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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  July 10, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, protesters take to the streets in cities across the country over the fatal shootings of two black men by police. >> city police, you're under arrest. don't fight me. don't fight me. don't fight me. >> i'm under arrest, y'all. >> dozens have been arrested shutting down highways. police using smoke bombs. the efforts to keep the peace. tensions and tears in dallas. the new scare at police headquarters. s.w.a.t. teams mobilized. >> it's a very tense scene right now. >> as we're learning more about the gunman who killed five police officers. was he planning an even bigger attack? and the images striking a chord. officers heading back to work with hugs and kisses. scare in the air. a delta flight from atlanta to denver diverted landing in tulsa. stretchers brought in to carry
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away ill passengers. what made them sick? and slamming it. serena williams' powerhouse performance on centre court at wimbledon in front of a celebrity crowd finally claiming that 22nd grand slam title sitting down with lara fresh off her victory. >> good morning, america. good sunday morning, everyone. we want to thank you for being with us, as you can see, dan is off, and can i just say it is so great to have ryan smith joining me and sara and ron and rob. we're happy to have you here at the set. we want to jump right into the news. overnight, streets filled with protesters demanding their voices be heard sparked by the recent killing of black men in minnesota as well as louisiana. >> and in st. paul protesters are gathering to block part of i-94. the protest starting with a march from the governor's mansion. >> law enforcement forming their own line across the interstate as you can see in response to
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the protesters and eventually using smoke bombs to clear the air. >> so let's begin our coverage with abc's eva pilgrim in st. paul for us. eva, good morning. >> reporter: ryan and paula, more protests are planned here and across the country. overnight, more than 100 people were arrested in baton rouge, about 100 arrested here. this, as st. paul police officers, five of them, were injured during a demonstration that grew so large, it closed down an interstate. overnight, protesters and police clashing. in baton rouge footage shows one man being tased. about 30 arrested, including civil rights activist deray mckesson, a well-known member of the black lives matter movement streaming on periscope as he was taken into custody. >> city police, you're under arrest. don't fight me. don't fight me. don't fight me. >> i'm under arrest, y'all. >> and he was snatched and grabbed, put in an armored vehicle. >> reporter: and in st. paul protesters lying on the streets
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and shutting down highways. police there overnight using smoke bombs to clear out demonstrators who they say threw rocks and fireworks at them. >> we will not tolerate the kind of shameful violence that we saw throughout the course of the night. this doesn't honor anyone's memory. this does a disservice including the cops in dallas who lost their lives. >> reporter: meanwhile, in san antonio, police investigating headquarters. >> we got three over here. >> reporter: the protests all spurred by those fatal shootings of two black men by police in 24 hours. this morning, the attorney saying this heartbreaking incident had nothing to do with race. it had to do with a presence of a gun. >> he's licensed to carry.
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he was trying to get out his i.d. and his wallet out his pocket. >> reporter: the officers involved are on paid leave as this investigation rolls on. ryan. >> eva, thank you. and now to the latest on those deadly shootings in dallas where five police officers were killed. the potential threat against law enforcement there putting the city on high alert. and abc's matt gutman is on the scene now with more. good morning, matt. >> reporter: ryan, good morning. that threat to the dallas police headquarters was a false alarm. but with snipers, police snipers s.w.a.t. teams desending here with police snierps, it certainly felt like the real thing and showed how on edge this city still is. overnight, a credible threat to the dallas police headquarters. barely 48 hours after their officers were targeted during that downtown protest, five were killed, now the police department's nerve center thought to be in the crosshairs. it's a very tense scene right now. there are officers with long guns running into the building. all around us there are snipers on the rooftops. officers with assault rifles. helicopters thundered overhead
