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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 18, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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this morning on "world news now," the final push for an empire's worth of delegates. >> the new york primary is just a day away. all the candidates are on the ground hoping to corner some last minute votes as donald trump continues to speak out against the way the gop makes its picks. a desperate search under way for survivors under the rubble of the earthquake in ecuador. the death toll in the hundreds and continuing to climb. as our reporter meets the infant pulled from the rubble last week in japan. and the owner of this car was shocked to see this video. that's because the person behind the wheel is actually his mechanic apparently stretching the limits of the term test drive. we'll have some tips on what you can look out for. >> uh-oh. and walking red. the global movement of ginger pride redheads taking to the streets to take a stand against bullying and celebrating at
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amber locks that make them so unique. there's no parting this sea of red on this monday, april 18th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. thanks for being here with us on this monday. >> happy monday to everyone. >> happy monday. let's get started for the candidates for president, all very much in a new york state of mind. >> of course, just one day before the new york primaries and all five presidential candidates are seeking votes across the state today. the democrats are trading jabs about big money in politics and republican donald trump is railing against his party's nominating process. >> it's your voice, your vote. we begin with abc's gloria riviera. >> reporter: the candidates for president, bringing the battle back to new york. >> hey, bernie? >> how are you? >> reporter: bernie sanders in the shadow of the brooklyn bridge taking his case straight to the people. the brooklyn native smiling for selfies.
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as hillary clinton spent her afternoon dancing at a block party in manhattan. >> i'm so happy to be here in the heights with all of you. >> reporter: both candidates presenting a fun face on a race that's getting more heated. >> she has received $15 million in the last reporting period from wall street alone. >> reporter: on abc's "this week" sanders hit out at hillary clinton's campaign finances. clinton firing back saying her fund-raisers do something his do not. >> i am raising money to elect other democrats. i'm a democrat. i want to see us take back the senate. >> reporter: even hillary clinton's supporters, george clooney came out to defend big money events like the ones he held for her this weekend. >> the overwhelming amount of the money that we're raising is not going to hillary to run for president. it's going to the down ticket, it's going to the congressmen and senators to try to take back congress. >> reporter: donald trump also courting new york voters and defending his comments saying the republican party could be in for a rough july at the convention.
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>> you're going to have a very, very upset and angry group of people. i hope it doesn't involve violence. >> reporter: trump's rival ted cruz notched another win saturday win in wyoming. now the trump campaign is threatening to file protests in several states. but john kasich says it's time for the front runner to stop complaining. > i mean, come on. act like you know, like you're a professional. be a pro. >> reporter: gloria riviera, abc news, washington. >> and gloria's report mentioned ted cruz's weekend victory in wyoming. >> it was a big win for him. >> donald trump in the meantime and one of his top aides say their campaign actually didn't contest wyoming at all because they didn't want to waste money buying delegates. abc's jonathan carl now with some convention delegate math >> reporter: trump can clinch this nomination before the convention, but he needs to go on a roll. he needs 481 more delegates. that's about 63% of those remaining. here's how he can get there.
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first of all you mentioned new york. really over the next nine days, all these contests in the northeast, this is trump's backyard. he's expected to win. he's going to need to win big in all those states. because then the month of may, the contest moves out west the pacific northwest, nebraska, not areas that are necessarily trump's strength. most important state in may is the state of indiana. he's going to need to do better than expected in may because you no matter what, we are headed to the last day of voting. june 7th, several states including most importantly the state of california. 172 delegates. if trump is going to win this, even if he's going on a roll between now and then, he's going to need a big win in california. jonathan karl, abc news, washington. >> jon karl, thanks so much for that. today the eight justices on the supreme court hear arguments in a major immigration case. at issue is president obama's plan to shield more than 4 million people here illegally from deportation.
