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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 15, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, primary showdown. a crucial day in the presidential election. voters heading to the polls. the states to watch. can bernie sanders surprise again? and can anyone stop trump? we're live in ohio to break it all down. extreme weather. high winds and so much hail, it looks like snow piling up on roads in the south. where the slow-moving system is heading today. plus, possible snow in the northeast on the first day of spring. an american in custody on the battlefield accused of fighting for isis. the moment he's captured and his family back in the u.s. getting feisty with reporters. and rhythm and beats. ♪ freestyling this is in the rose garden. president obama assisting in a freestyle rap.
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♪ obamacare okay i'm looking up because it was hopeless before ♪ we say good tuesday morning, everyone. our super-duper tuesday as it's being called by many. so much on the line today as voters in five key states head to the polls. >> marco rubio and john kasich fighting to keep their white house hopes alive. checking the latest republican poll numbers from ohio, we see trump even with governor kasich. and in florida trump is far ahead of senator marco rubio in rubio's own home state. >> and there's also voting in north carolina today, also illinois and missouri. a lot of delegates at stake today. our coverage begins with abc's kenneth moton in cleveland this morning where voting gets under way at 6:30 in the morning. good morning, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and reena. the fog behind me here in cleveland describes the state of the republican race, hazy, but there are enough delegates at stake today to turn donald trump
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and hillary clinton into front front-runners to likely nominees. florida and ohio are the biggest prizes, but i can report that there are other states voting today that could really make the difference. it's here, the day that could be a critical turning point in the race for president. >> this is the place i want to win. this is the place. this is going to do it. >> reporter: gop front-runner donald trump was in the winner take all state of ohio overnight attacking its governor and his rival, john kasich. >> kasich cannot make america great again. can't do it. >> reporter: the stop trump movement is in full effect. >> this country is not about us tearing one another down. >> reporter: rivals spent election eve season on the recent violence at trump's rallies. >> look, a bernie sanders sign, don't worry. you're not going to get beat up in my rally. >> one difference between this and a donald trump rally is i'm not asking anyone to punch you in the face. >> reporter: trump's response to these images? >> there's no violence.
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these are love fests. >> reporter: trump's likely democratic opponent hillary clinton called him out. >> i do call it irresponsible. i think if you go back now several months, he's been building this incitement. >> reporter: clinton rallied late into the night in charlotte. bernie sanders in chicago far behind in the delegate count but confident. >> let us see this great state help lead the country into a political revolution. >> reporter: sanders is trailing clinton in all five states voting today. in his home state of florida, rubio is 20 points behind trump, but here in ohio, governor kasich has a chance to win, making a contested republican convention likely. reena and kendis. >> and speaking of that republican convention you're talking about, it is set for july right there in cleveland where he's staying, but what happens there today will definitely have an impact on what happens there in four months. >> reporter: it will, kendis. if trump loses ohio, that will set up a possible showdown here in cleveland and for months. the delegates are scattered.
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among the candidates, 66 are up for grabs here in the buckeye state, but it will be tough for any contender to reach that magic number of 1,237. if trump wins ohio and florida today, well, he will most likely be the man walking onto that stage to accept the nomination from the rnc. >> no matter what, it's going to be a fascinating night tonight. abc's kenneth moton live in cleveland, ohio. kenneth, thank you. >> and it no doubt will be a busy one, indeed. donald trump could all but seal the deal today. >> abc's jonathan karl has a look at what trump needs to accomplish in order to take a massive step towards the republican nomination. >> reporter: we've done the math and by our calculations if trump wins both ohio and florida, he will be well on his way to clinching the republican nomination. he'll still need to win 54% of all delegates going forward, but that will be much easier as both marco rubio and john kasich would almost certainly drop out after losing their home state.
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one of donald trump's key supporters has let loose on protesters who have been disrupting his campaign rallies. tensions have risen since a rally in chicago last week that trump shut down out of safety concerns, as well as a violent scuffle in north carolina, and now former alaska governor sarah palin is weighing in. >> hi, guys. what we don't have time for is all that petty, punk ass little thuggery stuff that's been going on with these, quote/unquote, protesters. >> palin, meantime, has canceled her florida campaign events to fly back to alaska where her husband todd suffered multiple injuries in a snowmobile crash including broken ribs, a broken collarbone and a collapsed lung but overnight she posted on facebook that he's tough and would probably ask doctors to just duct him up. breaking news from chicago. three police officers were wounded overnight while investigating a possible narcotics sale. an alleged attacker was killed.
