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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is friday. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> you made it to february 6, mike? >> good morning, everyone, we will start with live doppler hd because we have been talking about the chance of wet weather and it will be in the evening, dry for the commute with a few high clouds and a gorgeous sunrise, #abc7now if you capture it. milder at 7:00, through the definitely hour day planner, low-to-mid 60s at noon, and notice the sea breeze kicks in and puts us in the mid-50s at 4:00, and mid-to-upper 60s for the rest of us and mild this evening with a chance of sprinkles mid-to-upper 60s. >> if your travels take you to the golden gate bridge it is a breeze, with no delays over the waldo grade, you have four lanes in the southbound direction and traffic is flowing nicely, 880 overcrossing looking good but further to the south we have an accident with the cars off to the right hand shoulder, north 101 at oakland road you can see from 280 to 880 it is 10 minutes
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delay with the red sensors. back with a look at the mistransit options if in a few. >> time is up for people living in homeless encampment in san francisco. for weeks neighbors and business owners have complained of a growing camp under the freeway and now the city is forcing them out. amy hollyfield is there. >> no police or cruise are here moving people out. yet. we do have a lot of homeless advocates. they say they are here because they want to watch the process. make sure people are treated fairly. there are still tents but they were ordered to clear out on tuesday night. officials say the situation on division street is unsanitary and people cannot live here. one person who lives in the tenths said he doesn't land to go far and expects he and others will be right back here.
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>> we will stay on that end. the miles per hour said from van ness and 9th and 8th and 7th are open. they will just move us and when you disperse we will move back. all the citien withs people to go here, a new shelter at bi-- pier 80 but some do not like shelters and would rather live on the street. this is popular because it is under the freeway so dug the rain it is a good place to be protected. the city said they have to leave here 689 the deadline is 5:00 this afternoon. >> if 30 minutes, kansas authorities plan to hold a news conference on the shootings in hesston, with the gunman identified as 38-year-old cedric
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ford. it took place at his job and two other locations. authorities say he killed three people and injured 14 others before police killed him. no motive at this time but authorities believe domestic problems may have been the trigger. shortly best shooting he was served with a restraining order from the girlfriend. >> fremont pestle not be able to confirm whether the torso and body parts found near the dumbarton pier belong to shelly titchener, 57-year-old brisba woman. her husband committed saw side on tuesday by jumping off the bay bridge. paul tip neither was a "person of interest" -- paul titchener was a "person of interest" in her disappearance. we need more facts. >> neighbors her the couple fight in the past but police say there was no documented history of domestic violence.
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d.n.a. evidence will be needed to identify the torso. oneone of the two sons is asking for privacy saying both parents passed away. >> san jose police are investigating a shooting that superintendent a 16-year-old boy to the hospital last night, with no word on his condition. the shooting happened near cabernet vineyard circle with three men seen leaving the area in a red car. >> former tenants of a burned apartment building in san francisco's mission district will protest because they coulds there the right to their afternoons now the city is ordering the landlord to tear down the building, you can see it burns last year at 22nd and mission displacing 60 people and 18 businesses and many ten ans have been riced out of the rental market. >> google will back apple in the court battle with the f.b.i. over iphone security. a court ordered apple to help the f.b.i. tap and a locked iphone used by a san bernardino
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shooter. apple opposed the order and filed the formal objection yesterday. a day before the deadline. google will file a friend of the court brief on apple's behalf the next week which is someone who is not a party to the case but offers information on the case. microsoft, twitter, facebook and yahoo have all said they land to support apple. >> apple loses in the under all of the companies will be subject to a government mandate. it may not be appropriate for their perspective. >> the file i said the government owes it to the victim families to conduct a thorough vex and some family members and survivors will file a brief if support of the government's position. >> yahoo c.e.o. marissa mayer may have a way to save her job according to the "san francisco chronicle" he is work on a deal to take the business private. her friend who is an
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investorment banger contacted private equity bankers to see if they are interested, as marissa mayer's board weighs a sell to a telecommunication company. >> if you are headed to sfo expect pick account lines with uniteed airline protesting any minute at sfo and hoping to drew attention to the fight for a new contract. it is mirrored across the country at the airports, last week the mechanics voted overwhelmingly to reject the airline's latest offer with more than 9,000 mechanics in the barring appearing unit and 3,000 are at sfo. >> the united states air force has successfully launched a nuclear missile from the coast of california shot are vannedburg air force base overnight part of a test of the missile defense system but seen as a way to show american's military power. >> white house has confirmed
