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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 23, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. 30 twisters reported across the heartland. hail and rain pound the south. >> daddy, let's go! >> tornadoes spark fires turning homes into rubble. now millions on high alert. from texas to minnesota. the severe weather warnings. dead heat. the new abc news poll showing donald trump and hillary clinton neck and neck in the race for the white house, as former president bill clinton goes on the attack and bernie sanders refuses to drop out. the mom being called the queen of the internet for this -- [ laughter ] >> shattering records, making more than 100 million people laugh along with her. [ laughter ] >> now, look who's on her way to times square. >> i'm going to be on "good morning america." [ laughter ]
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>> you'll meet her live only on "gma." ♪ and a high-flying night at the billboard music awards. show-stopping performances from britney -- ♪ >> -- to blake and gwen. ♪ celine dion's emotional return. ♪ the show must go on >> and madonna teaming up with stevie wonder for a tribute to prince. ♪ purple rain purple rain >> all the hottest moments on stage and backstage. >> good morning, america! >> right here on "gma." and good morning, america. happy monday. how about that sunday night at the billboard music awards? there it was right there.
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celine dion just stole the show. ♪ but the show must go on. >> so powerful. what about that moment her son rene-charles presented the icon award. we were exclusively with celine back stage and have much more coming up. but we'll begin with those twisters in the south. rain and hail. millions in the threat zone today, bracing for tornadoes and damaging winds. rob's here with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, george. what a weekend, over 200 reports of severe weather in the last 24 hours. 27 tornados reported across five states. a very active pattern. we're just getting started. >> look at that guys. >> funnel cloud after funnel cloud forming in the skies above texas overnight. >> daddy, let's go, please. >> reporter: 30 reported tornadoes from south dakota to texas. some with winds over 100 miles an hour.
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one twister sparking this fire in big spring, this home there reduced to rubble. >> wow! >> reporter: funnel clouds forming as rain and hail pounds the area. golf ball-size hail reported throughout the state. >> look at that! >> reporter: at least four other twisters reported in the texas panhandle overnight, and this one in kansas. >> tornado crossing in front of us! >> reporter: cars stopping mid-highway to avoid the whipping winds. flash floods in nebraska sunday. over an inch of rain in 15 minutes leaving cars stranded in the street. this truck inching its away across the intersection as the midwest and plains are on high alert. severe watches spanning from mexico, all of the way to canada. this week, we're under a persistent southwest regime. each and every day a threat for severe weather. today, the bull's-eye is going
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to be across west texas, kansas. oklahoma and extend it to st. louis and maybe chicago as we go through time. want to show you that piece of video which highlights something that we talked about before on this show, multivortex tornadoes. you can see it here, they kind of dance around the main circulation. those are the ones that do the most damage as far as tornadoes that hit towns. and also where one house can get hit and one won't get hit. these can accelerate the winds and we'll probably see more of these going forward. >> rob, thank you. now to the race for the white house. our new poll showing hillary clinton and donald trump neck and neck in the race for the white house, as bernie sanders makes it clear he's not dropping out yet. abc's tom llamas is at trump headquarters in new york with the latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. that new poll the big political story today. but we're also getting a preview of hillary clinton's strategy over the next few weeks. she said that she's not going to let donald trump normalize
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himself to appeal to voters. she's getting help from bill clinton. who calls trump slogan of make america great again a dumb idea. this morning the race for president now a dead heat. trump gaining on hillary clinton since locking up the nomination. three recent polls show the race neck and neck. >> people are in love with what we're saying. >> reporter: clinton said just wait, promises to expose what she calls trump's hollowness. >> there's no evidence he has any ideas about making america great as he advertises. >> and overnight, former president bill clinton describing trump's candidacy this way -- >> it's a very bad choice for america's future. >> reporter: even knocking the presumptive gop nominee's slogan. >> making america great again, really means i'll make it the way it used to be. you'll be better off and if you're not at least you'll have someone else to look down on. that's a dumb idea. it will not work. >> reporter: but as clinton pivots towards the general
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election -- >> i will be the nominee. i will be running against donald trump. >> reporter: senator sanders says, not so fast. >> i think secretary clinton is jumping the gun a little bit here. >> reporter: sanders pointing toward our abc news/washington post poll that shows nearly two-thirds of registered poll have an unfavorable view of both major candidates. >> i don't want to see the american people voting for the lesser of two evils. >> senator sanders, i'm sorry, the night is over. >> no, no, it's not over! it's not over until i say it's over! >> reporter: sanders' fighting spirit getting the "snl" treatment. >> hello, bernie, i didn't see you sitting behind me. so far behind me you can't catch up. >> reporter: now trump is set for a west coast swing this with week. montana, north dakota, new mexico and california, george. >> still got some contests let. let's dig into our poll with jon karl.
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this poll shows a surge for donald trump over the last couple of months. >> in march, hillary clinton had a commanding lead over trump. in fact, she's had a commanding lead back to september. in every poll we have done. that lead has now disappeared. he's pulled ahead of her within the margin of error. the other factor is the unpopularity of both of these candidates, donald trump viewed unfavorably by 37% of the votes. hillary clinton viewed ton favorably by 53% of the voters. this is the first time we have seen both major party candidates viewed unfavorably by a majority of voters. it may not surprise you, george, 44% say they would like to see a third party candidate. they're unhappy with both options. >> as you say this is the lowest numbers for both candidates in the history of our polling. one thing going on here, though, we have seen donald trump making strides in unifying the republican party now that ted cruz and john kasich dropped out. hillary clinton is still in a battle.
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>> reporter: the most astounding number in this poll, george, was this -- look at this -- 20% of bernie sanders' supporters say they'll vote for donald trump if it comes down to hillary clinton or donald trump. one in five bernie sanders supporters saying they will vote for donald trump. the key thing for hillary she has to find a way to get the sanders' supporters onboard. >> jon karl, thank you very much. breaking news overnight, president obama in vietnam, announcing the u.s. will lift an arms embargo that's been placed for more than 40 years. abc's bob woodruff with the latest. good morning, bob. >> reporter: very big news today. no one was sure that president obama would do this. but he did. announcing that u.s. is ending the decades-long arms embargo. which until now made it illegal to sell lethal weapons to vietnam. the types of weapons that will
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eventually be sold will be reviewed on a case by case bias. because of lingering concerns of vietnam's human rights record. why now? the president says it's the natural course for improving ties. but the u.s. and vietnam are also increasingly drawn together because of china and its growing aggressive actions in and over the south china sea. now, china has been building artificial islands not far from the vietnamese coast so president obama was warmly welcomed by the people here on the streets. most i met here in hanoi said americans are widely liked in this country. here you see the relationship between these former enemies is certainly improving. robin. >> it does appear that way. thank you. >> a bit of a jolt to see that. we'll move on now to the egyptair mystery. the egypt government has deployed a submarine to help find the wreckage. the black boxes that could reveal what brought the plane down. abc's matt gutman is on the scene in cairo. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. as those ships scour for wreckage on land they're searching for answers.
