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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." this is decision day in nevada. the republican caucus about to get under way and it will take the candidates one step closer to the white house. good afternoon, everyone, thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. lara anthony is live where she attended donald trump's rally. >> reporter: we saw first hand here in nevada, there is hysteria, as it were, around donald trump. it's very real, at least among his supporters. they reminded me very much of the time in california not long ago when a movie star, arnold schwarzenegger, ran for governor. on a day he's expected to win big in nevada, donald trump
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played to his strengths in the northern part of the state before thousands of screaming supporters. first order of business, making sure they get out tonight to caucus for him. >> we're down to crunchtime, folks. we've got to do it. we've got to do it. like at 5:30 today, you know where you're going to be, right? >> reporter: and with trump apparently rolling toward the republican nomination, he showed little sign that he plans to let up on his competitors. especially ted cruz. >> when you hold up a bible and nobody loves the bible more than i do, when you hold up a bible, you don't then put it down and go around lying and doing a lot of things that are wrong. >> reporter: looking beyond his gop rivals, trump took dead aim at his likely opponent in the general election. >> nobody has ever committed the crimes she's committed and so far she's sailing along.
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>> reporter: at least for these people in this room, the hits keep on coming. what is it about anymore >> he's believable. >> i think he's majestic, he's beautiful. he's going to make america great. >> reporter: not everyone in the room here this morning was from nevada. there were some folks here from california. tonight on "abc7 news" at 5:00, we'll hear from a man who drove up this morning from san francisco. in sparks, laura anthony, "abc7 news." coming up at 4:30, a closer look at the other candidates and what is at stake tonight in nevada. a school poster meant to honor black history meant has been taken down and the student transferred. >> students were outraged by what was on the poster and walked out of the school. leanne melendez is live with reaction. >> reporter: lowell high school is a highly academic school in san francisco known to accept students primarily based on test
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scores and grades. and many students here will tell you that stereotypes there are very much alive. >> we stand against racism and racist behavior. >> reporter: those were words of condemnation from the principal after this poster was created by student of another minority group. it shows rappers including snoop dog, a picture of president obama wearing a diamond studd earring, put up with other posters. >> the stereotypes that we're not as smart as other races or we're lazy. that has fallen us throughout our high school years. >> reporter: african-american students make up only 2% of the entire student body at lowell. most black students walked out today and made their way to city hall in protest. >> a lot of the alumni were very angry about it, too. so hey this happened to me 20
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years ago. we're here now and it's still happening. so what are we going to do? we're here to get justice. >> i want to congratulate you and thank you for what you're doing. >> reporter: just about every high ranking school district, officials showed up promising to do more to change the culture. >> we have to make sure we address incidents and bring people together to worken a solution. >> we have to believe that they're taking a step at all, which is more than most schools would do. >> reporter: the students vowed to take their concerns to members oh of the school board. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, "abc7 news." the san francisco school board will vote on a controversial proposal tonight. that is to make condoms available to middle schoolers. district officials believe 5% of middle schoolers are having sex and that making condoms available to them will prevent sexually transmitted diseases
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and teenage preg thnan sexually transmitted diseases and teenage preg thnaciepregnan. check this out. this huge fire started at this buddhist temple. take a look at what it used to look like. here's what sky 7 hd captured of what's left. amy hollyfield shows us what happened. >> reporter: the buddhist temple are gone with two other homes, all because the monks here left candles from an annual celebration burning overnight. >> one of the probable causes that we believe is approximately 100 to 1,000 unattended candles were burning for their annual celebration. >> reporter: look at the huge fire that roared through east 10th street in oakland just before 2:00 this morning. firefighters say it destroyed the temple, two homes, five vehicles, and three sheds. four months were asleep inside as the fire started. it grew big enough to wake them up. >> hot, hot.
