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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 19, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> morning. it's saturday, november 19th. the david curly bay area is bracing for a very wet weekend. here's what is looked like in san rafael. let's go to meteorologist lisa argen with a look at the forecast. good morning. >> good morning. the scale impact scale is is a 2 this morning. this will bring in heavy rains, gusty winds and rough surfs. we are showing you the green and yellow on the screen. notice in the north bay anywhere from marijuana ask the, point reyes, santa rosa, highway 1, a few heavier cells. it's been raining pretty heavily here throughout the morning hours. and lake port and middletown,
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wet weather. dry in oakland, hayward, san mateo. but along the san mateo coast beginning to get rain showers and san francisco. this will continue as the cold front sinks to the south. as it does we are looking at some pretty gusty winds with the wind advisory. mid-50s in the north bay, 48 los gatos. the wind advisory is until about 10:00 along the shoreline and the north and the entire southern half of the bay through 6:00 this morning. we will track the rain for you. right now the wind gusts from 3. we are doing this all again tomorrow. i will be back in a few minutes with the details about your soggy weekend. >> thank you so much. we have up-the-the-minute weather information for you anytime with our abc7 news app. you can get the custom forecast for where you live or work or scroll down to see live doppler
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7 radar for your neighborhood and everywhere in the bay area. it was a foam frenzy in the south bay yesterday. take a look at this bizarre site. this video from sky 7 shows you just how big the mess was that they were deal with when they arrived near the san jose airport. skatety marzullo has the story. >> crews tackled the area with a defoaming agent and vacuumed up the liquid left behind. >> dropped sandbags in the storm lines, be blocked it up and made a dam so it didn't go further. >> this valve went off and filled the entire area with foam. creating a deep sea of bubbles the sides of a city block. if there was a fire, we would be congratulating them with a well-designed system. >> but it was not the case and they had concerns about chemicals. >> i don't advise you play in it
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like a bubbles in a bathtub. this one couldn't resist. >> i couldn't resist. >> it's a >> worried about it could make its way into the bay. >> a popular extraction. >> i'm from wisconsin and i miss the snow. >> it's like a huge foam party gone bad. >> they tell abc7 news there were foe people or planes inside at the time and they believe it was a mechanical issue. in santa clara, katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> shears one more look of the bicycle rider who couldn't
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resist. a small plane slammed into a home yesterday. sky 7 shows the scene on park avenue in the moss beach area near the half moon bay airport. one person in the plane died. the other was airlifted to a hospital. known on the ground was injured. passengers on an american airlines night booed a military family who just lost their son in afghanistan. on a monday the family of sergeant john perry was headed from sacramento to philadelphia to receive his remains. the stockton record reports the pilot allowed the family to get off the plane first to meet a connecting flight in folks so they wouldn't be late. he told the paper several first-class passengers booed and complained. >> a packed meeting in a san ramon high school centered around what can be done about racially targeted graffiti found at the school. one student has been disciplined so far. police were investigating the
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incidents as crimes of vandalism. katie has the story. >> in my personal opinion this is an emergency. >> reporter: five instances of racially derogatory crawlings in high schools. racial slurs as seen in these pictures. it's serious for opportunities who see it as a threat. >> i can't even explain to you what it feels like to come to a campus that i have loved for four years and not feel save. and i run a club of 150 kids who don't feel save safe who are muslim and lgbt plus who are women. >> the consequences are not clear. >> i know what happens if i come to school with a bra stap or if i hit somebody but i don't know what happens if i am throwing racial slurs or things are written on the walls. >> a student has been disciplined but strict privacy rules keep the district be from saying much. >> oftentimes it's not only
