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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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grandparent out there. the rain is not hitting the ground. yet. >> good morning, i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> coming up on 6:00 a.m. and you will need the rain jacket or umbrella for the commute on the way home. >> too dry below 14,000 feet for anything other than sprinkles, so it is not heavy rain. you can tune in and we will explain what is go on, there could be a scatter sprinkle the next three hours. the big deal is the wind and warm temperatures. you can see 54 to 62 this morning. low-to-mid 60s by noon. everything happens after a 4:00. through the evening commute. it will be breezy. we have light-to-moderate rain. the commute is hard. it will be cooler. the commute, frances? all the big challenge for drivers is the wind. winter weather advisory is issued so here is 680, near walnut creek, fine here but you
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you will want to be extra careful through the sunol grade. speaking of the bay bridge, with metering lights on, the traffic is backed up to the 880 overcrossing. >> thank you. developing news in berkeley, the search is on for a gunman would shot three teens leaving two of them seriously hurt. it happened before 8:00 last night, on parker street near san pablo avenue. a 16-year-old and an 18-year-old are recovering from head wounds, one shot in the eye. the third victim, a 19-year-old, was shot in the arm and they are not sure how many they are, hadding for or if they escaped on foot or in a car. >> san francisco police plan to discuss a newly proposed ordinance regarding the use of force. it requires the officers to file a report every time an officer fires a gun. not just when someone dies or file as complaint. san francisco supervisor hopes
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to bring more transparency to the department's procedures in the wake of the mario woods shooting. >> the san francisco municipal transportation board has voted in support of the propped limits on technical shuttles with the program being limited to a year, requiring a six month review, and capping the number of loading zones at 125. it takes the tech company workers to the jobs on the peninsula. the technical workers are moving into the city and driving up the housing and rent prices, can they say contribute to eviction. >> teachers a oakland public school will join the community groups as part of a national walk in campaign. the focus is immigration. others are calling are for state schools free of threats of deportation much the president of the oakland education association said the schools need to be safe havens from trauma and fear. officials are trying to come up with a solution to a teen with a solution to a teen suicide crisis.
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and support to help us understand what is go on with our teen community is truly valuable. >> centers for disease control experts have collected data and for two weeks will conduct interviews and held community meetings before final rock dayses to help with the problem. all the sonoma county sheriff is no longer actively searching for this man, a missing santa rosa attorney. the 56-year-old mitchell was seen saturday by his wife. park rangers found the car to bodega bay the next day. investigators do not believe mitchell is the victim of foul play. he was hired by sonoma county to defend against a civil lawsuit filed by the family of andy lopez carrying a pellet gun that
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look like an ak-47 when slot and killed by a sheriff deputy. >> a president shows that hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders are in a dead heat. 48% support hillary clinton and 47% support bernie sanders. donald trump hold as wide lead over his rivals, 45% support donald trump with marco rubio running second at 19% and senator ted cruz in third with 17%. the nevada caucus is held on saturday. >> big developing news overnight, apple c.e.o. will fight a court order to unlock an iphone belonging to a san bernardino shooters saying the idea is a threat to all of our privacy. matt keller is in cupertino with what is at steak. matt? >> yes, this was a significant victory for the justice department.
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overnight apple c.e.o. said his company is going to fight the court order and want as public discussion about what is at stake. in the past few hours the statement was released by tim coal. "we believe the f.b.i. intention are good it is wrong fore the government to force us to build a back door into the rod and we fear this demand would undermine the freedoms and liberty our government is meant to protect." this is in response to a judge ruling that apple must help the fbi hack interest an encrypted iphone belong to farook one of two shooters in the terrorist attack that killed 14 and injuried 24 others. apple enphones have default encryption requiring a pass code that only the user knows and all data is erased after ten consecutive unsuccessful attempts. >> it has been consistent with the apple policy for quite some time to try to be as unhelp the
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to law enforcement. they should be on our side against terrorism. >> the apple c.e.o. full statement is on >> a group of blind moviegoers now suing amc theaters and they say the company is keeping them from enjoying movies. >> we will introduce you to the newest top dog, c.j. >> the storm impact scale, today the storm is level "2" so moderate rain. gear up before you go out. drive safely. track the storm any time on abc7 track the storm any time on abc7 news
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>> owe best radar returns into 237 i checked our camera at san mateo bridge, bone dry. everything is evaporating in the 15,000 foot dry layer. the winds will be faster starting at 7:00 this morning until 7:00 this evening with local power outages possible at gusts 45 to 50 miles per hour and this is why the storm impact scale was bumped from a "1" to a tuberculosis because of winds.
