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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 18, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> beauty by by the bay. a picture of the calm after the latest storm, white fluffy clouds and a look from emeryville showing that the bigger storm clouds are really giving way to blue skies, gorgeous systems. i am natasha zouves. >> i am kristen sze. a contrast in pictures from a few hours ago from the same camera in emeryville. the latest on the storm-influenced storm got off to a rock-n-roll start in the bay area at 5:45 this morning creating a show for those who were up. there were flashes lighting up the skyant bay bridge and the
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wild weather made for impressive views from the east bay hills camera and the time-lapse footage shows at 7:30 this morning the storm clouds rolling through with sunbeams come law and mike is tracking the chance for a few showers. mike? how is it look increasing. >> pretty quiet from my spot right here which is why we have live doppler hd. good morning, everyone, you need the sunglasses but we have a few showers rolling through the east bay and inland east bay and the south bay, almost clear. near gilroy we have a few showers for another 45 minutes. to the north we have the best chance of a shower during the afternoon. in fact, it is to the north where we have seen the most amount of rain. san mateo is nearly 1.25" and two-thirds in oakland and only .25" in san jose. the best chance of showers is in the north bay through 3:00, and that will taper at 5:00, and our
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chances of thunder have gone by the wayside and it will be cooler heading out this evening. we have one more chance of rain before we get to a warm weekend. that is coming up. >> it seems parts of the bay area have been on a weather roller coaster tracking rain, downed trees and hail. our reporter has been out in the elements since 4:30 this morning. you are getting sunshine if los gatos. matt? >> natasha, nice here in los gatos we have sun that is shining through the clouds. what a storm that moved through leaving a big mess behind. >> the struggle is real. when you thought the rain was over, a shower shows up in los gatos to keep you humble. it was more than a little shower at the hayward airport at 5:00 a.m., ground level video of hail, trees and limits falling. this is in saratoga hitting power lanes. pg&e battled the elements to get
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power on for 281 customers. >> there was an explosion. >> a scary night for a family in cupertino. >> i was in panic mode. [ inaudible ] >> the parents are visiting from india and home when the storms pushed through pushing a tree into the power line sparking several explosions and films. no one was hurt. more than 400 customers were without power overnight and pg&e arrived on the scene and a landscaping crew cut down the tree and power was restored. today, a rainbow and a great story to bring home to india. [ inaudible ] >> i check the pg&e website and there are widespread out a's not impacting a lot of customers with 13 outages in los gatos and seven in san jose. pg&e has a last work to do. >> thank you.
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the storm proved to be too much for tree in san francisco's sea cliff neighborhood and you can see the cliff fall on to a car ending up across the hood and blocking the street at lake street and 29th avenue. san francisco police directed the traffic around the mess during the heart of the commute. >> a massive tree brought down power lines in the oakland hills this morning, and this is video showing the damage of a car and blocked three lanes of traffic. no one was hurt. pg&e crews are working to restore power in the area. >> a tree that fowl in alamo is calendar up soon and we were at the scene on round hill road as crews chopped at the tree that fell last night. crews had to wait until day break to start the cleanup because the tree brought down some power lines and pg&e repaired those, first, with the scene that was safe. crews are working to restore power an the bay area with new numbers, 220 customers in the south bay are still without power. 150 are in the dark in the in the bay, and, 80 in the east bay
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and a handful on the peninsula, right now, at 50 customers. there are no outages in san francisco. the news app is the perfect way to keep tab on the storm in real time tracking live doppler hd right new on the phone and see the storm where you live. you can download for free by enabling public alerts. >> a blazing fire results in tragedy. an infant is dead. several escaped but many are without a place to live. our reporter has been at the scene all morning and joins us live. you just poke to firefighters? >> yes, i did. look behind my you can see them now in action. they are inside investigating trying to figure out what caused the fire. they are focusing on the top story apartment because they believe that is where the fire started. that is the unit where the baby died.
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the huge fire that consume the top -- konsyled the top floor kept the firefighters from reaching the baby. a woman, man, and four-year-old got out safely but could not get to the infant who neighbors say was seven months old. [ inaudible ] i heard the child was still inside...and he did not make it was really sad. >> stehpanie was in the building next door and heard the mother screaming and sought fire. williams dropped her family and ran outside. i cannot imagine the pain she felt standing outside and knowing...the in the apartment that is burning. >> another neighbor is eight months regulate and has a two-year old and a four-year-old. they get out. as a summer, she could hardly handle the news of what happened next door. >> it is sad.
