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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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new this is abc7 news. >> it's saturday, february 27th. good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. as we start out, we do have plenty of cloud cover and a front that kind of fizzled last night. as a result a little bit of mist and drizzle is possible out there, and with that some low clouds, allowing for -- visibility issues. he 50 novato. with all the cloud cover we are filed. three quarters of a mile in
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petaluma. and, yes, you may need those windows open with anywhere from 2 to 7 degrees warmer than yesterday. as you head out the door this morning, maybe a few areas of sprinkles. otherwise we warm through the load 60s. even with the cloud cover by noontime, highs in the upper 60s. talk about the second half of your weekend and a little rain come into the seven-day outlook in a few minutes. chris. >> thanks. developing news. the chp is investigating a three-car crash that killed two people that happened just before 9:00 last night near castro valley. a black bmw tried to pass a car. it crossed the double yellow lines and collided head on with a pickup truck, killing two men in the bmr, the driver and the front passenger. >> the vehicle had to be cut apart by the fire department to try to render life aid assistance to the driver and the passengers. >> a woman who was a passenger in the back seat of the bmw is
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in serious condition. and so is the driver of the pickup truck. the car that was being passed received minor damage. in san jose a partially paralyzed woman was rushed out of a burning building. this morning neighbors are questioning why firefighters nearby couldn't put out the flames. it is right across the street from san jose fire station 30. abc7 news reporter katie tells us why the truck is not equipped to battle a fire. >> it went in like less than five minutes. >> her son acted fast to save his partially pair highed mother. he said the house is on fire. i said no, the house isn't on fire so he will picked me up and that me over his shoulder.
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the roof is burning. we didn't know if the firefighters were coming. >> they called the alarm and by 1:30* they extinguished the flames. >> everything that i owned is gone. >> now the atf is investigating and people are questioning why the zags across the street couldn't put it out quicker. >> this particular truck does not have water on it. >> the captain explains the station 30 is equipped with a truck used for rescues. engines with water capabilities had to come from nearby stations because 30s engine was removed in 2010 during budget cuts. >> the second unit on scene was a fire station from one of the neighbor stations that arrived on scene about five minutes from the time of dispatch. >> everyone made it out unharmed and the red cross is assisting. in san jose, katie, abc7 news. >> the time is 5:03. this morning there are new questions about the immigration status of the man charged with murdering his girlfriend, a mother of two.
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esmid pedraza is charged with the murder of 22-year-old stacey aguilar. with he have the latest. >> 23-year-old esmid pedraza is charged with murder for allegedly gunning down his girlfriend, 22-year-old stacey aguilar, outside a valentines weekend's house party in hayward. his friend, donato perez, heard the gunshots and helped esmid pedraza dump the body down an embankment in a rural portion of fremont and helped ditch her i. he d. and other belongings. the family said this is unbelievable. >> a lot of the family was surprised morning anything. they never seen it coming. never seen anything like that with him, any type of violence or nothing like that. the family friend didn't want to speak on a come raw. he said the only thing he ever heard of pedraza being in trouble with the law is something related to a dui charge. the 2013 case now has immigration and customs
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enforcement under the microscope. that's when i.c.e. picked him up but released him on $2500 bond pending a review. according to a spokesman, due to the limited availability of detention space, i.c.e. prioritizes the beds for the use of felons and gang members. at the time he didn't seem to pose a risk. but it's a different story. >> detectives say he described to them what happened and his alleged role in the crime. perez is charged as an alleged accessory. >> video shows rough surf as a large wave swept a family out. it happened in sonoma beach. the family was walking along the beach when the wave hit them. lifeguards on the helicopters helped get them to shore. three women, and another went to
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the hospital to be checked out. a high surf advisory from so mommy gnoma county to monterey. ocean beach in san francisco you can see the dangerously high waves. conditions did spot a few surfers. san francisco firefighters are warning people about the dangerous rip currents and sneaker waves. the white house honored two people from the bay areas champions of everything chai. we couldn't be more proud to represent our kids and families and teachers here today. thank you. >> that's alek lee from san francisco. he leaves a nonprofit called aim high which provides a free summer learning program for underprivileged middle-aged learning student. and the award recognizes people in groups who help kids stay educated, active and engaged during the summer break from school. the time 5:06.