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and reporters moved to safety. right now they're moving us back and farther back. see that parking garage on the other side there, we are too close. no suspect was found but that as we learn more about thursday's shooter, micah johnson, who had served in the army reserves for six years. abc news learning johnson's time in afghanistan was cut short due to sexual harassment allegations. he was honorably discharged despite military recommendations for an other than honorable separation. and now investigative sources telling our affiliate wfaa he was allegedly planning a much larger attack than what he perpetrated. this morning, chief david brown telling cnn that inside micah johnson's home there were messages written in blood on his wall. >> i think this killer obviously had some delusion, there was quite a bit of rambling in the
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journal that's hard to decipher. i can just add, at the scene he was kill, he wrote some lettering in blood on the walls. >> before the s.w.a.t. teams descended on police headquarters on saturday civilians and police sought the antidote to the violence, hug after tearful hug. 25, 30 hugs just now? and you can see what a toll this has taken on the police here, before the police and the fbi, very complex three-pronged investigation. for the first investigation into the attack itself. then the police involved shooting, 12 officers discharged their weapons and then into the robot-borne bomb that finally took out and neutralized that shooter. paula. >> but, matt, those hugs something that america really needs to see this morning. thanks for bringing us that. and the president is cutting his european trip short. he will head to dallas to grieve with the community that lost five police officers. here they are, the faces of the heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice -- fathers, husbands,
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veterans, leaving behind heartbroken families, and abc's phillip mena has more on these men who gave their lives for another. phillip. >> reporter: paula, good morning. we are at baylor university medical center where we know that at least one wounded officer is still being treated here. this community is still reeling from thursday's horrific attacks. this morning, the mood in dallas and around much of the country somber after the deadly ambush on police during the protest thursday night leaving five officers dead and seven wounded. two civilians also injured in the attack. overnight, president obama speaking in poland about the horrific events. >> this has been a tough week first and foremost for the families who have been killed but also for the entire american family, the american people are grieving with them, and we stand with them. >> reporter: processions under way for the fallen officers, patrick zamarripa, michael krol,
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michael smith, lorne ahrens and brent thompson. thompson's children sharing in a statement that their dad joked about being batman because his initials were b.a.t., going on to say, "to us he will always be better than a superhero." of the seven officers injured, at least two of them are back at home this morning recovering. one of the civilians also hit by gunfire, shetamia taylor, remains in the hospital. >> still in a lot of pain, but every day is getting better. >> thank you all. >> reporter: dallas county deputy bryan woodard livestreaming an emotional video on facebook, his first day back at work since the ambush. >> i love you. >> i love you too. >> reporter: the video going viral viewed more than 6 million times. >> you try to not think about it but you're human. you're going to think about it, but you just have to make sure you're aware of your surroundings and you're doing your job to the best of your ability. >> reporter: on a positive note, deputy woodard tells us that
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since the shooting strangers have been coming up to him on the street and thanking officers for their service. ryan. >> thank you, phillip. and now we want to bring in someone who was right there when it all broke out in dallas, photographer robert moore was taking pictures one minute then hiding behind a car shielded by a police officer the next. and during that time he was capturing the drama on camera. robert moore joining us this morning from dallas. robert, good morning. >> good morning, ryan. >> now, robert, take us back to the moment when you first knew the situation was taking a dangerous turn. >> i had taken a step into the intersection at lamar and main. i was trying to decide where to position myself to do some more photos, and i was looking to the left, looking to the right. i turned and was looking to the left and heard the first shots ring out and i turned back around and jumped to the right, and i saw one of the officers hit and fall, and then you know it's very real. at that point i ran and hid behind the first car that i could get to.