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to see something like that. really sad. especially with a baby inside. >> firefighters say all four units in the apartment building were damaged. the woman inside the apartment with the baby suffered cuts to her hand during her escape. some neighbor say they tried to get to the baby. firefighters tried, too. all the first units arrived they made an attempt and the farm was not considered 15 -- tenable. it was too involved with the fire. the mother was treated for the cuts to the hands. no one else was hurt. firefighters say that 13 people were displaceed. >> santa rosa police need your help to solve a homicide. they are asking you to come forward if you have any information about a shooting last night. this is town view avenue. police received several reports of gunshots at 7:fry a.m. if. they found a person in the road with a gunshot wound and that person did not survive. right now police are withholding
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the victim's identity. >> the effort to build the suicide prevention net on the golden gate bridge has been delayed by two months. the district said they will delay the construction bidding period for the $76 million project from march to may to give firms extra time to source domestic steel. this is a sample of the steel net. >> the pope is now involved in a condition tashes 2016 -- with not christian if he calls for departation of immigrants making the comments after the stay in mexico the he said "person who thinks only about building walls wherever they are and not building bridges, is not christian." the pope, however, stop short of explicitly advising americans on how they should vote and said that he wanted to give donald
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trump the benefit of the doubt. trump said he is preside to be a christian and it is disgraceful. >> the mexican government convictioned him that donald trump is not good guy gauze i want to stop people from being killed like kate steinle in san francisco. >> he was referred to kate steinle killed last area at bi14 allegedly by an undocumented immigrant who previously had been deport the to mexico several times. >> donald trump is dismissing a new national poll showing republican challenger ted cruz joining him in first place for the first time putting two of them in a virtual tie >> the f.b.i. is taking matters into its own hand investigates the san bernardino shooting and what is happening after apple said they would not be involved. >> florida teen said to be impersonating a doctor share his
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side of the story. >> mike is tracking another chance of rain.
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completely blocked. there are crews out there try to get it cut up and cleaned up as soon as possible. can you download the news app and were able push alerts for details on when highway 17 is all clear. >> fbi agents are searching the home of the brother of intern dough shooter farook serving a warrant in riverside county saying that agents are looking for evidence in the investigation but would not say more because the affidavit was sealed. this is two days after a judge ordering apple to help the fbi gain access to his locked iphone. apple is challenging that order. >> the teen who called himself dr. love is making more headlines right now as he walked out of the interview with america america accused of impersonating a doctor and performing exams on patients.
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janet? >> he said he has a passion for helping people yet florida authorities say that he did not have the license to give any medical advise. the teen now is facing serious charges. >> are you a doctor of anything? anything? >> irhold a ph.d and in what i don't feel comfortable disclosing. >> a day after he bailed out of jail, 18-year-old dr. malachi love-robinson talked with matt, accused of practicing without a medical license. arrested after he tried to exam uncover officer but insisted he did nothing wrong saying the only mistake was putting the title "m.d.," outside the office door. there was due to be changed there are many degrees that hold a title doctor whether physicist or engineer. >> he described himself as a histic doctor saying he does food treatment and air therapy and photo therapy.
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>> have you had training? >> i have. >> your training comprises shadowing other doctors, real doctors, that is your training? >> training is comprised of a last things. >> you were not at med school? >> exactly. and the patients include an 86-year-old who said he treated her for severe stomach pains and charged $3,500. i can tell you accusation are merely accusations. >> he has hired an attorney but he said after all of this, he is still intends to open up another clinic. >> what a story. >> a stormy morning and another chance for rain. >> meteorologist mike nicco is tracking it. >> good morning, again, from the top of the we broadcast center. it feels a lot like winter with temperatures ten degrees cooler and we have another chance of rain before big time warning comes back to the seven-day
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forecast. >> imagine this in your front yard, more on the tumble weed causing
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>> we have an update on breaking news in the santa cruz mountains with sky 7 over the scene and highway 17 has one lane open in each direction which has just happened. however you can see major backups as a result of the downed tree blocking lanes, and crews are still working to remove it, sky 7 you can see the traffic delays with more updates on twitter@abc7newsbayarea.
