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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 1, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. tornadoes rip through the south destroying homes and flipping cars as blinding rain and hail pound the heartland. >> oh, my gosh. >> the storm now moving east. millions in its path. and the spring snow that could be on the way to the northeast. also, donald trump all smiles after meeting with party leaders while hillary clinton's fed up. >> i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about me. i'm sick of it. >> the democratic front-runner taking on bernie sanders as he gains in the polls. and bernie sanders joins us live in studio this morning. abducted. the 7-week-old baby taken from his mom at the mall by a woman offering her help. the pure panic and massive search. how they finally caught her. the mother's emotional reunion with her son this morning.
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and an abc news exclusive. the man posing with the hijacker revealing the real reason he took that so-called selfie causing outrage around the world with the image taking us now inside those terrifying moments as he was held hostage for six hours. how the suspect decided who could leave and the moment he finally broke free. and we do say good morning, america. happy friday. it's been great to have david muir with us all week long. >> you make it so fun. robin roberts, my pal. >> double duty. the man in that photo that's been seen virtually around the world will join us. >> ben innes was held hostage on that plane and says there's more to that photo than meets the eye telling us the real reason he took it and also revealing how he was finally able to escape. that's coming up here. >> it is, but first we want to get to those storms stretching from the gulf coast up to the mid-atlantic. tens of millions of americans in their path.
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at least four reported tornadoes in the south causing major damage. abc's steve osunsami is in hard hit decatur, alabama. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the family that lives here was home during all of this. a husband wife and two dogs and say it sounded like a jet engine and was all over in just a few seconds. the high winds blew this carport on to the house and into this tree destroying it. it's pretty clear that what happened here was a tornado that hopscotched from home to home. >> it's getting bigger right now. >> reporter: tornadoes overnight left families homeless. tearing through at least three states in the south. you could see the funnel clouds threatening cities and skies above alabama. >> it's coming this way. >> reporter: and over mississippi. the rain and wind hit so hard it forced drivers to pull over and wait it out. and in priceville, alabama, they're waking up to trees crushing homes and vehicles flipped or tossed. >> we took off running.
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i heard nothing but a train. i said this is it. stuff started falling. >> reporter: families spent the night in the dark in new hope, mississippi, trying to save what they could after a tornado struck there too. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the hail came down fast. >> ow. >> reporter: in arkansas student had to high-tail it or get pelted hard and in kentucky, drivers were caught off guard by this, a massive bolt of lightning. there were nearly 160 reports of severe weather and amazingly overnight it doesn't appear anyone was hurt. robin. >> good to hear that, steve. we go outside to ginger tracking where the storm is headed next. ginger. >> and, robin, it is a mild morning here in new york city and there's a reason for that. we are ahead of that same storm system that stretches pretty far across the nation. you can see where the severe weather threat along that cold front lies. south of us really the delmarva peninsula back through new orleans. so along the gulf coast, the panhandle of florida all could
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see the severe weather through the day today. the isolated tornados, the large hail, damaging winds but don't forget this thing is slow moving so there will be flash flood potential. the flood watches stretching again through much of the deep south. you could see more than 4 inches of rain in some of those areas highlighted in yellow. guess what, behind the cold front it gets cold. i'm talking april cold waking up in new york city on wednesday morning to 27 degrees and a mix of rain and snow. so we've got big changes in the forecast. i'll detail that coming up. >> somebody picked her vacation well and she's sitting next to me. the countdown is on. now to the race for president. donald trump meeting with republican leaders while hillary clinton and bernie sanders take their battle right here to new york. senator bernie sanders is standing by live. we'll talk to him in just a minute here but first abc's cecilia vega here with the latest on the race this morning. good morning, cecilia. >> hey, david, good morning. both sides in that big meeting seemed pleased with what happened behind closed doors but this morning donald trump still has a big problem on his hands, the controversy over those abortion remarks is not going away.
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donald trump all waves and smiles as he left gop headquarters on capitol hill. the front-runner who has battled with his own party now says he's united with party leaders. >> very good meeting. we met with reince priebus and the staff and they're very good people. actually a terrific meeting, i think and it's really a unity meeting. >> reporter: it was set days before his latest controversy. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no as a principle? >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah, there has to be some form. >> reporter: the billionaire later backing down saying doctors, not women, should be punished. and overnight issuing a mea culpa, sort of. >> it could be i misspoke but this was a long, convoluted subject. >> reporter: but his opponents are not backing down. >> being pro-life is not only about defending the unborn children but defending the mothers. >> reporter: the controversy stretching across the aisle. overnight clinton blasting not just trump but sanders' response
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to him. >> last night senator sanders agreed that donald trump's comments were shameful but then he said, they were a distraction from and i quote, a serious discussion about the serious issues facing america. to me this is a serious issue. >> reporter: while also taking on a sanders protester. >> she wins, we lose. >> oh i know the bernie people came to say that. we're very sorry you're leaving. >> reporter: an activist accusing clinton of taking money from the oil and gas industry. >> i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about me. i'm sick of it. >> reporter: both sides vying for votes in new york. the vermont senator packing in a crowd of nearly 20,000 people. >> if we win here in new york, we are going to make it to the white house.
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>> reporter: even making a surprise appearance with stephen colbert. >> what are you doing to this worker? >> help me, bernie. >> reporter: and it will be a heated fight here in new york. sanders was born in brooklyn, clinton, of course, was a two-term senator here. she is leading in the polls right now but as you heard, david, sanders said if we can win in new york he can make it all the way to the white house. >> then that surprise appearance on "colbert." he's with us now. bernie sanders back on "gma." great to have you back. >> good to be with you. >> right to the headlines about donald trump. what he said about abortion, punishment and women, if it's banned later reversing himself. you heard hillary clinton there and she pointed out you said trump's words were shameful but you said it's a distraction from serious discussion. >> let's put it into the context. >> you do believe it's a serious issue? >> do i believe it's a serious issue? i've been spending my political life fighting for the right of women to control her own body. i have 100% voting record pro choice voting record and if
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elected president not only will i continue to defend the woman's right to choose but take on those republican governors all over the country trying to restrict and take away that right. what secretary clinton did is take things out of context. i'm 100% pro-choice. and will defend women's right to choose. >> you talk about taking on the republican governors. i wanted to talk about a promise you made before in the campaign saying, quote, you're looking at someone who has never run a negative tv ad in his life, never will. >> right. >> if you get this nomination and you're running against donald trump you're not going to run a negative ad. >> what i will do is contrast my record to republicans who want to cut social security, want to cut medicare, believe that climate change is a hoax, want to give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the top 0.1%. so i will contrast my record but i think the american people want to hear about the issues relevant to their lives, not about savage attacks against other people. the middle class is disappearing. all income and wealth is going to the top 1%. people are working longer hours
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for lower wages and they want change, a president who will take on the 1%, take on wall street. that's what our campaign is about. >> i wanted to ask about that moment. it appeared to be a sanders supporter when secretary clinton was asked if she would honor a pledge not to take fossil fuel money for her campaign. let's take another look at her reaction here. >> i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about me. i'm sick of it. >> your reaction to that this morning? i'm not crazy about people disrupting meetings but the fact of the matter is secretary clinton has taken significant sums of money from the fossil fuel industry. she raises her money with a super pac and gets a lot of money from wall street, from the drug company, from the fossil fuel industry. on the other hand we have received over 6 million individual campaign contributions averaging $27 apiece. i'm proud of the way we are raising money. >> the clinton camp celebrates their individual donations too as you know. wisconsin is next, then new york. >> by the way, we have twice as many individuals. >> twice as many for the record. you were born here in new york. >> yes, i was.
