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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 3, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, an american service member killed by isis in iraq struck down by direct fire during a combat operation. we'll have the very latest at this hour. donald trump closing the deal in what could be a defining day for his white house run. >> if we win in indiana it's over with, folks. it's over with and then we focus on hillary clinton. >> as ted cruz faces off against the odds and a tough crowd. >> once again, lyin' ted. >> hillary clinton looking to lock up her own race, the big showdown this morning. an olympic athlete humiliated at the airport. six-time gold medal winner, amy van dyken-rouen calling out the tsa saying she was inappropriately touched by an agent during a full body search. the huge reaction and an apology this morning.
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♪ out on the verge of the rest -- double trouble. on the dance floor, two perfect scores and two eliminations on the dance floor. ginger and paige take home perfect 10s. sweeping away the competition. this morning, the booted stars here live. and good morning, america. perfection for ginger last night, so great. also, a big day ahead in politics. the indiana primary today and we have that breaking news, as well. >> we sure do. we're learning as we come on the air that an american service member was killed by isis in iraq. he was on duty when he took direct fire. just moments ago secretary of defense ash carter made this announcement. >> i'm getting some reports now that an american service member has been killed in iraq. our thoughts and prayers are with that service member's family.
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it shows you it's a serious fight that we have to wage in iraq. >> abc's martha raddatz has the latest. she joins us from washington this morning. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. what we now know is that enemy forces penetrated the front lines of kurdish forces in northern iraq near the city of mosul which is controlled by isis. the u.s. was providing support for the kurds as they countered an isis assault, but this soldier who was reportedly several miles away from the front lines was still caught in the direct fire and killed. a defense official tells abc news this morning that after isis broke through that front line american fighter jets sent in support carrying out 23 different air strikes with f-15s and drones. this is the third american to die in iraq since the u.s. returned to a combat role there in 2014. robin. >> all right, martha, thank you. and as secretary carter said
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we're thinking of the service member's family. >> we certainly are. we're going to move on now to the race for the white house. voting today in indiana it could be a decisive primary for the gop. donald trump claims a win there will make him the nominee and abc's tom llamas is in south bend with the latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. the polls opened in this state about an hour ago. you can see this line in south bend is forming. lots of voters and, as the voting gets under way, ted cruz is showing how hardest's working campaigning all day on election day. this, as donald trump has come up with a new nickname for indiana, importantville. overnight, donald trump piling on senator ted cruz in the battle for indiana. >> he is choking like a dog because he's losing so badly, we have to put him away tomorrow, folks. we got to get out and vote. >> reporter: cruz hoping for an upset win in the hoosier state but some ominous signs before election day. his late-night rally filling only half the room and earlier some ugly exchanges. >> senator cruz, may i please shake your hand?
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too slow, joe! you look like a fish monster. >> reporter: cruz nearly drowned out by protesters and hecklers at a stop in bloomington. the texas senator also confronted by a trump supporter. >> do the math. you asked kasich to drop out. it's your turn. take your own word. >> well, now, i'm curious, sir -- >> time to drop out. >> donald told "the new york times" editorial board that he's not going to build a wall, he's not going to deport anyone. >> once again, lyin' ted. >> reporter: and the cruz campaign having to deal with this. >> the next president of the united states, ted cruz! >> reporter: carly fiorina, the senator's running mate losing her footing as she was introducing the cruz family in lafayette, indiana. trump offering this play-by-play. >> she just went down. she went down a long way, right? and she went down right in front of him, and he was talking. he kept talking. he didn't even look like -- that was a weird deal, man. >> reporter: but cruz trying to
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offer a serious alternative to the new york billionaire. >> contrary to the media narrative, bullies aren't strong. bullies are weak. bullies are cowards. bullies are scared. >> reporter: now, right now there's no indication if senator ted cruz loses indiana he's going to drop out of the race but it's going to be very, very hard to make the case to donors and to delegates that he has a path to victory. robin. >> all right, tom. now to the democrats. hillary clinton trying to score a big win over bernie sanders in indiana. as she faces tough criticism from coal miners in west virginia. abc's cecilia vega is here with the latest on all that. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. an uncomfortable moment for hillary clinton overnight when she came face-to-face with one coal miner who put her on the spot. but today in indiana, that vote is up for grabs. bernie sanders is hoping for a win to keep him in this race. in the final hours before indiana's crucial vote, bernie sanders was actually in the hoosier state making his case from ft. wayne. >> thank you, all.
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>> reporter: to evansville. >> thank you, evansville. >> reporter: sanders needs to win 92% of all remaining delegates to win the nomination. his supporters still enthusiastic. >> i think that choice is to tell the billionaire class -- >> [ bleep ]. >> -- and the corporations -- well, that is one way to phrase it. >> reporter: hillary clinton feeling so confident about clinching the nomination she moved on to the south. >> go home, hillary. >> reporter: protesters greeting her outside a stop in west virginia. inside clinton coming under fire for comments she made about clean energy. >> we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> reporter: an out-of-work coal miner putting her on the spot for something she now says is a misunderstanding. >> i just want to know how you can say you're going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs and then come in here and tell us how you're going to be our friend. >> i know that and, you know,
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i'm -- i don't know how to explain it other than what i said was totally out of context from what i meant because i have been talking about helping coal country for a very long time. >> reporter: with all those cameras there that made for a tough moment. clinton made a promise to bring back manufacturing jobs and she said she wants her husband to come out of retirement to help her come up with a plan for those jobs if she makes it to the white house. >> first job she's giving him and jon karl joins us as well, but cecilia, you mentioned that the clinton team confident about the nomination but they don't really know what's going to happen in indiana. >> no, they don't, only a four-point spread. they are downplaying expectations, they say they have not been there very much. they stopped spending ad money in indiana and bernie sanders, on the other hand, this is a must win for him but even if he does win he may have the momentum to tell his supporters we're going to carry this thing all the way through the convention but we know the math is a very different story for him now. >> the math for donald trump, he's basically about a win
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today about making him the presumptive nominee. >> he is right. if donald trump wins big in indiana, he will have almost twice as many delegates as ted cruz and all the momentum. seven contests in a row with no real signs of light for ted cruz at the end of the tunnel. i think he will stay in. he's got the money to compete. there's going to be a financial report today from the cruz campaign that says they have $9 million cash on hand but really it's just about waiting for donald trump to implode. >> waiting to see if something happens. meantime, trump is setting his sights on hillary clinton. >> he absolutely is and hillary clinton, believe me, the clinton campaign is gearing up for a fight against donald trump and it's going to be a very unpredictable fight. >> general election could begin tomorrow. >> it very well could and i'll say they seem giddy about getting ready to prepare to run against donald trump. they're making money off his woman card comments that he made against her recently, like a couple million bucks so far. they're hiring staffers in battleground states. it's going to be -- they're ready and i think they're getting more excited. >> she's in ohio today. cecilia and jon, thanks very much.