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sheltered areas like the san ramon valley to livermore in the upper 50s. walnut creek and conned record -- concord mid-to-upper 60s. 59 in santa rosa. fairfield, cool at 54. the flags on the ferry builting, unfurled as the womans come from the south they will stir up the tree pollen today, so until the rain comes be came. san rafael has the best radar. it is bone dry up 101 and winter is running but mainly this afternoon and evening, and a chance of showers on thursday and a clap of thunder is possible tapering headed to the evening hours and another chance of light rain on friday with a warmer weekend forecast and hour by hour look at the wet weather. frances? hotspots? >> windy spots. >> windy spots. >> not not too many hotspots. through hayward approaching 92 and the san mateo bridge we have a bit of traffic westbound side
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as you make your way into san mateo and foster city but it is quiet in fors of accidents and not too many hot spots. in san jose, northbound 280, and highway 17, across the screen. the will suspects westbound 580, tracy to dublin 49 minutes and through the dublin grade, slow at 21 minutes through mission boulevard south. >> this gay is in the spotlight this morning, meet c.j., a germ short -- german short hair pointer winning "best in she," the first of the breed to win the competition since 2005 at westminster. this is a large dog that just wanted a treat and he kept trying to nibble at his handler's suit pocket. maybe next year.
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>> that is cute. never heard of that dog before so you taught me something. >> health warning of rain in the bay area. plane ticket prices are going up although record profits and low although record profits and low fuel prices.
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> travelers, listen up. the current california i.d. or driver's listen may not be enough to get you through airport security in the future. the dmv is working to comply with stricter federal standards on identification. california has two more years to meet federal requirements working with the z homeland security to make people award of the changes. >> a group of blind customers is suing amc theaters for discrimination accusing amc of not maintaining the ought eye description technology the service that describes scenes without dialogue for impaired. the suit said that blind pay trips often deal with malfunctioning headsets or dead batteries. scott experienced a problem when he took his son to their first
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movie. >> i had a pair of headphones and the audio description equipment and it worked for ten minutes. then it ran out of battery. i could not communicate with my boy about what was happening. this is interesting, they do not want money from the lawsuit. what they want is for amount mc to properly main than the headsets. all the rain we are seeing with el nino storms comes with a new health warning, containing higher levels of mercury, according to the santa cruz sentinel. mercury levels in rain could translate to more mercury in your feed especially seafood. scientists warning people to check guidelines possibly because of coal burning power plant emissions. >> a fish hatchery will release 210,000 chinook salmon part of an effort to protect the run from the dire effects of the drought. the second release happens
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tomorrow. the fish hatchery said 400,000 salmon in all will be released. >> investigators are trying to figure what caused the cockpit of a jet to fill up with smoke on the alaskan airlines. >> it sounds like the pilots wearing the mack. the pilot made the came 16 minutes after take off from reagan national airport in washington, dc. the flight was headed for seattle on monday. the crew got permission to land the boeing 737 at dulles international airport. the plane did touch down safely. all six crew members were checked out at the hospital and no passengers were hurt. >> airlines are seeing record profits but it is not passed on to you. they are raising ticket prices. sin early january, man airlines have increased fares by $6 round trip. some of them have done it twice this year already including
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jetblue and delta and american and united. analysts say there is a reason. the as want to see how high they can jack up prices' you will stop buying their tickets. they are spending profits on new airlines and employee raises. >> months after the powerball that had all of us dreaming, the second winner is expected to come forward today in florida. three winning tickets were sold for the his to be $1.6 billion jackpot and the owner of the florida ticket is holding a news conference at 10:30 this only our time. a tennessee couple came forward with the first tick ticket and another one sold east of los angeles. >> meteorologist mike nicco, i brought something to welcome today call...umbrella. umbrella. umbrella, @,havenotused used that word for a while.
