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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> the nba's biggest star puts on an incredible show. the cyberworld is abuzz about a game for the ages in oklahoma city. good evening. i'm eric thomas. the shot you just saw is lighting social media on fire. lebron james has never seen anyone like him in the history of ball. that's steph curry he's talking about. and curry's wife tweeted a series of emojis. first hands over her eyes then tears of joy. abc 7 sports director larry beil is just about in tears of joy as well watching this game. he joins us with reaction.
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and ridiculous. it was ridiculous. >> he's continually ridiculous. and i think kevin durant has tears. not of joy tonight. just when you think we've seen it all from steph curry and the warriors you get a game like tonight. facing almost certain defeat and then steph happens. the line for steph autographs. we know about his ankle problems. westbrook lands right on steph's ankle. he'd hobble to the locker room and returned. fast forward to overtime. steph hits his tenth three of the night. number 11 would break his own single season record with 287 threes. and then with the score tied in the final seconds from 38 feet, splash. warriors win 121-118. mike schuman after the game asked curry the question of the
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night. >> did you know that last shot was going in? >> i hoped it did. got a good rhythm dribbling up and found the spot to take off from. confidence all night. thankfully that last one went in and we had an opportunity to win the game. >> unreal. lots more on this game. more from steph on an amazing night. as i said, he's a bad man. and oh, by the way, the warriors clinch a playoff spot tonight. that's probably the headline. oh, by the way. >> p.s., they clinch a playoff spot. larry, thanks a lot. we want to see you celebrate as well. post your fan photos. use ws on 7 and we may share them online or on air. vice president joe biden fired up california democrats delivering the keynote address at the state convention in san jose. sergio quintana was there and joins us with more. >> reporter: so far the year in
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politics has been all about the presidential run. about the last -- for the first time in about 25 years, candidates will be vying for an open u.s. senate seat vacated by barbara boxer. tonight attorney general camilla harris got the endorsement from the party in a big win against her southern california opponent. to a convention full of empassioned california democrats, vice president joe biden criticized the republican presidential candidates for pushing what he calls failed policy. >> all you have to do is going back to george bush in 2000, 2004. mccain in 2012. romney. it's the same tired prescription. they haven't changed at all, folks. they have just gotten meaner. >> reporter: in a salute to the powerful delegation, biden also made a special mention about barbara boxer. >> barbara, the senate is going to miss you, the country is going to miss you, i'm going to miss you and california is going to miss you.
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>> reporter: she will not be seeking re-election. baseod the rowdy support for the two seeking her open seat, this is the statewide race to watch. orange county's ma retta sanchez says she's the most experienced legislator. >> if you are going to have open heart surgery would you get a doctor who had never performed that or somebody who has done it several times? i've been doing this for 20 years. >> reporter: california attorney general camilla harris took a much less combative stance encouraging everyone to get excited about the race. >> if they are shout, energized, having fun with it, they feel it passionately. >> reporter: the state democratic convention was vice president biden's final stop in the area over the weekend. they met with cancer researchers as part of his initiative to find a cure for cancer. following that democratic convention speech, the vice president hopped on on air force two and flew to hollywood. he'll be a presenter at the
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oscars tomorrow night with lady gaga. hillary clinton easily won the south carolina primary today. it wasn't even close. clinton got three-quarters of the vote. most of the 53 delegates. south carolina was a big test for clinton. abc news exit polls show african-americans made up 62% of democratic voters today and clinton received 84% of their votes. >> we have to invest in communities of color, reform our broken criminal justice and immigration system. we have to guarantee opportunity, dignity and justice for every american. >> all of the candidates are getting ready for super tuesday with republican or democratic primaries and caucuses in 12 states. republican candidates were on the offensive. >> in florida we have a sitting senator and i'm up by a tremendous amount every poll. because they can't stand the guy. >> we cannot lose this election
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nomination to someone the democrats will rip apart. >> we have extensive coverage of the 2016 presidential election on our website, a san francisco man is one of seven people arrested after a violent brawl at a kkk rally in anaheim. it started when six klan members arrived for an anti-immigration protest. three were stabbed, including one person with the end of a flag. all are expected to survive. 51-year-old charles edward donner was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. police are looking for a driver who shot and killed a man on interstate 80 in richmond. the overnight shooting happened near hilltop drive. the 40-year-old man in this jeep died. his suv crashed down a ravine after he was shot. another car drove up alongside the man and opened fire. they say this was not a random shooting and the victim was targeted. there have been seven freeway shootings in the east bay since november, and that has people on edge.
