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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 20, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> it's saturday, february 20th. thanks for joining us, i'm chris nguyen. here's lisa argen, tracking the conditions where you live. >> good morning. we are waking up to dryer conditions. a bit of high fog could clouds to contend with. half-mile santa rosa and a mile and a quarter in concord. we go to the peninsula and south bay and things are better except over in livermore getting a little bit dicier in spots.
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do take your time out there. it's a chilly start. we will talk about the warmup, in fact very warm weather headed our way in just a few days. chris. >> thanks. developing news. the search is on for a missing gun after a federal agent lost it in san francisco. officials say he left it on top of his car yesterday morning. the pistol belonged to an official with immigration and custom enforcement. we have the details. >> san francisco police tell us the i.c.e. agent's handgun was lost. this dispatch was put out. >> officer's firearm stolen. he left his phone with a loaded weapon on top of his vehicle. drove off. >> the dispatch continued with the dedescription of the gun. >> loaded firearm is a 40
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caliber weapon. >> this is a picture of that gun model from the manufacture's web page n the last eight months guns stolen from federal agents were used in two high profile murders. in september a gun was allegedly used to kill a woman in san francisco. and july kate steinle was killed on pier 14. an i.c.e. spokesman told us he couldn't answer questions because it's still under investigation. in san francisco, sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> a british tourist stabbed in the head during a robbery is in critical condition. police said a main tacked him thursday night in japan town. they took the tourist's bag that had his cell phone, passport, money and credit cards. police hope to get dna evidenced off a star of that was left behind by one of the robbers. >> in the east bay vallejo police are searching for the
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person responsible for a quadruple shooting that killed one man and injured three others, including a young boy. alan wang tells us that people heard the gunfire from several blocks away. >> it sounded like two pistols going off at the same time. me and my buddy, we both basically tackled my son and brand him up between us. >> brad flaherty lives two doors down from the house where a bullet-riddled car is parked in the driveway. are he heard at least 18 shots. >> someone was sitting in the driver's seat, got shot, and his foot hit the gas pedal and was hitting the governor and revving over and over again. >> this man was shot while work on the car. this man with him died at the scene. stray bullets hit two other people in the house. the nine-year-old wags grazed in the face. >> i seen that little boy walk away like a champ after he got clipped.
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>> two adult victims are the parents of the boy. >> always comes to my store every day. with he talk, laugh, have a good time. >> most of the yellow markers represent bullet casings scattered allurer. police believe there's more than one suspect and they may have taken off in a maroon sedan. meanwhile investigators are trying to figure out who would ambush these victims with such extreme force. alan wang, abc news. >> hayward police are investigating a murder but they have yet to find the body connect today the case. stacy a valar was last seen last saturday and her disappearance is now a homicide investigation. >> stacy aguilar's family reported her missing following a house party she attended in hayward. >> as a result of our investigation we developed information evidence she's possibly the victim of a homicide. >> police interviewed people and investigated a crime scene. but they are only saying they
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believe aguilar was killed somewhere in hayward. people who live at this house near jackson street said the 22-year-old left the birthday party with with her boyfriend unharmed. >> we don't have a body, which makes it even more complex. and the other party is we don't have anybody in custody for the homicide. >> police have not named a suspect. neighbors are watching the case closely. >> it's kind of weird, you know, you are afraid because my son has two kids. >> detectives are asking anyone with information to come forward. you can make an anonymous tip. in hayward, katie utis, abc7 news. >> back home hundreds of officers joined the family and friends of richmond police officer gus vegas yesterday to say good by. >> paul bearers carried his basket into the auditorium in richmond for a service friday
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morning. vegas was killed last week in his home while trying to protect his daughter during a domestic dispute. >> happening today as many as 4,000 people are expected today attend the funeral mass in washington, d.c. for the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. ears a look right now at the shrine were the immaculate conception where the service will be held at 8:00 our time. abc news reporter is live in our nation's capital with more for us. ing back to you. >> good morning. justice scalia's casket is here at the supreme court. it will be moved later this morning. >> this morning thousands will fill the largest roman catholic church in north america, the because silky of the immaculate
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conception. >> scalia has been a figure in my life for my whole lifetime. >> he set an example for americans that you can stand up on principle, you can stand up for the law. >> his former clerks lined the way as he was carried into the court for one last time. other 8 justices waiting in the light-filled great hall where scalia's body lay in repose on the same platform that once held the casket of abraham lincoln. his son, paul, a priest, offered a prayer. >> you have called your servant, antonin, out of this world. >> the president and first lady bowed in private after meeting with the family. >> also there, the potential nominees. even though republican leaders said again friday in the washington post they don't plan to confirm the next justice until after the presidential election.
