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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news >> good morning, early risers at 5:00 a.m. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. it is wednesday, february 17. now a quick check on weather and traffic. >> today is the day we have been look to, reggie and natasha with changes on live doppler hd the form of green. below 16,000 free it is -- 16,000 feet it is ben dry. it is mild this morning.
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and breezy. temperatures in the mid-50s to low 60. low-to-mid 60s at noon and the rain relatives in. the evening commute will be a bear. plan says -- frances? >> winter weather advisory for the bay bridge and from highway 4 to the toll only 15 minutes. be careful across the span and a look at 280 and san jose northbound 280 highway 17 on the santa cruz mountains delay free and if you head across the bridges, southbound, across the golden gate bridge, 10 minutes, and keep in mind the winter weather advisory for the bay bridge and san mateo bridge looking good. >> developing news, apple c.e.o. tim cook is going to fight a court order to unlock an iphone belonging to a san bernardino shooters saying it is a threat to our american lives.
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matt? yes, reggie, this was a significant victory for the justice department but overnight apple c.e.o. tim cook said he will fight the court order to create "master key." in a statement released in the past few hours, congress said for years natural security experts have been warning against weakening encryption because it would hurt the law abiding citizens would rely on companies like apple to protect their data saying this calls for public discussion and he wants people around the country to understand what is at stake at of judge ruled yesterday that apple must help the f.b.i. get into an enscented we enphone belonging to one of two terrorists that killed 14 and gin gin -- injured 24 others. all data is erased after ten consecutive unsuccessful attempts. >> it is consistent with the
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apple policy for quite some time to try to be as unhelpful to law enforcement as possible. >> they should be on our side. last july, the apple c.e.o. full statement is on our website at abc7 . >> interesting. startling numbers this morning of how many of us have likely had our private data stolen. three out every five people in california in the last year alone according to the state ten. 178 data breaches placed records of 24 million in california at risk. social security numbers, credit car data, and medical reports were the most stolen. a quarter of all breaches have been at major retailers. >> in berkeley, the search is on for a gunman would shot three teens leashing two of them critically hurt. the shooting happened before 8:00 last night on parker street. two of the novembers, 16 and
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18-year-olds have head wounds. one of them was reportedly shot in the eye. the third victim, 19, was shot in the arm. police say they are not sure how many people they are looking for or if they escaped on foot or in a car. today, san francisco police plan to discuss a newly proposed ordinance regarding the use of force. it requires officers to file a report every time an officer fires a gun. not just when someone dies or files a complaint. san francisco supervisor hopes to bring more transparency to the procedures of the department in the wake of the mario woods shooting. >> the san francisco municipal transportation board has voted in support of proposed limits on technical shuttles in the controversial commuter shuttle program including limiting the program to a year, requiring a six month review, and capping the number of loading zones at 125. it taxis workers to their jobs and were on points say the technical workers have moved into the city and are driving up housing and rent prices which
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they say contribute to eviction. >> teachers at public school campuses will join community groups as part of a national walk in campaign. they are calling for safe schools that are free of threats tore deportation. the president of the oakland education association said that will schools need to be safe havens from the trauma and fear. >> health officials are in palo alto this morning trying to come up with solutions to teen suicide crisis. since 2009, ten students have taken their lives by stepping in front the train, that is five times the national average. the palo alto school district asks the centers for disease control to secretary what is behind this. >> it can leverage federal expertise, resources support all to help us understand what is go on in the community, it is valuable. >> centers for disease control experts have collected data on teen suicide around palo alto, and over the next two weeks they
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will conduct interviews and hold community meeting before making final recommendations. all the sonoma county her is no longer actively searching for a missing santa rosa tone. the 56-year-old steven mitchell was last seen friday morning and the car was found the next day in the bay. investigators do not believe he is the victim of foul play. he was hired by sonoma county to defend it against a civil lawsuit filed by the family of andy lopez carrying a pellet gun when he was shot and killed by a sheriff deputy in 2013. >> a new cnn poll shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a dead heat in nevada. 48 percent of likely caucus attendees support hillary clinton and 47 percent favor bernie sanders. in october, hillary clinton led bernie sanders by 22 points. on the republican side, donald trump hold as wide lead over rivals at 45 percent supporting donald trump and rub, second,
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and ted cruz at third with 17 percent. the nevada caucus will be held on saturday. >> we are getting rain or, later today, in the p.m. commodity mute. >> yes, that will be affected. as you step outside, low-to-mid 60s if you are head out in the north bay, you are thinking you don't need a coat or umbrella but grab both. temperatures are going to fall into the 50s by evening hours and that is when the heavy rain comes in dropping our temperatures as we head into the afternoon hours. in newark and redwood city it is 67 degrees. if anything is reach the ground, it is around santa rosa, rohnert park and toward glen ellen and to petaluma. the saturation layer has dropped from 19,000 to 17,000' but still dry for any reasonable amount of rain to reach the ground.
