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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 8, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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that's what's making news in good morning, america. breaking overnight, hillary clinton making history. >> first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party's nominee for president. [ cheers and applause ] >> claiming the democratic nomination with big victories in new jersey, new mexico and california. >> now taking aim at donald trump. >> donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be president and commander in chief. >> the billionaire backtracks on his attacks against that judge responding to criticism from his own party. >> i will never ever let you down. >> trump and clinton now set for an epic showdown and this morning david muir's exclusive with clinton on the brink of this historic moment. >> oh, my gosh. look at that. >> only on "gma."
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breaking overnight, five people killed. more injured after a pickup truck plows down a group of cyclists hitting them from behind. what we're learning from the man behind the wheel. the mom caught on camera battling to stop a shocking kidnapping in broad daylight. a man grabs her 13-year-old daughter trying to drag her out of a dollar store and the hero who came to the rescue. and the secret to steph curry's success before tip-off. his pregame ritual finally revealed. what's really behind that dance that gets him ready to sink all those threes? ♪ and good morning, america. big news as we come on air this morning. this is official. hillary clinton has made history. now the first female nominee of a major party. >> and "the new york post" out in this cover calling her "the first lady" and clinton's family so proud. her daughter chelsea tweeting
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she's grateful little girls can grow up knowing they can run for president. >> clinton won four of six states last night just moments ago. the massive prize of california, her sweeping victory there, a big blow to bernie sanders, going to make it hard for him to keep up the fight and while donald trump says he's just getting started on hillary clinton promising a major speech taking her on. >> in a few minutes david muir with her interview and first cecilia vega is here with the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. as george said moments ago hillary clinton picking up that big california victory delivering a serious blow to bernie sanders. the stage is now set for a general election showdown and clinton says this race for the white house is not about democrats versus republicans, she calls it a fight over who we are as a nation. hillary clinton took to the stage to declare victory overnight. [ cheers and applause ]
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her arms stretched wide. her eyes emotional. >> and it may be hard to see tonight, but we are all standing under a glass ceiling right now. [ cheers and applause ] thanks to you, we've reached a milestone. the first time, the first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party's nominee for president. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: clinton shattering the more than 200-year-old glass ceiling of american politics, never before has a woman led a major party in the race for the white house until now. on twitter she dedicated the night to every little girl who dreams big saying "you can be anything you want, even president." clinton raking in victories in four states prompting questions
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about just how much longer bernie sanders can stay in the race. even as he promised to fight all the way to the convention this summer -- >> we are going to fight hard to win the primary in washington, d.c. [ cheers and applause ] and then we take our fight for social, economic, racial and environmental justice to philadelphia, pennsylvania. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: clinton's push now for party unity. she heads to the battleground states of ohio and pennsylvania next week for a general election fight against donald trump that is already underway. >> when he says let's make america great again, that is code for, let's take america backwards. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: we will be hearing that line a lot in the months to come and perhaps in a sign of what else is to come we know a
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number of sanders' campaign staff will soon be laid off. his staff expected to shrink by over half, half by over the next week, george. >> he has that big meeting with the president tomorrow. now that abc news exclusive. david muir sat down with hillary right before she went on stage last night. he's here now and, boy, dave a lot of emotion in the room. >> there was, and it was eight years ago to the day, hard to believe that hillary clinton was giving that other speech conceding to barack obama but last night she was back this time having clinched the math for the nomination and making history. we were with her in a room perched above the crowd and when she walked in she had not yet seen the thousands waiting. >> i just want to show you this. this is the crowd that is waiting for you. >> oh, my gosh. look at that. oh. >> so, this is eight years ago to the day that you conceded and tonight you will be out there -- >> that's right. >> for a very different reason. >> that's right.
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it's almost hard to take in. it really is. >> is it sinking in? >> oh, this is sinking it in, i can tell you that. it's an overwhelming feeling, david, really. >> i've heard you were editing the speech right up until 30 seconds ago. >> that's right. >> reporter: secretary clinton had been working on the speech all day. in the car, moments before driving to brooklyn and she revealed to us that former president bill clinton had weighed in. >> you had talked so often about the unfished business not only in this country but around the world when it comes to women's rights. is having the first female american president part of that unfinished business? >> it is, david. it is, of course, symbolic, but symbols mean something and symbols often can spark hope and action in people, particularly young people. and i think it will be a real milestone with my nomination for
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our country, but it will also send a signal around the world. >> reporter: we asked her if a meeting with bernie sanders is now coming. eight years ago it was clinton conceding meeting with then senator barack obama who had just beaten her quietly meeting at senator dianne feinstein's home. >> two chairs. two glasses of water. turn alone in the room. >> actually two glasses of wine too. dianne had some california wine. >> have you heard from him yet? >> we've continually talked throughout this process -- >> but since the math added up for you, have you heard from the president? >> we were supposed to talk tonight but we haven't yet connected. we'll probably do it later tonight. >> has he signaled he is ready to fight the fight for you. >> well, i think he has signaled that he's ready to fight the fight against donald trump. >> do you think it's time for a meeting with senator sanders. >> well, i'm certainly reaching out. our campaigns are talking to one another. i want to unify the party. >> one step at a time, david. that phone call with president obama right after she came off the stage? right after she came off the
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stage and told me she does see them campaigning in her words side by side. we also asked about the vp short list, about the fbi and her e-mail. if there's anything coming that could derail her campaign. i also asked is she ready to debate donald trump and, george and robin, that's when her eyes lit up. she said i'm not only ready, it will be a singular moment in her words in american history. >> and we'll see all that on "world news tonight." >> thanks, david. >> speaking of donald trump, he won big overnight as well. facing to new scrutiny, though, over those comments he made about a judge. trump backtracking as pressure from the republican party grows. abc's tom llamas is at trump tower in new york with more. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. donald trump trying to turn the page now. he didn't even mention that judge last night in his speech, he stayed focused on hillary clinton, even using a teleprompter but the issue of the judge is still dogging him. ♪ ♪ we are the champion
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>> reporter: overnight, donald trump trying to hit the reset button with primary season over, trump making new promises. >> you're going to see some real good things happen. >> reporter: making a pitch to dissatisfied democrats. >> to all of those bernie sanders voters who have been left out of in the cold by a rigged system of superdelegates we welcome you with open arms. >> reporter: but as trump tries to strike up a new deal there's still some unsettled business. >> claiming a person can't do a job because of their race is the textbook definition of a racist comment. that should be disavowed and absolutely unacceptable. >> reporter: still furious he targeted the ethnicity of judge gonzalo curiel who was presiding over one of the trump university lawsuits questioning whether given his heritage he'd be able to give the billionaire a fair trial. >> i'm building a wall, okay. >> reporter: senator mark kirk of illinois in the middle of a
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re-election fight withdrew his endorsement saying he wants off the trump train. >> too racist and bigoted for the party of lincoln to me. >> reporter: even ronald reagan's son michael posting this most likely would be the first time if my father was alive that he would not support the nominee of the gop. >> reporter: now trump seeming to change his tune refusing to apologize but saying in a statement his comments have been misconstrued as a categorical attack against people of mexican heritage. adding, i do not feel that one's heritage makes them incapable of being impartial. as for the gop leader slamming him, trump saying there's still bad blood because he's the nominee. >> they have to get over it and shouldn't be so angry for so long. >> reporter: trump announced a major speech monday he says, quote, will be very informative. the topic an expose on the clintons. george. >> yeah, responding to her speech last week, tom, thanks very much. let's dig in with matthew dowd and jon karl at the board.