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>> you need it this afternoon and temperatures are going to fall this afternoon, too, so the mile weather you are feeling is going to go away. good morning, everyone, the beauty of social media i had a defeat saying there are sprinkles and breezy on the san mateo bridge this morning so better radar returns have now moved into the east bay hills and into the inland valleys and the sprinkles are coming down. that is beautiful. what i love about social media you can be my eyes in the field when i am not. >> a look at live doppler hd more radar returns to the south with sprinkles through the morning commute and a break at mid-morning to mid-afternoon and showers on left side of the scene are moving in messing up the evening commute. tamalpais, gust as at 36 miles per hour. highlights are
6:20 am
light-to-moderate, breezy all day, showers are possible, and thunder tonight through tomorrow and another chance of rain on friday, and it is warm again this weekend. our storm impact trail is back hiding with the umbrella, and light to severe at "1" to "5" and this is a "2" base of wind, and the rainfall amount is the same at quarter to three-quarters inch. at 7:00 you can see the best chance of sprinkles across the north bay and sliding into the heart the bay, by liquor to noon we will have a better chance of scattered light showers and to 4:00 you can see the yellow and on developing and 6:00, in the heart of the bay. 7:00 and 8:00 in the south bay, and from 8:00 to 10:00 we transition to the scattered showers. more rain on thursday. a little on friday. look at the 70s back by sunday. be careful. frances? >> be careful. both happens on the wheel. especially if you are headed across the san mateo brake because they add that to the list of bridges with a winter weather advisory so you have
6:21 am
winter weather advisory bay bridge, san mateo, dumbarton bridge and the richmond-san rafael bridge. also, accident reported in san jose a three car crash north we and c.h.p. is already there, but lack how slow it, and moving at 31 miles per hour, and the backup extends beyond the 280, 680, 101 interchange. westbound 80 is getting crowded and the drive time has grown from highway 4 to the toll plaza at 38 minutes and richmond-san rafael bridge is delay free at this point. >> this photo is honestly worth it to stop what you are doing. put the cereal down. we got this photo from yosemite national park taken as the bes instagram photo in months. that is actually a waterfall but it is taken the at right moment at sunset where the light hits
6:22 am
the water and it makings it look like a lava flow. she said in comments people were crying because they were so stunned by what they saw. >> thank you to our viewers today and we want to see your best perks post them on social media #abc7now. >> ask finney segment is next. a warning for anyone with an unsolicited credit card in the unsolicited credit card in the mail.
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>> back to mexico city, a closeup of open window and the hand belonging to pope francis. he is making his way through the streets of mexico city in the white fiat on the way to the airport to fly to the border. there are supporters can if you listen closely you can hear them screaming. later today, the pope will return to rome. >> we are going to go from the pope to a princess. happening today, kate middleton is taking over the living ton post publishing about initiative "young mines matter," focusing on the mental health of young children saying the mental health problems are taboo although unresolved mental issues can -- state their lives later. the blog is followed by a series of articles about children's
6:26 am
mental health. >> visa said only 17% of transactions have come from retailer whose have chip-enabled readers which are in stores but not all have the necessary software to go with it. it is estimated that 70 percent of americans have received 9 one chip card designed to cut down the risk of credit card fraud. we now, "7 on your side" has agencies to a question that could have an exact on your credit report. >> i moved from tennessee and when i get here i had a credit card waiting for me with $2,000 limit, and maybe one association knew i was here but i was surprised to have it. how did that happen? >> i wonder, too, that is scary much credit cars can only be issued under three instants: when you respond to a request from you after you fill out an application, for you are renewing or replacing a card you already have. other than that, you should not
6:27 am
be getting any card in the mail. i would call the issuer right away and find out what is go on. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it and san it -- send it or has been askfinney. you could see the question earned right here. >> a difficult is saying no more short term rentals and next at 6:30 a violent attack in a north bay high school caught on camera and how the school district is and how the school district is now
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. it is 6:30 on wednesday. pore purse time if a long-term you will need the umbrella. meteorologist mike nicco? >> reggie and natasha, good morning, especially in the afternoon and evening. temperatures falling. right now we are in the 60s. live doppler hd shows very active. but only producing sprinkles. the ground is up to 15,000 wet is so dry. the radar is look impressive it will be the afternoon hours. look how beautiful it looks on 280 and 17 san jose camera. the temperatures are dropping. watch out in the evening, that is when the wet weather has the greatest affect. breezy today. frances, how is it affecting the bridges? >> winter weather advisory
6:31 am
issued by c.h.p. and westbound from hayward to is slow and winter weather advisory for the bay bridge and the toll plaza extends to the 880 overcrossing. you will need both hands on the wheel for richmond-san rafael bridge and the dumbarton bridge. the northbound 101 is slow because the drive through san jose next report. >> berkeleys best are sending for the gunman would shot three teens if a quiet neighborhood left shocked by this violence. amy hollyfield is at berkeley headquarters. >> i was briefed by the police spokesperson and they will recanvas the neighborhood and looking for witnesses and talk to victims who are all still in the hospital but expected to make it. three teens were shot last night after 7:30 in berkeley and