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back to robin. now to severe weather in the capital. washington, d.c., hit with rain and hail overnight and now severe storms are heading east. rob marciano is here with all those details. good morning, rob. >> good morning, robin. those storms last night spreading out now. look at the radar, we've got really a wet messy commute up and down the i-95 and i-85 corridors and look at this. over 100 storm reports yesterday in the mid-atlantic. a lot of big-time hail. baseball-size hail in maryland and around the d.c. area some supercell thunderstorms. overnight,k the washington, d.c., area taking a battering of blinding rain and hail. our nation's capital getting struck, bolt after bolt. >> came outside and, bam, no more car. >> reporter: winds taking down trees dropping them onto cars. in north carolina hail pelting drivers. you can see the falling ice striking trees. in raleigh, a tree smashing through the roof of this home, nearly hitting an 87-year-old woman inside. >> my mother was sitting right there. >> there's two chairs right
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there. >> reporter: and we're not clearing out today. another threat for severe thunderstorms across the carolinas. many of these areas, the same spots that got hit yesterday, strong wind, large hail and heavy rain and this pattern stuck with us through the rest of the week. >> oh, boy, a lot of rain in the east, thanks very much. now to that outrage at the tsa. the agency is apologizing this morning after olympic swimmer amy van dyken-rouen says she was humiliated during a full body search. abc's david kerley has the story. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. the former olympian says she travels a lot in a wheelchair but what happened in denver was quite unusual. this morning, the tsa is apologizing, call it an olympic-size apology, how it treated six-time gold medal winner. van dyken paralyzed from the waist down from a 2014 atv crash called out the tsa at the denver
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airport saying she was rudely groped and humiliated during a full body search. >> they go around your breasts, they basically go under your butt, and they touch things that are not appropriate and it's really embarrassing. >> reporter: van dyken has prechecked but because of her wheelchair she can't go through a metal detector and she told the agent that checked her that normally her wheelchair, hands and feet are checked for explosives. the agent called over a supervisor, she says who performed a full body search checking her private parts. van dyken says in full view of other travelers. >> you said literally every other airport is wrong and any other time you've flown through denver and they didn't do that, they're wrong and i'm right. >> reporter: the tsa says they work closely with the disability community to develop screening procedures that integrate the unique needs of those with disabilities saying, in this case, quote, our officers did not follow correct screening protocols. overnight, van dyken-rouen
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telling abc news that she accepts the tsa apology as long as all disabled flyers get the same respect. >> it's really sad. i want to help others who don't have a voice. fair treatment for everybody. >> not just the apology to amy. the tsa also says the officers involved will be retrained and all officers in denver will be getting a refresher course. george. >> very important. >> yeah, thank you, david. >> and as always amy thinking of others. now to the latest on the mystery surrounding prince's death and the future of his estate. his family appearing in court trying to determine how to divide his fortune. abc's eva pilgrim is at the late superstar's home in minnesota. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it's been tense as the family tries to figure out what to do with paisley park and all of prince's millions of dollars' worth of assets showing a unified front in court. this, as a new woman comes forward claiming in court documents to be an heir.
7:13 am
overnight, prince's siblings in court moving forward trying to settle his multimillion-dollar estate. all five of the six potential heirs who appeared in court signing off on the judge's emergency appointment of bremer trust to handle the purple one's affairs believed to be worth a reported $300 million. a number which factoring in millions of downloads of his songs after his death could climb even higher. >> feel pretty good about it? >> reporter: the minnesota judge not ruling out the possibility that a will for prince could still be found if his siblings are determined to be the only heirs, the family will eventually have to vote for one person to be in charge of dividing up the fortune. >> as a collective unit each individual heir will have an equal vote in the process. >> reporter: sources telling abc news the superstar was getting prescriptions from multiple doctors. authorities executing a search warrant at his local walgreens but prince's former bassist said he never noticed any trouble with the star's health. >> he was really careful of what he would eat and what he would
7:14 am
put into his body. i know that there's already reports on the news about medication issues, but i've never seen him take anything. >> reporter: still no official cause of death, that toxicology report weeks away and this memorial now stretches all the way around paisley park. >> it looks that way. all right, eva, thank you. now, amy with the morning's other top stories starting with a headline about schools in detroit. >> that's right, robin. nearly all public schools in detroit will be closed for a second straight day today as teachers continue a sick-out demanding their full salary. the school system is so deeply in debt there is only enough money to pay teachers until the end of june unless state lawmakers pass a bailout. new details in the search for two suspects wanted for the killing of a washington state couple. brothers john and tony reed have reportedly been seen in mexico after weeks on the run, they're charged with murdering their neighbors after a property dispute.
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overseas, a wild brawl inside turkey's parliament. look at this. lawmakers throwing punches and water bottles, ouch, at each other. the fight broke out while they were arguing over changes in the constitution. new record on broadway hamilton has been nominated for 16 tony nominees the most ever for a show. the smash hit has already won a grammy. some controversy in the nba playoffs, the thunder taking on the spurs by one estimate there were six fouls committed here. >> at least. >> during the game's final sequence, at least robin says, but guess what, the refs called none of them not even an elbow from dion waiters. the refs later admitted missing the call but the final score, the thunder won 98-97. >> whoo. >> robin is like this. >> i mean -- >> leaning back with her
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arms crossed. all right, finally, how long can you hold your breath? this diver from new zealand just set a world record diving 407 feet on a single breath. when he reached the bottom it was completely dark. too deep for light to reach. he held his breath for 4:34 and guess whose world record he beat? >> whose? >> his own. because he's that good. this is what robin was doing the whole time. >> you know what, we may have -- you think? you think you maybe missed one or two or three or four or five or six? thank you, amy. how about that biggest night in fashion. the stars out in force at the met gala. everyone from beyonce to katy perry dazzling on the red carpet and the force behind the night, the legendary "vogue" editor anna wintour. abc's t.j. holmes always dapper here with the details. >> robin, telling you about a story i can't get or a party anyway i can't get invited to. even if i was invited i couldn't afford a ticket.
7:17 am
even if i could afford a ticket to get in, i'm not supposed to take a camera or a cell phone, and i'm not supposed to tell you what i had seen in the party. still that doesn't mean i don't have plenty to show you from the biggest party of the year. recognize this pop princess in prada? it's none other than katy perry. every star from sports to music here to celebrate fashion's biggest night. the guests all invited by anna wintour herself. tickets going for $30,000 apiece. from lady gaga to kate hudson in charge of plexiglas. even the men got into the futuristic theme. check out zayn malik in armored sleeves. the most googled gown of the night -- none other than queen bey herself, she showed up sans jay z, but in this skin-tight latex number. the beehive was abuzzing when
7:18 am
she posed with rita ora calling it family. uma thurman and sarah jessica parker both stunning in white. also in white, supermodel karlie kloss. she transformed her column gown into a minidress after spilling wine on the train. >> this is a bad idea or maybe it's brilliant, i don't know. >> and you have to be invited, invitation only, but you still have to make that $30,000 donation that goes to the met. you can buy a table for $237,000 grand but you still have to be approved for your guest list. >> you can see all of the night's best looks. go to our website on yahoo! we're taking you behind the scenes of the met ball in our next hour. but right now more rain. >> yeah, you know, all this talk about beauty, george, weather can be beautiful. even though dangerous. look at this shot in pittsburgh. yesterday morning. lightning striking the monongahela. what's the other two rivers in pittsburgh, trivia.
7:19 am
>> good morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area accweather forecast. clouds and cooling increasing. a chance of showers and storms tomorrow through saturday. sounds more impressive than the amount. mother's day dry and warmer and today we spread from 58 at half moon bay to antioch at 78. clouds tonight. temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s. my seven-day forecast shows storm-impact scale it is a "1" light at less than .5" coming up, "the biggest
7:20 am
loser" bombshell. a new government study finds out why so many of those who los the weight gained it back. what it means for everyone trying to shed pounds. and david hasselhoff says he needs a financial life line and he's running out of money filing a lawsuit this morning. the disneyland resort diamond celebration. it's been 60 years in the making. don't miss your chance to see it all dazzle.
