say the girl was suspended and the boy suffer add
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black eye and is still in school. the sonoma index tribune asked facebook to remove the video but they have refused. >> thank you. the developing news overnight, on social media, c.e.o. tim cook said apple will fight a federal order to unblock an iphone that belonged to bernardino shooters when a judge ordered apple to create a code to unlock far farook's phone. >> they want to try pass words which can you do with software in the hopes they can get the right password to get access to the phone. >> he posted a letter saying the order threatens customer security and the request has been implications far beyond this case. if you would like to check it out we posted the entire letter on >> if you are the parent of a
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public school student in california this could be of concern, private information on 10 million students is going to be releaseed to tones for a group suing the state. the private information includes social security numbers, addresses and health records. the parent group does not believe enough is being done to help special needs students. parents have until april 1 to request their child's records be exempt. >> the santa clara city council will appoint a new mayor in an emergency meeting. last night the city council unanimously voted to choose a successor to finish the term of mathews who resigned last week with two years still remaining on the term. the city council woman gilmore is said continue the frontrunner. city council will meet tonight at 7:30. >> virtually no one uses airbnb in danville.
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the city council voted last night to take that low number down to zero. the debate to ban short-term rentals started last year. a homeowner converted rooms to airbnb rentals and neighbors worried of traffic and strangers on the street. danville has 16,000 homes and only a dozen are available as short-term rentals. california fisher men have been waiting for months to get back to work for the commercial crashing season. now it could finally be around the world. leaders will decide in the next day or two whether to partly on the commercial dungness crab or wait until the entire coast is clear of the deadly toxin that showed up in crashes in november. some fishing areas are safe enough to open but some crabbers want to wait for the entire coast to be acid free. >> the crashes north of point reyes tested dirty on the last test. it is only 12-14 miles away from where they are proposing we do open. buyers are concerned about being
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able to set crashes. >> crabbers have been hit hard by the massive delay. the governor brown is asking washington, dc, for federal aid. >> it is still a warm morning today. i want outside and i thought, well, i don't need a coat. >> great observation still in the 60, some of us warmer than our average highs and the winds are the reason. they are not fastest yet. that starts at 7:00 this morning through 7:00 this evening. so 12-hour window above 1,000 feet with winds at 20 to 30 and gusts from 45 to 50 miles per hour so a small chance of local power outages. if you hike today it will be poor because it will be breezy and wet this afternoon and evening and it is fine for walking the dog and for doing road bicycling and breezy, but it is dry. this afternoon and evening it will be wet. check out the temperatures, we are up to 15 degrees warmer than we were 24 hours ago and start in san francisco, and all the mid-to-upper 60s from
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side at 65 and same in the financial district and bowl moment and temperatures not in the 60, american scan beyond is 59, walnut creek and pleasanton at 58. here is what is happening, it is shaking in the east bay hills and today is 10- or 15-degrees cooler, with a few sprinkles this morning, but in the afternoon and evening, that is when the steady heavy rain comes in. that is next. thursday we have a break and another chance of rain on friday. storm impact scale is changed and that will come up. frances? >> i know you said 60s this morning and i almost does not believe it and i got there and i thought, boy, it is hot this morning. here is a look at the san mateo bridge, no problems westbound on right-hand side you are looking good. we are looking good around the bay area, 101 in san jose, also, flowing well, and you are good to go from gilroy up the peninsula and no road work. check out the drive times, how different they are from yesterday westbound 580 from
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tracy to dublin right now at 28 minutes. yesterday, it reached an hour and a half, westbound 4, also find out of antioch to concord at 14 minutes. if you are heading through the north bay, southbound 101 from san rafael to san francisco at 18 minutes. an update on the peninsula crash coming up in my next report. >> the apporaching rain is reason enough to drive safely today, right, but police in one area are going to give drivers extra incentive and getting a company start is not the hardest company start is not the hardest part some time it is hard
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>> the storm impact scale, today's storm is level "2" so that means moderate rain. drive safely. track the storm any time on the abc7 news app. download it now. >> keep your eyes on the road. put the phone down. that is the message from police. law enforcement agencies from san mateo county will take part in a saturation traffic enforcement practice. they will be looking for you from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with a goal of reducing injuries and accidents throughout the country. officer say they see a last texting at red lights. a distracted driving citation is about $160 not including court fees. >> young people will face smaller fines and no criminal
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charges if they break rules on san francisco's muni. violators under age 18 pay $56 for most infractions. that is half of what adults pay. the infraction including refusing to give up a seat to senior citizen or person with disabilities and scrawling graffiti. >> three dozen start-ups graduated from a program that could help them become household names. each is out to persuade investors that it is the next big thing. ♪ you gonna make ♪ some cash ♪ all the video does not plain it the emcee spelled it out. >> you will come to the stage, these will invest money. >> and now the latest class in 500 start-ups. >> this is like an almost graduation from the current batch. >> but every graduate give as speech. >> we sell kits to make anything including this scarf.