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>> you talked about seeing an officer go down as you were standing out there. did you ever think that you would possibly not make it out of there alive? >> you know, i don't know that that goes through your head, i may not make it. i think you know that you're in danger. you're very aware of what's going on, and you're in survival mode to make sure that you do get out of there alive. >> we're looking at some of those images you took. that intense look on that officer's face just says so much. tell me as he's telling you what to do, what's going through your mind? >> i'm sandwiched between two officers, two on my left and the officer that's in that photo on the right, and they are saying, stay small, get down, keep yourself covered. they didn't know where the shooters were. they didn't know how many there were. >> and, robert, i also wanted to ask you, i know you haven't met this officer personally. if you do, when you do, what do you want to say to him? >> thank you for going out every day to serve our city, and chief brown's first news conference,
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he said, many days when our force goes out into the community, they don't feel support. let's not make that one of those days. i would like to say to that officer, i hope every day is a day that he feels supported from the people that he serves. >> no truer words said. robert moore, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate your time. >> thank you, ryan. >> you know, robert has family members who serve in the police department. he said this gave him a newfound respect. >> and that particular police officer, he doesn't know his name, but you said he shielded him, he was a human shield for two hours? >> two hours, two hours making sure he kept him safe. >> and robert just mentioned the police chief. we want to turn now, speaking of the dallas police chief david brown who's been leading the city through this extraordinarily difficult time through his own personal pain suffering personal losses that few people could bear, and ron is here with the story and he's really becoming the face for this crisis. >> that's true, paula. in the past 48 hours he's become
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well known to americans, a figure of solidity and dignity in the aftermath of horror, emotional but strong but what most don't know is his personal story, a series of adversities that forged this man's character. chief david brown is helping calm a city on edge. >> the suspect is deceased. >> reporter: he's become the face of a police department in mourning. >> we're hurting. our profession is hurting. >> reporter: the 30-year veteran brings a wealth of professional experience to this difficult task but he also brings a personal past burdened with close encounters with violence on both sides of the badge. >> he's witnessed a lot of tragedies, personal and professional. >> reporter: brown's former partner and police academy classmate died in an ambush in the line of duty back in 1988. less than three years later his brother calvin murdered. in a 2010 "dallas morning news" profile chief brown says his
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brother's shooting death changed his approach to law enforcement. "the families of victims, i know what they go through. my family had to go through that." perhaps his most painful loss came in 2010 on father's day with the death of his own son, david brown jr., the 27-year-old gunned down by police after he had killed two people including a police officer. >> i don't think there's anything that can prepare you for that type of tragedy. chief brown asked if i could facilitate a meeting with both families. he approached it as a father. >> reporter: the veteran lawman, leader and self-described loner now hoping to bring the city of dallas together. >> dallas is a city that loves. >> reporter: and brown has said of the horrific events in his city, all i know is this must stop, this divisiveness. if anyone can help dallas bridge that gap, that divisiveness, it's chief brown. we're already seeing it there
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and you saw those images in matt gutman's piece of black, white, latino citizens embracing, literally hugging police officers. it's beginning. they got a long way to go. >> if anybody is uniquely qualified, like you said, he lost his son, brother and partner. extraordinary story. it is a lot to lose. thank you very much, rob, and our team from "this week" is in dallas this morning gearing up for a special show, "america in crisis." co-host martha raddatz joins us from dallas. martha, good morning. thanks for joining us this morning. >> good morning, paula. >> and i know you've been right there in dallas the last couple of days. what are your impressions about how the community is coping and responding? >> i think the first thing that hits you is that everyone, everyone was affected by this in some way. they know the city so well, they live here. they have neighbors. everyone is talking about it. in the hotel people were saying how they were locked down and how people were crying the next morning, but exactly as you've been saying through this morning, people are coming together.
7:15 am
this beautiful memorial behind us. i saw yesterday a retired soldier standing just still for moments saluting, he said he just felt a connection. he just had to come down here and show his feelings here. it is, indeed, a city coming together, but they do, they do have so many challenges, and there is still a divide, so you have to talk about that line of protecting the police officers and protecting the community. >> that's right. it is a tough line, and i know you're going to be talking to homeland security secretary jeh johnson about the federal response to the dallas ambush. what are you really hoping to find out from him? >> well, i think we want to talk a lot about police training and about uniformity of police training. dallas is a very, very progressive force, but you have thousands of police forces across the country. what do you do to make sure they're trained? does the federal government have some role in that? >> and we want to turn real quick to the race for president. hillary clinton spent a lot of time in meetings vetting
7:16 am
potential vps this week but we've also learned at abc news that donald trump has added lieutenant general mike flynn to his short list as a possible running mate. martha, why would this be an interesting decision by trump given that flynn is a registered democrat? >> well, that's the first interesting point, and the other is that he is career military. he was head of the defense intelligence agency. he certainly has a lot of foreign policy experience. a lot of experience with war, a lot of experience fighting insurgents, and he talks about isis quite a bit. he will be joining us this morning, and we will ask him all those questions, and certainly if he is a vice presidential candidate, if he became vice president, how would he handle something that we're going through right now? >> it's certainly an intriguing curveball. martha, thank you. have a great show. a reminder, everybody, to tune in to "this week: america in crisis" later this morning on abc. all right, time for weather.