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president obama is not waiting to act. that binder he carried as he left the oval office friday is filled with notes he's reviewing this weekend about possible nominees. >> justice scalia passed away just a month shy of his 80s birthday. after this morning's funeral mass his fam will i and friend will attend a private burial. reporting from the supreme court, abc7 news. chris >> thank you. the white house now says apple has been destroy software that would allow the fbi to access an i-phone at the center of the san bernardino shooting investigation. investigators recovered the phone after 14 people were killed in december. after tuesday a judge ordered apple to create software to hack into the phone and apple refused. apple said the phone was in fbi possession when the password was reset. a person in california
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offered free weed for those who offered to sign their petition yesterday. they saided they are giving away a gram of pot for the first 2,000 people who signed. they collected vision in exchange for free weed voucher. each gram is worth about 10 to $20. >> in legalization pass necessary 2015, we will have some big events and this is your ticket into the event. >> okay. >> there's a catch, though. the free weed vouchers are redeemable only if voters legalize marijuana, and you had to be 18 or older to sign. >> an oakland woman is praising the work of the berkeley police department for the return. one of her son's most prized possessions. barbara leslie posted this photo on facebook showing a detective and sergeant holding a baseball that was taken from her home when burglars ransacked her house 8 months ago. it's the only item that's been found so far. here's barbara and her son, max. the officers tracked the 17 down at school to hand deliver the ball, which is the ball from the
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first home run max ever hit when he was just 9 years old. approaching 5:10 on our saturday morning. we have fog in some parts of the bay area. >> yeah, the north bay in tack. 48 degrees. you see the low clouds there in san francisco. but you head up north and it's 10 degrees school cooler from napa to santa clara. yes, the rain is oar. we will warm up modestly. how much and for how long, have a look at your 7 day outlook next. >> also ahead, a bay area animal shelter is temporarily shutting down. how you can give them a helping hand during the closer. and plus the chinese new year's parade preparations are underway. what you can expect to see if i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore.
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>> good saturday morning. time is 5:13. we are taking a look outside from our sutro tower camera. the current temperature in downtown san francisco is 49 degrees. we will get the full forecast from lisa coming up. a warning now to watch out for baby animals. wild care bay area san rafael sent us these pictures of two rescued baby squirrels. these animals may have lost their nest from either heavy winds or tree trimming. the group recommends checking trees until pruning them or waiting until after nesting season in the fall. a no care animal shelter in redwood city will temporarily close their doors this summer and volunteers are trying to find home for hundreds. cats. >> after 8 years in redwood city, the nine lives foundation is searching for a new location which means the 275 cats at its current animal shelter will need to be adopted.
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>> it's been a wondered full location for us but we've kind of outgrown it. our lease is coming to an end so this is a good time to make a move and make some changes. >> the foundation gained international attention last fall for rescuing this little guy, smurf, after his previous owner died and left him to be used as a dog guy chew toy. >> he comes in your lap and purchases and how can he be like that after what he's been through. >> jennifer has been acting as his foster home on his road to recovery. >>. >> he's this crazy will boy and he's seen the worst sides of human kind but ice the most loveable cat. one of the most loveable cats i have ever seen. >> these days smurf spends a lot of time with his best friend, a blind kitty named wanda, who was also rescued. >> it's inspiring what they are doing here. >> this summer the foundation plans to open a special is a
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spay-neuter clinic. they need to raise money to build a new shelter. they are raising a capital campaign and hope the community will help. >> now thousands support us, so it's been amazing. the lease for the current building will end in late june. smurt and wanda have a facebook page and it's already up to more than 16,000 likes. to follow their progress i posted a link on twitter at chrisnguyentv. >> police said rare antique books was taken from a van. josh yeah anderson is being led away in handcuffs. he tried fencing one of the books on telegraph avenues. authorities there are credited with calling the police when they said the person telling the antique book likely didn't own it. workers downstairs called police.