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i am hoping the clouds do not create flight arrival delays. the wind are the big story and they are whipping around a high amount of tree pollen. if you are above 1,000', local power outages are possible. they just possible. gusts up to 45 to 15 miles per hour from 7:00 this morning to five o'clock this evening and temperatures are running in the 60s with more rain on thursday and friday. frances? >> we will start off with a shot of the golden gate bridge traffic is light and we barely seeing cars across the span. it is really quiet. not too many accidents reported with 9 c.h.p. here is a look at the san mateo bridge still fine westbound beyond the toll plaza out of the hayward to foster city and you are looking good and the drive time is slow and this is the first slow down of morning, westbound 580 from tracy to castro valley at 43 minutes and northbound 101 still looking
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great through san jose from highway 85 to the airport at only 12 minutes. reggie aqui and natasha? all the best part of going to the movie theater is the big scream sites. >> two scientists stand before the orange liquid. >> it is what not being heard by some people at the theaters that. brothered a new lawsuit. >> message in the sky, a scary situation that forced a flight situation that forced a flight to land as soon as it took off
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> residents are delighted to see the colorful pillars return to the bart underpass near children's hospital. the murals went up four years ago to bright brighten the dark space and taken down during bart work. the original artist was retired to reconstruct the murals. >> blind customers are suing amc for discrimination for not maintaining the audio description technology. the service described scenes without dialogue to the visually impaired saying that blind patrons often deal with malfunctioning headsets or dead batteries. scott experience as problem when he took his son to the first movie. >> i had a pair of headphones with the ought yes description
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equipment and it worked for ten minutes and then ran out battery the i was not able to communicate with my boy about what was happening for the reminder of the film. >> the suit is not seeking monetary damages but asking that amc properly maintain the headsets. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a congress pivot land was airlines jet to fill up with smoke after take off. >> calling an emergency. we have smoke in the airplane. >> from the clip it sounds like the pilots are wearing their masks. that is the emergency call the pilot made 16 minutes after taking off from reagan national in washington, dc on monday. the flight was head for seattle and the crew got permission to land the boeing 737 at dulles international. it touched down safely and all six crew members were checked out and no passengers were hurt. >> airlines are seeing a record profit but it is not stepping them from raising ticket prices. the latest numbers show that since early john many airlines
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have increased fares by $6 round trip, some twice this year including jetblue, delta, american and united. analysts say this is a reason: the airlines want to see how high they can raise prices before people stop buying tickets. airlines say spending profits on new airplanes and employee rays -- raises. >> not for extra peanuts? >> they will sell them to you! >> perfect. >> now, wet weather, sprinkler system was running this morning, my neighbor. >> maybe he doesn't watch you, mike. >> i will talk to him about that. i could not believe it, i said we have been talking about rain today for a week now and here it is on live doppler hd. unfortunately, most of it is not reaching the ground. we have a chance of light rain this morning more likely
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sprinkles and the better chance of showers that are coming in, in the afternoon and evening hours. san jose, 280 at 17, 62 degrees if you travel through this area, and breezy and mile, and showers coming in, and they will drop to moderate rain. scattered showers and thunder tonight through tomorrow and a last chance of rain on friday. now, hello to our storm impact scale, a "4" and a "5" but i had to bump this up because of the fast are winds than i anticipated yesterday. there is a threat of thunder tomorrow and tomorrow with rainfall amendments converter to three-quarters inch of rain from this afternoon through tomorrow morning. here we are, from 5:00 to 6:00, and not much going on. this starts to reach the ground in the northwest corner of sonoma and by noon we have a line of showers trying to public into the coast in the north bay and by 4:00 you can see the heavier showers in yellow and orange moving into the north bay at 6:00 they are move into the heart of the bay and by 8:00 or
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9:00 they have moved out. rainfall amounts take a look at the neighborhood, you will see a lot of a third to half an inch, santa rosa is the hotspot with three-quarters inch. a slight chance of light rain at .1" on friday, and warmth is back on sunday, monday, and tuesday. frances, any hotspots? >> windy spots. it is breezy. as you make your way across the bay bridge, there is wind advisory, but, westbound, 80, getting more volume. still flowing well through emeryville and the early road work is cleared. we will show you in san jose, this is the 101 and 880 interchange northbound 101 fine out of the morgan hill all the way up the peninsula you will not find a delay at all. in fact, i wondered if there is something wrong with my c.h.p. computer because we did not have that many accidents. richmond and san rafael bridge, only seven minutes and fine across the san mateo bridge but
