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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 19, 2016 1:07am-1:38am PST

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now at 11:00. string of sexual assaults in the east bay. just released surveillance video shows the possible attacker running away. good evening. >> berkeley police confirm tonight that they are now investigating three attacks on women. first one last thursday. then tuesday two more. all of them just blocks away from the cal campus. >> alan is live in berkeley with our developing story. alan? >>reporter: police now believe this is the same attacker in all three cases. today a third victim came forward and told police she was sexually assaulted down here on the corner of ellsworth street on tuesday night. also today investigators found surveillance video of man they believe is the attacker. police say this man ran down the 2500 block of ben avenue shortly after sexually assault add woman there around 11:20 tuesday night. just 20 minute earlier another woman attacked at durrant
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avenue and ellsworth street. last thursday police say another attack happened here in the 2500 block of haight street. >> we do believe that these are all connected at this point. that's the reason why we sent out the community alert. >>reporter: in all three cases the attacker described as african american or east indian man in his 20's. he's between 5 feet 9 and 6 feet tall with dark curly hair or dread lock and victim never seen them before. >> when you hear of the situation item somebody that the person knows. so to hear it's somebody completely random is scary. >>reporter: all three of the victims are asian women who were walking home alone near people's park. >> because of the typical thing that you are oriental. submissive must not fight back. no. no. no. >>reporter: police say one of the victims chased the attacker through uc berkeley unit two parking lot where the camera caught him. in berkeley, abc 7 news. we have new video tonight
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of an accident that caused major damage to the sports basin store in walnut creek. just before 7 tonight the drive of the suv slammed into the store at the road here and crash took out the support beam and the suv is the only thing holding up part of the roof. firefighters and contractors shore up the building for now to prevent the collapse. fortunately no one was hurt. new at 11:00. friends family came together tonight to remember the richmond police officer shot and killed in his own home. officer vegas killed inside his vallejo home last week by the father of his grand child. melanie is here. >>reporter: officer vegas's family arrived before sunset. hugging one another. within an hour the line for those hugs filled the entire church celebration center. >> we were laughing. we were laughing because his picture is up there and he's kind of looking back smiling and we said he's probably up there thinking like dang, you know, all of this for me. that's just how he was. >>reporter: his son says he
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would be thrilled by the honor. even family pastor called for cheers. richmond and hundreds of people who were showing up for the vegas family. it's a love officer vegas children say they felt their entire life. >> just a great man. just a great man. >>reporter: so his son says did everything to the best of his ability. >> black belt tae qwon do. he used to practice on us quite often. get kick to the rib or. >>reporter: memory like those filled the lobby. including pictures of young love. with music. and poetry. those who loved gus most began saying goodbye. in vallejo, abc 7 news. public memorial will be held tomorrow morning at the richmond memorial auditorium on civic center plaza. it starts at 10:00 a.m. and is followed by a private burial.
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abandoned apartment building on the edge of a cliff has pile of rubble tonight. we were in pacifica as crew demolish 300 and 330 avenue it has been red tagged for 6 year years. demolition permit was funnyally granted last week after contractor cleared the building of asbestos. let's move now to the weather this time last night a lot of wind and rain. sandhya is tracking more with live doppler 7hd. >>reporter: yes. right now we are in between systems when you check out this i'll show you the next storm. coming n.4 27 miles away on a storm impact scale. we are looking at one light 5 severe we have been rating the storm. let you know how the storm is different from the one that came through with all the thunder, rain and wichbilityd your weekend and your time line is coming up. >> thank you. san jose police officer fired after threatening black lives matter protestors is getting his job back.
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officer philip white appealed his fires and won an arbitration ruling today. he'll be assigned to a desk jo job. in december of 2014 he tweeted threaten me or my family and i use my god given duty to kill you. leader of the group who originally called for white's removal calls his conduct outrage us. >> i think he is toxic to this department. i think this department has enough other issues going on in having him back on the job really is a black eye for the department. >> president of the police union released this statement. item our hope that the offensive social immediate contract comments that were the center of this personnel action are never repeated. 15-year-old is in critical condition tonight after a terrifying helicopter crash in to pearl harbor. the coast guard says five people were rescued after the private chopper crashed near the uss arizona memorandum visit there? redwood city saw the crash and jumped
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in to help. >> two people popped out. i jumped in. there were three people in the water. there was a woman in the water. brought her to shore. >> authorities not released identity of any one involved. now to the race for the white house. bizarre day of back and forth between donald trump and pope francis took place earlier the pope questioned his faith because he wants to build a wall between the u.s. and mexico. then trump blasted the pontiff satisfying when isis attacks the vatican the pope will wish trump was president. few hours ago at town hall he struck a different toychbility i have a lot of respect for the pope. i think he has a the love personality. very different. different kind of a guy annie think he's doing a very good job. >> trump believes the pope just needs to hear his side of the story and said he would be willing to meet with the pope. all right. i-team uncovered a new controversy to hit the santa clara county sheriff's office. >> dan joins us with what he has uncovered.
