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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 29, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. the breaking news in richmond. police are searching for a gunman who shot and killed a teenager on ohio avenue right near south 33rd street this morning. sky 7 is over the scene. >> pice say the victim is a 14-year-old boy shot several times in the torso and died on the richmond greenway trail. officers are searching the bart tracks right new for the suspect. we are told, however, this is affecting bart only to a limited extent, with ten-minute delays in the area. >> and a middle school was briefly locked down but it has been lifted.
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follow abc7 on twitter for more information. >> i am niagara falls. >> i am kristen sze. >> another top story students at stand clear county elementary school are home after the school was canceled over a stand off this morning in los gatos. sheriff deputies have arrested a man who crab add vehicle into a let and threatened the deputies with something unusual. janet o is at the scene. janet? >> kristen he not only crashed his car but he get out and started waving a knife and a can of gas. this happened shortly before 7:00 a.m. and the plan was making threats on the family's property here on black road. the lake side elementary school was shut down as a result. family members say their nephew suffering from mental illness was angry over a dispute and was volatile. he at one point told deputies to shoot him. the black road was blocked off to all incoming traffic. we were not allowed there and the crisis intervention team tried to negotiate with the man.
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when he poured gasoline around the propane thanks and near his grandfather, deputies say they sprung into action. >> the ground was lit on fire with the gas, the propane gas tanks in the middle of it. we had no choice but to move in quickly and subdue him. >> never activity there in all of the years so it is shocking. >> deputies used rubber bullets to take the man into custody. he was transported by ambulance. the sheriff office is investigating this case and another unrelated case where the same man made threats to someone else using a weapon. >> notwithstanding that, you have noticed some thick fog hanging out this morning. if you were with us this morning you saw we spoke up to it this morning on the way to school and
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to work. can you see the fog hanging low. it is clearing out right now. beautiful look at the golden gate bridge with blue skies. abc7 meteorologist, mike nicco is here with more on what skit like where you live. >> good morning, everyone. you can see the fog is hanging out over the body of water that is around our neighborhoods but not over the land. we will look at live doppler hd. can you see the lowest visibility right now at hayward at three miles. considerably better than the quarter-mile we had yesterday. from mount tamalpais, you can see when we are rid of the fog we will talk about record highs for the league day. oakland, mountain view, richmond, redwood city, san francisco, and san jose will come up about a degree short for the record. putting temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s through 3:00 and low 70s at 5:00 and enjoy the my 50 to mid-60s in the evening hours. back to you. >> despite the fog the oscar
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buzz is still in the air after a night to remember in hollywood. >> delivered everything from historic moments to plenty of laughs and even controversy. >> chris rock tackled the elephant in the room, the lack of diversity. he said if the academy nominated hosts high would not get the job but history was made when a director won for "revenant," best director for "birdman," last year s now the first director in 60 years to win back-to-back oscars. he touched on the diversity after the show. all the debate is not only about black and white people. diverse city really includes oscar brown or what? we are yellow and native american and latin american, the complexity of the society, of the world, it is much more than one or the other. >> last time a director took home to oscars was in 1949 and
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1950. "mad max," took host the most awards at six. the big winner was leonardo decaprio finally taking home oscar for the lead in "revenant ," and we caught up with him back stage to talk about something else: global warming. >> the most urgent crisis we have ever faced as a civilization. we can tackle this problem. we have to have the political will. >> the best picture turned out to be "spotlight," the reporting of priest child sex abuse. the big win was a special for a local resident, a film producer and another woman with bay area ties was brie larson for her performance in "room." after the show, she told a personal story on how difficult it can be for women in the industry. >> there are many times i would go to auditions and cast
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directors would say, it is great, really love what you are doing but come back in a mini skirt and high heels and those were always moments of, a real fork in the road, there is no reason for me to show up in a mini skirt and heels other than you want to create some fantasy and you want do have this moment. you can reject it. >> she was born in sacramento and became the youngest person accepted into the american conservetory young conservetory program here if san francisco. >> and san francisco state university graduate is an oscar winner for work on "inside out." amy hollyfield is on campus with more. amy? >> yes, kristen, he is called going to sf state a big steppingstone in his ask rear. you could say last night he made a giant leap. >> sf state knew he was a big