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>> reporter: next door a family of six barely escaped with the fire chasing them out the front door. they jumped from the porch. >> extremely scared and my daughter, when we got down, she started to cry. and now we have nothing. >> reporter: firefighters say it took them almost an hour and a half to knock down the fire, saying it spread quickly because of the wood structures it was burning. three people were taken to the hospital. one fire victim tripped and has a leg injury. firefighters say they're all expected to be okay. amy hollyfield, "abc7 news." fremont firefighters performed a unique rescue after a fire broke out inside this home. a team of firefighters had to rescue the immobile homeowner who had not been out of his home in four years. his weight was 600 pounds and complicated the rescue. a gravel truck overturned on
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a san francisco street this afternoon, crushing a couple of cars and burying them under the payload. look at the picture from sky 7 hd. it happened at 1:30 on 45th avenue in the outer richmond district. the police department says the load on the truck shifted causing it to overturn. no one was hurt. police are searching for this woman, 57-year-old shelly tishner. her husband says she suffers from a medical condition and does not have her medication. family members say her disappearance just is not like her. turning to the weather now. another nice day. let's take a live look outside. nice day. >> it's warm and sunny, especially in the east bay. spencer christian joins us with a look at our accuweather update. >> it's mild to sunny across the bay area, much like yesterday and will continue for at least another day or two. here's live doppler 7 hd, sunny dies with a few high clouds.
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we have high secure of advisories in effect tomorrow from 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. look for the possibility of 20-foot breakers and dangerous sneaker waves. up in the atmosphere, things are calm and mild. here's the view over san francisco. it's 70 degrees in the city right now. mountain view 70. at san jose, morgan hill, 63. check out this view from emeryville. it's 71 right now in santa rosa. 67 at napa and fairfield. concord, 69 and 70 at livermore. this is the first forecast, mostly clear tonight and early tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, mild to warm with highs ranging from near 70 at the coast to mid and upper 70s inland. when will this mild waves break? i'll have the forecast in a few minutes. a massive political battle is shaping up in the war on
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terror. today, president obama sent to congress a plan for closing the guantanamo bay detention center. >> kristen sze has the details. >> reporter: strong reaction is right. republican presidential candidate marco rubio says obama's plan to close gitmo is a continuation of prioritizing his own legacy over the safety of the american people. and california senator dianne feinstein said closing guantanamo would save taxpayers $140 to $180 million a year. there appears to be no middle ground on the closure plan. >> keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. it undermines our standing in the world. it is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of
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law. >> reporter: mr. obama proposes transferring the detainees to other countries and bringing the most dangerous to the u.s. republicans are quick to call the plan dangerous. >> let me say this, mr. president, don't shut down gitmo. expand it! >> reporter: republican kevin mccarty tweeted, a former detainee is arrested for links to isis. he's referring to an arrest in north africa today. clearly, the president has political and legal obstacles to clear before he can deliver on a campaign promise made eight years ago as candidate obama. >> thank you, kristen. the first part of a study that looks at tearing down the final 1.2 mile stretch of interstate 280 in san francisco will be unveiled.
