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tv   ABC7 News  ABC  February 27, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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now to the oscars where joe biden will be in attendance tomorrow, introducing lady gaga's performance. matt keller is live on the red carpet. matt, they're putting the finishing touches on. >> reporter: it's getting busy on the red carpet. the media is here and it's going to be nothing like compared to tomorrow for the main event.
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but they are going through some run-throughs and dress rehearsals. not everyone has to wait until tomorrow to know what's going to happen. the glitz and glamour of the oscars requires a lot of work. inside, flowers were being arranged. the bleachers for fans now line the red carpet as the media brings the hollywood story to viewers around the world. our friends from "good morning america" are getting ready for their closeup on the red carpet. while friends and family lined up to get an exclusive meet-peek of today's walk-through and rehearsal. >> when you have one of those candid moments, and you wonder was that planned or happening right there live? we'll be one to know. >> reporter: amateur photographers are getting their closeups. people are coming a day early to say they were here. >> i'm so excited. i want to walk on the red carpet without the plastic being there. i want to walk up those stairs.
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>> reporter: we ran two these two san jose residents. >> we're just here to have a good time and check out the oscars. >> reporter: they didn't see any celebrities today but had their hollywood moment last night. of course, the fans who line up in the bleachers will get plenty of oscar moments. your best view of the red carpet is going to be home on your couch watching abc 7. reporting live, matt keller, "abc7 news." that will be in hollywood all weekend for continuing coverage of the oscars, stay with "abc7 news" for live reports and follow matt on facebook and twitter. abc 7 is your oscar station. live coverage starts tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. with on the red carpet at the oscars, following by the opening ceremony live from the red carpet at 4:00. and the oscars start at 5:30.
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of course, the oscars are something to sing about. ahead, elton john's epic takeover of the sunset street. consider it the party before the party. also coming up on "abc7 news" -- [ gunfire ] >> why another bay area shooting range today is a step closer to closing. >> and i'm drew tuma. some clouds this morning to sunshine this afternoon. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. tomorrow, spots may not see as much sunshine tomorrow. i'll exp
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go to together, we're building a better california.
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regional park managers are recommending the closure of the gun range in the regional park in castro valley. park management say lead is poisoning the water and soil and they cannot afford to clone and contain the pollution. the board will vote on the recommendation on tuesday. last year, the pacific rod and gun closed after its lease expired. elton john helped build the oscar buzz today with a free concert in west hollywood. ♪ lady gaga joined him there. they performed on the strip, shutting down streets in the area. aol streamed the concert live. it coincides with elton's annual viewing party for tomorrow night's oscars. go to to get your
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oscar ballots to keep track of all the winners tomorrow. and you can find photos, videos and stories about bay area connections to the nominees. up next, a harrowing encounter with the pounding pa sefk. >> how a family ran into trouble off the coast and what happened when a lifeguard couldn't save them. and taking a live look at conditions outside our east bay kamras, showing you the sun there and beautiful blue skies, drew will let us know when we can expect more rain.
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dramatic new video shows a mother and three children swept out into the ocean and then getting rescued in the north bay. a bystander posted this video showing the scene at goat rock beach in sonoma county yesterday afternoon. a lifeguard tried to save the
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family, the a helicopter had to be sent to pull them out one by one. they're now out of the hospital and doing fine. higher temperatures and less snow in february could mean a disappointing snow pack survey next tuesday. this shows the last survey at the beginning of the month when a lot more snow is falling. because of all the earlier snow, the snow bank is close to average and far better than the record drought conditions we saw last winter. lake tahoe remains far short of the average. ten tons of snow showed up in san francisco today. the zoo shared this video for international polar bear day. a special snow making machine made all the snow. ulu was rescued in 1985. the goal is to bring awareness to global warming and the impact on the arctic animals. we like more precipitation