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>> that's where we have rare book dealers. so people with a little extra knowledge about what is rare, what we are looking at. and maybe the thief thought that he learned something or would get more money by going upstairs. >> the companion ran out the back door and escaped. the van be long today an antique book seller in chicago. he was in town visiting a book fair when his van and books were stolen. that van and the rest of the books were not recovered. two charter schools in livermore are known for their high performance but district and city officials are accusing the corporation that runs them of mismanagement and now the allegations have caught the attention of the state's top educator. abc7 news reporter laura anthony has the story. >> state school superintendent tom emerged from a two hour meet to go address a series of allegations against the tri-valley learning corporation, which operation two charter schools in livermore. >> so i've had good discussions
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with the charter, with the city, with the school district. >> among the allegations that the corporation running the livermore valley charter schools failed to submit an audit, repay a debt to a community college. a chief ethnic balance, and the intensive tuition to for inexchange students. there's also a charge that two chinese high school opportunities were reported miss big a time by family members >> there were allegationings that some students were up in the air missing for a short perioded of time, and then reassured today that those girls are safe and they are back here in livermore. >> attorney derek austin represents the tri-valley learning corporation. >> what about late audits, late payments? >> those things will ultimately bear themselves out. and we will resolve those issues. >> the school has been great. >> but some parents told us the allegations against the
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corporation are concerning. >> as far as administration goes, i think the only time we get interested or involved if it looks like there's concerns about how things are being managed. >> he said he would return in a cup he of months to see if the issues here have been resolved. in livermore, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> happening today, the year of the monkey will be celebrated in style. abc7 news was at pier 54 in san francisco where the finishing touches were being put on the floats for the chinese new year parade. a 270-foot golden dragon will close out the parade. festivities begin at 5:15 tonight at second and market. the first float will start at second and market and goes through union square on post and powell before heading up kearny to columbus. will we need our jackets for the parade? >> absolutely. but it will be a nice evening. we will see a starry night but
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temperatures will be dropping quickly after the sun sets at 5:54. it's coming up at 6:54. we have a lot of clouds around. if you check out live doppler 7hd you see the cloud cover. this is high cloudiness, and the low clouds is what is causing a problem with the visibility. so as we widen the view, you will notice that you see a band of high clouds offshore, and that will being the trend today as high clouds mix in with some sunshine. so let's go through the next several hours. you will notice the dense fog here in the sacramento and san joaquin valley but as you go through the next couple of hours youing in the sub and the batches of high clouds throughout the day. so that will limit some of our warming, and as a result today will be the coolest day out of the next seven days. but we have a strong ridge of high pressure building in. you heard that before from the sutro tower camera there's the to included cover. so half moon bay a chilly 43. 50 in san jose and good morning
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san francisco, 48 for you. -oakland and mountain view 49. from this vantage point you can notice that we are looking at kind of a calm start. winds are on the light side and as a result numbers have you plummeted into the mid-30s for you in napa. 38 santa rosa, 39 fairfield. 31 novato, 41 concord, livermore at 46. here's the visibility. check it out. just over two miles in livermore, three quarters of a mile in concord as well as napa and less than that petaluma and santa rosa. so far no problems at the airport but that could change. as we go through the next several hours and days, we will have the fog this morning, the milder afternoon. but tomorrow is even warmer. flirting with records by early next week and a slight chance of some rain returning by next weekend. so waking up to cooler conditions with numbers anywhere from 4 do 7 degrees cooler. oakland to napa. milder in san jose. so san francisco, average high
5:21 am
should be about 61 this time of year. and that's about where we are. but here comings the record warmth with 70s or thereabouts right on through thursday. and hopefully with the rain coming in we will see the temperatures drop. highs around the bay ranging from 63 for you in fremont and concord today. 62 in san rafael. you notice the cloud cover, the sunshine. mid-60s in santa cruz. and then tonight if you are coming in for the parade bring the jacket. we will have a starry night with temperatures starting out in the upper 50s by 5:15. 8:00 54 so it should be a pretty nice evening. the accuweather seven-day forecast. you see the warmup tomorrow and here comes the potential for month records monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and maybe increasing clouds on friday. but we have one preliminary outlook into march, which is looking wetter than average. so we will see. >> all right. we will take that. lisa, thank you. coming up on the abc7 saturday morning news. today the big day for all the presidential candidates. find out how they are stacking
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>> more officials planes and hybrid jet engines are too long of the advances n.a.s.a. is working on not only for spaceships but for engines use by domestic airlines. how n.a.s.a. is changing the future of air travel. >> days after giving his state of n.a.s.a. address. the top dog for n.a.s.a. stepped into this wind tunnel where they are designing the airliners of the future. >> it will knock your socks off. fuel useless than 50%. >> he stood along bay area congressman mike honda who helped to approval n.a.s.a.'s multibillion-dollar budget. >> the increased fund willing allow us to do something that n.a.s.a. has not done in decades. that's to partner with industry to build a series of experimental airplanes or x planes. >> he showed designs for electric jet. >> and planes that could quietly break the sound barrier.
