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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 26, 2016 1:07am-1:38am PST

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now at 11:00.
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the face of a gun man. tonight police say this is the map who drove through two towns and randomly opened fire before shooting even more bullets at a manufacturing plant. four people including the gunmen are dead. more than a dozen others are wounded. good evening thanks for joining us tonight. today's mass shooting ended in hest on kansas 40 minutes north of wichita. >> cornell is following new developments in the newsroom. cornell. >>reporter: we have just learn the name of the shooter. he's 38-year-old cedric ford. motive forth deadly shooting spree still unclear tonight. gunfire and fear erupting in small kansas community. >> gun strapped to him. he was ready to go. >>reporter: shortly after 3:00 p.m. pacific time law enforcement says a man armed with long gun and pistol went on a shooting spree. >> pop pop pop pop pop all i heard. >>reporter: suspect identified as cedric ford opened fire at two separate locations before in hest on kansas.í@
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company which makes lawnwn mowts mowers. 9n a total of 15 people. four were killeduh. including himselfm, the shooter. >>reporter: ford an xl employee was killed by law enforcement outside terrified eyújáuáts embracedwñ. 0co-worker neighbors in shoychblingt he was a really nice guy. seemed prv this kind of persopk >> i just can't believe that the guy that shot people up lived rightí1 across the street tt >>reporter: small community now sharing its grief. >> never in a million years something you imagine wouldp had a. people you work side by side with every day. >>reporter: ford has arrests dating back to the 1990's in florida including burglaryjc ad battery. kansas governor ordered flag to be lowered to half staff to honor the victims. live in the newsroom, thanks very much. new at 11 car hit and killed man in the road in south san
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jose. crash happened about 7:15 on the ramp from south bound highway 87 to northbound 85. emergency workers tried to save the victim of course but he sadly died at the scene. police trying to figure out why he was in the road. also new at 11:00. about berkeley sent out crime alert warning 4 female students may have been drugged at two from a fernt house this is weekend. no victims have actually come forward to report a crime. here's alan to explain. >>reporter: the campus crime alert warns that two female students may have been drugged at the fraternity here and two other female students may have been drugged at this house this past friday but so far no victims have comeh@uóh forward n these olcampus allegations. >>m throws a lot ofht other baggage that:e goes along with thato so it's hardpñ to come forward when something like that happens to you iuf can imagine. >>reporter: without anyj victims berkeley police say there is noúws#icial crime. off camera a leading member of
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this house denies the allaf tions and says they were not questioned by police before the crime alert went out. university says it's required information about these sorts of allegations even if they haven't been substantiatedge. >> you know it can damage reputation of a house when they know when they can't proof this thing even happened. >>pp:ur(áq going to err or on the side of safety and put the information out there. >>reporter: at least one fraternity says it plans to complain about the report. at uc berkeley, alan wong abc 7 news. new tonight. tan so/ç -- san jose teacher accused of having sex with 17-year-old student. late today police announce they kt zack drewolice announce they í÷ charr school. police were alerted to the potential relationship after a concerned parent contacted them about a rumor.f5f÷ new at 11:00p from santa ò
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lisa joinsd us live from this boulevard where%r fliers of the suspect have been circulated. h÷? >>reporter: the apartments e mailed this photo to all the residents today warning them that if they spot this man, to call the police. you have not seep this man around. >> no. >>reporter: santa clara police hope someone will recognize this man before he attacks again on saturday february 13 detectives say he sexually assaulted a woman who lives at this apartment complex. the following saturday he broke into another woman's apartment down the street at this immediately scare him off. >> obviously this is very traumatic for the victims and we realize this and that's why we are pulling out the stops on this. >>reporter: extra patrol out in the neighborhood. residents are worried. >> definitely a concern to me especially when i go walking by myself in the morning and in ike
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it's safe. >> well of course no. if there's a rapistnl around. >>reporter: because of what apáh$appened there will be community safety meeting at bella vista apartment march 10.z in santa clara, abc 7 news,m. politicing now. remaining g.o.p. presidential candidateau took the stage in texas tonight for the final debate before super tichlts and for the first time rubio and cruz went on the attack and delivered one blow after another against donald trump. >>p here's more. >>reporter: donald trump taking to the stage miles ahead of his rival and trump quickly threw their fire. >> you are the only person on the stage ever fined for people to work on your project illega illegal. >> i'm only one on the stage that hired people.+nuz you haven't hired anybody. you haven't hired anybody. you haven't hired6 heated/ñ exchange. >> here's awx guy that hired 2i million dollars.4 if he hadn't inherited r; million dollarsí2 do you know where donald trump8su&d be right now. >>e no noh4 no. that's wrong+.