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because we are trying to protect the rights of the student, we are trying to protect the investigation. >> they said suspension is not enough, said one parent. >> you bring a knife to school you are automatically in line for expulsion there. is due process that goes along with that as a component and i don't see there's any difference here. >> students are now on thanksgiving break. staff will take time to come up with a plan for the return on the 28th. in san ramon, abc7 news. california highway patrol officer rammed into a pickup truck as they tried to put an end to a chase. it happened at the height of yesterday evening's rush hour. they tried boxing in the car. the woman kept going but was eventually arrested. she was throwing alcohol bottles out the window during the case. now to the transition to donald trump's presidency. vice president elect mike pence took in a broad way show in new york city and it quickly turned
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awkward. we explain. >> reporter: they rejected vice president elect mike pence as he took his seat. the cast had a message for him after the show. >> vice president mike pence, i hope you hear. >> we are an diverse america that are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> concern will racial tension he is is clouding two of donald trump's cabinet nominations this. the aclu and naacp is criticizing his pick as jeff sessions. >> jeff sessions should send chills down the backs of any good citizen in this country. >> he was blocked 30 years ago of nomination after accused of joking from the kkk. >> i am not a racist, aim not insensitive to blacks. >> muslims are sounding the alarm over another nominee,
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retired general michael flynn as security advisor. over the summer he said fear of muslims is rational. donald trump settled three major lawsuits against the now closed trump university. >> at trump university we teach success. >> the president elect admits no wrongdoing. >> today donald trump will meet with a former rival who could become his next cabinet member. mitt tropical any is reported to be be a contender for secretary of state. >> melania trump is now target of designers, protesting her husband's upcoming presidency. fashion designers are refuse to go dress mrs. trump. one is defending her decision saying she wants the to protest, quote, discrimination and prejudice. a lot of rain moving into the bay area, and we are all over it. >> that's right. just happening right now. so the heaviest has been in the
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north bay. you may have felt the gusty winds. and a live live lack outside from our roof camera. it's 60 soak land, upper 60 livermore but we will get snow in the sierra. how much and how long will the rain last? i have the answers minutes away. >> and also next talk of early snow in lake tahoe. getting skiers and snowboarders pretty excited. and the protesters who committed
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it whitens four shades, and that is a visible difference in whitening. colgate optic white high impact white toothpaste. >> good morning. this picture pretty much tells it it all. makings of a very wet weekend. live doppler 7 showing a lot of rain now moving in off the coast into the bay area. lisa argen is going to have your forecast, tell you what it means today and also tomorrow. going to need your umbrella all
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weekend, for sure. a san francisco judge has dropped all charges against the 25 protesters who shut down the bay bridge earlier this year. the protesters, known as the bay bridge 25, were arrested on martin luther king, jr. day after they got out of the their cars and chained themselves together. they said they wanted to bring attention to fatal police shootings here and across the nation. the protesters were ultimately charged with infractions. abc7 news was at the food bank in contra costa and solano for our annual give where you live food drive. christian, our anchor, presented a clerk for $15,000 on behalf of our company and parent company disney. it will provide 30,000 meals. you can help those in need this holiday season. happening today in san mateo, hundreds of families will receive food for their thanksgiving meal. samaritan house will distribute
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food to more than 400 families. the nonprofit has been serving low income people for more than four decades. the distribution starts at 9:00 this morning at college park elementary school. they will also serve dinner on thursday to 500 folks. also happening today, cub scouts and boy scouts will drop off food to the san francisco marin food bank. last year scouts gathered and donated more than 40,000 food to the food bank. it's the single largest drive benefiting the food bank all year. they will gather the food at san francisco's lowell high school this morning. scientists are expressing concern about what's happening at the north pole. they say the temperature there is in the mid-30s, way warmer than normal. it's currently polar night meaning no sun in most of the arctic. it's supposed to become incredibly cold this time of year causing sea ice to grow and