5:26 am
>> we measure the sonic boom pressure signal on the wall. >> he said taxpayers to really feel the pay off from their investment in n.a.s.a.. >> a future where you can travel to most cities in the world in six hours or less in an air many that can about any faster than the speeded sound on biofuels. >> the shuttle was tested here. now they are testing the vehicles that could take humans to mars but by the time that happens the number of people using commercial air travel on earth will have doubled. that means greener airplanes are necessary. >> we have investments in our grandchildren and countries tomorrow and really our planets tomorrow. >> johnathan bloom, abc7 news. >> a record of more than 18,000 people applied to n.a.s.a. this year to be astronauts.
5:27 am
that's more than double the previous record. even with all the applications, the number of slots is very limited. only 8 to 14 people will be accepted. 5:27, the time. much more ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news. the coolest cooler? a huge kick starter campaign for a new cooler, but not everyone who backed it received the product. plus, virgin ga lactic is closer to putting people into space. ahead, the debut of here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon
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5:30 am
we have the past rain and high pressure is building in. it's lead to go visibility about a quarter mile petaluma. over a mile in concord. half-mile for you in santa rosa. with a mile in napa. and a mile and a quarter over in livermore. elsewhere peninsula and south bay, including sfo, not doing too bad, but we are cooler this morning than most areas. we are in the upper 30s to mid-30s from the north bay. 48 san mateo, 45 mountain view. a couple areas a little warmer with fog in livermore. with he will talk about today being a very comfortable, seasonal average afternoon with numbers ranging from the low to mid-60s, but after that we've got high pressure building in. we will talk when that and if it means anymore rain in our future in a few minutes. chris. >> lisa, thank you. today novato will become the -- nevada will become the first western state to hold a nominating election this
5:31 am
campaign year. both states have invested in training that's including spanish speakers. today caucus will wage whether the efforts have resonated with the hispanic community. according to a new pole, trump's 15-point lead in january is cut to 5 point advantage. he had the support the of 28% likely voters and cruz 23%. rubio third and jeb bush came in fourth. new this morning president obama is making his first public comments about his planned trip to cuba next month. earlier they announced president obama will visit on march 21st and 22nd. he said it builds on normalized relations with cuba and their people. >> this transformation will two
5:32 am
time, about you i'm focused on the future and i'm confident my visit will advance the goals that guide us, promoting american interests and values and a better future for the cuban people. a future of more freedom and more opportunity. >> mr. obama will be the first president to visit cuba since calvin coolidge in 1928. >> facts are emerging about the crash of a tour helicopter in hawaii. the moments were described of the crash near the pearl harbor memorial. >> new details about the dramatic and terrifying crash caught on camera. >> someone screened like everyone get down we just turned and ran. didn't have much time before it hit. >> seconds later shocked bystanders plunging in to help. the quarter just ten feet deep but murky. new video shows the confusion on the surface, nobody realizing that for three minutes that teenage boy was still trapped
5:33 am
below. >> i could hear they had a hold of his foot but they couldn't get to him and get him out. >> the teenen tangled in his seatbelt. bystanders using a knife and taking turns cutting the boy free. he was rushed in the hospital where he's in critical condition tonight. three other family members are okay. but the pilot identified as ryan roner, a former marine, has had to undergo two surgeries. >> the moo boy lot's families tells us he's had two surgeries since the crash. he's in the army national guard now based here in hawaii. abc news, honolulu. >> the one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule is a person's constance. that's just one line of the famed classic ""to kill a mockingbird"." the author passed away yesterday, she was just 89 years old. san francisco news visited the high school to talk to students who just red her book. >> i feel it's a very inspiring novel.