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rob, it looks like we have severe weather out there. >> yeah, across the plains. this video out of sherman, texas, which got hit with 60 plus-mile-an-hour winds and also some flash flooding, a double whammy flooding parts of the downtown area and doing damage to the rooftops of the businesses, and we'll probably see more of this as we go through time, especially across the northern plains. this is the time of year where the jet stream migrates closer to the canadian border so that's where we most of the jet stream energy. enhanced risk in north dakota, yesterday we had golf and tennis ball-size hail getting hit for the third or fourth day in a row and tomorrow sliding into parts of minnesota which got a little pulse of some strong thunderstorms earlier this morning. they have since weakened. heat advisory, though, this heat certainly fueling the fire. we'll get that -- heat indices will get up and over 100 degrees in north and south dakota and this will slide off to the north and to the east and some of the northeastern cities getting into the act as we get closer towards next week.
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>> ron claiborne once again cluttering up my end of the desk. we'll have the beach forecast in his one-piece suit later in the broadcast. >> come on. let's check back in with ron. i like your glasses, by the way. >> looks smooth. >> makes me look smarter, right? >> you are already, in fact. >> want to know what's in the news? >> i do. we begin with a sickening situation aboard a packed delta air lines flight. 12 passengers overcome by carbon monoxide saturday on a flight from atlanta destined to denver. the pilot diverted the flight to tulsa, oklahoma. fire officials say once the
7:19 am
affected passengers went outside and got off that plane and got some fresh air, they were then okay. the cause of the increased carbon monoxide levels in that aircraft have not yet been determined. and bernie sanders is giving a thumbs up to hillary clinton's new health care plan. clinton's plan would expand funding for community health care centers and would also allow people to opt into medicare starting at age 55. ten years earlier than the current age requirement. both proposals similar to what sanders has proposed. sanders' approval of his democratic rival's health care plan comes ahead of a possible endorsement later this week. and in california, evacuation orders have been lifted after a huge wildfire torched more than 800 acres. more than 2,000 people had been told to leave their homes saturday in the foothills of the santa susanna mountains north of los angeles. and mexican authorities are denying rumors that captured drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman has escaped from prison again. they're saying that didn't happen. officials tweeting this photo to show that el chapo remains
7:20 am
behind bars and did not get away from custody for a third time. you see him there sitting at a table listlessly still in prison. guzman is awaiting extradition to the u.s. and if you happen to fill up your tank at this indiana gas station and bought a lottery ticket there, ryan is nodding his head yes, did you? >> yes. no, no. >> check out that slip. you may be a very rich person. >> i want the club chill for 99 cents, that's what i want. >> 99 cents. the winning numbers were drawn at that speedway station in cambridge city, indiana, population less than 2,000. the whopping $540 million mega millions jackpot is the seventh largest in u.s. history, but, remember, money cannot buy happiness. and finally -- >> allegedly. >> yeah, allegedly. >> an emotional and star-studded night on broadway as the creator of the smash hit show "hamilton" shows them how to say good-bye. [ applause ]
7:21 am
>> ah. [ applause ] >> during lin-manuel miranda's final curtain call, which was livestreamed on facebook, the creator and star of the show took that bow quietly with his hand over his heart alongside two other cast members and an ensemble member also leaving the show. the show was interrupted numerous times by thunderous applause by the audience which included, guess who, you probably know because there's a teleprompter right there. >> j. lo. >> the show's won 11 tony awards and go on with a new cast. >> you know who wasn't there, derek jeter. >> well, you know why? >> how do you know he wasn't there? >> oh. >> because he was getting married. we got another big bow here, a final bow as a bachelor. yankees legend derek jeter tied the knot saturday with swimsuit model hannah davis. the captain became the husband after getting married in an intimate ceremony in california and kids may soon be up to bat. jeter saying he was ready to become a dad when he retired from baseball in 2014. >> impressive.