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texas and 25 other states have sued to block the plan and so far, lower courts have sided with them. but texas still has to prove that it has the right to sue in the first place. there's been yet another buzzing incident by a russian jet. this time a u.s. reconnaissance plane that was flying over the baltic sea. the pentagon calls the russians barrel roll over the jet unsafe and unprofessional. of course, this happened just days after russian fighter jets buzzed a u.s. navy destroyer. there were more than 30 passes over the "uss donald cook" within 30 feet. now to the earthquake devastation on both sides of the pacific ocean in japan and in ecuador. that's where much-needed aid is finally arriving after the country's strongest quake in decades. leaders of other south american countries are promising to send rescue workers to the quake zone and the u.s. military is preparing to help in the wake of the deadly quake in japan, as well. here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: the third massive quake, the strongest yet,
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leaving shoppers screaming, products tumbling off the shelves, and then darkness. the epicenter of this powerful 7.8 magnitude quake just 110 miles west of ecuador's capital. its president saying today hundreds are dead. this man using his hands to dig into a mountain of bricks. he tells us, three are alive and a girl is dead. experts warning the united states is also in danger. >> we're all on the ring of fire. this is a very active part of the earth and it's a reminder that this is a hazard that we face. [ screaming ] >> reporter: across the pacific, a spasm of hundreds of earthquakes and aftershocks killing dozens. most of the dead in the town of mashiki. at this one on friday, rescuers gently delivered this 9-month-old baby girl from death's grip. that rescue, the one bright spot amid the grim task of recovery. in that same neighborhood, we found these rescuers. this crew is checking out the hardest-hit homes, and one house
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in particular they want to hit, is the one where that 9-month-old baby girl was rescued from. they want to make sure that nobody's still in there. minutes later, they found it. so this rescue crew finally found the house where they rescued that girl just a couple days ago. when you look at this house, it's incredible that anyone was able to survive. then, a man approached us. he said he was the baby's grandfather. her name, baby miku. rescued. >> rescued, exactly. >> rescued. >> thank god, right? wow. he then tells us we can meet her, hopping in the only possession he has left. hi, sweet girl. and she was right there when we walked up to the shelter. all cheeks and completely unscathed. >> miku's family told me that they lost everything in the quake but also that they found the most important thing, their family. meantime recovery here has been hampered by hundreds of aftershocks and the fear that another massive one could come at any time.
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matt gutman, abc news, japan. >> miku looking very cute there. thanks, matt, for that report. back here at home, more than a dozen people injured in a city bus crash in las vegas. police and bus passengers say a pickup truck ran a red light and rammed the side of the bus. one of the passengers in the truck was taken to the hospital in critical condition. she had not been wearing a seat belt. police say the driver of the pickup showed no signs of impairment and suffered only minor injuries. well, today is patriots' day. that means a couple of things, one, a late morning start for the red sox game at fenway park and, of course, the boston marathon. >> it is a big day there. more than 30,000 runners will take part in the race's 120th edition. many of them carb loading at big pasta dinners across the boston area yesterday. >> i did that part with them, too. >> did you? except not the run? >> right, exactly. this is the third anniversary of the boston marathon bombing. there will be about 5,000 police officers along the 26.2 mile course.
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race organizers are commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first woman to complete the race. >> you know mark wahlberg is a local in the boston area. he was there over the weekend. surprised some of the runners because he's in boston shooting a movie called "patriot's day" >> very cool. >> about the bombing. that movie coming out in december. >> i went to boston college. this was a huge event. all of those years. brings back many, many fond memories. >> you've never done the marathon itself? >> see, my cousin ran it once. i did sort of jump in and i ran with him for a short distance for moral support. but i was kind of wearing jeans and pigtails and a bandana around my head. you heard a lot of people commenting how someone was running the marathon in jeans. not realizing i was only running five blocks before i jumped back out on the sidelines where i belonged. in a way i ran in the marathon. >> you did the carb loading and you did five blocks. >> yeah. >> success. >> marathon runner right here. coming up, the incredible moment when a deaf child hears music for the first time. >> you don't want to miss that later on in the mix.
