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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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breaking news from hayward where police neighborhood body of a missing south bay woman. investigators discovered stacy aguilar's body yesterday afternoon. the cause of death has not been determined. the 22-year-old san jose resident was last seen last weekend in this neighborhood at a party in hayward. police believe she was murdered but they're not revealing any details about their investigation and no one has been arrested. hayward police say they'll hold a news conference about the homicide investigation tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. sergio quintana will have a live report at 6:00.
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good evening. thank you for join us. we also have breaking news in san francisco. police say man was shot to death while at the drive-through at the mcdonald's in the western addition. it happened before 3:00 this afternoon at golden gate avenue and fillmore street. the police sale they machine may haven't a passenger in a white sedan when shots were fired. the gunman ran away. a police station is directly across the street from the fastfood restaurant. investigators are reviewing security video. breaking news in vallejo where a car slams into a was killing one person and injuring another. this is video. it happened at 3:00 this georgetown at the marina towers apartments on sacramento street across from city hall. both victims were inside the car. the person who survived was unresponsive and flown to a trauma center.
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for breaking news alerts download the free abc7 news app and enable push alerts. hillary clinton is back in the play yeah, holding fundraiseres as homes of wealthy contributors. sanders court anders are doing some grassroots fundraising or their own. cornell bernard has more on the story. >> bernie sanders supporters holding a small rally not far away at a bar here on market street. meantime, hillary clinton doing some fundraising at a different bay area zip code. hillary clinton fundraise neglect bay area. the first stop the home of the founder of costing between 500 could $2,700 to meet and greet the presidential hopeful fresh off her win on saturday. >> some may have doubted us, but
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we never doubted each other. [cheering] >> and this one's for you. >> reporter: clinton has two other private fundraise ares scheduled in men low park and piedmont. sanders supporter feeling the bern with this permanent tattoo. >> that's the difference between the two campaign. here we have real people coming together. >> sanders' campaign in south carolina. came in a strong second in nevada, proving he can get solid support from minority voters. >> we have the momentum. we're going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. [cheering] >> reporter: next up for both candidates, south carolina in san francisco, abc7~news. >> on the republican side the four remaining presidential candidates are now focusing on tuesday's nevada caucus, and
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super tuesday a week later. donald trump, a big winner in yesterday's south carolina primary papped on "this week" and talked about the negative ads targeting hip from ted cruz marco rubio. >> i said to myself, this is a tough business. these people are worse than manhattan real estate developers. this is rough stuff, politics. i thought that maybe they would have a bigger effect than they did. i didn't know i would win by that much. >> the republican field is now down to five candidates, jeb bush suspended his campaign after coming in fourth in south carolina. we're learning new details tonight about the shooting rampage from kalamazoo, michigan. six people are dead and two others seriously injured, including a 14-year-old girl. uber driver jason dalton is facing murder charges. police say he randomly opened fire on city streets. media reports say he picked up fares in between the shootings but did not target his passengers. elizabeth herr has more.
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>> reporter: tonight, as family's of the victims, including mary jo nigh, retired teacher, police are seeking answer and finding a silver lining. >> very relieved that we have someone in custody. >> shots fired. one confirmed victim. >> reporter: overnight the city was gripped with fear after a man opened fire at three different locations across a 13-mile span in kalamazoo, michigan. the first, park lot where a woman walking to her car was shot several time. the second, few hours later at a car dealership, father and son killed. the third, outside a -- cracker barrel restaurant. the suspects takes the lives of four others. >> you don't expect anything like this to happen anywhere, let alone here in kalamazoo. this is just the most awful thing ever. >> reporter: the suspect, jason
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dalton, an unber driver, was taken into custody hours after the final shooting. the company says, hour hearts and prayers are with the families of the victims of this devastating crime. it's a crime not just heartbreaking but baffling for police and dalton's neighbors. >> very unexpected. he is a quiet guy. stuck to himself. never really had any problems. cops never been to his house. >> reporter: baffling because uber says the suspect passed their background check and police confirm he has no criminal history. he could be in court as early as tomorrow. >> a female mountain lion captured in the back yard of a santa cruz home is back in the wild. officers from the state department of fish and wildfire tranquilized the cat after she was found outside a home north or highway 1. the mountain lion was released early this morning. this is video from fish and wildlife officials. she was a bit loopy but appeared to be okay. a deer carcass she had been
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eating was found nearby. fish and wildlife officers warn people to stop feeding deer because their presence may be luring big cats. do you recognize this man? police say he exposed himself to three teenaged girls in daly city. he walked into business on mission street around 4:30 yesterday afternoon and exposed himself. the girls ran off. if you recognize the man, call daly city police. >> in antioch, customer at wireless store survived being shot twice as he fought with a robbery suspect. it happened last week. a man pulled out a gun, demanded money and a phone from an employee and a customer. the customer refused and fought with the gunman, who ran off. the returned a short time later, and this time shot the customer in the hand and thigh. police say the gunman got away with several phones phones and . still ahead. three people are caught in rough seas and pulled underwater.