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president obama will meet with senate leaders on tuesday to talk about a replacement for supreme court justice antonin scalia and the never governor removed his name from consideration as a possible supreme court nominee. the 52-year-old notified the white house he doesn't want to be considered at this time. >> san francisco's most iconic park is closing for now with changes you can expect to see in the coming weeks. a landing you will not believe after a front wheel fills to deploy minutes before hitting the tarmac and the might kept everyone safe and sound. >> pier 15 is getting lighter and we will keep weather and traffic up through the entire traffic up through the entire commercial
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>> good friday morning at 6:10. in the east bay valleys upper 40s to low 50s and conquer at 53 and pittsburg is 54 and low-to-mid 50s up and down the bay shore to the south bay until los gatos at 49 and pacifica is 54. it will be good walking the dog with mild temperatures. dangerous waves developing at
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the beaches and sailing today, stay in the by. san jose and 280 and 17, temperatures in the 60s to federally 70 with a chance of rain this evening and more on that coming up. sue? checking on pass transit options are good, bart has 44 trains running on schedule this morning. ace train on time with no delays. caltrain is looking good now if you do travel caltrain heads up your fare adult fare is going up on sunday, 50 cents if you commute monday morning be prepared for that. slow traffic from the central valley and very slow on the sunol grade with an accident there updating the conditions and the drive time to get from livermore to fremont in a few. >> this guy captured our hearts, good news for the baby horse that fell down a ravine and was trapped. valentine at uc davis is ready to go. agreement police are close to finalizing a new home at bottom
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covered and trapped for two days with a evening wheren hip, the possible new owner now has a mare would will have new colts for valentine to play with. a lost you want to the gofundme account and donateed generously and that is why he is doing well, found on valentine day. he did not need surgery in the under and is recovering. reggie? >> happy to see that. >> days before the oscar, what will the host say? we are learning more about how he will handle the diversity controversy. >> big bat embetween students and a california teacher union and a california teacher union is in court and how it
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hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green® fertilizer, at lowe's. santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. watch this video with me. you will see a pilot of the asian pacific airways jet make a spectacular emergency landing in guam, the nose gear did not deploy and the flight crew only had the back wheel to touch down. the front of the plane is touching the tarmac. only three people were on the flight and no one was hurt.
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there was in smoke or fire. airport operations completely unaffected. apaysing landing. >> a court will decide if rules should be changed on how tenured teachers can be fired. the case was filed by los angeles high school freshmen who say tenure and seen majority hurts minority students because bad teachers end up at the poorest performing schools. >> i thought and now know that every student in every school should have awesome teachers. >> it gives protections so they can teach the way they have been trained. >> the court has 90 days to issue a decision and it will be a long battle. both sides say they will appeal. >> a state senator of san francisco san francisco introduce add bill you may have thoughts with on the books, providing protections against foreclosure for widows and widowers would want to stay in
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their home. right new the law said survivors boss names not on the home loan are not protected by the homeowner bill of rights and a spokesman said that the bill poses a major risk to lenders. >> the country down to the oscars, and the host chris rock is taking center stage and this is most eagerly awaited monologue. he said see you sunday, # #blackout. he posted a picture on instagram saying getting my outfit together. if a space suit. a reference to the nominee "the martian." he is joking why he was chosen saying the only reason he is doing it is because ellen said "no." he is expected to dress the oscars' so white controversy. >> you tuned in and want to see how far he will take things and what he will say. >> we will hear from the man of
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the hour himself, chris rock, on "good morning america" at 7:00. our coverage will be right here on abc7 starting at 2:00 p.m. with a selection on we have a lot of great exclusi alert. >> how is the weekend weather? we go over to meteorologist mike nicco right now. no, sue. sue? >> yes, we have an accident on sunol grade jamming things up 680 southbound middle lanes are blocked and traffic is now stacked up for a good 40-minute delay if you leave the pleasanton area and headed to san jose and fremont area. disney on ice is tonight at oakland coliseum through the weekend. remark 880 beyond the coliseum is great but expect delays give