7:22 am
i thought he would be a bachelor forever. >> he was going to be the george clooney of athletes but he did it. >> they are destined to make beautiful babies. >> oh, yeah, they are. >> i think so. >> you think so? still ahead on "gma" on this sunday morning, first it was anchor gretchen carlson, now several more women have come forward with allegations against fox news chief roger ailes. what they are claiming. and stealing the show at wimbledon, serena williams and her victory on centre court but it turns out she was just getting started. >> how so? are you going to explain? "good morning america" is brought to you by pfizer. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these,
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good morning, i'm carolyn johnson. they're planning a peace protest on the golden gate bridge at 11, outraged over the death of a black man at the hands of police
7:28 am
in louisiana and minnesota. protests stopped traffic blocking i-80 entrance at 5th and bryant. let's check the forecast. >> good morning. here in san francisco, nice and sunny, patch of fog around the bay. here's at&t park. 5:00 game tonight. 55 in half moon bay. we are looking at a cooler start, warmer finish. gusty at the shoreline. carolyn? >> thank you, lisa. thank you for joinin
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welcome back to "gma." on this sunday morning, it was a night of unrest across the country and dozens of protesters were arrested. among those taken into custody, outspoken black lives matter activist deray mckesson, who was livestreaming at the time of his arrest. >> a really tense situation outside the dallas police department after reports of a suspicious person at the parking lot there. no one was found, and this all comes as police departments across america are on high alert after several -- after threats to several departments are posted on social media. and we're learning more about the dallas shooter, micah johnson. investigative sources tell our dallas station wfaa that johnson was allegedly planning a much larger attack than we saw thursday. abc news is learning that
7:31 am
jackson's time in afghanistan was cut short due to sexual harassment allegations. also ahead and only on "gma," game, set and match. serena williams, she is the best ever sitting down with lara spencer fresh off her big wimbledon win. what she's saying about achieving an elusive and exclusive goal. >> you knew she would do it eventually. >> so great to see her do it. but first, though, a half dozen more women have reportedly come forward alleging that fox news chief roger ailes sexually harassed them. >> now, this comes after anchor gretchen carlson made headlines when she announced her lawsuit saying rejecting his advances ultimately led to the end of her job. abc's kendis gibson joins us with more. kendis, good morning. >> reporter: ryan and paula, good morning. the new allegations are part of a controversial "new york" magazine article and overnight a quick response from roger ailes' attorneys. >> mr. ailes, how are you? >> reporter: overnight, new details surround the allegations against fox news ceo roger ailes. six additional women reportedly now alleging ailes also sexually harassed them years ago. >> i'm gretchen carlson. >> reporter: this week former fox news host gretchen carlson filed a personal lawsuit against
7:32 am
ailes claiming her contract at fox news was not renewed after she complained she was harassed by ailes and refused his sexual advances, and now former model marsha callahan, one of the two women going on the record to "new york" magazine and releasing their names tells abc news that when ailes was a producer for "the mike douglas show" in the late '60s ailes allegedly told her to sit on the sofa and lift your skirt up. the other women cited by the magazine used pseudonyms. some questioned the timing of the suit brought by the former fox host. >> typically wrongful employment cases are filed after someone is discharged. >> reporter: gabriel sherman, writer of the scathing article released by "new york" and also the writer of "the loudest voice in the room," says he's not surprised by the allegations. >> i've found that there's a pattern of behavior where roger ailes was in a position of power over women that worked for him and he would say inappropriate and offensive sexual comments to them in the workplace. >> reporter: when the book came out fox news fought back saying the author was never given
7:33 am
direct access to ailes and the book was never fact-checked with them. and ailes' personal counsel releasing a statement saying it has become obvious that miss carlson and her lawyer desperately attempting to litigate this in the press because they say they have no legal case to argue and the latest allegations, they say, are all 30 to 50 years old and are false. ailes' attorney saying the case should be moved from federal court into arbitration, not in the public eye. of course, you know there are several fox news talent who have come out over the last couple of days to back roger ailes. >> okay, definitely an interesting situation for roger ailes at this point. you can see they're going on -- playing the offensive there. >> yeah, they're not taking any chances at all at this. they're going on. >> and the statute of limitations comes into all of this, as well. the story is definitely not over. thanks very much, kendis. let's check back in with rob for a look at our national forecast. hi, rob. >> hi, paula. full on summer so let's talk about the beach forecast across the northeast. we often ignore this but the water temperatures are lovely this time of year, a bit of a
