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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 29, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today. live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. this is definitely a unique occurrence. >> an intense manhunt is underway today for the abductors of that redding mom, as new details emerge about the brutal injuries she suffered while being held captive. thank you for joining us. i'm kristin zee. today, for the first time, we're hearing from sherri papini's husband, an abc news exclusive. jessica castro is here with the heart wrenching details. >> we're getting insight into the traumatic experience.
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she was so badly beaten up, her husband said officers warned him to brace himself before seeing his wife again. >> keith opened up six days after his wife was found alive. he told abc 7 in a statement about the couple's reunion after sherri went missing for three weeks, writing, quote, my first sight was my wife in a hospital bed. her face covered in bruises, ranging from yellow to black, because of repeated beatings. the bridge of her nose, broken. sherri was found bound at the side of a highway, according to her husband, with a chain around her waist. keith describes his wife as being frail, 87 pounds, with her signature, long blonde hair, chopped off. in a statement, keith thanked the community and the police for their help and squashed rumors surrounding the strange case, expressing content for folks waiting for, quote, gory details of the case.
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he went on to say, quote, i understand people want the story. picture, proof that this was not some sort of hoax. plan to gain money or fabricated race war. i do not see a purpose in addressing each preposterous lie. the missing mom of two thanke the community for their support. >> overjoyed that she was able to talk and give thanks, and sherri, of course, was tearful on the phone and then i'm even talking about it now, i'm getting tearful. >> the search continues for the cap tors who sherri described as two hispanic women in a dark colored suv. meanwhile, keith papini said it his wife's will to live that brought her home. >> jessica, thank you. new at 11:00 a.m., a san francisco apartment building needs to get checked out after a car plowed into it. abc 7 was on knob hill after it ran into the corner of the
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building. the fire department pulled one person from the car, just after 9:00 a.m. this morning. they've been taken to the hospital. right now, a san jose intersection is back open after a cab hit and killed a woman walking early this morning. the woman was not in the crosswalk when she was hit near capital expressway around 3:00 a.m. speed, drugs and alcohol have been ruled out as factors in the crash. the road was shut down for about five hours, before it was cleared. happening today, if you're going to san francisco airport, an hour from now, expect to see airport workers and uber drivers among those protesting for higher wages. this is part of a nationwide battle, and follows one in oakland this morning. abc 7 news reporter, amy hollyfield is live at sfo. >> reporter: hi, kristin. the airport spokesman said they've issued permits for a protest and do all they can to support free speech, but hoping the protesters were stick to the
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cordoned off areas, and they will be watching this has been called a day of disruption. that's what protesters did already this morning. protesters shut down the intersection of 98th avenue and international boulevard in oakland to demand a higher minimum wage. they blocked the street for about an hour before police moved in and made some arrests. organizers were pleased with the turnout. >> it sends a real strong message that status quo is not acceptable. and that we definitely need to consider the workers, and their rights. and their opportunity and ability to earn a sustainable living. >> reporter: this was one of several demonstrations that took place across the country today. sheer a look in chicago. the nationwide effort is called fight for 15, meaning they want the minimum wage raised to $15 an hour. they staged a protest at a mcdonald's restaurant, ticket
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agents as an example of who they're fighting for. uber drivers also participated. >> we make a lot less than minimum wage woerkers. we're here to say you know what, we cannot allow corporate america to put profits before people. >> reporter: the airport spokesperson points out that san francisco has approved a $15 minimum wage in 2018, that's when it is set to kick into gear. they said that's a good start. it is not the same as it in the other parts of the country, they do want to continue to protest for more. reporting live at sfo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. download the news app for updates on today's protests, and the impacts you can enable push alerts for breaking news sent to you any time. on to developing news, just a ter barible plane crash.
