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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  April 10, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. happening right now, the spring freezer. almost a foot of snow. windchills dipping into the teens. the treacherous driving. spins and skids. 100 million people in the path of this late arctic blast. will it ever warm up? will smith. >> breaking overnight, a former football star killed in a road rage attack. will smith played for the saints in the super bowl. now gunned down in new orleans. >> complainants state that there is a male down with about six gunshot wounds to the chest. >> his wife shot, too. rushed to the hospital. the details coming in right now. fight for delegates. the new victory for bernie sanders. >> we just won wyoming. >> but hillary clinton says she's still confident. >> last time i checked about 220 or so pledged delegates ahead. >> despite some "snl" jabs for
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her subway slip-up, this as ted cruz crushes it in colorado, sweeping delegates from donald trump. plus, this morning this front page bombshell. "the boston globe's" shocking satire. their new message this morning. why the gop must stop trump. and art heist. the target, these iconic andy warhol prints in a scene straight out of "the thomas crowne affair." these soup cans disappearing. now the international manhunt to find them. hey, good morning. paula is off this morning. very happy to have cecilia vega at the desk on a sunday morning. for much of america, it's a cold one. >> oh, it sure is, and that is our lead story this morning. spring on hold. a brutal deep freeze pushing from the midwest to the east coast. millions waking up this morning to snow and temperatures that feel a lot more like december than april.
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and there are dangerous conditions out on the roads with black ice in some spots. and the question, of course, is when is it going to warm up? rob is outside in central park this morning. hey, rob. >> hey, dan. not today. there was a mix of rain and snow here yesterday with accumulations south and west of us. the sun coming up now. but it is the freezing mark right now in new york city as the flowers bloom in many spots, 15 to 25 degrees below average. for this time of year, it's shockingly cold. this morning, winter not letting up. millions of people in the midwest and across the east coast waking up to frigid cold temperatures. from maine to the carolinas, the wind chill temperatures in spots dipping into the teens and late season snow blanketing the great lakes. a coating over the newly sprouted leaves and flowers of spring. near toledo, ohio, ten inches of snow, nearly burying this car. and nearly a foot of snow reported in michigan and west
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virginia. heavy, wet snow in pennsylvania taking out trees and knocking out power. i mean, a slight warm-up today, but really it's not going to be till the end of the week. we've got freeze warnings all the way down into the deep south. check this out. a lot of the areas, the growing season has already started, so vegetation is going to be damaged in some cases, and these are actual temperatures. forget about the windchill. it's even colder than this. it's 25 in cleveland, 20 degrees in pittsburgh. and 28 degrees in raleigh. 31 in knoxville. and warm-up a little bit tomorrow out ahead of the next system. as that comes on board, it will be mostly a rain system. but another shot of cold air coming in behind this system. so we don't really break out of this pattern until the end of this week. cecilia. >> rob, i'm not happy with you about this. but we'll let you back inside in a few minutes when you come in. >> no, don't. >> they're saying no. stay out there. >> stay out there. we want to turn to the race for the white house this morning. two hits for hillary clinton overnight. bernie sanders winning the democratic caucus in wyoming. that would be his seventh
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victory in the last eight contests. and, of course, that big "snl" swipe overnight. abc's mary bruce is here covering it all. hey, mary, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. well, bernie sanders is on a roll this morning and bracing for a long battle ahead. now vowing to take the fight all the way to the democratic convention. >> the clinton campaign is getting very nervous. [ cheers ] >> reporter: this morning, bernie sanders says hillary clinton is feeling the "bern." >> we just won wyoming. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: with yet another victory under his belt, sanders is looking ahead to the convention. and a fight. >> no question in my mind that we have the momentum. >> reporter: at least on "saturday night live" that moment doesn't seem to faze clinton. >> i have not won a state in almost three weeks because that was the plan. i didn't want to win those. >> reporter: if clinton does not clinch the majority with pledged delegates before the convention, sanders is planning to contest her nomination. >> last time i checked, about 220 or so pledged delegates ahead.
