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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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murder? >> reporter: this is a homicide investigation that actually they told us about this on friday, but they had nonlocated her body at that point, and unfortunately they did find heir body yesterday afternoon, and at this point they say they're not going release much more information until tomorrow. jet aguilar has been missing since last weekend, last seep at 1:00 a.m. sunday morning. she just left a party at this house on silva avenue near jackson street. the people who live there said she left the party with her boyfriend unharmed. i spoke with her mother by phone. she lives in mexico and says the police have only communicated with her other daughter who lives here in san jose. stacy's body was found but they didn't tell her much else except the coroner will perform an autopsy to determine cause of death. a few poem showed up at a strip mall in hayward for what they
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thought was an ongoing search. >> i remembered news reports about another lady who disend. >> reporter: aguilar's mother thanked the volunteers by phone just before the search was abruptly called off because the family got news that her body was found. police have not shared any information as to where her body was found or any possible suspects. they say that there will be a full briefing during a news conference here at police headquarters tomorrow afternoon. reporting live in hayward, sergio quintana, abc7~news. thank you very much. for updates on any major story anytime, download our abc7 news app and enable push fliers immediate notifications. more breaking news, in san francisco, police say man was shot and killed outside this mcdonald's restaurant in the city's western addition. i happened a little before
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3:00 this afternoon at golden gate avenue and fillmore street. a gunman fired shots into a white sedan and then took off running. several people witnessed the attack are and interesting interviewed by officers. another shooting happened at the same mcdonald's on new year's eve. a cab driver was caught in the cross-fire as two people exchanged gunfire. tonight an uber driver is in custody accused of shooting and killing six people while reportedly still picking up fares. it happened in affordable health care kalamazoo last night. a college town in michigan. >> people tell us, be careful. there's a killer going around. >> a night in kalamazoo, michigan, turned into a nightmare after police say jason dalton opened fire at random, killing six people and seriously injured two others. >> they weren't targeted for any reason other than they were there to be a target.
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they were shot multiple times. >> according to a authorities the shooting spree began around 6:00 p.m. saturday and spanned three different locations. the first, an apartment complex where a woman was shot four times. she remains in serious condition. several hours late policer say dalton opened fire again at a car dealership, where two men were shot and killed. minutes later, four people were gunnerred down in the parking lot of a cracker barrel. a 14-year-old girl shot remains in critical condition. it would take police two more hours before catching up to dalton. >> the suspect vehicle was spotted in kalamazoo by a sheriff's deputy. the vehicle was followed and eventually stopped. the driver was indeed identified as our suspect. he was taken into custody. >> reporter: a source with knowledge of the investigation says police believe dalton, an uber driver, picked up passengers in between the shootings. he is expected to be arained monday afternoon. >> the next most important thing is to re-assure everyone that
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there is no continuing threat to the safety of this community. >> i'm jeremy roth. reporting. i-uber-released a statement saying we're horrified and heartbroken at the senseless violence in kalamazoo, michigan. our hearts and prayers are with the families of the victims and those recovering from injuries. we reached out to police to help with their investigation in any way we can. other news now in vallejo, one personning dead, not a the hospital after their car slammed view into a wall this afternoon. the crash happened at the marina towers apartments on sacramento street. this video is from the school times herd. the survivor was unresponsive and flown by helicopter to a trauma center. police are trying to figure out what caused the crash. police are trying to find man who exposed himself to three teenaged girls in daly city yesterday around 4:30 in the afternoon. inside a business near mission and wilson streets. this is surveillance pictures of the man.