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the move would cost billions of dollars, but would also open up room for an entire new neighborhood. anybody who paid a parking ticket or transit citation in san francisco between 1995 and 2012 might be getting some money back. the metropolitan transportation agency is refunding millions of dollars it received in overpayment and duplicate payments during that span. if you want to know if you're owed money, we have a link on our website at still ahead on "abc7 news" at 4:00, protests are taking place in the bay area and across the world as apple fans show support for the company's stance against the government. plus, second chance for a george lucas museum in the bay area. new at 4:30, it's spring training time. mike shumann
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protesters are rallying outside apple stores across the country this afternoon. this is video from new york. another protest is expected to get you believed way in little more than an hour in san francisco. >> that's where wayne freedman is with more. >> reporter: what's happening right now is they're waiting for people to arrive. we expect when they do, they say maybe 30 protesters over there next to the apple store. this is a question of security, how much security do you want for your data in your phone or personal device? are you willing to trade a little security of your own information in return for national security? most days this apple store in san francisco serves as a place
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of business. later this afternoon, it will become a stage. >> it is a question of national security versus national security. >> reporter: the fbi wants data from the secured phone of syed farook, and they want apple to write a program allowing them to access it. apple has said no. >> apple wants to cast it as a right to privacy. >> reporter: dr. lynn is an expert on public policy at stanford. >> apple could, if it wanted to, develop a patch to the system that would give the fbi what it wanted and then destroy it afterwards. one-time use. of course, apple doesn't want to do that because it will say this is setting a precedent. next time we'll have to do it again and the next time the local cops want to do it, we have to do it for them, too. >> reporter: the fbi argues this is a matter of national
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security. the phone might have additional information about co-conspirators or lead to sleeper cells. >> this is a very emotional issue for the victims in this case. the pain is still very palpable. >> reporter: sit a 21st century argument based on a document written in parchment. what would the founders of the constitution say about this? [ inaudible ] >> reporter: wayne freedman, "abc7 news." the dream of building a george lucas museum could be coming back to the bay area. >> melissa harrington is live with that story. >> reporter: the project has hit a snag in chicago, which opens up the possibility lucas might be looking for a backup plan. many hope he brings the museum back to his home state, this time to oakland. the george lucas museum of narrative arts was set to be
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built in a galaxy far, far away. well, in chicago. but now there's hope again he might reconsider the bay area. if plans in the windy city blow over. >> this is a monumental opportunity to host this museum. >> reporter: he was disappointed when chicago got the project. >> to lose that was a real shame. so if we could get another crack at it, we would be very aggressive trying to make something happen here. >> reporter: attorneys hint the chicago site is in trouble. a nonprofit filed a lawsuit saying the 300,000 square foot museum violates development laws along lake michigan. the force is still strong here in the bay area, particularly oakland. in a statement, the mayor said if plans for a museum in chicago do not come to fruition, we would be thrilled to explore the
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possibility of this project coming to life in san francisco. >> the jobs it would create would be spectacular. and the attraction itself brings so much more revenue in terms of tourism dollars to the city. >> reporter: visitors could check out the rest oakland has to open, like the trendy restaurants and shops and it has the perfect backdrop for "star wars" fans. >> it's a great urban legend and we're happy to promote it. >> reporter: alyssa harrington, "abc7 news." the national park service has sparked a dogfight over the use of the golden gate recreational area. it trims down areas where dogs can roam free. congresswoman jackie spear opposes the plan because it eliminates all off leash areas
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for dogs in the county. >> beautiful day for walking the dog or walking anything. let's go into spencer christian who is standing still in the sunshine. here's a live look. what a mild and pleasant day. this pattern is just lovely. it's dry, we need rain, but the weather is just beautiful. here's a view at the golden gate bridge where traffic is flowing nicely. mild and warm for a couple more days, cooling begins on friday and there's a slight chance of weekend rain. let's look at the week ahead in san jose just to show you how mild it will be. temperatures remain above average next two days, approaching record levels on thursday with highs around 76, 77 degrees. temperatures drop off to the upper 60s. and then we have another warmup next week. here's the forecast starting
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friday morning at 10:00. increase in clouds and friday evening, a chance of light rain or sprinkles moving through in the north bay. just a slight chance late friday night into saturday. we'll pick up the animation sunday morning, 10:00, another increase in clouds. another system that may bring light rain to the north bay. that blows on out of here into monday morning. so chances of precipitation over the next few days are only slim at best. tonight, look for mainly clear skies, low 40s in the inland values. then low seth tomorrow afternoon. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. a lot of change is coming our way. a bit of a cooldown friday, saturday, and sunday from the near-record levels over the next couple of days.