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[ cheers ] so we are on the path to the nomination. >> reporter: overnight, sanders highlighting the key to his strategy winning big here in his native new york. >> if we win here, if we beat secretary clinton, are we going to win? [ cheers and applause ] all right. >> reporter: the candidates now locked in a fierce battle for the delegate-rich state. visiting a brooklyn diner, clinton was asked about sanders. but she didn't bite, opting for a bite of cheesecake instead. >> i'm talking cheesecake, cheesecake. look at this. fabulous. >> reporter: now, sanders is closing in on those pledged delegates. he has about 45% of them so far. but clinton is still in the lead with 55%. it's an uphill battle for sanders, but, dan and cecilia, his campaign this morning is feeling confident. >> they are. >> all right, mary. thank you. let's talk about republicans now. ted cruz outmaneuvering donald trump yet again. this time grabbing all the delegates in colorado. the loss making a contested convention on this side that much more likely.
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and abc's david wright is in denver this morning covering it all. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this is a big victory for ted cruz. he's taking home about as many delegates from colorado as he did from wisconsin, and, remember, wisconsin was considered a blowout. while donald trump is looking ahead to new york determined to win big in his home state -- >> god bless the great state of colorado. >> reporter: -- the cruz campaign has been quietly focused on smaller elections like this one at the colorado state gop convention. >> no pawns in d.c. >> reporter: no primary involved, just party activists auditioning. >> 511. >> reporter: giving ten-second speeches. >> for liberty, for ted cruz, for freedom! >> reporter: hoping to become colorado's delegates to the republican national convention. ted cruz won the lot of them. last night, meeting with republican jewish leaders in nevada, cruz laid out his
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strategy for a contested convention. >> i believe the first ballot will be the highest vote total donald trump receives, and on a subsequent ballot, we're going to win the nomination and earn a majority. [ applause ] >> reporter: trump's best hope rests on winning 1,237 delegates, but it's getting harder and harder for him to close the deal. yesterday, after days of closed door meetings with top advisers, he emerged to tour the 9/11 memorial in lower manhattan, his first visit there. afterwards he quietly gave a $100,000 donation. tromp was on fox news last night calling the delegate election system archaic and underhanded. he knows he needs to improve his game or he's going to be outplayed. dan, cecilia. >> the stakes are high for all the campaigns. david, thank you. for more on all this, let's bring in chief white house correspondent, jon karl. good morning, sir. how are you? >> good morning. excellent. >> let's talk about the front page of "the boston globe." the front page filled with satirical articles about life under a president trump.
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the headline, deportations to begin. and inside there's a really tough editorial. it says donald j. trump's vision for the future of our nation is as deeply disturbing as it is profoundly un-american. have you ever seen anything like this before, and is it likely to have any effect? >> this is pretty dramatic. did you notice one of the short items on the front page, trump on nobel prize short list? interesting. look, this is a brutally tough editorial. very stark. one of the starkest i have ever seen. it's not going to affect any of his supporters, obviously. they've supported him through thick and thin. they know exactly what his positions are. they're not going to be deterred by what a liberal editorial page in boston says. but the point is here, this is exactly what you're going to be seeing if he wins the republican nomination. this kind of attack coming from the democrats. i think we have only seen the beginning of what will go against donald trump. >> worth noting, trump did very well in massachusetts. >> he sure did. it was one of his best states actually, but it was the republicans voting. >> well, let's talk democrats. hillary clinton, if she doesot
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win a majority of the pledged delegates heading into this summer, bernie sanders' team is now promising to have a contested convention. what is the likelihood of that happening? >> they want a contested convention, too. >> on the democratic side now. >> what's going on here? >> they want to make sure you have an interesting summer, jon. >> yeah, yeah. look, bernie sanders could theoretically get there. but to get to a lead in the so-called pledged delegates, i mean, the democrats have an interesting system. they have superdelegates that are elected officials and other party officials who can vote regardless of how their states voted, and they're obviously almost all for hillary clinton. without those, she still has a big lead. and if you take them aside, bernie sanders would need to win 57% of the delegates going forward. in other words, he would have to do a lot pointer than he has been. >> how does he look in new york? >> you know, he could actually pull it off. it would be a big upset. it would be shocking. he's never won a state as diverse as new york. but he's got that brooklyn accent down. >> yes, he does, and he eats pizza the right way. >> yes sh, fantastic.