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they have issued a new winter weather advisory for dumbarton bridge minutes ago. so, be extra careful across the bridges this morning. natasha and reggie? >> the rain we are seeing with el nino storms comes with a new health warning with higher levels of mercury. that is according to the santa cruz sentinel. that matters because mercury levels in rain could translate into more mercury in your food especially seafood. scientists warning people to check health guidelines. the increase is like his-to-due to global emissions of coal power plans. >> and jeb bush visited a weapons maker in south carolina, and he tweeted this photo of a handgun with his name on it, reading "america." that became a new clap," made during a speech and
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edward snowen, said "please delete," and others put pictures of those in the massacr bernardino. >> all major airlines will apply for the agreement between the two countries, allowing 110 daily flights to cuba's ten major airports but you need to list a reason for the visit other than tour in. >> watch what you sprinkle on pasta, lower quality cheeses made from wood pulp in a brand of grated parmesan which is legal in small amounts but it was pound that many supermarket brands exceeded legal amounts. finally, in time for easter, new chocolate kisses with orange coating over white chocolate base and are sold exclusively at wal-mart.
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these do not count as vegetables . >> i know you are excited about that chocolate. >> person living in a town want to keep chicken in their backyard and would love to have them for their freddie gray eggs but -- for their you can have to have a lot of greater than 80,000 major feet. the rules could change over bird s on sea property. and now, a new home for a sea otter transported to monterey, to chicago, to the shed aquarium, and was four months old when she washed up starving after being nursed to health was adopted by the chicago aquarium. this is the third sea otter taken to the shed aquarium after being rescued off of the california coast. >> a long journey.
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the seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> an emotional concert in concert as the performance for the first time since terror attacks. >> best in show the pooch with top honors at premiere dog show.
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two, a winter weather advisory has been issued for several bay area bridges. this is headed to the richmond-san rafael bridge with both hands on the wheel. winter weather advisory across the bay bridge, as well as the dumbarton bridge. so for traffic is accident free. flee, c.e.o. tim cook said apple will fight a federal order to help unlock an iphone belonging to the san bernardino shooters. he believes the order threatens customer security. four, berkeley police are investigating a shooting that last three teens wounded. two are critically hurt. they are not sure how many suspects could be involved. five, facebook said they will not take down this viral video of a school beating at step may valley high school. the district said they are taking appropriate disciplinary action. >> leave your phone in your bag if you drive through san mateo between 8:00 and 4:00 and every day. especially today. drivers who are busted will face fines starting at $160 and
5:24 am
several hundred more when you add in the court fees. seven, former champion ronda rousey considered suicide after her loss saying her boyfriend got her through it. a possible rematch is in the works. >> emotional return to the stage in paris, the band eagles of debt metal performed the first full concert since the attacks in november, a tribute to the people who lost their lives and a celebration of those who survived. security was tight. bags were inspected before anyone would enter and the streets outside were shut down. >> psychologists were stationed near the entrance. the crowd chanted "don't be scareed." 90 people were killed in the attack. >> a new state audit is earning cover california a spot on the list of most risky programs. >> we have kept them on our list
5:25 am
because we still continue to believe the financial viability needs to be closely monitored. >> the audit found that cover california cannot pay for their own cop. it relies on federal funds that are exhausted by september. >> the top dog is basking in the spotlight. this is c.j. a german short haired pointer that won "best in show," last night in new york, and he is the first of his breed to win the competition since 2005. the fan favorite was a large dog would what add treat and kept nowing at handler an the ring. very cute. >> the san francisco zoo and chinatown commuter is helping to celebrate lunar new year presenting tickets to the zoo for 300 seniors and from free admission dates. we have a full 90 minutes of
5:26 am
news including new hope that crabbers can get out and make a living for themselves. >> and taking aim at airbnb >> and taking aim at airbnb rentals with
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> you will walk outside and if you are not listening to me now be surprised. it is warmer than you would imagine. however, our spring break is coming to an end quickly as the storm is headed our way as we speak. good morning, i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. we are halfway through the week and meteorologist mike nicco is tracking rainy weather. >> you wake up, rollover, look at the newsup and you see this, and you think, what is going on. the radar is looking impressive this or, and as we have a nice southern breeze with a lot of warm moist air rolling over us but it is before 15,000'.