6:32 am
according to police all of the victims are berkeley residents and they are 19, 18, and 16. two are in serious condition. officers say they were sitting in a car and witnesses had seen men gathered around the car before the shooting happened. it was tough to see but officers say if there were any witnesses out there who have knit come forward they would like to talk to them. >> it is a dark street. we do not know how many may have soon it. we are hoping if someone has not talked to us to call the police department so we can find out what happened. >> this happened at parker street, just after 7:30 last night, and police have not say the motive but say they demoted thin it was random, with no arrests made they do not have any prescriptions of the suspects. >> happening today, the man accused of killing gus vegas
6:33 am
will appear in court, family members of officer gus vegas will attend robert vega's proceedings this afternoon. yesterday the officer's body was escorted from the coroner in fairfield to vallejo. he was shot and killed if his home last antioch. the father of his six-year-old grandson now faces charges. his daughter said that the suspect and like a brother to her. >> he mean as lot to us so we are just praying for him and his family, as well, and we are going to get through it and...trying to be advantage for my mom. that was a special relationship to us. my dad would do it all over again. a million times. >> it is hard to imagine the position this family now is in. the officer gus vegas is laid to rest on friday and the public is invited to the memorial held at richmond memorial auditorium on civic center plaza at 10:00 a.m.
6:34 am
followed by a private burial. a gofundme account is set up with detail on abc7 news corm. >> police are mourning the loss of a fallen officer this morning, officer pier man chasing a shot lifter on monday and suffered a heart attack and decided working a second job at the mall. he was then for generosity. in the fall he found out a youg boy had the play station stolen he bought him a new one in time for drill. he leaves behind an 8-year-old son. >> a school district in the north bay does not want to you see a fight between a couple of teens but the video of a girl beating a boy has thin million viewers and counseling this morning on facebook. we are seeing this video, the fight started with an exchange on social media? >> yes, it started with a boy making some comments about the girl on facebook and she con friended him at school, and 33 water on her, and then another
6:35 am
student took this cell phone video that shows girl punching and kneeing the boy in the face, once there and then, again, and she body slammed him ground --ing attention of professional jujitsu fighter and has been viewed 13 million times. the school district said that the girl goes to the high school an alternative school that share as campus with the sonoma valley. according to the sonoma index tribune a similar fight took place at creekside last month and a 17-year-old through a 17-year-old boy to the ground and kick him in the face. [ inaudible ] sometimes do you not have a choice to walk away. >> district released a statement saying it took appropriate disciplinary action after the fight last week. students say the girl was suspended and the boy suffered a
6:36 am
black eye and is still in sky. the district asked facebook to remove the video but facebook has refused. if you are the parent of a public school student, private information on ten million students will beery leased to attorneys for a parent group suing the state. the information includes social security nubs, addresses and health reports. the paper group does not believe enough is being done to help special needs students and they need the records to prove that. parents have until april 1 to ask they be exempt. >> now, we you can see the pope is leaving mexico city right new about to board a plane headed to the united states and mexican border, the last day of his five-day terrorist with singing
6:37 am
in the background and more attention than normal because of expected pentagon he will deliver about immigration. we will keep you track. >> i heard that the plane -- there he is blessing the plane; there is something at inside said "mission of peace." >> and the vatican coat of arms. >> the santa clara city council will hold an emergency meeting to appoint a new mayor, and according to our media partner, the san jose murray z mercury news they voted to appoint a success or of mayor smooth uses who resigned with two years remaining. the city council will meet tonight at 7:30. >> virtually no one uses airbnb in danville. yet the town council voted to take that no one to absolutely no one. the debate to ban short-term rental started last year, a
6:38 am
homeowner converted rooms to airbnb rentals and neighbors worried of traffic and strangers on the street. danville has 16,000 homes and only a dozen are now available as short-term rentals. >> young people will face smaller fines and no criminal challenges if they break rules on san francisco's muni. violators under 18 pay $56 half of what adults pay. that includes fare evasion, refusing to give up seats to a senior citizen and scrawling graffiti. >> california fishermen have been waiting for months to get back to work for crab season. we they will decide in the next leader whether to partly on the commercial dungness crab or to wait until the entire coast is clear of toxin which showed up in crabs in november. some fishing areas are safe enough to open but some crabbers
6:39 am