7:10 am
here at egyptair they're trying to determine whether or not a mechanical error brought down that plane. and poring through surveillance video trying to see if a bomb or bomber made it onboard. this morning, egyptian ships salvaging the relics of flight 804 from the mediterranean surface. shredded handbags and shoes, crushed seats and paneling. meantime, a french ship and an egyptian sub have been sent to scour the seabed for the bulk of the plane wreckage. abc news has learned that the search area is massive, about 5,000 square miles about the size of the state of connecticut. from above the pentagon said its planes have detected 100 pieces of debris. we now know after the pilot's upbeat good night. to the tower last thursday morning. >> thank you so much, good night. >> reporter: the plane's data transmission system, known as acars.
7:11 am
began sending warning messages to the pilots and ground facilities. one reads smoke, lavatory and i've i don't know -- the alert indicating a possible fire right under the cockpit. >> one thing we don't know if there was smoke and fire is how it got started. it's still possible this could still be are terrorist act. something that exploded in the airplane. >> hundreds here in cairo page tribute to the lives lost. this morning, egyptian officials telling us their focus is recovering the bodies and those all-important black boxes. is egypt going to ask for additional outside help in order to locate them? >> if it's necessary we will do that. >> reporter: now, egyptian officials say they're looking for those black boxes but they may need some extra help. one french ship patrolling that area. half the size of lake erie but two u.s. companies have reportedly volunteered to help in that search. >> matt, thanks very much. let's get more from our aviation contributor, steve ganyard. thanks for joining us this
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morning. these black boxes could provide the answers but necessarily. >> yeah, george, one of the things that we're concerned about, two independent sources of data, acars, both stopped at the exact same instance. there's a concern here if there was a total electrical fire, some of that data that was supposed to transmitted to the black boxes might have been cut off. >> what could we learn from the other debris? >> we have debris that's on the surface and the debris on the bottom of the ocean. on the surface, things that are light, seat cushions. pieces of plastic. the real clues will be with the bulk of the airplane that might show how the metal was broken, explosions residue. these sorts of things. >> the possibility of terrorist attack, but if it's a mechanical failure, there's a real danger there. this plane flying all over the
7:13 am
world. >> one of the most ubiquitous airlines. it's a great airplane. very reliable and very safe. one way or another, we have to figure out if it's a terrorist attack we have to address that. if it's a problem with the airplane that has to be addressed. the investigation is important really to the whole world. >> steve ganyard, thanks very much. let's go to amy with the other top stories. major military operation in iraq. >> more than 20,000 troops launched a fight to retake the city of fallujah from isis. residents were told to evacuate or stay in their homes or wave a white flag. already today, iraqi forces are reporting progress, sweeping through the outskirts of that city which is one of two remaining isis strong holds in iraq. a man accused of gunning down a massachusetts police officer in a traffic stop has now been killed in a shootout. they shot him after he fired at them as he searched an apartment.
7:14 am
jorge zambrano was wanted in killing ronald tarantino who leaves behind a wife and three children. some dramatic video of a wildfire sweeping across hundreds of acres in arizona's mojave valley. it may have been sparked by a transformer explosion. evacuations in that area have now been lifted. the san diego padres are apologizing to the local gay men's choir for quote mishandling their performance of the national anthem. just as they started to sing they were drowned out by a recording of a woman singing the anthem. the padres said it wasn't a malicious act but an employee has been disciplined. a shocker in the nba playoffs, the thunder unleashing fury on steph curry and the warriors. kevin durant scored 30 points as oklahoma city rolled to a 133-105 win. the thunder now lead the series. finally, we all know you
7:15 am
shouldn't text while driving but what about texting while marching. check out this video. hosted by the u.s. military academy showing west point cadets marching to their graduation ceremony. look closely, one of the cadets texting while marching. looking down the entire time. i feel like that could be my child right there. stop texts while walking. it's not safe. >> some kind of snapchat selfie there. >> it's really sad and dangerous. missing out. how about last night? >> so special, right. lots of great memories from the billboard music awards. the world's most popular artists taking the stage for amazing duets and touching tributes. abc's jesse palmer is in las vegas with moments that have all of us talking this morning. hey, jess. >> reporter: hey, lara, it was a night full of memorable performnses and two were by britney spears, celine dion and
7:16 am
the tribute to prince. ♪ britney spears kicking off the billboard music awards. ♪ >> reporter: slaying it on stage. her glittery ensemble and toxic moves mesmerizing fans. transporting us back to 2001 reminding us 15 years later who's still the princess of pop. ♪ >> reporter: a night jam packed with music's biggest chart-toppers and the all-star performances didn't stop there. gwen stefani and blake shelton putting their love on display. ♪ >> reporter: the weekend, the biggest winner of the night. taking home eight awards. the most for a male artist since 2011. and paid a tribute to the late great prince. overwhelmed by emotion on the legacy he had over the r&b
7:17 am
superstar. >> he was very close to me and -- and he'll always be an inspiration. rest in peace, prince. i love you. ♪ >> reporter: emotions ran high, too, a ovation for kesha's return. her on again, off-again appearance finally a go after her legal battle with dr. luke. ♪ >> reporter: the show going on for music icon honoree celine dion. the pop legend's son rene charles surprising his mom with the golden microphone. >> i don't want to cry in front of you, you make me so happy. >> and to close the show. >> it should be anything but silent. >> reporter: a moment of silence to honor prince. ♪ nothing compares to u
7:18 am
>> reporter: before madonna's tribute, stevie wonder joining the material girl on stage as the crowd sang along. ♪ i only want to see you dancing in the purple rain ♪ >> reporter: so many memorable memories and i got to be back stage with some big stars including a interview with celine dion. i cannot wait to share that with you all coming up. >> no words needed. just look at this video. meghan trainor is right behind him on stage. the kid is not even facing the stage, so busy capturing the video that he's missing the moment. >> it's like he should march in graduations. >> i knew that was going to happen. >> rainy here in the northeast. >> for now. then vegas-like heat by wednesday. your select cities brought to you by mazda.
