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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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and that breaking news is in the east bay where two people are dead after three car crash. this is new video into the abc 7 news room of this tragedy. good evening. >> crash happened just before 9:00 o'clock on crow canyon road between castro valley and san ramone. alan is there live tonight with what happened. alan? >> the chp says the two cars that collided are still here at the scene you can see them right over my shoulder. chp says the coroner just arrived to remove two bodies from the black bmw. that car tried to pass a car on crow canyon road just north of nors cap i don't know road intercastro valley. crossed the double yellow line in the northbound lane and collided head on with a pick up truck killing two men in the
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bmw. the driver and front passenger. >> vehicle had to be cut apart by the fire department to render life assistance to the driver and passenger. >> female passenger in the back seat of the bmw is in serious condition and so is the driver of the pick up truchblingt the car that was being passed received minor danielem=yvñi. chp says fatality are not uncommon here on crow canyon road. reporting near castro valley, abc 7 news. >> thank you other top story partially paralyze woman rushed out of burning building tonigh tonight. neighbors questioning why san jose firefighters just across the street could not put out the flames. >> fire broke out today on gifford avenue right across the street from san jose fire station 30. >> the katie is live in san jose tonight with the equipment issue that pre-haven'ted firefighters from helping out.
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>> station 30 is right behind me as you can see. all they had to was roll the truck out of the driveway. responded in less than two minutes from the initial call. the problem though is that the truck is not equipped with water pumping equipment so not able to put out the fire. >> went like nothing. like less than 5 minutes. >> her son reacted fast to save his partially paralyze mother. >> goes mom the house is on fire no. the house is not on fire. so he just picked me up and through me over his shoulder and took me outside. >> around noon people escaped three homes on fire on san jose on the avenue as it spread they took the cell phone video. >> i look at other flame on the roof. all burning. we didn't know where the fire was coming. >> firefighters called a fourth alarm and by 1:30 they extinguish the flames spread to on the property. >> everything÷v that i owned isi
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gone. >> now the atf is investest gi t giingt. people are questioning why the doesn't have water on it. >>) the captain explains the truck used for rescues. engine with water capability had to come from nearby9h statin because 30 engine was removed in 2010 during budget cut. >> unit on scene was a fire engine from one of the neighboring stations which arrived6w on scene right about 5 minutes from the time of dispatch. ì&hcveryone made it ou42j unharmed and the red cross is assisting. in san had a say, 7 news. tonight new question about his the immigration status of the man charged with murdering his girl friend mother of two. l this man is charged with murder of 22-year-old stacy aguilar. 7 news reporter sergio is in the newsroom with this developing story certainly yoychlt i called stacy aguilar by phone today. she's gone to a hospital this
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afternoon because of all the stress related to the case. the man she long suspected of murdering her daughter was formally charged;- with the crie today. 23-year-old man is charged with murder for allegedly gunning down his girl friend. 22-year-old stacy aguilar outside of valentine's weekend house party in hayward. police say his friend 23-year-old perez heard the gun shots and helped the man dumped the body down embankment in rural portion of fremont and helped ditch her i.d. and other belongings. these are horrific charges that a friend of the family told us are unbelievable. >> family was surprised more than anything just because they didn't never seen it coming. never seen never seen anything like that with him. any type of violence and nothing like that. >>reporter: family friend didn't want to speak on camera. he says the only thing he ever heard of him being in trouble with the law is something related to dui charge. but 2013 case now has
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immigration and customs enforcements under the microscope. that's when ice picked him up to see if he should be deported but relessed him on 2500 dollar bond pending review. according to spokes map due to the limited visibility of detention space ice prioritize the use of the immigration detention bed for convicted felon and known gang members. at the time he didn't seem to pose a risk. but today was a different stor story. detectives say perez described to them what happened and his alleged role in the crime. he's accused as an accessory. sergio, abc 7 news. new video tonight from the rescue helicopter shows the rough surf as coast guard saved a family that were swept out by a large wave. it happened at get to rock beach near jenner. family walking along the beach when the wave struck. lifeguards on the helicopter helped pull them to shore. three children, woman and one of the life guard wept to the
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hospital to be checked out. high surf advisory tonight from sonoma county all the way south to monterey. 7 news was at ocean beach in san francisco this afternoon. with you can see dangerously high waves. conditions didn't stop a few surfer. san francisco firefighters are warning people about the dangerous rip current and sneaker waves. count down to the oscars is on. we are now less than two day away from the biggest night ind hollywood and tonight this brand new time lapse video shows the rush to get everything red carpet ready outside the theater for sunday big show. >> matt is live in hollywood tonight with the glitz, glamor and the finishing items. hi mat. >> the red carpet is looking great just the past half hour removed plastic sheeting so now ready for the spotlight on sunday. but not the only coverup that's getting a lot of attention. this weekend oscar is the begest star in hollywood. everyone wants a picture.