7:34 am
backdoor front the last couple of days, socked in from the hamptons up through cape cod and no different today but temperatures down across the carolinas pretty nice, in the lower 90s, maybe thunderstorms down across the southeast and water temperatures near miami getting to near 90 degrees, as well, well, that is like bath water but also fuels hurricanes. nothing yet on the satellite there. fire weather watches and red flag warnings are posted for much of the intermountain west and wind advisories. we have got a pretty strong trough for this time of the year, bringing spring and fall-like temperatures to the pacific northwest and that's going to fuel some of the fires and a couple new ones so that will be a tough go and might see more spread today and snow across the higher elevations of the tetons in the northern rockies. meanwhile, heat indices, the warm sector of this storm will see storms pop up. it'll be hot and humid and some of these storms could certainly become severe as we go through time through tonight and maybe in through tomorrow. that's a quick check o . good morning, i am lisa argen. waking up to sunshine in san francisco. it is cooler this morning and
7:35 am
looking for temperatures mainly in the 50s and 60s around the bay. that's a switch. we warm up into the m >> this weather report is brought to you by macy's, where i bet you you can still get a male one-piece swimsuit with the stripes. go out there on rockaways and sport that. >> what is it with you and one-piece -- >> i can see ron -- >> in a onesie? >> his stream of consciousness is nonsense. >> it's absolutely for swimming and also for uv protection. >> i'll get one. >> not like a "borat" one piece. >> no. >> i was voting for the mankini, but go on. >> do i have to bring up pictures of the '20s and '30s where men rocked this with pride. >> no. coming up on "good morning america,," serena's sweet victory. what serena is saying about her huge win at wimbledon and it's only on "gma."
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7:40 am
open era record. >> couldn't you just read the relief on her face? it was a hard-fought battle with serena's serve proving to be the lethal weapon in all of it and moments afterward she spoke to our lara spencer about the victory. >> how do you like the sound of wimbledon champion for the seventh time? >> it's a great sound. i really like it. you know, i just -- seven wimbledons. it's very -- it's cool. >> what is it about this place, centre court, you seem very at home. >> i have to say i was. i felt really comfortable out there. i felt really -- i definitely felt at home. i just felt just cool and calm and collected. >> the whole time? >> yeah, pretty much. even though like visually i might have looked a little out of sync but inside i felt really great. >> you did. angelique kerber, we have to give it to her. she is a tough competitor.
7:41 am
was there a little bit of a want for revenge not only for the australian open but also for your sister? she took her out in the semis. >> yeah, no, when i'm out there, i'm really just thinking about winning this title and obviously i thought she played great in australia but i learned a lot from that and i learned what i need to do both physically on the court and both mentally and, you know, i was ready. >> i love the moment i was up in the stands, chill bumps, tear in the eye, and you looked up and you went 2-2. how great not only to win wimbledon but tie that open era record set by steffi graf. >> it was awesome. i mean, i still really can't believe it that i have 22 titles and, you know, it's great. it just is a wonderful feeling and, wow. >> i noticed on the court you were talking to yourself a lot. what are you saying to yourself out there in those moments? >> well, i'm trying to be really positive to myself and always give myself positive feedback but i was like it's okay. you're doing pretty good. you're doing good. you're going to get it. >> what's it like to look up in your box and see your family,
7:42 am
your best friends, your team, oh, and beyonce. >> yeah, no, i was really excited she was able to make it out. it was a good feeling to see my friends out there, my family and everyone and just, you know, it makes me want to work -- it really made me want to win even more. i don't want to let them down. >> what a relief, you did it. now you can look ahead. rio and then u.s. open. let's not even focus on that. let's focus on right now. another wimbledon title with the greatest partner in the world, big sis. >> by far. >> and then maybe a little champagne. >> and then maybe a little of real relax -- i told you, after 12 titles you stop celebrating. >> after 12 titles. ah, i'm so proud of you. >> thank you. >> you have the greatest attitude. you're such an inspiration. >> thank you so much. >> that smile says it all, doesn't it? and hours later serena and sister venus would go on to win the women's doubles championship. wow, they just can't be beat. >> no, they really can't. 34 years, you got to think she's got a couple more slams ahead of her too. >> you got it.