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first, the playoffs. the basketball playoffs that is are under way. the chance for one of the best teams ever to take its crown. but can the warriors stay healthy all the way through the finals? later, the guy taking somebody else's car for a spin when he probably shouldn't have and why the dashcam video got him in hot water. remember, find us on facebook twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." oh my goodness! happy birthday! oh, you. (laughing) this was a wonderful surprise. you know, at our age, not all surprises can be this good. you're not kidding. (female #1) remember peggy's surprise last month when frank died? so sudden; all the funeral expenses. they were not prepared. well, i'm not going to burden my family with my final expenses. -huh? -i called about the colonial penn program this morning. i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85,
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♪ ♪ we ♪ we love that basketball basketball's my favorite sport. >> that's a little curtis blow and kendis gibson getting us ready for nba playoff highlights eventually it gets out there. >> let's start with the spurs and the grizzlies. >> please do. >> san antonio got down to business in the third quarter scoring 33 points while clamping down on defense. at that point, the game was essentially over. >> by the end the spurs held on for a 106-74 victory. memphis's coach summed it up saying "they were very good." >> keeping it simple. >> i'd say so. san antonio leads the series, one game to none. game two is tomorrow. so things were a lot closer between the pistons and the cavaliers. cleveland had its big three working on all cylinders and they needed to beat kyrie
3:15 am
irving dropped in a game high 31 points. kevin love added 28. there was that guy. what is his name? >> starts with an "l"? >> i think so. he's royalty. >> king james. >> that's it. >> bingo. >> contributing 22 points. even so, cleveland had to overcome a seven-point deficit in the fourth quarter. the cavs won it 106-101 to take a one game lead in that series. game two is wednesday. golden state superstar steph curry says he is playing tonight in the warriors' game against houston. curry injured his right ankle against the rockets. saturday's blowout win, he underwent treatment yesterday instead of practicing. curry says his main concern now is just doing any further damage. but even with that injured ankle, one year after beating good ole lebron james in last year's nba finals, steph curry is still unseating king james in popularity. >> there was a recent poll that shows curry has jumped ahead of james as the league's number one favorite player. it seems curry fever has no
3:16 am
limits. here's espn "sportscenter" anchor kevin negandhi. >> no matter where he is on the court, steph curry can beat you. >> bang! bang! oh, what a shot from curry! >> reporter: smashing records and leading the league in scoring, curry could become the nba's first ever unanimous mvp winner. while lebron james looks like a 6'8" comic book super hero, the 6'3" curry is doing it with ridiculous shooting range and dribbling skills that kids like noah cutler want to imitate. so much of what steph curry does, people can identify with. handling a ball, shooting a ball. he very rarely dunks. he's not flying through the air. steph curry and now a whole legion of players like him realize that dribbling and shooting the three-pointer can make you a champion. >> that three is perfect! >> i want to be great. i want to be the best i can be. >> reporter: one out of every
3:17 am
five avid nba fans name him as their favorite athlete, but popularity at home may be a little different. his young daughter riley stole many of the post-game headlines during last year's playoff run. >> be quiet. >> reporter: now curry is the face of the nba and the defending champion warriors. but the biggest test on trying to become the best team ever begins in the playoffs. >> we just know we have a good thing here. we want to take advantage of it and keep pushing the envelope. >> so watching that, i'm curious, what's your favorite curry, red, green? yellow curry. >> green curry. that's the least spicy. right? >> i think that's the least spicy. >> i'm kind of a wimp. >> i am, too. >> do you have a favorite between lebron and steph curry? >> steph curry by far. >> i have a hard time. i really like lebron in "train wreck." but steph has great eyes. >> he does have dreamy eyes. but lebron was pretty good in
3:18 am
"train wreck." >> i like his sense of humor. coming up in our next half hour, the new device promising to crack down on texting behind the wheel allowing officers to scan a driver's phone messages the moments before a crash, but it's already sparking some controversy. but first, most of us think nothing of dropping our cars off for service or parking. do you really know what happens after you hand over the keys? the warning for all drivers ahead. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this f
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♪ ♪ ♪ come on and take a free ride ♪ come on and take it by my side, come on and take a free ride ♪ everybody likes a free ride, right? >> everybody does. >> especially on a monday morning unless you're the one paying for it. then it's not so much fun. >> then it's not fun at all. most of us think nothing of actually dropping off our keys at the mechanic and having our
3:20 am
