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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 28, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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this morning on "world news now," this morning on world news now, confronting terrorism. >> from the deadly attack in pakistan to unrest and last week's bombings, the outcry and demand for peace. >> and war of wars between donald trump and his closest competitor, ted cruz takes an even nastier tone. in a house in one instant one house explodes, just a week after the owner moves in. the warning signs and brushes with death. later, american pride, fi t fighting homelessness of military veterans, one service member at a time. the challenges and successes this monday march 28th.
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from abc news, this is world news now. >> good morning on this monday. >> we're going to start the other side of the world with the worldwide scourge of terrorism. new developments from pakistan all the way to eastern europe. >> there's a new responsibility that shattered and easter celebration, new arrests in last week's attacks. richard has the details. >> reporter: the easter sunday of the holy and the hateful as pope francis preached a sermon against terrorism a pakistan group claimed responsibility forring a set bomb against people celebrating the most joyful celebration in their religion. this was a special time for justin and stephanie schulz, the young couple killed to test
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their faith. >> stephanie had a very strong belief in god and stephanie's in heaven. >> reporter: in brussels, police in riot gear used sound grenades and riot gear to those dedicated and protesters angry. >> if you don't want to live like us, go. >> reporter: as the bombing manhunt continues, the bombing terrorists and brussels nine detain in more than a dozen r d raids. still a mystery, who was the attacker in the hat at the airport and who was the main n the train station who fled. troops with automatic weapons in st. peter's square, images for a fast changing world. the ancient city is back in
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government hands. capturing them on sunday scoring an important victory from isis, once known for its 2000-year-old ruins but the fighters destroyed many of those. troops backed with lebanon and russian air power. >> two arrests made in britain while a 7-year-old girl died while using a bouncy castle at an easter fair and she died while it was swept away by a gust of wind. the man and woman who owned the castle are facine ining manslau charges. >> it's terrible. our thoughts are with the family of that little girl. everyone is devastated and everyone in the fair ground industry are shattered by this. >> the winds had been consist t consistently gusty, he said the castle and other inflatables would have been closed. >> donald trump threatening to
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sue the republican party how delegates are being awarded. >> trump beat ted cruz by four points but cruz could end up with more delegates. they could end up with 18 delegates each. since marco rubio dropped out, his delegates could go to cruz. and in a tabloid report cruz has labelled as garbage and bernie sanders celebrating a western sweep wrapping up three more victories over the weekend. covering both sides. >> reporter: the presidential candidates battling it out on the tv. >> always the press like to make me the bad guy. he started it. >> this is garbage. tabloid smear and came from donald trump and his hedgemen. >> reporter: trading accusations over a national eninquiry story claiming political op pratts are
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looking into rumors cruz had multiple marital infidelities. i had nothing to do with the campaign. >> reporter: trump said his wife was a victim first when they posted an ad with his wife in the nude. >> he used that as an excuse hiding in trump tower but late at night sends tweets attacking my wife. >> should this be off-limits? do you condemn this story? >> i don't care. >> reporter: gop john kasich disagrees saying he may not back trump if he's the nominee. >> families have to be off-limits. i don't project he'll be the nominee. if he is, i review it everyday. >> reporter: bernie sanders is basking in western caucuses. >> we won three landslides last night. 6 out of 7 contests in the last 11 days and cut secretary clinton's lead by a third. >> reporter: sanders keeping the pressure on hillary clinton,
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still a long shot campaign but says he ae's building momentum win. >> i will not deny for one second we are the underdogs. >> reporter: the next big one is wisconsin. in detroit, a 3-year-old girl killed during a home invasion. co according to police. the suspect kicked in the door and started shooting. the child was shot to death. neighbors suspect drugs were sold in that house. a chicago teen who appeared in an anti-drug violence video was shot. he was known for his award winning youtube video was not the intended target, shot in the lower back when an argument erupted down the street from him. the principal of the school remembers the 7th grader as happy and active student. >> every morning he comes with his brother, he's ready for the
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day with a big smile on his face. >> no one is in custody this morning. >> officials in maryland and delaware have a mystery on their hands. why are so many bald eagles die ing the last three weeks? nearly 20 found dead. investigators say the birds did not die from natural causes but not pinpointing a reason for their deaths. a popular theory is poison meant to kill rats and other pets could be responsible. a beauty queen has lost her crown for a rather curious reason. she was miss rhode island in last years a miss usa pageant. recently she won another title called miss grand international the 21-year-old has been str stripped of that title because her college studies are getting in the way of her performing her duties. garcia attends roger williams university with a double major in legal studies an philosophy. the legal organization says garcia's school work made it difficult to attend her events
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and she is also called demanding and disrespectful. >> always think it's your education. in talks to buy yahoo! it may be microsoft's second effort. steve ballmer failed in 2008. microsoft already helps power their systems and they're se seeking $10 billion for their core businesses. you probably noticed gas prices are quickly rising. the average price nationwide is 2.$2.04 a gallon, up 20 cents i this last month and nickel a gallon in the past week. prices are up along with the cost of crude oil and demand is increasing because of spring break travel. >> i was surprised when i paid for gas on friday. seemed a little bit more. >> i'm surprised you were actually driving yourself.