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yourself plenty of time. or maybe just taking yourself and out of the central valley, slow and up and over the altamont pass and speeds of seven miles per hour and it pick up and you look at 40 minutes from tracy to dublin. mike has the weather coming up. >> ing, everyone. the next three hours on live doppler hd you can see nothing. but there are clouds. and from sutro tower, you can see it is a color will morning, #abc7now, and dimmer sunshine because of the increases clouding and a chance of evening sprinkles or showers, and briefly remain wither again next week before better chance of rain on thursday and friday. the temperatures are cool along the coast and low-to-mid 60s, half moon bay at 62, and around the bay, mid-to-upper 60s, and upper 60s and a few 70 show up inland like antioch and livermore. tonight is another mild one with mostly cloudy conditions and upper 40s to mid-50s
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interest san francisco. at noon, you can so a few sprinkles developing along the marin county coast and as we head to 5:00 light showers are trying to slide in to the north bay and along the coast and the higher elevations around the bay by 7:00. notice around 9:00 we will still looking at drizzle along the coast and higher elevations and the showers, sprinkles, fade way overnight. look how little rain we are going to get nothing in the south by county nothing inland east bay, .01" in hayward and .0 2 in half moon bay which is generous. there will be no affect on lake tahoe with plenty of snow. we are 91% of where we should be. windy and record high of 57. not so breezy but in the mid-50s saturday and sunday. more sunshine and low 50s on monday. temperatures in the 60s for
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oscar sunday and mid-70s around from the coast on tuesday and wednesday. highway is the ski resort? >> spring like conditions at 57 today. the lake tahoe report has the base dwindling and hopefully we get more snow in march next week. squall valley is easy ride, no chains required any of the sierra freeways or highways. it is a necessary drive over to heavenly on 50, three hours and 22 minutes with clear roads and a noise bay at donner and good drive times headed to lake tahoe today offer this weekend. guys? >> or go subjecting, -- surfing, catching the waves next to the golden gate bridge. that is from our news provider, sarah, capturing the moment and slayering it. those people who surf there are really nervy because the rocks are are not far.
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the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule, news that lives without live. >> the best part of one of san francisco's most iconic parks is
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about to be pulled out by the roots, just to keep you safe. at alamo square there are signs that trees will be removeed because 10-12 big, beautiful trees are diseased or rotting or in danger of falling have to go. the city will plant 40 new trees after the park is renovated in april. you in longer need a credit card to buy when you fly southwest airlines you can use amazon account on flights with wi-fi. you can buy inflight entertainment like movies and tv shows or buy the wi-fi service and text messaging. you have to sign in to your amazon account through a mobile device and make the payment. you if have been bumped from a flight and you really need it to get where you are go on time, it can be a huge pain. is there anything can you do? >> we will ask begin --
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>> and i get bumped can i get my money back. >> it is complicated. airlines may negotiate compensation for voluntary such as a free trip or anything else you will accept. however, involuntarily if you are bumped the airline if they get you to your final destination when hour of your originally scheduled time they don't have to give you anything. if they get you between 1-2 hours the airline must pay 200% of when way fare to the final destination that day up to $650. if it takes more time the compensation doubles to 400% up to $1,300. >> i want to get bumped. if you have a question is for michael finney record it and sanity to us or post it on solve media using #askfinney.
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youcanseeyourquestionanswered rig >> a pair frightening crimes in the south bay and what you need to know about a man wanted for attacking two women and the morning commute will be more expensive, the reason that gas prices could spike 30 cents or more. today. >> we have a little bit of rain in the forecast. the next couple of weeks. the next couple of weeks. we will
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we are looking live at the county in kansas with an update on the shooting that happened yesterday in kansas as you probably know, now, shooter ended up killing three people before police came in killed the shooter. a total of four people died. during the shooting yesterday. >> 14 were injured. let's listen. >> the northeast corner of the building goes inside. the sheriff deputy pulls up and report he is being fired upon. the deputy was not hurt. the shooter goes into the build ing. at that point, shoots 14 more people. three of those people are fatalities. the has ton police officer who responded goes where the shooting is occurring and meets
6:31 am
the shooter toward the front office area of excel. they exchange fire. the hesston police officer the hesston police officer shoots and kills he was armed with an assault rifle and automatic pistol. mr. ford, resideing in newton kansas, was served a protection order at 3:30 that afternoon. at 3:30 he is served and at 5 o'clock we have the first shoot ing. currently, we have 14 people in very hospitals. and the medical center. and leslie. and st. francis.