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deal. a poster of jonas is hanging the hallway. but after seeing him on the big stage last night, winning an oscar, students and snack u have a reason to brag. [ inaudible ] >> it is cool. >> amazing. >> he is a film producer for pixar and took home the oscar for b animated picture for the film "inside out." >> on this film every story board, every system frame cut every picks am was done by amazing after thor artist and they should be here, we love them with our amazing cast. >> just so great. my dad would be one of those people, yeah, i am telling you go to sf state they have great cinema program and that is why i came here because the cinema program is great. >> knowing can get a
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telling from here is motivating. >> he spoke with abc7 about the film calling eight simple idea of the struggles of growing up and how pleased he is the film has gotten so much attention. >> the policemen is amazing. you do not make the films with the awards in mind. you make them one frame at a time over five years so when you are done people like 'em, it is a great reward. >> film students headed into class today told us they felt sent the big win would be discussed if -- in class today. all the oscars are still trending in social. we have what everyone is still talking about. >> yes, the number one searched moment was leonardo decaprio's big win for best actor but there were exciting, surprising, and
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cringe worthy moments. >> we want opportunity. >> chris rock got right into the controversy. the lack of diversity. oscar so white, trending hashtag. >> i'm here at the woffard -- academy awards or "white people's choice award." if they nominated host i would not get the job. >> a beauty company is apologizing for misstating whoopi for oprah on the red carpet and oprah's face said it all on this shot posted on instagram, and whoopi calmed it an honest mistake. >> pretty good if you compared me to oprah that is not bad. >> and leonardo decaprio's win was the top searched moment.
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second? lady gaga's performance joined by survivors of sexual assault, vice president joe biden introduced her and sam smith took home the oscar for best original song. >> he said no openly gay man ever won an oscar if if this is the case or not i dedicate this to the lgbt community all around the world. >> that wasn't the case and one of the winners actually called him out on twitter and he posted this tweet where he includes a video of when he won in 2008 and he is telling sam smith to stop texting his fiance but decided to take that to twitter, as well. >> back story going on there. >> the oscars could be over but abc7 is letting you dream in gold.
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from the big winners, the top fashion moments, and missteps, and the moments you missed the debate of chris rock, all covered. log on right now from your computer or your phone. >> apple's top lawyer will take the campaign's stand for strong endescription to capitol hill tomorrow. the apple's general counsel will testify before the house of representatives judiciary committee and will repeat tim cook's refusal to help the federal government build a back doorway to hack iphones. apple is under a courted to do so. the hearing begins at 10:00 a.m. >> more of the oscar magic, the winning moment for two pixar producers had plenty of people dreaming in gold with a hidden message that scrolled on the bottom the screen during the big win. >> and warren buffett is upping the an
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>> tomorrow is a big day to the race for the white house, super tuesday has voters going to the polls or caucuses in telephone states. donald trump and hillary clinton are leading in a majority of the contested states. 9 tuesday vote could be a knock out blow to texas senator ted cruz running third in the republican race. >> if we nominate donald trump in all likelihood hillary clinton wins and if that happens we lose this country. >> senator bernie sanders is fighting, as well, polls showing
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he is trailing hillary clinton in massachusetts a state he needs to do well given he is from vermont. >> warren buffett is upping the ante for employees offering $1 million a year for life for any employee who fills out a perfect bracket through the sweet 16. all employees of the financial firm or subsidiaries are eligible and he made a similar offer two years ago $1 billion to anyone who can pick a perfect bracket. no one did. >> still ahead, could you see wet weather on the horizon? >> hard to believe but meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with changes. >> big surprise, february is ending dry with record high temperatures but on thursday, and possibility over the weekend we have been talking about the march miracle that may happen. i will let you know how strong the storms are going to be on our storm impact scale. >> thank you. and the hidden message from a new oscar winner from the east