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>> thank you very much, jon. appreciate it. i want to remind everybody, jon is going to be part of "this week" later this morning. george stephanopoulos is going to be talking to bernie sanders about his campaign strategy. maybe his pizza eating strategy as well and that's coming up later this morning on "this week" right here on abc. jon, thanks again. >> looking forward to that. we do want to turn now to new revelations about the brussels bombings. prosecutors now say the terrorists behind those attacks were initially planning to hit france again but switched to brussels when they felt the pressure from police. this comes as authorities say one of their suspects in custody confessed to being that infamous man in the hat. and abc's alex marquardt has the latest from brussels. hey, alex, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. that's right. disturbing new details this morning as interrogators question the man in the hat, mohamed abrini. the terror cell, according to belgian authorities had planned to follow up the deadly paris attacks with another attack in france, but then changed their plans as investigators sped up the search for the killers. this morning, the capture of the
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man in the hat and suspected accomplices offering new insights into the worst terror attack in belgian history. the target wasn't meant to be brussels, the federal prosecutor said today. the group instead wanted to strike france again after the paris attacks. [ sirens ] but with the pressure on them from the investigation, the terrorists, quote, urgently took the decision to strike in brussels. belgian authorities say mohamed abrini has confessed to being the man in the hat and tan coat. 31-year-old abrini telling investigators he threw away the coat and sold that hat. authorities say abrini's dna had been found in the brussels apartment, a bomb factory, from where he and the other attackers left to the airport. new audio has been released believed to be of one of the men calling for the taxi. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: abrini has now been charged by belgium, with terrorist murders and participation in a terrorist group.
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the same charges handed down to osama krayem, a 28-year-old swedish national who authorities say was at the maalbeek metro station with the suicide bomber. krayem's family in sweden shocked. all of a sudden, he just disappeared, his aunt said. no one in the family knew. european authorities are still hunting for anybody connected to the brussels and paris attacks or working on new plots. but with the arrests of abrini and krayem, all of the suspects involved in the two attacks are either now dead or in custody. dan? >> alex, thank you. and here at home, one of america's most wanted, the only woman on the list, in fact, caught hiding out across the border. brenda delgado is suspected of arranging the murder of her ex's new girlfriend, the victim, a popular dentist in texas. phillip mena has the latest from dallas. phillip, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. now that she's been captured, u.s. authorities want brenda
7:13 am
delgado back here to dallas to face a murder charge. but because she's a mexican citizen, that may not happen any time soon. one of america's most wanted fugitives is this morning behind bars. brenda delgado arrested in mexico after seven months on the run charged with capital murder. the 33-year-old seen here in a mug shot taken by mexican attorney general's office agents who blurred her eyes. her capture coming just two days after landing on the fbi's most wanted list. reportedly following a tip from dallas police about her whereabouts. >> i'm convinced they knew where she was. this motivated them to pick her up. >> reporter: almost immediately authorities in mexico actively joining the hunt for the murder suspect tracking cell phones belonging to her family and by friday, delgado was in custody. discovered hiding out in the mexican town of torreon, nearly 800 miles from dallas, where she's accused of masterminding the 2015 murder of dentist kendra hatcher.