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you do have all the results coming in from last night and across the primaries on the sweeping vigtry by hillary clinton. >> she goes out with a bang here, six states voting yesterday. she wins four of them including the biggest delegate prize of them all. the state of california. now, by virtually every measure she ends the democratic primary process as the big winner, of course, she has the delegates she needs to clinch the nomination but even if you take out all of those so-called superdelegates, the party vips that vote she has won more states than bernie sanders. 28 states to 22 and on the popular vote actual votes take a look at this, george. she has nearly 4 million more actual votes than bernie sanders. >> it's hard to see, matthew dowd, how bernie sanders can figure out any way to keep on fighting. >> no, i don't think he can. people have to give him a few days just like hillary clinton in 2008 and it took her four or five days when they ended up the process and concluded barack obama was it.
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got to have a few days to process and move on. >> in the speeches last night from clinton and donald trump a real preview of the fight ahead. >> absolutely. preview both in substance but also a preview in tone. i was struck by donald trump's talk last night on the teleprompter. it was almost as he were a circus lion tranquilized because he bit too many people. how long it lasts? i have a doubt as to how long he can keep it up. and i think many of the republicans have some doubt. >> i want to ask about that. he did have to have a change of tone facing something of a revolt of republican senators and members of congress. >> he did but there is no way that donald trump goes through this campaign tethered to a teleprompter. republican operatives from senior republicans found last night's speech reassuring and talked about immigration without mentioning his wall which we believe is the first time he's ever done that. >> back at the board and look at where things stand on the map between military and trump five months out. >> we'redy buing right now the abc news
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race ratings, how the race looks starting out states in blue are the states that lean democratic. if hillary clinton takes those, she already has 262 electoral votes. almost the 270 she needs to win. states in red, only 191 electoral votes. >> starts out with a daunting lead. how could trump turn it around? >> well, it's very daunting many take a look at the map from the 2012 campaign. if he keeps all of the states in red that were won by mitt romney, he would still need to win the states of florida, the state of ohio, the state of virginia, see, these are the romney states, florida, ohio and virginia, he still doesn't have the 270 electoral votes he needs to win and would have to win somewhere else, perhaps the state of new hampshire. so a steep climb. >> so, matt, we saw from trump last night talking about this major anti-clinton speech he's going to give, part of what could get him there but not enough. what more does he need to do to keep the key states. >> obviously has to prosecute the case against hillary clinton
7:14 am
over the next 150 days in the course of this but at some point he'll have to turn and present to that working class white voters in that state that he has an actual program that will help him out economically. until he does both he's at a huge disadvantage. >> matthew dowd, jon karl, thanks very much. now to amy with today's other top stories starting with that crash in michigan, amy. >> that's right. five people have been killed. several others injured after a pickup truck crashed into a group of bikers in kalamazoo, michigan and police say the 50-year-old driver hit the group of riders from behind and he was arrested while trying to flee the scene just before the crash, witnesses called police to report that truck was driving erratically. four other people seriously injured in the crash. well, the u.s. military is accusing china of making an unsafe maneuver near a u.s. spy plane over the east china sea. officials are not saying just how close it came to the american plane, but it's the second incident in just the last month. the chinese are demanding an end to u.s. surveillance flights in that region. well, another incident involving a tourist at
7:15 am
yellowstone national park. this time a man is presumed dead after falling into a hot spring at the norris geyser base and the man strayed 225 feet off the walkway where park officials say the water temperature can reach more than 200 degrees. and in the mountains of canada an 81-year-old pilot managed to avoid disaster by pulling off a flawless emergency landing right there on that glacier even as the plane was losing power, it was not responding, he and his two passengers climbed out, left a message for search teams and crawled on their hands and knees to avoid the kref sises there in the ice and followed the river down below, took cover and were found the next day an 81-year-old pilot survived -- incredible. he can fly my plane any day. >> how special. thank you for sharing that. that kidnapping attempt caught on camera. a man grabbing a 13-year-old
7:16 am
girl in florida, dragging her through a store. her mother fighting back as you can see. abc's eva pilgrim is here with more on those terrifying moments. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning. this mom is being credited for saving her daughter as a stranger tried to take her from a store. video showing the mom doing everything possible to keep the would-be kidnapper from getting her 13-year-old. a brazen kidnapping attack thwarted by a fierce mother all caught on tape. the whole scene playing out in a dollar general store tuesday morning. >> i have never seen an instance like this in broad daylight in a public area. >> reporter: a man is seen shopping and appears to take notice of a mother and her child. moments later he grabs hold of that 13-year-old girl dragging her toward the exit. the mother grabbed the girl and the two fighting over the child as she's pulled through the store, eventually the man
7:17 am
letting go, fleeing the store only to be met in the parking lot by an off-duty officer. >> who was off-duty, had pulled into the parking lot just by chance. >> reporter: that officer taking 30-year-old craig bonello into custody. the man facing kidnapping and child abuse charges. the mother being applauded for her quick action and the tug-of-war that saved her child from a would-be kidnapper. >> something kicks in if you're scared, your kid is going to be hurt. your child, you know, you got to do what you got to do. >> reporter: now bonello does have priors. he was not a registered sex offender. the mother and daughter completely rattled as you can imagine but otherwise neither physically hurt. robin and george. >> stunning. >> oh, man your heart just pounds and wants to grab him like she did. >> kicks in every time. >> did it right. ginger has the flooding in florida. >> you know, colin is long gone, that tropical storm but we're dealing with tropical moisture in florida still, up to 11 inches combined fell near central, northern florida. tampa had close to a half foot. water rescuers on going as to
7:18 am
wednesday. flood watch. tampa, ft. myers, melbourne, a stationary front that will drape and stay. it is not going to move hutch that will leave you with four plus inches in green and see local flash flooding. something to watch out for. >> i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast.