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>>reporter: rubio and cruz aree years has given money to 40÷v; r carter, biden, hillary clinton e-g.o.p. 2012 presidentialo( nominee mitt romney suggested there's a bomb shell lurking in trump's tax returns. >> i want to release my tax returns but i can't release it while i'm under an audit. of mexico mr. fox on thursday used an obscenity to say his country would never pay for trump's wall. >> the wall just got 10 feet taller believe me. >>reporter: for the g.o.p. straggler super tuesday could be their last hurrah. strong showing on super tuesday could put trump in front for good. >> this guy is a choke artist and this guy is a liar other than that i rest by case. >>reporter: this is abc news washington. the jury trial is set to start next week for the lawsuit brought by the family of alex
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who died in san francisco police shooting almost two years ago. >> we have been looking at the evidence and talking to witnes witnesses. >> dan is here with new information on this story. >>reporter: officers said they thought he was aim ago gun at them he actually had a taser. only on 7 news the key witness now claiming he had his hands in his pockets when shot. >> these leafy tree provide plenty of shade at the park but the chain saw are about to come out. >> plus penguin on tiny little tread mill. lesson from the adorable lesson from the adorable science experiment >> that is adorable. live doppler 7hd showing you a system that is approaching. i'll tell you about the changes that it will bring as we head towards your weekend coming up. >> first a look at what's coming up onnp "jimmy kimmel live"right after 7 news at 1 11:00. >> thanks. we have a big show tonight. here's just a little of it.
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the family(c of a young man killed in san francisco police shooting almost two years ago now is questioning how authorities handled the evidence. >> part of the federal civil rights lawsuit set to go to trial next week. >> dan is here now with a report you see only on abc 7 news. >>reporter: we have been going through court documents spoking with witnesses and questioning lawyers from both sides. they are providing information you have never heard in the controversial case until now. every morning he stands at the spot where his son died in a hail of bullet. since they assassinated him i come every day to his altar and pray. alex stopped at this park before work to have a burrito and watch the sun set. he carried a taser on his belt for his security job at san francisco night club. some one mistook his taser for a gun and called 911. >> gun is visible.
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>> when police arrived they spotted him 100 feet away. they say he point add weapon at them and they saw a laser sight on their chest. >> gun fired. >>reporter: police fired 48 pull let at this man who died in minute. autopsy shows he was wounded 14 times. 5 of those bullet hit his head and torso at an angle that suggest they struck him after he hit the ground. his taser was recovered at the scene. >> this is the actual weapon  tragedy b='jñ to do. >>reporter: district attorney charges against the officers. >> it is lawful. it is clearly constitutional. >>reporter: the da report said the taser internal clock confirmed he fired his taser several times starting atbt 7:18 p.m. same time police fired at him. but our investigation has found the clock taser logged a different time.
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7:14 p.m. that 4 minute difference could be critical. his family believes it means alex did not fire the taser at the time of the incident. taser employee testified in a sworn deposition that he recal cue lited the times to account for clock drift when a clock spipdz or slows down and drifts away from actual time. he says he recalculated the taser time after a da investigators asked him to do it. i believe he indicated that the times don't line up with some one's story. i don't know who. that is a quote from the taser official. he represents alex's family. ree timecm stamps because the original ones that he came up with did not match the office this tampering is this some sort of coverup. >>çx.uathere's something rotten theb! da saidx theyuç merely d him to account for clock drift and once++ he did this the timi< evidence at no&= time wasm taser
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analysti told what timeh evidence suggestedn. we purchs(q an/4 m 26 z taser q' fired yellow doors and confetti burst away. evidence on the ground or somewhere nearby that the weapon was discharged. >>reporter: none of these was found near alex's body. the;9 da report attribute it to high winds. while police say the man assumed an aggressive posture and pornted a weapon at them a witness testified in deposition that the man had his hands in his pockets. city attorney challenged the reliability of this witness including the fact that he was not wearing prescription glasses. 48 bulletnq fire at somebody who did not have a gun who did not fire one bullet. 48 bullet at essentially resulted in this young man being traj bring child. >>reporter: alex had just completed an associates degree q@ his fat doesn't believe he
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would ever point a weapon at police officers. het never gave us any problems since he was a kid. he maj manageds life very nois noisily until the day he died. >>reporter: police say they yelled at him to hoe his hand and he responded show me your hands but the same witness saw his hands if his pockets says police only yelled stop and began firing almost immediatel immediately. sf pd use of force must change and training new recruit to stop firing after two shots. >> wow! all right thank you so much. one of the best parts of one of san francisco most icon he can park business to go awa away. at least temporarily. we were at alamo square today where there are signs on treeszg that are going to be removed. there are 160 trees in the par park. city says 10 to 12 older>l!dz ts that are deceased are rotting and in danger of falling just have to go. >> that's sad they think of getting rid of them. icap believe they are going to do that. >>reporter: the city will plant 40 new tree after the
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park is renovated in april. >> all right time to turn our attention to the weather and we broke a couple more record day. tree are in bloom. sandhya is here with the forecast. >>reporter: tree pollen is high and treating the haze in the at months fear and look of win. as you take a look at live doppler 7hd it's going toor÷ change a little bit tomorrow clouds are starting to increase in the north bay. we have a little fog that has formed in half moon bay last couple hours. 5 miles visibility so during the morning commute there are patches out there. temperatures right now in the 50's. we do have a few 40's around napa. sk25 napa. sdz is partly cloudy
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this upcoming weekend and warmer days again next week. system that is coming in is generating higher surf so that's why advisory starts early tomorrow morning at 4 and it runs until saturday afternoon. the potential is there for sneaker waves and rip current and large breaker could wash you away so just be aware of that if you are heading to the coast to enjoy the nice weathe weather. sutro tower advice nibility san francisco here's the 12 hour , 50's. high clouds at noon. it's in the 50's and 60's you will notice for most of the bay area heading into the afternoo afternoon. mostly cloudy and there is a possibility of a sprinkle or light shower heading into the evening commute. certainly going to be a cooler day friday morning after noon you notice sprinkle or lit shower move in at 5:00 p.m.+p'"n the north bay and could actually slip into the san francisco peninsula and into the east bay about i 7:00 p.m.