car get fixed or dropping it off with the valet. but do you know what happens after you do so? >> apparently not. >> here's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: a mechanic's joy ride caught on camera. >> this is going to be fun. >> reporter: the owner of this audi shocked to find this dashcam video after he picked up his car from the shop. according to the owner, this is a worker at the palo alto audi dealership cruising along hitting 87 miles per hour and blasting the radio. when the owner discovered the video, he posted right on the dealer's facebook page accusing its staff of abusing a car while it was supposed to be serviced. shame on you. >> whenever you're handing over the keys to your car, you've got to be careful. >> reporter: but it can be more than just a joy ride like the one from ferris bueller when you hand over the keys to your car to a virtual stranger. >> rough driving is not unusual. i'm talking about full throttle
3:21 am
acceleration, heavy braking, hard cornering. >> reporter: on then "20/20" experiment we dropped off a tesla at the hotel valet and within minutes hidden cameras captured workers rifling through the car, even lifting a $20 bill. there are ways to protect your car when you are not behind the wheel. >> if you've got a valet key, use it so they don't have access to anything that you might have stored. >> reporter: and apparently your car can be a risk even in a parking facility. 2012, the orlando abc news affiliate wftv dropped off this red corvette with a long-term parking company, a gps tracker hidden in the trunk. the station's cameras and chopper capturing a string of joy rides including this white knuckle u turn. >> you can add a discreet dashcam to your car. >> reporter: those small dashcams documenting every move your car makes can be installed for as little as $40. for this palo alto driver, it was the only proof of a mechanic's wild ride. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york.
3:22 am
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for a toilet that gets clean, then actually stays that way. lysol that. ♪ okay. so there is an interesting day that took place over the weekend in australia. it was, did you know, it was ginger pride day. >> i love ginger. >> like the spice? >> yeah. >> or? >> oh. >> or spice girl? >> i like the spice. the spice girl and i dig redheads. >> they were trying to do this parade on pride day in support of gingers everywhere. so you had all these redheads who took to the streets of melbourne, australia having signs saying drop red gorgeous and day of the walking red. [laughter]. >> to take it -- >> creative. >> yeah. and even held on to lord ginger to bring some pride it to. of course, we have some famous gingers that include prince
3:26 am
harry, ed sheeran and, of course, the world famous carrottop. >> really? >> that's what comes to mind. >> julianne moore. no? >> some day. if you wanted to list of the c list actors. more adorableness on the way. get ready for this one. 2-year-old ezra somnitz. he you can tell is very entertained by his new recorder. this is the first time he's playing some music. >> so why is it a big deal? >> ezra is completely deaf but his mother says he just is kind of blown away by the power of the instrument. he can feel the vibrations in that. >> so he can't hear it but he can feel it. >> it's one of his new favorite things. and she says they're very proud of him. they're not trying to make him different. they know he is deaf. they just want him to be proud of being deaf and embrace it all. it seems like he's doing just that. >> i love his little laugh. >> it's great. we have another kid. this one is pretty cute, as
3:27 am
well. take a look and listen to what he had to say here. >> who drew on mommy's mirror? >> i don't know. >> was it you? >> no. >> who was it? >> batman. it's batman. >> he's saying batman did it. he got caught scribbling with his mom's lipstick all over the mirror. oh well, i'll just blame batman. >> it's batman. >> mom seems to be buying it. she seems to be into experience. >> no doubt. there is a new meme out in japan. remember the hot dogs or legs. a bunch of photos where it's hard to tell what's in one and what's in the other? now it's baby or bread. that's right. one of these pictures is a chubby baby arm and the other is a loaf of bread. it's hard to tell which ones. >> the one with the wrapping. > they're making it easy for us. this set of parents in japan started to taking to twitter and sharing these photos. some of them are difficult to tell. awesome. the #is my baby's got the best
3:28 am
bread photo should anybody want to share some of t
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," rescuers are searching for survivors in the aftermath of the earthquake in ecuador as crews in japan try to make some rescues of their own after getting hit again. severe flooding threatening a large swath of this country. heavy rain set to stick around for several days. as residents across the midwest and south are on the watch for the possibility of tornadoes. the forecast coming up. new this half hour, a massive fire is darkening the skies over l.a. >> the junkyard inferno blanketing entire sections of the city in smoke. the investigation into how this starred. and we have some breaking news about beyonce. queen b released a full length trailer of her project called lemonade. it seems to raise more questions than it answers. we have the full story ahead in "the skinny" on this monday, april 18th.