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>> good monday morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the accweather forecast. we will start with the next three days, it will be partly sunny, below agency highs and a stray shower is possible with warmth for the holiday weekend. today is 71 in antioch account rest of us are in the 60s until coast at 59, and tonight, upper 40s to mid-50 with a stray sprinkle. my seven-day forecast shows back to average on thursday and warmer-than-average on friday, saturday, and sunday and away from the breaking news here.
7:20 am
we'll get to that. >> we'll share something with you in a little bit. coming up, a bomb shell in one of the biggest murder cases in the past two decades. and the mom behind the chewbacca mask. 130 million views and counting. she's here live this morning. 130 million views and counting. she's here live this morning. she's here live this morning. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's one pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or any other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take
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7:25 am
northbound direction. it's directly across the street from burly game high school and the panthers football field. they are saying major delays across the entire system because of the fatal. right near the high school. there are no really other great trams alternate and no other trains to get through. avoid that area
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good morning and welcome. partly cloudy skies and let's take a look at the temperatures. 48 in san that rosa.
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the rest of us in the 50s. 50s in the coast 1k36 o 0s around the bay and 7 0s in land. cooler with a stray shower on wednesday and back to average on thursday and then from the coast to the holiday weekend. >> thank you mike. we will have another local news update in 30 minutes and on the app join us weekdays and the news continues now with "good morning america."
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♪ back here on "gma." meghan trainor's huge performance last night at the billboard music awards. we showed you what we thought was just simply a fan taking a selfie. but wait. there's more. >> we called him out for the selfie. we got called out by my daughter elliott. she sent me a text saying that kid is a youtuber. so he's paid to be in that seat and film it for his channel. she is right. he was doing a performance last night. so we were schooled by ellie. >> keep you very grounded, especially teenagers. they tell you what you do wrong. >> enjoy the moment. >> enjoying the moment and getting paid for it. >> really enjoying the moment.
7:31 am
>> totally showing our age. >> how quickly she got in touch with you. >> she wanted us to know. and ricky dillon having fun with it as well. also right now, donald trump and hillary clinton in a dead heat as our new abc news poll shows them neck and neck for the white house. and this morning millions from texas to minnesota on alert for severe weather, tornadoes and damaging winds on the way. and also this morning, getting ready for her big debut. chewbacca mom! she is the star. thank you so much. we're going to hear from her coming up. it's pure joy, the simple joys in life. >> her name is candace payne. i saw her before we came down here this morning. she's a delight. what a way to start the week. we begin this half-hour with a major development in one of the biggest murder cases. the accused killer of chandra levy murdered in 2001 is
7:32 am
getting a new trial. abc's david wright is here with so much more. good morning, david. >> reporter: this 15-year-old murder mystery ended the career of a powerful californian congressman gary condit but another man was convicted, a homeless guy. already in jail for assaulting other women in rock creek park. now, as he faces a new trial the suspect is pointing the finger back at condit. bombshell new allegations in a sensational washington murder case. could a congressman's alleged secret sex life have been the motive for murder? that's the allegation being made. by the attorneys for the man sentenced for killing chandra levy. she was an intern who disappe disappeared 15 years ago this month. >> we just beg information.
7:33 am
please call it in. >> her murder, one of the biggest stories that summer. an illegal immigrant from el salvador was convicted based on a jailhouse confession to other inmates. his conviction later set aside, he's now facing a new trial this fall and now his lawyers have filed a blockbuster motion zeroing in on levy's relationship with former congressman gary condit. claiming aggressive sex involving bondage may have killed her. her body was found in d.c.'s rock creek park. a pair of knotted tights found nearby. >> anything you want to say? >> the defense attorneys say that condit may have used them to restrain levy during a rough sex act gone wrong. chandra levy's split on condit's possible role. >> condit was fooling around in doing that. it doesn't prove that he's the murderer. >> young women can be caught up in the web of predators, of powerful people and we don't know what happened to them. >> reporter: condit had a
7:34 am
powerful motive to kill or cover-up the circumstances of her death whether her death was intentional or accidental. at the time gary condit told connie chung that he was innocent. >> do you know what happened to chandra levy? >> no, i do not. >> did you kill chandra levy? >> i did not. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney prosecuting this case the second time now calls this a sensational, salacious effort to taint the jury pool, robin. and condit's attorney says the public defender has a defense theory that has been rejected. >> all right, david, thank so much. we're going to bring in dan abrams. you just heard some pretty sensational claims. >> right. it's a legitimate argument for the defense to point the finger at somebody else. in this case, their argument is this is someone that we believe was having an affair with chandra levy, had a motive to do it. they're going to argue opportunity if they can and they want to go back and interview past girlfriends. the problem is you can't start
7:35 am
bringing in every ex-girlfriend to say, oh, i don't know, i didn't like him for this reason. we had this kind of sex or that kind of sex. the most important potential witness they have who said she was scared of him. i want to know why. what was the evidence? that's the kind of stuff that could be admissible in a case like this. you got to be careful about what you let in. >> how strong is this case? >> it was a lot stronger in the last try when they had the star witness, this cell mate who testified and now there are real concerns about his testimony, no longer a strong case as it was before. >> the levy family just want to know the truth. >> right. >> all right, dan, thank you. we'll get the latest on tom brady. an abc news exclusive with the superlawyer he's hired to fight the four-game suspension he's facing for the deflategate scandal. the battle could go all the way to the supreme court.