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the count down to the oscars is on. we are just one day away from the biggest night in hollywood. the brand new timeline video shows the rush how to get everything red carpet ready outside the theater for tomorrow's big show. matt keller is in hollywood with the glitz, glam and finishing touches. >> this week oscar is the biggest star in hollywood. everyone wants a picture. and in front of the theater all the. >>itier really is gold or gold leaf. >> from the cathedral down to the hollywood boulevard. >> he has a jacket with oscar history on it. >> authentic red carpet? >> yeah. he handed me a piece and said do a jacket. >> rolls of red carpet are covering up one of the most controversial stars on the hollywood walk of fame. this picture shows just how as far as republican presidential candidate donald trump is being
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swept under the rug, much to the chagrin of his fans. >> we came all the way out here from chicago. we came all the way out and they say that they wanted to take a picture of donald trump's car. they walk away very disappointed. >> the hollywood greeter said his pal won't be disappointed sunday night. he met the actor and said he has done a lot to bring home a oscar. >> they aren't expecting any rain this oscar weekend. it will be dry and sunny. you couldn't have script it had any better. matt keller abc67 news. >> we will countdown to tomorrow's big show. stay with abc7 news and live reports. you can follow them on facebook and twitter
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@mattkellerabc7 for a live there will be the opening ceremony and live from the red carpet and the oscars start at 4:30. can't believe it's time for the oscars began. >> yes. and a system is just clipping us to the north. you look here it's pretty quiet. 54 in san francisco, san mateo and concord. with he will talk about mild afternoon highs and a return of a little rain. but temperatures are going to feel spring-like. i'll explain next. >> thank you, lisa. coming up, should cleanin
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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>> good morning, everyone. here's are a live look at the golden gate bridge. lisa argen returns in a little bit with a full accuweather forecast. 5:12 is our time. a warning for people who bark at the north bart nation. thieves have stole cat hitsic converters. they are all targeting hon dawes. alan wang has the story. >> mitch replaces a lot of stolen catalytic converters at his muffler shop in albany. >> they seem to be very brazen and steal in the middle of day, people's driveways. it's pretty surprising, seems to
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me. >> on tuesday catalytic converters were stolen from four car from the north station bart station in the east lot. >> we don't have execute. >> all four sets happened here between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. in broad day light. surveillance cameras and warning signs are visible all over the property. >> but i don't know how well they are enforced. i think thieves of braver than everyone else thinks. >> in february 23 catalytic converters were stolen in bart parking lots but still they say overall crime is down 10% and they will continue with regular parking controls. in berkeley, alan wang with, abc7 news. >> consumers are used to finding lists of ingredients on food, medicines and even cosmetics but there's though requirement to list all ingredients of cleaning products. abc7 morning news anchor,
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reggie, finds out why many homeowners and organizations want to force manufactures to tell us more about the chemicals in our homes. >> cleaning products are part of daily life. >> in our homes, in our workplaces, our kids and teachers in their schools. all of those locations are cleaned with these products. >> a lot of products carry required warning labels about poison or eye or skin irritation and most do not list all ingredients on the label. >> do you think companies should be required to put ingredients on the label? >> of course. >> i don't know why they would not be labeled. it's a product you are using in your home. >> many are pushing them to disclose their ingredients. a few list all and a growing number post them on their websites. clorox now has a phone app. you look up the product and a list of ingredients. >> we found a wide range of company policies and they are
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not always straightforward. bill is with the environmental working group. he showed us a bottle of woolite that tells you to go to a website for ingredients. >> maybe you have as ma or you are allergic or my wife is pregnant so let's see what it says. >> but i'm not seeing anything about ingredients. >> looking around he called the phone number. he was on hold for a minute and then someone said he has to go to another website, one not listed to the the bottle. and then, almost 15 minutes later. >> here's the ingredients. >> about you it's not an complete list because it doesn't show what's in the industry spokesman cites trade secrets as the reason some ingredients are not disclosed.