5:29 am
maybe sprinkles is all we are getting. the winds are a big issue this morning and our east bay hills camera bouncing around because of the winds. the day planner shows sprinkle across the north by at 7:00, gray and breezy at noon, and wet and windy this afternoon through the evening hours with moderate rain, so the evening commute is affected by wet weather, and we will see what is anecking your commute. >> the wind. and the bay bridge toll plaza so metering lights were turned on not too long ago and the backup is growing beyond the end of the parking lot so be extra careful across the bridges and a winter weather advisory for the bay bridge, and dumbarton bridge and, then, recently, they just reissued or issued a winter weather advisory for the richmond and san rafael bridge but not too many delays right now. we will keep you posted. >> thank you, frances. berkeley police are searching for the person would shot three teens. our reporter, amy hollyfield, is at berkeley police department
5:30 am
headquarters. neighborhoods were surprised the violence happened in that area. >> yes, this caught them off gar, natasha, investigators worked this case hard last night, and they give it six intense hours. at 2:00 they decided to call it and head home to get some sleep before tackling it today. they get call a little after 7:30 last night, and the three teens had been shot. police say they are 19, 18, and 16 years old. they are berkeley residents. it happened at parker and san pablo avenue. residents say violence in the area is rare. the gunshots startled them. >> i heard four shots. boom. boom. boom. then i ran away to the window. i saw those guys running. in front of the street. >> how many? >> two. >> police have not said the motive behind the shooting but
5:31 am
they do not thing it was random. the victims were sitting in a car and witnesses saw men gathered around the car. two victims are in serious condition and all are in the hospital and the dispatch this morning tells me it looks like they are going to make it. >> happening today the man accused of killing richmond police gus vegas will appear in court. family members of officer gun vacation will attend the proceeding of robert vega. we were overhead as the body was escorted from the coroner in fairfield to vallejo. he was shot and killed in his vallejo home last week. the father of the six-year-old grandson is now facing charges. his daughter said that the suspect is like a brother to her. >> he means a lot to us, so we just praying for him and his family, as well, and we are going to get through it and try
5:32 am
to be strong for my mom at this time. that was the special relationship to us. my dad would do it all over again. a million times. >> officer gus vegas will be laid to rest on friday and the public is invited to the memorial held at the richmond memorial auditorium on civic center plaza at 10:00 a.m. followed by a private burial. a gofundme gofundme account is set up to help the family with expenses with details on >> police are mourn the loss of a fallen officer this morning, officer pierman chasing a shoplift and he suffered a heart attack and died working a second job at the mall. he was known for his generosity. when he fund a young man had his play station stolen he but the a new one time for christmas. he leaves an 8-year-old son. >> a school play in the north bay has $13 million views on facebook, and in it a team
5:33 am
girl is beating on a team boy. we understand the fight started after an exchange on social media? >> that is right, students say it started with the boy making commences of the girl on facebook while she confronted him and these threw water on her, and another student took this cell phone video that shows the girl kneeing the boy in the face and you can see it and then body slamming him to the ground. this all happened on thursday at sonoma valley high school and caught the tax of the professional jujitsu fighter who said he was bull lid as a kid and reposted this and it has been viewed more than 13 million times. he said he does not condone violence but hopes to encourage others to take a stand against bullying. >> the video shows someone beating them up, and it and a good message, especially women who are bullied by men.