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good morning it's 7:24. we have developing news for you. afeni shakur died of possible cardiac arrest last night. she was rushed from her home in sauce lito to a nearby hospital where she died just before
7:25 am
10:30. she was just 69 years old, known as a business woman, philanthropist and political activist. we're going to check on traffic with sue hall. >> our spider friend is back. hercules into san francisco now metering lights remain on. 63 minutes for your commute there and a little hazy here. you can see busy along the east shore freeway as well. an accident to report to you. this is on 680 southbound and you can see the delays here. reggie? >> sue, i consider it good luck when we see charlotte and
7:26 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪ we're back and starting with our current conditions. pretty mild this morning. 50 in napa, the coolest spot about 57 in oakland.
7:28 am
mt. view, san jose, antioch, a look at the cloud deck that will keep our cooling trend going today. 50s at the coast. 70s inland. it could be wet tomorrow through saturday. at least scattered. >> good to know, mike. thank you. the "biggest loser" bombshell. why is it so hard for former competitors to keep the weight off? the new study that could explain it all plus a former contestant speaks out next on "gma." another local news update in 30 minutes and always on our news app. join us every weekday st
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welcome back to "gma." and look at those powerful storms moving up the east coast right now. severe weather hits the capital overnight. you see that hail hitting washington, d.c., rain as well. we're tracking it all this morning. also, right now we have breaking news. an american service member killed by isis in iraq struck down by direct fire during a combat operation. and this morning the battle is on for indiana, donald trump saying if he wins there, he could seal up the nomination as hillary clinton and bernie sanders face a tight race in the hoosier state. >> that is coming up tonight. but how about last night, ginger on "dancing with the stars." >> yeah. >> what a gorgeous waltz. bruno called it impeccable and it certainly was. incredible choreography by val. and look at that, three perfect 10s, her first of the season. we'll have more on that, and, t.j., you have a lebron james story coming up. >> he is trying to fill michael
7:31 am
jordan's shoes but not on the court, on the big screen, on the big screen. >> on the big screen. he was good in "trainwreck." >> a lot of people loved him. >> he was funny. >> he was really good in "trainwreck." well, i was just remembering how good he was. sorry. >> and if he could only get on "game of thrones," you'd be all set. >> welcome to the show, robach, welcome to the show. >> thank you, amy. we begin this half-hour with that "biggest loser" bombshell. researchers revealing that many of the contestants gained the weight back and all part of a new diet study, first reported in "the new york times." the winner of that season will join us in a moment. danny cahill and dr. ashton is here as well but first linsey davis is here with the story. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. even bigger than the big reveals that we have come to expect on extreme weight loss shows is this new research that takes a
7:32 am
look at what happens after the after pictures and how biology may play a bigger role than willpower when it comes to keeping the weight off. we are inundated with weight loss before and after pictures and reality tv shows where overweight contestants end their seasons quite literally half the man or woman they used to be, but now, a new study says if you regain weight after losing it your body may be to blame. in a recent study a group of scientists followed 14 of the 16 contestants from one season of "the biggest loser," monitoring them for the six years after the show. they found that all but one of them gained the weight back. according to the study, while the contestants all had normal metabolism for their size at the start of filming years after it was over their metabolisms continued to slow down, a mechanism the body uses to return to its original weight. further compounding the problem, researchers found the contestants had plummeting
7:33 am
levels of leptin, a hormone thought to control hunger which left them constantly feeling hungry. >> after you lose weight, your body's metabolic rate will slow down, the number of calories that your body requires is going to decrease and that's going to make it difficult for you to keep the weight off. >> i got my life back. i feel like a million bucks. >> reporter: difficult for people like season eight winner danny cahill. 430 pounds before the show, 191 pounds after, but gained nearly 100 pounds back after he returned to work. and dina murcato, 248 before the show, down to 173.5 pounds, now back to almost 206 pounds. the study found her metabolic rate now burns almost 438 fewer calories per day than would be expected for a woman her size. >> had i known what i know today i probably would not have done the show. i didn't want people to know i was on "the biggest loser" because i don't look like that.
7:34 am
>> reporter: jd roth, a co-creator of "the biggest loser" defends his show. >> when the people leave our show, they are better off than being 400 pounds. i do think the study could have done things a little bit differently. i would have also liked them to take 14 people who kept the weight off. we need to use both to come up with the best way to be healthy because we all know we're still trying to figure it out. >> reporter: in response to the study producers of "the biggest loser" released this statement to abc news, saying, "the lead medical doctor on the show has been made aware of this most recent study and is in the process of evaluating its findings." and for those dieters who do blame themselves this science may lift the biggest weight of all off their shoulders. >> over to robin. >> joining us "the biggest loser" season eight winner danny cahill and abc news medical contributor dr. jennifer ashton. thank you both. danny, so good to meet you. we heard in linsey's piece after you won and you said that you got your life back and you felt like a million bucks. what happened after that? >> you know, i did feel like a million bucks. after that, for a couple of years i kept the weight off
7:35 am
completely. but i was -- i wondered why others were gaining it back but what i didn't realize i was working out two hours a day riding my bike all over town to go where i was going. i was exercising three or four times as much as the normal person and once that stopped, the weight started creeping back on. >> and so, when you hear this study, how do you process that information? >> well, number one, it's great because a lot of the shame that is on our shoulders, i mean, when you gain weight back even when you're in school it's shameful. when you're in front of america, then it's even -- it's ten times as shameful and so many people that i've talked to, including myself, when we found this out we were like, all right, some of it is not our fault. we can't be victim to it but it is our responsibility but some of it has to do with this science. >> and sitting here with you is somebody -- you were just recently, jen, board certified in obesity medicine. >> uh-huh. >> it's not just about contestants like danny on "the biggest loser." this affects everyone trying to lose weight. >> especially in the obesity medicine world so this is something that has been known in
7:36 am
the medical and scientific community for almost 20 years, robin, and it's a concept called metabolic adaptation or some people call it the defense of fatness. let me show you what i mean. if you take two individuals, both weighing 200 pounds -- one is at their ideal weight, one has lost 20 pounds to get to 200, which is an incredible success in the weight loss world. the person who's lost weight at 200 pounds has a slower metabolism and burn fewer calories and are hungrier and less full than a person at the same weight. now, to be clear there are some successes but the majority of people who have lost significant weight at the two-year mark fail to keep it off. they regain that weight and this does not mean that they are failures as danny said. this is medical and scientific reality. >> but how do you hear this information, jen, and not get discouraged? >> well, i think by turing it into a positive because we know that there are multiple factors that goes into the conditions of overweight and obesity. this is a complex problem.
7:37 am
the gold standard now in the world of obesity medicine is kind of a pyramid. and if you look at the bottom, no question, behavioral modification, diet, exercise, then you go to fda-approved weight loss medications because we need to treat this as a chronic illness and then at the top of that is bariatric surgery and it's about using all these tools in your arsenal and incorporating the psychological and emotional factors, as well. >> and it's very important you saw in there still about exercise. >> that's the foundation. >> and that is something you're continuing to do, danny. >> yes, and not as much as i used to and that's part of why i've gained -- i gained most of my weight back over the last year and a half when i got a job because i sit at a desk now and i had to retrain myself and have a whole new schedule. you know, but the numbers don't define me. you know, and i'm not going to be victim to it and we don't have to be. we can -- i mean, i know that i'll do what david did when he tackled goliath. i know that there's a bigger -- there's a bigger god out there that wants me to be well and i am going to do everything i can but i can't do it all.
