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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 2, 2016 11:35pm-12:38am PDT

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you have bob -- probably seen this. athletes are spreading the word on cryo therapy. >> they are popping up in the bay area and around the nation. >> michael finney is here with
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the claims and the concerns about this. >> way cool. federal regulators say some of the claims are unproven, but many way talk to used the -- many we talked to used it to their benefit. more and more people are subjecting themselves to freezing temperatures in hopes of curing what ales them. temperatures in this chamber get as low as 180 degrees below 0. >> i am getting a lot of relief from chronic old injuries, knee, lower back. >> i feel moreen neither. >>ed. >> popular rised by athletes such as lebron james and tv shows such as "shark tank" cryo therapy chamber are across the country. >> i had originally seen it on "housewives." >> this franchise owner opened u.s. cryo their pea over the summer. >> many benefits come from it. reducing inflammation and reducing pain.
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you will get a mood elevation. >> kevin kramer is the ceo and they could expand from 9 locations to 28. he describes the therapy as cold shock. he said the frigid temperatures release chemicals in your body and stimulate blood flow. >> the response is amazing. the range of motion and the improvements in inflammatory responses. >> sessions the u.s. cryo therapy last anywhere 2 two and a half to three and a half minutes. >> it implies there -- it is therapeutic. >> this stanford biologist had a blood-like device and it cools the body's temperature. he says it reenergizes the body. the invention is used by stanford athletes. the claims of some it cryo therapy centers have gone too far. >> there is a lot of hype and it is knot supported by good
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science. >> the food and drug administration said some centers may be making misleading claims about treating asthma, alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis and weight gain. they are concerned with centers that use liquid nitrogen to generate cold because of the risk of asphyxiation. u.s. cryo therapy does not do that. it generates the freezing temperatures using electricity and they say they don't make medical claims. >> the rheumatoid arthritis, the cellulite and skin conditions, you won't find that on the u.s. cryo their pea website. >> but they find it beneficial. >> people are finding benefit on their own. we don't claim them. >> but they are working on clinical support for certain medical claims. i know some people willisen to the interview -- will listen to the interview and sigh you danced around what it can do. >> i don't debate that.
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>> >> if you go to i will tell you a lot more on how the first state to release guidelines and what they are doing for cryo therapy and the tragic accident that prompted it. it is a special edition on >> thank you, michael. >> dan: new at 11:00, bart rejected a racy ad for women's underwear. it says it can protect a part of the female anatomy from being grabbed. bart says the tongue and cheek ad violates policies because it contains a vulgar word. she said the company threatened to take the ad to the media and no matter what action we took part would be exploited to sell their product. >> now your accu-weather forecast with sandhya patel. >> sandhya: look at this time lapse from our south beach camera. clear skies tonight as we look toward san francisco.
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beautiful colors there. with the clear skies comes another chilly night ahead. live doppler 7 is not showing you rain, but that could be changing. a live look from the emeryville camera. you can see how difficult the visibility is. midto upper 50s from mountain view to san jose and san francisco and oakland it is chilly in half moon bay. and from the kgo roof camera we are looking at the bay lights and it is a beautiful view. temperatures down to the upper 40s. santa rosa and novato, it will be a cold one. another live picture, san francisco is sparkling tonight. another chilly morning is ahead and warmer days through friday and we are looking at a chance of showers on saturday night. when you get going tomorrow morning wind sheltered valleys, that's pretty much the only sign of autumn in the morning. we won't be noticing it in the afternoon. it will be mild in the south
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bay. low 70s in san jose and 75 in los gatos. 73 in redwood city. and downtown san francisco is 70 degrees. nothing but sun in the north bay. comfortable in the low to mid70s. 72 san rafael. east bay and oakland head inland and the temperatures will be in the low to upper 70s. warm in brentwood. 77-degrees and 73 in concord. you will need the sunscreen. watch out for the waves in case you decide to hit the beach. you notice the waves are crashing against the shoreline. high surf advisory starts when the waves build. it will be a mild sunny one. the beach weather is a gentle breeze. do be careful. it is still warm for november if you want to head to the beach. midto upper 70s. saturday the clouds increase and the temperatures will begin to drop. and if you have outdoor activities on sunday it is a cooler day. that brings our storm impact
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scale. it is cooling off because we have a one on saturday evening. it is a light system and light showers. here is your hour by hour forecast. 9:00 on saturday night it is in the north bay. it briefly moves down to san francisco and then lifts back to the north. it is not a rain event where you have to can sell your -- cancel your plans. the next two days a chance of showers in the evening on saturday night. fall back before you go to bed or early sunday morning we go to standard time. no excuse for not voting on tuesday. it is dry on the accu-weather seven-day dan
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he's the drug company big shot who raised the price of a lifesaving pill by five thousand percent. said he wished he'd raised it more. prop sixty-one targets drug company price-gouging to save lives. the drug price relief act will save californians nearly a billion dollars a year. join the california nurses association and aarp and vote yes on sixty-one. the drug giants won't like it. and he'll hate it. >> ama: listen to this.