7:36 am
>> reporter: breaking news overnight. tom brady revealing he'll fight the four-game suspension. as lawyers filing this document asking the second circuit court of appeals to rehear his case. and toss out his suspension. this morning, tom brady's attorneys revealing exclusively to abc news the superstar will appeal the federal court hearing reinstating the four-game suspension for deflategate to the entire 2nd circuit bench. >> the facts are so drastic and so apparent the court should rehear it. >> reporter: the four-time super bowl winner adding former solicitor general theodore olson to his legal case. claiming commissioner roger goodell fumbled the case and he completely ignored the schedules. for equipment related violations which could have resulted in nothing more than a fine. >> he appointed himself to
7:37 am
review his own decision and then he affirmed his own decisions on different grounds than he specified the first time around. >> a judge ruling two to one stating commissioner roger goodell properly exercised his broad discretion in suspending brady for his role in deflategate. after an independent investigator found it more probable or not that tom brady was generally aware of an alleged scheme to deflate footballs. during this afc championship game versus the indianapolis colts. brady has repeatedly denied any involvement. his legal team vowing to fight on for the football star. >> he knows that he didn't do anything wrong. he knows that it was a commissioner who made things up. as he went along. >> the lawyers right now saying brady is going through his normal routine to start the season. but has to await his fate, george and robin. coming up know details about
7:38 am
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7:42 back now with madonna's tribute to prince at the billboard music awards. it's making a lot of head lines as we learn new details about prince's unexpected death. abc's linsey davis has more. >> reporter: it was one of the most anticipated moments of the night -- ♪ >> reporter: madonna paying tribute to prince at the billboard music awards. aptly singing "nothing compares to u." before this unexpected moment, when stevie wonder joined her on stage. ♪ purple rain purple rain >> reporter: the purple rain duet quieted critics who complained ahead of the show
7:43 am
that producers should have petitioned another artist to perform. people signed a petition hoping to stop madonna being the only artist to pay tribute to prince during the awards. the producer stood by the decision. we're honored and could not be more excited for madonna to be on the show and pay tribute to someone that was her friend and her peer and her colleague. on the day of his passing madonna posted this on her instagram along with this message, he changed the world, a true visionary, what a loss, i'm devastated. according to rolling stone the two icons briefly dated back in 1995. even singing a duet in the late '80s and ultimately reconciling. and this morning, while the results of prince's toxicology report have yet to be released new details about the circumstances surrounding his death are coming into focus. according to the star tribune a responding paramedic said prince
7:44 am
appeared to be dead for six hours before he was found dead. dp of course, everyone waiting for those toxicology reports. back to the billboard music awards show, right after it was over, b.e.t. threw some shade on the awards saying we saw that. don't worry we got you. all i can say, ouch. can you imagine. the pressure now, everybody, all eyes on the b.e.t. awards. >> they better bring it. >> they will. they will linsey thank you. coming up on "good morning america" -- the laugh that's lighting up the internet. can't wait for you to meet chewbacca mom. she's delightful. getting ready for the big debut. >> she's a natural. and behind the scenes of "dancing with the stars" finale. will ginger's injury keep her from the finals. bindi irwin takes us inside the final rehearsals. from the finals.
7:45 am
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7:49 am
back with a woman making millions laugh with her chewbacca mask. her birthday gift to herself has become a gift to the internet. this video is breaking records becoming the most watched facebook live video of all time. more than 133 million views. here's a look. >> i'm going to take it out of the box and i can't wait to show you. stay patient. this is going to be worth it. i promise. maybe not. maybe not. but, it's worth it to me and i had to share with my friends on the internet. i got to take off my glasses for it. [ laughter ] oh, my. naturally. okay, here we go. so, yes, now watch when my mouth actually moves -- [ laughter ] that's not me making that noise it's the mask. [ laughter ]
7:50 am
i'm such a happy chewbacca. [ laughter ] oh, my gosh. i kind of want to drive around like this. okay, now, i'm going to let chewbacca talk here. [ chewbacca noises ] [ laughter ] oh, my gosh. i'm in tears. i'm in tears. wow. [ laughter ] that is the best birthday present ever to myself. wow. [ laughter ] >> it doesn't matter how many times you see it. >> i'm crying. >> her laugh is so infectious and she is here now, candace will join us live next hour. get ready for that and the new bachelorette jojo fletcher here live. jojo fletcher here
7:51 am
7:52 am
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7:55 am
good morning america is brought to you by the makers of zyrtec. zyrtec. muddle no more.
7:56 am
now from abc7 news. i am natasha zouves and let's get over to sue hall for an undate. sue? >> a fatal accident happened about 6:30 this morning and this is video this morning and stopped on the track by the high school at the oak grove scene. there's a bus bridge in place there, but expect major delays through the cal train. let's talk about some temperatures and all of us this in the 50s right now and we're partly sunny and we have a chance of a stray shower to nova and then 71 in an yak and it's going to be cooler with a stray shower on wednesday. thank you mike. coming up the video of putting on the mask is viral over the
7:57 am
weekend. she is live next only on gma. we have another up dapt in 30 minutes and the news app. join mike
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. new overnight -- ♪ i have to find a way to carry on ♪ >> the show won't stop for celine. her emotional performance that brought down the billboards. >> what were your nerves like walking onto that stage tonight? >> what she revealed to our cameras and jesse backstage. only on "gma." ♪ also this morning -- final countdown. ginger, nyle and paige hard at work before tonight's "dancing with the stars" blowout. could a last minute injury stop ginger from competing? special correspondent bindi irwin takes us behind the scenes. she's out of this world. >> i'm such a happy chewbacca. >> the mom who broke all facebook records. for her happy moment as chewbacca and she's here live.
8:01 am
>> drum roll. i'm going to be on "good morning america." [ laughter ] ♪ and get ready for summer. ashley graham here taking your questions about how to make any swimsuit work for summer. she's styling you as we say -- >> both: good morning, america. is what a great way to start the week. >> yeah, enthusiasm for monday right there. >> we got the mom behind that chewbacca mask. the stunning ashley graham is also with us and of course the new bachelorette is here live. >> she's sharing some secrets from the big "bachelorette" premiere. that's coming up. >> lara, it was a big night last night. >> so much to see in vegas, stunning performances. everybody on their feet.
8:02 am
"cake by the ocean" including singer joe joe jonas' brother nick. and demi lovato. and you also saw blake and gwen, a tut, sharing their love. and look at this, a cute picture of them backstage. it looks like real love, people. and there was the moment that stole our hearts. celine dion's son surprised her with a big award. jesse was backstage. he got to go one-on-one with the star. we'll have that and so much more coming up. we have app lot coming up but right now the morning rundown from amy. >> that's right. and donald trump gaining ground in the race for president, now pulling ahead of hillary clinton. he's holding a two-point lead in our new poll. clinton now stepping up her attacks and abc's tom llamas is at trump tower right here in new york. good morning, tom. >> reporter: amy, good morning. the big political story today, that new poll that shows this race neck and neck. donald trump gaining on hillary clinton and this race now a dead
8:03 am
heat. this comes as we're getting a preview to hillary clinton's strategy over the next few weeks. she says she wants to prove that donald trump is "hollow." that his rhetoric doesn't have any ideas behind it. and she's also getting some help from her husband, former president bill clinton, who said this about donald trump's slogan. >> make america great again really means, i'll make it the way it used to be. you'll be better off. if not, you'll have somebody else to look down on. that's a dumb idea. it will not work. >> reporter: now this back and forth between clinton and trump comes at a time when senator bernie sanders is not giving up, saying he'll stay in this race until the primaries are over. >> all right, tom, thanks very much. and president obama is in vietnam where today he's announced he's lifting the arms embargo that's been in place against vietnam for 40 years. it's all in an effort to improve relations and counter moves by china to dominate the region. in iraq, a major new fight against isis.