3:31 am
♪ stop the track >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now". >> april 18th. tax day. >> it is tax day. a reminder for you all. good morning. it is monday. i looked at that entire beyonce clip a couple times. >> still confused. >> still confused. the only thing i can decipher is i know definitively she's coming out with a new line of beverage called lemonade. that's what i think it is. >> i'm not sure you're right on that one. we'll dig more into this. >> no? >> a little later in the show. we'll look further into it. >> okay. shifting gears a bit, we begin today with two major earthquakes devastating two different countries just days apart. we have new images in overnight from the powerful earthquake in ecuador. drone footage shows collapsed highways that look like they were completely thrown around. the death toll there rising past 270. in the meantime, in asia, in
3:32 am
jap japan, some hard-hit areas have been cut off from aid because of landslides were caused by earthquakes over there. we know now to abc's joohee cho. >> reporter: sirens in the streets. chaos in the stores. video capturing the moments a massive 7.8 earth quake rocked ecuador knocking products off the shelves. and sending customers scrambling for the exits. the warning sirens blaring, the devastation heart breaking. houses and apartment buildings crumbling to the ground. the tremors flattening this overpass, crushing cars beneath. the rescue starting in the dark. the government already confirming hundreds of people killed. this marks the third quake in three days along the so-called ring of fire. the area along the pacific basin where a series of tectonic plates move causing most of the world's earthquakes. in southern japan, two strong quakes followed by hundreds of aftershocks shattered entire neighborhoods and triggered
3:33 am
massive mudslides now rescue teams are racing against the clock still searching for any survivors trapped in the rubble. the united states now jumping into help. the marines sending four osprey helicopters. people are hoping for more scenes like this. a 9-month-old baby pulled out of a collapsed home friday. our own matt gutman caught up with the family of baby miku. >> this is the miracle baby. >> reporter: the little girl entirely unhurt, now one of thousands of families left homeless, living in shelters. joohee cho, abc news, fukuoko, japan. >> and back to that life and death situation in ecuador where the desperate search for survivors continues at this hour. police tweeting out a photo of a mother and daughter rescued with the headline good news. on stand by to help with rescues like this is a team of specialized los angeles county
3:34 am
firefighters. there's new worries with these drones and aviation safety. it appears a drone collided with a british airways flight coming in for landing at heathrow airport. if so, it's the first incident of this kind involving a major airline. there were no injuries to the 133 people on board nor did the plane sustain any damage. but authorities are investigating. now to the presidential race. the candidates making their final push ahead after tomorrow's new york primaries. all of them have events today across the empire state. on the democratic side, bernie sanders' campaign says he drew his largest crowd yet. they claim more than 28,000 people to a rally yesterday in brooklyn. sanders continued attacking hillary clinton for her links to big money contributors. for her part, clinton did some, i think that's dancing in manhattan at a street fair. early on abc's this week, clinton responded to being attacked and being called crooked by donald trump.