7:19 am
low clouds give way to high clouds and breezy conditions, below average highs through friday and away warming trend on the weekend. up to 84 in antioch. low-to-mid 50s tonight, cloudy and patchy drizzle. the cool of the temperatures are tomorrow and friday and it does not get too hot offer the weekend. have a great day. and in this image i want to take you to rumford, maine. the hail that was covering the ground in the northeast. so anywhere from central massachusetts up through marla and new hampshire had severe storms yesterday. >> more coming today. >> still going. thank you, ginger. coming up murder mystery. a woman charged with killing her identical twin plunging 200 feet after an argument behind the wheel. was it murder? dan and nancy will join us live. steph curry on the verge of another title. this morning the story behind, let's see it, that pregame dance. can you guess what they're
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good morning. we're not using the umbrella this morning and the drizzle is not intense and let's look at the temperatures in 50s and 60s in most neighbors. the day planner is going to give away the high clouds and it's going to be 60s at the coast and then hi my accuweather seven day forecast and then the coolest temperatures and then also we will see more sunshine as we go through the weekend and temperatures getting warm and more summer like. >> okay. thank you mike. coming up the shocking tape of a sister of the murder of a twin. dan and nancy grace weigh in next on "gma." we will have another local news
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delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries. try our k-cup pods today. america runs on dunkin'. and crevasses and debut and debut and debut and debuting and we welcome you back to "" and that is hillary clinton celebrating. history making moment overnight claiming the democratic nomination to become the first woman nominee of a major party and just moments ago taking the massive prize out in california. >> big win for her and lines already forming in louisville, kentucky for muhammad ali's funeral service available this morning and the funeral service will be friday afternoon and check this out. another nasty fight during a baseball game. royals versus orioles. right on the mound all happening in the fifth inning and both players got ejected. >> like you would imagine. >> absolutely. >> and robin, amy, did you say
7:31 am
you wanted a pink drink? >> yes. >> look what i got. you too will have to share, play nicely together. >> all right. >> we'll explain what that pink drink is. we told you about a secret menu creating quite the frenzy at starbucks. a lot of restaurants have these secret menus. you just need to know the code words. >> pink drink? >> yeah, well, that's one of them. >> we're tossing it wide open. >> an investigative report. >> another one. >> research right here. >> research. >> but first in this half hour we want to get to that busy mystery in maui. a woman charged with killing her identical twin after driving an suv off a 100-foot cliff and survived the crash but her sister did not and abc's kayna whitworth has the latest and joins us from los angeles. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. authorities saying this terrible accident was no accident at all. witnesses telling us that right before the crash, they could see the twins fighting in the car. now, one is getting ready to see a judge while the other is laid to rest.
7:32 am
this morning, tragedy separating these identical twin yogis, the one sister killed in a terrifying crash in maui, the other accused of her murder. authorities say alexandria duval intentionally raced her suv into a wall along the famous road to hana known for distracting beauty blind serves and cliffs crashing and plugging 200 feet to the rocky shoreline below killing her sister anastasia in the passenger seat. alexandria pulled to safety by rescuers suffering minor injuries and her lawyer telling abc news this was an accident. >> she did not intend to harm the person she was closest to in this world or herself. >> reporter: but witnesses say they saw the sisters fighting violently in the vehicle right before the crash. >> i could see a pair of hands yanking on the driver's head just her head was going like this and she was angry, you
7:33 am
know, arguing with the person whoever was yanking on her head and then she was just in a rage. >> reporter: police arresting alexandria charging her with second degree murder. after recovering evidence from the vehicle they say proves there was a hard acceleration and no attempts of braking. the twin sisters once considered best friends had run two failed yoga studio, one in west palm beach aptly named twin power yoga. >> we love the energy. west palm beach is the heartbeat. power the body and the soul. what you get. >> reporter: before moving to maui to start anew. >> the sisters were exceptionally close, even by identical twin standards they had a business together. they lived together. they did everything together. >> reporter: now investigators searching for an explanation for the accident that separated the inseparable sisters. alexandria arrested friday when authorities believe she was trying to flee the islands. she was booked and held without
7:34 am
bail and has a preliminary hearing today. robin. >> kayna, thank you. joining us now nancy grace, the host of "nancy grace" on hln and in the studio legal analyst dan abrams. prosecutors are alleging intentional conduct charging her with second degree murder. how strong is their case based on what we know. >> i read through the police report and i think this is a really tough case when it comes to second degree murder. the allegation that they were fighting, right and that she then accelerates the brakes. the theory it was a murder suicide. this is a car that goes off the edge of a cliff. she's in it also. it's not like she got out of the car. so she's going to risk her own life to try to kill her sister. i guess that's possible. but it would seem to me this is much more likely a sort of manslaughter case than intentional murder case. >> what do you think, nancy, about the prosecution's case. >> well, first of all that's why they call it murder/suicide.
7:35 am
that's the whole point here. there in that jurisdiction as in many jurisdictions, second degree murder is knowingly and intentionally causing the death of another, whether she meant to take herself off the cliff went all thelma and louise is besides the point. the fact she took her sister over the cliff. she had on a seat belt. there is evidence her sister did not have on a seat belt. she ends up with just a sling on her arm. her sister dies of traumatic head injuries. the reality is there is evidence that she had been drinking all day long and although these two are identical twins that there was a deep, deep jealousy between the survivor and the victim. >> but i just heard that and nancy very eloquently has just summarized for me what sounds like a potential manslaughter case. i don't hear anything -- >> you said murder/suicide. >> i'm saying that's the only
7:36 am
theory they could have but don't see evidence of intentional conduct. what is the evidence -- >> what about the black box? >> the black box -- you mean from the car. >> the black box that shows she -- >> did not attempt to brake. >> but -- >> shows no braking, acceleration right over the cliff. >> so that's again to me -- you're talking about drinking and them fighting, classic manslaughter. the notion that it proves that it was intentional conduct because she may not have braked and that's probably true, that's not a murder case. >> so what's the sister's defense. >> and took a sharp left turn over a cliff. >> but when you're fighting with someone -- >> not only that, they had also had serious financial problems and were fighting over their yoga studio empire. they had yoga studios in palm beach, west palm, park city and they would pack up and leave and leave -- take all the money and
7:37 am
leave the members high and dry. they were driving matching porsche boxsters, okay. they had a lot of money to roll around here. >> that may be true but why sit in the car with her to kill her. she has all sorts of opportunities to i'm sure to kill her sister in other ways other than her being in the car with her sister going off a cliff. >> let me ask both we talked go the prosecution. what's the sister's defense here. >> an easy defense and this was an accident. she was pulling my hair. we were fighting in the car. >> accident, accident. >> pulling her hair. >> i'm veering off the cliff. >> she pulled my pair so i killed her? >> saying -- >> the reality is that that black box is going to show she intentionally went over the cliff, whether in the car or not in the car and technically that is second degree murder. >> yeah. >> boom. >> i don't see any -- >> just dropped the mike on you. >> i don't see any evidence of intentional conduct here. so this is not an easy case. >> you keep talking about
7:38 am
alcohol and voluntary consumption of drugs or alcohol is not a defense anywhere. >> but i'm not talking defense, i'm talking about it being a manslaughter case, potentially not murder. >> thank you both. that was nancy/dan classic. that was. >> we're back. >> thank you, nancy. thank you, dan. over to lara. thank you, robin. coming up on big board clinching the nominations, clinton and trump and who will they pick for vp. >> renee zellweger is finally revealing why and then those secret menu items people go crazy for. why everyone is obsessed with starbucks' pink drink and what is it? we have that and more coming up in just two minutes so don't go anywhere. minutes so don't go anywhere. craisins® dried cranberries transform everything. to show you, we're doing a taste test. but don't i need a fork? not for this taste test. which salad tastes better? "b." and which oatmeal is bursting with flavor? obviously "b."
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7:41 am
we know it's trump versus clinton in the general election. donald trump already saying he wants an insider and likely to pick someone right around the convention. >> right and the honest answer is nobody knows who he's talking about. i've been talking to people on the trump campaign for weeks about this and nobody really knows but i'll tell you one guy who seems to be auditioning in recent days is chris christie and doing that audition extremely well. it was really christie alone who came out to defend trump on this controversy about the -- >> yeah, because before that some of the people on the list like bob corker, newt gingrich came out and slammed him hard. >> christie said i've known him for 14 years and he's not a racist. one other name is john thune. >> a senator. >> from south dakota didn't say anything controversy about donald trump and has managed to be one of the earlier senators on the list. >> you won't do your joke. >> well, i have a real dark horse. i have somebody who would help him with the young voters.