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>> i knew you were going to say that. please, goodness. >> the obamas host their last easter egg roll at the white hou house, suffice to say it will be nothing like one in new york. >> participants created their best headgear. >> look at that. >> all to take part in the annual easter parade. look at that. it took place along manhattan's avenue, since the 1880s. >> seems people are hanging out, wearing strange hats. time to think about new year's hats. >> going nowhere. >> i did see them walking around midtown trying to figure out what was going on. >> you should go next year. >> looks like your kind of event. >> jack is right. you're into hats, right? >> yes. and then some. >> you like your fashion. >> did you have a nice easter? >> i did. we had a great -- did a big brunch and the kids did an ea
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easter egg hunt. they like the candy i realized and a girlfriend said her father puts one dollar in the easter eggs. i can't wait until that age they want the one dollar bill. >> i never got any of that. coming up in the mix, the unusual diet habits of a kangaroo. what's on the menu. demolished by mistake, bulldozers tear down the wrong house and crews are playing a blame game. gone in a flash, houses leveled in an instant, brush with death and warning signs you need to pay attention to to avoid becoming the next victim. >> don't forget to check us out on facebook and twitter as well. you're watching world news now. and twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." (ugh.) ♪
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whoops. a demolition company in texas is blaming google maps for its mistake in bull dozing the wrong house. katerskydo damaged duplex was victim. whoops, a demolition company is blaming google maps more demolishing the wrong house. the owner of the wrongly demolished hows says at first the company would not return her calls. they finally apologized. >> your heart sinks for her. and just, because we felt so bad for lindsey and mr. cutter that we made this mistake. we're going to make it right, we're definitely going to do right by both homeowners. >> by do right, he means they will demoll leaish the other on
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they're both even now. >> funny, my gosh. >> the insurance companies are trying to sort out this mess. >> google maps, really? that's how you decide? >> everybody knows we're all using ways now. >> i'm a big fan of ways. >> you don't need a bulldozer to destroy a home. a gas leak is all it takes to reduce a home to rubble. >> one homeowner was all set to move in when this happened. days after clearing inspection. >> reporter: a home engulfed in flames. firefighters rushing in.after e causes it to explode. the house now a heap of debris a week after the homeowner bought it. the outbuildings behind it has significant damage. stay away from it. >> reporter: residents in this columbus neighborhood rattled. >> we were in the basement, and it was just like a loud boom.
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>> reporter: the natural gas leak fueled a furnace fire. and in michigan. >> saying the house next door to them just exploded. >> reporter: a family inside when this house exploded, blowing some of them out into the yard. five children taken away by first responders. the family dog leading authorities to one lost in the rubble, all of them still in the hospital. >> i had no idea until i got out here and seen the mess that's here that it's bad. now officials are blaming a suspected propane leak. >> he had told me there was a smell of gas last night but they thought they had it taken care of. >> that's why experts say get out of the building if you smell gas. and don't do anything to create a spark. that includes flipping a light switch or using a cell phone or even a garage door opener. >> i didn't know about the garage door opener. >> so much to think about in that moment that could make a difference.