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the dramatic coast guard rescue caught on video, coming up. the high profile attorney joining apple's fight against the fbi. what he says about the dangers of the case. >> i'm meteorologist drew tuma, a superb sunday. temperatures five to seven degrees warmer than yesterday, and the warming trend continues into the work week. how hot we get in the accuweather forecast.
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>> check out this video from the u.s. coast guard. crew members rescued three
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people from rough waters near graze harbor in washington. they hoisted two men and -- two women and a man to safety. a man tried to help them. all three were pulled down by at the strong currents. they were sent to the hospital in good condition. the county government owns the iphone at the center of a legal battle paid for but never installed the feature that would have allowed the fbi to easily unlock the phone. the phone, which was used by the dead gunman is important to a terrorism investigation into the san bernardino shootings that killed 14 people. if the technology had been installed officials would have been able to remotely unlock the iphone for the fbi without a court battle. apple has hired high-profile attorney ted olsen, who helped strike down california's prop 8 ban on same-sex marriage. olsen appeared on this week with george steph knopp includes. >> apple has helped the fbi in
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this investigation and every way the law required. what it has to draw the line at recating -- recreating code, changing its iphone, puts its engineers engineers and creative talents to destroy the iphone as it exists. >> more protests are scheduled on tuesday outside apple stores in more than 30 cities, including san francisco and palo alto. space travel is growing by leaps and bounds. just ask nasa. the space agency announced it's received more than 18,000 applications for the 2017 class of astronauts. that's three times the number received for the last class in 2012. to apply you need to a bachelors degree in engineering, biological or physical science, plows three years of professional experience or a thousand hours of piloting time. only eight to 14 slots are available for the over 18,000 hopefuls.
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>> steve jobs' memorabilia, the old and worn items one collector paid big bucks for. and take a look at the weather. beautiful shot. meteorologist drew tuma will have your warmer
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in hover black history month we're using our bay area instagram feed to celebrate local businesses making a difference where you live. the east bay's jones barbecue received critical acclaim ever since dorothy everett opened the restaurant 1973. you can learn mere on our bay area instagram feed. a lock of john lennon's hair has sold for $35,000. the for-inch piece of hair would bought -- a german hairdresser kept it after giving him a trim
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while he was preparing for a movie role in 1967. a pair of worn birken stocks steve jobs wore and someone paid two grands and a very old seiko wristwatch worn by jobs in 1984. the watch sold for $42,500 at auction. the memorabilia was collected by a chef who worked for jobs. he says he picked up what jobs threw away, adding the tech genius threw away a lot. view. so what kind of watch you wearing? >> anything. >> he's watchless so he didn't buy the watch. >> could have been some money there. what do you do with birkenstocks, just stare at them. >> i guess, put them in a tightly-fitting box. that's what you want to do with old birkenstocks. >> it's going to feel like spring mid-week. the live doppler 7hd is quiet.