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around here, drew. see what you can arrange. >> we'll get warmer temperatures and next week, a slight chance of showers. out there on the live doppler 7 hd, very quiet. a gorgeous shot from emeryville. a live look, not a cloud to be seen. we're just soaked in sunshine on this saturday afternoon. the forecast tonight, fog along the coast. tomorrow for sunday, a blend of sunshine and clouds out there and then much of the accuweather forecast is going to be dominated by warmer temperatures before we track that chance of rain coming on thursday. out there right now, as comfy as can be. 67 in san jose. 62 in san francisco. 66 in napa. and antioch coming close to 70 degrees. live doppler 7 hd, a weak piece of energy scooting by to the north. now we're seeing clearer skies. off to the west, more clouds that are moving in overnight
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tonight. the first thing tomorrow morning, most areas will wake up to cloudy skies. tonight, we're clear early on. the clouds developing after midnight. mainly cloudy after midnight. will be in the mid forts in a lot of spots. san francisco at 50 degrees. 46 in oakland. we will have some pockets of fog developing by 6:00 sunday morning. you notice the white shades? that's lite fog. you notice the deeper shades of gray, that could be dense fog. the fog will linger for much of the day along the coast and redevelop dense in pocket which is sunday evening. highs tomorrow, a nice day with that blend of sunshine and clouds. 67 in fremont. along the coast, 60 for half moon bay. 70 the high for napa. future weather will jump ahead, the chance of shower, and as it moves on shore, it interacts
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with much drier air and falls apart. this could be one of those storms where the north bay sees all the measurable rainfall. accuweather seven-day forecast. fog and sun tomorrow. it's rather warm monday, tuesday and wednesday before we chance the track of showers. friday, saturday, a mixture of sun and clouds, still above normal. >> thank you very much, drew. mr. larry beil is here with a preview of sports. >> we got a big game coming up. minutes away from the warriors and the thunder tipping off. looks like mo spates right there. mike shumann will join us for a live preview. the matchup that features the
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good evening. the warriors from in oklahoma city to take on the thunder. there is a chance the warriors could clinch a playoff spot tonight. mike shumann has made the kourny from spring training to okc and joins us live now. shu? >> reporter: hey. [ no audio ]
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>> let me just set up the game. we'll wait a few seconds and see if we can establish communications. otherwise i'll tell you what is happening. this is a matchup with steph curry and kevin durant and russell westbrook, three of the top scorers in the national basketball association. any video to roll? you don't want to stare at me the whole time. let's listen to some up to. >> a very good team. obviously got the two-headed monster, but they're very deep, as well. one of the best home courts in the nba. it would be great to go home 5-1 from this trip. 4-2 is not the end of the world, but it would be nice. >> good rebounding team. obviously, two of the best weapons in k.d. and russ. so we got our hands full. >> as shu was going to say, pregame will start in just a few minutes, following the news cast with tipoff around 5:30. and then don't forget, we have
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after the game, which will be live right after the game, right around 8:00, and shu, i promise you we'll be able to hear and have live postgame interviews. i'll be in with nate thurman. college basketball. christian mccaffrey checking out stanford and ucla. first half, roscoe allen goes strong to the basket. stanford playing with urgency late in the season. pickens had a big game thursday. 16 in this one. second half, michael humphrey, double teamed, stanford by seven. ucla hanging around thanks to the coach's kid. that made it 64-62. but allen puts it away, stanford wins 79-70. quarterbacks threw at the nfl combine today. why are we bothering to talk about jared goth? everyone knows his hands are too
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small. that's a joke people. i want to clarify, i don't want twitter people yelling at me. any way, quarterbacks were asked to run first, but who cares? goth ran a 4.8, and then they threw the ball and he showed why he's going to be a top pick. despite the small hands nonsense, and that topic of conversation. he and carson went were both impressive. anybody that passes on jared goth with a high pick is going to live to regret it in round one. that's what i'm saying right here. >> we heard this all before, right? rick gannon's hands were too small. >> beware of passing on cal quarterbacks like aaron rodgers. just ask the 49ers about that. up next, a sideshow so
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♪ oh, my god, i really did not plan for this. >> what would you say if you won an oscar? natasha and reggie hit the street to get people's acceptance speeches. share your ten-second speech and post it on social media with the #abc7now. today, we celebrate and honor a 4,000-year-old art form. "abc7 news" was at ripley's believe it or not in san francisco for the world's sword swallower celebration.
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for someone in the developing world. >> announcer: the following is a presentation of espn on abc. guys, the last time steph curry took the court, 51 points in orlando, florida. >> steph has no enemies including isaiah thomas and oscar robinson. please kill that story line. >> we're talking about that as steph keeps on dribbling. then the last time they played the golden state warriors, he had 27 and 12. take the shot, say good-bye. >> i want to see the shoot-out above the rim t-shirt.


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