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>> check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors as well. coming up in the next half hour, threatening phone calls demanding tax payment. a disturbing trick this time of year. what to look out for. first, finding homes for our soldiers. standard one veteran went from sleeping in the woods to his own home. you're watching "world news now." re watch orld news now." >> ann
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. ♪ astonishing. the numbers there are astonishing. some 40,000 american vets are on the streets. as the obama administration pushes hard to get them back on
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the streets we have the story of one veteran who is winning this battle. >> reporter: what's going on, man? for tony jones, life keeps getting better. look at you! it was a month ago we first met up with tony, a veteran of the infantry, living on the streets of washington, d.c. for years. did you ever thb you would end up like this? homeless. >> not in a million years. it was his last day living in a makeshift tent. before the day was over, he moved into an apartment paid for by the veterans administration voucher. >> i feel good. >> reporter: this looks a little different than the last time i was hanging out with you? >> i'm living large. >> reporter: with some help from friends and the outreach organization, tony has been able to furnish it and stock his
3:20 am
kitchen. >> look at the spice racks going on. >> reporter: get hearing aids for the loss he suffered in the army. >> man, that's a whole new world. these things are great. >> reporter: reconnect with family. >> you saw your brother? >> yeah. i saw my brother. i saw my oldest brother and i've been talking to my other brothers, too, i even spoke to my sisters. >> reporter: he's gotten steady work as a bicycle courier from a local law firm. >> he's a hard worker. we didn't know he was homeless, a proud man. give him a call, runs right over, works, doing what he can to keep himself going. >> reporter: local homeless a i activists make a trip to a d.c. government. each toy soldier represents one homeless veteran living on the streets of washington. >> 94 and 95. >> reporter: this week, they counted out 95 more that have been placed in permanent housing since we met
3:21 am
tony last december. >> you set a very audacious goal. to end homele leslessness for vs in washington. >> we're going to reach that goal. in the last 2 1/2 years we housed 1500 veterans in washington dc and we expect to end veteran homelessness by the end of this year. you need to get in here. >> reporter: back at tony's place, surrounded by friends, his smile shows the pride from coming a home. >> reporter: up on the hill, love it. >> on top of the world. >> reporter: absolutely. jonathan karl, "abc news," washington. >> it does make a difference for them. about 23% of the homeless population made up of veterans. that is a very large number there. and says 67% served three or more years. that's a lot of time and then to come back and not have a place of their own. >> they serve for three years and then -- >> three or more years and then
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rewrite the rules. always. okay. now it's time for "the mix." t's amazing what trends on okay, time for the mix. amazing what trends on twitter. poor old grandpa invited his kids to a cookout. only one could attend. the sad grandpa was really down, the tweet got hundreds and thousands of retweets with the #s #sadpapaw. people got together across the country and decided to throw him a barbecue. he's not so sad anymore. he got $2 burgers and you can buy his t-shirt. it said i ate a burger with sad papaw. >> did any of the grandkids show up? >> it doesn't matter, papaw is
3:26 am
happy with the turnout. >> look at him. he's smiling. good for papaw. imagine the excitement and the frustration of a young woman in detroit that her new single would be playing on the radio. she was trying to record the moment. she was waiting through the xherms and waiting through the endless radio chatter, we know how boring it can be and anticipa anticipating. finally, several minutes later, it comes. >> this is from jamie. leath lets listen to her first single, and it is called "love is a war." ♪ ♪ >> it's so touching, so real, you can see it. >> an emotional roller coaster captured on camera for her. her first single playing for the first time "love is a war."