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>> seems to be an epidimic of people thinking they can pack their guns in their cars and drive by whenever they are unhappy with somebody. >> taking the street to get where we're going. don't trust the freeway by any means. >> police have few leads, no suspects, not even a description of the suspect vehicle. a high surf rescue caught on video. a family was swept out into the ocean not goat rock beach in sonoma county yesterday afternoon. a lifeguard tried to save the woman and three children but the sheriff's office had to send a rescue helicopter to pluck them out of the water one by one. the family is now out of the hospital and doing fine. it's now under 24 hours until hollywood's biggest night. you are looking live at the red carpet outside the dolby theater in los angeles. a beehive of activity all day today. and the excitement was in the air. abc 7 news reporter matt keller was there and has the story. >> places everyone.
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the oscars are almost here. some of the biggest names in the world will be walking down the red carpet, including lady gaga, jennifer lawrence and rachel mcadams. but it's not just pretend celebrities. a real actor orlando jones was here. fans are excited to be star watching. >> they'll come. it's going to come like a wave. just have to wait for it. >> reporter: our friends from "good morning america" were on the job going through rehearsals. it's all fun and games for these residents. their employer sent them to southern california for an oscar watch party. >> tomorrow we have to get massages and hair and makeup done for the oscars and then going to the viewing party. >> sounds like fun. >> who are you wearing? >> nordstrom rack. >> final touches on the decorations and flowers arranged inside the dolby theater. although we had to look through glass doors to see what was happening inside, in hollywood, it's all about who you know. >> isn't that the game? >> elizabeth and all these
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people are either related or friends with an executive with the academy. today they get to see the stage before everyone else. >> it's a rehearsal. you aren't expecting to see it exactly the way it will be tomorrow. >> the bleachers are set up for the fans but hollywood boulevard is blocked off to the public. unless you're seated here, the best view of the red carpet is at home on abc 7. in hollywood, matt keller, abc 7 news. some african-american stars including spike lee, will smith and jada pinkett smith will not be at tomorrow's ceremony. they're boycotting because for the second year in a row only white actors have been nominate forward oscars. the lack of diversity is expected to be addressed by host chris rock, but no one knows yet what he plans to say. rock hasn't given any interviews since the nominations came out, and he's been quiet on social media. his last post yesterday showed a static tv screen with the words see you sunday #blackout.
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abc 7 is your oscar station. live coverage starts tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. with the on the red carpet followed by the opening ceremony at 4:00, the oscars starts at 5:30. our coverage of the oscars continues on abc 7 news at 11:00. the art of award winning sound. a four-time oscar winner talks about what it takes to put together a masterpiece. plus -- >> why another bay area shooting range is a step closer to closing tonight. >> we'll see a surge in temperatures. rain tries to make a comeback. i'll explain in the accuweather forecast. >> and don't try this at home. the sword swallower's terrifying act on
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i'm a customer relationship i'm roy gmanager.ith pg&e. anderson valley brewing company is definitely a leader in the adoption of energy efficiency. pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here
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and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california. regional park managers are recommending the closure of the gun range in castro valley. park management says lead is poise thoeng water and soil and the privately run gun range cannot afford to clean and maintain the pollution. last year the pacific rod and gun club closed at lake merced after its lease expired. san francisco is refunding $6 million in overpaid parking fines with some famous sports names on the list. sfmta announced the refunds. sports website dead spin pointed out the more celebrated recipients including ted lincecum and klay thompson, both owed $20. jerry rice owed 37. barry zeitozito, $62 and vernons
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nearly $400. they and you have to fill out a form by tuesday to get a refund. steve jobs is also on that list. owed $167. tonight familiar faces from abc 7 news raised money to help fight illiteracy. cheryl jennings and mike nicco hosted the gala and auction. items to bid for included a trip to paris and luxury box suite for a warriors game this spring. it will fund reading programs at eight east bay elementary schools. tonight we're getting an inside look at what winning an oscar is like. the perspective is that of a local man who has won every time he's been nominated. lisa amin gulezian joins us. >> reporter: the average cost of the cheapest ticket to go to the oscars is $300. and the most expensive one is $1,500 a person.