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temperatures once again remain above average across the bay area. cloudier friday, saturday, and sunday, slight chance of light rain friday night and sunday, mainly for the north bay. next tuesday, temperatures bounce back to mid and upper 70s. so the weather is here to stay for a while. >> thank you, spencer. up next, another shot at glory for sylvester stallo
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pixar's latest hit is now available to watch at home. the director took over from another pixar director to finish the movie. it was his first time at the helm. he hopes it finds new audiences now that it's out of theaters. >> these are really treated like children here, and knowing the
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children are out in the world kind of, you know, meeting new people and talking to new folks, it's so exciting for us. >> despite positive reviews, "the good dinosaur" was not nominated for an oscar. coming up at 6:00, jonathan bloom talks to the filmmakers. it's been nearly 40 years since "rocky" won an oscar for best picture, but actor sylvester stallone has never taken home an academy award for himself. that could change on sunday. here's brandy hit. >> reporter: rocky balboa, an iconic movie hero with strength and heart. created by a man nope as one of the host humble in hollywood. >> sylvester stallone. >> reporter: back in 1977, sylvester stallone did not win the oscar for best actor or for
4:25 pm
writing "rocky." but after shadow boxing with muhammad ali on stage -- >> it's something i will treasure for rest of my life. thank you very much. >> reporter: and now nearly 40 years later -- >> i never thought i would be able to cross this threshold again. >> reporter: he's back as rocky, nominated for a best supporting actor. >> everything i got is moved on, and i'm here. >> reporter: the hollywood heavyweight won his first golden globe last month and reflected on being absent during his rise to fame. >> i realized family is everything and that's the greatest award you can get. >> reporter: people want to see sylvester stallone win. when "rocky" won best picture, he was pulled on stain. >> i would like to thank you for sharing the dream with us. >> reporter: sunday, he may climb those stairs again, this time for his own oscar. sylvester stallone's star has
4:26 pm
been here for more than 30 years. the "rocky" franchise has grossed more than a billion dollars worldwide. >> he looked so young there and "creed" looks so good. chris rock will host the award show here on sunday night. "abc7 news" at 4:00 does continue. coming up, can trump maintain his lead in nevada? a look at tonight's caucus. an unusual rescue today after two window washers got stuck in new york city. >> and why the most
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." in headlines at 4:30, candles are believed to have sparked the fire that consumed a buddhist temple in east oakland. firefighters say between 100 and 1,000 candles were left burning inside the temple. flames destroyed that building, two neighboring homes and five vehicles. vic lee is following the case of san jose police officer phillip white. he's back on the force after being fired for criticizing the
4:30 pm
black lives matter movement. vic says why taking him off the force can be difficult. that's coming up at 5:00. nevada's caucus begins tonight at 5:00. laura anthony is there and tweeted this video you see here of donald trump's rally. hear from his supporters coming up at 5:00. trump rolls into nevada on a hot streak after easy victories in new hampshire and south carolina. he's the heavy favorite to win in nevada. lauren lister is in las vegas with the look at efforts to win votes. >> wow, this is something. wow! >> reporter: republican candidates making a final push with voters in the first in the west state of nevada. >> you wake up this morning to the news that the president is planning to close guantanamo. >> reporter: marco rubio this morning reacting to president obama's proposal to close the detention center at guantanamo bay, cuba. >> this makes no sense to me. we're not giving back an important naval base to a
4:31 pm
communist dictatorship. >> reporter: in las vegas last night, front-runner donald trump going after ted cruz. >> this guy is sick. there's something wrong this guy. >> reporter: even a protester in the crowd. >> i would like to punch him in the face. >> reporter: ted cruz trying to recover from a campaign shakeup. >> it's easy to say you want to make america great again, but the question is, do you understand the principles that made america great in the first place? >> reporter: the democrats, now focusing on south carolina, where more than half of democratic voters are expected to be african-american. voters the candidates are courting. hillary clinton launching a new ad featuring actor morgan freeman. >> she says their names. >> trayvon martin, shot to death. >> reporter: and bernie sanders enlisting the help of danny glover and releasing a new radio
4:32 pm
ad featuring the endorsement of spike lee. so republicans in nevada, donald trump has been leading in the polls by double digits but ted cruz won in iowa. the gop voters start their caucusing here at 5:00 p.m. lauren lister, "abc7 news," las vegas. >> stay with "abc7 news" and follow us on twitter for the latest on tonight's nevada caucus. and download the "abc7 news" app for alerts when the vote is in. new details an't the suspect in that deadly shooting rampage in michigan. we're learning what the suspect may have done just hours before the killings. >> reporter: charged with six murders and facing life in prison -- >> do you understand the charges? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: he showed no emotion -- >> i would prefer just to remain silent. >> reporter: and revealed no new details during his arraignment.