7:38 am
that's the whole trick. if i keep trying to do it all -- >> that's not going to work. >> i love how you talk about your family and you know why you want to keep your weight down because of your family. >> and i always say, you got to find your why and have a reason why. well, this study to me is a steppingstone into where we're going to direct even more studies and we're going to find a lot of answers so this puts a whole new purpose to my journey. >> see, i love -- you both have found a positive here because people waking up and hearing about this are like, oh, throwing their hands up. >> and always strive for good health, that's important. >> yes, that's the key thing. danny, so nice to meet you and, jen, you'll take questions on twitter because i know you will have a lot of questions. tweet her @drjashton. george. >> okay, robin. coming up here -- david hasselhoff claiming he only has $600 in his bank account, says he's nearly broke. we'll get into that this morning. and "deals & steals" on
7:39 am
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7:43 am
we are back now with some tough times for david hasselhoff, the "baywatch" star says alimony payments to his ex-wife are putting him in financial jeopardy and he's asking a judge to help him out. mara schiavocampo has the story. ♪ >> reporter: he's known as the most watched man on tv. at one point more than a billion people tuning in each week to watch him play hunky lifeguard mitchell buchanan on the long-running tv series "baywatch." >> stay here. >> reporter: david hasselhoff earning millions from those famous red trunks, commercials and a triple platinum music career. ♪ >> reporter: but this morning, the hoff is hoping to be rescued from the alimony payments he's been making to his ex for the last ten years. married from 1989 to 2006.
7:44 am
revealing in court documents obtained by "people" magazine that, despite once claiming assets worth $1.2 million, he says he now has just $600 to his name and is almost $100,000 in credit card debt. the 63-year-old actor is trying to get ex-wife pamela bach's $21,000 monthly spousal support payment thrown out or severely reduced saying she's capable of supporting herself. in the lawsuit hasselhoff says he's paid bach over $2 million in alimony since their 2006 separation. adding that, though he still brings in more than $110,000 each month, he's left with virtually nothing once he's paid bach and taken care of his other $72,000 in expenses. including supporting his two adult children with bach and his new fiancee. >> i think he makes a persuasive argument that given that he's 63 years old, that his earning potential has, in fact, been impacted downwardly.
7:45 am
>> reporter: hasselhoff set to reprise his role in 2017's "baywatch" movie alongside the rock and zac efron. >> are you ready? >> i was born ready. >> reporter: now asking a judge to throw him a life preserver. now, hasselhoff also reportedly owes $100,000 in taxes in the uk, as well. we reached out to bach, his ex-wife, but we did not hear back. the good news in all of this, none of this has soured him on marriage. he's newly engaged and now planning his third walk down the aisle. >> the good for us is you're back. >> yeah, looking good. how old is the little one now? >> he's 4 months old. this is my first time out of yoga pants since january so i'm very -- >> you wear that outfit well. you look beautiful. >> welcome back. and coming up here, battle of the basketball giants, is lebron james taking the reins from michael jordan becoming nba's king of the big screen? , battle of the basketball giants, is lebron james taking the reins from michael jordan becoming nba's
7:46 am
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7:50 am
i think we all know my enthusiasm for lebron james' acting skills but go ahead. >> look, lebron's not going to get a sixth championship, so he might as well get -- >> oh! >> stop it. you remember, bugs and the gang. bugs bunny, trying to get back in business with the crew. "the hollywood reporter" reporting we have a "space jam" sequel that will happen. it's a beloved movie, even if you don't think it was a great movie but it did do well at the box office, 230 million bucks back in 1996. now, king james, we're told, is going to be taking over the reins, lebron has already proved his acting chops in "trainwreck." how good was he, robach? >> so good, t.j. so good. >> that's all you need to know. it's been circulating for years but looks like it's finally going to happen. guys, stay tuned. >> heard it here first. t.j., thank you. we'll be right back. coming up, "gma's" real money brought to you by voya financial. changing the way you think about retirement. retirement.
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good morning. it's 7:56. i'm reggie aqui. a quick check of your forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. good morning, everybody. we're from 50 in napa to a57 in oakland, even 59 in san jose for the warm spot. what we're going to be dealing with as we head deeper into the forecast we're goinging to have a chance of a scattered shower here and there starting wednesday and lasting all the way through saturday. our best chance of anything measurable friday and saturday. sue? sluggish on the freeway from the top of things near hercules and highway 4 and along through here the stretch by university in powell for about a 50-minute ride into san francisco and across the bay bridge. we have a problem here in the peninsula northbound past marsh. lanes blocked with an accident here starting to stack up into palo alto now. >> thank you, sue.
7:57 am
it was double elimination night on "dancing with the stars." both couples are live next on "gma." always on our news app and please join us weekdays from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. "good morning america" continues right after this. don't miss your chance tot see it all dazzle.ion. come celebrate new beginnings like hyperspace mountain... and premiering this summer, frozen, a musical spectacular... plus an all new soarin'. so come to the place where summer dazzles.
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and right now, you can save on premium rooms at a disneyland resort hotel.
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8:00 am
♪ it's time to get the chains out ♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. inside the super bowl of fashion. beyonce dazzling in peach. seine and gigi rocking the red carpet. katy perry looking fierce and check out this guy in his tux. >> ten minutes. >> no. >> it took me ten minutes. >> behind the scenes getting super ready with supermodel miranda kerr and what madonna told us on the red carpet. a new battle for hulk hogan suing gawker again accusing them of leaking his racist remarks. gawker fires back this morning. the new research revealing how you should treat your insomnia. is therapy better than pills? the health alert right now.
8:01 am
♪ one perfect night in the ballroom. ginger and val on top scoring the first straight 10s of the season. >> 10. >> 10. >> 10. >> oh, my god. i'm overwhelmed. awesome. >> their emotional dance and what they told our cameras right after their perfect score as we say -- >>. >> both: good morning, america. >> ginger was so last night. rightfully so, yes. >> absolutely. >> terrific tuesday here in times square. "dance's" booted stars are here. we can't wait to talk to them. rachel smith is here. you said you're running on fumes. you can't tell. you were there last night. >> i was. it was a night. >> we'll get to that coming up. "deals & steals" on wheels. tory johnson on the ultimate road trip across america going from houston to miami this morning. and she's going to bring those amazing deals right to you.
8:02 am
our "gma" viewers, it's part of our biggest week of deals. look at that on the beach. >> tory is a miami girl so she's having a great time bringing those bargains home and has one for us right now. take it away, tory. >> i do have one for you. super excited about this so i got the heat dancers here helping me with the boxes so this one i'm so excited about because this is one of my favorites and it's a "gma" favorite. peace love world is a phenomenal company and it's brilliant, visionary creator alina, she was born in cuba but a miami girl via queens, new york, came up with collection. every horng in her house she says, wake up, people. it is a beautiful day to be alive and so she created this collection to inspire a good morning every morning. nine different styles. you can see all of these here. it's hard for me to choose a favorite. you don't have to with this deal. normally 100% cotton, $58, all slashed by 65%.
8:03 am
20 bucks today. details, on yahoo! we're coming up later with lots more from miami. >> i love the good mood. >> great start. i'll take three. now let's go to amy with the morning rundown. >> good morning. we begin in iraq where a u.s. serviceman has been killed in combat while helping local troops fight isis. defense secretary ash carter making that announcement today. the service member came under enemy fire behind the front lines and this comes just days after carter announced the u.s. is sending 200 more advisers to iraq. well, voters are heading to the polls across indiana. a critical turning point in the race for the white house. if donald trump wins today he will have about twice as many delegates as ted cruz. cruz, though, appears undeterred telling voters he wants to cut taxes while claiming trump wants to raise them. the democrats are locked in a tighter contest today with bernie sanders taking aim at the wealthy, showing no signs of letting up.