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>> secretary clinton was senator here. this is going to be quite a fight. we heard you say if we win here in new york we'll make it to the white house. if you don't win here in new york, is it over? >> oh, god, no. no, there are many, many states to go. we are fighting hard in wisconsin, we think we got a real shot to win here in new york and then it's on to many, many other states. we have won six out of the last seven caucuses. we have closed the gap in national polls. in terms of contests with donald trump last cnn poll had us 20 points ahead. much further ahead than secretary clinton. we think we got a real shot to win. >> i'm sure you have watched this a couple of times at least. hillary clinton in the clip being parodied sounding a lot like, well, you. take a listen. >> i'm angry too because the top 10% of the top 1% control 90% in
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this country and i've always said that. >> senator, you think being in the race you have forced secretary clinton to evolve her message. >> i think if you look at issue after issue after issue, she has moved very much closer to us but i think the real -- what people really have got to look at and who has been there for decades, who has time after time taken on the special interests whether it's wall street, the drug companies, the fossil fuel industries, if people check the record they'll find bernie sanders was there a lot earlier than hillary clinton. >> senator sanders, always great to have you on. >> thank you very much. >> robin. >> all right, david. thank you. now to big relief overnight after that terrifying abduction. a woman taking a 7-week-old from her mom at a popular mall near philadelphia. fortunately the little baby was rescued and the woman was caught, thanks to surveillance video and social media. abc's eva pilgrim is at that mall in pennsylvania. happy ending. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning,
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robin. this is every mom's worst nightmare. a random stranger walking off with another woman's infant coming out of this very door. this story spreading quickly on social media. tips flooding in, thankfully this morning that baby is with his mom safe. pure panic, now relief for one mother, a 7-week-old baby boy stolen from this philadelphia area mall safe at home this morning. >> i want to give a special thanks to the upper merion township police department and everybody on social media that helped me get my baby back. i want to thank you so much. >> reporter: this video shows the moment this woman runs out of the mall with little ahsir simmons in her arms. the baby's family was shopping when police say the woman, a total stranger befriended them. >> started talking with them, spent some time with them. eventually they all wound up at the food court.
7:13 am
>> reporter: when baby ahsir started crying the new friend offers to pick him up and help calm him as his mom deals with other children. suddenly the woman takes off baby in arms. an amber alert issued hour after hour going by when finally late last night baby ahsir is found safe. the woman who took him behind bars this morning. >> thanks to everybody that shared pictures and the poster, everything. thank you all so much. for allowing me to get my baby back safe. >> reporter: so far no clues this morning as to why that woman took the baby. robin. >> eva, grateful mother right there. you could see her praising social media for getting her baby back. >> reporter: yeah, robin, social media playing a big role in this getting the word out. the woman was telling her friends and family showing off the baby so the combination of those two things helping police bring that baby home. robin. >> all right, eva, thank you. >> impossible to imagine. we will turn to a police
7:14 am
training exercise that turned deadly. a man opening fire on a state trooper in virginia. killing the trooper before also being killed in a shoot-out with police. two other bystanders were wounded. abc's david kerley is in richmond this morning with the latest for us. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, david. the bus station here in richmond is still closethis morning as virginia state police mourn the loss of one of their own, a training mission that turned tragic. what started out as a standard police training program quickly turned into a deadly rampage at the richmond greyhound bus station. trooper chad dermyer, a former marine seen at his police academy graduation in 2014 was taking part in the drill which tests police officers scouting for suspicious activity at public transit sites. just seconds after he approached a man inside the doors of the station, that man pulls a gun and opens fire shooting dermyer at close range multiple times. >> all units be advised we have an active shooting. >> reporter: as two other
7:15 am
troopers began firing back, two female bystanders hit in the hail of bullets. >> this man was like get down, get down. threw me to the ground. he was like, crawl, crawl. >> reporter: the shooter retreats to the terminal's restroom. >> as soon as i came out the bathroom he started shooting. >> reporter: taken to the hospital he dies of his wounds. an fbi s.w.a.t. team descends on the scene sweeping it to make sure there's no other threat. >> greyhound terminal multiple victims. >> reporter: trooper dermyer later dies in the hospital. those two female bystanders hit by bullets both in recovery this morning. the trooper was not wearing a bulletproof vest at the time which was acceptable practice for this kind of training mission. authorities have identified the dead suspect. they are not officially releasing his name so far. david and robin. >> all right. >> terrifying scene. we switch gears and turn to what a lot of people talking about. >> may be april 1st but march madness hotter than ever. the final four kicking off this weekend. and syracuse could become a
7:16 am
cinderella story but not everyone is rooting for the farry -- fairy tale ending. abc's t.j. holmes is here with the excitement. good morning to you, t.j. >> i just can't stand it, i'm so psyched this morning. guys, all right, this is how great the final four is that the major underdog in the final four happens to be one of the winningest programs in all of basketball history, yes, syracuse not used to playing the role of cinderella but this year that slipper is fitting beautifully. the heat is on in houston as the maddest march ever comes down to this, underdog original, wildcats, boomer sooner and this -- the night's marquee matchup, syracuse against mighty north carolina as the lone surviving number one seed, the tar heels are now the odds-on favorite to win the championship. >> richardson, three. >> reporter: syracuse had by far the rockiest road to the final four. head coach jim boeheim was suspended for nine games earlier in the year and the program was cited for various ncaa violations.
7:17 am
>> being out nine games is a severe punishment for a coach. >> reporter: many critics cried foul when syracuse even made it into the tournament. for this tarnished cinderella found a way to keep dancing. >> jim boeheim and syracuse have done it. >> reporter: vegas gives the orangemen a 10-1 shot of claiming the title as the number ten seed it would be the lowest seeded team to ever win it all. >> a lot of people's expectations for us wasn't to go this far so i think the pressure is out the window for us. >> reporter: the other game is a head-to-head between two feel-good program, oklahoma and villanova. oklahoma led by superstar guard buddy hield. >> buddy hield. >> reporter: hield who grew up in the bahamas learning to shoot using a milk crate as a makeshift hoop is being compared to none other than steph curry so exactly how is villanova planning to stop the unstoppable senior? >> you just think this guy is superman. our guys have a different perspective on this oklahoma team that maybe the national fan base.
7:18 am
>> who you got? who you got? >> i like north carolina. >> oh, come on. >> syracuse. >> my bad. >> but, you know, your daughter sabine is here. we should talk about the women's final four in indianapolis. okay. come on, tommy. bring sabine in. uconn has won ten times and going for a record 11th. they're playing and there's three newcomers to the final four as you see right there. syracuse, washington, oregon state all going to the final four. >> she's just processing. >> she's a razor back. >> it's really hard to upstage t.j. but his daughter just did it. >> yeah. >> all right. >> beautiful. >> let's get outside to ginger. >> i want to be next to sabine. you can do weather with me. we're good. we need more face time for her. real quick, i guess we've got to go straight to our weekend getaways brought to you by flonase. it was worth it. e. it was worth it.
