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tv   Good Morning America  KGO  July 8, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, ambush in dallas, snipers open fire on police taking aim from high above. >> shots fired. >> hitting 11 officers, at least five killed, some in critical condition. a mom trying to protect her children also shot. people running for their lives, ducking behind cars for cover. >> the incredible scene unfolding in what was supposed to be a peaceful protest against those fatal police shootings. officers surrounding one gunman who told them he wanted to target white people before he was killed by a police bomb. other suspects now in custody. >> all i know is that this must stop. >> the nation trying to make sense of it all. >> it has been a vicious,
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calculated, and despicable attack on law enforcement. >> this morning, america in crises, ambush in dallas. our special coverage begins right now. and good morning, america. we are live for our viewers in the west with thatrim news from dallas, a horrifying scene overnight. deadliest attack on law enforcement since 9/11. one of the many peaceful protests against police shootings took a fatal turn. >> as we come on in the west, this is what we know at this hour. police say at least 12 officers, two protestors, one of them a mother who was there with her children were shot. five officers have been killed. three suspects are currently in custody, another one killed by a police bomb. the dallas police chief saying the suspect told them he was upset about the recent police shootings. >> that's right. he said he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers, and there you see officers standing guard outside parkland hospital, saluting those who lost their lives, protecting the injured as well.
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this morning dallas is reeling. this is the front page of the dallas morning news. >> ambush. you're looking at the aerials of the scene, buildings in dallas on lockdown all morning long, flights temporarily restricted over the city of dallas. >> phillip mena is in dallas with the latest. good morning, phillip. >> reporter: george, good morning. this city is in shock. it started out as a peaceful protest but it turned into a targeted attack on police officers. the deadliest in this city's history. dallas' mayor simply saying, our worst nightmare has happened. >> no justice, no peace! >> reporter: at 6:00 p.m. hundreds gather peacefully in downtown dallas to protest the two recent fatal police shootings of black men. some protestors even taking photos with dallas pd, showing their solidarity. then at 8:45, just a file from city hall, shots ring out. officers scramble to secure the
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scene. >> shots fired. >> shots fired. >> reporter: moving protestors out of harm's way. >> get out of here! >> reporter: the shots grow louder. a sniper firing on police from an elevated position in el centro college. patrick cooper took this video from inside the college. >> somebody is shooting. >> reporter: police tried to negotiate with the shooter. he tells them he was upset about the recent police shootings in minnesota and baton rouge. >> the suspect said he was upset at white people. the suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers. the suspect stated he will eventually -- that we will eventually find the ieds. the suspect stated he was not affiliated with any groups, and he stated that he did this alone. >> reporter: as the shooter refused to back down, the cops
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send in an explosive robot. >> we saw no other option but to use our bomb robot and place a device on its extension for it to detonate where the suspect was. other options would have exposed our officers to grave danger. the suspect is deceased as a result of detonating the bomb. >> reporter: earlier in the night, a witness captured this chilling video on the sidewalk of a gunman firing at a police officer. the shooter misses twice before killing the officer. >> we got a guy with a long rifle. we don't know where the hell he's at. >> reporter: the dallas police chief calling it an ambush against law enforcement. bystanders also caught in the carnage. >> right as she started to run, she caught a bullet in the back
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of her right calf. she immediately jumped on top of one of her sons. >> reporter: theresa williams telling us her sister at the rally to protest peacefully with her four sons was shot in the leg while trying to shield her boys. she's recovering in the hospital. >> that's all she keeps saying is my prayers go out for the families of the cops that have lost their lives. >> reporter: the intensive manhunt for the snipers paralyzing the city. reports of possible bombs planted by the shooters, causing panic. three suspects taken into custody. 14 people shot, including 12 officers. five killed, including 43-year-old officer brent thompson. the city's mayor calling the shooting heartbreaking. >> i asked everybody to focus on one thing right now, and that is our dallas police officers, their families, those that are deceased, those that are in the hospital fighting for their lives. let's all come together and support our police officers. >> reporter: county offices and
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many businesses have closed downtown this morning as police officers have closed off a large section of this area as the investigation gets under way. robin? >> phillip, thank you. one of the victims killed in the protest, officer brent thompson from the dallas area rapid transit department, d.a.r.t., is the first officer from that area killed during duty. we're thinking of the d.a.r.t. officers who were injured. we understand that officer thompson was recently married. please share more about this young man. >> that's correct. officer thompson recently remarried another oppositer within the department. they had only been married about two weeks, and i just visited with him about four days ago where i talked with him and i
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talked with him shortly after his marriage. he was a great officer, doing those things that we expect of police officers and in this particular case what he was supposed to be doing, monitoring the protest as well as taking care of our customers at our transit center and our west transfer center where the buses were coming in. this unfortunate incident occurred. >> doing his job, doing his job. can you tell us about the other d.a.r.t. officers that were injured. how are they doing? >> they're doing great. as a matter of fact, one just went into surgery, and she's recovering well. the other one is getting ready to go to surgery, and one was released without having to do any surgery at all. i met with all three of those officers this morning as well as the wife of officer thompson, our president and ceo, mr. gary thompson -- mr. gary thomas. i also met with all the families
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and those injured officers. we've just received an outpouring of support throughout the north texas region, the state of texas, throughout the united states to include as well as looking at canada and from london, england, from members of the police profession. you know, we still have our heads held high, but we've taken a gut punch. >> yes, indeed. i'm glad that you feel that support and if it can be of some small comfort in any sort of way. what did your officers tell you how everything unfolded last night? what did they tell you? >> one told me that they were just standing there monitoring the protest march and all of a sudden the shooting occurred. one of the officers, they started back engaging, but there were dallas officers there also. so when we started engaging, they were engaging the suspect also. and i think what's important here is the way that the two departments interacted with each
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other. first and foremost, making sure that the protestors were taken out of harm's way and then coming back to assist the injured officers, and then engaging the suspect while they were assisting the injured officers. had it not been for that, one of my officers told me that they think the casualties would have been far greater than what they were. so i am extremely thankful for the professionalism and the response of our officers as well as that of the dallas police department. >> sir, we've heard that consistently from many protestors echoing just what you said, that the officers, your officers and the dallas police department that were there to protect the protestors and they felt that and they knew that. i also know, sir, the loss of your officers, those that were injured, but this impacts your entire department and d.a.r.t. there are other people that are involved, of course, with d.a.r.t., and i know that you wanted to say something about them.