8:04 am
hillary clinton was confronted by a coal miner over her remarks about job cuts. clinton saying she wants her husband to help her with a jobs plan. well, the jury in st. louis has ordered johnson & johnson to pay $55 million to a woman who blames her ovarian cancer on talcum powder. this is the second legal defeat for the company in recent months. johnson & johnson plans to appeal insisting its talcum powder is safe. well, hulk hogan is suing gawker. this time over a different kind of recording. abc's linzie janis has the details. >> reporter: just weeks after winning a $140 million verdict against gawker for posting his sex tape -- >> how are you feeling. >> reporter: hulk hogan suing again. this time alleging the media company leaked a transcript from a different secretly recorded sex tape in which he made racist remarks about his daughter brooke's then boyfriend. the publication of those in july 2015 prompting the wwe to wipe
8:05 am
hogan from its hall of fame. the new suit alleges gawker intentionally sought to ruin hogan's career, reputation and eradicate his legacy by allegedly leaking the sealed transcript. the suit also accusing gawker of being part of a wider conspiracy that began with a group of so-called extortionists including two florida radio deejay, a talent agent and a lawyer. in a statement gawker saying we did not leak the information. the only person who got hulk hogan fired from the wwe is hulk hogan. in march, hogan telling me -- >> that would be really nice to be in the hall of fame but it's not as important as what we did with this case. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to linzie for that. there are new guidelines for people who have trouble sleeping. try therapy. specialized counseling does work called cognitive behavioral
8:06 am
therapy and conditions your body to accept sleep. the group points out unlike some sleeping pills there are no risky side effects. finally take a look at this annual event at a school in michigan. each year for the past 13 years vanessa the duck lays her eggs in the court yard and then she marches her ducklings through the halls of the school and the school staff make sure there is a safe route for the family so vanessa can get all her ducks in a row. >> well played. >> i slowed that down. she waits for the courtyard door to be open and knows exactly what she's supposed to do and shows off her little ducklings. >> thanks. rob with the "morning menu." >> momma always knows best. here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu" taking you behind the scenes of the hottest night in fashion from beyonce to taylor, all the stunning looks and big surprises at the met balance. "deals & steals" on wheels. tory is bringing the heat to miami and to you with huge
8:07 am
bargains, plus a dazzling night on "dancing." ginger and val with perfect scores and two eliminations. i hate to say that. welcome, and so glad to have you with us. all coming up on "gma" from times square. see you in a bit. ♪ renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age... your skin never will. olay regenerist, olay. ageless. and try the micro-sculpting cream you love now with lightweight spf 30. what to look at relapsing way multiple sclerosis? this is tecfidera. tecfidera is not an injection.
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8:11 am
♪ (music pl♪ throughout) uh oh. what's up? ♪ ♪ ♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore? ♪ ♪ wheels keep on turning there is paige vanzant and mark ballas burning up the ballroom on "dancing with the stars" earning one of the two perfect scores of the night. the other, of course, our ginger and val getting all 10s, as well. absolutely beautiful wa lchltz. >> two couple hgs to go home and they're going to be joining us live coming up.
8:12 am
>> yeah. >> and this morning, everyone talking about the met gala, beyonce's gown, the top searched look on google and that was just one of the stunning styles at the super bowl of fashion. rachel was there for it all and she's taking us behind the scenes. hey, rach. >> that fashion super bowl pulled off quite a win last night. every year people scratch their heads and wonder how the met gala could possibly be any bigger and every year it seems to do just that. this year's theme gave us a glimpse into the world with out of this world fashions that seemed one part sci-fi and one part old hollywood glam. ♪ it's the hottest red carpet in the world and the celebs who managed an invite to monday night's met balance were dressed to kill. >> the night was really a celebration of new york, a celebration of fashion. so we're really -- everyone is going to have fun. >> reporter: the theme, manus x
8:13 am
machina. notably kim kardashian and kanye west. met balco taylor swift. >> i always played it safe with silver hair but taking risks and being bold. >> reporter: showing off baby bumps, olivia wilde and kerry washington. combining the look of a gown and pants, emma watson. chapeling their inner princess, claire danes and blake lively and showing that theshe still ks how to make an entrance. >> is this the bar? can we have a drink? >> is this comfortable. >> super comfortable. >> reporter: not easy to get ready for the gala. miranda kerr, we got caught up with her as she prepped for her
8:14 am
fifth met ball and the results on the red carpet was stunning. >> i love these little earrings, i love like the layered skirts. >> doing some like -- >> geometric like shapes on here and i love red. it's my favorite color. >> reporter: also turning heads, nicki minaj and jennifer hudson. >> what are you expressing tonight? >> fabulousness and glamour girl and living in the moment. >> reporter: and rocking his tux a guy we know and love. >> how long did it take to get ready today? >> ten minutes. >> no. >> it took me ten minutes but i'm looking at rita ora and maybe i should have took more time so she would even look at me. >> reporter: the last to arrive for the second year in a row, beyonce. fitting for a queen to be fashionably late to a night devoted to fashion royalty. so it will likely translate to our fashion is braids.
8:15 am
lots and lots of hair braids and asked "vogue" editor in cheer anna wintour what look she thought would resonate from the evening and she said the color silver. that traditionally red carpet wasn't entirely red this year. it was a two-toned off white and muted red which some traditionalists had mixed feelings about. >> we're red hot now. we'll bring in giuliana rancic, co-host of e! live from the red carpet and "fashion police" and joe zee, celebrity stylist, style editor in chief. did you get that post in before we came on. >> i did. frantically texting that i'll be live on "gma." tune in. i have to. >> yes. >> speaking of social media, segue right there, see how i did. zayn and gigi. number one couple, 20,000 tweets a minute. >> i was one of those. i can't even deal with these two. their first red carpet together and what better red carpet than the met gala to have your debut.