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>> million low, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. you can see a lot sunshine. above the marine layer clouds that will dissipate. the same pattern we had last in. april fools day. warmer next week. the possibility of rain this time next week. the clouds will keep us in the upper 50s and low 60s along the coast and san francisco and mid-to-upper 60s around the bayshore and low 70s inland. my seven-day forecast shows 80s next what a proud papa. t.j. >> coming up an abc news exclusive.
7:20 am
the hostage who snapped that photo with the plane hijacker is opening up. what he says that there's so much more to this picture and why he's calling himself a hero. he's going to join us. >> "the real housewives of beverly hills" husband facing real legal trouble. did he steal tens of millions of dollars? come on back on a friday. [engine revving] powerful. ♪ by design. [tires screeching] ♪ charged up. by design. ♪
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mineral repair toothpaste. smile with strength. . good morning. it is 7:24. i'm reggie aqui from the abc 7 morning news. bowers transportation, one of the biggest operators of tech shuttle buses has been banned from participating in the city shuttle program. the chronicle reports that the agency pulled their commuter shuttle permit yesterday.
7:25 am
the n said they have repeatedly violated traffic laws. the decision was motivated by politics because of an ongoing conflict over driver pay and union innovation. let's talk about the morning commute with sue hall. >> it is light. a lot of folks on spring break. this is 101 in the 880 overcrossing in san jose, the headlights or the cars on the left side of your screen, are moving in the northbound direction. high winds on the boy bridge. metering lights on at 5:29. stacked up in the overcrossing for a 15 minute delay into san francisco and in the peninsula, near 280 a solo spinout right
7:26 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪ let's take a look at what is going on, starting with your
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current temperatures and they are running in the mid-40s to mid-50s from san ramona 46, in 43 and napa at 40. oakland and san francisco around 54 and 53. check out the sunrise. same time as yesterday, near 60s at the coast and low 70s for the rest of us. 80s. renly, you were looking at those next week. >> 84 degrees on wednesday. shorts are getting out. >> the husband of a real
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we welcome you back to "gma" and you're looking live at decatur, alabama, where a tornado tore through damaging homes, flipping vehicles, at least four reported tornadoes touched down in the south, and those storms are now moving east. >> on the watch but steve o. telling us no one injured. that was the good news. also right now a mom celebrating after reuniting with her son who was taken by a woman at the mall. a happy ending to a really scary story. was caught thanks to surveillance footage, the woman who took the baby and social media. also overseas, brussels airport now technically ready to re-open. 20% of its capacity but airport police still obviously have some safety concerns there waiting for an agreement with police to be approved. switching gears, it is april fools' day. lots of gags out there like this one. a new h&m line inspired by facebook's mark zuckerberg and
7:31 am
includes just great t-shirts and jeans. one of -- yeah, i know. >> what? >> studio went ha, ha, ha. one of the many jokes this morning, happy april fools' day. >> okay. >> tough crowd here. it's friday. made it through a long week. >> i just read the copy. >> where were you when we needed you? >> sorry. >> all right. we begin this half hour with an abc news exclusive with one of the people held hostage on that egyptair plane. ben innes who took this photo with t hijacker was one of the passengers trapped on that aircraft for six hours and i spoke with him, the real story behind this photo. i talked to him moments ago. ben, thanks so much for joining us. first of all, we're glad you're okay. that everyone on that plane is okay. but let me start by asking the question that so many around the world were asking, what were you thinking in that moment when that photo was taken? >> in a moment that photo was taken i was thinking, you know, i -- this pose looks good. the minutes preceding that photo
7:32 am
being taken were probably a bit more important. >> how did you decide to take the photo in the first place with a man who you didn't know whether or not he actually had that suicide belt on? >> so, there was a whole host of, you know, things going on at that point. there was -- there was a limited amount of information being relayed from the cabin crew who were negotiating with the terrorist or, sorry, with the hijacker. i don't speak arabic. the majority of the interaction was taking place in arabic. in order for me to get a better understanding of the situation and to engage with this person, i thought of several ways in which i could further interact with him of which taking a selfie was one. >> there was an actual strategy behind taking that photograph with the hijacker? >> yeah, believe me, it was a -- it was a very thought through process. >> and what were you trying to accomplish by taking that image?
7:33 am
>> i wanted to interact with the hijacker. i wanted him to understand that i was a human, i was doing human things. i wasn't just a nameless, faceless victim that i was a real living person and i wanted to -- i wanted that to be clear and, you know, so he would understand that. i also wanted to get a better look at the device, at him. i needed to understand if he had any other weapons, if there were any other hijackers i haven't seen. >> i'm so glad it did end well, but is there any regret in calling it the best selfie ever? >> in terms of regret, i have no regrets whatsoever about my actions on that airplane. >> you weren't fearful in taking the photo? >> not -- not in the slightest. >> and, ben, you have said your mom told you not to do anything to draw attention to yourself. we saw the image of you with your mother not long after.
7:34 am
did she ask you why you didn't follow her instructions? >> well, she asked me what were you doing and i explained to her in a similar way i've explained to you there was a whole host of reasons i wanted that picture to be taken, not least so she knew that if i died i died unafraid and i died how i lived and, you know, unfazed, unchallenged and enjoying whatever situation i'm in to the best of my ability. >> well, ben, we're glad you're okay and everyone on board that plane is okay. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> you know, ben also shared that to escape they told the hijacker the pilot was calling him from the cockpit on the phone as the hijacker went to pick up the phone that's when he darted and the rest of the plane got off. >> again, headline is everybody is okay. that's his story and he's sticking to it. >> yeah, he is. >> all right, david, new developments in the case of an oklahoma reserve deputy accused of shooting and killing a suspect. this morning, newly released video showing him holding a taser and a gun over a suspect days before that deadly shooting.
7:35 am
abc's clayton sandell has that story. >> oh, i shot him. i'm sorry. >> reporter: 74-year-old now former volunteer sheriff's deputy robert bates was charged with shooting and killing eric harris in april last year, bates heard in this video saying he thought he pulled out his taser but instead grabbed his gun by mistake. >> he shot me. he shot me. >> reporter: but this morning new video obtained by the frontier news apparently showing bates three weeks before that fatal shooting standing watch over a moaning suspect that police had just handcuffed with his taser drawn? what are you moaning about? what's hurting? >> stop, stop. >> reporter: watch closely though difficult to make out bates then appears to also draw his gun, that's his taser, that's the gun. the deputy wearing the body cam tells him to stop. >> stop, stop. >> reporter: police say that command was simply so the deputy could hear what was happening
7:36 am
inside the house and while bates did not harm this suspect, the attorney for harris' family says the new video reveals a pattern showing bates was eager to use his weapon. >> it's not a rapidly evolving situation like they tried to describe with the eric harris shooting. here's a situation where this individual has already been detained but yet mr. bates feels it necessary to draw all kinds of weapons in a situation that does not call for it. >> reporter: the attorney says bates was too cozy with the now former sheriff and lacked the required training to be on the street alongside sworn cops. bates has pleaded not guilty to second degree manslaughter. his trial begins later this month. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> all right, clayton, thank you. coming up that lawyer on "real housewives" made famous by the erin brockovich case now accused of stealing millions from clients. the scary apps your kids may be using that could put them in physical danger. a big warning for you this morning. come on back.