4:33 pm
prosecutors say the 45-year-old admitted to investigators he took people's lives. >> he was very quiet and reserved. definitely not out to cause people trouble. >> reporter: dalton once worked as an insurance adjuster, married and the father of a 10 and 15-year-old. >> friendly, talked to us, was smiling, joking around. >> reporter: this local gun shop owner, also in shock sharing these surveillance photos of dalton just hours before the shooting buying a tactical jacket. >> seemed like he was having a good time, opposed to somebody that went on a shooting rampage. >> reporter: dalton stands accused of shooting eight people at three separate locations, killing six and injuring two, including a 14-year-old girl in critical condition, initially believed to be brain dead. >> everything looks strong. my daughter is not dead. >> reporter: as for the
4:34 pm
investigation, authorities say dalton is cooperating but still not talking about a motive. he is due back in court next thursday. phoenix police say a gunman shot and killed his own family members and set the house on fire before taking his own life. it the gunshot victims inside, police dodged bullets and wore breathing gear when trying to get inside. a 6-year-old was pulled from the fire and died at the hospital. two window washers were rescued today in new york city. firefighters had to remove a pane of glass to bring them to safety. officials are investigating why the scaffold failed. coaches at the university of tennessee are banding together
4:35 pm
to counter the claims in a title nine lawsuit filed by a group of unnamed women. 16 coaches from teams of both genders held a rare joint news conference. a show of solidarity without any university administrators. they feel the publicity is creating an unfair picture. >> we have better facilities and resources than ever. our female student athletes have greater access than ever. and as a coach's group, we're closer than we've ever been. >> a federal lawsuit accuses the university of creating a hostile sexual environment through a policy of indifference. happening now, oakland public schoolteachers holding a march, protesting the district's proposed common enrollment program. sky 7 hd is overhead right now. members of the association say the proposal would increase
4:36 pm
charter school enrollment at the expense of public schools. choices for families include district run and private charter schools. opponents say students would flock towards charter schools, decimating public education. still to come, why lawyers are calling him a dead beat. i'm spencer christian from the abc 7 exploratory camera. we see clouds gathering in the western sky. get ready for a colorful sunset and more warm weather.
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he they be the most interesting man in the world, but the pitchman is a dead beat as well. >> he with speak french in russian. he is the most interesting man in the world. >> the long-time manager of jonathan goldsmith says he hasn't been paid in two years and is owed his cut of $2 million in beer money. the complaint calls him the least honorable man in the business. >> my client has been in the business over 50 years, he's never cheated anyone. >> goldsmith claims the
4:40 pm
allegations are jeopardizing his job with the beer company. a northern california mom says the next time you work out, don't forget the corkscrew. >> i was getting ready to do a workout and i saw the line and i thought that would be funny to incorporate wine into this workout video. >> she posted this exercise video to her facebook page using wine as motivation. she said she wanted to show people fitness is something you can do every day and you can use anything. this video has been seen by millions. >> if ever there was a wine workout that's perfect for spencer christian. i can't believe you can't come up with this first? >> i'm going to play the video and work out. i've got my bottles all lined up. but i won't be using a straw. here's a live look at live doppler 7 hd.