8:16 am
he literally was her knight in shining armor. right by her side. i mean i loved everything about this. they nailed the theme of the night. you know, man versus machine and fashion and the age of technology and i love that they coordinated their outfits. this is what it's all about, people. >> i agree with you. talking about couples you know the traditional rock star supermodel couple. this he really embody a new generation and the way they pulled it off, glamorous, sexy but spot-on at the same time. >> the top designer, zac posen, oh, clair dane. you talk about embodying what last night was all about. >> cinderella. i love that. >> two words, ob-sess eched. i thought it would be this glam bot over the top. i didn't think it would be a gown you could wear to the oscars but then i saw it was glow in the dark. it had 30 battery packs sewn into the fabric of the dress. >> oh. >> amazing. >> yes, let's oo-aah and
8:17 am
applaud, this, people, is what the met gala is all about. this is fashion meets technology. >> you know what was great about the trend from last night, one side was very traditional and classic and other was futuristic robot and clair embodied both in one dress. >> so true. >> and we saw metallic dresses were huge, kylie jenner, you really -- >> i thought kylie jenner looked incredible and so funny, robin, because i expected her to come with this really deep berry lip and smoky eye and she wears all the wigs like green and blue and but yet here she comes with the sleek little bob. men nall makeup for her. beautiful dress. i just thought she looked really chic, really pretty. >> you were looking at big cyst kim. >> i was. okay, so i love you and i love kylie too but i'll disagree and say i voted for kim over kylie because kylie looked great but kim in that custom dress was molded into it. sexy robot in a way and for kim
8:18 am
it wasn't a plunging neckline or sleeveless or short. it was really covered up for her in a way that felt really glam. >> he's good. >> he's very good. >> i'm fighting for kim. >> how about one of the co-chair, taylor swift. she was one that took the theme and ran with it. >> yeah, you know, kind of like a -- it was unexpected in the sense that i thought she would come in this long gown and it was kind of this little mini dress with really cool boots answer that was that was what was so cool about it. something very actually quite simple about this. >> i kind of -- i loved it for her. youthful, fun, wasn't cumbersome. to me she's like the new generation's debbie harry, rock, glam, all of those things and i think people are just seeing her in a new way and love that look. >> you know who else was understated? beyonce. i really liked it. so you going to pull that out. >> xs and os with giuliana. >> okay, let's do it. >> beyonce, of course, let's say she's the last onto show up on
8:19 am
the red carpet again, always looks drop dead gorgeous. for the met which is so crazy and over the top you were saying go big or go home. it was a bit of a subdued year. >> it was a bit of a subdued year but she looked amazing and her eye shadow. >> we love this dress and, of course h. is latex and everything is hand embroidered which is new but look at the eyes. >> smoky like that. >> i love, love, love. i was like i need blue eye shadow immediately. almost like -- it's funny when we saw it on the monitor it looked very blue but it's really dark and i just think it's gorgeous. >> you know a lot of focus on the eyes on the carpet. bleached eyebrows and kanye wore the contacts so everybody really wanted to focus on the eyes. >> i did see and talk about lady gaga when you talk about the met. the boots. the boots. >> the boot, i mean she showed up with no pants. i mean, i think the musees really pulled it out for this one because it was a theme that was so performance based and i
8:20 am
think they could do it, taylor, you know, gaga, i think they just all did it well. >> how about the boots and knowing this is the one red carpet with like a thousand steps, you know, knowing you have to walk -- you know, up these crazy stairs and wearing those boots, i mean, bow down, bow down. >> she never looked like she was going to falter. i think at one point someone was screaming you're finally as tall as kate hudson. >> and i was like -- >> are you serious? >> yes. >> people yell at the met -- >> i don't know, you mow. >> i thought she looked really cool. i mean it's gaga. >> yeah, exactly. >> i expect her to do something super over the top. everyone tricked us a little. gaga has shown up in eggs and matching with this theme you thought she would show up with a space shuttle, you know what i mean. >> teleported down. >> yes, something. but i thought what was cool is she kind of went against it and did something that was a little -- >> it was like rocket -- had a bowie/prince influence like a
8:21 am
tribute. had all of that with it. >> you could take this act on the road. >> giuliana, joe, thank you. >> thank you. >> any time, giuliana. you can see more met gala fashion when e almost's "fashion police" returns. >> time for "dancing with the stars." two perfect scores last night. first, of course, for ginger. >> yay but unfortunately it was double elimination time which meant that two couple has to go home and the stars are joining us live in a moment but first here's a look at the biggest moments last night in the ballroom. ♪ it's a beautiful day >> it was a dazzling and daring night in the ballroom "dancing with the stars" delivering a stunning double elimination on icons night sending two hopefuls home as the race for the mirror ball trophy heats up. >> wanya and lindsay, you're safe. [ cheers and applause ] >> which means, kim and sasha,
8:22 am
von and witney, you're eliminated. >> i need to do well. there is no other chance. >> ginger and val dominating the dance floor to whitney houston's "i have nothing". ♪ i have nothing nothing >> reporter: leading to this blockbuster moment from the judges. >> it was powerful. it was elegant. it was -- it was perfection. >> your best dance so far. >> 10. >> reporter: ginger and val blown away. >> oh, my god. i'm overwhelmed. that's awesome. >> reporter: and talking to her cameras right after the show. >> i put you through so much that if you could get through that, there's nothing that can stop you. ♪ >> and this morning so happy to have kim fields here sasha farber, von miller not able to join us. we have his amazing dance partner witney carson. >> hi. >> and, kim, three 9s last night. it was so great. >> thank you. >> you were so good. >> oh, thank you. >> amazing.
8:23 am
>> you get to go out on a high note. >> yes, yes, we do. yes, we do. >> you said you didn't know what was happening when they were announcing who was going home. >> it was very much a shocker. i'm very stunned and even as it was unfolding, you know, it was like, okay, yay, we're saving everything and wait, is this -- wait a minute. this is -- this is -- oh, this is this. yeah, you know and just stunned. just stunned and now it's like a bad vine that plays in my head of tom just saying, kim. >> oh. >> but you were dazzling last night. >> she was. >> you were fantastic. >> she was. >> thank you. >> that is something to applaud. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> if you're going to go you go out on a bang and she got three 9s. >> we got three 9s. >> and sheing looked amazing and i'm just happy that i got this opportunity to, you know, dance with this amazing woman and be there by your side and see you grow as a dancer.
8:24 am
>> thanks. >> that's a beautiful thing. >> von couldn't be here but you also had a great dance last night mixing elvis and salsa. >> yeah. >> how did you come one that. >> it was really fun. we actually got given the song "a little less conversation" and wanted to go full out, and put on a great salsa and get some lifts this there and von had an amazing time. he had so much fun. and it was great. >> you don't pick the song. >> not this week. this week i didn't get to pick the song. the purchases did. all the bad songs you hear, the producers -- no, just kidding. no, so i didn't get to pick that one. >> and we're fired. >> kim, what did you get out of the show? >> oh, my gosh, that's a whole other special. i mean i got so much from just a whole new skill set, first of all. at one of the highest levels that you could ever, you know, imagine being, you know, blending with pros and being in their environment. and then i mean just, i
8:25 am
discovered a new passion, i found a new happy place for myself. >> wow. >> it's really exciting. >> we're taking it to broadway. >> there you go. and, of course, new friends. >> sasha, wit whi, who do you think is going all the glay so hard to say. there are so many great conte contenders, usually you see -- >> this is when you're supposed to say ginger. >> ginger, i'm sorry. ginger, definitely, you guys, ginger has a huge shot. she is amazing but so is wayna, so is nyle. everybody is so good. >> it's going to be exciting. >> tie competition. >> thank you, guys. outside to rob. >> thank you, you were awesome. >> folks from pittsburgh on their senior trip. covering this bmw. golf ball size hail in maryland. >> good morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area accweather forecast. clouds and cooling increasing. a chance of showers and storms
8:26 am
tomorrow through saturday. sounds more impressive than the amount. mother's day dry and warmer and today we spread from 58 at half moon bay to antioch at 78. clouds tonight. temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s. my seven-day forecast shows storm-impact scale it is a "1" light at less than . a little rain out here but we're getting through it. george and robin, back to you. "deals & steals" on wheels is coming right up from miami. [ cheers and applause ]
8:27 am
good morning. i'm natasha zouves. afeni shakur died of possible cardiac arrest last night. she was rushed from her home in sauce lito to a nearby hospital where she died just before 10:30. the 69-year-old was known as a business woman, philanthropist and political activist. good morning, sue hall. good morning. still busy out there. let's take a look at a couple of problem spots in oakland. the ramp to 580. an accident partially blocking the ramp there. you can see the backup to the bay bridge to highway 24 this hour for at least a 20-minute e delay. and westbound 580 an overturned
8:28 am
partially block iing a couple o lanes there so very slow out of the centra he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big. and when josh thinks big you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some...
8:29 am
he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. look at that pie chart! boom! you've never seen a number like that! you feel me lois? i'm feeling you. yeah you do! let's do this! watch out he just had a whole thimble full of coffee... woot! woot! the ready for you alert, only at la... quinta! yeah! welcome back. 62 in santa rosa. san ramone 61. we're going to top out in the upper 50s, upper 60s around the bay. mid-70s inland. more clouds today and cooler. a chance of a scattered shower wednesday through saturday. thank you, mike. another local news update in about 30 minutes.