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and, of course, you have to be a member of the academy. >> the most significant would be "apocalypse now." >> why? >> because it was the first for me. >> reporter: to say mark berger is familiar with the oscars would be an understatement. he has four of these gold statues which weigh ten pounds each. >> i've been there and done that. 170 films over the last 40 years. >> reporter: he's a sound engineer. he won't be going this year. he went two years ago to support some friends who were nominated. even that trip was memorable. there's berger and his wife and "people" magazine. >> and there we were. right behind cate blanchett. >> reporter: bergy proudly displays his oscars in his home. he won for "apocalypse now, the right stuff, amadeus and the patient. >> it further solidified
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northern california as a significant force in sound work. >> reporter: this year three local sound mixers are up for oscars including randy thom. thises should 15s nomination. this year is for his work on "the revenant." >> i've been to the big show quite a few times. >> reporter: but there are always tips to remember when attending the oscars. like most attendees hang out in the bar for much of the show which means seat fillers were usually college students are in high demand. and there's no food allowed at the ceremony itself. >> one of the most important things we learned about going to the oscars is to bring food in the limo on the way there. >> speaking of going to the oscars, have you ever been? >> wouldn't that be nice? no, i've never been that lucky. but did you know that you not only have to be a member but you can only invite one guest per person and no transfers are allowed. if you say someone is going they have to be the one because they print their names on the ticket
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themselves. >> i'm wondering if matt damon brought two people if they'd turn one away. >> apparently they're really strict and safety first. security is high. >> thank you, lisa. bobby. >> oh, my god. i didn't plan for this. >> what would you say if you won an oscar. >> abc 7 morning news anchors hit the street to get people's acceptance speeches. share your ten-second speech and post it on social media with #abc7now. the oscar goes to -- well, drew, of course. for this forecast. >> no, i'm just saying. i think i could pass for jim carrey. if he ever needed a stand-in, i think i could go for the oscars. partly cloudy skies and dry for the time being. 40s and 50s at29 isz holding at 55 in san uàsfrancisñ
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mid-40sçysf to lower 50s. 47 san jose. drop about 50 in san francisco and 42 overnight in napa. future weather shows you hour by hour. first thing on sunday, some areas of patchy fog. any fog burns off rather quickly midmorning. by the afternoon, filtered sunshine out there. high clouds streaming in throughout the day. won't be totally sunny but temperatures will be mild. a lot of spots get into the 70s. fairfield tomorrow, high of 71. concord 70. oakland, 67. san francisco, comfortable 63. 67 fremont. 70 in napa and san jose up to 69 degrees for your sunday. we'll take a look at san jose for the week ahead. temperature trend wise in the 60s. we jump rather rapidly into the mid-70s on monday and stay in
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the mid-70s, some ten degrees above average through wednesday. then a dramatuc drop in temperatures from wednesday into thursday. that cooler air coincides with a chance of rain moving in along a cold front. future weather, we'll jump ahead into thursday morning. we'll track that cold front. it looks like a light shower right now. a 1 currently on our storm impact scale. we are anticipating that thursday morning for the thursday morning rush some wet roadways. right now looks like that's our next chance for any wet weather. >> here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. areas of patchy fog out there. filtered sunshine. by monday. it's rather warm. inland in the upper 70s. tuesday and wednesday still above average. still mild by thursday. there's that chance of a light shower. it will cool us off by some ten degrees. and eric, friday and saturday, a mixture of sun and clouds bouncing back to the upper 60s and lower 70s. >> next time with your speech,
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start with thanking your parents. >> i only have two minutes. only so much time. still to come, it's so dangerous only a dozen full-time professionals
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some of the bravest people in the world showed off their skills in san francisco today. you have to be brave to watch this. abc 7 news was at rippley's believe it or not for the world ññ celebration. it started more thani+( years ago in india. there are now fewer than a dozen full-time sword swallowers in the world. it also raises money for esophageal cancer research. follow that, larry beil. >> i'd put money on steph curry being able to do that because he can do everything else. there has to be some trick to that. more from okc after the warriors
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amazing win tonight. i think we might show this a couple of times. we will hear from every wonder what nature valley is made of?
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> the legends of steph curry continues to grow. the warriors with an epic comeback. it shows why he's regarded as the best shooter in nba history. thriller tonight in okc. we know steph practices take ing shots. westbrook rolls up on his ankle.
