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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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company to help the fbi hack into the iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. >> reporter: it was the topic of discussion at the shareholder's meeting today. but what happened afterwards was also a big matter of discussion. tim cook explaining that he understands terrorism is involved, but so is privacy. >> i think that apple has the constitution on their side. they have the law on their side. and the fbi is wrong about this. >> that's a sample of the support apple ceo tim cook got at today's annual shareholder meeting. cook told abc this week that wasn't going to happen. >> we think it's bad news to write. we would never write it. we have never written it.
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>> reporter: apple says the fbi is based on an out dated law and the first amendment. >> we deserve better. those that want to protect the integrity of the company and the principals of america must stand up with tim. >> if apple loses this in the end all of these companies will be subject to a government mandate to do x, y and z. >> reporter: the privacy group will file a legal brief in support of apple next week. >> we think the fbi's attempt to force apple to attack its own security is bad for all of us who rely on the safety and trust in our devices. >> reporter: if this does end up in a lengthy court battle, apple is one of the few companies with the resources to stay in it. apple stock moved slightly
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in trading today to close at 96.91. tim cook says some staff will likely move into the new campus in cupertino next january. cook didn't give any indication for timing of the development of the apple car. for the first time apple plans to release a new iphone without a number. it will simply be called iphone sc. it will have a four-inch screen. apple is expected to debut the phone on march 15th. we are past the deadline at this point for homeless to move out of a tent city under the freeway. san francisco posted an order for everyone to vacate under division street on van nuys avenue. uuym the deadline now onn if you look, you can see that
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slowly but surely but not making any kind of a hurry out of it, the remaining tents are beginning to move out, at least some of them. others say they're going to stay. and others among those were less than friendly to our cameras today. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: division street in san francisco is not the happiest place today, not with an eviction deadline that came and went as some of the homeless here ignored it and stayed. moving today? >> no i don't think so. i have nowhere to go. >> reporter: not counti ining p 80 where the city had hoped to relocate them today. now oscar is packing again. division street in san francisco just another stop along his bumpy road thanks to the health department which has ordered every homeless person to leave this area. san francisco department of
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public works has drawn the straw to enforce it. >> i would hope we don't have to resort into things like force. >> reporter: the prospect of force brought out at least one local resident to support the homeless. >> we're going to spend our taxpayer money on something. i want to see some real action for it. not just pushing people around. they're still here. they still have the same problems. they're just on a different block. >> reporter: a block away they already do. guess who will probably be joining them? where are you going to go now? >> i guess somewhere else. >> reporter: it is the difference between moving and relocating. new at 6:00, emergency crews in sonoma county rescued a family that got swept out into rough surf at goat rock beach. the family was walking along the beach when a large wave came in and hit them. lifeguards on a helicopter helped pull them all to shore. ú one
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lifeguard went to the hospital just to be checked out. a in this live view of the bay bridge. >> here's the live doppler 7 hd. all we're looking at right now is mostly cloudiness and a little trickle of light rain and some sprinkles. that's falling just north of highway 4 and south of walnut creek and south of livermore. we've had a trace at santa rosa. had 700ths of an inch up at lucaya. there are new developments today in the murder of staci a a. we've just learned that
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investigators believe he didn't act alone. >> reporter: that's right. he apparently had a friend who was helping him. and in the last minute we have received brand new information about his immigration status from u.s. immigration and customs }]renforcement. that agency is confirming that they had a hold on pedraza in 2014 following a dui arrest and that he was in their custody because he was here illegally. however, they released him from custody according to that agency because of a limi detention space. right now he is being held on no ã@&h(lc% and the individual who'sjiugt ad of3(]ué+e! helping him with th is being held on5tv' $500,000 b. in court for the first time since being charged with murderingqauljn7% his girlfrien.