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>> absolutely. we've communicated with them this morning as they were coming on duty. those that were on duty last night, making sure they knew what was going on, the scene that was seen around the world with the officers standing at the hospital saluting. we had officers there, as well as making sure we escorted the remains of officer brent thompson to the funeral home, as well as we have grief counsellors available. we have clinical personnel available to talk with all of our officers, to include family members. because it affects the family members that were not necessarily here but the officers have to go home with them. so we make those services available to them also. >> that's good to know. chief james spiller, thank you for your time this morning and our thoughts and prayers are with you and your department and the entire city. thank you, sir. we're going to get more from who did the shooting and why
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from pierre thomas and former special agent brad garrett. brad, the suspects in custody aren't talking much and the police aren't talking much about them but we did learn a fair amount about the shooter who was killed by the police. said he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers, said he acted alone. but it sounded like the police chief is not convinced that that's true. >> i think, george, the problem is he just doesn't know, that the only real suspect that they have is the actual shooter that they ultimately killed a few hours ago. the three people in custody, are they directly related to him, we don't really know. what happens is people get scooped up when these things happen and they may or may not have any involvement in the shooting. we'll have to see. but you asked me something earlier today about could this have been a lone shooter and the answer clearly is yes. the idea, when you're in an elevated cover and concealment and it's dark, it takes several minutes just to figure out where
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you might be. during that time period, to shoot 10, 12, 15 people, you could do all that in probably a minute or two in reality because you had the time to do it. >> okay, brad. pierre thomas, we do have those statements from the shooter. he wanted to kill white officers. that gets the justice department involved as part of a civil rights investigate on top of everything that's being done in dallas. >> reporter: george, this appears to be a racially motivated killing spree targeting police, that according to the suspect himself who was killed by the police. as you said, three other suspects, a woman detained in a garage and two suspects who fled the scene at a high rate of speed. as brad says, they're being tight lipped. we don't know if they're part of the plot. it's a fluid situation. but police around the country are taking no chances. many departments are now on alert. they need to know if this is something bigger. >> in boston we see the police chief saying that all of his officers are supposed to go out in pairs. >> reporter: exactly. even if this was an isolated
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plot, there clearly are feelings out there based on those horrific videos that we saw involving black men being killed by police that other people might have ill will towards police as well. that has to be factored in, george. >> pierre thomas, brad garrett, thanks very much. robin? joining us now is reverend jeff hood. he is one of the people who planned the protest in dallas last night. reverend, thank you so much for joining us this morning and our thoughts are with you and everyone there in your city. you were one of the organizers for the protest. tell us the reason for it and what was the atmosphere like before the shootings. >> certainly here in dallas and just like in many other parts of the country, people were upset about what happened in baton rouge. they were upset about what happened in st. paul, and we wanted people to have a healthy place to engage their anger, to grieve, to comfort each other, to network. this protest started out as a
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really beautiful thing, and we certainly accomplished those spaces of anger, those spaces of grief and those spaces of networking. as we marched through the streets of dallas, there was a real solidarity, a real peace. the police remarked that this was an incredibly nonviolent protest, considering the amount of people that we had, and we turned, coming home. it had been a beautiful protest and we turned to come home and i was sitting there and i was talking to one of the sergeant of the police department, and all of a sudden i heard pop, pop. i look up and i see two bodies on the ground and i heard pop, pop, pop, pop. when you engage something like that, i mean, obviously here in america we're so used to violence that when you engage something like that, your initial thought is it's a firecracker, it's not real. as i sat there and i looked, i was touching my body, i was touching my chest because i
7:15 am
really felt like it was possible that i was shot. and so as the sergeant ran towards the shooting, i ran back to tell the crowd, back up, back up, active shooter, active shooter, run away, run away. things went from beautiful to evil very quickly. >> it did very quickly like that. we said the majority of the protests around the country have been peaceful but there's always the concern that something not like this but that there could be some altercations. describe more of what other people were doing when all of this was taking place, when the shootings were taking place. >> certainly. people were walking down the street. i mean, there was perhaps a little chanting and the energy was high, but we were winding down. it wasn't like we were ticking back up. when this happened, we again were taking it into the ending, we were landing the protest, landing the march. it just was astonishing to me how quickly things changed.
7:16 am
>> to use the president's words so tragically like this, he said it was despicable, a word that many people are using, and horrific. so many emotions about what happened there in dallas of course, not just there in dallas but around the country and also, as you had mentioned earlier, those police-involved shootings in minnesota and louisiana. as a reverend, what is your message to people in these troubling times, reverend? >> stop shooting each other. stop shooting each other. turn to love. love is the only answer that we have to heal our communities. stop shooting each other. >> murder is never the answer. reverend jeff hood, thank you very much. again, our thoughts and prayers with everyone there, especially the officers and their families in this time. thank you, sir. >> thank you very much. >> as he said, went from beautiful to evil so quickly. president obama has addressed the shooting from
7:17 am
poland just hours after he spoke about the shooting in minnesota. let's get more from jon karl. >> reporter: the president's trip began with a statement almost immediately after landing about those police shootings in louisiana and minnesota. four hours after he spoke out on those, the massacre, the shooting in dallas happened. he called that shooting vicious, calculated and despicable, an attack on law enforcement. tough words from the president. he said that they're still trying to gather facts of who was behind all this, but he said once it is known, that justice will be done. those are the president's words. >> of course this is right in the middle of the presidential campaign and both donald trump and hillary clinton cancelling their main events today. >> reporter: this was to be a big day on the campaign trail with hillary clinton campaigning with joe biden. donald trump was planning to campaign with chris christie. that event and another event in miami also cancelled.
7:18 am
they have put out statements through tweets. hillary clinton a short while ago saying i mourn for the officers shot while doing their sacred duty to protect peaceful protestors for the families and all who served with them. donald trump tweeting before hillary clinton said prayers and condolences to all of the families who were so thoroughly devastated by the horrors we are watching take place in our country. donald trump put out a more lengthy statement where he also called for stronger leadership, love and compassion. i think it's the first time i've seen a trump statement call for love and compassion. >> quite a different tone. thank you very much. ginger, you've got drought conditions in the west. >> the heat, we've been talking about it and the record number of trees that are dead in california going to be fuel for fire. so the fire danger today includes a red flag warning around reno and parts of utah, wyoming, gusts to 45 and you can see that humidity well below 15%.
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good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. let's check out your microclimate highlights. lingering clouds but drier this afternoon. clouds and drizzle heaviest tomorrow, dryer in the morning, warmer in the afternoon next week. today, 60s along the coast, into san francisco, most of the bay, 70s and 80s inland. temperatures about 5 to 10 degrees below average. look at some light rain in the north bay tomorrow while the rest of us have drizzle and temperatures in the 50s to near 60. my accuweather seven-day forecast, back to average
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coming up we are live in the west with the latest on the deadly attack in dallas as we learn new clues about the suspects and the investigation. and the woman whose boyfriend was killed by a police officer in minnesota, she is now speaking out this morning with an emotional plea in the wake of the dallas shootings. that and a lot more as we continue live on the west coast.
