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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> they will beat the lakers easily. >> t tonight, as we come on in the west, we're tracking a massive storm. heavy rain and flooding along the coast. dangerous driving. reports of pileups on the highways. up to 18 inches of snow from california to washington state. the possible delays for your return trip home. the missing mother who vanished while jogging three weeks ago found alive, tied up along the side of the road. what police are now analyzing. black friday mayhem. mall shootings across america. customers wrestling over items on sale. as the shopping season takes off on a record start. turf war. surveillance video showing a
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suspect pouring gasoline, at the entrance of a business, then setting the whole thing on fire. and, america's mom. ♪ here's the story of a lovely lady ♪ >> the woman behind that iconic role, from broadway to "the brady bunch." tonight, we remember florence henderson. good evening. it's great to have you with us on a friday night. i'm tom llamas. we begin with weather on the west coast, more than a foot and a half slowing drivers, a series of more storms on the way. shoppers standing in the rain for hours. rob marciano starts us off tonight.
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>> reporter: tonight, much of the northwest is saturated. >> it's been raining nonstop for about 14 hours. >> reporter: more than seven inches of rain falling near the oregon coach. this holiday weekend, portland dealing with submerged streets. >> some moderate street flooding all over the city. >> reporter: workers unclogging trains. rain turning to ice and snow above 3,000 feet. over a foot of snow blanketing the mountains, making driving extremely dangerous. in washington state, a chain reaction crash, shutting down blewett pass. speed and icy roads being blamed. road crews racing to keep highways clear, and warning drivers. >> any corner you go around, you can be turning a corner into
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heavier snow. >> millions on the move this weekend. so what's the drive home going to look like? >> it's going to hit the entire west coast. storm number two comes in, watches and warnings posted from canada all the way down to mexico, with winter storm warnings as well. could see two feet in the mountains. the rain goes all the way down to san diego. and throughout the inner mountain west, salt lake, denver airports could be a mess. and the roads on sunday, the drive home could be a problem. >> thanks. now to developments in the kidnapping, the mother of two found alive on the side of the road, three weeks after she disappeared while jogging. police finding her abandoned and tied up. here's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: tonight, the urgent
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hunt for two women armed and dangerous police say are suspected in the abduction of sherri papini, the california mother found alive yesterday. her sister now speaking out. >> everyone's tireless efforts have made our family whole again this thanksgiving. >> reporter: papini vanished while jogging three weeks ago. her phone, along with strands of her hair, found on the side of the road. but yesterday, papini was found bound with restraints along a highway 150 miles from home, able to flag down a passing driver. >> the highway patrol was able to connect her with who are phone almost immediately. >> reporter: law enforcement officials now looking for two hispanic women in a dark suv. police are now examining her clothing and those restraints for any dna evidence. >> the key to solving this says is sherri.
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what did she hear? did she see anyone? >> reporter: her husband, keith, reported her missing after she failed to pick up their children from day care. >> she would never in a million years not pick up our children on a time that she normally would have. >> reporter: the couple's 2 and 4-year-old children were never told about the alleged abduction. >> she and keith have been reunited. >> reporter: sherri has been treated and released from the hospital. police plan to interview her again. tom? >> thank you. now to the black friday mayhem across america tonight. some of the reports are disturbing. deadly shootings outside several malls today. inside the stores, customers wrestling over some of the biggest deals. here's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: tonight, black
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friday bedlam. customers im mississippi caught in a tug-of-war reportedly over a dvd and gaming system. in reno, nevada, a fight reportedly over a parking spot, turning deadly. another man killed outside a new jersey mall. but across most of the country today, controlled chaos. they came. they shopped, they conquered. >> we do it every year and want to get the best deals. >> reporter: millions of americans rushing to snap up those deals. >> it's been a race from store to store trying to get some more things. >> reporter: and online, where black friday sales are expected to top $3 billion for the first time ever. with the clock ticking down, we still found black friday bargains galore. like this tv, half off at target. >> across the company the first hour we were selling about 3,200 tvs per minute. >> reporter: at kohl's, more discounts on appliances, like this blender, 60% off. and on amazon, up to 70% off
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luggage. at least one retailer, patagonia donating 100% of today's earnings to charity. many retailers kicking off the weekend with even more deals. >> we have what we call now cyber sunday and monday where the entire store and everything will be another 15% off through the store. >> reporter: and the executives telling me they're glad they opened early. a steady stream of shoppers throughout the day. the top sellers, tech, wearables. >> thank you. it's a working holiday weekend for president-elect donald trump. his team announcing two hires to his administration. including his white house counsel. already facing questions about possible conflicts of interest.