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a fan predicted the world series and the winner two years ago. this was 2016 world series. cubs versus indians and then the world will end with the game tied and then going into extra innings. # uh apocalypse. we have happy to predict that despite the prediction we know the world didn't end. >> dan: i wish you could do that in the stock market. >> that was incredible. >> and the rain delay. >> there was a rain delay. and we know the tweeter never lies. they waited for over a century to see the cubs win the world series. it was one of
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i've never liked marijuana. but i'm voting yes on prop 64 to legalize marijuana for adults 21 and over. it has important safeguards for families, like strict product labeling and child-proof packaging of all marijuana products. and banning edibles that would appeal to a child. raising a teenager, that regulated system makes a lot more sense than what we have now. plus, 64 taxes marijuana to fund priorities like after-school programs. personally, marijuana's not for me. but my mind's made up. i'm voting yes on 64.
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shy abc7 sports -- abc7 sports. >> it is understood that there is nothing in sports quite like a game seven. and there has never been like the game seven we saw in the world series. the cubs took a big lead. you have extra innings and a rain delay and lebron james going nuts as you will see rooting for his hometown cleveland indians. dexter fowler high deep and aloha. it will be a wild one. bottom three and carlos santana drives home coco crisp. the game is tied at one and 3-1 cubs the top of the fifth. deep to right center and that is gone. the cubs are up 4-1. appear to be unaring away with
11:52 pm
this thing. and john lester in relief. a 5-1 game and it hits david ross in the hask. indians are alive again. it is the final game of his major league career. the biggest hit of his career. a solo homer and it is 6-3 cubs. the cubs' closer comes in the 8th m david connects and that is gone. a two-run jack and 6-6 and lebron is losing his mind. they had a rain delay of 17 minutes. this they settled them down. cubs take the lead and it makes it 8-6. indians score once in the 10th, but here is the final out as they take game seven. and oh yeah it is party time in chicago. jay i love tradition.
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tradition is worth time mentally and tradition is worth being upheld. curse is not superstitions. so it is really great for our entire cubdom to continue to move forward. now based on the players we have in this organization we have an opportunity to be good for a longtime. >> that was quite a series and you knew somebody would go home unhappy. they deserve a lot of congratulations. >> this about made me pass out. i felt it was an epic battle. we were listening to rocky's soundtrack the last three games. >> amazing. the warriors know the agony. he was tweeting this, meant for cleveland and man, 3-1sucks. baseball ends and we have draymond and the warriors against okc. durant versus westbrook. >> that will help us get
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california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. that's our report. we appreciate your time. >> larry and sand yaw and all of us thank you for joining us. jessica chastain. >> good night. >> dicky: from hollywood and nashville it's "jimmy kimmel live after the cmas"! tonight, jessica chastain -- willie nelson -- justin moore -- "mean tweets country music edition" -- and music from hunter hayes via hologram. and now, well done, here's jimmy kimmel!