3:27 am
>> a good song, too. >> yep. kangaroo. a little kangaroo in kings land. you won't believe the snack this kangaroo likes to eat. you have to look at this one. toilet paper and shorts. >> you're not supposed to be using the toilet right now. >> this is matilda from the australian bat clinic and wildlife trauma center. the caretaker says that's her favorite snack. >> feed that kangaroo. let's talk about feeding something. this is competitive eater, matt stonie, who decided he would try to break a record and eat 200 marshmallow peeps in one sitting. >> wow. >> good idea! >> sounds like a great idea, 600 calorie, a whole lot of sugar. many times he seems as if he wasn't going to do it. >> you want to try it? we know kendis does not eat sugar on the show. how many people can you fit in your mouth? >> i will put one in my
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this morning on "world news now," vicious attack. terrorists target christians celebrating easter. the dozens dead and the anger and grief felt worldwide. >> powerful storms, the hail that looked like snow and the snowfall that turned easter into christmas. the extreme conditions on the move today. and new this half hour, angry birds sending fear through a neighborhood. >> the hawks that have become more than a nuisance. they could be endangering people walking outside their homes. who's been attacked and who's taking precautions. and later in "the skinny," robert de niro's decision to pull a controversial movie from his miley acclaimed film festival. the difficult move and the backlash on this monday, march 28th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. we've made it to monday.
3:31 am
i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. we're going to begin this half hour with the deadly easter suicide attack in pakistan. it happened in a park in the city of lahore. it was crowded with christians celebrating the holidays. >> a pakistani faction of the taliban has claimed responsibility. this morning at least 65 people are dead in this attack, many of them, we're told, children. more than 300 others were injured. schools and businesses in the city are closed today as investigators begin their work. >> we are very, very sad and feeling so upset because it's the day of our worship. it's the day of our belief and festival and they have attacked the innocent people. >> officials say they have no knowledge of a specific threat against the park before the attack. many of the wounded are in critical condition. so citizens there are being asked to donate blood. now to brussels where the structure of the airport that was heavily damaged in last week's bombing has been declared
3:32 am
stable. the airport isn't expected to reopen before tomorrow at the earliest. meantime, there have been violent clashes in the center of brussels, anger at those responsible for the attacks boiling over. abc's alex marquardt reports. >> reporter: the quiet of easter sunday broken as hundreds of far-right, flag-waving soccer hooligans descended on the memorial site in downtown brussels. >> we're fed up. we're all fed up. it's enough. enough is enough. >> reporter: chanting against isis. a peace rally scheduled for the same time had been cancelled, the police spread too thin. instead, riot police had to deal with the aggressive crowd. this mood that was so somber for the past few days has now been completely shattered. there's a lot more anger and division. these hooligans, as they call themselves, many of them skinheads and masked, saying that the people who come here in peace simply don't understand. >> everyone that's not belgian,
3:33 am
because this is belgium, if you don't want to live like us, go. >> reporter: with sound grenades and water cannon, the hooligans were pushed back, throwing rocks and bottles, and breaking shop windows. the racially-charged anger directed at resident muslims in the wake of last week's isis-linked attacks. now, the international manhunt intensifying. the italian authorities arresting a man who they say forged documents for the paris and brussels attackers. in holland, a frenchman arrested for planning an attack. and across belgium, nine were detained in more than a dozen raids. abc news has also learned that the one brussels attack suspect in custody, faycal cheffou, had been detained for trying to recruit refugees for jihad. many questions still remain. who is the attacker in the hat from the airport? and who was the man at the metro station who fled? this weekend, answers for one american family. justin and stephanie shults from kentucky, unaccounted for all week, confirmed dead in the airport attack. president obama called the shultses to offer his
3:34 am
condolences. while back here in belgium the interior minister admitted there were decades of neglect in the fight against extremists. alex marquardt, abc news, brussels. >> quite an ugly scene there in parts of brussels yesterday. back here at home, the fight geps terror is looming large in the presidential election with startling new comments from donald trump. he says that he doesn't think america is a safe place anymore. he's predicting that the u.s. will have big or bigger problems with terrorism than europe. and ted cruz is taking aim as trump claims to be the only candidate capable of keeping americans safe. >> i said brussels is a hell hole. and then all of a sudden it came out the attack took place in brussels. i understand what's going on around the world, far better than these politicians do. >> his lack of ability and readiness to protect this country was evident, so donald did what he always did. he tried to find a way to change the subject.