8:30 am
and always on our news app and join reggie, mike and me weekdays. the news continues now >> all: good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] good morning, miami. okay, we all want to be with you this morning, tory johnson, down there in miami beach. got a huge crowd for some great "deals & steals." you can see her taking it across america this week, starting in houston and miami this morning. cannot wait to get back there. >> uh-huh. >> it does look good down there. byt this morning we have superheroes here in times. "captain america" stars elizabeth olsen and paul bettany are here live. we can't wait to hear from them in just a bit. also this morning, we have a programming note about a friend of the show, former wnba player chamique holdsclaw. electrifying star on the court. off the court she has faced a new kind of opponent, battling mental illness and now sharing
8:31 am
her fight and her journey. it's a powerful new film "mind/game: the unquiet journey of chamique holdsclaw" and look forward to talking to her on our program in the weeks ahead. i've known her for years and everybody thought she was going to be the female version of michael jordan, tennessee, lady vols and went on to the wnba and for her to take this stand about mental illness and the way she's talking about it and helping so many people. tonight on logo. >> great. >> now to those "deals & steals" on wheels. tory is bringing the heat to miami. there's no place as beautiful as miami beach this time of year. tory is at the lowe's miami beach hotel with a great crowd of "deals & steals," superfans, big bargains, big surprises on the way and tory is a miami girl. welcome home, tory. welcome home. >> it is so exciting for me to be here.
8:32 am
i love the lowe's and also right here on the beach, such good memories for me growing up, so i'm excited to be here but most excited because i have all these amazing women-run businesses with phenomenal deals, so first up, this is one that "gma" viewers are going to recognize. soy delicious. and you'll recognize it because not very long ago when i first found this company, in one day "gma" viewers bought 9,933 of these candles and you've e-mailed to say, bring them back. so we've brought them back. it's a phenomenal company. started by two best friends, maggie and georgette both born and raised in miami. both of them were public schoolteachers and then decided that they instead wanted to create a company so that they could have more time for their kids and they created this beautiful soy candle, and what i love is that they've brought us all new scents, six new scents plus travel candles like the little teeny travel candles that come in a variety of sets, so i love that. so, there's a big assortment for everybody. packaging and display they say was the thing that got them noticed, and that's what allowed the company to really take off.
8:33 am
you will love these deals. depending on the assortment that you choose, these start at $26.50, but today only for "gma" viewers, slashed in half, so really just starting at $13.25. [ cheers and applause ] >> yay for soy delicious. okay, next up, i love this company too, a new one that we found. this is called by lilla started again by two best friends. i love that theme. michele and colette born both in colombia, didn't know each other well very well there but moved here and became really good friends. they both had phenomenal careers and got married and decided to quit those careers and ultimately with three kids, both have three kids under 10 years old, realized rlths you know, we're itching to use our brain to make some money. they started this company to rebel against the ordinary black elastic that everyone has around their wrist, beautiful jewelry on then an ugly black elastic around your hair.
8:34 am
let's create a beautiful black elastic, and it started as a hobby. they were selling at a school bazaar fund-raisers to make money and have fun and turned into a very serious business. they're now -- they have a lot of media coverage from the top editors. they're sold in spas, boutiques, just a really beautiful assortment. there's a variety of different ones to choose from, two, five and seven-packs. a great deal on these too. normally they start at $15, today only everything is slashed in half, so really starts at $7.50. by lilla. last but not least, we take the cake. a really cool business. it was a husband and wife team who own this business. and interestingly, this is a company that lori bought about 14 years ago when she went into a bakery and loved the cake for her son's third birthday and said, i'm not just going to take the cake but buy the bakery, so for $72,000 she bought the bakery. she does not bake but does all
8:35 am
the sales and marketing and she leaves the baking to the pros. everything is made fresh. no preservatives. all made by hand. it's been in oprah's favorite thing and we've got two beautiful favorites here. two bundt cakes that come in the most gorgeous packaging. there's the key lime, because, of course, we're in miami that comes with this amazing key lime frosting that you'll get, as well as the chocolate fudge chip ganache, i'm like messing it all up, but it's phenomenal. you'll love this, normally $56 slashed in half. you get both for $28. [ cheers and applause ] and, robin, robin, you know that's -- >> i'm just saying, i'm just watching amy devour the bundt cakes. i mean, the sparks are flying over there. >> worth every calorie. >> hey, tory, it's time for that surprise for the owner of we take the cake. tell us more about lori. >> it is. okay, so lori is here with her team, and i got the heat dancers
8:36 am
to come on in here too, so let me tell you something about lori. before i can tell you about that, lori believes so strongly that cake is not just dessert, cake is about a celebration. it's a symbol of celebration of life, of happiness, of family and friends. lori does something really cool. she donates a cake to the broward's children hospital every time a child ends their chemo treatment, so they call it the end of chemo cake celebration, and you do a dozen of those a year. that was a big -- [ cheers and applause ] she does about a dozen of those a year. so when our sponsor vistaprint heard this, when we told them your story, they said they wanted to make it possible for you to extend the celebration beyond end of chemo to be able to celebrate all the milestones that sick children have in the hospital, birthdays, proms, holidays, special events, so that $10,000 is for you and you guys since you're the bakers, you guys, they make the magic happen. so you'll be able to give cakes all year round. >> thank you so much. that is phenomenal.
8:37 am
we are so excited to be a part of the celebration with these kids, and the fact that we can now, you know, have more parties and extend this, awesome. >> awesome. >> thank you so much. >> we think it's awesome too and we think what you do is awesome and we think this miami crowd is awesome. [ cheers and applause ] as everybody is going home -- they don't even know why they're cheering but they're all going home with something from all the companies. >> i don't think we'll get you back, tory. i think you're on the road, and you're going to stay there. having so much fun. great cake. all the good that lori does, as well. give her a big hug for us. get the codes and links for "deals & steals" on wheels at on yahoo! plus a special deal you can only find on "gma's" twitter page and tomorrow she's going to hit the road again, hall of fame. oh, no, the rock & roll hall of fame, cleveland. you know a little about that. >> i do. >> can you find out how to join her there on our website, so if you're there in the cleveland area and you want to
8:38 am
be on "deals & steals," you never know what you're going to find. check us out but let's get outside now to rob. >> true. weather is better in miami but this is pretty good. west michigan loves "gma" and new york city. well, like that, actually eastern australia, can you give me a good day, america? >> good day, america. >> oh, never get tired of that. i love it. i love it. all right, it's going to be warming up across central north america with a ridge popping up there so go from 50s and 60s to near 80 degrees in denver and chicago. some showers across the pacific northwest and dry across the flood zone in texas. that's a quick check of your >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with close to average from the peninsula to the north bay and san francisco is cooler-than-average at 62 because of the clouds. we have a chance of a scattered shower and isolated thunderstorm tomorrow throughti >> this weather report is brought to you by olay regenerist. amy, back inside to you. >> all right, rob. now to an amazing medical miracle. a florida woman blind for 21
8:39 am
years regaining her sight after undergoing surgery on her spine stunning doctors and the entire medical field. abc's gio benitez is here with her story. this truly is remarkable. >> reporter: unbelievable. good morning to you. for 21 years she didn't even know what her seven grandchildren looked like or even her cat and dog until now, and this morning she says she's convinced this is an act of god. >> in the mornings i get up and i look out here and the sun is coming through the trees and the beans is coming down. >> reporter: describing the scenery may seem ordinary, but for mary ann franco, it's a sight to behold. for more than two decades, mary ann was legally blind after suffering a bad car accident in 1995. it took another accident more than 20 years later to cause what she calls an act of god. after falling down in her florida home, she received surgery on her spine to alleviate pain in her neck and arm, and when she woke up, a miracle.