5:34 am
can you stand up to your sell. >> the district said she goes to creekside high school sharing a campus with sonoma valley. the district released a statement saying they took appropriate disciplinary action after the fight. students state girl was suspended and the boy suffered a black area but is still in school. the sonoma tribune reports that the school district troyed to get this video removed from facebook but fail book re-- but facebook refused. there was a similar fight last month when a girl kicked a boy in the face. >> developing news overnight, c.e.o. tim cook said an me will fight a federal order to help unlock an iphone blocking to a san bernadino shooter who killed 14 people in a mass shooting in san bernardino in december. a judge ordered a code to be made to beat a security feature
5:35 am
that erases all datas after a number of unsuccessful password attempts. >> they want to try an infinite number of passwords which you can do with software hoping to get the right software to get access to the phone. >> cook posted an open letter on the apple babies saying the order threatens customer security and the request has implications beyond this case. if you would like to read letter we posted it on our website at >> if you are the parent of a public school student this could be of concern to you. private information on nearly ten million students is going to be released to attorneys for a parent group suing the state. information includes social security numbers, addresses, and health reports. the parent group does not believe enough is being continue to help the special needs students and they needs the reports to prove this. parents have until april 1 to request the child's records be exempted. all the santa clara city council
5:36 am
will hold an emergency meeting to appoint a new mayor. last night, the city council unanimously voted to choose a successor to finish the temperature of matthews. it was a shock when he resigned with two years still remaining. the city council woman gilmore is rulered the front respecter for replacement. >> no one uses airbnb if danville. still the council voted to take that do zero with the debate on the ban starting last year when a homeowner converted rooms to airbnb rentals and neighbors worried of traffic and strangers. there are 16,000 homes in danville and only a dozen are available as short-term rentals. >> california fisher men have been waiting for months to get back to work with the commercial crabbing season and now it could be around the corner. leaders will decide in the next day or two whether to partly on the commercial dungness crab
5:37 am
season or wait until the entire coast is clear. the toxin showed up in crabs in november. fowl think that some fishing areas are safe enough to open. some crabbers when to wait for the entire coast to be acid free >> clouds north of point reyes tested dirty and it is only 12-14 miles away from where they are preparing we do open to the buyers so they are concerned about being able to sell the crabs. >> they have been hit hard financially by the season's delay, and the governor is asking washington for federal aid. >> we heard from you and you want to necessity when the rain is coming back and meteorologist mike nicco is the guy. >> this afternoon is the best chance, and until then we have other thens to deal with, look at the wipes on live doppler hd, oakland is 26, andis 23, and everyone else is double digits but for some of our dope are valleys in the north bay and inland. at 7:00 7:00 a.m. through 7:00
5:38 am
p.m. above a thousand feet a winter weather advisory with sustained winds at 20 to 30 and gusts at 45 to 50 miles per hour and a slight chance of a local outage and more on that bumping up of the storm level to "2". and at the love us are warmer than our average highs and union city is 68, and we have 67 in oakland, and some areas are in the 50s like pleasanton and santa rosa, and antioch at 56, so it will be windy this morning and dry only for dog walking and look at the golden gate bridge with winds picking up in the next however and 60s with wet weather in this afternoon and scattered showers tomorrow and another chance of rain on friday, that is coming up. >> mike, a look at san mateo bridge, and early stall in the westbound direction on the shoulder it is cleared and traffic is flowing and the
5:39 am
cameras are not bouncing and this is the only bridges that does not have a winter weather advisory so both hands on the wheel with the dumbarton and richmond-san rafael and southbound to san francisco and the golden gate bridge but traffic is slow for the drive time on westbound 580 but 32 minutes and if you are headed through the grade southbound from dublin, we have 17 minute ride and it is looking good in shows northbound 85 from 101 do cupertino, just 16 minutes. back to you. >> good news for valentine's day -- valentine colt found in a ravine. >> and getting a company started is not always the hardest part scenes to it is harder to keep it going. it going. see where the local
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. young people will soon face smaller fines and no criminal charges if they break rules on san francisco's muni. violators under able 18 pay $56 for most infractions which is half of what adults pay. this includes fare evasion refusing to give up a seat to a senior citizen or person with disabilities and scrawling
5:43 am
graffiti. happening today, pope francis finishes the five day trip to mexico celebrating a mass in mexico across the across the border from el paso. yesterday, the holy father was ire stated when eagerly people tugged open his sleeve from behind at barrier and he almost fell and it happened a second time. he is say don't be selfish, don't be selfish. 200,000 people are expected to attend the mass. 90 yards from the united states border. >> president obama challenging republicans to offer a plausible reason for refusing to consider a candidate to replace the supreme court justice antonin scalia. the president said that there is more than enough time for the senate to consider a nominee. the constitution is very clear about his responsibility as president. >> the job does not stole until you are voted out or until the sperm expires. i intend to do my job gene now and january 20 of 201 and i
5:44 am
expect them to do their job. all the supreme court is observing a long held tradition to honor antonin scalia with this grape covering his chair and the bench and hangs over the court loom -- room door, the longest serving justice dying on saturday at aim of 79. >> three dozen start-ups graduate from a program that could help them become household names, called on start-ups, each had the opportunity to persuade investors they are the next big thing. this is an event that took place yesterday called de mo day. they invest in each of the start-ups. most will not make it but we invest if that many because they are all great potential and sometimes we are surprised. >> most of start-ups have customers and money coming in and took part in the day to take their idea to the next level.