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now to some real legal trouble for a "real housewives of beverly hills" husband. a new suit alleges he stole from clients, swindling some of them out of $130 million settlement. abc's gio benitez is here with the story. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning to you and that money came from a very famous case, but this mornin tom girardi is speaking out right here on "gma" saying he earned his millions fair and square. >> i love you, baby. >> they're the may to december couple with a lavish lifestyle. >> being broke sucks and being rich is a lot better. >> reporter: featured on season six of "the real housewives of beverly hills." >> i'm an enigma wrapped in a riddle. and cash. >> reporter: 44-year-old singer dancer erika jayne and 76-year-old tom girardi, one of the country's top lawyers. >> got to make sure the jury likes me today. >> every day. >> reporter: one of his biggest cases, a lawsuit made famous by erin brockovich. he's even portrayed in the
7:42 am
movie. >> how did you do this? >> reporter: but this morning girardi has been hit with a federal lawsuit, accused of swindling clients out of millions of dollars in another famous case, former lockheed martin employee paul kranich accusing him of taking more than his fair share of the $130 million payout for lockheed martin's decade-long chemical exposure class action suit in the '90s. court documents obtained by abc news say girardi, his partner robert finnerty and their firm girardi keese defrauded their clients by charging excessive fees and costs and fraudulently converting settlement proceeds. the lawsuit says a chunk of the 130 million bucks were spent in part on girardi's own aviation company and even on his divorce costs. >> he's feathering his own nest at the expense of the clients. so that's just wrong and fraudulent. >> reporter: kranich now asking for $50 million in damages. >> this is absurd. we didn't have anything to do with the distribution of the
7:43 am
funds. >> reporter: girardi says "the real housewives" show made him a target. >> it's life and you take the good with the bad. >> having all of these great things, it's not 100% awesome all the time. just most of the time. >> and girardi telling us he firmly believes this will be thrown out in court and listen to this, he says he plans to get even by getting sanctions against the attorney who filed that suit. he wants him disbarred. he is serious about this. >> sounds that way. thank you, gio. and coming up on "good morning america" -- dating websites for animals. >> what? >> what? >> is that april fools? >> no, it's totally legit. >> i'll tell you just ahead. also, the oprah effect, amazing transformation, real women shedding 175 pounds combined. how did they do it? we'll share it coming up.
7:44 am
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7:48 am
what's a prank? who better than nick watt to break it all down for us. >> reporter: virgin australia is offering kids class, seat kicking, hopscotching down the aisle, coloring, in flight entertainment. >> when it's time to get your favorite story in hand, we'll make it even better with bubbles on demand. >> this is the first headset for actual reality. >> reporter: google's actual reality glasses, just clear plastic, see the world as it really is. >> i can hear you perfectly. >> reporter: is your dog or cat hungry for love? a-harmony, a take on eharmony but for animals. sadly all april fools, as this is to help you move to canada come november if you don't like the new president. >> now more than ever it's important to have a smart policy in the event you decide to abandon your home for the next four years. >> reporter: april fools, trader
7:49 am
joe's to close, chrissy teigen, "that place was always weird and creepy to me." yes, it's april 1st, but us weekly claims president putin really is dating wendy dang, rupert murdoch's ex. really? for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> all right. there were some good ones in there. in honor of april fools' day, our friends at aladdin - we'll get to that in a minute. our friends at aladdin had a prank. take a look what genie did. >> genie, one, two, three. can you maybe rub the lamp? >> oh, my god. >> thank you. >> posing as a wax statue giving fans -- >> cheese. >> -- a little bit of a surprise. >> another gag out this morning. this t-mobile hands-free headset. if you're like mikey on the life cereal box, ginger will do anything. >> binge-watch your favorite shows while living your life. what are you binge-watching? >> totally "dancing with the stars."
7:50 am
i'm studying old images. >> you know what -- >> i'm watching myself over and over again. >> the one in nick watt's piece about abandoning your home in case you don't like the next president for four years, i didn't think that was april fools. i think there's a lot of conversation. >> i was worried about trader joe's for a second. >> me too. >> it's open. coming up next, "that '70s show" star ashton kutcher and danny in a new project. coming up see how local volunteers are leaving a lasting legacy in houston, texas, strengthening neighborhoods by improving homes and community spaces. "gma's" build it forward brought to you by lowe's.
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in as little as 30 minutes. and then your only concern will be how to spend the cash. rad. back here on "gma" we go to southern california where west and southern swells will pick up the wave, three to six feet. rip currents possible but mild air. so the beach hazards only part of your issue. look at seattle to 71. all that weather brought to you by trugreen. your local weather right after this.
7:55 am
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good morning. i'm natasha zouves from the abc7 morning news. mike nicco has our bay area forecast. >> hi, everybody. here is a look at the temperatures. most sunshine inland. 60s to 70s. around the bay mid to upper 60s and partly sunny in the coast near san francisco up to 60 degrees. if you are heading to the game tonight, conditions the same as yesterday. mid-50s. with a little bit of a breeze. sue. >> thinning out nicely at the bay bridge. in fact, everywhere around the bay area. we have a few cars stacked up with the metering lights sped up, if they are still on at all. it is still relatively green around the bay area. we did have a boulder in the roadway near 280 foothill, a motion hit it and now the riders are off to the right hand
7:57 am
shoulder. >> coming up, something patients might not know about that could put your kids' lives in danger. that is coming up next on "good morning america."
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. day care nightmare. the shocking kidnapping caught on tape. a carjacker driving off with a 7-year-old inside. one mother's daring rescue to save her child. ♪ the oprah effect. a first look at amazing transformations on her weight watchers plan. >> being comfortable in my own skin was the most important part of this journey. >> real women untouched and baring all shedding more than 175 pounds combined. parenting alert. the scary apps on smartphones that could put your children in physical danger including one few parents had ever heard of. connecting your kids with complete strangers. what you need to know this morning. ♪ if i could turn back time
8:01 am
reunited, and it feels so good. ashton kutcher and danny masterson back together for big laughs and a bit of a scare. >> scary is my muse. have you thought about that? >> we'll hear from both of them this morning. ♪ and are you ready to rock? it's the rematch. one year in the making. baseball's biggest names back together fighting it out in our mascot madness showdown as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. whoo! happy friday, everybody. >> it is happy friday. >> we have weezer, some music for you, and we have a trail blazer, jessica mendoza is here because baseball is back this weekend and so is our "gma" mascot madness. some of our favorites are pumping up times square right now, and they have a little performance for us, don't they? >> yeah, i mean, they're everywhere. they have invaded the studio.