want to wait for the entire coast to be acid free. all the crabs north of point reyes tested dirty last test and it is only 12-14 miles away from where they are hoping we open so the buyers are conditioned about selling the crabs. >> can crabbers sell the crabs? they have been hit heart financially by the delay and the governor is asking withed with for aid. most oakland residents survey opposed the idea of cool train through the city. opponents say the extra five million to ten million tons of cool suppose a serious health risk. they will examine the health and safety affects and will take up the issue again in april. >> now 6:40, and a better chance of sprinkles on highway 4, antioch, discovery bail and through the altamont pass, as we head back to oakland, across the bay to south san francisco and
6:40 am
to san mateo, winds are the big story this morning, and they will continue to increase in speed at 20-30 miles per hour in the south, and gusts up to 45 to 50 miles per hour with power outages from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. so storm impact scale is bumped up to a "2". low-to-mid 60s throughout the south bay and leg at 58 and mountain view is 67 and sheltered areas are cooler, with danville 56. it is breezy but it is mild. hiking it will be breezy if the hills and wet. dry this morning for walking the dog or bicycling but breezy and wet this afternoon. our east bay hills calculate a, temperatures in the low-to-mid 60s with wet weather and a chance of showers tomorrow and more rain on friday. ran says? >> yes, we are seeing brake lights and a stall reported in the backup. this is westbound 80 before the
6:41 am
macarthur maze and you can see that area there is where or causing problems and slow downs so the drive time from highway 4 to the maze is about 55 minutes. there is also a new accident reported eastbound 580 at 98th so we will keep you posted. it looks like the camera shot is frozen. i wanted to update the accident in san jose northbound 101 it could still be blocking a lane so traffic is slowing from 280. >> thank you, this morning the stubbing revelations of how many of us had personal information stolen last year when authorities say it is to blame. >> accusations that jessica alba's company is not once and alba's company is not once and some are
6:42 am
alba's company is not once and some are this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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6:44 am
>> today's storm is level "2" so moderate rain. gear up before you go out. drive safely. track the storm any time on the we abc7 news app. >> put down your phone on the road. law enforcement armies from san mateo will take part in a saturation traffic enforcement program so they are looking for you. it is from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00
6:45 am
p.m. and the goal is to reduce injuries and traffic accidents throughout the county. officers say they see a last texting at red lights and especially they will look for that. distracted driving citation is $160 not including court fees. >> apple c.e.o. will fight a court order to unlock an court order to unlock an iphone belonging to one one of this is protecting our rights as a society. >> a hot debate in silicon valley, privacy versus security and this ruling could change everything. starting here at apple. if a statement released overnight the company c.e.o. said that for years, security experts have been warning against weakening encryption that would hurt the well meaning and law abideed
6:46 am
citizens and he wants people toed if what is at stake after a judge ruled yesterday that apple must help the f.b.i. act on an enrested iphone belonging to one of two shooters in the december terrorist attacks that killed 14 people and injured 24 hours in san bernardino. encryption is a problem for law enforcement who fine a device cannot be open when the judge said there is probable cause. at people -- statement is on our website. >> we will check on wall street, the big board, up 107 popes this morning. >> and we are at the nasdaq with the money report. jane? yes, california attorney general said three in five may have had electronic records stolen, with the number jumping sharply. the report blame as few of large
6:47 am
breaches from most of the thefts including those dumped by a health insurance company. >> and actress jessica alba is accused of dishonest labeling with labels "natural base," so consumes overpaid and they did not respond a request for a comment. man shopping habits are looking more like women and are spending more time in the stores and spending more money when they get there and shopping more online and in the stores have noticed and they are adding grooming products and headphones. storms are off to a positive fort today. this is the first three updays in a rode this year, and we are higher despite housing starts being disappointing last month. i love how someone things head
6:48 am
phones are male impulse buying? >> you don't think so? >> i got to for christmas. >> that proved me wrong. >> now, good news, the baby horse name valentine rescued in fremont on valentine's day does not need surgery. >> valentine does still need treatment and my gosh is valentine cute. we saw an outpouring of support from our viewers. we told you that the horse you saw in the by was found at bottom the ravine with a broken pelvis and was probably there fore two days and likely would have died if someone did not find valentine. a lot of you pitched in and raised more than $16,000 to the gofundme payment. >> someone donated $2,000 and a lot them have been smaller lumps of $10-25 and every bit counts. >> the comet will be treated at uc davis and the money raised goes to medical care. and any left over money is going to hip other animals in need. >> now the biggest award she of
6:49 am
the season, the oscars. this year the statues are going ode school models after the original oscar from 1929, with a new york foundry making all 50 in three months using 3-d printers. oscars are plated in 24 kate gold but it is 13.5 quarter-inch tall and weighs 8.5 pounds. we are the home for oscars set the dvr now and get ready. chris rock will host the show on sunday february 28. join us for see who winses. >> i would only accept an oscar if it is businesses on the 1929 oscar. >> that makes sent. >> i noticed you were... >> i wanted to get into the little oscar pose. >> like that. you are into that story. >> cannot wait to see that or wet weather with few sprinkles.