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>> each and every product may have a specific formulation that's unique for that product. >> some consumer and health activists don't buy it >> the reality is all other competitors already know what's in the products because they can use labs to figure out what those chemicals are. so the only people that are left in the dark are the government and consumers and workers. >> but the cleaning industry said critics are distorting the information about what is in the chemicals. cleaning products on the shelf today or safe when used as protected. >> thisser pushing to get california to require all ingredients to be listed on cleaning products labels. the measure failed in the assembly last month. they plan to try again. abc7 news. >> a man faces drunk driving charges after an accident with a
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mooney bus yesterday in san francisco. he drove his s.u.v. in the back of the bus in the bay view. paramedics took seven passengers, including a child, to the hospital for mild to moderate injuries. >> we did put at least four people into what we call precaution, which means they were experiencing some sort of neck or back pain. >> the accident happened as passengers were getting off the bus at bay shore boulevard and industrial street. a dog on that bus also received medical attention. a five-year-old bay area boy has made remarkable progress one year after falling 230 feet over a clip. abc7 news was at oakland children's hospital where sabastian shot hoops and played around. last year he was enjoying a family picnic in bow takinga bay. the ground gave way and he tumbled down the cliff. first responders pulled him to safety but he spent ten days in a coma. he now has to wear a helmet and use a wheelchair when he's
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tired, but doctors are optimistic about his future. >> sebastian returned recently to bodega bay for a reunion with the firefighters that saved him. >> there's a traffic ahertl if you are heading into san francisco tomorrow morning. the chinatown ymca holding their 38th annual chinese new year run for the kids and that means street closers. most of them will be in effect tomorrow morning from 7:00 to 9:30. all right. weather-wise what do we expect this weekend, lisa? >> a few more clouds around. a possibility of rain for the week ahead. as we head outside right now, live doppler 7hd showing the cloud cover. and you could run into a little mist and drizzle out there.
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a front fizzled yesterday, and as a result we are left with the clouds and some fog. visibility is not too bad but they will be changing around the next couple of hours. you notice the wider picture. we see all the cloud cover ask the moisture pushing up into northern california. so much of the bay area will remain dry. in fact, we all remain dry with just cloud cover thing out throughout the afternoon today. 54 in san francisco. good morning, oakland. mid-50s, as well as mountain view. looking at 58. mild in san jose. 55 in morning hill. 54 at the coast. here's emeryville. cloudy skies and partly cloudy for the afternoon. 47 santa rosa. about a half-mile visibility with 50 for you in napa, novato. 53 livermore. we are milder, and we are definitely on the muggy side. with the fog and tht clouds, it's not as cool. with he had be looking at partly cloudy both today and tomorrow. warmer weather arrives for the first half of the work week as a
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weak high pressure builds in. by late wednesday and thursday looks like a little rain will be come our way. chris talks about the high surf advisory until 3:00 this afternoon. swell heights from 12 to 13 feet. we are anticipating large breakers and sneaker waves and the current wave heights up to 12 feet off the coast of half moon bay and almost as high around monterey bay. as we go through saturday notice the cloud cover all around. by the afternoon it begins tt clear out a little bit. it should get somewhat sunnier. but another weak system to the north of us brings more clouds, keeping us mild tonight. but by the afternoon again some partly cloudy skies for your sunday. fast forward to wednesday. here's the system offshore. so finally looks like this system will make inroads across northern california, bringing us rain late wednesday into thursday. and as we go through the next several days, looks like the chance of rain, yeah, definitely at the second half of the week for all of us. so in terms of this, the cloud
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cover will be partly cloudy. 68 napa. the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring the partly cloudy skies today and tomorrow. 70s just about around the bay and in the inland. and notice we warm up a few degrees monday and tuesday. but for our next system we will cool back and bring us a weak system, a one on our storm impact scale for thursday. and that's the most exciting thing we have going on the next seven days. >> you know me well, you know i like the sun, but i'm kind of getting tired of it. we need that rain. >> i know. >> lisa, thank you. coming up, visits to the bay area. what brought oscar winner to an elementary school and why kids love him so much. first we are introducing our instagram feed to celebrate people who make arches did where you live. today we honor the 366 infantry
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religion minute, an all-african-american unit of the army that served with disticks in both world war 1 and world war ii. we will have more
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had. >> police in san francisco are trying to find the owner of a car that was left at golden gate park. the victim gave the police a picture of this photo of a dog that attacked him. the dog bit him on his leg and arm. he described the dog's opener as a woman with short black hair wearing glasses. she left in a white ford explorer with the license plate number ending b694. 5:24 the time.