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in front of the doll by theater all that glitters really is gold or gold leaf. >> down to the hollywood boulevard. >>reporter: gold statue evening not inform just for the mantle. super fan from santa monica has a jacket with oscar history on it. >> authentic red carpet. >> yes. yes. screws handed mae piece he said put it on your jacket. >> roll of red carpet are covering up one of the most controversial stars on the hollywood walk of fame this picture shows just how far republican presidential candidate donald trump is being swept under the rug much to the shah green of his fans. >> we came all the way out here from chicago. we came out from new york. they say that they want to take a picture of donald trump's ca car. they were unable to. they walk away very disappointed. >> hollywood greeter believes his pal leo won't be disappointed sunday night.
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he met the front runner forth best actor award and feels leo is a lock to bring home oscar. >> leo all the wait a minute the year of the leo. >>reporter: about an hour ago there were tarp ovez% the red carpet but they are not worried about rain this weekend. it look like it's going to be dry and sunny and very nice here. couldn't have discrepancyed theç weather any better. in hol7 news. >> good stuff. matt will be in hollywood all weekend for continuing according7klhtc of the oscars e count down t/kt sunday big show. doeñ with usq' for his life can=? follow matt site for behindeb the scenes sneak peek. with on tht/q" carpet at the oscars followedax by the oscar opening ceremonyz live from the red carpet oscars start at 5:30. movg on now. you will find cleaning product in every home. >> might be surprised to find there's a secret to those soap
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news at 11:00. reason cloning products don't list ingredient on the label. new push to get company to come clean. down bodegaaq bay cliff. only on 7 news his row markable recovery more than a year late later. >> the new addition tonight. we have the first look at the lieutenant governor brand new baby boy. >> the few showers came through earlier tonight. i'll length you foe how we close-out february and begin month. weekend weather forecast
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consumer are crud to finding list of ingredient on food, medicine everyone cosmetic. but you metro detroit not relevantize there's no requirement to list all i know agreed gentleman on the label of cleaning products. morning news anchor find out why many consumer health organizations want to force manufacturers to tell us more about the chemical ins ourót home. >> keeping products are part of daily life. >> homes workplaces and our kids and teachers and their schools. all of those locations are cleaned with these products. a lot of products carry required warning labels about poison or eye or skin irritation but most do not list all i hope greed gentleman on the label. >> do you think company should be required to put the ingredient on the label. >> of course of course they have to. >> i don't see why they would not be labeled. just want to know what's in some product you use in your home. >> public demand is now pushing
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many companies to disclose their ingredient. few list them all and growing number post some on the web sites. clorox businessed right here in the bay area now has a phone app. all you do is look up the product and up pop the list of inagreed yenlt. we found a wide range of company policy and they are not always straight forward. bill is with the environmental working group he showed us a bottle of wool item that tells to go to web site for ingredient. >> maybe i'm aledge he can or have asthma or my pregnant wife want to use it so let's see what's in it. >> when he searched the web site i'm not seeing anything about ingredient here. after lots of clicking around he calls a phone number on the site. he's on hold for a few minutes. finally some one tells him he has to go to another web site. not the one listed on the bottle. then almost 15 minutes later. >> here are the i hope agreed yenlt. >> but not the complete list because like a lot of products
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it doesn't show what is in the fragrance. some including tide just give a list of hundreds of ingredient that could be in there. none of the major cleaning product company we contact wod do an interview. industry spokesman sites tried secret as the reason some ingredient are not disclosed. >> each every product may have a specific formulation that is unique for that product. >>reporter: some consumer health activist don't buy it. >> reality is that all competitors already know what is in the product pause they can use lab to figure out what the chemical are. so the only people left in the dark are government and consumer and workers e-critic are distorting information about minute amounts of chemical. >> the fact is the cleaning products that are on the shelves today are safe and effective when used as directe directed. >>reporter: consumer coalition is push to go get california to
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require all ingredient be lis listed on cleaning product labels. measure failed in the simply ueyy plan to try again. reggie, abc 7 news. 5-year-old bay area boy really made remarkable progress one year after falling 230 feet if you can imagine over a cliff. we were at children's hospital oakland today where sebastian johnson shot hoops and played around. less 84 sebastian was enjoying a family picnic in would day a bay when the ground gave wait a minute he tumbled down the cliff. he was pulled to safety but little sebastian spent 10 days in in a coma and has to wear a helmet and use a wheelchair when tired but dobling doctors optimistic about his future. >> miracle. >> quite a few miracle, yes. , for him to recover like this is simply amazing. >> sebastian returned recent will toy bodega bay for reunion with firefighters who saved him and it's great to see him with
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the outfit on. >> getting to be a kid again. >> exactly right. good point. >> weekend upon us. it is dan. >> i almost forgot. sandhya is here with the forecast. >> how could you forget. >> the weekend is here. the weather is changing we the get a few showers and sprinkle earlier today. live doppler 7hd will show you a different picture. we have fog right now 2 and a half mile visibility in petaluma down to three miles in half mp bay. that's how you are ifing to start off your wean. temperatures right now in the 50's except san jose at 60#