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ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. now from abc abc 7 morning news. traffic is moving once again through oakland after protesters blocked a major freeway. you can see the demonstrator stopping drivers on interstate 880 last night. most of last night's protests were peaceful. some businesses had their windows smashed in, vandals targeted oakland police headquarters. last night's march followed two shootings of black men by police this week. see what the traffic looks like this morning. businesscier now. the east shore freeway calling
7:24 am
along in to the macarthur maze. 20 minutes in to san francisco. the meters lights have been turned on. an accident before marinwood. we are seeing closed traffic back to 37. >>
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good morning. the sdrizle has gone down. mid to upper 50s priet rite now. dry by noon with clouds slowly opening them cool breezes will keep us below average. 60s at the coast. 80s inland. more drizzle tomorrow morning. even light showers possible across the north bay. increasing sunshine, slightly warmer on sunday. back to july averages. nothing exceptionally shot. have a great weekend. coming up, more on the
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oreo thins. a thin twist on the oreo you love. welcome back to "good morning america." live on the best coast right now. you're looking live at dallas buildings there on lockdown this morning. the entire city still an active crime scene after peaceful protests turned deadly overnight. at least five officers killed and six others injured. >> dallas of course mourning the loss of those officers' lives as people across the country and around the world are reaching out. president obama addressed the nation earlier this morning, calling the shooting a quote, vicious and despicable attack. abc's mat out gutman is on the scene for us there in dallas as he has been all morning long. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin.
7:31 am
that vicious attack as the president called it happened two box away from here. after a peaceful protest of black lives matter. at least one sniper took up his position at el centro college. firing down at those protesters, but specifically police, targeting police officers, white ones among them. that was his chief goal said the chief of police here, kill white officers. after a multiple-hour-long standoff police were able to neutralize by using a method of sending in a robot with a bomb. eventually they had to kill that man. this is still very much a city on edge this morning. robin, george. >> all right, matt, thanks so much. the protest in dallas were
7:32 am
sparked by those deadly police shootings in minnesota and los angeles. diamond reynolds live-streamed from her car where her boyfriend was shot. this morning, she spoke with gio benitez in minneapolis. good morning, gio. >> reporter: george, good morning. she's heartbroken over what happened to her boyfriend. i got to tell you, she really breaks down when she starts talking about those shootings in dallas. listen. what's going through your mind right now? >> i'm just in utter disbelief, i can't believe something so tragic could ever happen to myself, my daughter and my family. it's very hard to understand this situation. i'm very emotional. >> reporter: i mean, here your 4-year-old little daughter was right there in the backseat. >> she felt very comfortable before anything happened.
7:33 am
and she was trying to keep me calm and she constantly kept reminding me if i didn't listen he would kill me. her soft voice is what allowed me to stay calm and keep my composure. i mean, in any situation like that it would be definitely hard for even a 4-year-old child to witness something so brutal and for me to even try to keep my composure and stand here today and continstantly to keep my composure, words can't express how i'm feeling. >> how is your daughter doing right now. >> she graduates today at 1:00. we're going to try and keep her energetic and let her embrace her child life. even though she has a little adult living inside of her, she's still a vulnerable child
7:34 am
and we want to make sure that not only she gets counselling but people understand that this is probably something she will ever be able to come back from. >> when you see what's happening across the country, in dallas, what's goies through your mind. >> it hurts me what's going on in dallas. we have absolutely no control over anything that's happening in this world. my deepest, deepest condolences go out to those families. the officers in dallas, you because i'm here in minnesota and i'm mourning for the loss and the loved one of my family members. this is not because of us, america, this is because of them.
7:35 am
>> just here in the past 48 hours, you experienced that same kind of loss. >> yes. and we are all grieving, we are all mourning. we are all battling this together. and if we don't come together, they're going to break us all apart. we are the people. justice for philando. >> where do you come from here. >> the first thing we would like to see happen, the department of justice investigation. we need an outside investigation if we're going to trust the results of that investigation. we would call for the department of justice to come in immediately and launch its own investigation. so we have some trust in the results. we want to secure her phone, we want to secure details and possibly do our own autopsy.
7:36 am
we want to get the dash cam to determine exactly what that shows. what was this officer thinking when he got out of his car for a broken taillight. approached this young couple, with a child in the car, responsive, responsible, he fires into that car, that's absolutely unacceptable. it was unprovoked, it was vicious and unjustified. the only correlation you saw in dallas. those two things are the same. the gentleman who did what they did in dallas were murderers. what happened to philando was the result of a murderer. >> we spoke with sam's grandfather yesterday, he said, he's a good boy. >> he was. he was very loving. he went to work every day. he just went to work in his
7:37 am
community and came home and cared for me and my daughter. he was the only family that we had here in minnesota and they took that away from me. they took him away from us. who's going to protect us? now, who's going to be there to support us? because it's not going to be the people, it's not going to be the news reporters, when these cameras stop rolling, we still have to live through this. i still have to turn on tv and see these many lives across america being taken away for unjustifiable reasons. it's not okay. it's not okay when it happened to phil and it wasn't okay when it happened to trayvon martin. it hurts every time we talk about it. every time we have to meet you
7:38 am
guys under these circumstances. every time you guys have to meet a new face. it only hurts the community the world. it affects the people that's deal with it the most. and i just want justice. >> and so now, we're learning that 4-year-old little witness, that little girl who saw what no child should ever have to see is graduating from preschool today. george. >> okay, gio, thanks very much robin. we'll go back and talk about what happened last night in dallas. joining us is former new york commissioner and abc news consultant ray kelly. you have been with us all morning long, former police commissioner, former police officer, the feelings you had when you woke up to this news. we saw the press conference the mayor of dallas and also the police chief there, things struck you from that press conference and how their
7:39 am
response their initial response of the shooting. >> chief brown of course is very articulate and he expressed his hurt for the department, the hurt that's put on the city. he gave us i think a lot of insight, valuable information. they took out this individual with a robot, an extension of the robot's arm, which i hadn't heard before. i think it was very innovative and it was effective and it probably did save officers from further injuries. they didn't give us the name of the individual shooter. which i think was wise because they want to go to his house, they want to talk to his relatives before the news media gets it. i thought the press conference was very well done. >> when we heard about that the robot going in, something unusual, something that you had not heard before. >> no. >> how are other departments across the country, here in new york city, on the west coast,
7:40 am
how are they responding? >> everybody's on edge. you know the lawn law enforcement family is on edge across america. you'll see an increased state of readiness. in boston, officers are going out in pairs. you'll see it certainly here in new york city. but there's lot of anxiety out there. it's understandable. >> it is. ray kelly, thanks very much. let's turn to amy now with other headlines. the state department is reopening its investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. the internal review had to be suspended during the fbi's criminal investigation. the state department will determine whether current employees involved in handling her e-mails should be disciplined. encouraging news for the labor department. the economy created 287,000 jobs last month, 100,000 more than expected. the highest monthly job growth this year.