7:42 am
somebody who has business experience, somebody who would help them with women voters. somebody who donald trump absolutely trusts and even listens to sometimes. the problem is ivanka trump who will be 35, yes, and this is not "house of cards" so unfortunately -- >> how about hillary clinton, who do you see? >> above all tim kaine, senator from virginia, former governor, tom perez, secretary of labor but cannot eliminate elizabeth warren. >> especially if she says no to bernie sanders there will be a lot of chat about elizabeth warren. >> let's switch it up and talk about renee zellweger. mario lopez. hello, mario, it's lara. hey, she's been out of the spotlight for quite a long time. >> hello. >> six years she's been out of hollywood. why do you think she stepped away? >> well, first of all i love me some renee zellweger ever since "jerry maguire."
7:43 am
she had me right there. and quite frankly she said she wanted a break. she was sick of the sound of her own voice and wanted some life experience and she needed to grow up but it's been done before, jody foster did it throughout her career and julianna margulies and robin wright, one of my favorites had children and came back with "house of cards" which you just mentioned and is an excellent show. >> in this interview she talks about all the weight she gained for "bridget jones" and the scrutiny of the weight she gained and said, bridget can just a normal weight and says no male actor would get the same kind of scrutiny for the weight gains and losses. is she right about that? >> yeah, i absolutely agree with her and she gained a substantial amount of weight. 30 pounds for the original installment of "bridget jones" which is a lot on her petite frame. she was maybe a size 12 or 14 which represents the average size woman here in america but i think hollywood does an unfair portrayal with a lot of the
7:44 am
women being size zero and two and it's not accurate but a lot of guys like robert de niro or matt damon or russell crowe -- >> christian bale. >> put on a substantial amount of weight, christian bale, exactly and nobody says anything. she makes a really good point. >> mario, we learned renee zellweger had you at hello. that's beautiful. >> yeah. >> mario, thank you. okay, topic number three. >> topic number three. >> we've been teasing it all morning. becky worley is here. the pink drink at starbucks. i haven't tried it yet. did you get a sip? >> i got a sip before i gave it to the girls. >> what's going on here? >> i think it's just that you look cute while you're drinking it. hello, insta. this is ordered by asking for a strawberry acai refresher, substitute coconut milk for water. that's not the term trending.
7:45 am
i talked to starbuck's. they're selling a ton of things so it's funny to wink and ask for the pink drink. >> it is sweet. >> really sweet. but, it's a bit of a trend. a lot of fast food restaurants are doing it. in-n-out burger has been doing it for years and just was reading mcdonald's, you can order a monster mac. not on the menu. it's a big mac with eight patties. >> oh, come on. >> yeah. but the idea being -- >> balance off all the sugar. >> in your drink. i think the idea is that you're an insider. you're in the know so to speak at these restaurants, right? >> yeah, they're secret but they're not so secret. whole websites are devoted to the topic. the items, you listed some classics but from arby's the meat mountain. chipotle. the burritodia and in-n-out burger with extra sauce, ask for
7:46 am
it animal style. menus for pets bringing it full circle, the papaccino, a small cup of whipped cream. >> you got a raise of an eyebrow from mario on that. >> tell us about the strawberry surprise. the pink drink. >> i love all the secret menus they have at starbucks and anything with a sake, i'm in. coconut, i'm all -- >> what about mr. jon karl. >> what's up with the bicycles? >> i'll stick with my starbucks secret drink, the quad espresso. >> definitely explains it. >> five months to election. >> thank you, jon and mario and becky. what is behind steph curry's pregame dance? we'll have the video and the person inspiring it. >> cheers. ♪
7:47 am
♪ music: "pretty woman" with♪roy orbison of course you go all out for date night... ♪ ...even if you're just staying in. ♪ walgreens has all the beauty products you need for whatever makes you feel beautiful. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. now buy two select skin care products, get the third free. in stores and online.
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7:49 am
thank you, jason derulo. it's steph curry caught on the court for the warriors so what is this? i wasn't going to tell his. powder his nose. could this be a pregame ritual with the golden state security guard. take a look at what we found. ♪ jones bbq and foot massage ♪ jones bbq and foot massage ♪ jones bbq and foot massage >> yeah, it's catching. >> yeah, it's catching. >> can't stop singing it. barbecues and foot massages. sounds too good to be true but did investigating. turns out, oh, look, george is back. come on and have a seat. >> just doing the dance. >> this just in, george was getting a massage while eating barbecue. >> shouldn't have had all that pink drink. [ laughter ] >> ah all right.
7:50 am
all right. >> dance. >> did anyone pay attention? it's from seven years ago. take a look. ♪ jones bbq and foot massage better come down here get some of this ♪ like to eat. america loves to eat. why not open up somewhere where america can sit down, enjoy a meal. >> it is. >> the ad is a spoof created by robert l.hines working with chicago sketch comedy group big dog eat child. >> you knew it. >> we ask behind but inspiring his must do pregame. what did he say? >> steph curry singing to jones bbq and foot massage before every playoff and being viewed on "good morning america." you're welcome, steph. >> you can see steph curry tonight, the golden state warriors take on lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers, game three starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> you got it all in. p.m.
7:51 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by disney's critically acclaimed film "the bfg" in theaters everywhere july
7:56 am
1st. now from abc7 news. good morning i am reggie aqui from the abc morning news. let's bring in mike nicco to see how the forbecast is shaping up >> hi everybody. the temperatures running in the mid-50s to 60 degrees. now as question go through the afternoon hours 60 in the bay and those are are the extremes. the accuweather seven day forecast is breezy today and then cooler temperatures tomorrow and friday. sue? okay. earlier problems on eastbound 24 near arinda, this recently was many in the last couple of minutes and cancelled there. south bound 101 we have an accident here and very slow into the valley. >> okay. thank you sue. we have another local news update in 30 minutes and always
7:57 am
on the news app and we hoef that you join us every weekday. we start at 4:30 in the morning until 7:00 a.m. stay right there, and we hope that you make it a great day. ♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. hillary clinton makes history. >> the first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party's nominee. >> claiming the democratic nomination. big victories overnight from new jersey to new mexico. now setting her sights on the battle ahead with donald trump. ♪ it's my prerogative and new this morning, bobby brown and the moment you haven't seen. revealing how his romance with whitney really began. their first date. then the troubles and turbulent marriage and why he's really speaking out now. ♪ all right. it's time to get up and get moving. the blockbuster new movement that's getting everyone in shape with the entire outdoors as your gym.