11:30 pm
steph limps to the locker room. does return. when he comes back, he comes back firing. 78-77. kevin durant right back at you. 83-78. durant with 37 seconds left. durant throws it away. draymond green to klay thompson. iguodala gets fouled by durant who calmly drains both. overtime tied at 103. there's steph with his ten th three. 11th three sets the new single season mark. 287 for the season and counting. curry from 38 for the win! unbelievable. 12th three. ties the nba record. wins the game 121-118. warriors 5-1 on this road trip and speaking of epic roadies,
11:31 pm
here's mike shumann. >> he breaks his own nba single season record for threes and the warriors clinch a playoff spot. here's mr. curry after the win. probably the grittiest win you've had all season. >> all things considered. end of a road trip against a great team at home. you look at all the things that had to go our way and the things we had a hand in forcing our way, it's a great win. >> we're just witnessing greatness. it's something you should definitely appreciate if you are a hoops fan. even if you aren't. i'm happy for him and even happier for us. >> had a very good game but we dug deep and found a way. they outrebounded us by 30. we found a way. >> the warriors will return home after their longest road trip of
11:32 pm
the season, and so will we. i'm mike shumann, abc 7 sports. >> and information on playoff takets available at abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> it's something special. >> they are really something special. thanks, larry. something most of us worry about every time we stop at the atm. could your information be
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> i'm eric thomas. steph curry added to his growing legend against the oklahoma city thunder with the game on the
11:36 pm
line, curry calmly comes up and drops a near half-courter to win. he also tied the record for three-pointers in a game at 12 and broke his own record for three-pointers in a season. police are searching for a gunman who shot and killed a man on interstate 80. a car drove up. a person inside opened fire. gunshots hit the driver of a jeep who lost control and ran down a ravine. this was the seven th freeway shooting since november. joe biden rallied democrats at the party's california convention. 78% of delegates voted to endorse attorney general harris for senate. she's running for barbara boxer's soon to be open seat. >> we have to stand wirth each other. we have to hold each other up. lift each other up. move together into the future that we will make. >> hillary clinton celebrated a big win overwhelmingly beating bernie sanders in the south carolina democratic primary. at the same time, insults are
11:37 pm
flying on the republican side as the super tuesday presidential primaries fast approach. marci gonzalez is in columbia, south carolina, with more. >> reporter: tonight celebrating a crucial victory. >> thank you so much, south carolina. >> reporter: in south carolina, hillary clinton gained delegates and momentum. >> a big win here in south carolina. likely means a big win in the southern states on super tuesday. bernie sanders can continue to win some states but if he doesn't win decisively, it's going to be nearly impossible to catch up. >> reporter: bernie sanders conceding here but insisting his campaign is far from over. >> tuesday, over 800 delegates are at stake. and we intend to win many, many of them. >> reporter: both democrats now focussing on super tuesday and beyond and going after gop front-runner donald trump. >> leading candidate for president spends half his time insulting them. >> we will defeat trump because
11:38 pm
the american people do not want a president who insults mexicans, muslims -- >> reporter: trump also the target of now relentless attacks from marco rubio. >> con artist. con artist. con artist. friends don't let friends vote for con artists. >> reporter: the insults thrown right back tonight by trump. >> i watched this lightweight rubio, total lightweight. and little mouth on him. bing, bing, bing. >> reporter: and his new hard-hitting supporter chris christie who is right by his side now on the campaign trail. the intensity only building with the countdown on to super tuesday. all of the candidates will be out on the trail tomorrow with campaign stops in several of those key states. marci gonzalez, abc news, columbia, south carolina. now the oscars. this year's grab bag for all nominees is packed with goodies
11:39 pm
with one item causing a bit of controversy. the items are worth $200,000. there's the normal chapstick, a little odd personalized m&ms and a $900 toilet paper dispenser. then the controversial. a $55,000 ten-day all expenses paid trip to israel. a spokesperson says it's to boost tourism but the palestinians are pleading with stars to reject it. >> we're asking them to not give their names for israel to whitewash its -- >> talking about the occupation or talking about boycotting israel because of the current situation is something unfair. >> reporter: the best supporting actor for bridge of spies is a serpt of palestinian causes and won't accept any gift though no
11:40 pm
nominees have made any comment like that. how much do you know about the oscars? test your knowledge with an interactive quiz. something most of us worry about every time we stop at an atm. how safe is it from high-tech thieves? tonight abc news reporter gio ben eaters reveals some of the new ammo they are launching to protect consumers now and into the future. >> reporter: thieves at it again. attaching skimming devices like these to finishes and stealing credit and debit card information with each unsuspecting swipe. >> just stick it on real quick. it's a walk-by thing they can do real quick. >> reporter: police finding skimmers in massachusetts, maryland and even new jersey this week. now banks are fighting back. this week bank of america rolling out its first cardless atm. citybank giving me an exclusive look at how it's tightening security using biometrics. >> the iris scan. it's the second most reliable marker in your body.