8:02 am
♪ everybody rock your body ♪ everybody rock your body right ♪ ♪ backstreet's back all right ♪ hands in the air >> whoo! ♪ >> yeah. ♪ >> nice. ♪ everybody rock your body ♪ everybody rock your body right ♪ ♪ backstreet's back tonight ♪ everybody backstreet's back
8:03 am
all right ♪ >> oh, wow. >> that is impressive. good to see they're all getting along. they're all getting along. a lot of our mascot madness coming up ahead. i love the fact that we put cecilia vega right in the middle of it over there. see if you can find the news anchor. >> that's not distracting. >> not at all. >> take it away. >> good morning, guys. we begin with the damage after more tornadoes ripped through the south overnight. the hardest hit area was along the mississippi/alabama border where homes and businesses suffered extensive damage. winds knocking down trees, flipping over cars, that storm is now moving east. and in the race for the white house, tensions are rising between the democrats as they campaign here in new york. hillary clinton was interrupted by a group of bernie sanders supporters, and when an activist accused her of taking money from the oil and gas industry, she fired back saying she is sick of the sanders campaign lying about her. overnight nearly 20,000 people turned out to see the brooklyn-born vermont senator at a rally in the bronx.
8:04 am
his campaign announced they raised a record $44 million in march. and a frightening scene in san diego when this whale watching ship came crashing into the dock. the crew says the throttle got stuck. passengers were warned to brace themselves, seven people suffered minor injuries. and a texas mother who jumped onto a moving car to save her daughter from a carjacker has an important warning for parents this morning. abc's kayna whitworth shows us what happened. >> reporter: watch as a normal day care drop-off turns into every parent's worst nightmare in the blink of an eye. this morning a dallas mother has a warning for all parents. >> do not leave your keys in the car. >> reporter: just after 7:30 a.m. monday, crystal making a quick trip inside to drop her son off at day care leaving the car running with her 7-year-old daughter inside. shortly after a man in a hooded sweatshirt opening the driver's side door, jumping in and taking off. >> and the lady was like, who is that getting in your car. i turned around. he's already in the car and closed the door.
8:05 am
>> reporter: crystal sprinting outside managing to open the door, but the carjacker speeds away, all while her daughter is trapped in the backseat. crystal knowing she had to take action jumps onto the trunk of the car. it's then she says her daughter made her escape, jumping out of the speeding car, rushed to the emergency room but luckily expected to be okay. incidents like this are all too common. in 2015 alone 107 children were taken during car thefts. as for crystal, she's thankful both her kids are safe and sound. >> don't mess with my cubs. that's one thing you don't mess with, my babies. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> a quick-thinking mom and daughter and our thanks to kayna for that. members of the u.s. women's soccer team have a new ally in their wage dispute. the former captain of the men's national team, landon donovan says all players should be paid according to the revenue they produce. the top female players have filed a complaint saying they generate nearly $20 million more
8:06 am
than the men but are paid nely four times less. all right, guys, finally baseball season is upon us. and that means cue the hot dogs, not just any hot dogs, oh, no, this is the so-called slider dog at the cleveland indians stadium. you can see it there. it has mac and cheese and bacon, which, of course, makes everything better, but here's the kicker, yes, those are froot loops on top of that hot dog. you ask why? i have no answer for you. i have no answer. >> you had me until fruit loops. >> not an april fools' day joke. >> you had me until froot loops. thanks, cecilia. thank you. let's go now to lara with the "morning menu." >> thanks, robin. >> here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." first what your kids don't want you to know but all parents really do need to know. the apps that could put your child in very real danger. and then weight watchers baring all, an exclusive first look at stunning transformations inspired by oprah. and then jessica mendoza is with us getting ready for
8:07 am
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8:12 am
beautiful way. almost nine in ten american women are dissatisfy ied with their body weight according to one survey. the women you're about to see not only lost weight but gained confidence which is key and one thing to be comfortable in your own skin, what these ladies did next will blow you away. raw, untouched and completely exposed. real women opening up and baring it all for the first time in weight watchers magazine's upcoming issue. >> numbers were not the biggest thing for me. being comfortable in my own skin was the most important part of this journey. >> reporter: the real women revealing much more than just stories of weight loss and personal growth. >> i embrace every day i'm in this body. some days i fall off the wagon but tell myself i'm worthy and get myself back on. >> reporter: the women in this issue dropping from 12 pounds to 87 pounds doing it the way weight watchers recommends, gradually. >> i am my own biggest cheerleader, and i definitely tell everyone to love themselves. >> we live in a world where we
8:13 am
are pushed to compare ourselves with the impossible, so when we look in the mirror and we see ourselves, we often actually see ourselves for our perceived flaws rather than for our strengths. >> i don't deny myself bread. i have bread every day. >> reporter: oprah being one of the group's most famous members and now part owner of the company. >> it was just such an amazing thing to have her input on this and to see we are all in this together. >> reporter: this is not the first time for championing of real women and real bodies. in 2004 dove had women strip down showcasing a nonstereotypical ad of body types. >> the more we can embrace our strengths, the more we can embrace ourselves just as we are and then we can show other women that they can embrace themselves just as they are. >> and you know it's all part of the fabulous trend towards body positivity or body diversity, expanding that teeny tiny definition of what it means to be beautiful or sexy, because guess what, we all come in
8:14 am
different shapes. >> amen. >> and sizes, right? you can check this out in the weight watchers newsletter in the mail today and on newsstands next week. >> beautiful spread. >> yeah, it is. >> absolutely. >> thank you, juju, for sharing that with us. now, we want to continue our series "what your kids don't want you to know." t.j. holmes is back with us this time with some apps parents may not know about that can present such a real danger to our kids. t.j., eye opening. >> yeah, the past couple of days showed what happens when family don't talk. parents to kids. we'll transition to stuff that's downright scary that can put your child in physical danger. and would you believe, there is even an app out there that on its own front page it tells you, be careful, predators have been known to use it. apps, the staple of teenage years that keep your kids engaged and social, but, parents, beware. some apps have features that authorities say could put your teens at risk. the lives of three young women in philadelphia cut short in
8:15 am
december, their car slammed into a tractor trailer and burst into flames. surveillance video shows the girls speeding by moments before the crash. the family of giascavo advarian, a passenger, killed in the crash believes the filter that allows you to clock your speed on snapchat played a role in her death. >> one of her friends told me she was snapchatting throughout the night and the car, they were showing that their speed, how fast they were driving. >> reporter: snapchat tells abc news it takes distracted driving seriously including a do not snap and drive warning message when the geofilter is first accessed. >> there's a lot of good that can come with social media but there is a lot of bad. >> reporter: district attorney pamela casey has been outspoken about the dangers of social media and in particular the app kik. >> kik really is the devil. >> reporter: kik is a messenger app that allows users to be anonymous. it made headlines in in february when 13-year-old nicole lovell was murdered when she met one of the
8:16 am
suspects involved in her murder on the kik app. kik tells abc news, we have zero tolerance for any behavior that potentially affects the safety of our users, as well as our 24/7 support team, we offer blocking and reporting tools to allow users to flag unwanted content or contact. >> we have children being killed across the country by people who are luring them through social media. >> reporter: omegle, another app gaining attention from law enforcement puts two users in an anonymous chat room and on the app's own front page a frightening warning, predators have been known to use omegle, so be careful. new mexico police now investigating a case of a stranger who allegedly targeted a 13-year-old girl on the app. the mother says within minutes of her daughter using the app, she received inappropriate messages and threats. >> first it was very innocent. then all of a sudden the person on the other end started becoming vulgar. >> reporter: omegle's home page says, the people you encounter on omegle may not behave appropriately and they are solely responsible for their
8:17 am
own behavior. >> essentially by giving your child a phone, you're opening the door to the world and inviting them into your home. >> and, parent, we're not trying to scare you. we're trying to inform you. but still here, guys, at the same time, parents, what are they supposed to do? it's impossible. don't even try, parents, to keep up with your kids. they're going to be ahead of the game but it's still so important to have that open line of communication is the best you can hope for. >> you started that this week. >> yeah, you have. >> we want to give you more information now. we'll talk about this with callahan walsh, he's a child advocate with the national center for missing & exploited children. cal, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> what do you do if your kids wants to download them, yea, nay. how do you stay on top of it? >> the parents need to be on top of the technology and they need to know how these apps work. the best way, download them themself, get on there and see how the features work. check out if there's security or privacy settings and determine whether that's right for your child or not. >> how dangerous -- we heard about kik. we heard about omega.