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thicken but that's not happening. the amount of ice is at a record low and it's taking longer and longer to freeze over. >> 5 to 8 inches of snow is expected to fall on the tahoe ski resorts today with another 7 tomorrow. skiers are getting geared up. leslie brinkley reports. >> reporter: talk of local ski is exciting. boreal opened up on friday. other resorts like heavenly and squaw plan to open runs on wednesday. >> there's some type of possibility of good snow on the way, it will be good. >> coming in for gear? >> coming in for gear and new boots. talking about the new technology in skis and snow boards. >> i'm excited. i got my season pass already. so i plan to go in about two or three weeks. >> shocked. >> yes, just because i wasn't
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expecting it this early. >> what are you picking up tonight? >> just jackets and we be renting skis and getting here before the crowd comes. >> by mid-december the waits at this sports basement store can be two hours long. renting gear for the entire season will set you back hundreds of dollars. but buyingna high-tech gear can set you back thousands. >> going to rent place in tahoe. going to get friends together. >> living the dream. >> it will be awesome. >> leslie brinkley. abc7 news. >> now an accuweather alert. >> good morning. we are waking up to pretty heavy rain in the north bay. gusty winds. here's live doppler 7 tracking it all for you. you can see how the rain really right now is focused in the north bay but it will continue to sink south and the is entire bay area will get wet. from bodega bay, down around
5:16 am
point reyes a heavier precip area. rate around our sweep on top of mount st. helena looking at more heavy rain. here's where we are anticipating the rain to sink to the south about 7:00, 8:00 this morning. maybe sooner if you get into light hours, just knocking on the door of the richmond-san rafael bridge. we are looking for rainfall to continue to push up from the south and the cold front pushing down from the north with the heavier rain and gusty winds. not quite snowing yet in the sierra nevada, but the advisories are up. here's a look at the loop over the past four hours or so. you will notice it will continue to close in on the city. so the storm impact scale today allowing for a moderate system with some very gusty winds up to 350 miles per hour and the surf is rough as well. check it out. all lit up in the festivities for the season.
5:17 am
59 in the city as well as san jose. looking at numbers in the upper 50s with 59 half moon bay and the winds. you see them cake shaking from the east bay hills camera. santa rosa 57 by the delta, upper 50s in the inland east bay. check out the winds. gusting to 33 miles per hour. and this could increase throughout the morning hours and even oakland where it's not raining yet and concord and san jose some very breezy winds. rain and wind this morning. scattered showers the rest of the day and another round of morning rain tomorrow. we will do it all again. the second system i think could bring in a little bit colder air, could see a chance of a thunderstorm. and it could be focus cussed -- focused a little further south. more rain will accumulate in the north bay. high surf advisory with swells 13 to 15 feet. you have see how it is already along the coast. here's how the winds are highlighted through tomorrow and right on through the evening,
5:18 am
milpitas, sunnyvale and san jose. check out the purple. this is where the winds continue to crank up april long the coast. this is 8:00 in the morning. then the front pushes through. we are still breezy out there. we have a winter weather advisory in the sierra nevada 1:00 this afternoon to 4:00 tomorrow. 6 to 12 inches above 4,000 feet. gusty winds and kirkwood at over a foot and a half. as we go through the rest of the morning, there's the front. there's 8:00, still trying to push through the city by noontime. it's along the central coast. this is 8:00 tonight. more scattered showers. and tomorrow morning once again some moderate to heavy rain. so it's going to be a wet weekend, but focused in the morning hours. so we aren't looking at a total washout all day, but when you add the rainfall through tomorrow night we are talking two inches in santa rosa, three quarter inch in san francisco. not so much along the peninsula, san carlos, hayward and mountain view. but we are still looking at a little more rain as we go through the thanksgiving
5:19 am
holiday. the big game, bring a pancho. the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring the 2 today, n51 tomorrow, then you -- n51 tomorrow. and if you have the app you can track the rain in your area. >> i did a little high degree plane on the way to work. if you are out there please be careful of the roads. thank you, lisa. just ahead, winter shopping for the holidays. a tradition underway to find forever homes for a lot of puppies and kittens.