7:43 am
coming up on "good morning america," important information for all you parents out there. how to keep your kids safe in a crowd during your summer visits to theme parks, as well as the beach. >> i need that. and could there really be a spice girls reunion? could there be? >> why not? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> ooh, sara has the scoop in "pop news." >> please say, yes, sara. >> i don't know. ♪ but that's the way it is ♪ do you often consume fruit, fruit juices, coffee or soda? acids in everyday foods and drinks may weaken and erode your tooth enamel over time. damaged or lost enamel can lead to yellow, dull and thinning teeth. that's why there's pronamel and pronamel for kids. designed to strengthen enamel and help protect against acids in your diet. start protecting your enamel, with pronamel. the #1 dentist-recommended brand for strengthening and protecting enamel. the #1 dentist-recommended brand for strengthening oudairy or artificial flavors., so we invented a word that means that. shmorange! and it rhymes with the color of our bottle. to help spread the word, we made t-shirts!
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7:46 am
summertime means state fairs, theme parks and beaches but with those come large crowds making it a little difficult to keep an eye on your kids. joining us with some critical advice is abc news travel and lifestyle editor genevieve shaw brown. genevieve, i know you are a
7:47 am
mother of three and you got some great advice for us. but we're talking easy things we can do, right? >> easy and cheap. so first one -- >> ding, ding, ding. >> ding, ding, ding, exactly. first one is super easy. you put your phone number on the inside of your child's wrist. put it on with a marker and cover it up with liquid band-aid. that way, they get wet. it doesn't go away. if they get separated from you and a good samaritan finds you and says that's your mommy's phone number, i'm going to call her so she can find you. >> what a great idea. glow sticks, with are these for? >> i like the ones that wrap around the kids' wrist or when the sun goes down, it's getting dark, it's easy to spot them and the kids think it's a great time and you can pay $10 and get about 50 of them. lots of fun too. >> like you said, very inexpensive. so we're talking beach, theme parks. how can we keep an eye on the kids there? >> make sure that you're dressing them in bright colors so they stand out. you should also be wearing bright colors so they can spot you should you get separated. also, you want to play the what am i wearing game before you go out for the day and take a picture of the whole family together. that way you have an up to date snap and hopefully it's just for
7:48 am
good memories and nothing more. >> great ideas and great tips. as usual, genevieve, thank you very much. i promise my children will never get lost at the theme park because of you now. >> i hope so. coming up, "pop news." stick with us. th us. us. . i know, right? i saw it and i was just like "oh, i have to have it..." is it suede? it's suede. i love suede. state farm knows that every one those moments, there's one of these... well? i love it. this piece is so you. i know, right? i saw it and i was just like "i have to have it..." is it suede? it's suede. i love suede. that's why we're there, with renters insurance, when things go wrong... but also here, with a rewards credit card, to help life go right. state farm. of many pieces in my i havlife.hma... so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine,
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♪ ♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by walgreens at the corner of happy and healthy. >> and that's how paula gets you. talking about stuff right when the camera goes on. >> a lull. >> busted. time now for "pop news." >> i'll save you, ryan. >> sara. >> i'll take it from here. the spice girls are ready to give us what we really, really want. paula -- ♪ i wanna i wanna i wanna ♪ if you want to be my lover >> okay, we're going to keep that going. they danced their way into our hearts 20 years ago when their iconic song "wanna be" was released. now, mel b., geri halliwell and emma bunton have teased a
7:53 am
possible reunion for fans in a newly released video. take a look. >> we've survived for 20 years and want to say a big thank you. >> we've had our ups and downs but you've always been there. >> and we want to celebrate and have a party, and when we do -- >> all: you're all invited? >> emma bunton, geri halliwell and mel b. calling themselves g.e.m., thanking fans for continued supported but us spice girl fans will take what we can. >> including ryan. >> ryan who admitted scary spice was his favorite. >> you saw scary. >> she looks gorgeous. >> scary hot. yeah. >> she hasn't changed a bit. >> at all. >> at all. >> i mean, she can't a hold to my wife, but, you know. >> that was a good save. >> come on. >> i had to do that. and now some baby stuff. he's already cheered his dad on at the olympic trials and now the young son of michael phelps is ready to hit the water himself.