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>> amazingly when people are thinking of iris scans they'll be thinking of grabbing an iball a -- eyeball and put it in front of the screen. >> reporter: until then, how to protect your money. >> this fits over the card reader you'd find on a normal device. if you pull on it and it wiggles at all, don't touch it. >> reporter: keep an eye out for tiny holes which can hide cameras capturing your pin number. hunters captured more than 106 pythons in the florida everglades in what's become an annual event. the goal is to reduce the burmese population that's spiraled out of control. the snakes can have a stranglehold on the food chain there putting endangered species at risk. some of the snakes are being
11:42 pm
used to help rebuild the shrinking python population in their native southeast asia. dreaming in gold. up next, we talk with the creator of a pixar short film inspired by himself. he's hoping by this time tomorrow he'll have won an oscar. a rare snow day for a polar bear that may sometimes wish it was in a different climate. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. warmer temperatures on the way before we track our next
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you just heard it. the oscars are tomorrow night on abc 7. one of the nominees in the animated best short. we spoke to the director who is dreaming of gold. his life story actually inspired the film. >> reporter: it's a seven-minute film. and it's directed by a guy named sanjay. >> is that kid in the movie you? >> it didn't start out being me, but, yes, it turned into little sanjay. >> reporter: he's worked at pixar almost 20 years, he never meant to direct a movie. he was talked into it by john lassiter. >> it was not easy for sanjay at first. extremely vulnerable. >> reporter: sanjay grew up in california with parents who were immigrants. >> i was always the only brown
11:46 pm
kid. i think it felt really hard for me to just feel like i fit in. >> reporter: it was a cultural tug of war. >> he'd worship his gods and his shrine and i'd worship the gods in my shrine which were the superheroes. >> reporter: of course, america had lots of animated characters who looked like this. but not many who look like this. >> like a real three dimensional picture of a family that was an immigrant, a family of color. >> reporter: they never expected to be making a trip to the oscars. >> we learned there's an audience for this material like i hope the rest of hollywood has learned. there's a big audience yearning to see themselves as a part of the larger media landscape. >> reporter: feeling like an ambassador for all those people. >> feels really scary. >> reporter: it's a piece of hindu philosophy. >> you have a right to the work but not to the reward. if you can tell your brain to think that way it can help
11:47 pm
alleviate a lot of pain and suffering. >> reporter: though it may be his story, sanjay knows the film is the work of one incredible super team. >> it sounds cheesy, but it was so true. when that is working for you, it is the best. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. you can see sanjay in person at cannes fest next month at the alamo draft house in san francisco on march 15th. a zoo polar bear felt right at home in san francisco today. the san francisco zoo shared this video from international polar baradei. that's ulu, the oldest polar bear in captivity enjoying her rare snow day. a special snow-making machine made ten tons of snow for her. she was rescued in 1985. the goal of polar baradei is to bring awareness to global warming and its impact on arctic animals. we have warming now, too. don't know if it's the global type but eric tuma will tell us
11:48 pm
more. >> temperatures some ten degrees above normal. live doppler 7 hd. partly cloudy skies. dry. overnight in between partly to most lly cloudy. temperatures in the miss 40s to 50s. 50 san francisco. 47 san jose. oakland dropping to 46 overnight. sunday, we'll have filtered sunshine. high clouds streaming in throughout the day. it will be another mild day. fairfield, antioch. 71. 70 in napa. 63 in san francisco. a comfortable 67 oakland. 69 san jose and 67 the high in fremont. we'll take you to the oscard tomorr oscars tomorrow. temperature of 77 degrees under sunny skies. and we're your oscar station here at abc 7 tomorrow. the accuweather seven-day forecast. filtered sunshine on the way for sunday. warm air sticks through wednesday. thursday, checking a chance of a light shower. friday and saturday, partly
11:49 pm
cloudy skies. >> thank you, drew. we saw some tired legs tonight and bumps and bruises but the heart of a lion. >> the warriors. no way they should have won this. they were outrebounded by 30. when you have steph curry and another routine miracle shot, anything is possible. warriors coach steve kerr with some harsh words for one
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11:52 pm
abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> the warriors clinched a playoff spot tonight. steph curry has made a lot of great shots this season. and with a nod to the academy awards, tonight's game-winner so far takes home the oscar for best moment of the season. >> they do have a time-out. decide not to use it. curry, way downtown. bang, oh, what a shot from curry with 0.6 remaining! >> going crazy there. 121-118 the final. steph with 46. 12 threes. a new nba record with 288 triples in a season. a lot of critics out there like oscar robinson saying steph could be guarded in previous eras or the warriors couldn't compete with the best teams of all time.