3:35 am
>> cruz also double downed on his claim that trump was behind a "national enquirerer "story, claiming cruz had extramarital affairs but trump insists he had nothing to do with it. the democrats in a clean sweep for bernie sanders picking up wins in three states. the race is still heavily in hillary clinton's favor with sanders trailing in the delegate count. he says he's come a long way and is not backing down. th more, here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: it was a bernie sanders blowout. and before a crowd of thousands he got to deliver the news himself. >> are you ready for a news alert? we just won the state of washington. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: washington, alaska, and hawaii too, double digit landslide victories. >> our campaign has the momentum. you are the momentum. look around you tonight. >> reporter: hillary clinton off the campaign trail for the holiday. a campaign aide calling it a good day for sanders, but saying the results do little to change the race going forward.
3:36 am
the vermont senator's path to victory steeper than ever. he would need to win 73% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination. sanders insisting on "this week" he can still win. >> we have come a long, long way. you will have to concede, in the last ten months. we do have a path toward victory. >> reporter: cecilia vega, abc news, new york. former illinois governor rod blagojevich could soon learn whether the supreme court will hear an appeal of his conviction on corruption charges. the democrat had five of his 18 convictions thrown out in 2015 of july. blagojevich has ask the the supreme court to overturn the remaining ones. he's currently serving a 14-year sentence. a deal to raise the minimum wage in california to $15 an hour could be announced as early as today. if approved by the legislature, the wage would gradually increase over the next six years. small businesses would be given an extra year to comply. california would become the first state to the adopt the $15 minimum wage.
3:37 am
>> personally, i think it would be great. i mean, it's tough as it is out here, living in california. so, it definitely would help me out with my student loans and everything, it gets tough. so, i mean, definitely it would be a big help. >> it might help a lot, definitely, yes. $5 an hour is a huge difference. >> we should all be moving to california then. get a pay raise. los angeles and san francisco have already raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> good for them. some boat owners near tulsa, oklahoma, have plenty of reasons to be angry this morning. that's because their boats went up in flames at a dock last night. the fire started on board one of the boats before spreading to the dock itself. and at least seven other boats. several people had to be rescued. the cause of the fire is under investigation. now some extreme weather. spring storms causing problems across the country. some parts of the central and northern rockies could see up to a foot of snow by tomorrow night. with the details, here's abc's rob marciano. >> reporter: an easter weekend
3:38 am
blast hitting colorado and the central plains with up to a foot of snow, causing power outages to thousands of homes and businesses. >> it's the weight of the branches breaking and falling, especially in some of the older parts of town. >> reporter: the storm whipping up winds in kansas where firefighters are battling the largest wildfire in state history. more than 600 square miles in kansas and oklahoma burned. the national guard using blackhawk helicopters to make water drops. at least six homes destroyed so far. >> we will rebuild. we are going to get back to what barber county was before this fire. >> reporter: and in florida, hail battering homes and cars, later giving way to heavy rain. this car sinking into a messy mix. that very wet system in florida finally lifting north combining with the severe weather threat out of the midwest for a messy day on monday across the northeast. meanwhile, another system coming into the west with some strong winds expected all the way into las vegas. rob marciano, abc news, new york.
3:39 am
so residents along one street north of tampa, florida, say they are living in fear because of hawks. it's the second year in a row that hawks have come to nest on renown way in the community of spring hill. the residents say the animals are making going outside dangerous by dive-bombing them. some of the elderly are taking drastic measures to stay safe. >> one of the gentleman is 88 years old. and he's been hit so hard, he had to go to the hospital, get a tetanus shot. now he wears a pith helmet just to get to his mailbox and back inside his house. >> it seems the birds are going to be around for a while. wildlife officials don't remove the protective parent hawks until their eggs hatch and their young mature. until then, there's very little that can be done. >> don't separate those babies from their mamas. >> where was that? what state was that? >> oh, come on. come on. you're not -- >> i know it. i know this state. >> go ahead.