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sequoia, the bald eagle, is back home. he was at the zoo after volunteers returned her to her porch. the 27-year-old eagle went missing during a flight demonstration monday. they spent days trying to track her. a hiker spotted her yesterday at an open space preserve and called the zoo. when her handler arrived, he blew his whistle and sequoia flew to him. students were treated to hollywood magic to a program white house says makes all the difference. >> hero's welcome for a man many of these men have grown to love. >> i was really fun. >> she's talking about actor-artist tim robbins who spent the day mentoring students about the white house turn around program. it's a program that turns around america's struggling schools.
5:26 am
>> they walk into a creativen i remember view. art is on the walls. that part of them is being celebrated as something that's important and essential. >> burbank is one of 49 turn around art schools around the country. since being selected for the program, they have added an art teacher and bolstered their programs. test scores and attendance numbers have improved greatly. in fact, the program has held burbank become the highest-performing bubble meant try school in hayward. their sense of confidence has gone up. >> i feel that i'm part of something big because what i am at the school. >> you can just like relax and do whatever you want. >> this was robin's third visit to the school. he will continue to serve as their turnaround arts mentor until 2017. >> if you bring them an arts education, you give them a leg
5:27 am
up on life. why wouldn't we want to do that? it makes sense. >> kids who are highly engaged in the arts are four times more likely to graduate from high school and college and go on to have successful careers. we have much more ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news. donald trump gains support from an unlikely person. what will this do for his presidential campaign. and a health scare for artist and
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. >> thanks for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen. here's a quick look at the weather. lisa argen is track being the conditions where you live. hi, lisa. >> hi, everyone. plenty of cloud cover out there. temperatures are quite mild. check it out. almost everyone is in the 50s except for napa and santa rosa at 48 degrees. a few areas of fog, especially to the north and maybe a
5:30 am
sprinkle or two but notice the quarter mile visibility there. the rest of the bay area doing just fine. but we will look for the numbers to feel a little muggy out there with all of the fog cover and the onshore flow. but by the afternoon the clouds begin to thin out and we will see temperatures climb from the mid-60s in the inland valleys at noontime to the upper 60s by the afternoon. even around the bay we are just as mild. in the low 60s. the clouds shifting out but a similar situation for your sunday. then things change as we usher march into may. we will talk about it come up. chris. >>. >> that, lisa. the democratic candidates for president prepare for today's south carolina primary. the policy say hillary clinton is about to score another big victory over her rival bernie sanders. on the republican side donald trump has picked up a big endorsement. we have more now on the campaign trail. >> reporter: from going head-to-head to standing side by side. >> i look forward to working
5:31 am
with him. >> donald trump getting a surprise endorsement from former gop rival governor chris christie. >> and the republican party needs a a leader that hillary rodham clinton never gets within ten feet of the white house. >> and attack after attack from marco rubio, who continues targeting trump. >> what we are dealing with here friends is a con artist. >> and the possibility that trump may be the republican nominee. >> hello south carolina state! >> campaigning in south carolina, and not taking her double-digit lead in the policy for granted. she and husband bill clinton making 22 stops here this week. >> it would be a super send-off to do well here tomorrow. >> bernie sanders looking ahead to super tuesday and beyond, campaigning in eight states this week. but here in south carolina,
5:32 am