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>> good morning. pack with a live picture from
5:22 am
our san rafael cam where rain has been coming down. it's been raining in the north bay several hours now. the rest of the bay area you are in for a very wet weekend. lisa argen is going to be along in a few minutes to tell you how much rain and where it's going to be falling this weekend. imagine booking a san francisco hotel room and expecting to spend a little more than 100 bucks but getting a bill for $10,000. believe it or not that happened to run couple. here's "7 on your side" with their story. >> they are showing me how they went online looking for a one night hotel stay and ended up with a huge hassle and hotel bills >> i pushed the wrong buttons and next thing you know it was the major, major problem. >> she thought she booked one night at the holiday in express san francisco airport north for about $135. somehow she ended up booking 47 nights for $10,088.85.
5:23 am
now after some back and forth, the hotel offered to refund all but three nights. >> so i said why don't be we pay for one night, you know, which would have been -- if we had done the entry properly, that was our intent was to stay one night and pay in advance so why don't we pay for that. >> fred tells me he thought it was a negotiation and would hear back. apparently the hotel took that answer as a rejection and communication ground to a halt putt until they got some good advice. >> honestly, you know, several people had suggested, this wasn't really part of my world, was filing a consumer complaint. but i see now -- >> that's because i made contact and things got moving. the hotel reiterated it's offer and issued this statement. "the holiday inn express san francisco airport north hotel is committed to the highest levels of hospitality and service. although we also regret the time
5:24 am
that it took it reach a resolution, we are pleased that the initially-proposed offer has now allowed us to reach a positive outcome for these guests." this time they took them up on it and got a refund for nine dollars thousand $525.63. the couple is happy and very generous. they decided to pay it forward. >> the money is going to go to a scholarship fund at indian university, which is my alumni. i'm an alumni of the university there which has a wonderful school of journalism. >> when booking a hotel, read the refund policy and be very, very careful when book being online. >> a renovated facility in the sunset district is reopened. the stone town family
5:25 am
$5 million renovation. there's new gym equipment, exercise studio and updated reception area. more than a quarter of the money for the project has generated by community support. >> we've created conditions for seniors to become better connected for children to reach their highest potential and for them to extend in this wonderful space is out into the community. >> the stonestown has served the area for many decades. it reopens to the public today. ♪ abc7 news was in oakland at one of the country's minest musicians played for an unexpected audience yesterday. kelly plays fiddler for fiddler on the roof on broadway. she's been visiting kitchens and
5:26 am
transitional housing. yesterday she visited before her performance with the oakland symphony. >> look at the gorgeous shot. this is the 30th year the four iconic buildings have been illuminated at the start of the holiday season. 17,000 lights make up the display. there were fair works to help kickoff the ceremony. across town at macy's, another holiday tradition got underway last night. they revealed this year's holiday pet adoption display. puppies and kittens who need loving homes will be on display through the first of the year. this is the 30th year they have sponsored the event and they say 88,000 animals have found for ever homes there. >> just in time for the holiday season, the reindeers have arrived for a visit at san francisco zoo. bell, holly and peppermint the can be found at the playfield lawn near the playground.
5:27 am
guests can learn all sorts of fun facts about them, including what they like to eat, aside from carrots and leftover cookies. still to come on abc7 mornings, fighting back against hate. the new international effort to help those in the us. and food banks accepting up their drive efforts to help families in time for thanksgiving. what you can do to help. here's a live look from the golden gate bridge. it's raining there. lisa argen will be along in a few minutes with your full accuweather forecast.