5:34 am
there's just so many things that go on, and harper lee is -- she was just amazing. >> lee's long-awaited second book, go set a watch man, was published last summer. some students from the san joaquin valley have been invited to the white house to learn more about ray charles. the students are part of a band at fremont lopez high school band in stockton. these pictures of them performing are from the stockton unified school district. the school launched the bands in 2013 thanks to a white house program called turn around arts that aims to use art education to help struggling schools. michelle obama will host ten different schools in a special workshop. eat vent is part of a series called in performance at the white house. it will session great the legacy of ray charles and feature performance by other artists. 5:34 is our time.
5:35 am
virgin ga lactic is taking another crack at putting tourists into space. the founder richard branson towed the new spaceship unity into the mojave air and spaceport last night. here's kathy carlisle with more. >> the team that's been working on creating a new spaceship over the past year and a half had their celebration. >> everyone is so excited to be a part of it. everyone shares the same goal. we want to see this thing happen and see people into into space and see the world as what it is. >> together we open space to change the world for good. >> and for those who bought the expensive $200,000 plus ticket -- >> worth every single cent. it's been a fantastic journey even though we haven't gone. with he have the spaceship and we are so excited and so ready to go. >> the spaceship's name is unity, and it means so much to richard branson from the woman on the front that represents his
5:36 am
mother to the eye that represents stephen hawking, who also spoke on unity. >> a cooperation between nations in space, and the way we can only envy on earth. >> sir branson said the new space age only starts with spaceship 2 but opens up the opportunities for so much more. >> we will be putting bigger satellites into space that will connect the 3, 4 billion people who are not connected and many will be able to be connected. and if you can get why guy and internet access it can help you get out of the poverty trap. >> we are all travelers, traveling together into the future, but let us make that place a place we want to visit. ♪ >> a future many hope to see this ship fly with passengers. kathy carlisle, abc. >> disneyland is celebrating their 60th anniversary. coming up, disney takes you
5:37 am
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5:40 am
their way in and out of the city. we will get a check of the full accuweather forecast coming up in just a little bit. it's deadline day for anyone who owns a drone. all drone owners must register their aircraft with the faa, which should make it easier to track down those responsible for crashes or risky flights. people who don't register will face a penalty. registration costs only five dollars and is good for three years. the state will spend $3 million to eradicate a pesky type of grass that's invaded bay area wetlands. this is a plant that's been growing quickly out of control along the bay. fish is wildlife officials announced they will give the conserve seasons the money to get red of this particular plant and help restore part of the wetlands. those who originally brought the plant to the bay area did it with good intention the. >> it was unfortunately brought in in the 1970s as part of restoration efforts. it's an east coast plant. it seemed like a good idea at
5:41 am
the time. >> it wasn't, though. the conservant said the grass that is grown out of the control and has done more harm than if request. >> disney is celebrating their 60th year this year. >> this is what walt would turn on to make sure everything was running magically. ever since his passing, this lamp constantly remains on, serving as a reminder that walt still looks over his beloved and timeless creation. >> and you will see much more. wonderful world of disney, disneyland 60, begins tomorrow night on abc7. as many of you know, disney is the parents company of abc7. >> i can't wait for that, lisa. it should be nice to see. >> we are starting off cool and
5:42 am
foggy. concord just at 42 degrees. 45 in livermore. but your visibility is just over a mile in each location. so dense fog in our east bay valleys. the north bay so far not doing bad on the peninsula or the south bay. hayward about 6 miles. we will talk about a nice afternoon today before the warmth returns. that, and a look at the rain possibly returning, as well, coming up. >> thanks, lisa. the warriors are back in action after the all-star break, but did they keep their winning did they keep their winning streak alive? again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
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5:45 am
kickstarter campaigns in the company's history. tens of thousands of people thought they were getting a steal when they backed an innovative new product. but "7 on your side" michael finney said more than a year later they are still waiting to get their deal. >> you buy to old-fashioned ice chests? hello, coolest cooler. that's the promise made by the crete eight tore, ryan, in this promotional video. >> first you have the 18-volt rechargeable blender and what's a party without music? >> the coolest cooler also comes with removable bluetooth speaker and waterproof charger. in all 6,042 consumers would back it on kickstarter raising a then record of $13.28 million in 2014. >> a very cool product. >> what i like about it the most is the ease of moving it around. >> it will be fun. we go to the beach a lot. >> taking the coolest cooler to the beach would have to wait.