7:41 am
an urgent manhunt is over in san diego after a string of vicious attacks in the streets, this man faces charges in attacks that left two in critical condition. police have not disclosed a motive. a partial bridge collapse in houston that killed a girl is being investigated as a homicide. attorneys for bill cosby have failed in their latest attempt to get their criminal charges against him dismissed. enough evidence for him to stand trial on sexual assault charges. long lines are expected in the supermarkets. the mega millions has grown to $540 million. i know a lot of people are hoping that's about to change every tonight's big drawing. >> got to keep your fingers crossed about that. >> you're in it, after $500 million.
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scenes from dallas last night. the shootings coming during a week where there's already great focus on the deep divide and growing racial tension between african-americans and the police. >> the black lives matter movement to the training of our police officers, big questions about what our leaders can do to move forward. joining us now is professor of african-american studies marc lamont hill, matt dowd and sunny hostin. thank you all for being here in this very important moment. >> the president came out early this morning talking about this
7:45 am
vicious and despicable attack. already spoken about the shootings in minnesota and louisiana. one of the problems here, we don't really know who's behind the shootings right here in texas this morning. but it puts the president in a difficult position as he's trying to heal and lead the country. >> first, george, my thoughts and prayers to people in dallas. i think this is very crucial time in america today. i think the president understands and i think he feels all this pain that's happened across the country. i think he has to do something more than give speeches or responses in this. i think it's a time, six months left in his presidency, a time where the divisions in our country is so great he has to figure out a way to heal. i think this is an important time, he should come camp david common good summit for people in
7:46 am
law enforcement and criminal justice and religious people and figure out a way to get through this. because this is a crucial time in america today. >> sunny, let me bring you into the conversation. lot of work when it comes to social justice and everyone is saying this -- this is not the answer. when it comes to violence. >> violence is never the answer. i'm surprised, robin, we're still having this conversation over and over and over again. you're right, this is something that i have been covering for years. i remember south carolina, i remember ferguson, i remember baltimore, i remember how much more violence do we have to have until we come a together as a country, it shouldn't be white versus black, it shouldn't be red versus blue. the only good thing that's coming out of these horrible
7:47 am
tragedies not only in dallas but in minnesota and in batdown rouge, we need to have this conversation and there needs to be change. >> marc, where do we go from here. >> we need a different conversation. we need fundamental on the ground change. we need to change our level of access to guns. the way the media covers these stories. there's a lot of work to be done. everyone has work to do. >> i'm glad you said, no one is blameless. we have to together get to that. marc, sunny, matt, thank you all. marc's new book is out. when we come back in two minutes the tributes that lost their lives in the shootings this week. to have you.
7:48 am
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7:50 am
overnight to it has been a tragic few days, from dallas officers killed overnight to the two black men shot dead by police. there has been an incredible reaction to all this violence at a concert in glasgow, scotland, beyonce held a moment of silence for the two killed in louisiana and minnesota. >> ladies and gentlemen, please observe with me a moment of silence to acknowledge the lives of all those lost. >> overnight so many taking to twitter to express their feelings on the dallas shootings. "hamilton" creator and star lin-manuel miranda tweeting those who hate us and fear us cannot bring us down. >> shonda rhimes posting, as someone with law enforcement in my family, i am just shaking. that does not equal this. senseless, horrific, heartbreaking and singer john legend calling the violence overnight completely counterproductive to keeping us
7:51 am
safe. black lives matter. blue lives matter. all lives matter. >> yeah. we'll have more in our next hour. come on back. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at
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7:56. it is friday, meteorologist mike nicco has the weekend forecast. hi, mike. >> hey, reggie, hi, everybody. measurable rain for the first time since may 7th. look at the temperature. 60s to 70s around the bay. few 80s inland. check out the accuweather forecast. drizzle and light shower tomorrow morning. much warmer by monday. >> metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza stacked to the macarthur. 20 minute delay in to san francisco. green is good but refd going on out there. about accident blocking the lane at 580 near north flynn over the altamont. another update in 30 minutes
7:57 am
and always on our news app and abc 7 "good morning america" will have more on the deadly shooting in dallas up next on abc 7. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. ambush in dallas. gunfire during a peaceful protest killing police officers, at least five dead. several suspects in custody and a lethal standoff ending early this morning. the city of dallas on high alert and the reaction across the country right now. abc news exclusive. kidnapping survivor jaycee dugard one-on-one with diane sawyer seven years after she was rescued. >> my world changed in an instant. >> how she's learning to live life and help her daughters thrive. ♪ good to be alive right about now ♪ terrifying health scare. actress sarah silverman lucky to bealive after a sore throat
8:01 am
nearly turned deadly. the unexpected condition that almost took her life. dr. richard besser here on how to detect it and prevent it. ♪ kenny chesney performing live in central park as we say -- >> good morning, america! >> and good morning, america. good morning to kenny chesney. he has a heartfelt message to all those affected by deadly shootings this week. we'll get to that in just a little bit and want to begin with the latest information from dallas. >> here is what we know right now. police say at least 12 officers and two protesters were shot. one of them a mother there with her children. five officerers were killed. three suspects are in custody. another was killed by a police bomb. we'll hear from an eyewitness right there. >> and amy starts us off with the rundown. >> that's right, good morning, everyone. we begin with the latest from
8:02 am
dallas. authorities say they're still not certain they have identified everyone in the attack. they said they killed the fourth suspect with an explosive. police said he claimed to be acting alone and he said he was angry over recent police shootings of black man and wanted to kill white people especially white officers. phillip mena continues our coverage. >> reporter: amy, good morning. this is still very much an active crime scene. police are in the investigation phase. they're doing with heavy hearts. they're doing so with heavy hearts after the deadliest attack on police this city has ever seen. witnesses say it looked like an execution. >> the suspect said he was upset at white. >> reporter: the horror in the quiet community in dallas. a protest against police violence. >> i was about to go to their cars, one shot went off and i turned.