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but then on sunday weak system comes through and we repeat the pattern again with the cloud then clearing. in indicates you head to the beach on saturday you still want to watch out because high surf advisory remains up the entire coast until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. wave height 9 to continue feet. sneaker wave possible and with that you could get pulled into the ocean if not paying attention. so you want to pay attention obviously. above average rainfall from march fifth through march 11 that's per the climate prediction center. it's the 8 to 14 day outlook. let's take a look terrain chances. chances underlined here the calendar march second next wednesday night going into thursday. another opportunity with another system march 6, 7 and then a third system march 9 into 10 of. well keep you posted. these are just tuchbilitys we welcome the storm impact scale. we rate the storms on our storm impact scale all winter 5 is severe. one is light and first one come in which is wednesday night
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into thursday looks like a one. light system light rain thursday morning looks light as well and then in the afternoon things will start to wind dow we'll be watching that for you carefully. this could mean some snow in the mountains of course in the sierra and we'll watch as well. first thping tomorrow morning fog is going to start off your weekend plans mid 40's to low 50's. so when you get going give yourself a little more time to get to where you in he had to go but certainly grit morning for walk or run. taking the dog out for a one tomorrow afternoon. you look at mix of sun clouds 62 in half machine bay. down to 70 in antioch. 69 san jose. 67 degree in san mateo o. 68 oakland. napa santa rosa 66 in san rafael. take a look at the oscars forecast the weather is going to cooperate for all the stars. gowns not getting red on the red carpet. it's warm one. sunday the oscar station. 75 at 2:00 p.m. and then dropping at bit to 73 but still warm. accu-weather 7 day forecast will go with the mild one. low 60's to low 70's both
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saturday sunday with cloud and sun. and then we bump up the temperatures in the mid 70's monday throughout wednesday for the warmest spot. don't get too used to it looks like winter back in the picture wednesday night into thursday. cooler weather an chance of rain sure did cool down today many did you notice the difference. >>
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welcome to the world dutch. words on ibs gram today with the picture of the newborn son. dutch william newsom born this afternoon. >> he's named after northern california town dutch flat where newsom's father lived and where he spent much of his childhood. he will soon go home to two sisters montana and brooklyn and properties 100er. >> that's a full house congratulations:3. >> all right on to sport.
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>> larry is here with some hockey. >> shark rolling lately but strange things happen at home against the lowell buffalo and you know what, it happened again tonight. >> increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? r2, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. for every family that lives star wars, this is the place where star wars lives. where a galaxy far, far away... closer than ever before. move along. come join star wars awakens. and right now you can save on premium rooms at the disneyland resort.
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only likeég 90 seconds in. mark edward gripping and respecting to beat johnson. shark on the board. second period the shark turn it over to the own zone costly. the shot. trickle past martin jones and larson hello puts himself in the net and the puck so it's a 1-1 game then look at the bad luck right there. the shot goes off the skate and past jones. win it by a time of 3-one. suddenly become quite fashionable to rip the golden state warriors with the great oscar robertson of all people hall of famer as well as cedric and ex warrior jackson taking shots at curry an company. suggesting his we believe squad would beat the current warrior warriors. which is down right comical. item absurd. all this prompted andrew to write on twitter my under 14
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team in melbourne would beat the wars yours 109-99. fat jimmy would have locked down star worse take on the thunder tomorrow night in oklahoma city. watch the game at 5:00 o'clock here on abc 7 we have mike live for the post gym as well as nate and donald foil a complete recap on after the game. women college hoop tonight no. 13 stanford no. 7 oregon state. second quarter off the turn over here. mcphee with the finish. stanford up 14 at the break. finished with 15. mccall for 25. stanford rolls to the 1,000 win in their program history. 76-52. baseball now oakland a's held the first full squad work in and out mesa. the roster is always filled with constant change but new face happens to be old face. infielder lowery stanford alum contends every year is really a fresh start for every pall club
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because nothing is the same as it was the season before. >> i don't care if you get 25 new guys or 25 exact same guys every year is a new challenge. you are going to have different dynamic. line up not always the same. so there's always moving parts. >> always moving parts. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino manager melvin said everybody is pecking you guys to finish in last place. let's use this as motivation so we are a lot better than people think we are and they can get it done. improved from a year ago. could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life.
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the week. appreciate your time. >> for all of us thanks fo joining us right now and kerry washington on "jimmy kimmel live". >> tune >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kerry washington, nikolaj coster-waldau, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from jason derulo with cleto and the cletones. and now, nobody move, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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