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according to charging documents at 1:00 in the morning valentine's day pedraza went outside and used a handgun to shoot her. when perez came outside, pedraza admitted he killed aguilar. his relative agreed to speak without revealing his identity. >> it was a shock. shock to everybody. shock to the family. >> reporter: during interviews perez told investigators the two got rid of her credit card and cell phone. perez told investigators they took her car which had blood in it into a car wash. two days after the murder, deputies located blood in his vehicle and arrested g8dpedrazar
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domestic violence. they found=ts@ñaguilar's body ak after her murder. he was already in federal custody on an immigration hold. she was suspicious of pedraza. his family members said he hadn't met aguilar also that he had a young daughter. agi agilar leaves behind two children. a high powered peninsula law firm is stepping in to fight the eviction of a 95-year-old woman and her roommate. the new property owner says a trust requires him to sell the property thislsuuuclçyear. lawyers say hatch has every legal right to stay based on a spoken promise made by!ymqj%w a
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previous property owner. >> i thought, well,cks7 somethi x sort of foolish to think that, but i like to believe that the best in life is going to happen. >> reporter: community members have rallied around the two women since they were served eviction notices.vvjo $44,000 has been"báised. 8 month. however over the weekend they could go up by that much. >> reporter: well, count this among the many joys of living in california. even:tthough we have another month left of winter, oil refiners are already having to switch to the cleaner burning summer blend of gasoline. and that seems to be coming along with a price hike.  are asking why? californians have been getting a
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break at the pump. >> lowest it's been in years. i hope it don't go back up. >> reporter: it's become a tradition as oil refiners switch from the winter blend to the state mandated summer blend meant to reduce =8uuysmog. ñ raising prices at exactly same time for no good reason and makingx,1 asuzññ ton of money. >> reporter: it has consumer watchdogs howling. they say the price of name brand gasoline is going up 37 cents a gallon, most of it passed onto drivers. >> buy your gas today because gas prices are only going to go up like a rocket. it's not even likely they're going to come down like a feather. they're just going to stay high for a while. >> it all comes out of the same hole. the same people are pumping it. >> reporter: consumer watchdog doesn't understand it either. >> what you're seeing right now
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is them saying oh look we don't have enough summer blend gasoline, so now there's suddenly a price spike. >> we think there are signals that each refiner sends to the other that arises to the level of a tacit agreement. if you can prove a tacit agreement, they've committed a crime. >> reporter: they say it's not price fixing. it's just business in california's complex oil market. still ahead, a story that's nothing short of miraculous. >> a young boy fell 230 feet down a cliff a year and a half ago. only abc 7 news has kept track of his recovery. we'll have an update next. plus, the live report from hollywood about the bay area
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if you find yourself near fisherman's wharf this weekend, you may want to take a second to stop and see the orchids. the show boasts over 150,000 orchids. incredibly there are more than 25,000 different species of this ancient flower, including the vanilla plant that's used to make vanilla extract. reporter laura anthony had a chance to visit with a very special little boy today. five-year-old sebastian johnson fell 230 feet from a cliff in 2014 when he was out on a family
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picnic when the ground gave way. he survived, though he spent ten days in a coma. now a helmet protects his head and he uses a wheelchair when he gets tired. doctors say his long-term outlook is good. how do you feel? >> good. >> reporter: how do you feel? >> doing rather well, all things considered. he's got high hopes, ambitions, dreams. >> reporter: sebastian recently returned to meet the firefighters who saved him. he says he got to spray the hose and ride in the front seat of a fire truck. i met those firefighters and they are incredible people. >> boy, that's great to see. a bay area native is behind one of this year's most oscar nominated films. >> we're talking about the martian. matt keller is live from the red carpet in hollywood with more about the man whose dreams of space travel turned into a major hollywood hit.
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>> reporter: good evening. the martian grabbed big box office attention and was written by a mountain view man with a par passion pr spafor space travel. >> i've had a lifetime of being a space dork. i've always been into space and the space program. >> reporter: but where is the man behind the martian, nominated for seven academy awards. the film tells the story of a failed mission to mars. astronauts are forced to leave the red planet because of a sand storm, leaving behind one of their own. >> i'm still alive. surprise. >> reporter: the movie then follows the main character's struggle to survive alone until