5:45 am
>> good news this morning, valentine the baby horse rescued in fremont on valentine's day does not need surgery. >> valentine needs treatment. when we did the story for you yesterday we saw an unbelievable amount of support from our viewers. you remember that he was fund trapped at the bottom of a ravine with a broken pelvis and was there for two days. more than 16,000 dollars poured in to the gofundme page. >> one people donated $2,000. a lot of them have been smaller lumps of $10-25. the money raised goes to medical care and if money is last over which they probably will, it will go do other animals in need >> that put as smile on your face. >> he is a cutie. >> i hope we can keep up with him. maybe we will do that on social
5:46 am
media. we have a storm this morning and return to winter and the best radar is along the coast with the blueberry and strawberry fields ready with the spring wills, and a cold front to afternoon where all of the energy is and where the lower moisture is we need for light-to-moderate rain. right now we are looking downtown san francisco from the exploritorium camera at pier 15 and here is what will happen for the forecast, light-to-moderate, p.m. showers at noon and then it is on, it will be breezy all day. showers are possible, and friday is light rain and then we will warm back into the 70s over the weekend and into early next week. hello to the storm impact scale pulling out of hiatus, "1" is light and "3" is severe and this is moderate bumping up because of the faster winds and rainfall
5:47 am
amount is quarter to two-thirds of an inch and from 6:00 to 7:00 you can see still the best radar returns in the north bay and by 9:00 a sprinkle or two move influence the heart of bay and look what happened at noon, darker green, better solid line of wet weather moving in, and it is scattered through 4:00 and the darker yellows and evening oning moving in the north bay from 4:00 to 6:00 and 6:00 to 7:00 into the heart of bay and 7:00 to 8:00 in the south bay and between 9:00 and 10:00 it moves out and with the first batch, .1" to a third of an inch of rain is when the scattered showers develop tonight into thursday, we could get up to around higher tolls and a light chance of rain on friday and the 70 are coming back by sunday. frances, any hotspots? >> quiet in terms of accidents this morning but it is windy so you need to be extra came as you drive across the bay area bridges. interstate 80 in emeryville the
5:48 am
drive time from highway 4 to the toll plaza is only 21 minutes which is normal. camera is shaking so be extra careful. we take you to the south bay and show you san jose northbound, highway 17, right across the screen and that is pretty quiet this morning. we the drive time across richmond-san rafael bridge with a wind at advisory at seven minutes and san mateo bridge is good with no delay on the dumbarton but there is winter weather advisory for that and if you want to take mass transit no major delays recorded on bart or muni or caltrain. >> it is a critical link in feeding thousands people in the bay area, the help a nonprofit group needs from you to make right what thieves made wrong. >> they are still gold and shiny but the oscar sta michael finney you can record it and post it to michael finney you can record it
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>> today's storm on the storm impact scale is level "2" which means moderate rain so drive safely and gear up. >> the pope is up and about this morning, and you can see him in the center of your screen the last day of his five-day visit to mexico headed to united states and mexican border. he is pausing to kiss infants and shake hands, and the music playing in the back ground and
5:52 am
more attention than normal expected to be paid because of the expected message these will deliver about mission. we will monitor this. >> it is like he came out right on cue for our views. >> he watches it live stream each morning. >> i doubt it. a police chase involving a backhoe. this is video showing the police chasing a man who stole the become he from the construction site and took it for a joy ride in florida and this laughed three hours, you can see the sparks from the high and this backhoe actually dumped boulders and destroyed a street and less a real mess. police stopped the backhoe with spike strips and took a 59-year-old man into custody. now we will take you to the water. remember the mega ship that couple to the bay area recently called the benjamin franklin coming back to the port of oakland next friday. it is the largest vessel ever to dock at a united states sport and it is the second trip to