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everyone. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for everything, really. thank you for coming. wow, glad you're in a good mood. because what you are about to witness, the spectacle you are about to behold, is our most special special effects show of the whole year. tonight we will be broadcasting from three cities at the same time. i will be in two of those cities. i know, it's amazing, thank you. let's begin by going live to the cma theater at the country music hall of fame in nashville, tennessee. [ cheers and applause ] hello, nashville! are you ready to see magic
11:59 pm
happen? [ cheers and applause ] okay, let's do it. right now i'm on the screens but we're going to fire up the hologram machine. fire it up and beam me in, captain. here i am! [ cheers and applause ] i don't know why you guys are excited. hi, everyone. i'm casper the friendly host. you know, this is the third year in a row we've done this. i still have absolutely no idea how it works. by the way, those of you in nashville, feel free to post an instagram of my hologram because i don't think that's ever been done. go ahead and snap away. hey, do you guys want to see a puppet show? [ cheers and applause ] hold on, i'll be right back. let me grab my puppet. all right.
12:00 am
why, look at this! [ cheers and applause ] my little friend guillermo. look at that. guillermo, say howdy to the people in nashville. >> guillermo: howdy, nashville! >> jimmy: how are you doing tonight, guillermo? >> guillermo: jimmy, i will be happy if you don't put your hand up my butt. [ drumroll ] >> jimmy: can i get a glass of water? watch this. all right, here we go. ghnch >> guillermo: i want some water too, can i have some water? can i get water? please, water? water! >> jimmy: isn't that incredible? >> guillermo: hello, water! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i can talk while he's doing it. while he's drinking water, i can also talk. is that enough water?
12:01 am
okay. all right. thank you, poquito bandito, now back to your post. there we go. [ cheers and applause ] i want to try something in nashville in the theater. i need a volunteer from the audience for this. okay, do we have somebody lined up? all right, i'm fairly sure this has never been done before. this is a television first. oh, okay. wait, hold on. oh. hi, what's your name? >> jessica liner. >> jimmy: hi, jess character i'm jimmy, how you doing? >> good, how are you? >> jimmy: see, this is when we appreciate our local weather men. because they have this all figured out. jessica, let me have that right, this is a graham cracker. you've seen these, right? >> yes. >> jimmy: okay. i am going to feed this graham cracker to you. >> okay. >> jimmy: all right? there you go. eat that. yes, yes, yes. enjoy. is it good? >> mmm-mmm!
12:02 am
>> jimmy: tasty, all right. there you go, you just ate the world's first-ever hologram-cracker. [ cheers and applause ] get it. >> guillermo: i get it, yeah. >> jimmy: all right, thank you. all right, thank you, jessica. you know, this show's been on almost 14 years, we're still breaking new ground, it is incredible. of course the main reason i'm with you via hologram tonight is because you live in a swing state. and i need your vote to make sure i become vice president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] may i have my podium? where is my podium? thank you. dear fellow nashvilleagers, is it? it is an honor to be in nashville with you tonight. i love so many things about
12:03 am
nashville. i love nashville's popular dining, the hot chicken, hot fish, the goo goo clusters, fruit tea, and meat and three, whatever the hell that is, i love it all. i love your unfortunately named hockey team the predators. i love bush whackers, shownies, maxwell house coffee, and the fact that nashville has the largest population of kurdish people in the united states. and did i just read all of this stuff off of wikipedia this afternoon? yes, i did. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] yes, i did, but i memorized it. and as a result, i know that i can doubt count on your vote. i am the best possible voice to be vice president of the united states. but don't just take it from me, take it from a real-life cowboy! >> guillermo: i am a cowboy! and i endorse this man! >> jimmy: all right, thank you. i might never let you out of that little outfit, i swear to god. >> guillermo: i like it. >> jimmy: i like it a lot.