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one of the cops is in critical condition but all three expected to survive. we're getting some disturbing and sad new details this morning about the death of a maryland police officer. jacai colson was shot in a case of friendly fire, shot by another officer during a gun battle at police headquarters in prince george's county. police say the man who opened fire on the building wanted to die, and they say michael ford's brothers recorded him doing so on their phones. he and his brothers face multiple charges. officer colson was just visiting the station on his day off. well, many residents of the south will be cleaning up today after a severe storm system launched torrential rains, flooding, tornadoes in spartanburg, south carolina, last night, even hail, yes, that's hail, folks, not snow. it's the largest hail to hit the area in more than 30 years. the hailstorm knocked out power to thousands and damaged one elementary school so badly, it won't open today. and take a look at the radar. that storm system now moving further east and north, but the rain in the east will taper off this morning.
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temperatures will run about five to ten degrees above average. but there could be snow there this weekend. overnight overseas russia announcing its fighter jets are getting ready to leave syria as part of a pullout ordered by vladimir putin. he and president obama spoke yesterday about the cease-fire in syria. the cease-fire has mostly held since it went into effect at the end of february. this is considered a good sign as peace talks get under way in geneva. and speaking of peace talks, this image making the rounds, hillary clinton and george w. bush sharing an embrace before nancy reagan's funeral last week, maybe remembering the old white house days, huh? >> yeah. very cute. >> very sweet. >> absolutely. well, still ahead, a birth control pill for men closer than ever to being released. and the american captured in iraq while fighting with isis. new details about him. plus, his family and the chaotic scene outside their home. plus, falling four stories, a car plunging out of a parking garage. how did the driver survive?
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in finding cures and saving children. visit this is what happens when a car falls four stories out of a parking garage. it happened in towson, maryland, just north of baltimore. amazingly, the young woman who was the driver was not seriously injured. can't say the same for that audi, though. a turnaround for the nfl for the first time an official admits there is a link between football and degenerative brain disorders during a roundtable on capitol hill, nfl senior vp jeff miller was asked point blank if there was a connection between football-related head trauma and cte. >> research shows that a number of retired nfl players are
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diagnosed with cte so the answer to that question is certainly yes, but there's also a number of questions that come with that. >> among them how common cte is and what are the risks of getting it? miller cited a boston university study that found the disease in brains of many retired players after their deaths. turning now to the economy and speculation over a repeat performance from the federal reserve. the fed raised its benchmark rate in december for the first time in nine years. it kicks off a two-day meeting starting today. but is not expected to raise rates again. major changes for a struggling cosmetics giant avon cutting 2,500 jobs and moving its headquarters from new york city to britain. the 130-year-old company will retain research and development in other offices in the new york area. shares were up 4% in after-hours trading. well, when we come back new details about about an amtrak train derailment and the engineer's last-second decision
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likely saving lives. rapping in the rose garden. an epic performance with president obama. ♪ oh, my gosh i can't believe i'm there it's so much more intimidating ♪
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roofs off homes. sirens went off again. this time it was for real. no injuries were reported. that severe storm system could flood roads in the lower ohio valley and make wet around the great lakes. drivers in the northwest and northeast may also see wet roads and heavy snow in the western mountains. if you're flying, airport delays likeliest in chicago, minneapolis and boston. this morning a virginia man is being held in iraq after being captured on the battleground while fighting for isis. >> commanders of a curder group backed by the u.s. say this 26-year-old was seen in this video acknowledging that he'd become lost and that he was an american citizen. he's identified as mohamed of virginia. this is the scene outside his home. >> watch your mouth. what are you talking about? >> no, no, no, no. >> watch your mouth. >> don't take a picture. >> it's not clear 23 or when he
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will be turned over to u.s. authorities. the uber driver charged with killing six people during a shooting free in kalamazoo, michigan, told police he was being controlled by the uber app and told officers when you plug into the app, you can actually feel the presence on you. dalton also told police that he didn't want to come across as a crazy person. it's been ordered to undergo a mental competency exam. well, investigators say the amtrak derailment in rural kansas could have been worse if not for the quick action of a vigilant engineer who saw trouble ahead. several railcars derailed after the engineer noticed a significant bend in a rail and applied the emergency brakes. at least 32 people were hurt. two of them critically. damage to the track may have been caused by a car crash. a possible medical breakthrough for men. the pill for guys might soon be in the future apparently. researchers at the university of minnesota say they're closer than ever to developing a medication that creates
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temporary male sterility but the idea could take years for more testing and it still remains to be seen how many men would be willing to risk the potential side effects of permanent sterility as well as low sex drive. >> a guy to tick a pill every day. just saying. just saying. >> like i said if they're on the hook for 18 years possible. men will do anything. the women's march madness bracket has been set and the ladies from uconn, south carolina, notre dame, of course enbaylor the number one seeds. >> as for last night in the nba some highlights from our guys at espn. >> good morning, it's "sportscenter" from los angeles. neil everett, stan verrett. he's buttoning his jack. he's ready. you take the warriors. >> monday, at least neil's birthday -- >> you've been on the internet. >> the pelicans came to town and tried to crash the party. didn't work. curry had 27. stan has a lot more facts on
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curry you won't hear on the show. beat leandro barbosa, out to curry, almost out of bound, put on 27, riley sang happy birthday to him. you'll have to trust me on that. cavaliers wrapping up a four-game road trip to face the jazz. jazz turn it over. lebron james off and running. and the cavaliers know what to do with it when they get a turnover like that, just throw it up. for james. tray lyles open for three and banging that. utah, got 28 from rodney hood and lyles working on channing -- oh, and working on him in a not so pleasant way. oh, jazz beat up lebron james and company. yeah, ooh. that's not fun to watch and jazz win it, 94-85. anything else? >> albert einstein's birthday
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too. >> okay. all right. back to you. >> no longer with us. >> genius. >> well, back to steph curry's birthday. they mentioned his daughter sang for him. >> yeah, they did and neil and stan couldn't show it to us. they couldn't. we can. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday dear daddy ♪ happy birthday to you >> thank you so much. >> yay. >> yay. >> ah, what a cutie. >> such a cutery. riley doing a great rendition of "happy birthday" for her dad's 28th birthday. could they be any cuter. up next in "the pulse," bachelor ben making his choice and who is the next bachelorette. a dapper racehorse in a three-piece suit.