8:03 am
>> reporter: the attorney general of texas spoke with george stephanopoulos earlier about the carnage. >> very surreal and it's nothing like i have ever seen like downtown dallas in the 25 years or so i have been here. >> reporter: officers sweeping downtown throughout the night. in search of presumed bombs. a threat from the gunman. a short time ago, we learned the fate of one of the suspects. >> had an exchange of gun fire with the suspect. we used our bomb robot and placed a device on its extension for it to detonate where the suspect was. >> reporter: the wroers and sisters of the fallen saluting those killed. seen locking arms outside the dallas hospital where some of r recovering in a sign of solidarity and strength. >> reporter: we have learned that one of those officers who was killed here last night was married just two weeks ago. amy. >> incredibly sad, thank you so
8:04 am
much. this just in -- multiple law enforcement sources tell abc news the deseased shooter is micah xavier johnson, age 25. we'll keep you posted. the fatal police shooting in minnesota and louisiana this morning are sparking protests in other cities. a highway in oakland was shut down overnight, they broke windows and here in new york, protesters marched in times square. the nypd has increased at all precincts following the dallas attack. the police shootings are said to become a focus of the presidential campaigns. this morning, donald trump tweeted his prayers and condolences to the families. and hillary clinton was expected to discuss the criminal justice reform today during a campaign event with vice
8:05 am
president joe biden that's now been postponed. we're going to talk to one of the eyewitnesss of that draj did in dallas, she was there with her two children. we thank you for being with us. a former marine that you were. just know as we keeping saying and i hope that we all know that everyone is thinking about everybody there in dallas. i want to ask you, what happened? what did you see, what did you hear when you were there? >> what began as a lot of love ended very abruptly and quickly. i would say from the beginning even getting to the march, there were police officers surrounding us. they were taking pictures with us. they were really comforting us and being there for us and supporting us in our march, and we made it down to the
8:06 am
courthouse. there was a small talk, and we said, look, we made it this far. let's remain peaceful. let's head back to the park and keep moving forward. >> so you saw -- >> we decided to move forward going back down the street in the direction that we just came from. everyone said, partner up, make sure you have a march partner. let's do this. we started walking, and less than a minute walking down the road, you heard the first set of shots, and it was right after we stopped chanting, hands up, don't shoot. there was a lull in the crowd, a little bit of a silence, and it literally sounded like a set of black cat fireworks going off, and here in dallas people have been setting off fireworks since about the 2nd and even yesterday before the rally, we were still hearing fireworks in the air, so initially we thought it was
8:07 am
fireworks, and the second set of shots came, everyone began to scatter. i tried to remain calm. i was with my children, and i said don't run. you have to stay calm. we have to remember why we're here. we can't be scared. let's step to the side, allow the police to handle it, and that's what we did. then another set of shots rang out. we scattered even more. people were saying, you know, go back to where we started. let's regroup. let's try this again. this can still move forward. we can still keep regrouping. and the next thing you know you see a mass of people running down the street yelling, they're shooting, they're shooting, and people were falling. i was scared they were going to be trampled but people literally stopped and helped people up and moved them to the side. there were old people, there
8:08 am
were young people and there were people of all colors there, and they were just scared. and everything happened so quickly in a span of five minutes, less than five minutes. it went from a beautiful, peaceful march in solidarity even with the officers that were there with us showed us so much love. >> sharay, let me -- and your account -- >> it was shocking. it was surprising, and it was an experience that's life changing. >> life changing for so many people, and to hear you say, as many protesters said, that prior to the shooting the interaction with the police officers and the protesters were very peaceful and you knew that they were there to protect you, and you were there with your children, and you have that military background, and let me ask you as we've been asking everyone that's come on our program this morning, what is your message to people? what happened in dallas? the police-involved shootings in
8:09 am
minnesota and also in louisiana this week, what is your message to the people of this country? >> we have to remember that no matter how upset we are and how angry, that we have to remain moving forward, we have to keep love in our hearts, and we have to fight for justice, and justice isn't an eye for an eye and a life for a life in this moment. those police officers were there taking care of us. everyone in blue isn't bad, but for those that are, it makes all of us look bad when we don't stand up for it. i'm -- for those officers and their families, i imagine -- i just hope that people will keep in mind that we want to keep moving forward and don't want this to turn into any type of -- [ audio problems ] we want justice and want to keep moving forward and want to be treated fairly.
8:10 am
>> oh, that was well put. sharay, thank you very, very much for your insight and your perspective and hug your children and know that we're all thinking of you and thank you for your service with the marines. bless you. thank you. >> thank you. >> even through crackling skype that was an eloquent testimony. >> and everyone has been on all sides of the issue, and there shouldn't even be sides of an issue. >> no, keep love in your hearts. >> for everyone and, you know, some people, you know, what happened in dallas, and you can't forget what happened earlier this week and the others and you can talk about them all together. some people feel you're talking about one too much and forgetting, no, all of it. >> all lives matter. >> yeah. all right, well, we have a lot more coming up next on "gma." here's a look at the "morning menu."
8:11 am
abc news exclusive, kidnapping survivor jaycee dugard one-on-one with diane sawyer. what her life is like now with her daughters. and then actress sarah silverman's major health scare. why she says she is lucky be to alive. and then we have country superstar kenny chesney is live in central park. it's all coming up next on "gma." ♪ no problem "gma's morning menu" is brought to you new nexium, 24-hour tablets. to switch to sprint and buy an iphone 6s and get another one free when you add a second line. plus, try us out for thirty days. if you're not satisfied we'll refund your money.
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and we are back now with a remarkable story of jaycee dugard. of course, she is the young woman kidnapped when she was just 11 years old, held captive for 18 years, and she survived unspeakable abuse and gave birth to two children in a hidden backyard. diane sawyer spoke with her and she has a new book "freedom: my book of firsts." it's out july 12th and she takes diane inside the new life she's
8:16 am
made for herself and her family. >> reporter: this was jaycee lee dugard when her childhood was stolen. this was jaycee lee dugard five years ago when she talked to me after her rescue. >> my world changed in an instant. >> reporter: and this is jaycee lee dugard today, re-emerging out of her privacy with lessons she's learned in the past five years. >> thank you. >> reporter: about transforming suffering into joy every single day. >> it's taken a lot of time and it hasn't come overnight. you know, you have to put in the hard work and cry and for sure laugh about everything that you can. >> reporter: her two girls born in that backyard now all grown up and thriving. >> they're so resilient, and they're beautiful and loving. >> reporter: she's protecting their privacy. some of their friends don't even know their history, and if you met them, you'd be stunned by
8:17 am
their vibrance, their curiosity and independence. she says she wasn't going to let her fear limit her children's lives. >> do we scare our kids into never wanting to do anything, or do we prepare them for the worst in life never knowing if, you know, if it's really going to happen? >> do you still call them their dad that you did five years ago? >> when i refer to him, no, i think i've been calling him phillip lately actually, you know, when we do talk about him. >> terry probyn, jaycee's mother. if the girls say someday they want to go see him -- can't bear that. >> it's their decision. i would hope that they would choose not to. >> do you worry at some point they'll want to see him? >> i want them to make their own choices in life, and if that's something that they need to do -- >> really? you'd be okay with it? >> i wouldn't be okay with it but i wouldn't not let them do
8:18 am
it. >> boy, what a wrenching situation that would be. you can see a lot more of her exclusive interview with jaycee dugard on a special edition of "20/20" at 10:00 eastern, 9:00 central. of course, that's here on abc. and coming up here on "gma," sarah silverman has a health scare. dr. richard besser is live here with more on that. and kenny chesney is going to perform live in central park. ♪ no shoes no shirt no problem
8:19 am
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8:22 am