12:04 am
in another swing state, from cleveland tonight, game seven of the world series between the long-suffering indians and the even longer-suffering chicago cubs. what a year for the city of cleveland. they host the world series, won an nba title, got to see chachi speak at the republican national convention. incredible. we don't know the outcome of the game but we will by the time you're watching this at home. so just to cover my bases i'd like to say either congratulations or i'm sorry to the cubs or indians on their big victory or devastating loss, whichever that may be. [ cheers and applause ] this is going to be the highest-rated baseball game in many, many years. people all over are very interested to see the cubs go from being a team that hasn't won a world series in 108 years to being a team that won one time in 1 o108 years. which sounds worse but fans in chicago have been on an emotional roller coaster, especially ryan slagle. he was on the local news watching his cubs beat the
12:05 am
dodgers to advance to the world series. the video made the rounds. he's known as crying ryan to everyone he knows. we tracked ryan down, sent him to game five. game seven is in cleveland. right now ryan is in wrigleyville where they're going crazy, sluggers sports bar, ryan how are you doing? [ cheers and applause ] ryan, first of all, what's the score? is there any score yet in the game? >> we're ready to go team's fired up, we're ready to go tonight. >> jimmy: what i want to know is are your friends still making fun of the crying? >> i was a halloween costume so that was good. i have a new dance called the hyperventilate, so that's a real hit. they're currently doing research on a new sports anxiety medication testing right now.
12:06 am
>> jimmy: maybe the people at zoloft could get you an endorsement deal. do you think you will cry more tonight if the cubs win or lose? >> well, win. because we are going to win. we're already up. >> jimmy: okay, all right. will you be going to work tomorrow? >> i have no idea, really depends how tonight goes. >> jimmy: you may have to call in drunk, all right. [ laughter ] >> love you, jimmy! >> jimmy: good luck to you guys, sluggers in wrigleyville, i know it's crazy there. >> it's crazy. thanks, jimmy! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that looks like fun. earlier tonight on the cmas, we honored country music's brightest stars with trophies. later on we'll punch those very same stars with an all-country music edition of "mean tweets." first we have a cautionary tale for you. for lovers of both music and affordable furniture, i came across a story recently online about a man from norway. the man's name is klaus j.
12:07 am
rstad. he bought a shower stool from ikea. once he got home and sat on it something unpleasant happened. when he sat down, a key part of his body became stuck in one of the holes. i know. it's a hard story to hear. rather than just tell you about it we enlisted the help of a young singer named justin moore who was kind enough to give voice to this terrible tale of a norwegian nut with a very sad sac. >> this here's a story about a tough buy with a big problem. ♪ ♪ down in norway town there lived a lad ♪ ♪ he went by the name klaus jorstad ♪ ♪ took an ikea chair into the shower sat on it about an hour ♪ ♪ see the holes and all the love klaus left all that permanent
12:08 am
stuff ♪ ♪ no matter how much he'd twist and shout ♪ ♪ sha little bitty sucker wouldn't pop out ♪ ♪ oh devil stool you are just so cruel ♪ ♪ give me back my family jewel you devil stool ♪ ♪ klaus said to himself so mad he could spit, i'm in a different kind of ikea ball pit ♪ ♪ this school's name should have clued me in testing for pinching and grabbing and that ♪ ♪ after the yellow that worked at ikea come up with such a cruel cruel idea ♪ ♪ you'd have to be a sadistic soul to make a stool with a nut-sized hole ♪ ♪ klaus tried every trick he knew lathered himself tried wd-40 cocoa butter ♪ ♪ hoe couldn't pull that nutter right out ♪ ♪ suddenly the heat ran out and
12:09 am
icy water poured out of the spout ♪ ♪ and klaus well he just up and shrunk and the devil stool freed up his junk ♪ ♪ oh devil stool you played me for a fool ♪ ♪ but you ain't laving now you devil stool ♪ ♪ oh devil stool i'm free from you ♪ ♪ damn you straight to hell you devil stool ♪ >> brought to you by ikea meatballs. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we have to take a break. when we come back, i have three ridiculous questions for willie nelson, miranda lambert, florida georgia line, dolly parton, chris stapleton and more in an all-country edition of "mean tweets" so stick around! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> jimmy: willie, this is your book, "pretty paper." a lot of questions are answered in this book. >> yes, sir. >> jimmy: but not these. my first question for you, if you were going to die fighting an animal, what animal would you want it to be? >> a rabbit. >> jimmy: a rabbit? why a rabbit? >> i think i can last longer. >> jimmy: but they kill slowly. >> they do. >> jimmy: imagine being killed by a rabbit. >> yeah, that's not good. >> jimmy: what do you think of the name kenneth for a baby?