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♪ time now to check "the pulse" with alexander hamilton at the white house. >> not in the flesh but reimaged by broadway genius lin-manuel miranda. he was joined by the mostly black and latina troupe performing songs about the nation's white founding fathers before the nation's first black president. >> after the cast rocked out he took to the rose garden for a little freestyle rapping. ♪ potus holding up the signs i can't believe i'm there it's so much more intimidating ♪ ♪ opportunity knocks and i can't stop i'm here with the president and, yo, the mike drops ♪ >> how good is that? that's -- you think that's going viral? that's going viral. >> yes, sir. >> i did not see those words. >> you're right, there president. president obama jokingly took credit for hamilton's success.
4:23 am
he and his family have seen the play in new york several times already. >> we know it very well because traffic gets tied up here in manhattan because of it. another season of "the bachelor" is in the books. ben ended it last night on the best of notes. his final date with a woman who came to be known as lauren b. started off on a catamaran in jamaica. >> it was a big part of the season as they stood on a platform with flowing water all around them. ben changed their lives forever. >> lauren, i want to spend the rest of my life with you. >> oh, my god. >> lauren, will you marry >> yes. >> we haven't seen the last of the woman who ben told he could not marry. >> yes, that's because jojo is the next bachelorette. her season of finding love starts here on abc on may 23rd.
4:24 am
be sure to see ben and lauren later on "gma." they're flying now. now, turning to the average couple looking for romance, the new survey figures that the cost of finding love by calculating how much americans spend on dates before getting married. >> it found it took an average of 5 1/2 years of dating to find a partner during which people will spend, get this, over $20,000 dating. guys spent significantly more per date, 224 compared to women, $93. >> okay. >> okay, so now here's the story about a horse, of course, of a different color. tweed. okay. he is the first racehorse in the world to have a full three-piece suit complete with a hat and tie. it was custom tailored, of course and probably cost more than all the suits in my closet. >> it was created to promote a horse jumping festival in england. that horse jumping festival begins today. could be worse. could have been cashmere. >> it looks very nice. >> tweed does look nice.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, if you are up now you are part of the 4:30 club. we welcome you. i am reggie aqui. >> i am matt keller and a check of traffic and weather with mike. >> much more dry today but ten degrees cooler. watch out pore that. from exploritorium camera you can see a few high clouds. but 38 inland and 50 around san francisco. we will hang around 60 at lunch with high clouds and sun. increasing sunshine. warmer. back to average, upper 50s to mid-60s by 4:00. sue? >> a couple of accidents already. unfortunately, nothing is blocking the roadway. we will take a look westbound 80 at tennessee a car flipped and landed on the wheels on the right shoulder.
4:29 am
there are emergency crews on the scene. northbound 101 at windsor on right shoulder, car in a ditch. road work coming up. >> only on 7, a bizarre carjacking in san jose ends in the right place for the victim and the wrong place for suspect who was chased by a fire chief and a city council member. we are in san jose with how it unfolded. >> abe was there when police responded. here is video from last night much the city officials were attending a neighborhood meeting when they hear the screeching tires and a crash. what happened, a woman's a man car jack his mother and he chased him. there was a neighborhood meeting happened and san jose city council member jumped interest
4:30 am
-- into action. we held him down on the drowned with his arms wrapped up behind his back and he was trying to get away. >> the suspect was injured and taken were to the hospital. his name is not released. witnesses say that he hit somebody when he was crashing and the person suffered minor injuries. >> developing news from san francisco, a death investigation is underway. police were called to a gnomary 44th avenue around 11:00 where a body was found. officials are not calling it a homicide yet. we will update with more information. >> pg&e crew are in moraga to restore gas service to 900 homes. a sinkhole led to a massive leak. katie marzullo showed us where moraga is struggling with


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