voters prepare to cast their ballots. >> it's a political revolution. thank you all! >> abc news, columbia, south carolina. >> this weekend california democrats have taken over downtown san jose for their annual convention. this year they have a lot to talk about with the presidential nomination and an open u.s. senate seat from california. 3,000 delegates were at the convention center yesterday where they took selfies with some of the biggest names in their parties. the state party rules do not allow delegates to officially endorse anyone in the presidential race but they can certainly speak their mind. >> you will see the hillary fashions. they will be passionate. bernie's people are here and both sides are trying to convince the unconvinced. i don't think there are a lot of those folks here. >> party endorsement battle begin today. the highest profile run is between state attorney general
5:33 am
camilla harris and southern california congresswoman. they both want to replace boxer. one wants to make it mandatory for all california lawmakers. >> they don't have to wear these on their pajamas when they go to bed at night. the statute we want to pass is that they have to wear these when they cast a vote. >> the measure needs more than 300,000 signatures before it makes it on to the november ballot. a state senator said promoting publicly funded campaigns would be more effective. 5:33 is our time. artist and activist yoko ono is expected to be discharged with the hospital today. the 83-year-old publicist said media reports that she is a stroke were long. she had flu-like symptoms. >> and a warning about the zika
5:34 am
virus. the centers for disease control is recommending that pregnant people consider not traveling to the olympic games in rio de jean some babies are i'd effects of course virus. russia intends to continue strikes against areas held by islamist fighters or isil that are not covered by a two-week truce. they would suspend all flights over syria for today to make sure no wrong targets were hit by mistakes. the cease-fire was agreed upon so humanitarian aid than reach people in the affected areas.
5:35 am
the only way to deliver them a lasting defeat is to end the civil war and chaos in syria. >> it will remain difficult but we will continue to draw on all elements of our national power, including the strength of our communities and our values as americans. and i am absolutely confident that we will prevail. >> russia and the u.s. have exchanged maps showing the location of opposition groups pledge to go abide by the cease-fire. the biggest night in hollywood is almost here but the preoscar parties are already underway. george from our sister station in los angeles gives us an inside look. >> it's kind of the dream and the tradition of american film. >> eddy redmond co-hosting a special reception for those from the u. k.. sandy is here straight out of princeton. after winning best actress last
5:36 am
year, she's up again for an award this year. rolls hand diane warren, nominated with lady gaga for the song "it happened to you." >> i'm more excited about this than anything. >> and actor writer director kate bell, and others, all to support women. >> it's a nice thing to have women behind and in front of the camera and diverse voices, it's good business. >> 51 women are nominated for theos skas this year. sunday is a big celebration. >> i will be at a party on sunday. excited. i can't imagine a better, you know, performer outside of elton john himself. >> abc7 news. >> go to abc7 news to get your oscar ballot so you can keep track of all the winners tomorrow. you can find photos, videos and
5:37 am
stories about the bay area connections to the nominees. a new device to help you find more than just lost car keys. how a simple tech tool is making it easier to find bigger misplaced items. here's a live look outside from our exploratorium camera at peer 15. we have your full accuweather forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> welcome back, everyone. here's a live look from the emeryville camera. it's a smooth commute into oakland and san francisco this morning. mild temperatures for now but changes are on the way, lisa returns in a little bit with the accuweather forecast. >> a little girl in the central valley has her prize pony back after a scare this week. >> he runed away. >> meet tatum and. >> you will yet. juliet doubles as a unicorn for appearances at parties. something spooked her at an event the other night and she ran off. almost immediately there was a 911 call of a unicorn running down the road. she hid in an orchard for more than three hours until she could be corralled. it was a fairry tale ending.