7:14 am
>> it was a murder for hire. >> reporter: police say delgado allegedly fueled by jealousy agreed to pay two accomplices to kill hatcher who was dating her ex-boyfriend. these surveillance photos of the alleged getaway driver and triggerman were taken from inside the parking garage of hatcher's dallas apartment complex the night she was murdered. >> one female is possibly shot in the neck. >> reporter: within days, police arrested the two alleged accomplices. and delgado was questioned by police. but they say there wasn't enough evidence at the time to arrest her, and suspected, she'd flee dallas back to her native mexico where she's now being held in a women's prisons and facing a complicated extradition back to the u.s. because mexico opposes the death penalty, u.s. prosecutors have instead agreed to pursue a life sentence to get delgado back here to dallas. still, it's a process that could take months. dan, cecilia. >> phillip mena reporting from dallas this morning, thank you. >> that's a tough one.
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and ron is here now with more. you're starting with the awful, awful disaster in india. >> good morning to you, cecilia and dan. rachel. good morning, everyone. a massive fire overnight at a hindu temple in southern india kills more than 100 people and injures at least 200. the blaze believed to have been started when a spark from a fireworks display ignited other explosives that were being stored. thousands of people were gathered at that temple to celebrate the last day of a seven-day religious festival. in florida, an all-white jury finds a white now former sheriff's deputy not guilty in the beating of an unarmed african-american man while he was being arrested. the beating was caught on camera. you see it there. the video back in 2014. jesse allen terrell was one of five ocala, florida, police officers charged with beating derek price. the other four, also white officers, now former officers, pleaded guilty and are awaiting sentences. those officers have since been dismissed from the police force. they all testified against terrell. and an update on that workplace shooting at lackland air force base. in texas, police have identified
7:16 am
the man who opened fire as a former fbi agent. records show that tech sergeant steven bellino had worked for the fbi less than two years before joining the air force in 2015. he was training with the special operations squadron. the squadron commander, william schroeder, was killed in that shooting. both men were found dead inside of the office, including the gunman. and a bull on the loose in north texas just outside of ft. worth. the runaway bull does a backflip to escape the trailer that he was in then goes on a rampage crossing highways, trampling and injuring six people. police say they were forced to kill the bull because it posed a deadly threat. and a tough blow for golfer billy horschel during the third round action at the masters tournament down in georgia. look what happened when he gets ready to putt his ball. no. hang in there. it's going to happen. >> waiting, waiting. >> any moment now. >> and -- oh. >> yeah, how about that.
7:17 am
the wind blew the ball off the green right into the water costing him a penalty stroke. no fault of his. horschel had hit his second shot on the 15th green just left of t hohe hole and chipped on and marked his ball and it got blown away. defending champ jordan spieth also struggling over the last couple of holes but remains one stroke ahead as we go into the final round in augusta later today. >> why are you looking at me? it's my fault that the guy's ball blew into the water. >> i thought you were staying outside to report on the cold weather. >> my goodness. >> i'm shocked that you've come in. >> notice they're all wearing sweaters down there. it's a chilly, breezy day again. might even be frost on the greens. >> really? >> you know, if you're having problems like horschel, i always go to vegas. so here's some video. >> that's a segue. >> yeah, i know. >> take your weather advice but not your financial advice. >> no, it's -- >> from rob marciano. >> well, i know people who have gone here to try to dig themselves out of a hole. but they had flash flooding there. you saw that woman briefly who was stuck because her vehicle got caught in some of these floodwaters. and torrential rains for a brief period of time. that's all it takes. in and around the valley in las
7:18 am