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could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> good morning. we are starting this half-hour with allocate weather. a storm moving into the bay area. here's meet lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning. we are looking at some showers and heavy rain and gusty winds as we bring out our storm impact
5:30 am
scale. you see the scale all winter long with storms from 1 to 5. 5 being the most severe and this morning's storm is a 2. wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour along with rough surf. here's a loop of the last couple hours. heaviest rain continues to push up into the north bay. some yellows skating moderate rain from heelsburg to fort ross. and looking at southern marin from mill valley throughout san francisco. the sunset district beginning to get wet and 580 across the richmond-san rafael bridge. the south bay, peninsula, not quite in the act yet. in the mountains you can see it's raining in the northern mountains and the snow. higher elevations expecting snow. winds have been kicking up with a wind advisory until 10:00 this morning along the coast in the north bay. but through the rest of the bay area until 6:00. so that is about the speed of the front.
5:31 am
it's going to take some time to get through the entire bay area. but as the winds gust to near 3f moon bay, you can see from oakland to san carlos and san jose we are looking at some very gusty winds. we will time it out and talk about more rain tomorrow. add up the totals, talk about snow all in a few minutes. cornell. >> grab the umbrella. thanks, lisa. when you get unusual weather where you live, take a photo and share it with us. send it to #abc7now. that will help us find your contact are use it on air or at student protests against donald trump are not dying down. abc7 news was in east palo alto where 200 students from phoenix academy marched along the university avenue yesterday. they fear donald trump will deport young immigrants that were protected from deportation by president obama's administration the mexican government said they are being proactive in case there's any action taken by president elect
5:32 am
donald trump. immediately after the election he sat down with councils to american cities to hammer out a plan 20 help mexicans in this country. here's lyanne melendez. [speaking spanish] >> the mexican government is post, these videos on social media on what mexicans should do to protect themselves in these so-called uncertain time. it came from the secretary of foreign affairs after sitting down with all the councils working in u.s. cities. these pictures were posted five days after president-elect donald trump won. >> we want to be proactive and have our people ready for different scenarios. >> the mexican government is using social media, along with tv and radio ads, asking that every mexican in this country have their papers and documents in order. she was born in the u.s. but is worried about some of her undocumented relatives. >> where are they going to end up tomorrow?
5:33 am
where are they going to go? we aren't here to do anything bad, we are just here to help the and he of this country. >> mexico's counsel general in san francisco is reminding people it avoid being a victim of any immigration scams. that was echoed by the city's district attorney who reminded people of that department's hate crime hotline. >> your status is not of any concern either to the police department or to the district attorney's office or the hup man rights commission. so you are not going to be questioned as to whether you have authority or not to be here. >> in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. president obama is in peru for a busy weekend. he met with u.s. embassy staff and families and with the president of peru this morning. he will also hold meetings with leaders in the trans-pacific partnership this afternoon. he will attend the apec sum had mitt this weekend. they have brought more than
5:34 am
11,000 delegates from 21 countries to lima to ease global commerce. the president locked in a plan yesterday that doesn't the include any neutralling off the coast of california and washington until at least 2022. it blocks knew -- new oil drilling in parts of the atlantic ocean and other places. to block it, congress would have to hold new hearings. and you can now grow medical marijuana without paying sales tax. new law shifts taxes from medical to recreational taxes but the tax exemption only applies to people who buy a special card issued by the state health department. if they don't have the card, they don't get the exemption. a doctor's written authorization to buy medical marijuana is not enough. >> there's some miss information
5:35 am