6:32 am
those continues range from stable to critical and one going into surgery as we speak. involved in this separation are a number of agencies including the crime scene investigation of kbi of goal. file any is here doing numerous interviews. a.t.f. is here to help us with the guns. and weapons. again, this is a tragic event. the city of hesston and harvey. we will get through it. we will do it right. we will make sure this investigation is concluded. we have jobs to do. people have been tasked to do their job. they will do their jobs. we will take care of ourselves later.
6:33 am
>> that is the special of harvey, kansas, walking us through the timeline. in the last 10 minutes he said the suspect was served with a protective order 90 minutes before the mass shooting took place. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> a lot go on. we start with meteorologist mike nicco. mike? >> yes, we have high clouds rolling through on live doppler hd. you can see the last couple of hours they are increasing and will make for a colorful sunrise #abc7now. now it is milder this morning with temperatures in the upper 40's to mid-50s. by noon in the low-to-mid 60s but as the soon unfolds clouds are thicker and the sea breeze develops holding in the mid-60s and cooler at the
6:34 am
coast with sprinkles to light showers at 7:00. sue? >> we have an accident on the sunol grade causing havoc this morning, not only that, but there was an accident behind in the backup involving a big-rig that rolled back into another car so two separate accidents southbound 680 and the backup, too, at highway 84 an hour and 20 mens from dublin/pleasanton to fremont. the alternate route is not if but 880 is slow through hayward and it pecks up to fremont. we will look at the bay bridge in a few. >> before you head out the door this morning you may want to swing by the gas station, bay area prices are about to spike. john it we talking about a pretty considerable rise up to closer to three bucks. >> that is right. it is predicted prices could go
6:35 am
up 30 cents a gallon and even more in southern california. consumer watch dog group said the search comes as refinery make the switch from the winner to summer planned and it coughs more to make but it is better for the environment. prices go up this time of year because of the switch but experts say not by this much and they believe the refineries could be taking advantage of the situation to jack up the prices. some drivers say they are resigned to pay without question because gas is a necessary commodity. [ inaudible ] >> still have to make the drive the still have to work. get to pay it. >> the average gas rice in the bay area: san jose is $2.33. could go up to $2.64. oakland will go up to $2.63 and san francisco at $2.50 but could reach $2.80.
6:36 am
experts recommend find under branded independent gas stations for the best deals. >> look at the flooding if vallejo after a water main break. there will an jeep on the screen and then a front tire in the sinkhole breaking at 2:30 near the elementary school on rome drive and no word on the cause of the water main break. >> a man was if a road in south san jose and three was hit and killed by a car at 7:15 southbound highway 87 to northbound 85. emergency workers tried to save the victim but he died at the scene. >> back to the developing news in kansas, the site of a workplace shooting that took four lives including that of the gunman and our reporter is monitoring a news conference there right new. >> police say the gunman was senator add restraining order against a girlfriend an hour and
6:37 am
a half before he went on a shooting rampage at work. co-workers and police identify the shooter at 38-year-old cedric ford posting this picture and video firing an assault rifle a few months ago. he used a pistol in the attack and assault rifle. he has a lengthy criminal record. in florida it included burglary and battery and concealed firearm. a man he bed with for told the s&p 500 he got in an argument on wednesday and he thought he was trying to kill him. >> i heard a loud "been," saw a fork lit driving and i there there was an explosion. >> here he is reunited with his wife yesterday. the gunman was shot and killed by the first liver who arrived on the scene and is called a
6:38 am
hero. flags are ordered to be flown at half staff to away the victims >> the map accused of killing his girlfriend, stacey aguilar will appear for the first time in court today after being arrested two day ago. the woman disappears after looking a party with her boyfriend a week ago. body was discovered on saturday afternoon in the east bay hills. >> pestle resume a sent for a man would sexually assaulted a woman and tried to attack another if their own homes. here is a sketch of the suspect near where the attack happened the on saturday, february thin, the man sexually assaulted a woman who lived at the apartment and the follow saturday, he broke into another woman's apartment down the street at an apartment. >> it scares me the i walk by
6:39 am
myself in the morning and evening. ado you feel it is safe? >> of course not if it is a rapist around. >> because of what has happened there will be a community safety meeting at the farms on american 10. >> bart police are reporting that the theft of four catalytic condition voterers in less than 12 hours on tuesday between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. according to berkeley police that makes 23 converters stolen just this in. authorities say the converters are targets for teens because of -- for thieves because of their fresh metals. >> 49 right new in santa clara, and saratoga, and cupertino is 48 and everyone else is in the 50s and los gatos in the hills at 59 degrees. cooler inland at lafayette and danville at 49 and 44 in novato and alameda 54 and san francisco is 55 on success shut, high tree
6:40 am
pollen again and everything else is manageable. you will see a chance of showers this evening but temperatures are it will touching 70 away from the coast and tomorrow abut the same with more sunshine and even cooler on sunday with more clouds but i have taken the rain out of the forecast for sunday, and kept it in for today with an hour-by-hour look at the evening coming up. >> sue? >> we have walnut creek with brake lights from north main to 24 junction at 10 minutes from highway 4 to 24. and toward tunnel you are look at another ten minutes. not bad. metering lights were turned on at 5:31 and traffic is stacked up. not too bad from golden gate field to the toll follow but it is 25 minutes from golden gate field to san francisco. the worst come put of the morning? over the sunol grade. stay tuned.