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>> some sell to consumers, some to businesses. >> mostly owners is 90 percent of the market. and partners of 500 start-ups invest a little in all. >> most will not make it but we invest in that many because he are great potential and who knows? >> how could you not invest in puppies. >> you stuff streets in the bone. >> they san monthly care packages. >> now a lot of companies focus on puppies. author more than ideas but most have customers and money coming in, they are here for a chance to take it to the next level. >> last year, 200,000 in revenue. in the first full year we tripled in size. >> this is making its way and the stores. >> i would like a small and green. >> you trademark this name? >> we have a individual that is correct. >> and you rent director husband to a production company. >> a couple thousand for a day
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of production. but, really, the life long affect is you get to see your home used in a commercial. >> and a start-up with news tips for journalist. >> you can help me get a raise? right. >> good luck to all of them we have good news the baby horse, the cute horse named valentine is not going to need surgery. >> colt still needs treatment, but we have had at outpouring of support if you guys and we told you about him yesterday found trapped at the bottom of the ravine, reasonable there for two days. $16,000 poured into valentine's gofundme page. >> one person donated $2,000. a lot of them have been smaller lumps of $so-$25 and every bit counts. >> the cot will be treated at uc davis and the money goes to his
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medical care and any money left over because the surgery was going to cost so were goes to other animals in need. >> and your apartment still does not allow apartments. >> or goats, what is that about? >> maybe if you had a yard...but we don't have big yards in san francisco. if any. >> those are for the east bay hills. >> it is green and we will be greener. we see a lot of green on the radar. first, i want to show you the winds at 23 miles per hour at half moon bay but around 15 to 17 miles per hour at the peninsula and the east bay shoreline and lighter in the east bay valley but they will pick up there. here is what you will see through the morning, green on the radar, encroaching upon the neighborhood and the likelihood of it reaching the ground is just about nothing. we have one batch coming through, and this is priming the atmosphere, and the cold front will move through in the afternoon and evening and we will have the steady and heavy rain and right now our best radar return is over san rafael
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and north on 101 it is dry. we will talk about what is happening, breezy and mild, with moderate showers in the evening, scattered showers and thunder tonight and thursday, and a last chance of rain on friday, storm impact scale is showing a quick idea of what to expect from the storms by putting the scale on it from "1" light to "5" severe and this is burn the up to a "2" because the winds are faster and we have thrown in the threat of thunder tenths. rainfall amounts are still running around quarter to three-quarters inch at 5:00 in the morning you could see possible light showers, nothing more than sprinkles. and at noon along the coast support north bay and this moves in, so watt scared showers in the afternoon but by 4:00, you can see the heavier rain moving through the north bay by 6:00 to 8:00, skit moving through the heart of the bay and at 8:00 to 10:00 it is moving out and we have scatter the showers in the overnight hour and through tomorrow. my seven-day forecast shows
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stuck in the 60 through saturday and the best chance of rain on friday is in the in the bay and the 70s are coming back as soon as monday. >> frances? >> good morning, everyone, we will start off with the drive time map and you notice the green out there, and mike was saying this is not reaching the ground but we will update you on a crash on the peninsula, in daly city southbound 280, highway one, the early injury accident has been cleared from the lanes. it does not cause much of a delay but we are seeing the first sign of slowing, westbound 580 through the altamont pass. now moving at 30 miles per hour, 40 use make your way into livermore. a quick live shot shows flowing smoothly in southbound 680 in walnut creek fine all the way down through the sunol grade. >> happening today pope francis will finish the five-day trip to mexico celebrateing a mass across the border from el paso. we want to show you the moment from yesterday that everyone is talking about, the holy father
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showing irritation here when overly eager people tugged on his sleeve from behind a bury -- barrier and he nearly falls. he said do not be selfish, do not be selfish. 200,000 people are expected to attend today's mass 90 yards from the issue border. >> president obama is challenging republicans to offer a plausible reason for refusing to consider a candidate to replace supreme court justice antonin scalia saying there is more than justify time for the senate to consider a nominee. he said the constitution is very clear about his responsibility as president. >> your job does not stop until you are voted out. or until your term expires. i intend to do my job between now and january 20 of 2017 and i expect them to do their job. >> the supreme court is observing a long-held tradition to honor scalia, the black wool drape now is covering the chair and the bench in front his soot. a black drape is also happening