out there that all sales are now exempt, and that's not indeed the case. you do have to have the plastic card from public health to get the sales tax exemption. >> the plastic card costs around $100 so paying the sales tax could make more sense for some people. happening today one south bay nonprofit is asking for your help to provide thousands of turkeys to families this thanksgiving. sacred heart community service in san jose has more than 3600 turkeys. if you would like to help, the donation station is open until 3:00 this afternoon. volunteers will be there today to pack food boxes. it's on south first street in san jose. >> saint an thon nice hosts this annual holiday tradition. the organization is accepting food donations and unopened toiletries. curbside dropoff starts at 9:00
5:36 am
this morning at saint an thon nice on golden gate afternoon on jones street. you can donate through thanksgiving day. ready or not, black friday is less than a week today and bay area retailers are still on the hunt for seasonal employees to handle the rush. we have more on why some stores of having trouble finding people to work. >> temp replacement for manpower has 260 positions to fill, and the bay area's healthy economy is working against them. >> it seems like this year the talent pool is pretty tight. so we are having to pretty much do double the work right now to find the candidates we had last year. >> kicks sporting goods also has the help wanted sign out for what they hope will be a busy shopping season. >> we are hiring about 150 employees across five different stores in the bay. >> across the bay in emeryville, managers at this best buy store says they aren't looking to hire a set number of people but they
5:37 am
need additional workers to make sure everyone gets a positive shopping experience. >> that's our hope. we want to plan for a big crowd and make sure we can provide the best service out there and there's no other experience. >> potential applicants should have lots of full or part-time options. hiring managers are looking for people who are strong with the force. folks who use the dark side need not apply. >> basically the product we sell in store we want to have an associate what can talk about them and is passionate about them. >> if you are interested in applying, you can go to either company's website and download an application. in daly city, eric thomas, abc7 news still ahead on abc7 mornings. a random act of kindness popping up on san francisco streets. who is behind the street corner compliments? here's look from san rafael. yes, the rain is falling. on its way to all of the bay area. lisa argen is going to have your full accuweather forecast coming in just a bit.
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>> good morning. good thing our sutro cam is secure to sutro tower this morning because it is blustery. a storm is moving in. one of several storms moving into the bay area this weekend. lisa argen is going to be along in just a few minutes with the forecast. >> there's not a lot of snow in the sierra yet, but that doesn't
5:41 am
stop boreal mount be taken resort to be the first resort open this season. they say they have a base of 4 inches of snow. other resorts open on wednesday. so this new storm could be the early thanksgiving present a lot of people were expecting. >> it's always a bonus when we see that. people are a little anxious. there have been several dry years. as we get going this morning, it's been raining heavily here in parts of the north bay. this is san rafael. numbers in the upper 50s. the storm system will be focusing on the north bay, but the next one a little further south. a good amount for everyone. we will talk about rain, snow, wind all in a few minutes. >> also next, simon see egg the celtics. steph curry and kevin durant teaming up with the play o the game. we have the highlights of the game. we have the highlights of the warriors after brushing, game. listerine® total care we hastrengthens teeth,of the warriors helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel.
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>> today kickoff at memorial stadium is is:30 p.m.. and air force takes on san jose state at 7:30 p.m.. tonight the warriors play the second game of a back-to-back in milwaukee against the bucks. tipoff at 5:30 p.m.. last night the dubs won their sixth season-high sixth straight game in boston. they made some history, too. steve kerr became the fastest coach to accumulate 150 victories. here's abc7 sports director larry beil with the highlights in this morning's >> the celtics want the kevin durant but, of course, the warriors got him. don't make k. d. angry. you won't like him when he's angry. steph curry signing pregame
5:45 am
autographs. this kid looks like's going to explode! the ali other from half-court to avery bradley. there was a trade rumor for klay thompson to boston that is bologna. curry didn't get a three in the first half. gets the kind bounce here and would finish with 16 points. and pachulia does a little weird cowboy dance, apparently imitating durant. dubs role 104-88 and they are in milwaukee tonight. >> want to continue the trend in milwaukee because they have a ton. young talent as well. when we went on the road trip, it's not easy. not easy any east coast trip but we have the ability to do it if with he stay focused. >> stanford and cal in the 119th edition of the big game this afternoon in berkeley. will it be the last?