8:04 am
20,000 iraqi troops have launched an offensive to take back the city of fallujah. it's one of two remaining isis strong holds in that country. a robot submarine that can dive 10,000 feet has joined the search for egyptair flight 804 this morning. a u.s. navy plane has found a hundred new pieces of debris. but the focus now is on recovering passengers' remains and locating flight recorders. a verdict is expected today in the trial of a baltimore police officer charged in the freddie gray case. gray died after breaking his neck riding in a police van. his death touched off days of riots. officer edward nero faces assault and endangerment charges. it was a wild scene on the streets in china when a giant sinkhole opened and swallowed these cars. look at that. taking down trees as well. one of the owners was eating lunch nearby and just saw his audi disappear. thankfully, nobody was injured. and finally, if you ever wanted to switch places with a
8:05 am
toddler riding in a stroller, you now have your chance. take a look. a company has built a supersized stroller for parents. why, you ask. well, this is all in an effort to test-drive while you're shopping for a stroller. the company has only made one demo. no plans to mass produce it. but i hear that giant stroller is coming to chicago if anyone wants to take a spin. >> why did they do that again? >> because they want to see if it will be comfortable for their baby. >> i'm sure it's very similar. >> i bet you get a good nap in it. >> yeah. >> chicago in june. but first, lara with the "morning menu." look at what's coming up on the "good morning america's" morning menu. it's an act of god, sean hayes is with us, everybody. he's got some big scoop and there's a little play on words there. we'll explain. good-bye, my friend. good-bye.
8:06 am
>> i'll let you brush up on your english. >> some days are easier than others. "bachelorette" bombshell jojo fletcher is joining us live. we have a sneak peek. and ashley graham and candace, chewbacca mom are here live. show them what i'm talking about. it's the greatest video. we'll show you and talk live on "gma" in times square. sfx: thud! thud! sfx: streeeeeetch...thwang! sfx: smack! flock together, and let the fun fly! because angry birds are coming to mcdonald's. how ya doin'? isn't that cool? now you can order, scan and unlock in game rewards based on "the angry birds movie," rated pg only in theaters. ugh! the door, why didn't we think of that? and i quit smoking with chantix. i always came back to smoking. i was absolutely frustrated, absolutely.
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other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or any other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. [ laughter ] can't get enough of candace payne. she's the woman breaking the internet, known affectionately as chewbacca mom. she became a viral superstar after this video showing that infectious laugh of hers in that mask.
8:11 am
as of this morning, it got more than 133 million views making it the most viewed facebook live video ever and now the woman behind the mask is here at "good morning america." it's wonderful to have you here. you just make us happy, candace. >> that is awesome. >> bless you for that. bless you for that. so, tell me, you're a record breaker. and you're joking you said you never been an athlete so you said it's kind of cool to be a record breaker. >> yes, i feel like i deserve a gold medal to say i have broken a record. that deserves like maybe a podium and a song and some flowers or something. >> how many people can say they're a record breaker. >> i don't know. >> it's great. so give us the backstory here. you're in the store. why did you want to buy this mask? >> well, i wasn't there for the mask. i was there for myself for some yoga pants because i'm trying to work out more. and it's not really going that well.
8:12 am
i ended up going to the toy section because i got discouraged about the yoga pants. maybe not today. but i could get a toy for my kids. i walked through the toys section and i bumped my shoulder into a box. i have seen it before. i didn't realize it made a sound until that moment. it accidentally started making the growl and i went -- i need to get that. i don't think my kids need it i needed it. >> you couldn't wait to get home? >> well, i made a couple of other stops. and then, it was just calling from the bag. i was thinking, i've got 30 minutes before i have to be responsible and pick up my children from school and once they see this i'll never get to see it again. so, i thought i'm going to share it with my facebook family and friends. if anyone wants to see it they'll have to see it now. i'm going to document it. it was mine to begin with. not theirs. >> in case they try to take it
8:13 am
away. >> well, they will take it away. >> they still will. so when you put that mask on and you had no idea that it was going to resonate as it has, what do you think -- why do you think that people can't get enough of it? >> in all honesty, i think the world as a whole is in need of a good laugh. i think we're in need of someone to lift our spirits, to not take ourselves so seriously and maybe break some cynicism worldwide. it just needs to stop. somebody needs to have a good belly laugh with somebody and it happened to be me that day. >> i think you're right on with that. tell us a little about yourself. you're from the dallas area. you have two children. >> my husband and i will be married 15 years in december. so, that's a big one for us. and i absolutely love him. he's my best friend and my anchor and my biggest rock. and our kids, we couldn't be prouder of who they are growing up to be. i absolutely love my family. a while ago, i took time to be a stay at home mom.
8:14 am
and i hawaii -- i've loved every moment of this season. >> good for you and you also -- you love star wars. >> i do. >> we did stalking online and we saw your pictures from "star wars." are the kids into it as well? >> yes, yes. >> so we have our friends from hasbro, they know you love these toys. bring it out. all these gifts from hasbro are for you. "star wars." >> the action figures, the big ones. >> and they're going to give you a certificate for $2500 to buy more for your friends and family. because you're so generous, they want to be generous as well. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> what's been the best part of it? >> in all honesty it is being able to share joy with people. hear stories of people coming out of depression. one woman wrote me and said she had an autistic daughter who hadn't laughed for two months. she said that every time she showed her daughter the video she laughed.
8:15 am
from one mama heart to another mama, to see a child that you haven't seen laugh those are the stories that i'm going to take with me every day. >> candace payne, ladies and gentlemen! [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> i'm going to give you a hug. that is beautiful. >> thank you. >> that was a moment. bless you for what you're doing and what that mother said is so true. we have not heard the last from you. i know we haven't. >> what a great spirit she has. she can't talk because lara has the mask on. [ laughter ] >> i'm going to read her read, we have the biggest moments from the billboard music awards. >> i understand -- it's like you can't stop laughing when you put it on. on, my gosh. >> it's like laughing gas in there. >> everyone needs to get one of these. george, will you help me? >> yeah, i think i will. we're going go to jesse palmer, he was there for everything including celine dion, let's go back to him in vegas. hey, jesse.