5:46 am
tim tram said 50,000 backers paid at least the $185 and were promised delivery a year ago. the problems with the motor, then a factory strike in china caused delays. many became angry when the product began selling on amazon. "7 on your side" obtained this audio the company sent to backners november. >> i'll tell you this decision was not made lightly. but ultimately we want to make earn we can keep the lights on. >> when tim heard that his patients ran out. >> the straw that broke the camel's back we are running out of money, we have a bunch of cool speakers we will sell them on amazon. >> he launched this saying the original investors should get their coolers first. >> i'm definitely upset about it. i wish they would take care of their backers. >> ted signed it also. >> not only did we not get ours but somebody else was going to get them before us.
5:47 am
>> and a deal signed before the delays required it to sell on amazon. the delay doesn't surprise the researcher, the university of pennsylvania professor found the more money raised the more likely a kickstarter project will be delayed. >> they try to add features in and make it more complicated and that slows down production. >> shortly after they received their coolers and loved them but kevin, he's still waiting. in a written statement the coolers cooler told us while we do have a ways to go before we fulfill all the backers, everyone will get their coolest. >> and now it's kind of a sit and wait game. >> the company won't answer how many of the 35,000 coolers it says it's made have gone to backers, but expects all the backers to receive coolers by this spring. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> happening today, this morning hundreds of people will take part in the 9th annual polar plunge in san francisco bay.
5:48 am
last year the event raised $235,000 for special olympics. police officers will again join chief greg suhr in taking the plunge. they go into the chili water, clad in superhero and other themed outfits. >> and also walkers will take part in a dash and splash at 8:30 this morning. last year there was sun, and this year we can expect that too, right? >> yeah. the air temperature later on today about 60. that water temperature? yeah, that's credits. well, good luck to you all. have fun. looks like a good day for just about everything as we see a mix of sun and clouds. starting out right now with live doppler 7hd where you will notice that we have a band of clouds moving over san francisco and the south bay. but then it's high clouds. we also have low cloudiness and that's creating visibility issues. we widen the view and you see the perspective of this band of cloudiness.
5:49 am
this will be trend today but today is the coolest day of the week as we kickoff a warming trend by the second half of the weekend. but even with the sunshine today it's going to teal -- feel warmer than it has been. it's getting better in concord. look at the north bay. half-mile petaluma, santa rosa, and napa and 6 miles in hayward. the rest of the afternoon looks like this. the morning hours, the fog, and by 9:00, 10:00 you notice a batch of high clouds right through the afternoon, thinning out and looks to be a pretty decent afternoon. so some cloud cover over the city here. our sutro tower camera looking at low to 40s this morning in half moon bay. it's cool with 50 morgan hill. 49 mountain view, 48 san francisco, oakland 46. and from pier 15, the roof camera looking at a puff of wind out there. 42 concord, 46 in livermore and 35 in napa. boy, the clear sky there allowing for the cool air to
5:50 am
really settle into the valley, and that's allowing for the chillier start. in fact much colder in the north bay than it is in the southern half and eastern half of the bay. you certainly may notice that waking up this morning and putting on another layer as you go out to walk the dog. but by the afternoon the sun will burn through the clouds and should feel pretty comfortable out there. kind of spring-like. the highlights for the forecast, patchy morning fog. it will be a milder weekend tomorrow. we will begin that warming trend. and look for temperatures flirting with records, especially into tuesday as high pressure builds into the pacific northwest. and then we are looking it all to break down and hopefully bringing in some rain and cooler temperatures by friday. and this time next weekend hopefully it should be raining around here. 61 in monterey. it will be 63 chico and upper 40s in the northern sierra. so good news with a little additional snowpack for you you. 73 los angeles and here. again, across the entire state we will be flirting with records throughout the middle of the
5:51 am