4:41 pm
springlike, mild, it's clear. tomorrow, statewide, look for sunny skies from top to bottom. a high of 70 in chico. down south, low 80s. 79 in san diego. here in the bay area, mild with highs in the 70s at the coast. low 70s inland. what about rain chances? well, here they are over the next seven days. about a 10% chance friday through monday. we may get sprinkles friday night, maybe some light rain sunday. and then next tuesday, temperatures will bounce back up to the levels we've seen. so on we go. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 4:00, use virtual reality to help educators become better teachers. the giants have won the
4:42 pm
world series in 2010, 2012 and '14. can they do it in '16? we'll talk to the players about that. i'm michael finney. the lengths some people are going through to get
4:43 pm
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4:45 pm
cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area, this is "abc7 news." the giants are holding their first full squad workout today in arizona. that's where we find mike shumann. everybody knows the giants won the world series in 2010, '12 and '14. i imagine this is being discussed in camp. >> reporter: this is more subject matter for the mafans t get excited about it. but this is an oddity to these even years. the giants as a team try to win the world series every year and the upcoming 2016 season will be no different. but when i asked the players about the even year voodoo, there may be something to this. you have to buy into it, so we made the moves and added great
4:46 pm
talent. bobby has done a great job bringing in some guys and expectations are high. >> that's the goal. right now we're buying into the even year thing and guys are excited to keep it going. >> reporter: the second baseman has missed all three runs at the title and definitely hopes it's true. you guys try to win a world series every year, right? >> right, we try to win every year and win it all at the end. so whether it's an even year or not, we're still preparing to win it all. >> reporter: 2016 even year, world series, you're trying to win it every year but do you buy into that? >> it's fun to think about. but for us, we know that we still have to go out and put our work in and play the game aggressively. >> reporter: that run to the title starts today right here in scottsdale and they have enough talent to pull it off.
4:47 pm
more coming up at 6:00. mike shumann, "abc7 news." >> tonight at 6:00 in fact, shu will have a report on the new man in centerfield and what means for angel pagan. michael finney has this story. this is interesting. >> it is. i love their take on it. uber drivers are saying we provide everything uber and lift needs to do business, everything but the app. the drivers have now developed an app of their own and plan to launch their own ride service called swift. this could launch as soon as next month in new york. for those developing an app
4:48 pm
to this one would ak like a key fob and start the engine of your car. it would open the door and start the engine. the digital key could be shared with others. owners could get expiration dates and revoke rights to use the fob on the app. volvo will experiment with the idea in sweden first before bringing it to the united states. more american students are heading to europe where some public universities are free. a group said many students here find college too experience, so they're headed to public colleges overseas that offer free tuition to international students. i know what you're thinking. what about room and board? they're comparable. the group says students may save
4:49 pm
money by studying abroad. plus, they get to study abroad. >> what i'm really thinking is, why didn't you tell me this four years ago before we gave our money to uc. thank you, michael. candy barmaker mars is recalling candy bars that affects snickers, and several other products due to plastic products may be mixed in. >> there's good news about chocolate today, it could improve your brain. some shampoos and aftershaves could have harmful substances. they're legal but they could cause allergies or hormonal
4:50 pm
disorders. the federation of cosmetic makers says europe is the most demanding market in the world in terms of ingredients of cosmetics and all products meet standards. is there a link between sleep and depression? the discovery at the medical institute found a genetic link could lead to treatment. and to get a good new's sleep many should set their thermostats lower. and core body temperature needs to drop to initiate sleep. so what is the ideal temperature for good rest? research says 65 degrees. and there's welcome news for chocolate lovers. eating chocolate appears to improve mental skills.