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help can arrive to rescue him. weir started writing the book in 2009 and wrapped it up in 2012. what's surprising about the martian's success is how it found readers. >> i would write a chapter, post it to the website whenever i felt like it. just giving it away unl some users asked him to bundle the story so they could download it on amazon. even then he only charged the minimum, 99 cents. >> then it started to sell really well. earlier in life i had spent three years trying to get a literary agent and getting turned down left and right. then one was knocking at my door. so that was pretty cool. >> reporter: it didn't take long for the martian to get hollywood attention. it was quickly snapped up and a screen play written and matt damon cast to play the lead
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character. weir didn't make it to any of the filming. weir has a fear of flying that keeps him grounded. >> yeah. that's ironic. if i'm invited i'll go. if i'm not, i will probably watch the oscars with my family. >> reporter: and hopefully celebrating a win on hollywood's biggest night. so what are the odds the martian actually wins best picture? well, they're so long it might be just like getting matt damon's character off of mars. one betting website has the movie at plus 15,000. that means if you bet $100, you'll win 15,000 if the movie takes home the oscar. those are some pretty long odds. watch the oscars this sunday on abc 7. live coverage starts at 2:00 p.m. with an on the red carpal tunnel carpet at the oscars show. the oscars themselves start at
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5:30. >> go to abc to get your oscars ballots. let's talk about this sparkling weather forecast. >> yeah. but we cooled off a little bit today. >> cooled off quite a bit in some spots, ten or 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. you can see the little teaser system we have right now. we had a little trickle of rainfall through the east bay and the delta haarea. it's cool, though, as you can see. 59 across the pay bay in oaklan. most locations are reporting temperatures in the 50s. high surf advisory is in effect until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. dangerous sneaker waves are possible. there's a risk of being swept out into the ocean. so might be a good idea to steer
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away from the coastline for a while. a rather dark and cloudy western sky. we'll see patchy fog and sprinkles. a warmer pattern next week with some rain chances by midweek next week. tomorrow look for clouds in the morning as we follow the forecast, giving way to mainly sunny skies in the afternoon. a similar pattern will prevail on sunday. we'll start to get some milder weather in next week. tonight look for lowé6u/y temperaturest;lb mainly in the to upper 40s and some low 50s at san francisco and oakland. tomorrow, partly cloudy to maskn the afternoon. here's the seven day forecast. we'll see a little bit of light rain developing late wednesday, continuing into thursday. we're going to rank this system
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next thursday a one in our storm impact scale, a storm of light intensity. but at least we'll get some wet weather finally. big names are competing for the spotlight this weekend in san jose. >> convention that will have hillary and bernie supporters hillary and bernie supporters side by side along with a ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ loowith confidence includesout having beautiful feet. my newest beauty routine secret starts in the shower. discover the latest innovation from amopé. the new pedi perfect wet & dry.
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democrats are pouring into san jose right now for their california party convention. it began today and kicks into high gear tomorrow. >> with a presidential nomination and a u.s. senate seat from california before  politicking. >> state party rules don't allow delegates to endorse in the presidential race, but do expect supporters of hillary clinton and bernie sanders to be doing a lot of schmoozing. the cutout figuri$uuuá÷ of clin sanders and vice president joe biden wereu p÷ the big attracti today. 3,000 delegates will converge here tomorrow to mingle, network and hear speeches. biden is very popular among the state's democrats. >> you're going to see the hillary factions. bernie's people are here. and both sides are going to be trying to convince the unconvinced. i don't think there are a lot of those folks here. >> party endorsement battles
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will be fierce tomorrow. the highest profile one is between state attorney general pamela harris and congresswoman loretta sanchez. mike honda is expected to get the party nod over his challenger fremont attorney. gavin newsome will be a no-show, but he has a good excuse. he and his wife are expecting their fourth baby, a boy, any day now. coming up an i-team investigation. >> 48 bullets fired at somebody who did not have a gun, who did not fire one bullet. >> we talk about the controversial death of a young man at the hands of san francisco police. consumer advocates demand that the makers of popular products come clean about what's in them. >> i don't see why they would
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ever not be labeled. you just want to know what's in some products that you use in your home. >> find out why many cleaning products don't list
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. a vigil is underway in san francisco for the man shot and killed by police one year ago today. the medical examiner's autopsy report shows the 20-year-old was shot four times in the back. an independent autopsy conducted last april came to the same conclusion. after the shooting in the mission district, chief greg suhr initially said lopez was lunging at two officers with a knife when they shot him. the shooting happened when a man accused perez lopez of trying to steal his bike at knife point. the family of a young man killed in a san francisco police shooting almost two years ago is questioning how authorities handled the evidence. >> it is part of their civil rights lawsuit set to go to court next week. >> we've been going through the court documents, speaking with