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>> looking for work? positive news about johns in the bay area. >> need a sugar fix on friday? >> need a sugar fix on friday? you are not alone, the best way
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>> this is what you would call gnarly waves, at 60 feet feet hh
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some of the biggest waves ever to hit hawaii. this man is 23, the youngest person ever to win the invitation. a giant storm is expected to condition rate more of rage huge waves today in hawaii and along the west coast. >> facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerbergs with awarded the special award in berlin last night given to outstanding entrepreneurial personals with exceptional talent for innovation, shaping culture and social responsibility from the founder of the largest ofest digital publisher outfits in new york. now, on wall street we are up 54 points. on friday. >> jane king is at nasdaq with the money report. jane? >> good morning, a judge has give everyone volkswagen until march 24 to have a fix for the
6:45 am
dirty diesel cars after admit they used illegal software that disabled emission control with 11 million vehicles away the world after the epa and the california resources board found the devices in more than 500,000 cars in the united states. san francisco ranks number one in the nation for career brother expects polling a through people on career prospects, quality of life, cost of living, cultural diversity, and san francisco is high for long-term careers. two local places are named the best in the in addition doughnut alley has a great old fashioned doughnut with a crunchy crust and doughnuts of oakland is known because of the salted maple. >> now, we are positive with the dow up 52 and nasdaq up 24 and positive today. it will be up two weeks in a
6:46 am
row. reggie and natasha? >> this year the oscars are making sure the show moves and cutting acceptance speeches off at 45 seconds. >> they say. >> words will thank the people out loud on the bottom of the scene. >> we want to hear your continue second oscar speech? thank whoever you want if you won the oscar and post it with #abc7now. my rendition of what you may or may not want to do. >> reggie aqui. >> i cannot believe it this is such a surprise. i thank kanye west for teen me to be humble and the kids if elementary school who called me wedgy and the ladies at the 10 lop for keeping my eyebrows looking good. >> wedgy reggie? >> fine. areas of therapy and i am almost over it. post the speech on social media
6:47 am
#abc7now. on monday we pick our favorite. meteorologist mike nicco? >> they look like natasha's for and -- some reason. >> enjoy, february, the storm president everyone has not been so intrusive whatever. we have had five days of wet weather compared to 26 in january. here is live doppler hd you can see how dry it is right new, look at the burst of orange baking through our early morning clouds as a beautiful picture clouds as a beautiful picture from our roof camera, warmer next week with a chance of rain on thursday and into friday. we will talk our warmest temperatures today antioch and livermore at 70 and coolest along the coast at 62 at half moon bay and low-to-mid 60s and most of us in the mid-to-upper 60s at 64 to 69 and tonight it is another mild one because of the left over clouds and upper to mid-50s
6:48 am
when you step outside tomorrow morning. today is cooler, dimmer sunshine because of the thicker clouds and a sea breeze developing and by 5:00, sprinkles-to-light showers are well into the north bay and we will have a few sprinkles in the evening spread through the neighborhood and maybe best in the higher elevation and along the coast. by midnight they are falling apart and you can see the clouds becoming open toward the morning hours. look at these smallants, it is very weak. my 15 seven shows it is coolest this weekend with just 60s for oscar sunday of the 70s return away from the cost monday through wednesday and 60s back on thursday when it is raining again. sue? >> the award for waste commute of the morning is the sunol grade southbound 680 not one but two separate accidents mocking the lanes and this was a big-rig that rolled into another car and this was the original accident
6:49 am
and the c.h.p. is revising their location blocking middle lanes and right now it is an hour and 20 minutes from dublin/pleasanton into the fremont area. the alternate route is not a great one, but, still, i checked the drive time from 580 to 880 and south to fremont it is just 30 minutes so that could be the good alternate although we have the slow traffic. we will check 9 bay bridge and the san mateo bridge commute just ahead. >> happening now, time is up for those living at a homeless encampment in san francisco with neighbors and business owners complaining about the growing camp under the freeway. now the city is about to force them out. amy hollyfield is on the scene. amy? >> no one is here to clear them out yet. some wonder, is this why? a large group of homeless advocates are here to watch over the process and make sure it is handled firstly and they wonder if their presence is