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here's devin dwyer. >> reporter: facing a brewing storm over potential conflicts of interest, donald trump tonight has named his personal referee. donald mgahn tapped for white house counsel. a seemingly monumental task. in just two weeks as president-elect, trump has met with business s partners from india and complained to a british politician about wind turbines near his scottish golf course. trump telling "the new york times" he could do both jobs at once. >> i could run my business perfectly, and then run the country perfectly. so in theory, i don't have to do anything. but i would like to do something." >> reporter: democrats in congress already making at least ten separate requests to review trump's potential conflicts of interest, abc news has learned. today, trump also naming a fox news commentator and former aide to henry kissinger, k.t. mcfarland, as deputy national security adviser. the appointments come amidst an unusual airing of trump team division over mitt romney and rudy giuliani as contenders for secretary of state.
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giuliani has publicly campaigned for the job. now, he's more cautious. >> i would never discuss politics, and what he selects and doesn't select, on thanksgiving. and i'd probably never discuss it at all. that's between him and me. >> reporter: the controversy could open up the door to an alternate. like senator bob corker of tennessee, and former general david petraeus. while trump deliberates, he's spending time with family. their holiday feast, said to be lavish. on the menu, a chilled seafood display, mr. trump's wedge salad, sea bass along with the turkey, and eight types of dessert. today, green party candidate jill stein filing for a recount in wisconsin. >> thank you. overseas, new developments in the large-scale terror plot revealed in france. five suspects arrested.
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prosecutors believe the attack was imminent. here's alex marquardt. >> reporter: good evening, tom. france's president said it was a "large scale" attack that was prevented for as early as next week. the authorities have not said what the targets were but gps coordinates for potential targets were found. five suspects are now in custody from two different cities. the paris prosecutor says several of them received instructions directly from isis in iraq and syria, and three of them had actually tried to go to syria to fight. weapons, ammunition and thousands of dollars in cash were also found among them. now, france has been at its highest state of alert since the attacks in paris last year and the one in nice over the summer. europe has been quite lucky in that there have been no big attacks in over four months, but intelligence officials say the next one is only a matter of time. tom? >> tensions still so high there. alex, thank you. we're learning more about the first american military casualty in syria, scott cooper
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dayton was killed by an ied on thanksgiving. he was a specialist fighting isis in syria and iraq. a highly decorated navy sailor with 23 years' experience. back at home to south carolina. a judge ruling dylann roof is mentally fit to stand trial. charged with murdering nine members of a bible study group at a church in charleston, south carolina, last year. he faces the death penalty if convicted. now to the inmates trying to escape. eva pilgrim with the latest on the search at this hour. >> reporter: tonight, the manhunt for two dangerous fugitives on the run after a daring jailbreak in san jose, california. >> we will find these two.
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any person who is aiding and abetting in their escape, we will prosecute. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies and police following new tips as they hunt down rogelio chavez and lanon campbell, two of four inmates who escaped from santa clara county jail late wednesday night. their accomplices were quickly nabbed. details of the dramatic escape now emerging. the inmates cut through the bars of their cell window, leaving behind a makeshift rope, what appears to be bed sheets, dangling from the second story of the building. investigators still haven't found any tools that the inmates may have used to break out. >> the fact that these bars were cut the way they were. it wasn't something they just thought of in a minute. it's something that probably took them some previous planning. >> reporter: there were no surveillance cameras covering the outside of the older wing of the jail that housed the inmates. police think that they're still in the area. tonight, authorities investigating whether the group had outside help with their escape. the two fugitives both have serious criminal histories. authorities now offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to their apprehension.
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tom? >> eva, thank you. we move on to the arson attack in southern california. a store owner accused of trying to burn down the competition. video showing a suspect lighting the store on fire. and it's not the first time. nick watt is in riverside. >> reporter: a hooded man, a heavy gas can, and a late night hit on sunny's liquor store, doused and lit. senseless vandalism? a hate crime? allegedly not. the thinking is, this was about cheap beer? >> that's what we understand, correct. >> you don't see it too often where you have competing businesses targeting each other. >> reporter: sunny's proudly sells 18 cans for $11.99, undercutting local rivals. how cheap is your beer? >> some item is, like, a dollar cheaper. some like 75 cents cheaper. >> reporter: so that is sunny's liquor store right there. just across the street, catty corner, is another liquor store, tyler market. the owner of tyler market is now
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the prime suspect. there he is, munir harawa, cuffed at his store. investigators claim he offered these two men, now also behind bars, thousands of dollars to set fire to his cut-price nearby nemesis. are you gonna make your beer more expensive now? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: thankfully, no one was hurt in the blaze. sunny's cheap beer sign ironically bore the brunt. all three suspects will remain in jail at least through the holiday weekend. we just spoke to the prime suspect's lawyer, she calls the charges ludicrous. tom? >> nick, thank you. a passing to note tonight, and a collective sigh as the news broke. florence henderson, carol brady from "the brady bunch," passed away last night. here's ron claiborne. ♪ this is the story of a lovely lady ♪ >> reporter: the brady brunch only ran for five seasons, 1969 to 1974. but for millions of americans,
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florence henderson was, and always will be, the kind, compassionate, understanding tv mom, carol brady. >> well, mom? >> yes, you can have your slumber party. >> reporter: today, maureen mccormack, who played her daughter marcia, posted this photos on twitter, tweeting, "you are in my heart forever, florence." >> pork chops and applesauce. >> reporter: christopher knight, who played son peter, tweeted, "privileged to have known her and the kindness of her heart." >> oh, cindy, i'm so pleased. >> reporter: "the brady bunch" portrayed a fantasy version of families and america, in those years roiled by the vietnam war, racial tensions and social change. >> mom, dad, it's terrific. >> i grew up very poor, the youngest of ten children with a lot of problems in my family, and i never wanted to go see a sad movie. i wanted to see musicals, and things that made me feel good, and i think that's why this little show just hangs on.