vegas. and you've got problems like that. we've got more rain pouring in today. a couple of areas of low pressure. i mean, for the most part this is beneficial rain, of course. they need it. but you get it all at one time in a short spot, and you'll get some flash flooding. could see locally 2 inches of more rain across parts of california. rains finally getting back up into the portland and seattle area after a record stretch of warmth and dry weather there. windy conditions across the south including augusta. and some rain and snow getting into the great lakes although not as much snow as we saw early this week. that's a quick check of your
7:19 am
>> um, ron and i discussing the usga rules of golf. and further research whether or not that should be a penalty stroke. and cecilia giving me a -- >> i'm golf clapping. >> you're happy for the cold weather. >> i'm over it. >> finally some gratitude. thank you, cecilia. good to have you. >> i'm grateful any time you're here, rob, just for the record. >> i love you, dan. >> just want to be clear on that. i'm also grateful when rachel smith is here. and she's got big news this morning of a big and strange theft in the art world. >> yeah, for sure. so, that's right, dan. the heist is taking place or it took place in missouri at the springfield art museum. the wall once displaying a collection of andy warhol campbell's soup prints is now a blank canvas. this morning, the fbi and interpol are on the hunt for an art thief behind a heist fit for "the thomas crown affair." authorities say sometime between 5:30 p.m. wednesday and 8:45 a.m. on thursday, thieves broke into the springfield art museum
7:20 am
taking down from the wall and walking out with at least one iconic andy warhol print. part of the world famous campbell's soup painting. the missing masterpiece worth it is believed to be over $30,000. >> usually art is stolen especially high-priced art, it's stolen by people in the business. >> reporter: the gallery wall, which was once lined with the pop master's work, now blank. museum officials pulling the rest of the collection while they race to find out who is behind the heist. >> the burglars gain intelligence as to the types of paintings that are in there, how they're going to get access into the facility and how they're going to get out. >> over the last six months, the museum has been working on an emergency plan, which includes reviewing their security measures. but had not yet completed the process. >> i remember the first i was telling cecilia earlier. the first time i went to the museum of modern art here in new york city a couple of years ago. i was standing in front of those
7:21 am
paintings, and a little girl turned to her father and said, it's just soup. >> very valuable soup. >> 32 of them, exactly. >> well, she's accurate. all right. thank you, rachel. appreciate it. coming up here on "gma," the latest on a story breaking overnight. the former super bowl winner, will smith, shot and killed in what appears to be a road rage incident. what we're learning about the investigation. and caught in the act, a homeowner shocked to see two alleged thieves breaking into his house thanks to an alert on his phone. the simple security steps you can take to keep your home safe. and the secrets to sensational skin. why what most of us drink every day could be making our face break out. >> you drink skim milk? apparently that's the problem. >> i thought it was beer. >> "good morning america" is brought to you billerica. er. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet played shortstop in high school, learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain
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welcome back to "gma." yes, it really actually technically is spring, but it does not feel like it with this freeze sweeping from the midwest to the east coast, millions, probably you included, waking up this morning to freezing snow, frigid temperatures. it is ugly out there in so many places. >> it's unfortunate. the duke and duchess of cambridge, meanwhile, are in india this morning. will and kate kicking off their seven-day tour by paying tribute to the victims of the mumbai terror attack that took place back in 2008. this is their first royal tour as a couple in nearly two years. they've been busy having kids. also this morning, price cuts at the post office. starting today, the cost of a first class stamp drops 2 cents from 49 to 47 cents apiece. this is the first time stamp prices have actually gone down in 97 years. >> hey.