8:16 am
>> reporter: what a night it was. obviously the show was amazing but the real show was behind the scenes and that's where i was with some of the hottest stars and some of the biggest winners. let's take a look. ♪ i have to find a way to carry on ♪ >> the emotional moment that touched so many. celine dion's son who presented her with the billboard icon award. after performing her late husband's song, "the show must go on." remembering him in her speech. >> and most importantly, my beloved husband whom i know will continue to watch over me from up above. >> reporter: celine dion sharing with us what she cherished most about last night's show. >> the big moment of the night was rc showing up and presenting me that award was the moment. >> reporter: what were your nerves like? >> you don't receive awards like
8:17 am
this often, so i also like he could have been with me to hold that award. >> reporter: dion crediting her fans for sticking by her side. >> most especially i want to thank the fans for traveling through music with me. in good and bad times. >> reporter: the night, one dion knows she'll cherish forever. >> now it's part of my history. and it will stay for the rest of my life. ♪ the show must go on >> reporter: celine's gold gown just one of the showstoppers of the billboard music awards. where celebrities didn't disappoint. the glitz, the glam and the whacky. as fashion and music collided on this year's magenta carpet. steven tyler stepping out in stripes. this can't get old for you at the billboard awards. what makes this -- >> all year long, when people say, will you shut up? you have a big mouth. this is where i get to let it
8:18 am
out. >> rihanna in just a brown blazer. our very own michael strahan wearing all black and host ludacris proving his talent on the stage and on the carpet. >> you're definitely dressing right. look at those one more time. so many fantastic memories. i want to to back to celine's performance i was watching the performance backstage, not a dry eye in the room. you could have heard a pin drop. celine dion delivering one of the most powerful and one of the most emotional performances i can ever remember. to me she was the highlight of a memorable 2016 billboard music awards. >> thank you, jesse. >> great job, thanks. we're going to move now on to "dancing with the stars." just hours away from the finale. there are so many questions for our ginger zee as she recovers from an injury. bindi irwin went backstage to check on her and all the teams preparing for their performance.
8:19 am
>> reporter: ahead of tonight's showdown between nyle, paige and ginger -- mirror ball champ bindi irwin is back in the ballroom. as the drama heats up. >> you did a lot of stuff today. >> reporter: our own ginger zee sidelined by a back injury. >> does that hurt? >> yes. >> reporter: the pain so intense jenna johnson filled in. >> when did you first notice there was a pain with your back? >> we did the bench part and i couldn't move, i was like oh, no. i excused myself. i hobbled out of the room. i started crying. i was fearful and then frustrated, because this is just the worst time. >> reporter: she's being treated by a physical therapist. and expects to be dancing in the finale. >> how are you feeling right now? >> close to great. we're taking it easy because my pelvis is unstable. >> do you guys have a game plan if it starts to act up while you're dancing? >> no.
8:20 am
it's nerve-wracking but it's thrilling because i know we'll get through it. >> reporter: the other competitors also busy to preparing. and bindi stopped by to visit with mark ballas who joined her in a trio last season. >> i can't believe you remember that. >> what are you guys going to miss the most about being together and dancing together? and seeing each other every single day. >> we have had some laughs. >> reporter: finally, she sneaks a peek at nyle and peta's explosive performance. >> did you ever think you would make it this far? >> there's a strong correlation between music and hearing. now, a lot of people thinks that's accurate. after the first week i thought that we did well, you know, and i just started to take it week by week after that. and here we are. >> we'll see some amazing dances tonight. we hope ginger is okay. >> ginger! we'll be rooting for you. me in person and these guys -- right after the show i'm heading out to cheer her on. all of us will be watching you, ginger.
8:21 am
so, feel better. go get it. >> give her a big hug from us. >> watch it all tonight. two-part season finale starts at 8:00 p.m., results show tomorrow at 9:00 eastern. all right here on abc. all three finalists will be live here on "good morning america" on wednesday for a big after-party. all right, rob. >> good morning, guys. hey, look at this crowd out here. three generations that love "gma." and we love you right back. want to show you this incredible picture from west texas yesterday. lightning striking. severe weather. 27 reported tornadoes. today, we'll see another setup that will bring more tornadoes especially across west texas and this trend will continue throughout the rest of the week. every day, a chance of severe weather. >> good monday morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the accweather forecast.
8:22 am
we will start with the next three days, it will be partly sunny, below agency highs and a stray shower is possible with warmth for the holiday weekend. today is 71 in antioch account rest of us are in the 60s until coast at 59, and tonight, upper 40s to mid-50 with a stray sprinkle. my seven-day forecast shows back to average on thursday and warmer-than-average on friday, saturday, and sunday and away from the >> look at this one. this is your 13th birthday. >> yes. >> happy birthday. welcome to new york. >> thank you, rob. "pop news" time. trending huge this morning, amy, "game of thrones" stunning fans everywhere with last night's episode, it was titled the door. #holdthedoor racking up 70,000 tweets. don't cover your ears. i'm not giving it away. it will tell you, superfan anna kendrick appearing pretty devastated with this picture. sharing a meme that sums up how fans are feeling this morning.
8:23 am
i see sadness. so whatever that means. >> i just watched jon snow die and get resurrected, i'm two behind right now. >> apparently big, big. all the kids this morning said you got to talk about game of thrones. so, there you go. big deal. also, a big wedding this weekend. eva longoria tied the knot with her beau, television executive jose antonio baston in mexico. she wore a gorgeous gown designed by her bestie victoria beckham. i love that dress. the couple said their vows after twinkling lights. close friends ricky martin, mario lopez and the beckhams were enjoying the fire workings. afterwards. telling the press she has been waiting for a day like this my whole life. next morning, they sat by the lake and we wanted to say to
8:24 am
you, congratulations. >> congratulations. >> you deserve it. and up next, a new video from stylist magazine showing some men trying to navigate a very perilous challenge -- walking in high heels. they put on those high heels when -- well, they volunteered to step into stilettos for 24 hours. the results predictably painful. as you can see. walk a mile in my shoes, is the saying. they tripped down streets. sinking into grass patches. these are all problems that we women deal with every day. one man saying i generally feel sorry for women. one admitting i'm not going to lie i feel like i might break my ankles. highlighting a double standard in the workplace after a british woman was turned away from her temp job for refusing to wear her heels. there is a reason they did this. because it's a double standard. julia roberts made a point, she went barefoot at cannes. just a little foot -- imsaid foot.
8:25 am
i'm just having a rough monday. >> you're thinking food. >> thanks, amy. and finally, you know the feeling of pulling into work on a monday morning. you don't want to get out of the car. well, 18-month-old jackson he shares your pain. check this out. >> coming out. >> no! >> no! >> listen. it goes on. >> not happening, mom. something tells me there will be a severe case of road rage when jackson is forced out of the driver's seat. i name that pod baby not onboard. and that's "pop news." >> thank you larry. coming up, one of america's favorite models ashley graham here live with some of the hottest swimwear for the summer. and a sneak peek of beauty and the beast with emma watson that's just moments away. ♪ emma watson
8:26 am
that's just moments away.