12:15 am
>> be nice for a horse. >> jimmy: but not a human? >> well, i don't think so. not for -- no, i wouldn't want a human named that, no. would you? >> jimmy: i don't know, kenneth -- >> you'd want to be swinging a kenneth around all day? no, no. >> jimmy: have you ever used an emoji? >> last night. >> jimmy: you did? >> i think i did. what's it do to you? >> jimmy: i'm guessing the answer is no. well, two emojis. a smiley face. >> crown royal. the answer to all life's ridiculous questions. >> jimmy: welcome back to the show. jessica chastain and music from hunter hayes is on the way. hello to those of you joining us in nashville, tennessee, which as you know was home tonight to the 50th annual cma awards. country music is very important.
12:16 am
after this election it might be the only country we have left. it was a special show tonight. 50 years, celebrating 50 years of cmas. dolly parton received the willie nelson lifetime achievement award which is literally the highest honor you can display on a shelf alongside a bong. [ laughter ] dolly got that, then a special performance tonight from beyonce on the country music awards. which is exciting. and i'll say another thing. between "lemonade," the world series, "the walking dead," it has been an amazing year for baseball bats. bow beyonce dead her song "if you like it you should put a ring of fire on it" or something like that. country music fans are some of the most appreciative and enthusiastic fans of all forms of music. i see it when we have artists on the show. the fans, they're excited, upbeat, they don't steal music, they buy it, a solid group. just like any group of fans there are rotten apples. tonight we invited some of country's biggest stars to read
12:17 am
some of the nasty things those apples wrote about them and they graciously accepted that offer. it's time for our second all-country music edition of "mean tweets." >> just because you have a beard, a ponytail, and a cowboy hat doesn't mean you can sing. you know how i know? trace adkins. just concerning. >> bonnie raitt looks like the aunt who would have a few too many at your mom's birthday party and try to fight your dad. >> randy houser, more like ballooner who's-er. [ bleep ] sucks big dong. huge dong even. that's funny. >> cassadee pope would be 6,000% hotter without that [ bleep ] tattoo. you mean this one? >> that swaggy [ bleep ] 300 says, if you're going crazy over dan and shay, you might as well take your [ bleep ] and shove it
12:18 am
up your own ass. #notcountry. >> i'd love to see that. >> wow. >> hey, eat [ bleep ]. i will not listen to your [ bleep ] play list on spotify. >> jane that kramer tries to hard with her texas accent, lol, girl stop. you ain't fooling anyone. i'm sorry, y'all. >> gregor smith is not cute. [ bleep ]. >> in case of a national emergency, all air traffic will be redirected to miranda lambert's forehead. >> the guy from florida georgia line were engineered in a douche factory. right down the road from here, actually. >> i went to jake owen last year and was miserable as [ bleep ]. [ bleep ] super lame. i'm really sorry, @cocaine. >> why does the blond in little big town have hair like a "zoolander" villain?
12:19 am
oh, man. >> for some reason my mom has determined brett eldribble is always drunk. i don't know, maybe he is. i like your mom. >> seems like the kind of guy that would drink bacardi breezers from a water bottle then lie about what it was. okay, maybe. >> looks like jennifer lawren ' lawrence's less-attractive sister. >> you're getting pretty crusty, pal. >> it's not a hooker convention, it's a dolly parton concert. i guess i should feel hurt. but i don't. because i pattern my look after a hooker. >> i think it's safe to say stapleton has an insane pubic hair situation. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right. tonight we have a hologram named hunter hayes from nashville, my
12:20 am
cousin sal versus trick-or-treaters, be right back with jessica chastain! >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by green giant. swap in more veggies with new green giant veggie tots. with another new flavor you never saw coming... grilled, glazed korean bbq shrimp. and try as much as you want of flavors like new parmesan peppercorn shrimp. just come in before it ends.