7:31 am
we'll take what we can get, right? >> yeah. also coming up on the show this morning, the homeowner shocked to see this scene streaming live to his phone from his home security camera. suspected burglars roaming through the whole house. what happened just minutes after they got there. and the best ways you can protect your own home. good stuff to know. >> it's a wild story but we're going to start here with the new details coming in right now about the murder of a former football star on the streets of new orleans. will smith was a key part of the new orleans saints team that won the super bowl back in 2009. but he was killed in what appears to be a road rage attack. and abc's eva pilgrim is here with more. eva. >> reporter: good morning, a shooting rocking the nfl community this morning. former new orleans saints defensive end will smith shot multiple times over what was essentially a fender bender. saints head coach sean peyton responding to the news on twitter just a short time ago saying "heavy hearts with the senseless passing of our team captain. will smith. pray for his wife's recovery and
7:32 am
their children." overnight, stunning news rocking the nfl community. former new orleans saints defensive end will smith, shot and killed in a road rage incident late saturday evening. >> oh, my gosh! >> reporter: smith's wife crying out as paramedics carry her away. also shot twice in the leg. police saying that a hummer hit smith's mercedes suv near an intersection. the two drivers begin arguing. >> complainants state that there is a male down with about six gunshot wounds to the chest. >> reporter: espn's mike triplet was at the scene of the shooting shortly after the incident. >> according to police, smith was driving. he was struck from behind. by another vehicle. the two drivers then exchanged words. and at some point, smith was shot multiple times. >> reporter: the alleged gunman, this man seen here as he is taken into custody. hours earlier smith posting this selfie of him with his wife at the new orleans french quarter fest writing "having a blast." smith was a member of the 2009
7:33 am
saints winning team that brought the city its first championship and the senior vice president of the saints tweeting, "a senseless and tragic loss. our thoughts and prayers are with will smith. his wife racquel and his children." his family releasing this statement on the facebook page, "we are thankful for the outpouring of support and prayers. woo he ask thaw continue to respect the family's privacy as they grieve the loss of a devoted husband, father and friend" and will smith was just 4 years old. his wife is still recovering in the hospital and she is expected to be okay. >> let's get it back to rob for another look at the forecast. >> cold, the snow. the story. this picture out of state college, pennsylvania. where penn state is home based. good snow there. a bunch of meteorologists there. one of the largest programs in the country. a lot of peeps. and we've got a couple that work here in the weather department. that snow sticking around this
7:34 am
morning because it's chilly out there. we still have the frost and freeze advisories out around the ohio river valley. some areas through the carolinas at or near freezing. 18 degrees in oak hill right now. 25. these are actual wind temperatures and actual temperatures. forget about the windchills. as far as the rainfall coming up with our next system it's going to be mostly rainfall. this will warm things up a little bit beginning tomorrow. but we'll see a decent amount of rain especially across the mid-mississippi valley and we'll probably see some severe weather with this today. really across tornado alley. although tornadoes won't be a huge threat. just a slight risk right now where we could have a few isolated tornadoes. wichita falls up through oklahoma city. southeast of wichita, kansas, could be an issue today as the front squeezes the moisture and the heat that is starting to build. a mixture of rain and snow really across the u.p. of michigan and not accumulating too much more because of a warming trend that's going to be in place and rain across parts of southern california. where they do need it. flash flood watches have been
7:35 am
posted for some areas. we saw that flooding in las vegas. so more in the way of rain heading into the southwest. >> this weather report is brought you to by motrin, which i could use some after -- no, i wouldn't say that. >> you're much more credible when you're outside in the elements, not inside here, nice and cozy. >> let's watch the matches together. come on. come over the house. all right. >> bromance. all right. coming up here on the show, imagine checking your phone and seeing this, alleged burglars breaking into your home live. what happened next? plus, the devices that can apparently keep criminals away. keep it here. more "gma" after the break. keep it here. more "gma" after the the break. motrin helps you be an unstoppable, let's-rock-this-concert- like-it's-1999 kind of mom.
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developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. look at this. look at this. a homeowner got a huge look at this. a homeowner got a huge shock when he saw this. guys sneaking around his home. and it was all caught on camera and streamed live to his phone as it was happening. >> can you imagine? next came a quick call to
7:40 am
police. are these high-tech devices making a difference? abc's gio benitez is here with more. >> hey, cecilia, hey, dan. the homeowner was on a business trip when he saw this live video. two alleged burglars casually going through his stuff for 8 1/2 minutes. they had no idea they were being watched. no, these men are not dropping by this boston home. they're breaking in. watch as the brazen burglars waste no time casing the house. making their way from room to room inspecting their inventory. >> hey, take this right here. >> reporter: so at home in the house they had broken into, one even offered the dog a treat. >> puppy. >> reporter: then the two are seen heading up the stairs. but what they don't know is homeowner damian gerard is watching the whole thing from his cell phone. >> i was thinking, are they going to steal my dog? >> reporter: the police arrived minutes later, guns drawn. catching the men before they can make off with gerard's belongings. >> i didn't break into anything.