7:54 am
the swimming champ sharing this instagram of little boomer's first dip in the water and from the looks of it, he's already a natural. phelps' fiancee nicole johnson sharing this relaxing snap and these parents couldn't be prouder. i love that they're not scared to take him in the water. that's what happens when the dad is an olympic swimmer. we're afraid of bathtime and they've got their kid doing laps. >> he's already doing the butterfly. >> exactly. and your latest addiction may be called pokemon go. it's a new app that's free and people are finding themselves obsessed. you create an avatar that can interact with pokemon characters inside the game, and thanks to your phone's location services and camera, your avatar gets placed in real-life surroundings so it looks like the characters are standing right in front of you as you go looking for them in all sorts of places. now, people have been posting their finds online even finding creatures in our digital media center. the app has already been downloaded more than a million times. >> so you can find squirtle anywhere? >> i don't know the pokemon characters.
7:55 am
>> how do you not know these -- >> squirtle sounds like a candy from the '80s. >> how do you not know pokemon? >> my kids love pokemon. i have no idea what it is. >> don't show them this game. don't show them because it is addictive and don't do pokemon go while driving. >> thank you, sarah. >> a little disclaimer from "gma." the murder mystery game clue one of my favorites has been entertaining kids of all ages for almost 70 years with the endless variations on who killed mr. body. was it colonel mustard in the billiard room with a knife or professor plum in the dining room with a candlestick? well, now, a move that's going to be a game changer. hasbro deciding to kill off mrs. white. >> what? >> and replace her with a dr. orchid. >> what? >> the company saying it was time for a change. look for her debut in new clue sets starting next month. >> i have no idea what you're talking about. >> do you guys not play clue? you don't play clue? >> no. >> ah. >> you guys, i still play on like almost on a monthly basis. it's amazing. >> it sounds like scooby doo on a game board. >> let's do a group building,
7:56 am
we'll play clue. >> let's stay after today, homework assignment, detention. >> ooh. >> this conversation will continue. we want to say thank you very much for joining us on this sunday. you dropped the dice, ryan. >> thank you. ay. you dropped the dice, ryan. >> thank you. good morning, i am carolyn johnson. vallejo police and the fbi are searching for a kidnapped woman. she was last seen at a seafood city store on june 29. the 57-year-old lives alone with her dog. police found the dog dead. her son received a text
7:57 am
demanding ransom money. police have arrested four people, including a man that used to be her neighbor. investigators say none of the suspects are cooperating with police. happening today, the latest sunday streets event comes to the tenderloin. it will transform a mile of streets in the heart of the tenderloin into community space. this is video from a previous event. glide memorial church is having a block party with special activities, including a giant lego build and dance party. sunday streets runs from 11:00 this morning until 4:00 p.m. and the weather couldn't be better. >> hi, carolyn. here is emeryville. city of oakland, sunny skies. 55 in the city. oakland, 6 1, 58 in mountain
7:58 am
view. 60s in san jose. wind working to the surface, especially at coastlines today. looking at 50s now. look for upper 50s at the coast with a pretty good wind. this morning anywhere from 4 to 6 degrees cooler there, and with the sea breeze this afternoon, only in the 50s. the accuweather forecast, 60s at the coast, mid-80s inland. we climb a bit tomorrow. warmest day of the week should be middle of
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> announcer: starting right now on "this week with george stephanopoulos" -- anger and healing after a week of tragic violence. >> this is not who we want to be as americans. >> announcer: the country struggles to make sense of the ambush in dallas and those police shootings in baton rouge and minneapolis. >> i told him not to reach for it. >> announcer: this morning we have complete coverage. new details on the horrific assassination of five officers, plus, the fresh protests erupting across the country, the raw emotion. >> all: hands up, don't shoot. >> announcer: and escalating tension over race and policing. >> don't fight. >> announcer: will our political leaders deepen the split or help us to heal? and the campaign to stop the violence. >> i'm 23 years old. do i need to start to write a will?


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