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the girlsed left the business while the man stayed inside. police said he had a distinctive shoulder-length look hair with light brown tips. hillary clinton is back in the bay area tonight. some of her wealthist contributors are hosting fundraisers in their homes, bernie sanders supporters are countering the visit with grassroots fundraising of their own. cornell bernard is live in san francisco with details. cornell? >> reporter: bernie sanders supporters holding a small fundraiser tonight here on market street. they say it's supposed to be a contrast to hillary clinton's fundraising trip to some wealthy bay area cities. >> bernie sanders was not in the bay area but his supporters are raising money for his campaign at blackbird bar in san francisco. >> we're just going to hopefully have people on their cell phone maybe give $27. >> christopher ray is feeling the burn with this permanent tattoo. >> we want him to do what he says. >> sanders campaigned in south carolina. he came in a close second in
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nevada, proving he can get sold support from minority voter. >> we have the momentum. we are going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. [cheering] >> reporter: hillary clinton was fundraising in the bay area. her first stop was the agenterton home of the founder of the fund raiser costing between $500 and $2,700 to meet and greet the presidential hopeful fresh off her win at saturday's nevada caucus. >> some may have doubted us but we never doubted each other. [cheering] >> and this one is for you. >> reporter: clinton has two other private fundraisers scheduled in menlo park and piedmont. next stop, south carolina. >> the run presidential candidates are regrouping tonight, die justing the results from the south carolina primary and stumping in states that will
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go to the poles on super tuesday. donald trump won by double digits yesterday. marco rubio squeaked by ted cruz for second plate. on though this week "rubio agreed trump is the head of the pack. >> we need to remember here, over 70% of republicans nationally have basically said we're not voting for donald trump and as long as that 70% is being divided by five people, of course he is the front-runner. once the number narrows we'll have a different election and we are getting closer. >> the republican field is now down to five. jeb bush, an early favorite, called it's day and suspended his campaign. still ahead at 6:00. a san francisco church dedicated to the musical sermonizing of a jazz legend now faces eviction because of rising rent. and the wobbly first steps of a big cat that was tranquilized to save its life. the successful release ahead.
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>> i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we're coming off a sunny sunday where temperatures were some five degrees better than yesterday, and that warming trend will continue into the work week ahead. we'll take a look at the nu
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unique san francisco church is facing eviction. [music] >> abc7~news was at what could
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be the final sunday service on fillmore street for the african orthodox church. the cofounder of the church has received a three-day eviction notice. he says his landlord has not been accepting his rent payment of $1,600 a month for two years. he believes it's an indication of a larger problem. >> i think what we see happening at the church is what is happening throughout the african-american and even the brown communities, where there's about profit over people. >> archbishop king says he hopes to find a new location. there's no comment front from the landlord. a female mountainly unions back in her natural habitat in santa cruz. she was tranquilized this morning after a home owner spotted her in the backyard. the lion was released back into the woods alleged woozy but looks okay. a deer car cuss was found nearby and official says she was probably drawn to the area
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because so many deer are there. the reason so many deer there are, say officials, is because residents feed them. for many women losing their hair is an emotional side effect of fighting breast cancer but there's now a new device that helps them keep their hair during chemotherapy. the technology is not available to everyone and what one group is dying to try to help all women. >> up next at 6:00, forget a finder's fee. tesla has a new customer perk that could give you a rare peek inside space ex. and sunny days are ahead. what gorgeous shot that is looking to the west. could be weekend with rain. drew tuma is up next with the forecast. >> the greatest spectacle in sports, closest finnish its 58 year history as denny hamlin and
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martin truckers, jr. sprinted
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tesla has a unique contest to win a rare tour of spacex headquarters in california.
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the only catch is you have to own a tesla and get a friend to buy a new model by april 16th. this is video of the company's youtube page. tesla will give away five tours for four people each. elon musk is ceo of boast spacex and tesla. what a time to visit. spacex is moving into mass production of the falcon 9 rocket. a company posted this photo showing five rockets in the works. they plan to run a mission every two to three weeks in the near future. if they were launching from here the weather would be fine. >> picture perfect tends the weekend, and if you like the sunshine and the warmer temperatures the forecast is for you. live doppler 7hd showing you way have dry skies and a few high clouds over us. in fact we'll take it. a live look slowing you a gorgeous twilight sunset, by 5:54 and right now it's quiet
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and calm. the forecast calls for foggy spotted monday morning but the sun witness burn off the fog. sunshine on the way and continuation of mild air, and unfortunately looks like the next seven days we're very dry on the accuweather forecast. everyone today got into the 60s. houston there right now we backed off in most spots to the 50s. 59 in concord, antioch, santa rosa, 58. the evening planner looking ahead will have the high clouds early on and call it partly cloudy by 7:00. by 9:00 and thereafter we have clearing skies, and by 11:00, temperatures cooling off into the upper 40s, and mid-50s. overnight tonight, a few spots that will drop into the 30s, like santa rosa and nap back drop dog -- napa dropping to 39.