8:01 am
the people behind the most sizzling workout. you can try it out live this entire hour. ♪ how you like me now and kevin hart is with us in times square. he has a brand-new buddy in his comedy. >> i love you, kevin. he's the hardest working man in hollywood, and kevin hart is one of the best guys around. >> wait till you see how the rock is surprising kevin as they get ready to pair up in the funniest movie of the summer. it's all ahead as the rock says -- >> good morning, america. ♪ we do say good morning, america. and you're going to take a look at a real twist on the summer reading list. these are just a few of the men who are part of an instagram phenomenon called, and this is no joke, guys, hot dudes reading. >> whatever it takes, robin. whatever it takes to get kids reading. >> you have to select yourself as a hot dude in order to be part of it? >> i guess. i just read what --
8:02 am
>> who decides? >> we'll tell you the books that -- >> whoo. >> good summer reading. >> yeah. >> thanks, guys. how about a workout. they're working out all over the country. in times square, washington, d.c., chicago, and it's all part of a free new fitness craze called "the november project" getting everyone up and moving including jesse palmer. tell us what's going on, jesse. >> that's right. so it's everybody out here going crazy. so the energy all over the country is insane. and we're getting ready to start this workout. you guys ready to get this started? i like it. >> all right, there you go. we want you to guys to move with us. wow. okay. we're live streaming as you just saw this workout for the next hour on our website, on yahoo! so tune in and get working. >> they are working already. now we'll get to work here with the morning rundown from amy. good morning. the big story this morning, hillary clinton embracing history claiming the democratic
8:03 am
nomination and celebrating that big victory in california. clinton is the first woman to become a major party's presumptive nominee. she immediately took aim at donald trump while reaching out to bernie sanders and his supporters. abc's cecilia vega here with the latest on all of that, good morning, cecilia. >> amy, good morning. clinton was declared the winner in california early this morning capping off an historic 24 hours. in a victory speech in brooklyn she called her win a milestone. her campaign now bracing for the fight against donald trump. clinton heading to the battleground states of ohio and pennsylvania next week. she also reflected on that big night with david muir. >> it is, of course, symbolic, but symbols mean something, and symbols often can spark hope and action in people, particularly young people. and i think it will be a real milestone with my nomination for the country, but it will also
8:04 am
send a signal around the world. >> reporter: the night delivered a serious blow to bernie sanders who won just two states but he is still vowing to fight all the way to the convention this summer, and overnight president obama spoke with clinton and sanders congratulating them both. he will meet with sanders tomorrow, and we know now that half of sanders' campaign staff will be laid off in the coming days. >> thank so much. on the republican side donald trump is vowing to make republicans proud after a contentious week. trump thanked voters last night calling for unity and vowing to never let his party down. the rare scripted speech followed sharp criticism from fellow republicans. house speaker paul ryan characterized trump's comments about a judge's mexican heritage as racist and senator mark kirk of illinois withdrew his endorsement. trump said his words were misconstrued and on fox news he said republicans have to get over it. in other news, a breaking story from eastern georgia. two national guard fighter jets
8:05 am
colliding in midair during what was described as a routine flying operation. both pilots were from the south carolina air national guard. thankfully safely ejected. and charges are expected to be filed today against the driver of a pickup truck that crashed into a group of bikers near kalamazoo, michigan, killing five of them and seriously injuring four others. just minutes before that crash, police were alerted that the 50-year-old man behind the wheel was driving erratically. well, there is a consumer alert this morning. a popular brand of vitamins is now being recalled. nature made is recalling some vitamins because of possible salmonella or staph contamination. they include adult gummy multivitamins and folic acid tab lets listed right here. the company says it is acting out of an abundance of caution. and finally a big bundle of joy. take a look at moses william hilton. when he was born last week in kansas, he weighed 14 pounds, 4
8:06 am
ounces. angie just said ouch. i would agree. mom said when he arrived by cesarean, the nurse compared him to a mini sumo wrestler and the mom said, i was carrying a 14-pound bowling ball. he was nearly two weeks early. >> he is a week old? >> yes. >> oh, my goodness. >> yes, he is. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. wow. >> one big baby. >> how about a little "pop news," lara? >> thank you very much, robin. good morning, and rumors are swirling this morning that prince harry and singer ellie goulding are more than just friends and hung out all day at a polo event and, no, nothing is confirmed. onlookers say the duo only had eyes for each other throughout the event and into the after-party. goulding no stranger to the royals, she's a really good friend of the family and she sang at buckingham palace for the duke and duchess of cambridge following the royal wedding in 2011, the same year
8:07 am
she was asked to sing at harry's birthday. both are reportedly single at the moment. >> good timing. didn't we try to set up prince harry with that swimmer a few weeks ago? >> yes. every time he hugs someone. >> that is true, george. again an investigative report. >> rumor for you. >> we just obviously want him to be happy. we're like that meddling neighbor, mrs. krativz. >> oh, i remember mrs. krativz. ♪ make me a match >> leave the poor guy alone. thank you, george. "remington steele" is back. pierce brosnan. i always liked "remington steele." anybody? pierce brosnan returning to the small screen 30 years after he rose to stardom playing the thief turned detective. i used to watch all the time. with my dad. i think that's why. this time it's for amc's latest drama "the sun." the former james bond actor will play a ranching and oil tycoon named eli mcculloch. the patriarch of a texas family in the early 1900s and the series is slated for a new frontier. on amc the folks that brought you "mad men".
8:08 am
>> he gets more and more handsome. >> yes, he sure does like fine wine. and finally, nick jonas is serving up some new music. we thought it was perfect for "good morning america." it is a song, and it's titled "bacon." you want to give it -- yeah. ♪ i know what i want to do i got sleep eyes ♪ >> it's creative. it's not literally about the delicious breakfast meat even though it is featured prominently in the video. a lot thought it was about having a big breakfast after a big night with a love but nick tells our pals that it's about the moment when you're out of a relationship and you realize it's all going to be okay. life is good, and you should throw some bacon on it because he says bacon makes everything better. the song is off nick's new album called "last year was complicated." i love the title and that is out very soon, out june 10th. >> the hot dudes were jamming to it. >> did you say hot dudes? >> they were dancing. >> i happen to be heading that way myself.
8:09 am
here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu," we got for from robin's exclusive from bobby brown opening up about whitney houston. hot dudes and hot books. what they're telling us to read. it's all about literacy, we're all for you. finally, am i going the wrong way? where am i going? i have no camera. jesse, where are you? i ran so fast. oh, it's the fitness craze moving behind "the november project" working out with us. you can too. everybody is doing it. live stream with us on "gma" here in times square. >> now you can do it. ♪ ♪ every little step i take
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♪ every little step i take back now with more of my exclusive interview with bobby brown opening up about his relationship with whitney houston. his new book, "every little step" my story tells about the start of their marriage. in 1989 bobby brown was on top of the world performing at the soul train awards. ♪ when they say i'm crazy i really don't care ♪ ♪ that's my prerogative >> but one woman sitting in the audience would literally turn his head around. pop superstar whitney houston. and so it began. >> yeah, that's where it all began. >> tell me about the first date with whitney. >> it was just a normal regular, you know, eat and shop date. >> with whitney houston. >> yes. >> who was -- >> mega, the greatest voice ever. i mean, we just hit it off right away, right away. we liked the same things.
8:15 am
we liked the same types of food. at the time when i did smoke newports, she smoked newports, so it was like everything was -- >> from the get-go you all clicked, but from the outside, people were thinking, wait a minute, bad boy, r&b, the princess of pop, something's not -- >> everybody looked at it crazy but it wasn't crazy because we matched. >> she wasn't exactly the girl next door that the public thought. in private she was -- >> oh, she was the girl next door. she was definitely the girl next door at times. whitney was whitney. i mean, you can't take anything away from -- i can't take anything away from the person she was, the person i grew to love. i can't. >> but in his new book "every little step," bobby details the couple's troubled and turbulent marriage. you wrote a lot of things in the book, and you know there are going to be some people who say, whitney is not here.