5:41 am
>> she was being a bad pony. >> she's adorable. but tatum said she still loves her pony. welcome to the world. gavin knew some posted those words on instagram yesterday with pictures of his newborn son. dutch newsom was born yesterday afternoon and named after the northern california town where he lived and spent much of his youth. 5:41 is the time. weather-wise what's going on on live doppler whenever hd out there? >> we are looking at some fog. some quarter mile visibility. 54 degrees in san francisco. how about 56 in oakland and 55 in san mateo? it's certainly not cool. it will give way to sunshine today and milder highs. but some showers are in the
5:42 am
forecast. that will be next. >>. >> that, lisa. also ahead, everything sha training happen at home against buffalo and it happened against last night. larry beil will have the
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>> good morning, everyone. time is 5:54. we are waking up to this view of the bay bridge from our east bay hills camera. 55 degrees is the current temperature in downtown san francisco. he'sa will have the full accuweather forecast coming up. >> n.a.s.a. scientists are keeping a close eye on how el nino is playing out on the west coast. they say this year's el nino is peeking later in the season and there's still time for more wet weather to develop. >> as it shrinks, this el nino, we may see a return of these storms in march and april. and that's what we are really hoping for. >> southern california has seen the greatest deficit of rain and
5:45 am
snow. that could be problematic if it continues. it will make for a potentially potent fire season. >> in sports. the awarors close out their long road trip from oklahoma stay. they face the thunder in a battle of two of the top teams in the western conference. you can watch the team only on abc7. coverage starts at 5:00 and tip-off at 5:30 p.m.. the sharks are back to play vancouver. last night they returned from a five-game road trip against the sabres. we have the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> good morning. the sharks have been playing well as of late but for reasons nobody can truly explain, they really struggle at home, and they always seem to have a tough time with buffalo, no matter how bad the sabres are, and they are bad. a theme that would continue last night in the tank. sharks home after going 3-1-1 on the road. three seconds in and he rips it.
5:46 am
sharks on the board 1-0, but in the second period sharks turn it over in they're own zone. the shot is going to trickle past martin jones. you look at johan larsson. i want it! it was a 1-1 tie. late in the third the battle. the shot off hertl's skate and past jones. the sabres got the empty netter for 39-1 victory. and it's become fashionable to watch the warriors. captain jack suggesting his "we believe" squad would beat the warriors, which is comical. he said even he could beat them one-on-one. fat jimmy, locking down steph curry? they will take on the thunder in oklahoma stay. it's a game you can watch at
5:47 am
5:00 tonight at abc7. a complete recap on after the game with mike shumann live in o. k.c.. and women's college hoops. stanford and oregon state. off the turnover here. brittney with the finish. stanford by 14 at the break. mcafee finished with 15. erica mccauley with 25. stanford rolls to the 1,000th win in program history. 76-52. the oakland a's have their first full squad workout yesterday in mesa on a roster with constant change. a new face happens to be an old face. infielder jed lowrie who has bounced between the a's and the astros the last few years. he contends every year is a fresh start for every team because nothing is going to be the same as it was the season before. >> i don't care if you get 25 new guys or 25ful the exact same guys, every year is a new challenge. you know, you will have different dynamics, the lineup is not always the same. so there's always moving parts. >> that's a wrap on morning how
5:48 am
sports. one more reminder, warriors and oklahoma right here the have a great weekend. >> 5 castro valley 48 the time. a mild weekend on tap. any rain in the forecast? >> yes, we do have some. since last would be we've been saying march is looking a little bit wetter, and tuesday march begins. with he are seeing signs of these things changing. in that package we had earlier, it indicates march could be more promising in terms of rainfall. february, yeah. kind of a disappointment. not too sad to see it go because the rainfall department, we were starve. this shows cloud cover. a front fizzled yesterday and the minor picture shows a very weak system pushing north around i80. there will be a secondary system tomorrow. starting out with the cloud cover today, tomorrow. the mild temperatures. and filtered sunshine with more afternoon clearing on tap throughout today and your sunday afternoon. it's 57 in san jose.
5:49 am
56 oakland. mountain view. good morning san francisco. 54. it's 55 morgan hill and half moon bay sitting at 52 degrees. we is an on shore push and we have the high surf advisory to talk of once again. a little fog from petaluma to napa and upper 40s there. 53 fairfield and livermore. concord checking in at 54. so some shots have some damp pavement and with the moisture at the lower levels of the atmosphere we could run into some fog. by the afternoon it will be partly cloudy both today and tomorrow. temperatures warm up as a weak high pressure builds in for the first part of the week. and then we will look for a weather system to finally cut through the ridge late on wednesday into thursday, bringing us some rain and perhaps setting the stage for more wet weather beyond that. so with the high surf advisory until 3:00, notice the wave heights, 9 feet to 12 feet half moon bay. we have a high risk of a potential of being swept out into the ocean with the large breakers out there.