we're back now with sarah silverman's major health scare. the actress says she's lucky to be alive. abc's abbie boudreau has her story. >> oh, sarah. >> reporter: this morning sarah silverman lucky to be alive opening up on facebook about her recent life-threatening medical scare landing her in the hospital. "i was in the icu all of last week," she said. "i am insanely lucky to be alive." the 45-year-old undergoing emergency surgery after going to the doctor for what she thought was only a sore throat writing, "they had to have my hands restrained to keep me from pulling out my breathing tube. when i woke up five days later i didn't remember anything." >> we know her as a hilarious comedienne who is always joking around and this is a moment
8:23 am
where she gets really deep. >> reporter: epiglottitis occurs when the epiglottis, the small piece of cartilage that covers the windpipe when you swallow, swells blocking air from getting into the lungs. it can cause respiratory failure. >> if you have terrible luck with roommates, you're the terrible roommate. >> reporter: the emmy-winning "sarah silverman: we are miracles" star thanking her doctors, family and friends for her real-life miracle. this wasn't a moment i was alone. she says. it makes me cry, which hurts my throat, so stop. her sense of humor not lost on the tens of thousands of fans showing their support online wishing her to get well and thanking her for making them laugh. >> this week she is back home out of the hospital, and she's, you know, reflecting on everything she's been through and just, you know, trying to get her spirits back up. >> reporter: for "good morning
8:24 am
america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> and joining us now abc news chief health and medical editor dr. richard besser. so tell us more about her condition. >> yeah, so take a look at this picture. it'll help explain. the epiglottis, it's a small piece of cartilage that sits above your vocal cords and prevents any food or anything getting down into your larynx and windpipe. with epiglottitis, that tissue gets infected or swollen, and the reason it's so dangerous is if that swells up, it can totally block off your windpipe and cut off all air and be fatal. >> what causes it? >> well, there are a number of things. it can be caused by infections, bacteria or viruses or it can also be caused by direct damage to the tiss, f chemica or in aigbo there'srepr swelling to the tis >> what sho lok >> it's the worst sore thro
8:25 am
your life. the symptoms are similar in adults and children very great difficulty, pain in the front of your difficulty swallowing, fever you can have a mufo you can't swallow to the point that your secretions come out. you could be drooling. ha resident, this was one things that scared us the most. you would see a child ce in they looked scared and could have this. thankfully now we vaccinations against something called h flu and it has almost eliminated this in children which is why i'm so passionate about vaccinating them before they go to school. ue.>> er itral park. ginger. >> robin, we've got "no shoes" nation out in force today. i wanted to stop by. we always look for who's b good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. let's check out your
8:26 am
microclimate highlights. lingering clouds but drier this afternoon. clouds and drizzle heaviest tomorrow, dryer in the morning, warmer in the afternoon next week. today, 60s along the coast, into san francisco, most of the bay, 70s and 80s inland. temperatures about 5 to 10 degrees below average. look at some light rain in the north bay tomorrow while the rest of us have drizzle and temperatures in the 50s to near 60. my accuweather seven-day forecast, back to average monday. coming up, we're going to make some noise. kenny chesney is here live. now from abc 7 news. >> good morning. welcome to abc 7 morning news. police are trying to find the person who set off an illegal firework inside of san francisco general hospital. abc 7 news at the hospital as deputies surrounded the facility yesterday. some people reported they thought there had been a
8:27 am
shooting. the officers found an exploded m-80 firecracker. no one was hurt. get an update on the commute with sue. rolook at the drive times. traci to dublin 36 minutes. san rafeal to the city 20 minutes as well. red means slowing. we had an accident involving a motorcycle west 80. that is clea
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. the drizzle is turned to a mist but made a measurable amount in downtown san francisco. 1/100, first time since may 7th we have had measurable wetness. i hate to call it rain. you can see we're in the mid 50s to 660 degrees. antioch 64. mid-70s around the bay. low 80s inland. mixture of sun and clouds this afternoon and breezy once again. drizzle tomorrow, light shower possible in the north bay. increasing sunshine and temperatures back to summer levels mornd. >> thank you so much. another local news update in 30 minutes. and always on our app. we anticipate a special report
8:30 am
any moment now. remarks from the president who's currently in poland. we will bring it to wed morning america" on a steamy friday morning in central park. this is an abc news special report. now reporting george stephanopoulos. and we're coming on the air now with the latest on that horrific event in dallas overnight. five police officers gunned down by at least one sniper in dallas overnight. it came near the end of what had been a peaceful protest. five officers have been killed. seven officers injured. two civilians injured. three suspects in custody and one shooter identified as micah xavier johnson, 25 years old, has been killed by police. we're waiting for the attorney
8:31 am
general lorretta lynch to give a press conference. i want to get the lastest from pierre thomas. the shooter has just been identified. 25 years old. an army reservist. >> exactly, george, we're still gathering information about him. potential facebook postings there this young man where he expressed a lot of anger toward police, still getting a lot of information on that. george, we expect the attorney general to talk about assets and resources the fbi will be bringing to assist local police. this is a critical moment. they need to make sure there's nothing bigger outside this relatively small group of people. three suspects they're looking at. again, they're being tight lipped according to the mayor. we don't know yet if they're part of the plot or knew something and didn't tell law enforcement, that's all to be determined. but law enforcement around this
8:32 am
country is on high alert. >> we know from the dallas police chief brown, he said the shooter in the several hours with negotiations with police, talked about his motivations. he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers, he was motivated by this black lives matter movement and that would make these statements would presumably make this subject of a federal civil rights investigation as well. >> exactly right, george, racially motivated reason to shoot. all the debate to have back and forth about policing and race could lead to a situation like this. but, today, they're now focused on trying to help the police in dallas and also, again, trying to make sure that there's no copy-cats, police, again, around this country are on high alert to make sure that the officers are safe. >> let's talk about this police operation overnight.
8:33 am
we found out from the police chief, david brown, after these several hours of negotiation they reached the determination they had to send that robot bomb in there to take the shooter out. >> and george, what's going to happen is that at some point, the negotiators are going to switch from i'm going to try to talk you out to i'm going to try to gain more information so we can tactically move on you. i think that's what happened. the assessment was made, he has explosives we can't rule one way or another, we can't take a chance. they send a robot in with an explosive device that ultimately kills him, not something that we hear about every day. >> we're looking at a live picture of micah johnson's house being searched in mesquitmesqui texas. we know from the police chief
8:34 am
said that mr. johnson said he acted alone. we have these three suspects in custody right now and the police chief seemed to be going back and forth between suggesting that might be the case and he was acting alone and others might be involved that's a management call and we don't know for certain. i mean, if you take mr. johnson at his word and there's been some reporting, george, he arrived at the scene in his mother's suv, assume that's true, that would lend himself more that he's a lone shooter, which clearly could have committed this act alone. the three people in custody may have on the sort on the edge of this. until they clear them they're going to hold them. >> they're being tight-lipid. phillip mena on the scene in dallas right now. as we have been reporting, that city still on lockdown, in many
8:35 am
ways, phillip, it's still an active crime scene. >> absolutely, george, as a matter of fact, right now, we're two blocks away from that parking garage where the deadly confrontation between the suspect micah johnson and police took place, investigators have as you mentioned have shut down a large swath of downtown and many businesses in that area are closed in that area while investigators continue to search for any evidence that might support or dismiss claims that he acted alone as he told police. you mentioned there were three other suspects who were detained by police. one of them, a woman, who was detained in that very same parking lot. but investigators will be trying to determine their role in all of this was. >> okay, phillip, thanks very much. i'm here with sunny hostin, senior legal analyst. we have the shoot in louisiana of a man who was selling cds.