6:50 am
intimidating the city. tents are still here although the city has ordered people to leave by 5:00 this afternoon, the city said that this didn't city on division street is unsantory account homeless who are still here say they plan to stand their ground and a man who we talked to does not appreciate all of the advocates who are out here this morning. >> those people it feels like is not right for them to watch because they have homes. all the city officials want the home there is go a new shelter at pier 308 but the homeless say they don't like the shelters and would rather live on the street. i soak with a representative of the department of public works and crews will be here at 8:00 this morning to clean the streets around the tents like they do, and he has not heard when or if crews are moving in here with the police forces people out.
6:51 am
>> now, thanks for tracking that, a man is on the mission to stop telemarketers and the idea genius, he makes the tell markets thing there is a person on the line by replying with random answers and when they are suspicious they will and a random question to get the conversation back on track. great would you do this? >> it is just to annoy the telemarketer and keep them on the phone as long as possible and waste their time. go to the instructions are there to set up the feature on your iphone or droid and now i am feeling bad for the tele eithers. >> people in the central valley could not believe their eyes, look at this, they thought it was a unicorn.
6:52 am
was a unicorn. juliet she was spooked and took off. >> i was afraid she got a time out because she was being a bad pony. >> people called sun sunday saying this was a unit cork. can you imagine that? >> the pony was chased for three hours but they caught her and the horse is not a real unicorn but a horse with a horn. >> a fake horn. >> she looks legitimate. >> really? >> what is legitimate is sunrise >> that was unscripted. >> sunrise on the bay bridge. back with the seven things you need to know. >> take us with you with our
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>> take us with you with our news app and we are live
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>> these are the seven things you need to know before you go. >> rain is on way the more likely sprinkles, maybe a scattered shower. we will see increasing clouds and temperatures not is remain with as they have been. a lost mid-to-upper 60s inland east bay could be the warmest at 70. >> we are look at san mateo bridge commute bumper-to-bumper
6:55 am
with no stalls or accidents and a lot of slow traffic and the bay bridge commute can -- no, the san mateo bridge, metering lights are on and traffic is stacked and the accident is cleared on the sunol grade. >> hayward man accused of killing his girlfriend stacey aguilar will appear in court today after her body was discovered a week after she disappeared. >> campus crime alert for female students at uc berkeley warning female students may have been drugged at two fraternityies last weekend but in victims have come forward. >> former tenants of a burned apartment building in san francisco near 22nd and mission will protest at 11:00 a.m. with the landlord ordered to tear down the building and they are upset they could be kicked." >> heads up if you take bart from berkeley and if you leave your car in the paing lot, police say catalytic converters were stolen from fur car -- from
6:56 am
four cars last week. >> head to the hump before you go work gas prices are expected to jump by 30 cents a glenn by this weekend and the search comes as refineries make the switch from winter to summer blend. >> we will see you in 25 minutes .
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(announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. good morning, america. breaking overnight, deadly shooting. >> the gun was strapped to him. he was ready to go. >> the chase to stop the rampage. four killed. more than a dozen injured. what we're learning this morning about the gunman and the hero cop who brought him down. fireworks at the gop debate. >> this guy's a choke artist. >> donald trump targeted from all sides. >> if he builds the wall the way he belt trump tower he'll be using illegal immigrant labor to do it. >> rubio looking to make it a two-man race overnight. is it too little too late with super tuesday days away? marco rubio joins us this morning. a bombshell in court. the shocking video that erin andrews never wanted anyone to see played in court for the jury. the "dancing with the stars" host in tears as she gets set to testify in that $75 million trial. ♪


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