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the brazilian president declared days three days of mourning, it won't down in this moun tetain area. it is hard to make out this was it is not clear what caused the crash. we are told the jet was near its destination, flying from bolivia to medellin. it shows the plane circumstan several times. this video was posted just before they boarded the plane. one of the players seen with his teammates, is said to be one of the survivors. the team that was set to play against them, they want the brazilians to be the winners. a triple shooting in a restaurant parking lot that left a man dead at the texas roadhouse union landing shopping
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center just off interstate 880 around 9:00 last night. two other men were taken to the hospital. one is in serious condition, the other is in critical. police say they arrested three suspects about a block away, they recovered a gun and other evidence from the suspect's cars. it could be weeks before health officials will know what triggered the death of three. they ate at the american legion hall on west sixth street on thanksgiving day. stutter delta medical center admitted eight patients who had nausea and diarrhea. three died, and four were treated in released. one remains hospitalized. health officials cautioned by blaming them. >> when we talk about the safety techniques, they sounded appropriate. >> golden hills church hosted the events but hasn't returned our calls for comment.
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costra contra is overseeing the investigation. a plan led by pro football player, ronny lott to keep the players in town, his proposal calls for building a new stadium for the raiders at the current coliseum site. if city leaders give the green light, they'll hold a public discussion next tuesday. blocking lott's plan will clear the way for the raiders to move to las vegas. happening today, asking for funding to block deportation. he calls it a test of the city's pledge to remain a sanctuary city. campos will propose a $5 million plan to provide legal representation who face deportation. it is a direct response to president-elect trump, who said that he will defund sanctuary cities. one of san francisco's top high schools is making headlies this morning, but not for academics.
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according to the examiner, there is hate graffiti found in bathrooms, classroom desks. they say school staff plans to send letters this week to show respect for their peers. fema is trying to stop wildfires from destroying the smoky mountains. they've given money to help tennessee mobilize resources needed to fight the fires. this morning, people are banned from entering the tourist city of gatlinburg. not far from dolly wood theme park. 14,000 people were evacuated overnight and hundreds of homes are damaged. forecasters expecting more rain in the next day or two. >> can you guys see that? all of that red are flames. >> the person who took this video says that strong winds are fanning and fueling flames. originally when he drove by the fire, he says it was in part of
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the woods where you see the embers burning. as you can see, the wind quickly sread it to the rest of the mountain. still ahead, president-elect trump taps a familiar choice for transportation secretary. >> hoping nab package thieves red-handed this holiday season. plus, netflix taxed? the california community is considering a streaming video charge. good thing they're not taxing sunshine today. check out the weather window at pier 15. a quick storm offers us about a 20% chance of wet weather tomorrow. i'll show you the scattered showers and warm weather
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former labor secretary, elaine chao is expected to be the top choice for transportation secretary. she is married to senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell. chao is the first asian american woman to hold a cabinet position. the conveyor belt, ready to make way to their door. unfortunately, thieves are waiting for their packages. abc 7 news reporter, matt kelly is live in campbell with the high tech plan.
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>> reporter: campbell police first started putting gps in bikes, and that was so successful, they wanted to go after another set of thieves, the one whos who take packages porches. one to two residents are victims everyday. >> we're tired. we're tired of citizens being victimized. >> reporter: campbell police department has made the package program symbol. ups, dhl or another service delivers with a gps tracker inside. if the package move, officers swarm in for the arrest. we saw what happens when an alert goes off. one of the packages was moved just after 8:30 this morning. officers received an alert, but turned out to be a false alarm. a landscaper josled the package. it shows it works. let it be a warning to all you thieves out will. >> don't come to campbell.