8:36 am
the shooting in minnesota that one captured on livestream. protests prop up in response to that. >> it has been remarkable, i think these fatal shootings by police officers is up about 6% just this year. this is an issue that's ongoing, especially in african-american communities. we know that african-americans are shot 2.5% -- at a rate of 2.5% more than their white counterparts. the national attention has been on this sometimes very bizarre election. when you look at the other side of this, george, the bottom line is, because of video cameras, because of smartphones, lot of these officers that are involved in these shooters are being charged with murder and manslaughter. in 2015, 18 officers have been charged and ten of those cases
8:37 am
you had video evidence. >> those video are making all the difference. >> they're making all the difference. there's this feeling in the african-american community change is not afoot. that's not necessarily true, because officers are being held responsible for these actions but certainly this week has just brought the focus back on these fatal police shooting and no question about that. jon karl, as sunny mentioned this comes right in the middle of the presidential campaign, in the middle of president obama's trip overseas to meet with european leaders in poland. but in the last 24 hours he's had to speak out twice on these shootings and killings. >> he spoke out almost immediately after landing last night to this situation in minnesota. and george, just a few hours after he made that statement, the shooting happened in dallas, now, i know now why the white house is determine what to do with the president's trip in europe. this was to be a four-day in europe.
8:38 am
it wouldn't be surprise me if that trip gets can cut short. today, a major dayton campaign trail for hillary clinton who was supposed to be campaigning for vice president biden, that was cancelled. donald trump has cancelled his campaign events in florida, which would have included an event with chris christie. >> they have put out statements in response to the shootings? >> they had put out statements expressing condolences and their conference for the families involved. donald trump's statement showing remarkable restraint, very different than previous statements we have seen, condemning not only the shooting in dallas but also condemning the police shootings in minnesota and louisiana. >> when we saw president obama early this morning, 5:00 a.m. this morning, we heard once again, the anger in the edge of his voice. >> there has been a despicable attack on law enforcement.
8:39 am
police in dallas were on duty during, doing their jobs, keeping people safe during peaceful protests. these law enforcement officers were targeted. and nearly a dozen officers were shot. we are horrified over these events and we stand united with the people and the police department. in dallas. >> jon karl, the president called upon so many times to seek out in response to killings, one of the problems that's bedevilled his administration, he's lebted to bring people together, that's his signature promise going back to 2004 when he made his debut on the national stage. >> deeply frustrating to the president, you heard the frustration when he first got the phone and he made the statement about the shoots in
8:40 am
louisiana, the police shootings in louisiana and even as he expressed concerns about racial disparities in law enforcement. in that statement, you could hear in his voice and his words, concerns that would lead to a backlash against law enforcement. as he con demond the police shooting in minnesota and louisiana, he also made it clear that he that the vast majority of law enforcement officials do extremely important, honorable work and put their lives on the line every day. he talked about black lives mattering but also blue lives mattering as well. >> pierre thomas, this is something that you live every day on front lines there at the justice department. >> exactly, george, it's a fact that we're seeing more mass shootings in which four or more people are being killed. it's happening with greater regularity. also, this comes against a
8:41 am
backdrop of more law enforcement officers being shot and killed. i'm looking at some new data, i think it's been updated today that says that this time last year 18 law enforcement officers had been killed at this point. this year, it's 26. a 40% increase. if you're loworking in law enforceme enforcement, if you're a police officer, you know that this backdrop exists. to see police officers killed in this way is devastating. talked to lot of sources this morning who were both upset in minnesota and louisiana and the carnage they saw unfold in dallas last night. >> let me bring in a former police officer, you know, we saw the fbi director james comby come out and spoke to this earlier this year and drew some tension with the white house. the ferguson effect, the
8:42 am
shooting of michael brown by a white police officer. some concerns that police might be pulling back from more aggressive policing. >> george, i mean that's real problem, i heard from police officers around the country that the environment is so toxic in many communities that they prefer to sit in their cars and respond to calls for services. they don't want to be the next target of social media and other public attention. here's the bottom line, we have become a nation in crisis, part of this has to do with police use of force. part of it is to do with the shooting of police officers. the bottom line problem is, the violence and anger that exists in so many communities today is spiraling out of control. until our national leadership --
8:43 am
they'll continue to go to event to event talk about this. >> you have the anger spiraling out of control. the violence spiraling out of control. in places like the hardest-hit in neighbors in chicago, baltimore, memphis, you actually need police on those streets. >> you do, along with needing police on the streets i think you need less violence, you need more tolerance, equal treatment. you need police reform and training. i think the president has really focused on that in these communities, we know that the white house task force on 21st century policing has done a lot of work, has made a lot of recommendations to try to deal with these issues we're seeing in these communities. >> early this morning at this proconference where the police chief and the mayor, the mayor talked about the fact that dallas has been a leader in de-escalation, that came before this quite powerful statement
8:44 am
from the police chief david brown. let's take a look at that. >> applauding these brave men and women who do this job under great scrutiny, under great vulnerability. who literally risk their lives. to protect our democracy. we don't feel much support. most days. let's not make today most days. please, we need your support. >> he said the city of dallas is hurting. we also heard from former president of the united states george w. bush, of course he lives in dallas. want to read a statement he put out as well. >> laura and i have seen firsthand the dedication of the dallas police department.
8:45 am
their commitment to justice makes us proud to call dallas home. we pray for the wounded officers to recover. jon, you pointed out earlier the statements today from hillary clinton and donald trump, statements remarkable similar. at these times of crisis. the question is, can people stay in -- >> in president's statement today, in addition to what he said about the calculated despicable nature of the attack, he briefly raised the issue of guns. i expect that will be an issue that the president will hit strongly again and that becomes the biggest dividing line in this and that's where you see that agreement break apart quite quickly. the president after each and
8:46 am
every one of these incidents has come out there must be something done, control access to deadly weapons in the united states and on that score, he's found very little in common ground with republicans. >> that's right. the latest deadlock coming after orlando. you see that particularization on that issue on guns. there has been bipartisan talk on the whole idea of criminal justice reform. >> george, i think, you know, the situation is still unfolding, i was just on the phone trying to get some further guidance when the attorney general might come out. we think it will be shortly in the next 15 minutes or so. all of the u.s. law enforcement is locked in on the fbi director monitoring the situation. homeland security officials monitoring the situation. everybody knows this is a pivotal moment in law
8:47 am
enforcement. i would add, george, right now, major cities are seeing a surge in homicides and shootings. that is a fact. many of the victims have been african-american. ma if you framed it solely as a race issue you would be wrong. we looked at data half of murdered victims are white and other races. so, the country has a violence problem right now not just a racial issue. >> a violence problem that's well put. sunny, you have this issue in the african-american community of growing the distrust of police officers. >> no question about it. i think there's that convergence between racism and policing. we need to talk about the type of weaponry that's used in communities of colors and communities all around our country. the president today said when people are armed with powerful weapons they make these attacks more deadly and more tragic.