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>>reporter: college student from the south bay blames the sheriff's office for the death of her father. coming up on 7 news at 11:00. great length family and friends went to keep him safe and who may have dropped the balance. >> -- ball. >> thousands of like on line tonight. who this little boy is looking at. >> here's what's coming up tonight right after our news at 11:00. >> thanks. look what we did just to make you proud. if you had to rank your friend from the cover. who would be no. 1 and who would be no. 3. >> i like them all equal will you but i have known eve at longest.
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despite several warnings, deputy at a south bay jail released an alzheimer's patient on his own. >> he wandered for several miles then died after being hit by a car on 8 80. dan is here to explain what happened. dan. >>reporter: this is yet another story to come from high level sources inside the santa clara county sheriff's office. they have been telling me for months the problems are very
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serious. in this case it cost an innocent man his life and broke his family's hearts. christina was wrapping up her first semester of college in southern california when her mother called with terrible news. >> she said that my dad was inform longer with us. and i just i didn't question i it. i just grieved. >>reporter: she thought her father had succumb to the alzheimer's he had been battling for 10 years. but now aneurysm team investigation can reveal what really happened that day. inside sources tell me it comments did you know to poor decisions by jail deputy and poor management by the santa clara county sheriff. april 6 of last year the man gets the ticket for trespassing at the jewish community center ncaa. officer wrote he did not seem to understand and told me that he was jewish so he could go there. prosecutors filed this miss did he money or complaint and requested vladimir remain in jail due to the defendant's incoherent condition he may not
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comprehend any conditions of release. they kept him in the main jail psychiatric ward. >> gradually he was losing the memory basically. >>reporter: family friend mike was there november 5th when the june threw out the trespass charge in the interest of justice and ordered vladimir released. he went next door to the main jail in san jose. >> i swear i can swear i was saying those word. don't release him on his own. i'm going to pick him up. >>reporter: but he couldn't get any cooperation or information from the deputies. he says he stayed at the jill for hours waiting for vladimir. he went for food and returned at 9 that night to shocking news. >> an officer said oh. he has been released. when? and how? nobody calls me. >>reporter: he drove the neighborhood searching for vladimir but couldn't find him. now the sheriff's office tells me despite what that front desk deputy may have said they held vladimir overnight and released
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him the next morning. he was all alone. >> i just keep thinking how my dad felt. how terrified he must have been being in jail. >>reporter: he wandered the streets. 10 hours and 8 miles later he walked on to 8 80. >> 911. >>reporter: south of dixon landing road. >> there's a man on 8 80 freeway. >>reporter: drivers called for help. >> he's like in between cars. >>reporter: before xloys arrive a car mowed him down. the driver called in. >> i was in the freeway and some one just ran just jumped right in front of my car. so. >> hello. >> this didn't need to happen. >>reporter: christine served as the jail mental health director for 18 years. she tells me the front desk deputy made a serious mistake turning away his friend and that the custody staff has deteriorated since sheriff smith took over the jails 5
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yourself ago. >> there is some who are just mean. they are mean. that comes from the top. compassion can be taught. the sheriff sets the tone. the sheriff makes things happe happen. >>reporter: sheriff smith issued a written statement that says his release followed established procedure. she declined to be interviewed because christina has filed this claim with the county first step toward a lawsuit. it says the sheriff jail negligently discharged vladimir leading to his wrongful death. but no amount of money can replace the years christina will miss with her father. what do you miss about your dad. >> his laughter. the humor. i was definitely a daddy girl when i was younger and he was definitely my best friend. >>reporter: this is also a horrible ordeal for all those people who saw what happened on 8 80. including a 25-year-old woman from sunnyvale the driver who hit vladimir.
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it's a tram dion so many level levels. tomorrow on abc 7 news at 11:00 i investigate why authorities have failed for decades to clean up the run down boats anchored off sausalito. pay nothing to live there risk mruting the water and sometimes break free in storms crashing into houses on the other side of the bay. it's a fascinating look what's happening just offshore at one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. really an interesting story. >> great story. thanks dan. we now want to turn our attention to the weather and agents bit of a break between storms. >> that's right. much quieter at this hour than last night. sandhya is here with the forecast. >> that's right. as you look at live doppler 7hd you will see the quieter picture with just clouds and we have some fog. this is all going to change as we head towards tomorrow. here's a look at the temperatures sign of winter. look at this. 44 in nap a.upper 40's. livermore. santa rosa. you feel the chill first thing tomorrow morning. from our roof cam are beautiful vow looking across the bay at the bay light.