3:35 am
>> he can say whatever he wants to say about me. i really could care less. i'm going to stay focused on the issues because there are stark differences. >> clinton also said his insults are hurting american unity at home and defended herself against sanders' big money attacks saying she was raising a lot of cash for democrats in general. on the republican side, donald trump has a strong lead in the latest polls at appearances yesterday, trump continued attacking what he called the corrupt republican delegate system which he says might result in violence at the party's convention this summer in cleveland. trump said he didn't contest is the voting in wyoming because he didn't want to spend money buying delegates. ted cruz picked up all 14 delegates available in wyoming. cruz will be at a town hall this morning on "good morning america." a live flood watch with some areas seeing up to six inches of rain. that massive storm will dump a month's worth of rain on the central plains. that's not the only extreme weather affecting the heartland. here is abc's phillip mena with more. >> reporter: relentless rain in texas and oklahoma. three to six inches falling in
3:36 am
some areas triggering flash flooding. west of ft. worth, the driver of that red car had to be rescued from a flooded road. a lightning strike believed to have sparked this oil tank fire south of dallas. and for the first time in three seasons, a texas rangers home game was rained out. for two days this massive storm system hovering over the heartland. bringing tornadoes and whiteout conditions. forcing the cancellation of nearly 450 flight at dallas fort worth and another 850 at denver international. more than a foot falling there. and in nearby pine cliff, a whopping 50 inches. the blinding storm causing multiple wrecks along interstate 670. and a new danger for driveways -- deeply flooded roadways. here in dallas, they're bracing for more torrential rains and all that water will cause the trinity river to flood its banks.
3:37 am
phillip mena, abc news, dallas. >> a bad situation only getting worse. as we mentioned, it will be awhile before the rain stops. >> they can't get a break. >> let's get the full forecast from accuweather's paul williams. >> good morning, paul. >> good morning to you as well, diane, kendis. soaking rain, basically soaking the central part of the country all the way up towards the dakotas and to kansas city, oklahoma city, dallas, where we're expecting thunderstorms with a chance of isolated tornadoes and soaking rain along the coast. san antonio over towards houston. and then not only then but we expected the wet weather continue to go into wednesday. the low will be blocked by this high pressure system keeping waves of soaking rain in the middle. kendis, diane? >> paul, thank you. washington state police are looking for brothers who they say are armed and dangerous. john and tony reed are suspected of murdering a married couple who haven't been seen in nearly a week. video puts the brothers near the couple's vehicles which were dumped in a wooded area and they
3:38 am
may have had prior disputes over property. the palm beach zoo reopens for the first time since a zookeeper was killed by a tiger. 38-year-old stacy konwiser was attacked by a 13-year-old malaysian tiger that was familiar with her. conwiser was working behind the scenes in a closed area where the tiger sleeps when the fatal attack took place. the tiger has now been put down. >> there has never been blame nor will there ever be blame assigned to the wild malaysian tiger involved in this deadly incident. >> her coworkers call konwiser the tiger whisperer for her work with the animals. her husband is also a keeper at the zoo. he says quoting here "human beings and animals lost a wonderful friend." a top government health official says women here in the u.s. do not need to delay pregnancy because of the zika virus but dr. anthony fauci warns it's a different story if those women plan to travel overseas. he says they should pay attention to the warnings and
3:39 am
avoid certain countries in central and south america as well as the caribbean. amazon is putting pressure on netflix. with new options for its prime service. the giant online retailer is now offering video streaming as a stand alone service for $9 a month. netflix, of course, is $10. for most of us, today is tax day. that's the deadline to file your income tax returns. it's normally april 15th. but because last friday was a legal holiday in washington, d.c. the deadline was pushed to the next business day, but if you live in massachusetts or maine, you have one more day because today is patriots' day. >> of course. it gets extended. >> holiday there. >> so the irs expects 5 million last minute returns today but you can ask for a six-month extension. keep in mind, it's only extra time to file the paperwork. you still have to pay today. >> guess who one of the last minute returns is going to be? >> really. >> this girl. >> just file the extension. >> got it in, though.