8:16 am
she can't defend herself. >> i didn't say anything wrong. i said everything that i've been through. everything that i wrote in this book is from my heart, and it's from a kind and gentle place, and it's all true. it's what i've been through. if i didn't give the truth, then i wouldn't -- i wouldn't be helping myself, and it's therapeutic for me this book. >> that was one of the question, why now? why share his story now? and you heard what he had to say and it's about trying to move forward, and there were so many times even when i mentioned to people beforehand i was interviewing bobby brown, the reaction was so varied and the thoughts that they had about him, and so he wanted to share his story which we did last night, and it's up to you. you can make up your mind by hearing him. >> he's going to be here on monday.
8:17 am
>> he's going to be here live on monday. coming up, up and moving with the free workout phrase, "the november project" is here live. ♪ ♪ a slow home buyer is a no-home buyer. navigating the real estate world requires cat-like reflexes. uh no, that's too early... requires cat-like reflexes... now. cat-like... this isn't that hard guys, when i say reflexes... what if i throw the ball back, and you reverse it on film? sexelferekiltac. run that backwards, it's cat-like reflexes. ♪ when craft... ...meets cold... ...something amazing happens. flavors are transformed... ...possibilities are born... ...because starbucks espresso changes everything, from the sweet starbucks iced caramel macchiato,
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8:21 am
back now with the hot, free fitness craze called "the november project." it is wild out here. jesse has been working hard. we are live streaming. workouts in chicago, d.c., the guys, brogan and bojan, are the founders and authors of the new book "the november project" inside the free grassroots fitness movement taking over the world and has already taken over times square. welcome, guys. thanks for bringing your awesome energy. >> thanks for having me. >> this started as an online social media thing. why has it gotten so big so fast? >> it's like we're bringing back adult recess. we demand people show up on time and start no matter rain or shine and make people be kind to each other and work their butt off whether 95 or 15 years old, we're looking for 100%. >> you said it. you're making them wake up at 6:30 in the morning, rain or shine and working out. what do you have to say to people that just want to hit the snooze button.
8:22 am
>> find an accountabiliibuddy. >> accountabiliibuddy. >> it's so much easier to say, jesse, i'll see you on the corner. we'll go and run around the block. run around the river. i'll be there. if you wake up and that alarm is by yourself. you're not going to get up. >> i like the word. you have coined a new word. we talk about free a lot with you guys as in free as in equipment is free. you make your own gear. >> that's right. we live in a city that's a playground. just show up. bring some nice outdoor gear and if you earn your spray paint that's kind of your show that you're a part of the tribe. so "november project" spray paint across your chest and that's all you need. >> how do you earn -- a certain number of times. how do you decide? >> just like recruiting. we say just show up. if you make it through one workout. >> a party. >> exactly. >> you said a second ago you make the city your playground. it's your gym. so give us an example how you do that. >> we'll do an exercise
8:23 am
named bojan, and it was named by my friend. you're just going to crawl under and then you're going to jump over. >> it's a crawl and jump. >> then crawl under. and jump over. >> we can try this after the show. >> do not try this at home. and what's the thing -- i got it. everybody here has been hugging. why the big hugs? >> you know, we feel like these days people are really dialed into their smartphones and we're in big, beautiful cities like new york and not paying enough attention to each other and human contact matters. eye contact matters and feel like even the coolest cities can afford to be more friendly so instead of shaking hands, we come in for hugs. >> here we go. >> free hugs. >> everybody hugging around the country. hugging it out. we can feel it in times square to chicago to d.c.
8:24 am
get it in, everybody and people at home, make sure you keep tuning in, as well. still working out in chicago and d.c. you can join in, welcome, ginger. don't you think you should go down and lara and i step over. >> we were talking about doing it after the commercial break. >> because it's on tv. >> so we do a forecast. let's do it. let's go ahead and look at everybody behind me having a great morning, but storms on the way, so you guys as know as beautiful as it is right now, more storms definitely are on the way this afternoon. gusty winds and some hail will come with that trevor noah and then behind it so much cooler tomorrow. so tomorrow morning in the 50s and will only end up in the l >> i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. low clouds give way to high clouds and breezy conditions, below average highs through friday and away warming trend on the weekend. up to 84 in antioch. low-to-mid 50s tonight, cloudy
8:25 am
and patchy drizzle. the cool of the temperatures are tomorrow and friday and it does not get too hot offer the weekend. have a great day. 0s [ cheers and applause ] >> so check it out. now is the time. >> another 15 seconds maybe. i'm ready. >> we are feeling the love on "gma." a lot -- come on, hug it out with me. one of my favorites kevin hart is also with us. he's teaming up with the rock for a brand-new movie. you know how it goes, anything can happen. think you're cool. we're throwing down a challenge. tell them jason. >> to my song "want to want me" and do this challenge. >> download the music, the app that's blowing up social media and show us what you got. >> show us what you come up with win it all. >> win a trip to new york city, vip treatment and backstage with demi lovato and tickets to see demi. >> good morning, america. let's get that party started. >> and go to
8:26 am on yahoo! to find out how to enter. iggy azalea and friday morning it's iggy azalea live only on -- >> good morning, america. >> it's a party in the park with "gma" summer concert series presented by king's hawaiian.
8:27 am
now from abc7 news. good morning. i am natasha zouves from the abc7 morning news. this afternoon republicans are planning to hold a rally and they're demanding zwrus tis for the donald trump supporters that were attacked outside the convention center last week. the rally starts at 230 tim a.m. let's get a morning commute with sue hall. northbound and just before the 880 an accident with a big-rig. you're looking at a drive time and up towards highway 35 up about 30 minutes again. >> thank you sue. mike nicco will join us with
8:28 am
8:29 am
good morning. we're still pretty gray outside and not like we were yesterday. temperatures in the upper 50s and lower 60s in most neighborhoods. we're going to be gray at 9:00, but the clouds will open up and high clouds for the rest of us and mainly 70s for the rest of us and few 80s in the in land and temperatures faster and cooler tomorrow. >> thank you mike. we will have another local news update in 30 minutes and on the
8:30 am
news app. join us weekdays 4:30 until 7 ♪ welcome to my house >> oh, look who is here. that's what happens behind the scenes. george and lara having fun with our great visitors. hey, luca. one of the kids of our producers santina. luca. >> lovely. >> we love when he comes here with all his buddies. those are hot dudes. >> and then they thanked us all for the pictures. very well mannered. >> also this morning, workout not over yet. join our live stream with the "the november project." follow along as you watch "gma." full steam for the rest of the hour. washington, d.c., chicago, as well. and also these hot dudes are getting your summer reading list ready and a lot more with them coming up too. >> one of those mornings.