6:30 pm
the witnesses and questioning lawyers from both sides. they're providing information you've never heard in this controversial case until now. every morning, he stands at the spot where his son died in a hail of bullets. >> translator: since they assassinated him i come every day to pray. >> reporter: he stopped at the park before work to have a burrito and watch the sunset. he carried a taser on his belt for his job at a san francisco nightclub. someone called reported a gun. they say he pointed a we h2+a)út  on their chests. police fired 48áu him. he died in minutes. the autopsy shows he was wounde% 14 times. five buqns hit his head and torso at an angle to suggest they struck him after he hit the
6:31 pm
ground. his taser was recovered at the scene. >> this was the actual weapon that he had. >> it's an unbelievable tragedy, but i think the officers did what they felt they had to do. >> reporter: the district attorney agreed and file nod charges against the officers. >> it is lawful. it is clearly constitutional. >> reporter: the da's report said the internal clock reported he fired his taser several times the same time police fired at him. but our investigation has found the clock in his taser actually logged a that difference could be critical.; u that mertn alex didr not fire í taser at the time of the -9 incident. account for what isom6r known clockm3o driftz[ñj when a clock sa8
6:32 pm
taser times after a da investigator asked him to do it. i believe he indicated thesq] tf don'tsp% story. i don't knowkwsfwho. >> that%'$ is a quote from th-u+ taser official. >> they told him to recalculate those time stamps because the originalíem calculations that came up with did not match&ehpñ officers' story. >> reporter: is thisfw'gvjí4 ta with evidence? we purchased a taser, the same model that alex carried. when fired yellow doors and confetti burst s"u1$away. >> thereí>xúñ will always be so sort ofr"@wn
6:33 pm
glasses. >> 48 bullets who did not have a gun, who did not fire oneoiu [c hebij would ever point a weapon atm@ police officers.jre >> translator: he never gave us any problems since he was a kidw he[t8 managed his life
6:34 pm
investigators say the man called in thenv shooting. officers arrived to find him locked inside his home. after three hours ofa negotiations a swatf5uuflut(s k in theñ2áju door. theñhar÷ man and four< were -c7dead. had two sons adopted z a daughterq1-u adopted;íq from chh+7 a woman has been charged% with providing a man: with gun who went on a shooting rampage at a kansas factory.]d8z 16 other people were injured in yesterday's(oé1 shooting.j-÷j a lone officer entered theanm ér"ing, took fire and then killed fs-já hero out oftéc all this. understand there is probablysu7i building while this isú>t gol
6:35 pm
this man was not going to stop qpthe only reason he stoppede,$ shootingo,ámv is because that o stopped the ce!shooter. oep>> t commended the entire department's response,i heroic. haywardg x oscar winner t)# call&f.mxhu from police.1)u7 >> we show you how an app
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a big house firepyya'ñ fill skies oçu5ñ÷ downtown san jose
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we couldn't bemtj more prouo represent our kids and families represent our kids and famil5lm
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he leads the project called aim high for under÷óáj privileged mj =hs. also honored (buuçpñolas simmon. she founded youth uprising in east oaklandátu health education and career 1qm9ñ%pñ this award recognizes people and groups who1g educated, active and engaged during the summer break from school. coming up, a high-tech version of lost and found. michael finney shows you how these devices called
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you could call it the world's largest lost and found. >> a tiny tech tool called tile can help you find much more than just misplaced car keys. >> i'm sure you guys remember. we tested tile right here in the building. we've even been on a tile easter egg hunt. but this lost and found is really something. by now you've probably heard about tile. you attach this little tile device to things you don't want to lose and it send out a bluetooth signal you can track with your smart phone.
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tile is often attached to keys and wallets. tile makes the promise of being able to find biggere further from home. >> if your bike goes missing, you can mark it as a lost item. this puts all other tile apps on the lookout for your tile. and you'll be sent a notification of your bike's whereabouts. >> sounds good, but does it work? he says his expensive italian bike is proof. in december the bike went mis missing from near his o[÷home. >> when i got(]8+ home i rememb that i had pute@y a tile in the and three days an e-mail /ó5rznotification. +u:t your bike was found, with e locationztd#cábá the map-tj ind right there and it was here,
6:45 pm
right here where we're standingz today. >> a couple of blocks offxo+g union square.a)ñ in san franciçñ he called police, told them about the tile-k=xk@ in the bi. >> 20 minutes;op later i got a ñ from the police thate/uqb the s exactly where your tile app says it was. what would you want us to do with it. >> no one was arrested but he got his bike back.f9uulccy no worse for wear but with 300 additional miles. here is tile's ceo and founder michael farley. >> this is what it's allksb% ab :@ connected to the things they >cí love. when we%dmo find things like re italian motorcycles that have beenm-;e stolen and bring thems  thatax8 makes íl3uu everything worthwhile forhya (>dk m there are m there are likely you to find your stolen item quickly.íì(lc% online, go online, m4tty cool. >> p6l@yeah,@p%? it is. >> thanks, michael.