3:40 am
it's happening. > there are a lot of freebies on tax day. including red robin has a deal for bottomless fries. >> no? >> boston market is offering a half a chicken meal for $10.40. get it? 1040, the tax form, the 1040. >> oh, i get it. very cool. it's normally every day it's five bucks. today it's 1040. thanks, boston market. coming up -- oh, go ahead. >> a new tool in the fight against texting and driving. > it might be harder to get away with now that police can see if you were indeed using your phone before a crash. and the festival season has begun. thousands flocking to the california desert for something called coachella. including "a" list celebs previewing the summer's hottest fashions. that's ahead in the "the skinny." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by no! no! hair removal. hair removal.
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we have new video of a massive fire. this is more than 100 vehicles up in flames at an auto wrecking yard in los angeles. you can see the black smoke just pouring into the sky above that plant in the san fernando valley. the fire was fanned by five to ten-mile-an-hour winds. the cause of the fire still under investigation. nearly half a million americans are injured or killed in traffic accident bs that are blamed on texting and driving, and it's not an easy thing to prove. >> law enforcement may have a powerful tool in the fight against distracted driving. it's already sparking controversy. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: it's a temptation for so many drivers, texting behind the wheel. a third of drivers admit to doing it.
3:45 am
>> it's going on all day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. >> reporter: but police may soon have a new tool in the fight against distracted driving. lawmakers in new york will soon consider giving police so-called textalyzers. think of it as a breathalyzer for your phone, a device that could reveal if you were texting at the time of an accident. >> we would plug that cell phone into the textalyzer and it would give us information that would let us know if the operator was using the phone. >> reporter: the proposed law in memory of evan lieberman, who was killed in a head-on crash by a driver who was texting. his dad fought for the cell phone log. >> it was a lot of real gut wrenching back and forth and it took me about six months to get the phone records. >> reporter: critics worry the bill could lead police to seize phones without justification. >> i think that there's much that needs to be done, that can be done both to address the problem and to respect the privacy rights of drivers. >> reporter: the company behind
3:46 am
the textalyzer says it won't be able to read your texts, but can see when you touch your phone. under the proposed law, drivers could lose their license if they refuse to turn it over. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. we're going to switch gears and get to "the skinny" next. our first peek at beyonce's mind-blowing new project. and what happened between leo and rihanna at coachella. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world new
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3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ skinny, so skinny it is time now, if you haven't guessed, for "the skinny." topping our headlines this morning, we have some breaking "skinny" news. >> this is huge. we should have a banner that says breaking "skinny" news. one day after posting a 20-second teaser of lemonade, you see it there flashing, alert beyonce and hbo last night released an extended trailer of their mysterious project. >> why can't you see me? ♪ you're the love of my life. >> this is going to be -- this is going to be awesome. >> if you are still confused, you are not alone.
3:49 am
many are still wondering what it all means. fans have commented it looks like something out of "american horror story." it's billed as a world premiere event. lemonade will air on hbo this sunday. >> i will drink it up on sunday. that was great, right, jack? that was awesome. he can't wait. let's get to another major event that is playing out over the weekend. the music festival coachella. >> got to love it. >> the 17th annual event near palm springs, attracted lots of "a" listers including taylor swift dressing down like we've never seen her before. showing off new platinum locks. >> so katy perry in the meantime sashayed through the crowd in a quirky cloud print jump suit with pink hair buns. >> and sparking fresh speculation what new york magazine calls the former maybe lovers leonardo and rihanna were spotted hanging out together in
3:50 am
the crowd. >> they don't look former there. looks pretty current. and kesha took a break from her legal fight with dr. luke to belt out a performance. >> and some shamefully '80s nostalgia. the festival reunited guns n' roses guitarist slash with axl rose, lead vocalist. rose was nursing a broken foot. he remained seated on a throne. in the words of one critic, how the mighty have fallen and can't get up. >> the guy in the blue is angus young from ac/dc. >> in velvet it looks like. >> in the desert no less. next, some glad tidings for one of our favorite celebrity couples. >> yes, grammy award winning singer john legend and chrissy teigen welcomed their first daughter on thursday. legends announced the birth of luna simone stevens. >> i like that. >> beautiful name. >> teigen posted her weight on instagram, 6 pounds 11 ounces. our best wishes to mom, dad and baby luna.