8:31 am
and we are here with one of the funniest men in all of hollywood kevin hart teaming up with dwayne "the rock" johnson for "central intelligence." i have to get a kiss first. yes, it's starring as high school classmates reuniting 20 years later for a whole lot of action. unforgettable moments like this one, kevin. >> let's take a look. >> oh hand jive -- >> settle down. the crowd wants the golden jet flip, and they're going to get a golden jet flip. >> you go, girl. >> oh, oh, god. >> that was so close. >> so close. kevin hart. kevin hart. [ cheers and applause ] >> thanks so much. too much. i'm loving the vibe. >> no applause signs out there. that's from the heart for kevin hart. >> that was good. >> so much fun. so much fun seeing you on screen. what did you enjoy the most working with the rock. >> you know what, working with d.j., i got a chance to finally
8:32 am
team up. we've been friends for quite some time. we admire each other's work ethic from afar and getting a work winning and approaches his day 110% and me doing the same thing, feeling the same way, every day onset was positive. there was so much good energy and i feel like it shows in our product. that chemistry is real. >> you cannot fake that kind of chemistry, you know what, it is action packed. of course you'll laugh. it's got heart to it as well. and i love that it takes a different take on anti-bullying. >> yes, yes. >> and you talked about that with two children. >> listen, we wanted to go -- we wanted to address bullying but in a way we weren't forcing a message down people's throats in a unique way and throw appealing quality to it and ultimately it's a problem and with a sincere message. communicate. tell people what's going on in your life and ultimately believe in yourself regardless of where you are in life. it can always get better.
8:33 am
doesn't have to get worse. it can always get better but you have to be the one to understand that and these are the two characters. >> thank you for sharing that message especially as i see young faces. they're listening to every word. >> i'm a positive guy. >> i heard you were a little bit of a cutup back in the day and your mom would have to come to school. >> 100%. >> what were you doing? >> what wasn't i doing? i got in trouble. man, i was a bad kid. you don't get to where i am now from not being bad and understanding, oh, you're not supposed to be that. i did a lot. i remember one time i had basketball tryouts early in the morning. my mom didn't want me to go. the tryouts were at 6:00 a.m. that meant i had to leave at 4:00. you're not leaving the house that early. what i did was set all the clocks in the house back, so when it was 4:00 a.m., it looked like it was 6:00 a.m. i went to school, made the tryouts. my mom got to work two hours early. found out what i did.
8:34 am
came to school, tore my behind up at the school. i didn't get to play basketball that season. but the story of why i got whooped was legendary and everybody respected me for it. so everything turns out good in the end. >> right. >> but on that day it turned out bad. on that day it turned out bad. >> i love that about you. >> it's a very true story. >> is it? is it? we have a little message from dwayne. wanted to say hello. >> he's here? >> take a look. >> the one thing i want to tell you about "central intelligence" is i am really good in the movie. kevin hart, yay, he's great, he's charming and he's going to make you laugh, fantastic, great. i, however, am really good in the movie. [ cheers and applause ] >> he's going to be -- he's going to be here tomorrow. do you have a little message for him. >> first of all, you know what, normally i would trash d.j. but in this case i'm going to take the chance to hit him with nothing but positivity. in this movie what people have to understand that dwayne is the comedy. he's the comic relief.
8:35 am
i'm the straight man and he did a great job of delivering the comic so i take your hat off to you, you are a strong, big face. i take my hat off to him. he carried the comedy in this film. >> i'm looking at you. a whole different vibe for you. >> it's a different kevin. this is positive kevin. i got on blue pants. i can't be angry with blue pants. >> you can't. >> not today. >> you know what, what dwayne said and everyone says you are one of the kindest, funniest people love working with you. >> oh, thank you. >> good things are coming your way continue to come your way because you've earned it. "central intelligence." i love that name. >> i hope you see it. >> hits theaters june 17th. >> june 17th. d.j. >> y'all go see the movie. [ cheers and applause ] go see the movie. >> he put on blue pants and everything, ginger. >> i love those pants. and a great crowd behind me because even april is from denver. we wanted to talk about the heat out west.
8:36 am
parts of texas, the rockies and hot, hot, hot, phoenix has been, 108 for a high. that ridge moves east. look, chicago, gets to 91 by friday. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco. we check out the forecast. 64 at coast the mid-70s to mid-80s elsewhere. high clouds and sunshine. my seven-day forecast cool of the days are the past breezy on >> so i'm here with the american red cross blood bus and niki taylor. perhaps you've seen her, the supermodel standing next to me. spokesperson. a big day. what can we expect? how do people get involved? >> nexcare bandages and american red cross, eight years they partnered up to raise awareness for blood donations. how you can get involved. go to find a blood center near you and
8:37 am
pledge your support for blood donations and sign up to receive bandages and this year's theme is called feel the beat. give blood. >> i got you. >> sharing the theme from "dancing with the stars." >> feel the beat and so it's a special cause for you specifically because you had an accident. >> yes. back in 2001 i was in a car crash and i needed over 100 units of blood and the american red cross supplied my hospital with the blood. so i owe my life to blood donors, that's why i come out and raise awareness for this. >> so many folks do so all of you can get involved. niki gave you the address and we want to thank our sponsor nexcare. thank you all for being here and get it over to amy. >> all right, beginner, thanks so much. it is time now to take back the beach. this morning, the executive food editor of "refinery 29." elettra wiedemann is here with snack hacks guaranteed to make your trip to the beach easy, healthy and delicious so well, elettra. >> thank you so much for having me. >> we need to stay hydrated.
8:38 am
>> your tips. >> one of our favorite things make easy smoothies. you don't need a lot of fancy equipment but use it with a blender. our favorite, a four-ingredient smoothie. a little bit of strawberries, a touch of ginger. >> ginger, i know. >> it works. coconut water and then you need just like this is probably a lot of lemon juice, you need a splash and blend them up. stick them into reusable water bottles. freeze them on your way to the beach they'll melt and become this yummy slushie. coconut water is really hydrating. great when you're hot on the beach to stay hydrated and have an alternative to ice cream or shaved ice. >> it's got a kick. >> it's nice, right? flavor combinations work. >> a way to prevent soggy sandwiches. >> when i go to the beach the worst thing take out a soggy sandwich so this is our way of kind of hacking that. you can easily scoop out the inside of these cucumbers like this and then you have this
8:39 am
groove, right. i'm doing it quickly to show you and spoon it in really easy. like that. and then once this is spooned out you can kind of close it. >> keep these refrigerated so they're nice and cool. >> you close them like that. wrap them in cling wrap and you have an easy sandwich alternative. >> you talked about the sand. >> george is already in the hummus. >> middle eastern. >> what you do is fill up this pepper pot with some hummus then put sticks in there. yeah. cover it up, stick it in your cooler then you can eat the bowl so it's a great way to reduce food waste and have less things to clean up and do the same with really beautiful fruit bowls great for presentation. just eating and enjoying on the beach. >> doesn't take that much to scoop this out and have something that's very green and eat everything. no trash at the end of it. compose it and using the
8:40 am
watermelon you're cutting out to make your salad. everything used. >> perfect hacks. thanks so much, elettra. >> thank you very much. coming up, one-on-one with nfl star cam newton. that's next. ♪ ♪ (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. nuts, chocolate, pretzel.
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they're the snack patrol. saving the world from bland snacks with new hershey and reese's snack mix. snack patrol! it's snack justice.