5:46 am
if cal is going to snap a six-game losing streak in the series, they need a huge effort from davis web, a quarterback. he's a transfer. this will be his one and only big game, hoping it turns into a big win for his bears. >> pretty cool. i would like to be part of a team that is able to beat stanford. we know it will be a 60 minute ballgame. >> it's impressive to watch. the receiving core, they make plays. they do a good job moving around and keeping you off balance. you can't fall asleep on any of these guys. >> tom brady, he grew up in san mateo worship being the 49ers and joe montana. on sunday he will face the niners for the first time in the bay area as the patriots visit them at levi's stadium. brady and his teammates are hoping for a happy homecoming. a sixth round draft pick who just desired the niners would select him way back when. he has turned into one of the best quarterbacks ever.
5:47 am
it's looking forward to this game. >> it's still great to go back there and play in the bay area. i have a lot of family and friends. i'm sure there will be a lot of support from lot of people. i have a lot of people coming to the game. great memories from growing up there. but we are out there to go and win a game. >> niner try to snap an eight-game losing streak against the patriots. yikes! that's sports. >> don't forget the raiders face the houston texans on monday night football in mexico city. you can watch it here. coverage begins at 5:00 p.m.. now an accuweather alert. >> from from abc importance. >> good morning, everyone. heavy rain in the north bay. gusty winds. it continues to sink south across the bay area. here's live dopplerler. yu can see where it is raining. but most of the activity so far has been from marin. it will sink south. santa rosa, penngrove, that's where it's been raining all night long. getting going from about 3:00 in
5:48 am
the morning around marin. the heavier cells, point reyes. we go closer, the richmond-san rafael bridge looking at wet weather. american canyon, 580 and san francisco some very light rain here. it will continue to pick up along san mateo and into the south bay. as we get going towards about 7:00, 8:00. but you will notice there's more offshore. it's dry from hayward and milpitas. that will be changing. you are probably feeling the gusty winds. the northern mountains it's snowing. we have a mix right now but it's a two on the storm impact scale. it's a pretty significant the system that will allow for gusty winds, some rough surf all throughout the morning hours. as we take a live look outside looks festive out there from the upper 50s. look at gilroy. temperatures there with colder air in the upper 30s. 58 in mountain view. 59 in san jose. and from sour east bay hills camera a little shaky here. that's because the winds have been continuing to gust all night long. 53 santa rosa, 54 novato.
5:49 am
hayward at 59. and the wind advisory highlighted along the coast here until 10:00 as the front the marches south. throughout the midmorning hours and the afternoon it's still quite gusty and windy here in milpitas to sunnyvale and morgan hill until 6:00. so 33 miles per hour wind gusts from oakland. 23 miles per hour wind gusts around san jose. and even palo alto getting quite breezy there. follow the colors here as we go through the next several hours. you will notice the most gusty winds along the coast. but still the blues and the yellow indicate the breezy and wet afternoon ahead. so rain and wind this morning. scattered showers the rest of the day. another round of rain this time tomorrow. not as gusty but we could see a colder system that will allow for a slight chance of showers and focusing more on the central bay. here are the current wave heights with the high surf advisory. some very strong waves. looking at winter weather advisory 1:00 this afternoon until 4:00. the gusty winds, 6 to 12 inches
5:50 am
above 6,000 feet. looking at at foot and a half at kirkwood and five inches donner. the north bay the heaviest rain but 6:00 you have heavier rain throughout vallejo, and 580. redwood city getting light to moderate rain. through the nonhour it continues in the south bay. tonight a chance of showers. notice the whole day is not a washout. tomorrow morning about the same activity with the concentrated in the morning hours and then by the afternoon some scattered showers for your sunday. amounts will be most in the north bay. this is it through sunday with over 2 inches here. inch and a half in novato and three quarters inch in san francisco. about a quarter inch from hayward to fremont. if you are headed to the big game this afternoon, yeah, you will need to bring the poncho. they will have layth rain. it will be kind kindnesscy out thereicy out -- kind. messy with a my of 60 degrees. the accuweather seven-day
5:51 am
forecast. it will be wet with light rain st of the day. then more on and off tomorrow focusing in the north bay. scattered showers monday. by tuesday a little break before we see another system before thanksgiving. then after thanksgiving. so it looks like we are certainly getting the storm door open. although the systems beyond thanksgiving look week but you add them up and it becomes significant. >> and lots of snow in the sierra. >> yeah. >> did you say two inches of rain in the north bay? >> yes. >> wow. the story of an an abc star who is helping people experience kindness in a new and different way. random compliments popping up on san francisco streets. they are put there by one who says many feel anxiety and uncertainty in the shadows of the 2016 election. she wants to spread joy.