3:40 am
pick on me now. >> florida? was it florida? >> it's my hometown- well, my home state. >> where weird stuff happens. >> speaking of weird stuff happens, cubs center fielder jason hayward is recovering after being stung by a swarm of bees during a game in arizona. here's how it went down. hayward kept waving his glove and tried walking to different parts of the outfield. here it is. he even climbed the center field fence trying to get away from these bees. >> the stings didn't seem to impact his game against seattle. he belted a two-run home run in the bottom of the third inning. >> yeah. >> wow. >> he says he's not allergic. so it's not a big deal, necessarily, like he's going to have some crazy reaction, but they are annoying and they do sting and they hurt. >> yeah. he did tweet out that he got stung about 20 times by the bees. >> he did? >> yeah. shaking my head. and he also pointed out the girl, do you remember "my girl," the movie with macaulay culkin, died from a bee sting.
3:41 am
>> but she was allergic, wasn't she? >> i don't know. >> i don't remember if the allergy was present or not. coming up -- he's fine. coming up in "the skinny," super hero action from hugh jackman. and this was no movie. it was at the beach. also ahead, the dog from the battlefield who's a four-legged hero. the award winning canine's military retirement so deserved as he finds a peaceful home. first, demanding phone calls from people who insist that you owe back taxes. the latest tactics as the irs deadline draws after our forecast map. and a comeback for my brackets. >> really? >> yes. jack -- >> what number are you in the pool? >> two. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by woolite darks. to you by woolite darks. everyone loves the way dark clothes make them feel.
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well, you're looking at a well, you're looking at a brazen smash and grab robbery in cleveland. the thieves drove an suv right through the wall of a grocery store just before dawn yesterday. and when they missed the atm machine, they rammed through the wall again and scooped up the cash. it's not clear how much money they managed to steal. now to a less violent but more sinister scheme to steal your money. demanding payment for back taxes that you do not owe. >> more than 5,000 people have lost $30 million so far, and abc's neal karlinksky has the story, including a father rushing to protect his son. >> reporter: with tax day looming, shameless phony irs agents are burning up the phone lines. >> the total balance outstanding on your name is $3,680. did you do this intentionally or was it by mistake? >> i am not aware of this at all. >> reporter: that is the sound of a call scott alexander recorded after his son fell for
3:46 am
a scam to the tune of $500. the fake agent threatening his son with arrest if he didn't pay up. >> go to the walgreens right now, just bring a debit card with you. >> reporter: enraged, scott called back to record the scam and got a similar threat. >> i'm sending the cops to your doorstep right now. >> when they said, hey, we're going to come get you, that's when it just changed, in his mind, and he had to comply. >> it seemed like it was in a movie. just very unrealistic, but my fear got ahold of me. >> reporter: so we called the fake irs agents for ourselves to give them an audit of our own, but only 24 hours later -- >> please check the number and dial again. >> reporter: they moved on, they changed the number. >> the irs is calling me? is this for real? >> reporter: the irs cautions people in this public service announcement, if someone calls claiming to be them and threatens legal action unless money is paid, just hang up. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> good to know.
3:47 am
coming up, robert de niro at the center of the vaccine debate. plus baywatch with hugh jackman. we're not talking did you know that people born from 1945 through 1965 have the highest rates of hepatitis c, but most don't know they're infected? people can live for decades without symptoms, but over time hepatitis c can cause serious health problems.
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if you were born during these years, the cdc now recommends that you get a blood test for hepatitis c. so talk to your doctor and find out if you have hepatitis c. it could save your life. know more. ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ >> okay.
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leading us off is controversy surrounding robert de niro. >> the legendary actor responding to accusations of censorship after he canceled the premiere of a documentary at his tribeca film festival. the documentary is called "vaxed" and it focuses on the widely debunked theory claiming vaccines are to blame for the rise in autism. >> it is directed by the former doctor who lost his license for backing vaccines and autism. de niro initially defended the decision to screen the film at tribeca revealing one of his children has autism. >> but after mounting pressure over the weekend, the decision was made to cancel the screening. de niro explained in a statement after reviewing the scientific community and the tribeca team, we do not believe it contributes to or furthers the discussion i had hoped for. >> in response the film's producer said "tribeca's actions will not succeed in denying the world access to the truth behind the film." so, next, it was no day at the beach for hugh jackman.