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he's the drug company big shot who raised the price of a lifesaving pill by five thousand percent. said he wished he'd raised it more. prop sixty-one targets drug company price-gouging to save lives. the drug price relief act will save californians nearly a billion dollars a year. join the california nurses association and aarp and vote yes on sixty-one. the drug giants won't like it. and he'll hate it.
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>> jimmy: welcome back. the clowns are getting scarier all the time. sl sluggers bar in wrigleyville. welcome back to our post-cma palooza, coming to you live from both hollywood and the cma theater in nashville, tennessee. tonight with this single "yesterday's song" a very special performance by hunter hayes from the crown royal stage. [ cheers and applause ] tonight, hunter hayes will be playing with himself. a song. hunter will be playing drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, and singing with the help of four hologram hunter hayeses who are all standing by in his dressing room now. hi, hunters. >> hey, jimmy. >> jimmy: you ready for the show? >> hayes yeah. >> that's a joke we always say. >> jimmy: i can see why you love that one, hilarious. which of you is the real hunter? >> he is! >> he is! >> he is! >>. >> jimmy: all right, that's good. they're having fun. don't do anything weird to each
12:26 am
other. we'll see you later. >> see yeah! >> see ya! >> jimmy: thanks to hologram usa for making all this hologram magic possible. tomorrow jamie dornan, khloe kardashian, nashville's own kings of leon and we have a special bonus edition of our halloween candy youtube challenge so many parents sent so many great videos in late, we had no choice but to go another round so more sugar-fueled tantrums tomorrow night. our first guest is a golden globe-winning actress who helped take down movie bin laden her new movie "miss sloane" comes out in select cities november 5th and opens wide december 9th. please say hello to jessica chastain! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. how's it going? >> everything's great.
12:27 am
i'm a little disturbed by the creepy guillermo dance. >> jimmy: well, you know -- >> guillermo: hi. >> jimmy: it's a good thing you didn't wear green tonight or you too could have been a part of it. yeah, isn't he cute, though? it is something like -- i'm not sure if it's adorable or -- >> it's not adorable. >> jimmy: it's not adorable? >> no. >> jimmy: you don't like little guillermo? >> it's the hands. the fingers don't move and there's not even five fingers are there? >> jimmy: that's true. >> it's just like weird. >> jimmy: you have such attention to detail. >> imagine those things touching you, it would be like this. >> jimmy: i don't have to imagine, we had a very intimate rehearsal today. [ laughter ] by the way, say hello to nashville, we have an audience watching us in nashville right now. >> hi, nashville. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: have you ever been to nashville? >> i have. i was in memphis which i love -- >> jimmy: that's a different place. >> no, i was in tennessee, i was in memphis, never been to
12:28 am
nashville. >> jimmy: nashville's a lot of -- you're going to -- is it true you're going to be playing tammy wynette in a movie coming up? [ cheers and applause ] >> i am. >> jimmy: you're going to have to go there. >> yeah. yeah, i'm playing tammy wynette in a movie with josh brolin playing george jones. >> jimmy: oh, he'll be great. that will be good. by the way, that is -- i think when you play a country music star your chance of getting nominated for an oscar multiplies by 140%. >> you think? i'm sure it's the sparkles, right? it's the sequins and the wigs. >> jimmy: the wigs are great. the music is great. you show another side of yourself as a performer. i think that's a very strong move. >> yeah. >> jimmy: they have an interesting story. well, as i'm sure you know. >> yeah, really interesting story. i read georgette jones' book about growing up with her parents and it's fascinating. it was really rocky, their relationship. >> jimmy: yeah. >> they're like the sid and nancy of the country music world.