8:40 am
>> i said, lady, you with all that purple on you, i says, get over here and give me something for pain, and my niece says, what did you say, mary? >> reporter: all of a sudden mary ann could see. neurosurgeon john afshar of martin health system who conducted the surgery says he's never seen anything like it. >> i really don't have a scientific explanation. >> reporter: his theory? >> mrs. franco's vision was impaired from her accident 20 years ago and it could have been a result of the artery being kinked, and then when we performed the surgery itself, we unknowingly probably unkinked that vessel, re-established blood flow and, therefore, she could have regained her vision. >> really good to see you. >> oh, 6, 2, 9, 2, 5. >> that's not bad, 20/50. >> reporter: and if you think mary ann regaining sight is incredible, get this, she says she was color-blind before her accident and now she cannot only see but in color too.
8:41 am
>> you're wearing blue and brown and your tie is kind of brownish. yeah, you're so handsome. >> oh, thank you. >> what a sweet woman, and mary ann's daughter recently flew in from michigan to see her mom, and mary ann, she just couldn't stop talking about her daughter's appearance. she says she hopes to truly see the rest of her family this summer. >> oh, i can't wait for her to meet her grandchildren. that's such a unique experience. >> isn't that amazing? she has two great grandchildren. she's going to see them for the first time. >> thanks for bringing that to us, gio. coming up next on "gma," as you save for college how to make sure you cover everything from tuition to textbooks, it's all coming up next. "gma's" "deals & steals" on wheels is brought to you by vistaprint.
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♪ we're back now with our series "real money." today, a look at smart ways to cut the cost of college. abc's rebecca jarvis here with how to save on everything from tuition to textbooks and, rebecca, more and more families are now considering this gap year idea. >> including america's first family, the white house announcing the president's daughter, malia obama, will take a year off before attending harvard.
8:45 am
and for anyone heading off to college this year, it is clear it's a huge expense. the average graduate leaving with almost $30,000 in debt. and we've got the tips to save you money. it's a growing trend among high school grads that even the president's older daughter is trying out. malia obama will take a gap year trading in her books for a year's worth of life experience before heading off to college. but for those not taking a year off, it's not just their studies they'll have to worry about. many managing their money for the very first time. according to a national survey, seven out of ten college students feel stressed about personal finances. >> my job is only like three days a week so not making that much and i know it's going to be harder in college to make it. >> reporter: high school senior and future freshman at the university of richmond logan boenning wants to make sure she's ready for financial independence. >> i want her to be happy, but yet i want her also to understand that, you know, we don't have a money tree in the backyard.
8:46 am
>> reporter: enter lynnette khalfani-cox, financial expert and author of "college secrets: how to save money, cut college costs and graduate debt free." she says students should beware of what sound like enticing credit card offers. instead, do apply for a debit card, and consider making the student an authorized user on a parent's card. >> parents should establish limits, and i don't mean dollar limits, but limits around how you use the card. >> reporter: college textbooks and supplies can also be costly averaging about $1,200 a year for freshmen. but our expert has saving secrets. first use open source textbooks, they're free. second, get the international version of the books. they're 80% less and, third, avoid the campus bookstore. it's typically the priciest option. and finally, know the difference between needs and wants. >> if they're not careful, they
8:47 am
can veer off into that overspending category and wind up in not just a lot of credit card debt but perhaps even a lot of student loan debt, as well and we just don't want that for the next generation. >> well, our very best wishes to logan for a great four years ahead. one easy way to keep to that budget, prepaid credit cards, you can add the amount that you want to spend onto the card. once it's gone, that's it. you just got to be careful about prepaid cards that come with heavy fees. >> one way for the parents to have a little bit of control too. >> exactly. >> rebecca, thanks very much. "captain america" is coming up next. the stars elizabeth olsen and paul bettany are here live. "gma's real money" brought to you by voya financial. changing the way you think about retirement. ♪ ♪
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[we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ♪ oh, yeah, we got some fans in the house. you want to know why? because we have elizabeth olsen and paul bettany. they star as superheroes
8:50 am
scarlet witch and vision in the new "captain america: civil war" movie and here is your sneak peek. >> you know i don't know what this is, not really. i know it's not of this world and the power of loki's staff gave you your abilities, but its true nature is a mystery, and yet it is part of me. >> are you afraid of it? >> i wish to understand it. the more i do, the less it controls me. [ applause ] >> whoo! the fans love it. we really see the two of you bonding in this clip, and we know when the actual comics -- the two of you have a romantic relationship, your characters have a romantic relationship, so how do we see that unfolding in this movie? >> you go. >> aaah. it's more about their connection as characters and being confused by their own abilities and having that in common and having
8:51 am
where their power is sourced from in common and that kind of just pure friendship, i think. i don't know what's going to happen later. >> but the foundation for something later. >> we don't know. they don't tell us anything. >> that's above our pay grade. >> i do, by the way, love how you matched your glasses to elizabeth's dress. >> you see that. >> well, i saw his glasses in a picture the other day, and i was like, i should wear lilac. and so it begins. >> paul, tell us about your transformation because there was nothing latex. that was all makeup that you were wearing to be vision. what was that like getting ready physically to be the part? >> yeah, it's about 2 1/4 hours. >> every day. >> every day. and it's pretty uncomfortable. >> you can't sweat. >> you can't really sweat but it's pretty uncomfortable but you are being handsomely paid to be uncomfortable. i can think of plenty ways of being uncomfortable and not being handsomely paid, so i can't -- i don't like hearing actors complain, it was so, so
8:52 am
difficult wearing that costume and then they get paid a fortune so you won't hear me complaining. having said that, i've just complained for quite a long time. >> no, he never complains on set though, and he like is very uncomfortable and miserable just because you can't imagine being that physically constrained all the time, but paul never complains. he just sings instead. >> he sings. he sings? what's your go-to song? ♪ get me out of here >> no, i do -- i go to a very safe place in my head, a place -- in fact, i think that's where the character comes from. i have to go to a place of total calm because otherwise you just want to go, get it off me. get it off. i'm done. for the 2 1/2 hours or whatever it would take them to reset me. >> a lot of work, elizabeth, went into your entrance, your first appearance on the movie screen, and twitter went crazy when they saw your -- i think we have video of it. the way you entered into the scene like that. >> oh, that.
8:53 am
>> whoo! . was that you? >> no. i did -- i mounted the landing. i did do -- >> you nailed it. >> i landed, but also it's because i was only on set for a short period of time, so there were a lot of things that i couldn't physically be around for. >> she's also literally the only person that's honest about it. >> am i? >> yes. >> it's just such a great film. it is for everyone. i'm going to be seeing it for the second time with my kids. thank you both for joining us this morning. >> pleasure, thank you. >> "captain america: civil war" is in theaters on friday and we will be right back.
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good morning. i'm natasha zouves with the abc 7 morning news. let's head over to meteorologist mike nicco with a quick check of your forecast. good morning, everybody. it's been a slow ride because of the cloud cover. we're still in the mid-50s to near 60. we'll top out in the 70s inland. 60s around the bay but only 50s at the coast because of the lack of sunshine today. now tomorrow that's when the unsettled pattern develops with some scattered showers. that will last through saturday. our best chance of anything measurable is probably going to be friday and saturday. sue? >> we have a little residual b.a.r.t. delay in san francisco stations. ten-minute delay due to equipment problems and ace train number 5 is coming in about ten minutes late. an accident at the bay bridge toll plaza west of the tolls. good to know. thank you, sue.
9:00 am
time now for "live with kelly an michael." our report >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the series, "elementary," lucy lui. and star of the drama, "rosewood," morris chestnut. plus, we want you to be a part of the show. log on to to vote, play, and give us your opinion. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here with your emmy award-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: hi!


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