3:51 am
>> very nice. glad tidings for a member of our abc news family. >> this weekend in miami, florida, abc news correspondent gio benitez married his fiance lifestyle blogger, tommy didario. guess who was there? >> i was there for it. this is a first dance. and, of course, disney corporate synergy here, it was the lion king. >> such a loyal employee. >> bob iger from disney is smiling. i did take some photos. take a look at the wedding. this is the official photo that came from "people" magazine just after they said i do. that's tommy's sister who officiated the ceremony. then the couple walked down the aisle as it would be at this resort in homestead, florida. this photo i took as they were walking. >> quite the photographer you are. >> i try. could have a job. >> yea. >> this is our abc crew. everybody there. ma that produced it.
3:52 am
let's all just be excited. after a couple of drinks that was easy. alex perez was there, martha raddatz, sam champion and cecelia on the left. >> look like a great time. cecelia on the left. >> look like a great time. . i even got to class. finally, i discovered the new tide and downy odor defense collection. tide gets out the yoga-aroma, while downy keeps them fresh all day. now, i don't smell like wet dog... i smell good. don't just mask odors. eliminate them with new tide and downy odor defense collection. introducing new k-y for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch.
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♪ it's one of the final frontiers for women, kind of a rocky terrain loaded with male bravado. the world of late night television comedy. >> one woman is blazing her own trail breaking through and sharing with what it takes to stand tall and hold her own against the boys club of comedy. here is yahoo's global news anchor, katie couric. >> please welcome our senior corespondent samantha bee. >> reporter: she lit up late night as a correspondent on "the daily show." >> have you had your picture taken with a black person yet? >> well, i don't think so. >> reporter: that biting wit signature samantha bee using political satire with brutal honesty. >> holy [ bleep ] balls, you
3:56 am
guys. this week is bananas. >> reporter: now taking center stage with her own solo gig "full frontal with samantha bee." >> we have never seen anything like this election. a race between a barely contained cluster of frustration, a human up worthy post and, of course, a tangerine-tinted trash can fire. >> reporter: let's talk about "full frontal." >> the whole experience, i'm learning. i'm collaborating. i think we're doing the show that we want to do. >> reporter: who has provided the best comedy red meat for you? >> ted cruz. >> ted's classmates at princeton and harvard law fondly remember him as arrogant, pretentious and a nightmare of a human being. those are just the reviews for his performance in "the crucible." >> why was i persecuted? >> reporter: unafraid to throw shame and the occasional punch into commentary, bee is using
3:57 am
her pedestal to take people off their's. >> so the intention of the law was not to do away with abortions, it was to make them impossible. >> no. >> reporter: it was just to make them impossible. >> reporter: the only female voice in late night. >> anybody have any questions. yes. >> is it hard breaking into the boys club. >> okay. what's it like being a woman in late night. >> what's it like to be a female woman? >> we kept saying, our show will be different not just because it's being hosted by a woman, because it's being hosted by a different human being. it's being hosted by me i have a different point of view. >> reporter: and no problem sharing it every monday. for "nightline," i'm katie couric in new york. >> always a big fan. >> loved her on the daily show. the show is getting rave reviews. >> brian seems to love it. >> brian? >> our producer. >> all right. >> yeah. >> don't miss our updates next on facebook, >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. or two decades.
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>> happy patriots day. making news in america this morning -- deadly earthquakes in two countries. days after the disasters survivors are still being pulled from the rubble. including a mother and daughter. u.s. troops landing overnight to help. new video coming in. severe storms and flash flooding overnight after torrential rains. those storms are slowly moving east right now. we'll show you in the danger zone today. midair collision during a landing. could it be the first time that a drone hit a passenger plane? and a mcdonald's introducing the unbelievable all-you-can-eat fries. we say good monday morning. i'm


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