6:50 am
live doppler hd shows stretching down 80 and into 680 across 24 and possibly 580 down to mess and possibly 580 down to mess can dairy -- to arrival dries aing two hours and 32 minutes. breezy and mild. moderate showers this afternoon. imagine what the delays are when it is raining. scattered showers and thunder tonight through thursday and a last chance of rain on friday. storm impact scale is back with the need for the umbrella. "1" is light and "5" is severe and here is what to expect, the winds faster than originally thought account threat of thunder tonight through tomorrow. here is a look at 7:00, through 8:00, and 9:00, can you see the scattered right shoulder are possible with sprinkles along
6:51 am
the coast and higher elevations and by noon we have a better chance with green and darker more solidified and the cold front will come in to the north bay at the heart of the bay at 6:00 and the south bay at 7:00 and by 10:00, this round is over and we transition to scattered showers. with the first batch of rain, we should have .2" to half an inch of rain with more with showers on thursday and light rain on friday school the not bay and saturday we are dry and sunday back in the 70s. >> frances? >> winter weather advisory for many bridges so be extra careful. dumbarton bridge and richmond san rafael bridge and the san mateo bridge, a lot of brake lights southbound 680 near north main from walnut creek traffic is slow from 242 to highway 24 and also, to san jose north 101 an early accident and slow traffic moving at 30 miles per hour backed up for several
6:52 am
miles. slow right there and beyond the crash 101 and 880 traffic is flowing well on 101 up the peninsula and slow spots 580 tracy to dublin is 53 minutes. >> east bay nonprofit needs your help to find a pickup truck stolen from the headquarters in concord, and monument crisis center posted this picture of the ford open facebook. the white truck plays a critical role in helping feed more than 50,000 people a year and monument crisis urges you to call concord police if you know anything. >> people in a peninsula town want to keep chickens in their backyard. some folks in atherton would like to have the fresh eggs. the rules could be changed today for birds on smaller properties because right now you have to have a rot that is bigger than 80,000 square feet which is
6:53 am
close to two acres. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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>> here are the seven things you need to know before you go of the mike? >> one, sprinkles. this is scattered light showers during the early afternoon. best heavy rain moves in. during the evening commute.
6:55 am
breezy. the sprinkles are falling from mount tam tam. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s and we will be cooler this afternoon. >> two, you will need to have both happen on the wheel. the biggest criminal is the windy conditions. wind advisory for the bay bridge and san mateo and backup through the macarthur maze. >> three, c.e.o. they will fight an order by a judge over iphone security of a terrorist. >> and police accepting for a gunman would shot three teens last night with two victims in serious condition. >> facebook will not take down a viral video of a school beating at sonoma valley high school with a girl taking down a boy. the district said they are taking "appropriate action." >> the big board shows the stock market dancing into positive materiality over 100 points at 130 right now.
6:56 am
the market rallied 223 points year, despite the slide in oil prices. >> this is the top dog, c.j. the german short hair. >> we continue online, twitter, facebook and all devices. facebook and all devices. see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking news, the fbi takes on apple demanding the tech giant help with the terror investigation. are critical clues to more plots hidden on the phone of the san bernardino shooter. why the ceo is refusing to help. it could affect everyone with a smartphone. teaming up to take down donald trump. ted cruz, marco rubio and even the president taking aim at the gop front-runner. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. >> as hillary clinton tries to avoid another bernie sanders upset, a brand-new poll showing them in a dead heat ahead of the next big vote. winter warning. a new alert about dangers on the ski slopes. the terrifying moment this young boy slipped dangling 30 feet above ground and the hero bystanders who helped rescue him. the new best in show crowned after facing rough competition


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