5:52 am
>> i feel lucky to be a part of it. >> she is hitting the streets armed with a tape gun. trying to lighten the mood around san francisco in the wake after divisive presidential election. >> there's been a sense of sadness and fear and hatred, regardless of what your political opinion is. >> she started the come plihal meant project. you can rip these off and take them with you. you light up the moon, you are like sunshine on a cloudy day, your smile is beautiful. >> i feel like i'm doing a marketing campaign for kindness right now. >> are you? >> that's kind of like what it feels like >> the compliments are going up around san francisco neighborhoods. >> at first there was no reaction from passersby. from a distance they look like an ad for a roommate or a dog walker. we gave it a few minutes and that's all it took. >> that's cute. >> she and her mom could use is a compliment these days. >> i hope more people do this kind of thing.
5:53 am
touch people in their own universe that way. >> a little bit of kindness goes a long way. >> it's the nice to know there's still hope and love out there. >> download your own sheets and spread the joyy you live and many have. from new york to texas and beyond. >> brussels, france, london, israel. >> she said there's no gimmick. she's not making a dime off the project. >> i can't change the course of the world. but i think just to be able to get out there and do something small and positive and see how it can grow is just really fulfilling. >> nice job. if you would like to download a compliment sheet we have a link on our website, be the special guest that will help light the majestic 60-foot tree at pier 39. here's a live look from you are our emeryville camera this morning. the first of several storms moving into the bay area. lots of rain.
5:54 am
lisa argen will have your full accuweather forecast coming up in a few moments. >> when it happens where you live. >> in south bay neighbors are battling over trash. >> we are here. >> the abc7 news team covers your neighborhood. >> petaluma, live in belmont. >> your story. >> there's no disability here. we just communicate differently through american sign language. >> as a brotherhood we have a lot on our hands. we play hard. >> choose the news that matters where you live.
5:55 am
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>> here are the winning numbers from last night's $82 million, mega-millions drawing. a ticket in georgia matched all six numbers to win the jackpot. tuesday night's jackpot resets to $15 million. happening today, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. spread holiday cheer at
5:57 am
san francisco's pier 39 for the annual tree lighting ceremony. sing songs, send letters to santa and welcome the holiday season with a day of fun with the family. the lion king performers will perform. the tree lighting is at 6:30 tonight. it will go on rain or shine. disney is the parent company of abc7. up next on abc7 mornings at 6:00 a.m., boos on broadway for vice president elect mike pence. what the cast of the hit musical "hamilton" did afterwards. and live doppler 7 shows rain falling in parts of the bay area and more. a lot more is on the way. lisa argen will have your accuweather forecast.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> good morning. it's saturday, november 19th. i'm cornell barnard in for chris nguyen. the bay area is bracing for a very wet weekend. here's what is looked like in san rafael. let's go to meteorologist lisa argen with a look at the forecast. good morning. if you want to get out for the bike ride or dog walk before it starts raining you still have time in the south bay and the peninsula, parts of it, anyway. we are getting out our storm impact scale. this is how we rate our systems throughout the window. one is the lightest. 5 the most severe. today is a 2. winds are gusting already. we see the wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour and there's certainly rough surf. in the north bay it's been soggy all night long. we are beginning to see the rain sink to the east. highway 101, santa rosa. it's been so wet. and marin county, it's been raining mutt pretty much since 3:00 in the morning, san raw fell. right now


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