7:41 am
he said he was -- >> reporter: having things so under control, even the dog decides to go take a nap. but scenes like these are all too common with an estimated 1.2 million break-ins in the u.s. every year, there's one burglary every 16 seconds. so how can you keep your home safe? well, security expert bill stanton tells abc news that the first thing you should do is bulk up your locks. >> we have a dead bolt. we have an alarm system. and this door is steel reinforced. >> reporter: next, make sure to secure every point of access. >> access into the home from the garage, most homes don't have that door secure. >> reporter: lastly, install those high-tech cameras so you can stop thieves like these in their tracks. >> invest in those extra dollars so you could possibly see the intruder coming in before they actually get in. >> reporter: as for those two alleged burglars in boston, both are charged with breaking and entering and larceny. and the two suspects were arraigned, and they'll be back in court tomorrow. by the way, the homeowner likes
7:42 am
his brave little doggie, but, he says, he plans to get a bigger dog soon. >> yeah. >> fair enough. fair enough. gio, thank you. great to see you on a sunday. coming up here on "gma," is what you're eating and drinking affecting your skin? a dermatologist sharing the newest findings in our "weekend download." and the battle to build a better board game. how you can win big. all coming up in "pop news." and the battle to build a better board game. how you can win big. all coming up in "pop news." how you can win big. hey, jesse. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. vern from voya? yep, vern from voya. why are you orange? that's a little weird. really? that's the weird part in this scenario? look, orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. save a little here and there, and over time, your money could multiply. see? ah, ok. so, why are you orange? funny. see how voya can help you get organized at lowe's personalized ever slawn care plan, up for i've been up on my hind legs
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♪ did it ever cross your mind that the skim milk in your morning coffee could be causing you to break out? it never crossed my mind. apparently, it's true. with us this morning, board certified dermatologist
7:46 am
dr. whitney bowe who has new findings on how your diet could affect your skin. good morning. >> good morning. >> no skim milk? >> no, a number of studies are now showing that people who drink dairy milk are more likely to struggle with breakouts and acne. you know, we think it has to do with the combination of the hormones in the milk as well as milk proteins things like whey and kasia and interestingly skim milk has the strongest association with acne. so many patients drink skim milk thinking they're cutting calories and heating itoey but they're triggering inflammations in the skin. >> you mentioned whey, whey proteins. people use whey not uncommonly. it's in a lot of protein bars. >> the vast majority of protein supplements are made and with whey, and recent studies show it triggers inflammation and acne in the skin. bodybuilders and athletes who supplement their diets with whey in the shakes, smoothies and bars are much more likely to break out on their face, chest, and back. >> what should we do instead of whey or skim milk? >> so instead of skim milk opt for almond milk or coconut milk. both are very low in calorie,
7:47 am
great for the skin and then instead of whey, you can choose like a vegetable-based protein like a pea preteen or a rice protein. >> i hesitate to ask. but i've been told to ask about carbs. i like bread and pasta. but carbs apparently bad for the skin? >> no one likes to know this. but, ah, if you want clear skin, refined carbs are like the worst thing you can do. so white bread, white pasta, chips, cornflakes, pretzels, they wreak havoc in the skin. they increase insulin-like growth factor one. so bad for the skin. if you're craving carbs, try to go with a complex carb. >> so do you never have bread or pasta for real? >> i do. i do. but i try to incorporate it with healthy fats, proteins, things that are going to slow the digestion and, you know, the absorption of those sugars. because it's the refined sugars when they're quickly absorbed is what triggers the acne. >> great information. you have ruined my morning but nonetheless -- thank you for coming. >> no french toast today. coming up, more news you can use.
7:48 am
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by petco, dedicated to your pets' happiness. >> it's "pop news." and the aforementioned news you can use. rachel smith, what's going on? >> i'm bringing it for real today, dan. all right, guys, well, first up, justin bieber, he gave some students at an oklahoma high school quite a shock. but it took a little time for it all to sink in. the pop star strolled into the music class at central high school. but at first they don't reason even realize it. they didn't even flinch. but then things quickly changed. >> we have a special guest. [ screaming ] >> that's hysterical. i love it, fanning the face. you know, so cute. >> oh, my gosh! >> what's up, guys? >> they're like, no way, really?