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it's done. if you blink you might miss it. not amount to whole lot. here's where we may have some encouraging news. next wednesday afternoon clouds will be on the increasezm wednesday night. could see a pattern change first system bringing rain chance in thursday and then we fast forward to the first weekend of marchq/zw. another systemwj coming in and líár)t this model+ç is right we could be in for some big changes but not immediately. tomorrow morning starting out fog few high clouds for the afternoon expect cooler day most areas will be in the 60's except livermore apartment i don't care 70 degrees. 64 san francisco. mid 60's around san rafael richmond 69 san jose 67 santa rosa napa accu-weather 7 day forecast will feature the potential for sprinkles tomorrow night. weekend is dry. oscar sunday in the 60's if you are watching. you want to watch us here obviously we are oscar station. warmer monday through wednesda
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wednesday. 70's bay inland chance of rain wednesday night into thursday. >> very good. >> thanks. >> still ahead on 7 news at 1 11:00.;l waddling on a tread mill. >>ç÷ science lesson
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all right we pulled this right out of the cute file tonight. penguin on tread mill in the name of science. they waddle e.researchers at the university of london put several penguin on a tread mill and observed. turns out the heavier penguin leaned in more to the walk causing them to wobble and fall quite easily. >> you can fine the study in the journal here. >> poor guy. i feel a little bad. >> i like my penguin a little chubby. don't want one with ab. he's supposed that's what it's about. >> doesn't help in the cold either. >> in sports tonight steve used to be the best long range shooter in history. now he coaches the guy who just made three point shooting history of his own tonight. i think you know his name i think you know his name sports
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people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. good evening. curry now hit a three in nba record 128 straight games in orlando coach scott said he's not sure the streak is ever going to end because curry is just too good. warriors and ultimate weapon. the baby face assassin. here's the record setter past ff 27 shots. 10 were three. heów will take youw off the dribble as well and thenv flex. here'sv the nightlyw no he did#&r2ñ launching from the half court. all he did was laugh. 24 points in they d; third. he finishes with+ 10, 3's 51 points.
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130-114 the warriors win. first guy to good for 40,r 40, consecutive games after kobe a decade ago. this streak is absurd. >> three point shot is like a lay up. half court shot lucky a 3 point shot. that's what hes to with half court shot collins said it was a rhythm shot went in. who else would you say take about half court. steph it's actually true. >>reporter: bad man. cal going for the 20th win of the 84. 6 in a row against ucla. brown with rejection. wallace back the other way finds bird for 3 of the 20. cal up 8 at the halfmbb/. ucla trying to get back in the game but brown had an answer every time the 2 hand flush. lottery pick wait to gop had a. great athlete. brown 16 points. bears win. 20th victory and perfect 17 and o at home. stanford football coach david
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shaw in the house. cardinal hosting usc. hi david. feeling steph like in the game. hit the shot 30 seconds litter. career high 25 here. 5 of 7 from deep. cardinal up 43-25 at the half and pouring it on. marcus allen. the gentle jam. stanford 84-64. the kaepernick kelly love fest is over before it even started while the new niners coach was saying today how he can't wait to start working with cap the quarterback agent were busy asking the team for a tried. to say that trust has eroded between cap and the niner organization would be a a mild under statement after a 5 and 11 season during which cap was bedroomed then pwlimd for many of the team problems. question is what team might want cap? thinking they can revive his career and now what the niners can get for him. stay tuned. 7 sports brought to you by river


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