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♪ >> reporter: henderson was an accomplished singer, starring in broadway shows. performing here with dean martin on his variety show. henderson kept working late into her life. at 76, she even competed on "dancing with the stars." >> i hope i've inspired people to get up off their behinds and move and dance and live and enjoy life. >> reporter: but for millions of americans, she will forever be remembered as america's tv mom. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> she was 82 years old. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. the fight to stop the pipeline at a boiling point. and the thieves stealing your packages before you know
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they've arrived. how police are now tracking them down this holiday season. and check this video out. jet packs, these daredevils, how they pulled off this wild stunt.
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next tonight, with holiday shopping kicking into high gear, thieves are on the lookout for all those packages starting to arrive on porches across america. but police are using a new tactic to track them down. here's gloria riviera. >> reporter: holiday online shoppers, beware. tis the season when porch pirates strike. stealing packages right from your doorstep. >> in a worst case scenario, they're following the letter carrier. >> reporter: in places like florida, they've already beaten 2015 totals. the crimes are now increasingly caught on camera. police stay cameras are better when facing the street where
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they could pick up the license place on the getaway car. >> we pull up the device on our screen, as soon as it moves, we can figure out which direction it's going. >> reporter: there's plenty consumers can do. ship to your work address, or to a neighbor you know will be home. you can also ship directly to ups, fedex, or the post office. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. >> thank you. when we come back, did you hear aretha franklin's of the national anthem? and later, when a texting mixup added a stranger to the thanksgiving table. how did the mix-up go over?
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back now with our "index".
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starting tonight with growing protests against that pipeline in north dakota. heated clashes playing out all week, protesters even blasted with water hoses in freezing cold temperatures, and they're not giving up. tribe leaders are now calling on a boycott of all businesses in bismark. they claim the pipeline will contaminate the drinking water and intrude on sacred grounds. now to aretha franklin, who demands a little respect, and a lot of time when she sings the national anthem. ♪ it is the land of the free ♪ the free >> the queen of soul belting out the national anthem for a full four minutes and 35 seconds. the crowd loved it. but twitter blew up with tweets like this, "due to the length of aretha franklin's national anthem, both teams have to warm up again. kick-off pushed back half an hour." now to a wild stunt in the skies over france. check this video out.
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three daredevils with winged jetpacks, flying in formation with a team of stunt planes, weaving in and out, dangerously close to the powerful jets. just a few feet away. keep in mind, the jetpacks are only controlled by body movement. pretty spectacular. and for the last time as first lady, michelle obama, greeting the white house christmas tree. it arrived today from pennsylvania. the first lady checking it over. sasha and malia, noticeably absent again. mrs. obama joked, "this is what happens when you have teenagers." when we come back, the stranger that came to thanksgiving dinner. one grandma making good on an accidental text invite to a teen she had never met before. so, how did it all turn out?
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finally tonight, the accidental invite that ended up with a stranger at the thanksgiving dinner table, and a newfound friendship. here's linsey davis. >> how are you? >> how are you? >> reporter: leave it to 21st-century technology to bring a thanksgiving twist like this. >> this is our home, and let's go do some eating. >> reporter: 17-year-old jamal hinton was sitting in school when he got this text message from wanda dench, who thought she was sending it to her grandson. "thanksgiving dinner is at my house. let me know if you're coming." even after they swapped selfies and realized the mix-up, jamal jokingly texted back, "can i still get a plate though?" to his surprise, this arizona grandmother texted back, "of course you can. that's what grandmas do, feed everyone."
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wanda believes this was no mistake, but the work of god. >> he's just using us as tools and vessels to bring a message, you know, to others. >> reporter: a text message in this case that's become a teachable moment for us all. >> there are more nice people out in the world than i thought there were. >> reporter: turns out this wrong number provided just the right connection. >> i love just being here, feel like we could connect more and bond. >> reporter: one more reason to be thankful. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> we thank lynn si for that report. and we thank you for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. have a great night.
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