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over the courtroom doors. scalia was the longest serving justice on this current bench and lee dyed open saturday at age of 79. >> critical link in feeding thousands of people in the bay area, the help a nonprofit group needs from you to make right what thieves made wrong. all the oscar statues are golding old school, but, first, the tech bytes. >> new details of a blockbuster new phone, a video posted on samsung website hints the next could be water resistant and have wireless charging. it is expected to be unveiled next week of the >> a new shopping site has a unique product, only selling items that lasts forever. they all come with a lifetime warranty and they do not have a big selection it has toys, congress wear, furniture and even socks. >> how about this for a simple
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doodle, use be g.p.s. app that tracks progress to create drawings by riding around the cities. he pour over the map before plotting what figure three will draw through the movement. >> he has enough time on his >> he has enough time on his >> he has enough time on his again! again! again!
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here in vineland, home of progresso,! we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. i would kill for something sweet. wanna split that? no...soooo much fat... don't fight your instincts. with each for 150 calories or less! try our lemon bars, brownies, and cheesecakes. fiber one. >> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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>> we show you police chases all the time on tv but one involving a backhoe? this video shows police following a man who stole a backhoe and went for a joy ride in florida, and this went on for a three hour chase, he caused considerable damage. you can see the sparks coming on the pavement. police cleared 9 traffic and stopped the backhoe with a spike strip. who is the guy taking them on the wild ride? he could be homeless. >> the mega ship is become, remember the benjamin franklin? it will return to the port of oakland next friday. it is the largest vessel ever to dock at a united states port. this is the second trip to oakland. it will dock in the middle harbor in the oakland estuary dredgeed to accommodate the larger vessel. >> an attack on an african-american student is
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investigated as an assault crime when two machine accosted a woman near her apartment. few details are released. the woman did not need medical thank. both of the suspects are in custody and neither attended uc davis. >> another sign of spring, pitchers and catchers report for the giants in arizona as they start getting ready for the 2016 season. >> position players are not required to report until monday but many giants players show up early. the orange and black play their opener on march 2nd against the angels and the regular season begins in milwaukee on april 4. a's open camp on saturday. >> winter is become. while we thick of the boys of summer, the rainfall season, they are all in a deficit and today rain will not...bridge the gap, but it will get us closer. you can see the rain is as far south as...say, cal poly.
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this is impressive. >> a look at our sierra snow pack at 91 91 percent where whee we should be and getting snow today at 4:00, until 4:00 tomorrow evening and we could get 1-2' at 7,000' but done increase and kirkwood at 3' of snow, so be careful headed that way. frances? >> look out for chain controls in the area tomorrow morning. we will keep you posted. here is a look at emeryville. headlights are crowded and, also, road work in both directions but it will be cleared in five minutes. now, we show you a shot if san jose, northbound 87 here traffic is light and mass transit, good to go on bart and muni and caltrain. a nonprofit needs your help to find a pickup truck stolen from the headquarters in concord.
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a picture was posted of the ford at 350 on facebook and the white truck helps feed 50,000 people each year. monument crisis center urges you to call conquer police if you know anything about this stolen truck, now the oscars. >> this year they are going old school designed from an original oscar dating back to 1929 saying the foundry has been restoring the features using digital scans and 3-d printers. it took three months to make the it took three months to make the 50 stat chris rock will host the award says on sunday february 28. please join us. >> san francisco is taking aim at technical shuttles again and changes could be coming to the
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way they operate. >> a court ordered apple to hack a smart phone with a fast a smart phone with a fast response the giant is giving
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news >> good morning, early risers at 5:00 a.m. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. it is wednesday, february 17. now a quick check on weather and traffic. >> today is the day we have been look to, reggie and natasha with changes on live doppler hd the form of green. below 16,000 free it is -- 16,000 feet it is ben dry. it is mild


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