8:18 am
>> omegle. >> how dangerous is this? >> well, it can be very dangerous. the child has no idea who they're chatting with. neither does the parent and the fact that a lot of these apps have features where you can search for certain age and gender, these predators are using it as a private hunting preserve for kids. they can target the exact age and gender they're looking for. >> there are security measures but something else parents can do? >> definitely, knowing the technology is great. setting ground rules so your children have expectations of making sure there's consequences if they break those rules and ongoing conversations. there's no substitute for conversations with your kid abousaty measures. >> i do like the idea of downloading it and learning how to use it because i will say, it's very daunting as a parent. there is like a generational gap in our knowledge. >> oh, definitely, and that gap may never be narrowed and the best way, again, is we say have ongoing conversations with your kid, especially the conversations you're going to have with your youngest child isn't the same conversation you're going to have with your oldest child.
8:19 am
>> and when you see a warning that says predators have been known to be on this app, it puzzles me why children are on the apps at all. i know they're ahead of us but when you have a warning like that. >> yeah, i think a lot of times parents just have no idea they're on them. >> i brought it up yesterday because we have been talking about it all week and i brought it up with my younger child and you know a typical response is, yeah, i know, i know, but they don't know. >> even some parents, they think, well, the device my child uses doesn't have a data plan, can't make phone calls or texts but as long as it can receive wi-fi, they can still get on these social media apps, so the coffee shop, the friend's house, the library. they can still get on them. >> i think the bottom line parents need to educate themselves. >> exactly. >> they need to know and like lara was saying i know my parents used to say how much older they were that they didn't know how to do some things, that's no excuse. you have to go out and do this. >> and the platforms themselves are trying to take steps in the right directions and creating trust and safety centers to bring in the national missing
8:20 am
center for exploited and missing children and help them create policy and safety tips where they then put that on a website. it's oftentimes their safety center where parents can go and look for resources to help them keep their kids safe. >> didn't you say yesterday the rule, handing your phones in when you go to bed. >> they don't like this but i think it's a great rule. time for sleep. we bought old school alarm clocks. they're like, oh, we need our phone. no, you really don't. >> some kids i'll introduce you next week actually, they're up to midnight. they're on their phones constantly. >> out of the room. >> older high school kids but everybody has their different rules. >> a lot easier when the computer was in the living room, right? easier for parents to monitor but now it's in their pocket, in their bedroom and in their bathroom. >> cal, great information. >> and for the work that you do. >> thanks. >> t.j., keep it up. keep bringing it. >> this has been my guy. step by step he's been guiding me through it. >> let's get outside to ginger zee. >> wait, i've got this family here, and courtney chose to come to new york city because why? why did you come? >> because i've never been on an
8:21 am
airplane so wanted to come to new york for my first trip. >> and she said it was awesome. so we are so glad you came right here to "good morning america" and we're so glad all of you are with us. hey, you're from georgia. want you to take a look at that map. a tornado watch at this hour from parts of southeastern alabama up through south carolina. that tornado watch goes until 3:00 p.m. so if you live within there, please be aware that tornadoes could be possible here. then the high wind watch behind that front stretches for much of the northeast and coastal new england. you can see why. that cold front comes through. it's nice and mild and warm today but if you guys are sticking around for the weekend, brrr. >> million low, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. you can see a lot sunshine. above the marine layer clouds that will dissipate. the same pattern we had last in. april fools day. warmer next week. the possibility of rain this time next week. the clouds will keep us in the upper 50s and low 60s along
8:22 am
the coast and san francisco and mid-to-upper 60s around the bayshore and low 70s inland. my seven-day forecast shows 80s next >> oh, n >> oh, no. she figured it out. she figured out we had the camera on her. she put her head down. lara, let's get in to you. >> all right, ginger, thank you very much. "pop news" time and the hottest movie of the spring, "batman v superman" setting box office records. now it appears the caped crusader might have plans to fly solo. according to wme, that's the agency that represents him, ben affleck is contracted to wear the bat suit at least two more times in "the justice league: parts 1 and 2," but ben put his creative superpowers to work and wrote his own script for a stand-alone batman movie, the plot and production plans locked away in the bat cave, but we do know we will see affleck's batman on the big screen in august. he'll appear in a cameo in "the suicide squad," which a lot of people are looking forward to.
8:23 am
you guys into superheroes. >> oh, yeah. we have to send t.j. to the bat cave to find that out, right? i got a bat cave in my house already. look who is here. >> look who is here. >> wonder woman. ♪ wonder woman >> speaking of wonder women and men, the residents of a small town in southern italy may have tapped into the fountain of youth legitimately. 2,000 people live in this small town, it's called acciaroli. 300 of them, 300 of 2,000 are aged 100 or older. >> wow. >> they also have extremely low rates of heart disease and alzheimer's. well, now they've agreed, thankfully, to take part in a study to help figure out why it is that they live for so long. scientists from the san diego school of medicine already have two clues though about the keys to the longevity. >> yep, here we go. >> the mediterranean diet full of fish and oil. dr. b. tells us all the time about it. it's pretty simple, guys. and then also people in acciaroli, they walk almost everywhere which i would too.
8:24 am
did you see the pictures over there? it's spectacular. acciaroli, if you already heard of it, it's already famous in literature allegedly inspiring ernest hemingway's novel "the old man and the sea". >> a couple glasses of wine a night. >> they live. >> they live. >> they live. they walk. i would too. i volunteer to go do a piece. in acciaroli. finally, everybody. take a look at this kid. you'll see why. who has clearly started his happy hour a little earlier than most of us on this friday. he's very talented. he's chugging. there's video of him doing it over and over again. don't worry, we're not too far behind you, my thirsty friend. >> what is he drinking? >> he prefers coke. me, vodka soda. >> it's happy hour somewhere. >> don't point at me. >> you know it's friday. >> it's not yet. i got like three hours. >> 8:24 in the morning. >> lara, can i do a "pop news"
8:25 am
spot or kind of? >> yes. >> can i try one? okay, so we have something fun to share with you. our good friend taylor swift, well, she's trying something new singing along to drake's "jumpman" on the treadmill. ♪ you don't have to call ♪ i find my tempo like a deejay ♪ ♪ ooh ♪ oop ♪ >> she looks -- >> whoa. >> was that really her? >> she's okay. >> was that really her? >> yeah. i mean, that is -- she looks so fierce. she looks so fierce. so cool and then -- >> was that like on purpose? >> no, it's april fools. >> it is april fools. >> you got me. >> jessica mendoza coming up live next.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. i'm abc news morning anchor natasha zouves. there is a warning from police in the north bay. a high risk sex offender could be released today. jonathan hopner was convicted of molesting a child under 18. he has finished serving his sentence. police objected to his release but don't have any say as to why he lives. officers stressed that the warning to residents could not be used as an excuse to harass or harm the man. good morning, sue. >> nicely at the bay bridge. check this out. hardly a back-up at all. no back-up here. we had an accident on the incli incline cleared to the shoulder. and also an accident near madder
8:28 am
a avenue and traffic is slow back from 580. >> mike nicco will join us with the bay area for
8:29 am
good morning. temperatures starting to rise just a little bit and the cloud deck as thick as it will get. in the 40s and 50s right now. our destination through the afternoon, upper 50s near the coast and 70s nor the rest of us. tonight at at&t park, a little breezy.