8:48 am
i don't know if we know what kind of weapon was used by this suspect in dallas. but ar-15-type weapons are the weapons of choice for mass murderers. five police officers killed in dallas. we need to start the conversation about gun control. we need to continue the conversation about gun control and i think that conversation is sort of overlap with the conversation about race and police zmrg that's part of the conversation. the other part of the conversation, we heard it just this morning, a couple police officers -- congressmen got quite emotional. >> it's a very difficult conversation. and i would bet my bottom dollar that every single mother of color, every single family of color has had this conversation that they're raising a young boy
8:49 am
of color. george, i have a 13-year-old son who happens to be almost six feet tall, he wanted to go into the city today. i made sure that he stayed at home today. because i think, you know, you aren't doing your job as a parent of color if you don't have these kind of conversations because of the times we're living in. our national focus has been on this election. but the focus of families of color remains on making sure that our children come home. >> pierre thomas, an issue for mothers and fathers alike. >> exactly, george, a couple of years ago, i did a story and we interviewed two african-american moms, middle-class, college educated. they had this conversation with both sons, honor students, every day. you will not wear a hoodie. if you're pulled over by an
8:50 am
officer, you'll do as instructed. because the feeling in many african-american homes because people of color won't get the benefit of the doubt. so, that's a perception that's out there. many of these conversations are happening aural the time. i heard sunny talk about the fact that she has a 13-year-old. my son is 13 years old and he's 6 feet tall. i'm already thinking about ways to have conversations with him when he needs to purport himself in public. >> brad garrett, the other fear right now is that we see this action/reaction cycle going, protest, someone going after police, counterreaction. >> george, it tells you how many people are up to the sense, i'm going to commit violence and i'm
8:51 am
not going to commit violence. when they're on the fence that's when they move. i think that's what the shooter in orlando. he had a trigger wouldn't have had triggered the rest of us, he was right up to the door and the key is, do we know about these people? i'll be willing to bet if mr. johnson is a lone shooter he's probably not on anybody's significant radar. he was out there, probably got some mental health issues i'm going to guess. but that point, if you don't know they're there and they stay below the radar in planning these things, it's a tough road for law enforcement. >> john, this is something that you had to deal every time in the counterterrorism center. this is a lone wolf, motivated, his desire to kill white people,
8:52 am
if we take him at his word. >> that's absolutely right, george, one of the disturbing trends we have seen in this country over the past several years is the growing number of people who are vulnerable or predisposed to violence who use something that's in the public discourse as the motivating grievance to go out not only to hurt one, two people but to harm as many people as possible. it's a problem of intense concern for law enforcement and we only have to look back over the last seven months where we have had three mass casualty attacks. all with horrific, tragic outcome. >> reporter: you see these different kind of events, it creates dlem mass. from ferguson, you have these calls for pulling back from military-style policing. de-escalation that the mayor was
8:53 am
talking about. as we look at the scenes from last night. a sniper or snipers up above, police aren't protected they're sitting ducks. >> one, we're increasingly polarized not only in our nation but in our communities. the only way we're going to solve these problems is when community and police come together to change. certainly there are times when it's inappropriate and threatening for law enforcement to come out in certain type of gear. look, they're using explosives, they're use high-powered weapons. we need to make sure our law enforcement is prepared from a that spperspective.
8:54 am
we have congressional black caucus and congressman mark visi who represents dallas/ft. worth spoke. >> i got to tell you, i have a 10-year-old son -- he looks like both of us, but he's more like his mom and right now, he'sñi a cute fifth grader. he's a cute fifth-grader. but i worry about him when he gets old er, when he gets into high school, what if he's out with some friends and and i
8:55 am
don't want anything to happen to him just because he shoots off or maybe he doesn't do something that someone doesn't like and have something happen to him that can be prevented between better understanding between the community and the police department. and just because i want that for my son, does not mean that i don't support the police 100%. without the police we would have anarchy in the streets, we would have no order. the country that we live in wouldn't be the country that we know today where we have a free press, where we have freedom of speech, where we have the right to gather and protest. >> sunny, you heard the emotion in his voice right there. we have heard the emotions in your voice, this is an conversation that's going to be happening in every amp can american family in country.
8:56 am
>> no question, the conversation continues. it started with trayvon martin, it continues now after, you know, the shootings in minnesota and baton rouge, louisiana. you wouldn't be a good parent of color if you didn't have these conversati conversations. i agree with him, we would have anarchy without police officers. 99% of the officers out there that i worked when i was a prosecutor are doing the right thing. they're wearing the uniform proudly. they want to help communities. there are those officers that have poor judgment, that don't do the right thing. we need to have those conversations not only within our communities and our families but the good 99% of the police officers that need to start outing the 1% of police officers that are noting doing the right
8:57 am
thing. >> john, we heard the congressman talk about the first amendment right. we know this so deeply, rhetoric can help escalate the violence. >> that's right. concern we have is that you have these people predisposed to violence. they hear what's going on in the political discourse. people need to express themselves. we need to continue and embrace that. at the same time, we need to understand that words have meanings to those who are predisposed to violence and who are just one event away from conducting a violent attack. >> john, talk us inside top levels of the justice department on a day like this, when something like this happen, you see something like this happen in dallas, we heard from pierre thomas, police departments all across the country on alert, on
8:58 am
edge, what would you be looking for after an e. like this? >> well, first and foremost, we would with seeing what support the local government needs from a standpoint of law enforcement personnel and other support. second, we would be providing investigative support to determine whether, what was the motive behind this attack and were there other people who were involved in this attack? the as we were discussing earlier, you know, hopefully there's a growing awareness we have a major national situation that needs to become first and forefront at our policy debate. >> to have an impact on that. >> a major national situation. a major national crisis right now. ground zero tonight, today, dallas, texas, 14 people shot at
8:59 am
overnight. five police officers killed. we're waiting for the attorney general loretta lynch to address this. we'll come back as soon as she good morning. i'm reggie aqui with the abc morning news. more on what is happening in dallas as soon as we get it in to our newsroom. now over to mike nicco with the bay area forecast. cloudy but not as misty and drizzle as we had earlier. 1/100 of an inch first time since may 7th. 70s and 80s inland. look at the seven-day forecast, scattered light shower possible in the morning across the north bay mountains. more sunshine and back to average on monday. sue? car in the wrong lane before
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