5:53 am
oakland the first time docking in the middle harbor in oakland with the estuary dredged to am -- to accommodate the larger vessels. >> two intoxicated woman assaulted a woman near her campus apartment with few details being released but the woman did not kneeled medical attention at uc davis and boast suspects are in custody. neither attends uc davis. >> an east bay nonprofit needs your help to find a pickup truck stolen from the headquarters in concord. this picture was posted on facebook, the white truck helps feed more than 50,000 people ovary year. monument crisis center urges you to call concord fess if you know anything about the stolen truck. another sign of spring, pitcher s and catchers reported
5:54 am
to arizona for the 2016 station. >> position players are not required to report until monday but company players show up early. the orange and black play the league opener on march 2 against the angels with the reason season in milwaukee april 4. a's open on saturday for camp. >> and a change in the weather with the rain. >> looking forward toes with disbecause it is an even year. not a single official reporting station has an average amount of rain since october 1. we will try to change that today with the storm coming in with sprinkles and light-to-moderate rain this afternoon, and the sierra now has dipped below average also, at 91 percent and 71 percent for the snow year. guess how much we will get? above 6,000' and possibly 1' to 2' and around donner and kirkwood at 2.5-3' this
5:55 am
afternoon through tomorrow afternoon. we will want it. frances and i will watch it. >> we will keep an eye open road conditions in the sierra. in san rafael, headlights are moving south and it is quiet with the accidents, not too much out there, not too many delays, but there is slowing on westbound 580 from tracy to dublin and that is 43 minutes not horrible and. [ lights from antioch westbound for antioch to concord at 23 minutes and the ride is still looking good through san rafael and san francisco and 101 is 17 minutes. >> this morning, a florida teen is jammed to appear in court to facen chaz of practicing medicine without a license. he is only 18, and was posing as a physician for months and seeing parents. the police say that he liked to call himself "dr. love," and
5:56 am
fooled his victims with a website and held a grand opening last month for a medical clinic. police say an undercover cop posed as statement when he gave her a physical exam she put him in handcuffs. i am hurt because of the accusations and allegations but this is not the first time i have been accused and i will pursue this. >> unless he is...18 is not usually the name of a medical doctor and he posted bond and released from jail and "good morning america" will have much more on this at 7:00 a.m. and i cannot believe he is saying high is "hurt." >> we will watch that. >> the biggest award soap the oscars. all the statues are going old school. a knock foundry is restoring features of the original designs using digital scans and 3-d printers. it took three months to make the 50 statues using this high-tech
5:57 am
process but they are still in 24 carat gold at 13.5" tall and 8.5 pounds. we are your home for the oscars. chris rock will host the aword shows on sunday, february 28. please join us. >> the reason you may soon need more than your driver's listen to get through security at the airport. [ inaudible ] >> another look from mexico city the pope is in the pope possibly and this is his last day of the five day visit and we will all be watching his big announcement be watching his big announcement and big statements tod
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news >> a close eye on live doppler
6:00 am
hd you will notice a lot of grandparent out there. the rain is not hitting the ground. yet. >> good morning, i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> coming up on 6:00 a.m. and you will need the rain jacket or umbrella for the commute on the way home. >> too dry below 14,000 feet for anything other than sprinkles, so it is not heavy rain. you can tune in and we will explain what is go on, there could be a scatter sprinkle the next three hours. the big deal is the wind and warm temperatures. you can see 54 to 62 this morning. low-to-mid 60s by noon. everything happens after a 4:00. through the evening commute. it will be breezy. we have light-to-moderate rain. the commute is hard. it will be cooler. the commute, frances? all the big challenge for drivers is the wind. winter weather advisory is issued so here is 680, near walnut creek, fi


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