8:30 am
natasha. >> we'll have another update in 30 minutes and always on our news app and abc7n ♪ put me in coach i'm ready to play ♪ ♪ today >> that is our control room, folks. the editorial staff this morning. >> look at this. >> mascot madness taking over "good morning america." >> who is directing? >> who is directing the show? oh. well, we hope it's lilly. someone is making some copies. making copies. >> opening day, it starts sunday. the mlb wants everyone to wear caps to support your favorite team. well done. well done. we got a met right there. >> we want to get inside to robin, who is with espn's jessica mendoza. robin. >> trail blazer, it's finally starting, and it feels -- it's starting to feel like spring a little bit, right, jessica?
8:31 am
>> yeah, the weather is turning, come on. baseball is in the air. >> baseball is back, and espn major league baseball analyst jessica mendoza is here to help break it down, the big games this weekend, and she became the first female analyst in mlb postseason history in 2015. congratulations. so proud of you. how you handled everything and you're good. you're just plain good. >> thank you. >> big rematch. world series rematch right out the bat. >> sunday night our first game, first time in baseball history that we have the rematch of the world series, the mets, the royals, are you kidding me, like how perfect is this. >> what are you thinking? what are you thinking here? >> i think to me think about the drama, the emotion, the way it ended and both starting pitchers from that game five, so really this is like a game six for this game, but i think about these two teams, the emotion, how good they are and they kick off the season. >> it's a wonderful way to start and it's never happened before right off the bat to have the rematch like that. what has been the most enjoyable moment for you in what you do? >> you know, i think the
8:32 am
obvious, my very first sunday night game is a no-hitter. the only no-hitter -- that's my first game, right. >> not bad. >> to me that's probably the most obvious, but really just being in the booth with aaron boone, dan shulman, the voice of baseball, and honestly i get giddy. i mean, i'm talking baseball with these guys. you know, i mean, as much as you want that one moment, it's every time i'm in the booth. i don't take it for granted. >> when did this all start for you as far as your passion, your love for the game? >> when i was that little guy's age, like 5, 6 years old, my dad was a college baseball coach in the dugout just being around the guys and i just -- i always felt like one of them, you know, and to me that passion began there just watching dad, watching the older guys and sitting back on the bench thinking i was just one of them, and for me the passion began there and, of course, starting to play. >> i'm sure your family is very proud of you. i'm sure that they are. >> yeah, having a hispanic background especially, my father, there's so much there, but to me it's also a lot of women that i want to be able to do anything.
8:33 am
i mean, you're a trail blazer yourself, so i mean i just think about so many women that are out there and just having a passion to do what they want to do. >> that's what it is. that's what it is, and these little ones are passionate. you want to ask jessica questions here? how about lonnie, you want to ask first? >> my question is why isn't there any woman in major league baseball? >> right off the bat. lonnie, i like it. i love it. you know what, to me i think we need more opportunities for girls to play baseball and continue to get more girls playing because i think the more girls we get, the mo'ne davises that are out there, i have no doubt that there will be a girl in major league baseball as long as we continue to get the girls playing, so you keep it up, all right. >> yeah, and mo'ne, she can bring it. okay, kelsey ann, you have a question for jessica? >> yes, were you good when you first started playing baseball? >> i wasn't. i starting playing and, oh, my gosh, looked like the old video, mom and dad break out the video
8:34 am
and it's like -- it's t-ball, and i'm missing the ball on a stick, okay, but i had a big smile on my face, a passion for the game, and i was not very good, but i worked hard. olympics, i mean, i'm telling you what, it didn't start off good but it ends good. >> she's won olympic gold medals. it might not have started off well but it ended really well. that's a good one. equal time here. how about darnell. bring it on home. what's your question? >> so, when you began your transition off the field, was your ultimate career goal to be an analyst. >> my ultimate? my ultimate career goal to be an analyst, no. i graduated from stanford and wanted to actually move to d.c., work on educational reform. i know we had bernie sanders here earlier. i wanted to be a senator and i wanted to get involved in politics and ended up making the olympic team and never quite made it to d.c., but obviously being an olympic athlete, tv was kind of always a part of what i was about and it led to where i'm at now. it's crazy. >> you've got a great future. you'll do a lot of things and like you're doing right now. jessica, thank you very much.
8:35 am
while we go to break, i know that you wanted -- why don't we show -- you look -- why don't you come up here. come up here, get a bat, so as i throw to -- let me get -- no, no, i'm not doing it. i know. show her some tips there. >> okay, all right, so biggest thing, biggest thing, biggest thing you want to do as a hitter, you want to have a little bit of rhythm so always have a little bit of movement, because the last thing you want to do is be still trying to hit. so a little bit of movement. good hands. we're not going to swing because we don't want to hurt anybody. >> and be sure to watch espn's special two-day event for the opening of baseball season airing all day sunday. and look at that. >> look at that. she's awesome. she's got it. >> whoo! >> love it. >> hi, guys. sitting here chatting with riley keough. she is elvis presley's granddaughter and she's also a terrific actress, lovely gal. she's starring as a law student moonlighting as a high-end call girl in "the girlfriend
8:36 am
experience" critically acclaimed, and we have a clip for you. >> what's your most expensive bottle of champagne? $700. >> more expensive. >> what's your most expensive bottle of wine? $900. can we get both? >> all right, so they say money can't buy you love, but it can buy you "the girlfriend experience," so for viewers who still don't get it, can you explain what that means? >> well, "the girlfriend experience" is essentially -- i mean, it's an escort, but you're also paying for other things like she's pretty much being your girlfriend, i guess, so they take them to dinner, on vacation. >> so it's not just sex, it's a little bit more -- >> it's kind of more emotional and kind of sort of like a therapist, i don't know, maybe. >> so this is based on a film by steven soderbergh. >> it's sort of -- it was inspired by it. it was a completely different story, and they just took the idea, and the writers created a whole new kind of concept.