8:27 am
now from abc7 news. good morning. i am that from the abc morning news. let's get to sue hall for a latest update. >> yeah, it was an earlier fatal accident at oak grove. you can see i'm going get out of the way here. i guess that i'm out of the way here. you can see a live shot. they're single tracking now. abc7 reggie aqui is on board a south bound train. they're experiencing delays, but a no more bus bridges are needed. we're seeing reports of up to 90 minute delays. an accident inside of the tunnel makes things slow all the way to waln walnut creek for
8:28 am
8:29 am
let's start back with the current condition zps now looking at what is going to man today. a lot of 60 out there and then straight shower across the north bay. that's the way that it's going to be tomorrow and wednesday as they remain below average. >> sounds mike. thank you. we're going to have another
8:30 am
local news update in 30 minutes and always on the news app and ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] oh, ashley graham charming joe jonas in the new dnce video for "toothbrush." ashley is helping us to find the perfect swimsuits for summer. we've got candace here, chewbacca mom. we're not going to let her go. she's having so much fun. she's taking selfies with everyone. taking videos, enjoying the moment, right? >> absolutely. >> you got a lot of people from texas here. a lot. >> oh, my goodness. >> we're enjoying having you here today. thank you for being here today. right now, though, we got an exclusive world trailer for "beauty and the beast." it features emma watson. take a look.
8:31 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> look, a girl -- you can see it's a girl. >> what if she's the one?
8:32 am
>> hello. [ cheers and applause ] >> see it right there, march 2017. wow, another classic. >> i know you loved it. >> i can't wait. i can't wait. me and my daughter will be there. >> you have made our morning. let's have one more look. >> it's just so great, right. it's just -- [ laughter ] it's so great. >> thank you, candace. thank you. >> robin. our good friend supermodel ashley graham is making waves,
8:33 am
starring in the groundbreaking "sports illustrated" cover and now helping women find the perfect swimsuits for their bodies with her swimwear line, just in time for summer. always wonderful to see you here, ashley. >> thank you. so great to be here. >> what's the inspiration behind this line? >> everything is first of all supportive and james bond-inspired. i want the lady to feel like james bond. she's winning life, she's sexy. she's also supportive and she gets to wear sexy bikinis. >> well, you have many, many admirers and fans. this one comes from cassandra she wants to know, what can i wear to make my little lower half fit and coincide with my bigger upper half? >> i don't have that problem. i don't think it as a problem. take the eye back up and show a little skin off.
8:34 am
>> all right, how does it feel? feel comfortable, greta? yeah, confident. >> look at that support. you look fantastic. >> she really does. greta, thank you very much. what happens when the opposite is the case? >> when you have these? yes. next is the stakeout swimsuit -- this scuba material really keeps everything in, but the best thing about this swimsuit is there's a built-in bra. it hooks in the front. it gives extra support for the girls who want to be high and lifted. all the zippers open. >> is it comfortable as well? >> yeah. >> it looks great. thank you very much. okay, another question coming in. from sam, i think that's short for samantha. because she tweeted after having my second baby i'm still a tad self-conscious about the swimsuit style?
8:35 am
what kind of swimsuit would you recommend? >> come on out. lot of women feel self-conscious about their stomach. do one piece. and do some ruching. create an hour glass. >> all right, thank you. thank you. and we have a video question from tess. so, take a look at this right here. >> ashley, i'm on the shorter side, what can i do to make my legs look longer? >> well, tess, vita come on out, bring the eyes up. i think that she looks absolutely beautiful in this bikini. bringing the eye up, taking the attention away from the legs and look at that beautiful face. >> all the models please come out here. ashley, as always you're saying own it.
8:36 am
>> own it, ladies. >> because sometimes we all feel self-conscious when it's swimsuit season and getting out there. >> all right, are you all ready for summer? [ cheers and applause ] >> ashley, as always and as she said, her swimsuit for all is available online today. but now let's get it over to rob. >> all right, robin, we're definitely ready for summer. 13th birthday. you're turning 13. you're turning 13. everybody's turning 13 and you should be here. we'd love to have you. thank you for coming down to "good morning america." should be a nice day in new york city. unsettled down south. d.c., continue your stretch of wet weather. thunderstorm or two or shower rotating in from that low. but then, warming up nicely as we go through wednesday and thursday. if you like the heat and humidity of summer, like we said, you're going >> good monday morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco check out the temperatures.
8:37 am
the microclimate from 62 in san francisco to 81 inland. it will be cooler-than-average with a stray shower through wednesday and warmer than average away from the cost this >> all right, this weather report is brought to you by mcdonald's. and now we've got a special message from serena williams. >> thank you, good morning, america, for helping me kick off heat safety week. [ cheers and applause ] >> did you see that? that's nutty. serena is teaming with trick shots dude perfect to create the first-ever trick shot video. all to kick off mission heat awareness week. we'll be giving you tips to stay cool throughout this hot summer. over the next several months. >> thank you, rob. you can do that, lara? >> all the time.
8:38 am
"top gear," matt leblanc from friends is the new host on bbc america. he calls it his dream job and he got behind the wheel with lama hasan to talk about it. >> one, two, three, four -- >> go! >> reporter: "top gear" is the high-octane, adrenaline-pumping. jaw-clenching car show that every motoring fanatics love. >> it's a fun show. it's got a bit of travel in it, it's got a bit of culture in it. it's got a bit of comedy in it. >> reporter: and it's getting a full throttle makeover with none other than the much-loved "friends" star matt leblanc. he's the first nonbrit to host "top gear," ever. and not such a shabby driver, either. >> the long way around, huh.
8:39 am
>> i don't know about that one. what's been your favorite experience so far? >> right now! >> reporter: also taking the wheels, british tv and radio star chris evans. >> i think we're like ernie and bert from sesame street. you know, it's on a two-handed. >> we don't sleep in the same room. >> that's good to know. >> not yet. >> yeah, not yet. >> reporter: the enigmatic star of "top gear" whose identity is a closely guarded secret. think of him as a superhuman race car driver. so, we're just about to go around the racetrack with the icon. we're going in this lovely porsche, i have to tell you guys, i am petrified.
8:40 am
they like to burn some serious rubber on the track. it's a porsche gt3. 0 to 60 in three seconds. top speed, 190. and that comes in handy on the show. speed is what it's all about. >> it's got to be up there. it's got to be totally original and be frightening and usually life-threatening to one of us, if not both of us. zbloo life threatening? >> yes. >> couple of times i say this is dangerous. i kind of get lured into his world. >> reporter: these hosts be going head to head, driving to exotic locations racing each other and testing the most outrageous cars out there. >> it just keeps getting better and better.