5:50 am
so be careful. throughout the day today you will notice the cloud cover. by the afternoon, still some clouds around but we will get into some clearing. pretty much a carbon copy of what we are looking at today will arrive tomorrow and we will look for some partly cloudy skies throughout the afternoon. highs today from north to south looking very, very mild with 55 in the northern sierra. 63 yosemite and southern california 78 degrees. so, yeah, a little too warm for february. but hopefully with this next weather system we will get things more in check where we should be for march. as we head down to los angeles, tomorrow 75 degrees at 2:00 with sunny skies. so a beautiful day there. and today we are looking at partly cloudy conditions with low 60s from half moon bay. 65 san francisco. 66 for you in richmond. 58 palo alto and fremont with 69 in san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast you notice all the mild temperatures each and every day with more sunshine as we head
5:51 am
toward monday and then maybe a few sprinkles even on tuesday as the ridge begins to weaken. about you we are looking for the system to come in late wednesday into thursday. a 1 on the storm impact scale, meaning it's a weak one. and then partly cloudy keys next friday. we still have all of march to go. there's hope for a big change hopefully. >> and for this week another string of 70s. >> yes. >> lisa, thank you. already. 5:51. you can call it the world's tiniest lost and found. this can help you mind more than just lost car keys. >> by now you probably heard about "tile." you attach it to things you don't want to lose and it sends out a blue tooth signal you can track with your smartphone. we are i attached to keys and wallet, items lost around the home or office. but it makes a promise of being able to find bigger items
5:52 am
further from home. here's part of a company video. >> if your bike goes missing, a lost item, it puts all other tile apps on the lookout of your tile and you will be sent a notification of it. >> sounds good, but does it work? he says his expensive italian bike is proof. it went missing from his home in redwood city. >> when i got home, i remembered that i had put a tile in the back of the bike. >> here it is. stashed under the seat of his motorcycle. he reported the item missing to tile, and three days later he received an e-mail notification. >> your bike was found on a location on the map indicated there, and it was here, right here. >> a up couple of blocks off union square in san francisco. he called police, told them
5:53 am
about the tile in the bike. >> i got a call from the police that the bike was exactly where the tile app said it was. what do you want us to do with it? >> no one was arrested but he got his bike back. no worse for wear, but with 300 additional miles. here is tile's ceo and founder, michael. >> this is what it's all about at tile is helping people stay connected to things that they love. and when we find things like rare italian motorcycles of 3hat been stolen and bring them back to their users, that makes everything worthwhile for us here. >> the more tile users around, the more likely you are to find the stolen item. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> coming up, how you can help local children improve
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> here are the winning numbers from last night's mega-millions
5:56 am
draw. flush >> nobody picked all six. tuesday night's jackpot grows to $135 million. happening tonight, the fourth annual superstar gala event will be held at the east bay elementary school. take a look he it video from last year's dinner and auction. it benefits superstar lit's. the program provides tutoring and afterschool reading help for more than 400 families for nine schools in the east bay. next at 6:00, a terrible crash in the east bay killed two people. coming up, how crews tried to save the passengers. also ahead, new questions about the man accused of killing his girlfriend after she went missing two weeks ago. what police say should have happened to him.
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>> this is abc7 news. >> it's saturday, february 27th. good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's take a look at the forecast. here's lisa argen. she's tracking live doppler 7hd for us. hi, lisa. >> we have a lot of cloud cover. with the clouds mild temperatures. a little fog up in the north bay and we are looking at the moisture well offshore. it's a weak weather system that's pushing the energy into extreme northern california, the pacific northwest. we are just getting the tail end
6:00 am
of it.


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