3:50 am
yes, he was literally at the beach. but there were some tense moments when rough waters -- well -- >> hello, hugh jackman. >> is that how hugh looks at the beach? >> good morning. >> okay. okay. rough waters overpowered swimmers at bondi beach in the actor as native australia. >> among those in trouble his teenage son oscar, the star helping him and others get back safely to shore. afterwards the lifeguards thanked jackman for his help, but apparently no big deal for jackman. >> his rep said they're fine. it looks more dramatic than it was. that's an archive photo, right? you can't look like that on any given sunday. >> he looks just that good on any given sunday. >> any given day that ends with "y." well, next, easter sunday came a lot more than -- gave a lot more than chocolates and decorated eggs this year for ivanka trump. remember that adorable announcement back in september when ivanka shared she's
3:51 am
expecting baby number three? >> well, it's finally here. the model-turned-businesswoman welcomed her son, theodore james kushner are, alongside her husband jared. baby theodore joins his big brother and sister 2-year-old joseph and 4-year-old arabella. >> adorable. what a gorgeous gorgeous family. a few hours after giving birth, ivanka shared her first postdelivery photo holding her bundle of joy with the caption "my heart is full." no word yet from the grandpa donald. >> he's been tweeting about everything else except the new grandbaby. >> oh, boy. his heart is full. >> his heart is full. >> okay. finally, miley cyrus just signed on to be the judge on next season of "the voice" but over the weekend, the star was speechless. >> she took in some sports over the weekend with her sister brandi, sitting courtside at madison square garden to see the new knicks take on the cleveland cavs. the outspoken star got embarrassed being shown on the big screen, but had a good time checking out the action.
3:52 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ that's my dog ♪ na na na na na that's my dog ♪ >> okay, so vocalizing his pride for his pooch and something so many dog lovers do, sharing pics and videos of all the fun. but there are plenty of dogs that do more than just play. >> like rocky, an incredible member of our military wounded in combat. after a long time of work and rehabilitating injuries, this dog is finally having his day. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: rocky the dog was
3:56 am
an online celebrity even before crossing the tarmac for a military flight home from germany, the last leg of a rough journey that began back in december in afghanistan when rocky was brought in wounded after he and his handler, specialist andrew brown, were both caught in an explosion. brown was awarded a purple heart and he gave one to rocky, and this had spread all over social media. >> you got to have 100% trust in your dog, that's the number one thing. >> reporter: in time, brown came back to the u.s. to continue his recovery. >> doing good. >> reporter: but rocky has been in germany, undergoing repeated surgeries to his pelvis and physiotherapy, to see how much use of his left rear leg he can get back. 4,000 hours has gone into giving rocky a comeback. justified? >> he's an asset as a military working dog who's capable and comfortable and skilled at doing his job. >> reporter: it was hard to say good-bye in germany, but here is the hello again at the other end for specialist brown.
3:57 am
>> oh, wow. >> reporter: the recognition, instantaneous. >> i know it's been awhile. just sximent, is the only way i can describe it. >> reporter: if it's decided rocky will be better off retiring from the army, well, he's got a family ready-made and waiting for him. this one. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> oh. people don't realize dogs aren't used just in the combat zone or in military locations. but it's also -- you know, they're used as therapy dogs as well. so, it really helps soldiers who are suffering from ptsd, to calm them in dealing with anxiety. >> which so many of our guys and women are coming back with. by the way, regarding that reunion, brown said it just seemed as if rocky saw him and said, that's my dad. he was so excited. >> it's so true. so obvious. >> we'll be back. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning -- terror threat. a suicide bomber attacking a crowd during an easter gathering and violence erupting at a memorial for the attacks in brussels. we're live with the latest. political fight. donald trump and ted cruz trading jabs and stepping up the personal attacks. plus, bernie's big weekend. sweeping hillary clinton. demolition disaster. a crew bulldozing the wrong house and placing the blame on google maps. and final four. another amazing night for march madness. the last spots filled with only one number one seed. good monday morning, everyone. the week begins


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