12:29 am
and they sang together for her whole life. >> jimmy: then they sang apart as well. >> i know. >> jimmy: are you a baseball fact that? are you aware of of what's going on with the cubs and indians? >> someone told me backstage that the world series is happening? >> jimmy: it is. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so the answer to that question is no. >> i'm glad -- i did play little league when i was a little kid. >> jimmy: what position? >> shortstop. >> jimmy: well, you must have been -- that's usually the best player plays shortstop. >> i always wanted to play -- i was definitely not the best player. i wanted to play shortstop and my dad coached the team. >> jimmy: ah, that explains why you played shortstop. >> yeah. but then i was terrible at baseball. so i would always get demoted to the outfield. >> jimmy: yeah, right. >> and they just kind of doing whatever while the ball would land and people would say, run, run! >> jimmy: even the terminology you're using explains -- [ laughter ] >> am i saying something wrong? >> jimmy: the ball doesn't land. it doesn't have a pilot.
12:30 am
>> it went down, it bounced. i'd be up to bat, you know -- >> jimmy: let's see your batting stance. give us a little bit of it. [ cheers and applause ] >> like this. >> jimmy: pretty good. that's pretty good. yeah, you keep your elbow up. >> follow the thumb. >> jimmy: all right, yeah, all right. that was pretty good. not bad at all. >> all right. so i would hit the ball and i would just try to get home as fast as i can. so even if the ball went straight to the pitcher i would just run all the way around the bases. >> jimmy: you would not stop? >> no. i wouldn't stop. all the parents in the stands would be screaming, stop on first, stop, stop, stop! i'm like, i got this! >> jimmy: you were an aggressive player. kind of a pete rose type really. >> no idea who that is. >> jimmy: really? no idea? >> pete rose? [ cheers and applause ] >> the last time you were here, you brought this fruit. i forget what it was called. >> durien. how could you forget?
12:31 am
the king of truth. >> jimmy: the king of fruit. this fruit smelled so bad. it's like an asian delicacy, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: that we were instructed to wear gloves before touching it because the smell, until you die, the smell will not come off your hands. >> i normally eat it without gloves but i wanted to protect your delicacy, your sensitivity. >> jimmy: right, yeah. i am a delicate little flower, yeah. >> a delicate little flower. you didn't seem to like it that day. >> jimmy: it smelled like vomit to start. the reason i mention it is because it became a big deal online. seems like mostly in other countries, people were very excited that we ate their fruit. >> yes. they're very proud of this fruit. it's a delicious -- i'm sorry, jimmy, it's a delicious fruit. >> jimmy: do you have it still regularly? >> i have it in the dressing room. >> jimmy: you did not. >> no, every time i can get ahold of it i eat it, it's delicious. >> jimmy: you described it as it smelled like a corpse, right? >> yeah. well, it smells like -- it's like -- the taste is like an
12:32 am
avocado, pineapple, garlic, custard -- >> jimmy: the taste was better than the smell for sure. >> really. >> jimmy: you're a vegan so you don't eat -- when did this happen to you? >> there's one vegan in the audience. >> jimmy: there are a lot of vegans in the the audience. they're too weak to clap. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how did it happen that you became a vegan? >> you know, i just was tired. drinking coffee all day. someone said, try to eat healthy. >> jimmy: this was as an adult? it wasn't like you were a kid? >> no, ten years i've been vegan. >> jimmy: you don't miss it? do you miss meats at all? >> no, not at all. sometimes if i see like a dom o domino's pizza, oh, i would love a piece. but there's delicious vegan pizza. >> jimmy: what about at thanksgiving when the turkey comes out? do you feel like, oh, i wish i could have some of that? >> never. >> jimmy: never? >> never, no.
12:33 am
because i have delicious other things. like yams and green beans. >> jimmy: yams, huh? [ laughter ] >> potatoes. >> jimmy: wow. you're making the most of a very sad situation. [ laughter ] when we come back we'll see a clip from your new movie. jessica chastain is here. we'll be right back! >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by new crown royal vanilla whiskey. vanilla so good. later, nothing's really changed. it's time to snap out of it. hello moto. snap on a jbl speaker. a projector. a camera that actually zooms. it's a phone you can change again and again and again. hello moto. get excited world. moto is here. the new moto z with motomods. buy one moto z droid, get one free. only on verizon. i'm not a customer, but i'm calling about that credit scorecard.
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