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you have to look at this incredible thing is happening in australia right new. the tumble weeds are piling up outside of homes. the guy went in there and you can barely see him, he need as leaf blower to clear it out. every home on this street is inundated with the native plant. it is called "hairy panic," leaving locals frustrated and exhausted and it is just stress ful. >> eight hours yesterday cleaning up the tumble weed. >> this is what i have today. >> tough. makes believe that it is coming from a nearby paddock that a farmer is fails to maintain. >> that is tough. >> some of us have clean up work to do on our own today as well, mike, you have leave on the drive? yes, it was noisy overnight,
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and it woke me up at 12:30 with a strong storm. here is what is left over from the storm besides the showers we have high sub, and, in fact, until 8:00 tomorrow morning we could get up to 17' swells and we are now at 12 at half moon bay to 13 in bodega and behind it san francisco, monterey, at 11 so be careful for sneaker waves and rip currents. in the south bay can you see the scattered showers right around morgan hill and gilroy another five minutes and they will head into the high country with a few showers, still, through the sunol grade up to concord and they will head into the easton part of contra costa county and alameda in the next half hour and the scattered showers across the north bay they have more coverage but not much yellow so a light shower, too, is possible, up there. now, with the showers and the sun shine, we have a chance for rainbows and this is what matt keller's photojournalist took this morning in campbell, so if
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you sigh some post them for us #abc7now. and now, what will happen, showers and thunder will taper, a round of light rain and warm pattern developing with dry air. upper 50s to low 60s and pretty close to where we should be but a far cry from where we were yesterday and a couple days ago with the record highs. tonight it is cooler, with partly cloudy conditions and any stray shower will mainly be in the north bay and the mountains with low 40s inland valleys and mid-40s and mid-40s to around 50 to the coast. now, we have the chance of rain tomorrow and we will talk about the storm impact scale, yesterday was moderate with power outages and thunderstorms but why expect any of it tomorrow or rest of the this afternoon and less than half an inch, and if we get gusts it will be and 20 or 30 that does not usually cause an issue. by 4:00 the best radar is across
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the north by. by 7:00, they are gone. the clouds open up, and cooler with fog forming, and stray shower across the not bay and by noon, the light rain moves in to the north by, and by 3:00 or 4:00 it is moving to the heart of the bay and then as it tries to push into the south bay in the evening it completely falls apart. look at the rainfall amount, nothing in san jose and possibly .5" or more as you though santa rosa and we have heavy snow still falling in lake tahoe and snow showers tomorrow, and grab the sunscreen and enjoy a delightful evening. after tomorrow's low-to-mid 60s we are in the mid-60s on saturday, 70s rush to the bay on sunday and most of issue in n low-to-mid monday and tuesday and wednesday next week. not out of the woods year. hope you can see a rainbow. >> in fact, we will show you a picture of a beautiful rain be, check out this shot in cam bowl
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at 9:30 by i-a-n babcock, and this is a picture. you can share with #abc7now. >> scan area west's plea for
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>> a bay area woman flames the sheriff for the death of her father and how they went to great length to keep him safe and it wasn't enough and who they claim dropped the ball in a special report fortunate on abc7 at 11:00. >> the philadelphia police department have given hip hop artist kanye west a new strategy to get out of debt. join the police department, they say. the department jokingly sent this tweet out urging kanye to sign up for the academy for starting salary of $48,000 a year. he tweeted out on sunday he is $53 million in personal debt and by now he will asked facebook c.e.o. zuckerberg for $1 billion investment into what he called "kanye west ideas o. >> philadelphia police department say he could be debt
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free by 2034. >> if he invests wisely. >> thanks for joining us. have a great day!
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>> this show has a long history of working with great charities, and we're continuing that tradition all week, raising money for shriners hospitals for children, so stick around because it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. all this week we're working with shriners hospitals for children, a truly fantastic charity that has transformed the lives of more than a million kids with its innovative pediatric care, and they do it all regardless of the families' ability to pay. this week, every time a contestant reaches that $50,000 threshold, we'll be writing shriners hospitals for children a check for $10,000. [cheers and applause] plus, at the end of the week, a very speal


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