8:41 am
>> reporter: so strap on your seat belts, folks, you're in for one wild run. for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, london. >> that looks like fun. "top gear" premieres on may 30th on bbc america. coming up -- the new bachelorette jojo fletcher
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
we're now here with the new bachelorette, jojo fletcher. the season premiere is just hours away. but bachelor nation doesn't have to wait for a sneak peek. we have one right now for you. watch what happens when a surprise bachelor shows up at the rose ceremony, take a look. >> you all, thank you so much for being here. seriously, it means the world to me. i've been in your shoes. you guys have been unbelievable. that's what makes this part of the night really hard for me. >> was it a good surprise? >> it was an interesting surprise, i'll leave it at that. it's a good surprise for people, i think. >> it's pretty remarkable. you just said you're jet lagged. you have already done the
8:45 am
finale. you shot it. >> i know. we just kind of finished. now it's tight lipped. >> the last time america saw you were heartbroken. how would you describe my -- your current mood? >> i would say i'm really happy. >> well, now, and last bachelor we know that your brothers weren't too impressed with ben. it was a little tense. how did your family feel about you becoming the bachelorette? >> you know what's funny, no one knows this, my brothers actually really liked ben. they just had this gut feeling that it wasn't going to work out for me. coming into this, they're superexcited for me. but at the same time, your family is always going to be worried. >> all right, so, back to tonight's big premiere, we get to see all of the entrances. did some stand out more than others? which ones were your favorites? >> i came out wearing an unicorn
8:46 am
mask on my season. i took a risk and it worked out for me. there was one who guy rode up on a real unicorn. >> or a horse with a horn -- >> i like to say it's a real unicorn. that one was really cool. then a lot of these guys, they took risks and it kind of worked. >> we have a question for you from a fan on twitter. this is from hailey. she's a big bachelorette fan, she asked, what would you done differently the first time if you could go back and do it again? >> the first night was a total blur. we film into the morning hours. i probably wouldn't change anything i that i did. i don't have any regrets. >> now, you talked tonight with three former bachelorettes. what did you learn from them? >> oh, each one of them had a crazy, different experience. but i think overall, they said follow your heart, trust your gut and know the
8:47 am
difference between the hot, passionate chemistry versus love and don't get that confused. >> is there anything that you're nervous this season for the fans to see? >> i think i always have those cringe-worthy moments. like, why did you do that? but i stayed true to who i was. whatever i did and said it was real, so, i'm okay with that. >> all right, we're looking forward to tonight. thank you so much, jojo, the "bachelorette" premieres tonight at 9:00 eastern right here on abc. coming up next, we have sean if you brdon't worry.suit to the oregon coast, someone will loan you a sweater.
8:48 am
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oreas the land ofte vallmilk and honey.wn back when milk and honey were real popular. ♪ oh, no, we're back with sean hayes. >> oh, lara. >> oh, sean. >> oh, lara. >> right now, sean is starring in the heavenly dear i say broadway show "an act of god." we have been blessed with a sneak peek. take a look. >> i admit that i have recently
8:50 am
been enjoying dropping into the brains of certain right-wing politicians and telling them to run for president. [ laughter ] >> but that's not my way of blessing you, that's my way of amusing me. [ laughter ] >> it looks like a really wonderful show. >> it sure does. what you missed while the clip was running sean was running the lines. it's a dialogue-heavy show. >> yes, it's like what you do every day for two hours. we don't get told what to say, lara, we have to memorize ours. >> so do we -- sean, you look really great today. no, i want to explain to the audience, so, you're god. god comes down and inhabits the body of sean hayes. >> yes, he's grown weary of the ten commandments so he creates
8:51 am
ten new commandments. and he wants me to deliver those ten commandments eight shows a week. >> your character has been described as self-righteous, sarcastic -- >> that's how i describe you. that's crazy. your "gma" character. exactly. >> so, explain to me the ten commandment thing. what's the main one that he wants to revise? >> the main ten -- by the way, wonderful prop department. >> thank you. >> playing god, so i got a goblet. >> for the water and the goblet leaks. >> and before the spot i said my water broke. >> very good. >> i'm just trying to fit in here. >> thank you. because we all ad-lib. there you go.
8:52 am
so, will mccormick came to see you. >> eric mccormack. >> i'm sorry. it's still early. >> wasn't -- why isn't that on prompter? >> and you just celebrated your ten-year anniversary of will and grace with debra messing. oh, help me, lord. oh, sean. >> yes, i didn't even know it was the ten-year anniversary. i found out like a week before something but it's wonderful. >> did you miss it? >> of course, i do. i miss everybody there. it was such a blessing. i'm glad we got to do it. it was nice to be a part of something so special for so long that meant something. >> but theater, now you're first foray into theater, you were nominated for a tony for "promises, promises." is this fulfilling for you in the same way? >> i love theater. i love the intimacy of a theater.
8:53 am
i love being in a comedy. "act of god" is hilarious. it's written by david javerbaum. who was the head writer of "the daily show." >> brilliant writing. so well done by you being very well received. >> yes, thanks. >> congratulations. >> i'm very exted about it. >> you can take home the leaky goblet. >> okay.
8:54 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by stanley steemer. certified asthma and allergy-friendly. what a fantastic way to start the new week. >> yeah, sean hayes and candace payne, great guests today. >> fun monday. >> on your way to l.a. >> yes, "dancing with the stars." watch. un monday. >> on your way to l.a. >> yes, "dancing with the stars." watch.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
now from abc7 news. good morning i am that from the abc7 morning news. let's go to sue hall on the early morning commute. >> cal train fatalities early this morning around 6:30. we do have delays that estimated time of reopening the tracks is right at oak grove is at 9:00 this morning. heads up there and take the san tram if you can. here is mike. all right sue, thanks so much. let's take a look at what is going on temperature wise. we're in the 50s and 60s starting to show up here and clouds. we're going top out with temperatures in the say, low 60s in san francisco and for the rest of us. there's a stray shower possible
9:00 am
for the rest of us. much warmer this weekend. >> thank you >> it's "live with kelly." today, from "game of thrones" and "me before you," emilia clarke. and a chat with the newest bachelorette, jo jo fletcher. plus we'll find out what doctors eat, as we kick off our take charge of your food week. also, actor and director fred savage takes a seat at the co-host desk, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now here are kelly ripa and fred savage. [applause]


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