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we just have some high clouds streaming in from west to east. outside, live look from the east bailbay hills camera, a really quiet but warm weather pattern is sitting over us. san francisco, current temperature of 57. oakland, 60. same in mountain view. san jose, 61. morgan hill, 62. and half moon bay, 55. a from the sutro tower cam showing the golden gate bridge. currently 64 in santa rosa. napa, 57. 59 novato, fairfield, 63. 62 concords. we'll call for the high clouds through the 7:00 hour and from 9:00 and back on the air at 11:00, light breeze, clear skies. overnight, couple spots in the mother bay that will fall into the 30s, like santa rosa and
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napa, but most locations around the bay area are going to settle in the 40s, but we are also picking up on patchy nothing developing tomorrow morning so future weather tomorrow morning on your monday, it is showing specifically right along the peninsula into and into the south bay. patchy dense frog from san mateo to san jose, bin 9:00 tomorrow morning, it burns off. total sunshine and we're warming quickly. by 1:00 in the afternoon on monday you can see lot of locations getting very close to that 70-degree mark, and a lot of the spots, in fact, monday afternoon, will get into the 70s. oakland, 72. 73, san jose, total sunshine. 71:00 santa rosa, san francisco, 69. live doppler 7hd, along with satellite. shows you a storm system north, send us high cloud appeal storm track is going to stay well to the north, and the high pressure will warm us up mid-week. future tracker temperature shows you wednesday, warm wind, gets
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everybody mainly in the 70s. by thursday, we're some ten degrees above average for this time of the year in the mid-70s, and i think some locations, specifically inland and the south bay, may come very close to 80 degrees by thursday. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. sunny and mild's machines. clouds wednesday, feel like spring on thursday, efficient warmth on friday. a slight chance of showers on saturday but right now nothing impressive, and sunday just a mixture of sunshine and clouds and temperatures well above normal. so first thing tomorrow morning, patchy fog. otherwise lots of sunshine. >> thank you very much. wow, i just saw this guy in l.a. last night. here's here, he's everywhere. >> going to phoenix tomorrow. so that's all right. we love our job. greatest spectacle in racing, its closest finnish 58 years. denny hamlin and martin truex,
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the daytona 500 is the super bowl of racing, and super bowl winning coach joe gibbs now a nascar owner, trying to get a toyota to victory lane for the first time in his two-thirds since 1993. as they lined up towards the end wouldn't be if a toyota car won but which one. ken griffey, jr. waving the green flag. dale earnhardt goes into the wall. he is okay but his day is done.
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matt kenseth let laid but on the final lap he gets lose. denny hamlin and martin truckers, jr. get by and go full throttle. hamlin wins by .01 of a second, about a foot. check this out. the closest finish in daytona history. >> i don't know where that came from. i don't know what happened. i can't even figure out what i did. but all just came together. this wouldn't be possible if this wasn't toyotas together. >> unbelievable. the oakland a's ran into problems late in games last year because their closer, sean doolittle, was hurt most of 2015. after saving 22 games in the 2014 ward -- ward -- wild card season after oakland was out of contention. after apparently no problems in the offseason, and phoenix doolittle looking like he is back in form.
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a's manager bob melvin says doolittle has been working on a new pitch, the split-finger fast ball, and that tells the skipper all he needs to know. >> i didn't even watch him. he is a guy i don't worry about too much. all i have to hear is he is healthy and the times i did watch him, looks like he had good life on his fast ball and that's what he is about. >> hard to believe baseball is here. warriors are 1-1 on their toughest road trip of the season. six games, nine days, including two back-to-back. golden state heading to atlanta, face the hawkses on monday night. jay s and beyoncé and me at the staples center as draymond got his 10th technical and is suspension the suspension would be devastating for the warriors' inside game. coach told me dray has been
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warned. >> i told him you have four to play with over 29 games. that would be one every seven games. and she said, don't worry, coach, got you. all right. so, we'll see. >> finish with some golf in l.a. going for the first ever pga tour win. had the leave but drops to 14-under. that opens the door for bubba watson two straight birdies on 16. and here on 17 to take the lead. so trying to tie bubba -- oh, slides by. last won the tournament in 2014 win he went on to win the masters six weeks later. warriors need a big man with bogut injured. who who it may be coming up at 6:00 right here on abc7~news. >> glad they got the wind last night but my heart can't take
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coming up at 6:00, a san francisco church dedicated to the musical sermonizing of a jazz legends now facing eviction, and forget a finder's fee. tesla has a new customer perk that could give you a rare peek
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inside spacex. and fighting breast cancer is an emotional as well as a physical struggle, and for many women losing their hair during chemotherapy adds to the miss. now breast cancer patients can keep their hair with this new device. how it works and the push to make it available to all women. three rare births being celebrated in san diego south dakota's safari back. a tiger gave birth to three healthy cubs two girls and a boy. zookeepers sayre all three are driving and mom is doing a great job. there are fewer than 350 of these endangered animals in the wild. they are estimated to be extinct by 2020. beautiful animal. that's it for us here at abc7~news at 5:00. i'm eric thomas. for drew and shu, thank you for inviting us sure homes. we'll be back at 6:00 with more
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news for you. see you then. welcome to "world news tonight." a big victory and a big name, calling it quits. the new look of the presidential race tonight. trump takeover. the billionaire businessman, winning in south carolina. his second primary in a row. >> when you win, it's beautiful. >> can he be stopped? the heated battle for second place. cooling the bern. hillary clinton taking the momentum back from bernie sanders. >> is this a great night or what? >> sanders vowing to go on. >> one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. shooting spree. the deadly rampage, terrorizing a city. an uber driver under arrest. tonight, the hunt for a motive. and, mountain emergencies. skiers plunging to the ground. when the lift cable snaps. dozens of others trapped for hours.


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