upcoming work week. 63 today in concord and fremont. just about 60 at the coast. reaching these highs at about 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon. so it will be cool out there and gray to start, ask and then by the evening the clouds really scour out. we have clear skies on the way for the chinese new year parade. 57 degrees. and 54 at 8:00. the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring the coolest day of the week topped with the morning fog and a steady warmup with perhaps records throughout the middle of the week. and then as we cool off, we are going to bring in had rain hopefully next weekend. >> i want to bring a blanket to the parade tonight. something for the kids just in case, right? >> good idea. >> lisa, thank you. turk to sports, tonight the warriors are at staples center to battle one of their biggest rivals, the clippers. you can watch the game only on abc7. coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. last night golden state returned from the all-star break in portland hoping to extend their 11-game winning streak. here's abc7 sports anchor mike
5:52 am
shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> well, the warriors got a taste of rip city last night in portland as oakland native damian lill i don't know went off for a career high 51 points handing the dubs their first loss of the road trip. first quarter, green to curry. curry 15 in the quarter. he was hot but oakland native damian was sizzling fourth the blazers. back-to-back triples. blazers score 42. most golden state has given up in a quarter all season. and former cal bear allen crabs, the three. gold state makes a one. tough move inside by draymond. steph cuts it with the triple. he had 24 in the first half, 31 on the night. warriors down 6 at the break. third quarter all blazers. the triple. steph called for the foul. he's not happy. 14 point blazer lead and it was lillard denied. finished with a career high 51.
5:53 am
0 turnovers. blazers were on fire. they hand stephker his first loss of the season 137-105. >> i'm okay with the other team making shots. what i'm not okay with is losing our boys in the third quarter. we are down 15. we can score 15 points in two minutes but we tried to score 15 points in one possession. >> stanford. the inbound pass. grabs, hustles to the hoop. stanford's lead is twelve. thompson hits the jumper from the free throw line and is fouled. 16-point lead. these 15. fourth quarter. the triple. she had a game-high 16. cardinal cruise80-49. bars down 9 early but kristina fix that is. the hoop and one. she had a game-high 226789 second half, mckayla, the lay-up and the bears lead by 7.
5:54 am
but the utes comeback. puts it away with the 3. led out with 30. bears drop to 3-112 in conference play after the 72-66 loss. sharks had a tough road trip but they have won three straight on the road. joe pavelski and company looking for their fourth straight win. first period hurricanes get on the board. flicks it out of the air and past martin jones. ing worth another look. that takes skill. sharks equalize. 7 minutes later drops to to brent burns and he rips it past cam ward. 1-1 game, his 19th of the year. and second period. nordstrom tees it up. martin jones not expecting that. carolina wins it 5-2, the final. warriors and clippers tonight at 5:00 p.m. here on abc7. stay tuned for after the game. i'm going to catch a flight right now, and i'm shumann. have a great day.
5:55 am
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>> here are the winning numbers from last night's $104 million mega-millions draw. . >> nobody picked all six so tuesday night's jackpot to goes up to $114 million. happening tonight some great food will be paired with fine wines from bay area wineries at the 15th annual wine and wishes event. abc7 news anchor ama daetz about m. c. the event. it benefits make a wish greater bay area. 100% of the proceeds help make wishes come true each year for kids with life-threatening medical conditions. next at 6:00. a federal agent loses his gun in san francisco. find out where the gun was last seen before it went missing. >> the supreme court justice antonin scalia is laid to rest today. we have the latest on his
5:58 am
funeral coming
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> welcome back. here's lisa argen with the forecast. >> as we widen the view, you notice we have the stream of high clouds that will be with us throughout the day. a quarter mile visibility petaluma, three quarters mile in napa and about five miles in concord. into the south bay not bad. we are looking pretty good but you go into livermore and it's a mile and three quarters. after that things improve. but it's really going to be tough navigating this morning if you are out early for a bike ride or a jog or doing even a dog walk.


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