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tonight, jumping ahead to 6:00, on your monday morning, right around the immediate bay and the best chance of fog along the peninsula and south bay, but a lot of sunshine in the morning, the fog quickly burns off. by 9:00 monday morning, most spots deal with mainly clear conditions and by 1:00, a lot of locations in the mid-to upper 60s and a good chance many spots will get into the low 70s. so highs for your monday with sunshine. 72 concord, same in oakland, 73 san jose, 71 santa rosa. live doppler 7hd along with satellite showing you the high clouds and the system bringing moisture to northern california but unfortunately what is happening, the pressure is acting like a road block, sending any storm into the pacific northwest and it's going to actually warm our temperatures mid-week. jumping ahead to wednesday, nice
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offshore wind bringing everybody into the low and mid-70s, and in fact, on thursday, we'll be some ten degrees above normal this time of the injury don't think it's out of the question some spots on thursday may get very close to 80 degrees. a very arm air mass is setting up over the seven-day forecast. back here the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you tomorrow, patchy morning fog. sunshine and mild temperatures. that warming trend continues into tuesday. a few clouds here mid-week own wednesday, felling like spring around here, thursday, with february warmth on friday, by saturday, there will be a chance of a storm system moving by to the north and by sunday, mixture of sunshine and temperatures above normal. >> don't have muff faith in the rain. >> -- much faith in the rain. >> i don't. >> this sports report is brought to you by bank of the west. >> photo finish. >> rarely when you see one of those in car racing. daytona 500 is the super bowl of
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nascar, and joe gibbs trial to get a toyota to the victory loin for the first time and his first win since 1993. when the lined up at the end, it wouldn't be if but which one. ken griffey, jr. waving the green flag. 30 laps to go hot day in south florida. dale dale earnhardt, jr. goes into the wall. he is okay but his day is done. matt kenseth on the final lap gets loose. denny hamlin and martin truex, jr. get by and are in a photo finish and hamlin wins by set 01 of a second. check this out. the closest finish in daytona history and the first ever win for toyota. >> i don't know where that came from. i don't know what happened. i can't even figure out what i did. but it all just came together. this wouldn't be possible if this wasn't toyotas sticking together. >> the oakland a's ran into
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problems late in games last year abuse the closer sean doolittle was hurt most of 2015. after saving 22 games the year before, wild card season. he pitched nine in the final games after oakland was out of contention, today, doolittle looking back in form. the red beard is in' preseason shape. he. >> i didn't watch him. he is a guy i don't worry about too much. all i have to hear is he is healthy and the times i did watch him, looked like he gad good life on his fast ball and that is what he is about. >> warriors are 1-1 on the toughest road trip of the season so far. six games in nine days. they play the hawks on monday night. jay-z and beyoncé in the front row. i was in the rafters.
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as green put up his 11th trim double and his 12th technical. after 16ts a player is automatically suspended for a game, with andrew bogut ailing it would be tough. >> told him before the game, you have four to play with over 29 games. and that would be one every seven games by my math help said don't worry, coach, i got you. all right. so, we'll see. >> now, with bogut and avili out with injuries, they need another big man, probably anderson varejao. he was traded to portland and then released and now a free agent. the warriors are the front-runners but the spurs are making a push to sign him. women's hoops, senior day at utah, stanford spoiled the party and set a milestone. the sweep to mccall.
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third quarter, utah down ten. inbounding. it's grabbed and mccal gets back for the layup. stanford by 12. later, the turnover. lead is 14. she finished with eight. stanford another 999th tape in program history. only six schools have a thousand total wins wins and. >> final round of the northern trust open in l.a., adam scott on 18 to tie for the lead. three-way tie at the top but bubba watson making a move. knocks in his seventh attract bird on 17 and takes the lead at 15 under. so, jason koch trying for his first ever tour win. need as birdie on 18 for sudden death. look goods but just slides by. watson's ninth pga title, last won this tournament in 2014, he 0 won the masters six weeks
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later. see if history repeats itself. i'm going to go take a nap. >> you deserve it, buddy. >> next at 6:00, face and race were the focus of new movies out this weekend could any topple the super hero ♪
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join us tonight for abc7 news on kofy tv 20. plus a high-profile attorney joining apple's fight against the fbi says about the dangers of the case. and then at 11:00 here on channel 7 we'll have reaction from the scene of a brazen deadly shooting at a fastfood drive-through in san francisco, tonight at 11:00. antisuper hero "dead pool" dominating the box office. it's been in theaters ten days and already the sixth highest domestic grossing r-rated film, passing bilgier hills cop at -- beverly hills cop. dead pool made 55 over the last three days. faith-based risen debuted in third with under 12 million. i the witch debuted in fourth with nearly $9 million. how to be single around out the top five. the countdown to the oscars is
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underway. we're one week until comedian chris rock hosts the oscars right here on abc7 7. join us to see who wins and who makes the strangest speech. we always look for that. >> can't wait for his monologue, either. >> going to be interesting. for sure. that's it for abc7~news at 6:00. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00. for drew and shu, i'm -- have a great night.
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