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we are back now with nfl mvp cam newton, the star blair famous for dabbing dancing leading his panthers to the super bowl 50 and emotional moments right after the game making so many headlines. first here's a look at the story. >> touchdown. >> he's the star quarterback that led the carolina panthers to the super bowl in february. >> the carolina panthers are nfc champions. >> cam newton becoming not just a fan favorite during his five years with the nfl. >> i'll stay true to who i am. >> named the nfl's mvp. achieving the most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in the sport's history all while winning the hearts of america. famous for doing the dab to celebrate all those touchdowns. >> that's an extended celebration if you're an opponent. >> his actions after his setback at the super bowl are what made headlines. walking out on a postgame presser. >> and now he's here at "gma" to
8:44 am
clear the air. and, cam newton, good enough to join us now from where else, charlotte, north carolina. it is good to see you, cam. congratulations on the great season, mvp, making it to the super bowl, it didn't end the way that you wanted. you've had some time now, can you reflect on your emotions after the game, what happened in that presser? >> we fell short at the end but it's okay. we're reloaded and i'm looking forward to getting started. >> was all of it last season being the mvp, going to the super bowl, what happened after, was it all a learning experience for you? >> absolutely. absolutely. everything is pretty much a learning experience especially in the face of defeat. had time to think back, had time to talk to so many different people including my teammate, family and friends and, you know, it's no need to, you know, talk about, you know, certain things.
8:45 am
it's already understood rather than going back and reloading and saying, here's our opportunity to make a big difference. >> you wrote a very moving tribute about one of your idols, muhammad ali. you really appreciated how he stood up for himself and for others and spoke out about social issues. what was about it about muhammad that struck you? >> had a big impact outside and inside the ring. he was electrifying. he was witty, he was smart. he was charismatic. you know, he was a person that, you know stood for something bigger than, you know, the sport of boxing. >> right. >> muhammad is a person that gave a lot of people hope including myself. >> you know, he was great with kids and you have quite a rapport with children, as well. what went viral when you saw some kids at recess and you went out and tossed the ball around with them and you have your foundation in helping children. i love this. it's not a stuffy dinner that you have. you got a kick ball tournament.
8:46 am
celebrity kick ball tournament. tell us about that for your foundation. >> well, this friday in charlotte and at memorial stadium, we are having our second annual kick it with cancer, celebrity kick ball tournament and going back and thinking about ways that we can incorporate not only males but females to get involved and get active and that's one of the main things we try to tackle my foundation trying to, you know, tackle some of the social and economic needs for kids, you know, through fitness and educations and trying to create programs that does that. >> is that in part what inspired you for your new show on nickelodeon. "all in with cam newton" dealing with kids, helping kids? >> for as many kids as we came across, 34 kids in total, and we will have 20 episodes, it just showed that, you know, everybody is a superhero in their own right. >> all right, cam newton. see you this season on the
8:47 am
gridiron, thanks so much for spending time with us and all the best with you going forward. take care. >> thank you so much, miss robin. >> you know he's from the south. all in with cam newton airs friday on nickelodeon. kick ball in the sixth grade. nothing better. coming up, the hot dudes reading are here live. you heard me, hot dudes reading here live. okay. ♪ i want some hot stuff baby this evening ♪
8:48 am
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welcome back. it has been called the best thing to instagram since beyonce talking about hot dudes reading. of course, and now the wildly popular count has inspired a full-fledged book. some of its stars spent time with our mara schiavocampo strutting their literary stuff. >> reporter: hot dudes reading. a blazing instagram account gone viral.
8:50 am
dedicated to capturing what some say is a rarely seen phenomenon. >> did it ever occur to you that guys reading was a thing? >> no. not at all. >> reporter: the instagram sen sensation was started by group of 13 new yorkers shamelessly snapping at good-looking guys in public. now after amassing almost a million followers, they're putting all of those good-looking guys with books into a book. this is how you stand and read a book on the subway. >> i am looking -- >> reporter: with the official start of summer almost here, who better to help with your summer reading list than these scholarly studs. first up, michael who says books are his favorite travel companion so what are you reading. >> it's called "the last mile." basically a convicted murderer that's on death row. >> reporter: next steven whose photos racked up the most likes on a hot dude's reading account. >> i'm reading "the city of
8:51 am
mirrors," the third part of the trilogy. julious says a good read helps him relax. >> i'm reading "a different kind of daughter." i gravitate toward stories of women. that are strong. >> rami relates to books and his experiences. >> "grit." persevere through these tough things. ♪ see it my way >> reporter: teddy, an inspiring musician, reads about his idols. >> this one on angie martinez and she is a force. >> reporter: it's great for the mind but could help them out in another department. >> i'm off the market now thanks to this book. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> so, joining us now steven, michael. rami, julious and teddy. they're is stars of the book. we welcome you to "good morning america." i want to start with you, steven. you have the honor of being cover guy.
8:52 am
>> i am a cover guy. >> how did it happen? you are a student in buffalo. >> it turns i spent a lot of time on the subways and fortunate to stand in a spot that was very well lit and ended up on the cover and somebody took a picture. >> isn't that crazy? >> that's crazy and random. >> teddy, what's your subway reading story or where were you spotted. >> on the west side in west village. someone approached me and the rest is history. >> what do you guys think about being on that website or not the website but instagram account in general. >> it's awesome. >> so weird. >> candid. >> it promotes reading, right. we want to know. all the girls want to know what is your reading recommendation. julious? >> mine is a different kind of daughter. strong women. great book. >> really. you're reading "a different kind of daughter." >> i mean, pakistani girl really did a great job and challenged herself and rose to the occasion. >> got to love the hot dudes. you're deep. all right, rami. >> i'm reading "grit."
8:53 am
the power of passion and perseverance. a good story about how to be successful. >> legit books. these are not like a summer light reading. >> yeah, we're not just good-looking. >> we're smart. >> michael. give us yours. >> i'm reading "the last mile." >> there you go. i love his stuff. >> convicted murderer but you never know. he actually don't know if he did it or not. >> thank you for the summer book recommendations. congratulations on the book. it is called "hot dudes reading" available right now. nice to get to know you. we will be right back. ♪ hot stuff baby this evening when consultant josh atkins books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big. and when josh thinks big you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some... he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. look at that pie chart! boom! you've never seen a number like that! you feel me lois? i'm feeling you. yeah you do! let's do this! watch out he just had a whole thimble full of coffee... woot! woot! the ready for you alert, only at la...
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quinta! yeah! ♪ ♪
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by jcpenney. that's getting your penney's worth. >> i love that. >> oh, boy. yes. >> thanks for that. >> thanks to also the "the november project." everyone here in times square and d.c., chicago, getting up and moving this morning. getting over hump day right there. >> yeah, they are. >> so long, everyone. >> there they are.
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now from abc7 news. good morning. i am natasha zouves with the abc7 morning news. let's get a check with mike. hey everybody. check out the current conditions right now. upper 50s and mid-6 o 0s and along the coast and 7 o 0s everywhere else into you get into the in land. it's going to be cooler and breezy the next two days. i hope that someone scoops up the kitty cat and saves them. we're looking at a 20 minute drive with a little bit of hayes and fog there. an accident in the danville area and northbound near the stone valley and middle lanes there. >> that pour kitten. it's time for live "live with kelly and michael."
9:00 am
the reporting continues now on the app and you can join us >> it's "live! with kelly." today, actor and author ethan hawke. and grammy award-winning recording artist marc anthony. plus a performance from country duo dan + shay. also joel mchale returns for another day of co-hosting. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now here are kelly ripa and joel mchale! [cheers and applause] ♪


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