11:53 pm
head coach steve kerr was asked, how would he stop steph curry? >> you should ask some of the old-time players. they have a better idea of how to guard than us new coaches. all of us new coaches have no idea what we're doing. >> what more can you expect out of this guy making those shots? >> that's incredible. that's why he's the mvp of the league. the global figure that he's become. just three seconds left and you're going to pull it up from 38 feet. dude, what are you doing? >> but it goes in. >> it's special. man, he is special. >> everybody is really happy for him and his success because he's a really genuine person and stayed true to himself. the fame hasn't changed him. i think you guys are bothering him a little too much. you're spreading him thin. but he's maximizing his time and taking his blessings to the ultimate level. >> what steph -- what's the
11:54 pm
expression from the ridiculous to the sublime? that's where we are at this point. >> i don't know exactly where i am. it's not like i'm calibrating in my head, 38, 37, 36. just literally, you have a sense of a shot. you are coming across and timing up your dribbles and wanted to shoot before the defense closes in. >> you have to guard him from the moment he gets off the bus basically. not exactly steph-esque but a nice night for the st. mary's basketball team locking up first place in a west coast conference tournament. usf tonight where they clinch the title last year. usf with chase foster for three. 20-18 st. mary's. moving the ball. calvin hermanson. a deep three. and hermanson yet again feeling it from downtown. he'd finish with 24 points. st. mary's shares the regular season crown with gonzaga. they own the one seed in the
11:55 pm
tournament after beating the zags twice. congratulations to a good guy. 84-72 the final. santa clara hosting pacific at the levy center. ray bowles with the steal and the slam. 38-26 pacific. santa clara goes on a 15-0 run. jerod brownridge scored nine straight points. it was three after three after three to give the broncos the lead in santa clara. 69-65. christian mccaffrey, the heisman runner-up checking out his team. roscoe allen going strong to the rack. pickens a big game thursday. and pretty nice afternoon here. he had 16. michael humphrey inside high off the window finishes with 24. ucla hanging around thanks to the coach's son. he had 20. roscoe allen with the spin and the take.
11:56 pm
stanford 79-70 improving to 15-12. quarterbacks threw at the nfl combine today. why are we bothering to talk about jerod goth? everybody knows his hands are so small. that's a joke, people. that's a joke. first the quarterbacks were asked to run. that's like asking a giraffe to cook you breakfast. like who cares? it doesn't matter. 4.82. kevin hogan, 4.78. fifth best among the quarterbacks. then, all right. time to throw. he's going to be a top draft pick despite the nine-inch hands nonsense talk that's been a topic of discussion this week. impressive in the throwing drills. red wings and avalanche playing at coors field in colorado. the nhl stadium series. kronwall with the shot from the point. brad richards there to chip it in and that's the game-winner. red wings add an empty-netter and win 5-3 at coors.
11:57 pm
always fun to see the stadium series. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. and the warriors head back home. 10 of their next 14 are at home. so they are well on pace for the 72-10 record set by the bulls. >> have a theory about defending steph. give him the wrong flight schedule. >> that may be your only chance. >> that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. thanks for joining us. see you later. nissan leaf... what will you do? ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america.
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mr. bainbridge! please. i am not mr. bainbridge. not to you. call me...damascus. damascus, it's so lovely of you to take time out of your busy schedule to sit down with me. no, no, no, no, no, no, no. it's lovely of you to sit with me. i am so happy to be here with you in person. i am a fan. you are by far the most interesting first lady we have ever had. [ chuckles ] you have set quite an example for my daughter,


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