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>> more now on the big win at the oscar for "inside out." here is the post showing the statuette going to bed saying "going night-night." he wrote in the bottom the screen i love you amanda, nick, and elli, okay, let's get a dog. no word on the kind of dog, but
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disney is the parent company of pixar and abc7 >> the big show could be over but the celebration conditions inside the dolby theatre with kelly and michael holding the post oscar extravaganza with the packed theater of fans and matt keller was behind the scenes for a look. >> what made this year is special? >> for me, personally, brie larson and i working to when she was a little girl on a sitcom and to see her win an academy award was extraordinary. ♪ what, what >> and a girl group brought a new song to light the first live performance in "work from home." >> i cracked up at the tweets from matt and he said they were amazing but the dad said it is 6:00 am, girls, quiet down, too
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early for that. check out the tweets on >> we are seeing golden sunshine out there after the fog has lifted but mike is warning of the big changes. >> i like this weather, mike? >> it is nice to get a reprieve, absolutely. can you get outside and enjoy the warm weather, still hearing the fog horn behind me because of what is left over from this. look at the fog that swallowed san francisco this morning. barely see the bank of america, the trends america building, but as we roll through 10 or 10:30 it is breaking up and on the way to possible record high temperatures this afternoon. in fact, look at our radar and satellite: you can hardly see the clouds. grab the sunglasses if you are headed out. hazy sunshine is in store. you can see still clinging to the bay bridge but it will give way in an hour and light rain across the north bay tomorrow and we will have another chance on thursday morning but the best
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chance for a good soaking is sunday, monday and tuesday. until then we will take a tour around our climates in the south bay at 79 in gilroy and santa cruz is 77, record high, and mountain view is 66, and redwood city at 75. a 70 at half moon bay and, also, daly city, and the 72 downtown is a record high and so is it for san rafael. 75 is the warm spot and napa and santa rosa and the east bay shore possible records, 73 at richmond, oakland, hayward at 75 and as we go inland, conquer at 74, in livermore, at 75. tonight we drop back into the mid-40s inland deepest valleys to mid-50s around richmond and san francisco and a little bit of fog but not so widespread as it was this morning. our abc7 storm impact scale, nice to break this out again, although our next storm will trend on the light are side as we go from "1" light to "5" severe, this is coming in on wednesday night into thursday
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morning up to quarter-inch in the north bay and less than .1" for the rest us. the timing could affect not wednesday evening, look at that, not that commute but at 9:00 in the north bay and midnight it moves through the heart of the bay and by 4:00, still lingering showers as it tries to exit the south by so there will be some moisture left over on the roads during the morning commute on thursday, anywhere from quarter-inch in novato to a lesser amount in livermore and san jose. the storm will bring an opening to the storm door in the sierra, on saturday we will have the rain. sunday with will have the snow. that is the same storm on sunday that is bridge us a "2", a moderate storm and bringing our temperatures back out of the 70s into the 50s and 60. we will be in a little bit below average and looking deeper into march, i see more chances of rain. i know a lot of you have given up on winter but it is coming. >> you know who is still hard at
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to handle something common, and we will tell you about the >> melanie: dollar problem and housing in san jose, developers call the city's move unconstitutional and how the nation's highest court is weighing in, that story at 5:00. >> the girl scouts from oscars last night are still at it. >> ladies fresh off the oscars, come on! >> the girls stopped by the "good morning america" oscars after party and they are selling machines, go on very little sleep. last night chris rock brought out his daughter's troop and asked the stars to research into their millionaire pockets and buy some cookies, and boy, did they never, it really worked at the end of the show he revealed the girl scouts raised more than $65,000! no doubt that is still coming in. >> absolutely. and a lot of the stores were so hungry at that point that they
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said it was a perfect captive office. >> waiting for the wolfgang puck after-party food. thats for joining.
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>> i may be new here, but this show has a long history of changing people's lives with seven-figure checks. will history repeat itself today? we're about to find out on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [all cheering] how are ya? all right, let's do it. today's first contestant is a newlywed who has yet to go on his honeymoon. why? he needs some money! let's get him some. from somerville, massachusetts, please welcome matt wellenbach. [cheers and applause] >> hey. >> matt. >> nice to meet you, chris. >> a bride and groom with no honeymoon. we got to fix that, man. >> that's the plan for today, yeah. >> okay, so let's just say money's no object, which


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