7:53 am
i mean, those reactions are priceless. and bieber stayed for awhile. he even sang with some of the students. and he also donated $10,000 to the school. the surprise appearance was filmed exclusively for disney channel presents the 2016 radio disney music awards. which airs may 1st on the disney channel. >> very cool. >> so cool. right? i love that. reactions are priceless. >> i love that it's a classical music class. there's bieber walking in with his rocker shades. >> i know, totally. >> to give a couple lessons. >> he'll be remembered in the same category as beethoven, i'm sure of it. >> totally. moving on to last night's mtv awards and the fan favorite category, best kiss. and this year the winners are "pitch perfect 2" stars rebel wilson and adam devine for their very enthusiastic version. ♪ still you say we belong >> oh, wow. >> oh, yeah, they really -- get to smooching in that scene. it's -- >> oh, oh. >> whoa. >> maybe a little much for morning. sorry, guys. but anyway, accepting the award, wilson joked that it was quite incredible.
7:54 am
>> what is happening there? >> it's quite the moment. rebel said she was honored to win the award. but, in real life, they have absolutely no sexual chemistry whatsoever. >> i think you get that from the scene. it shows up right there on camera. >> right, and the show airs tonight on mtv. all you family game night fans, listen up because here's your chance to be the ultimate champ. hasbro and indy gogo are searching for the next big board game of our time. so, if you've ever thought you could make your own candyland, my personal favorite or monopoly, then do not pass go, do not collect $200, just head straight to the hasbro website and pitch them your idea by may 15th because the winner will win $25,000 and the opportunity to work with hasbro's top game designers to turn your dream game into a reality. it's kind of cool. yeah? >> fun. i don't have any ideas. >> i'm trying to think. >> no ideas? i'm all about some family game night. >> i'm all about the 25,000 bucks.
7:55 am
>> i'm trying to think of my favorite games which are hasbro, which are mattel. don't want to guess. >> hungry, hungry hippo. >> i'm all about candyland. >> operation. >> operation, nice. >> i never had the steady hand for that. that's why i got in the weather business. >> shocking. and finally a little brotherly love for these two dachshunds. this internet famous dog called caruso, the dachshund, and brother, oakley, well, they're playing a fun game of ball hockey. >> of course, they are, right? >> it's amazing. repping their hometown teams, the montreal canadiens and the toronto maple leafs. not sure who actually won the game. but i think the only goal here, you know, is just to have some fun. and they look adorable in those costumes. >> shocking that this took place in canada. >> yeah. >> it's pretty amazing, though. >> that's awesome. >> bordering on animal cruelty. >> that's my thought, too. >> oh, no. >> they look like they're enjoying themselves. >> they are enjoying themselves. >> yeah. and we are enjoying ourselves watching you deliver "pop news" with such aplomb. thank you very much. >> news you can use. >> yeah.
7:56 am
i can use it and i'll use it all day long and watch it on my phone all day long. >> congrats to ron for finishing his 5k. >> nicely done. >> a little bit of running. >> he's been walking with a sore hammy all day long. thanks for watching. see you later. . e's been walking with a sor hammy all day long. thanks for watching.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. new york state of mind. after both front-runners lose big in wisconsin. ♪ y'all ready for this >> the raucous race for the white house hits the empire state. for the democrats, it's a fight over who is qualified. >> i've been called a lot of things over the years. but unqualified has not been one of them. >> and who is winning? with bernie picking up states, hillary picking up delegates. bernie sanders and hillary clinton's top strategist, both here live. plus, for the gop, trump's feeling the heat. outorganized by ted cruz, trump shakes up his campaign. but is it too little, too late? and -- ♪ born to one >> -- the boss' boycott. why the


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