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from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. a sfudy finds the earth's sea levels rose fastener the 20th century than in the previous 2700 years. the study blames it mostly on climate change, saying it would have been half of what it is without the human entinterventi. "abc7 news" at 4:00 continues. up next, taking a lesson from some virtual reality avatars. the technology that's helping train teachers across the country. and here is what is coming up at 5:00. >> thank you very much. coming up next, the fiery protest over the death of an inmate. why they say the jail is at fault. plus, a nonprofit wins access to all pub lek student records. how that is angering some bay
4:52 pm
area parents. and michael finney reveals the best cars o
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here's a lock at primetime tonight. at 8:00, "fresh off the boat," then "muppets." if you suffer from migraines, a new treatment can freeze the pain away and it's relief that can last for weeks. stopping a migraine without drugs tonight at 11:00. a new high tech way to teach teachers using virtual reality instead of real students. >> it was developed right here in the bay area. here are the details. >> reporter: a real-life lesson from some virtual reality avatars. this technology helping these education students prepare for the challenges they'll face in the classroom.
4:56 pm
>> you actually are looking for solutions. you are in the moment, which is just fascinating for me. >> reporter: whether giving a daily lesson or talking to concerned parents, the unique software gives these students a chance to roll play before it becomes reality. >> this allows teachers to watch each other teach, to talk about teaching, to identify things that go well, to talk about things that don't go well and try things over, which you can't do in a real classroom. so it really changes the model for teacher education. >> reporter: each child has a distinctive personality and responds in real time, thanks to human programmers on the other end. >> the technology that we use is a combination of artificial
4:57 pm
intelligence, and virtual reality avatars. >> reporter: in addition to education, they are working with health care and hospitality industries, giving all participants a chance to practice real-life challenges. >> the more experiences that you can have, whether they be real class experiences or working with the system, it just makes you a better teacher. a lot of kids dream of traveling to space. i want to keep an eye out for gorillas. astronaut mark kelly posted this, showing somebody in a gorilla suit bursting out of a bag on the international space station. they apparently have a lot of free time up there. there's no explanation given for this, just a tweet from kelly who wrote, i thought you said you had things under control up there. as it turns out, it was kelly who was dressed up in the
4:58 pm
gorilla suit. >> as long as they keep themselves entertained. that is going to do it for this edition of "abc7 news" at 4:00. >> "abc7 news" at 5:00 begins right now. >> not too much excitement out here. >> at least not until now. an old fishing pier on the bay is suddenly in the fishing spot. the grisly discovery that has police on the move. also tonight, controversial cop. the fight over a san jose officer that now has the mayor getting involved. >> usa! >> the all-important nevada caucus. we're there live as voters are heading out. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. it feels like spring out here. i'll let you know if there's any sign of winter coming up. live from the kgo tv broadcast senter, this is "abc7 news." police look for evidence
4:59 pm
along the bay, behind the wheel and on foot. tonight, a lonely stretch of road becomes the focal point after a dismembered body is found in a container there. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. melanie woodrow joins us live now with the latest on this investigation. melanie? >> reporter: kristen and dan, you can see that officers have blocked off the road here. right now, multiple law enforcement agencies are looking for the rest of this woman's body. if those remains are here, they want to find them before anyone else does. multiple law enforcement agencies spent the day searching water and land for additional remains. this after someone found a woman's torso. the police say the arms, legs, and head were severed.
5:00 pm
>> surprised but not shocked. >> reporter: larry has been casting his line here for 20 years. >> it's a nice place to come out and go fishing. >> reporter: which is what the police say people were doing sunday night when they found the human remains. just after 8:00 p.m., someone called in to report a body found in the marshland. the coroner's office took custody of the body at 11:00 sunday night. the original call was for a body in a suitcase. the coroner's office confirms they performed an autopsy on a torso. a police department spokesperson would not confirm what the female torso was in, but did say it was in something. also that investigators do not know if the torso was dumped or floated from elsewhere in the bay. it's not clear how long it had been in the water or at this location. >> i'm sure


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