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don't steal packages. >> reporter: the program is getting a lot of support. people are tired of the theft. >> it feels tired. >> reporter: dr. martinez had a package stolen, and he is a board member of the police foundation, nonprofit helped pay for the gps tracker. >> generally, campbell is a wonderful place to live and have a business. we like to keep it that way. >> reporter: campbell is the first city in northern california to run this bait package program. if it is successful, you could expect it to come to a city near you. matt, thank you. you can take steps before getting your packages stolen. first, have your package delivered to someone who can actually receive it in person, leak a neighbor or relative. you can track your package online and schedule specific date and time for delivery, so you'll know you'll be there. binge watching has become a way of life for many, but dozens of california cities are
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considering slapping a tax on streaming services like netflix. cable tv subscriptions are taxed, so why not streaming. the ceo of netflix says it is a dangerous precedent that could lead to taxes on other things like music streaming. stockton and sacramento are the few of the 40 cities looking into it. still ahead, this is a heads up for uber users, why it still needs to track you even if you're not in the car. live look outside, east bay hills camera. looking across the bay, san francisco sutro tower. it is chil
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going to encounter in australia's wildlife. the host of the show "right this minute," have a sneak peek. >> so many people have dashcams, this car is just driving along, taking in the scenery when a large bird comes into view, when all of a sudden -- what was that? it wasn't the bird. if you want to find out, you've got to watch the show. >> we'll talk about that later on "right this minute." >> we're going to have to watch. you can catch it every weekday starting at 3:00. if you have the latest update for uber, it is tracking your when your ride ends, it
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wants to access your location to five minutes after you get out of the car. they said it will improve pickups and dropoffs along with enhancing safety. now, if you don't like it, you can turn off location sharing in your settings, but you'll have to manually type in the pick-up address every time. >> interesting. pumping gas, not the most exciting thing that we do everyday. well, there is new technology to help you pass the time. >> how long does it take? abc 7 rob marciano has more. >> just start pumping. >> he is talking to me. >> pick a pandora station to play. >> you can choose from trivia, you can do photo booth. >> bp says its personality pump is named miles and it is to offer customers a more enjoyable experience at the pump. miles talks, plays music, watch videos, get news headline, and even take a selfie. it wasn't quite matched up to
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his face. it is just the first pro poe type, right, mike? >> yeah. now your accuweather forecast. >> interesting, no doubt. no doubt about that. good morning, everybody. look how interesting it looks from the golden gate bridge. look at that flag. not moving. picture perfect day to take some pictures or walk across the golden gate. unfortunately, we don't see as many people in the summertime when it is foggy and windy. here is bright blue and warmer today. stray possible shower tomorrow, and warm weekend. it could feel like winter next week, with highs in the 50s. today, top off in the 50s 60s. 59 in san francisco, 61 in oakland, same thing in salve ra fe -- san rafael. you can see the high surf advisory until 6:00. dangerous surf, so don't turn
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your back. same thing at 4:00, i put an asteri asterisk. it is going to set at that same time all the way through december 13th, and then it starts getting later. low 50s at 6:00, grab a heavier jacket. it will drop down in the mid and upper 30s, high clouds start troll in during the overnight hours, could insulate us a little bit. here are the high clouds with the next storm. not a lot of cloud cover. this thing doesn't have a lot of moisture, but it does have energy. here we are at 9:00 tomorrow morning, you can see scattered light green out there, light showers possible. the north bay, through noon, maybe a little drizzle, peninsula, and then you'll get a chance of drizzle in the higher elevations to a scattered shower through 5:00. lingering in the south bay and by 11:00, it is gone. look how sporadic it is.
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couple of a hundredths of an insurance. didn't put the storm impact scale because it will miss most of us. seven d seven-day forecast. we'll have lows in the 40s and 50s, highs in the mid 60s throughout the weekend and then another cold front. we could be in the low to mid 50s. enjoy the warm weather while we have it. >> thanks, mike, appreciate it. gracie, off to a new adventure. >> coming up next, we'll show you the first thing she did after her release back into the wild.
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it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. coming up on abc 7 news 4:00 -- a parking lot dispute turns into a demolition derby. you won't believe this and how it finally ended. sometimes your hospital can make you sick. 7 on your side, risks to patients, tonight at 5:00. now that we've spent billions of dollars on black friday and cyber monday, it is time for giving tuesday. all the spending that happens following thanksgiving, according to giving, they raised $116 million online
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last year, it is not just about giving money, though. you can sign up to volunteer somewhere or you can donate. things are looking up for a little kuolla after healing from a broken leg. >> rehab, and she'll take off like nobody's business. >> oh! >> there she goes. nothing wrong with her leg anymore. the 4-year-old had been receiving treatment in australia after being hit by a car. >> gracie was in a cast for six weeks, and you can see, she definitely all better. the fur hasn't grown back, but the vet says she'll be just fine. >> what a nice story. thank you for joining us. >> who w
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