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isolated showers and patchy morning fog with light rain spreading by afternoon and we look at sunny milder weather this upcoming weekend. stormy packet scale is here. 1 on the scale for tomorrow. expecting light rain breezy conditions for your friday less than a quarter of an inch and we are expecting the high surf. that surf out of the west is the only major sign of this strong el nino kicking up the big wave we haven't seen the big rains this month but at least we have seen some. high surf advisory rain that is until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. watch out for the large breakers. current wave height in the 14 to 17 foot range. hour by hour time line. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow when you get going few sprinkle ukiah clover dale light rain spotty in nature at 6:00 a.m. primarily in the north bay. 8:00 a.m. could pop up anywher anywhere. just enough to where the ground is wet and you need the windshield wiper. go into 10:00 o'clock tomorrow and light moderate steady rain in the north bay as we head towards the lunch hour 11:00 a.m. east bay getting some
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rain. light. indicated by green. san francisco the peninsula. around noon if grabbing lunch keep in mind the rain becomes a little more wide spread but not for long. this system actually starts to weaken. you see the band narrowing so the rainfall is not going to cover the entire area by 3:00 p.m. only a small segment of our viewing area by 5:00 p.m. it finally reaches the south bay and it continues through about 7:00 p.m. friday night. so get away friday not looking terrible. we get much federaled rain but not a lot. for winter weather advisory for the sierra already seen 1 to two feet and off for winter brick this is a freight opportunity to enjoy the powder. 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow winter weather advisory 4 to continue inches of snow expected above 5000 feet and item breezy up in the mountains. first thing in the morning shake sure you grab the extra layer it's going to be chilly to start off. low 40's to the low 50's. despite the fact that we have the cloud cover and few showers in the morning or afternoon. cloud cover like the north bay and then the rest of you will
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see some scattered the light rainfall. temperatures definitely feel like winter. mid 50's to mid 60's. accu-weather 7 day forecast on our storm impact scale tomorrow system is a one. temperatures start to rise over the weekend. sun is out. it's chinese new year's celebration this weekend. parade. weather couldn't be better. if you have any out door plans but we do need the rain and next week it's just warmth we are talking about. low mid 70's warm in spot but may track a system tuesday. model in disagreement. >> thanks sandhya. still ahead on 7 news at 11:00. well dressed little boy capturing the internet attention tonight. attention tonight. >>
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beautiful. iconic. just some of the words people are using to describe this photograph taken inside the white house east room today. >> the chief white house photographer posted it on instance fwram tonight. in it you can see president obama reaching down to a young child dressed in a suit and time. more than 10,000 people have like it and hundreds have left glowing comments. they say a picture is worth 1,000 words. that one certainly is. magnificent shot. >> sweet photo. now to sports. >> rick is in for larry lots to talk by. president obama loves to talk about. basketball. we have lots of it tonight. college hoop tonight. both cal and stanford try to win on the road and clippers tune up for the warriors tonight by slamming
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if the warriors go 25 and 5 over the last 30 games they will break the bulls all time nba record of 72 we understand in a season. golden state resumes the chase for a spot in history tomorrow night when it plays at portlan portland. fans media constantly bringing up the record, that's the last thing a coach's mind. >> if it happens great.
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if it doesn't i don't really care. our goal is to be the one seed. that's the only tangible goal we have. we never set any goals in terms of how many wins. getting home court in the play offs is the most important thing and that's our focus. >>reporter: on saturday the warriors take on the clippers in l.a. and you can watch that contest on news with the present game at 5:00 o'clock. after the game be sure to join us along with hall of famer thurman and donald. mike will be live in los angeles with post game interviews. the clippers and chris paul ready for the warriors by taking on the spurs in. paul with the pass to jordan for the monster slam. even he appears to be impressed by that one. 28 point and 12 assist as l.a. wins big one 05-86. after three straight wins at home martin and cal at washington. bears matthews off the mark here but gets his own rebound
1:36 am
and scores plus the foul. he had 18 points. cal got a big game from brown who throws it town. scored a team high 23. huskies kept it close but couldn't stop brown 78-75 the final. it's the bears first conference road win in over a year. fresh off the upset of oregon stanford tried to keep it going at washington state. 26 point here cardinal led at the break. cougars rally cutting lead to two. clifford. foul. stanford pull away to win 72-5 72-56. humphrey says thank you very much. had 10 rebounds. cardinal 13 and 11 over all. 6 of 7 in the conference. the sharks have been road warrior this season. tonight in florida they inform for best in the west 20th road victory. the sharks offense did not wake up until late. it was scoreless until early in the third. 44 beats jones to take the lea
1:37 am
lead. thornton with the pass sets up the score and this game decided by a shoot out. joe puts the puck in the net sought panthers has to respond but he's turned away by jones. sharks win 2-1. it's the third straight. the sports report brought to you by river rock casino. >> looking forward to the game saturday night with the warriors. >> watch it here on abc 7. >> 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook all the mobile device was our 7 news app. >> our next newscast is at 4:30 tomorrow morning. but


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