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time to get backfp+myy tocá. >> he is back with the forecast for the weekend. >> we'll start with a littlep3t time lapse for9xë[z this aftern. you can see poured through the high clouds/&x arrived,uuuçw c not much rainau>héz though. we havedlu÷p cloudy way to partialgó)ñ clearing.v high temperatures will be in the 60s.[ájh imejt t it will be a storm of light ì(lc% alué lot of going on in sp. >> this is the shocking. there are so many warrior haters
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this abc 7 sports report is brought to you by bang of the west. >> the oakland ark's held their first significant returning faces. among them mike shoeman who talked about new and old players. >> i like to call it name tag friday on the first squadv/- workout with the as. there is a familiar face out here, jed lowry. what's your impressions of this team? >> it's hard to tell. there's a lot of quality players. but every single year, i don't care if you get 25 new guys or 25 of the exact same guys, every year is a new challenge. >> we're'q"po;z that asqi/ñ professionals. playing in the minor leagues a lot of times you play with a different guy up the middle or
6:51 pm
on the other side of third there. so we're excited. everybody's good people. >> as you're walking around as a veteran, you]ity't to be leadin by example. it's how you go about your business. other people are watching and taking note. i know i was when i was younger and watching the other guys. >> i feel great. everybody's making me feel welcome. and i'm excited to be here. >> every time i get close to coming out to spring training, i feel the energy starting to gather. and then you also feel the warmth of arizona. it's always 70s or 80s and sunny. we're having fun and reminiscing with the friends that we have and meeting the new ones. should be a good environment this spring. there is so much warrior bashing going on right now. it's unbelievable that a team that is defending an nba title that is now 52-5 gets so little
6:52 pm
respect. ex-warrior steven jackson is the latest critic suggesting the we believe warriors would beat these warriors. are you out of your mind? andrew bogot responded on twitter. my under 14 team in melbourne would have beat these warriors 109-99 and fat jimmy would have locked down steph curry. maybe the magic needed fat jimmy last night because they had no answer for steph who hit his what has become a fairly customary half court shot. as for his own place in history, steph is not going there. >> i don't get into about the greatest shooter of all time and things like that because i have a lot of work to do. so for last year, i didn't think it was possible. just there are so many variables that go into it. and that's a long time.
6:53 pm
so to break that and hopefully continue it. >> tomorrow the warriors take on the thunder in oklahoma city. then stay tuned for toyota after the game. i'll be here in studio along with nate thurman. and if we could find fat jimmy, we'll get him on the set too. some impressive performances by two bay area tailbacks today. lasco was the fourth fastest running back in the 40 yard dash. here's irvin. we knew he was fast. l blazing f secondest fastest on the day. was silky smooth in the drills. that guy keith marshal who came in at 4:31 fastest running back
6:54 pm
of the the chopper we're told estimated costs around $350,000. i'm thinking about some new uses v own personal commute as a result of this. abc 7 sports brought to you by bank of the nor tomorroscar robinson is thosewduuuw adding to the antiw theme going on. >> interesting. >> hey, they're going to hate. hollywood's bigájw es stgea
6:55 pm
protest and a visit by the vice president. and check it out. matt keller is on the red carpet at the oscars. looking good. we'll have a live report from hollywood on the finishing touches ahead of sunday's big show. tonight's prime time line-up includes last man standing, shark tank, then 20/20. join us at 11:00. finally tonight a few thoughts about what really matters. this sunday tens of millions of people will be tuned in to abc for the 8 8th academy awards. we will watch to see if our efficient pictures and performances of the year get that coveted golden statue. what will chris rock say first when he starts the show. m in a row,
6:56 pm
there are no actors of color up for performance awards and the academy is facing a huge backlash. the black man hosting what is dubbed the all white oscars will undoubtedly make fun of the controversy. but he'll also make a serious statement about diversity. wonderful and important films and performances will be recognized this sunday. and this controversy should not be allowed to spoil those accomplishments. but what really matters is that art reflects life.r and that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. do look for breaking news on twitter at abc 7 news bay area.
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- an emergency physician from laguna beach, california... an author from atlanta, georgia... and our returning champion, a naval officer from virginia beach, virginia... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ applause ] thank you, johnny. hi, ladies and gentlemen. our "jeopardy!" players have been riding a hot streak in recent weeks with many, many wins of well over $25,000. chris, a case in point on yesterday's show.
7:00 pm
david and bill, good luck as you challenge him. here we go into the jeopardy! round. and here are your categories. first off... followed by... and finally... chris, you start. we're gonna have to do literary military for $200. david. what is "mash"? that's the book. let's go literary military for $400. david. what is redeployment? right again. uh, let's try big-screen elvis for $400. elvis presley's tupelo, mississippi, birthplace park


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