8:37 am
>> and what drew you to it? >> the filmmakers and then the role, it's just like you don't get to really play complex characters as a woman very often. i think that's changing now, but that was just so funny. >> is that why you enjoy playing the role? >> yeah. >> because it is. it's complicated. >> it is complicated, yeah. >> also interesting, i was reading, that you took the role right after you got married. >> yes, i did. >> so, what was that like telling your new husband about your new role? >> he -- i mean, i had known about it for like six months and he's cool. he's like in the industry, as well. >> i'm sure he's pretty happy that you have a starring role on starz in a huge show, and then another thing people are very fascinated with, your family history, royalty, if you will, hollywood royalty. your grandfather elvis presley. do you remember sort of first realizing what that meant and who he was? >> not -- i mean it kind -- my
8:38 am
whole life it was around. there were pictures in the house and his music was always around and kids in school would always ask me about it so as far back as i can remember, i was aware of it. like my sisters now are completely aware of it and they're like 7. >> so they get it. >> yeah. >> we're playing a little music. there he is, the man himself. and the other thing that people seem to be fascinated with is that your mom was married to michael jackson. >> uh-huh. >> so grandfather elvis presley. mom at one point married to michael jackson. it's a lot. >> yep, it is. i mean i wasn't like fully aware of how big that was, i think, when i was younger but, yeah. >> yeah. >> and you said that people sort of misinterpret it. >> no, i think people ask me questions and then like take certain lines and make it kind of out of context and, i don't know, i haven't really said much about it really, so i think people take kind of whatever they can grab and -- >> because it's just your life. >> yeah. >> you're just a girl with a great acting job on a really
8:39 am
cool new show, riley, it's really nice to meet you. my fellow gemini. everybody, you can see riley in "the girlfriend experience." it premieres april 10th on starz. thank you for coming. >> thanks for having me. >> we're going to get over to ginger. >> we will be looking for that. time now, though, for our first pollen report of the season. we have a look at those maps up close brought to you by claritin. you can see a lot of pollen. i know so many have been complaining about it. mid-atlantic back through the southwest. a lot of the issue, trees, so the tree pollen map pretty much follows the first one. oh, achoo. anyway, that arctic air mass, we wanted to share with you how cold that will be behind the front. washington, d.c. will drop to the freezing mark. so we'll start good morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco. clouds and sunshine today. from 60 in san francisco. mid-to-upper 60s in the peninsula. and east bay. to low 70s for the rest of us. my seven-day outlook shows a slight chance of rain across the north bay on oh, what a crowd.
8:40 am
happy friday here in new york city. let's get back inside to david, though. >> all right, ginger, my fellow friend of the '70s. the stars of "that '70s show" are reuniting in a brand-new sitcom called "the ranch" and nick watt takes us behind the scenes this morning. >> they're uggs. >> they're ladies shoes. >> well, tom brady wears them. >> reporter: it's called "the ranch," it's set on a ranch. >> so this our stand-in for rehearsal. >> yeah. >> this is our fake cow. >> you might not want to touch that. >> that's real. >> reporter: ashton kutcher and danny masterson reunited, old friends from "that '70s show." >> fine. can i borrow money for fries? >> no. >> fine. shotgun. >> there's only two of us, you moron. >> we're good at insulting each other and we're good at insulting each other on camera. >> a little a-1 sauce. >> are you saying the steak needs improvement? >> reporter: taking cues
8:41 am
from their curmudgeonly old man, sam elliott. lifelong card player from "butch cassidy". >> i didn't know you were the sundance kid. >> reporter: to "the big lebowski." >> it's good knowing he's out there, the dude. >> reporter: never done a sitcom. >> it's a vast change from what i've been doing for 48 years. >> reporter: fantastic. he talks the same in real life. >> is beau bennett smiling? >> dancing is good. i can't help but smile. >> reporter: wife, mother, bartender is debra winger, two-time oscar nominee. >> what are you looking for? >> reporter: also sitcom virgin. >> there's something to getting to this time in your life and saying, wow, i've never done that before. scary is good. scary is my muse. >> reporter: this is in some ways a traditional sitcom, live audience, but -- and then you started swearing. >> we've gotten used to a certain format and suddenly it sounds like real life. >> oh, i don't normally say this but i don't give a [ bleep ] what you think. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> all right, nick, thanks. "the ranch" premieres today on netflix. weezer standing by warming up over here, and coming up, an amazing transformation, how this
8:42 am
team is revamping a place for children to play. we're back on a friday morning right after this. "gma's" pollen report is brought to you by the makers of nondrowsy claritin. ♪ you wish your dog could fight off fleas and ticks. but since he can't...
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now to our series "build it forward" took lots of passion, plenty of hands to give a desperately needed face-lift to a boys and girls club in texas, a safe haven for hundreds of schoolkids. abc's melissa rycroft has our story. >> reporter: preparing, planting, painting, renovating, the boys and girls club in houston, texas, has been a passionate project for 80 plus heroes for the past nine weeks. >> the kids come after school and go inside the building and they're ready to get back in their club. >> reporter: built in 1996, the jim and barbara morefield location hosts over 1,000 boys and girls annually and serves as a safe and friendly hub for those in the neighborhood but in recent years the club was in desperate need of some tlc. >> the biggest undertaking was the gym. the water damage had destroyed the entire floor right here. the seal around the entire door had been completely demolished.
8:46 am
you could see outside from inside. >> reporter: from seven building leaks to rusted rest rooms, the water fountains, nonexistent. >> they now have perfect running cold water that they haven't had in close to six years. >> reporter: our sponsor lowe's teams up with the ncaa to bring the club back to life for the kids, and for many parents in the community, it's their saving grace and only after-school resource. >> we've had employees contribute over 4,200 hours to make this project a success. >> reporter: now ready to open their doors once again, the club couldn't be more grateful for the hard work, dedication and love each person has poured into it. an updated library. a safe place to play outside. and a nod to the ncaa, a brand-new basketball court. >> we can play a lot of sports. it's nice. >> reporter: for "good morning america," melissa rycroft, abc news, houston, texas. >> helping hands, and coming up, weezer performing live on "good morning america."
8:47 am
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♪ if i was king of the world >> play ball. we want to thank our mascots for being here this morning and more importantly, weezer, "king of the world." >> weezer, yes. amazing. everybody, don't forget to watch david muir. thank for being in all week. double duty, "world news tonight." have a great weekend. in all week. double duty, "world news tonight." have a great weekend.
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8:59 am
good morning. i'm natasha zouves from the abc 7 morning news. meteorologist mike nicco is tracking our bay area forecast. good morning, mike. >> good morning, hi, everybody. more sunshine and warmth away from the coast. look at the 70s inland, 60s around the bay shore and upper 50s to low 60s in san francisco. going to the game tonight, like last night. dropping down to 52, cloudy toward the end of the game. my accuweather seven-day forecast, warmer this weekend and a stray shower possible monday in the north bay and 80s next week. >> and traffic, what traffic? >> it is definitely friday night. san rafael moving nicelies though it was -- nicely as though it was the middle of the day or the night. a ghost town. no metering lights here. enjoy the rest of your weekend, natasha.
9:00 am
>> we will. we'll be back at 11:00 for nbc midday. our reporting announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, the one and only john travolta, plus supermodel gigi hadid, and from "star wars: the force awakens," actor john boyega. plus we play another edition of "live's" flashback games. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now here are emmy winners kelly ripa and michael strahan. [music playing] [cheering and applause] kelly: hi. hello! hello!


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