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tv   Nightline  ABC  December 9, 2016 12:37am-1:08am PST

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this is "nightline." tonight, zen beck. >> is glenn beck shedding his radical skin? >> everyone need to stop pointing the fingers. >> galvanized by his troubled childhood. >> mom didn't fall down the stairs. >> his brush with suicidal thoughts. >> a friend put me in the car and drove me to the hospital. >> the peacemaker message for the president-elect. >> plus, murder-for-hire, seen on tv show cops, allegely planning a hit to her husband. she said it was all a game. >> on social media. so we can try to get an acting job from it. >> a jury disagreed.
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♪ good evening. thank you for joining us. conservative giant glenn beck has been called a clown, a bigot, a carnival barker, and now, a healer. that sound confusing to you, welcome to a brave new world where up is down, black is white, and glenn beck is a moderate voice of reason. ♪ >> loud. >> obama wants to legalize illegal aliens. >> combative. controversial. >> hatred for white people. >> reporter: seemingly able to cry on cue. >> have i not done enough? >> reporter: that's the commentator most of america either loves or loathes. >> you guys must be from abc. >> reporter: not the man we met. how would you define glenn beck? >> how would i define me? struggles really hard a lot of the time. trying to figure out how to be a more responsible person.
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>> reporter: "nightline" was invited to spend a day with beck at the blaze headquarters outside dallas. an old movie studio, staffed by a diverse group of millenials, a storehouse of collectibles that would make most museums blush. >> that is just the movies and tv. >> reporter: just past 6:00 a.m., the boss is one of the first to arrive. a legendary workaholic, glenn beck remains a man in a hurry. >> reporter: where do you go from here? >> quickly out of makeup. >> reporter: don't think i ever interviewed any one in 34 years let us interview them getting makeup. >> his favorite part of the day. >> reporter: a quick meeting with the staff then he is on the air. >> well, i saw an interview with ted kennedy -- >> reporter: close to 4 million listeners tune into his three hour daily show with more watching online and tv. >> if this is what the conservative movement is about, ronald reagan is dead.
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>> reporter: on his daily radio program, beck has for years been the jock of shock. >> mama bear thought he was threatening the children -- >> reporter: much rage aimed at one man. >> donald trump is a dictator in the making. >> reporter: you called him a sociopath, dangerous, unhinged, unstable and you compared him to adolf hitler. >> don't think i compared him to adolf hitler. nobody can be compared to adolf hitler. i said adolf hitler of the 1930s and 40s is not adolf hitler of the 1920s. somebody who can reach in and stir a crowd like that has a moral compass that is wishy-washy at best, they don't all turn into adolph hit lerz. but one of them did. >> reporter: beck opposed trump during the campaign. but today despite the barbs he witness threw at trump, beck is cautiously trying to turn the page. >> now he is soon to be leader
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of the free world you say what? >> the same thing i said at the beginning of barack obama before he made any decisions. i want him to be successful. >> reporter: even extending an olive branch new administration. >> i am reaching out today. i am calling him today. whether he take is my call. not saying he is going to shun it. he is president-elect. >> reporter: you have talked to him? >> no, we reached out. >> reporter: as for the president elect chief white house strategist another matter. steve bannon? >> yeah. >> reporter: your constitution dropped by saying his name. >> the left and the right have their own demons if you will that should be exorcised. >> reporter: define alt-right for me? >> alt-right is a movement that most conservatives didn't even know. you've think of the ku klux klan. they're no longer racest, their identists. doesn't sound as bad as a racist. it is just as bad and poisonous. >> reporter: poisonous is one of
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the few g rated words liberals used to describe beck. now staunchly conservative. he wants to be a bridge builder not a flame thrower. >> when we get to the scripture quote stuff, i am just going to, follow me. >> reporter: glenn beck, the man called a clown, a bigot, a carnival barker, a smug know it all. now you want to be a -- a healer? >> no. you're making this too grand. you are saying -- you want to -- no, no, no. i am going to do it in my own life. and i am going to do it in my own business. i am inviting you to make the commitment to do the same thing. >> reporter: despite this new tone, beck is aware he still has enemies. and as a result, 24/7 security. >> reporter: you get threats still? >> yeah, i am told, 15 to 18 active threats to me or the family. >> reporter: even more than being a conservative, beck is a
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deeply religious, equally devoted family man. his daughter, mary kate and son-in-law work for him. >> reporter: i find you deliciously delightful. but when i have read about you, i have heard people use, i can understand the word dangerous. >> i certainly don't think i am dangerous. i guess i could be the character in the comic books it is a good thing you use your power for good as owe pezzed edopposed t. i know huh to gather a crowd if that is my goal. to be able to know that when you are talking, the televisions are all on at the white house, that's intoxicating. okay. fame is the most corrosive thing to a soul you can possibly ever introduce. it is awful. >> reporter: more than alcohol? >> yeah. >> reporter: more than drugs? >> yes. >> reporter: you know those well? >> i know them very well. >> reporter: vices he says were all around him growing up. a tough childhood that beck says in many ways shaped his personality. >> i don't like conflict believe
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it or not? >> reporter: say what? you made your living on conflict. >> no, i didn't. i haven't. i have made about four years of my life out of conflict. but, and i don't want to be that guy. i grew up in an alcoholic family. lots of problems. >> reporter: you have thought about suicide, yes? >> uh-huh. yeah. >> reporter: how close did you come? >> this is back in the late '80s -- pretty darn close. >> reporter: his demons behind him. beck admits some portion of the bitter divide in america was fueled by commentators like himself. a divide he helps to bridge. >> i am trying to spend my time trying to talk to people look you, trying to talk to -- people in the media, and say, please don't make the mistakes i made. >> reporter: still a glimpse of the former beck comes to life. when one man is mentioned. >> reporter: barack obama -- >> yeah. >> reporter: once critical of him. you call him a racist.
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and now? >> i still don't feel i have met the genuine man. >> reporter: you paid him a compliment recently, right, you said he helped make you a better man. >> firmly believe that. when somebody pushes you, challenges you, you find out who you are, good and bad. >> heavenly father, we love you very much. >> reporter: some things remain the same for this devout mormon, husband and grandfather. >> your husband has a represent tags represent -- representation of being loud having a discussion. is he loud at home? >> uh-uh. >> reporter: does he get the last word at home? >> no. >> glenn beck, is a complicated man, loyal, combative, evolving. hive can defeat his own demons, he hopes the same for the country. >> i deon't think i would have guessed 15 years ago i would be surrounded by my family. this is the, that is -- that is
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a dream come true. we have -- we have made a point in my family in the last 15 years to -- to break a few cycles of generational cycles. and this is a dream come true. next, police call it a murder-for-hire plot caught on hidden camera. the accused claims it was a tryout for reality show. >> but first, america says, godspeed to a national icon, john glenn. aviator, politician and patriot. passed away earlier today at 95. one of the original astronauts, glen was the first american to orbit the earth. >> oh, that view is tremendous. >> exemplar of what came to be known as the right stuff. resigning front space program in 1963, glen turned to politics,
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serving as a democratic senator from ohio. >> i guess i looked at my whole life as service to my country. >> in 1998, glen was still a sitting senator when he returned to space at age 77. >> liftoff of discovery -- >> making him the oldest astronaut to orbit the earth tonight we remember an american hero. ♪ this holiday, on america's most awarded brand, during the ford year end event. ford, the brand with the most 5-star ratings... the highest owner loyalty...
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. ♪ ♪ we now take you inside what police say is an astonishing murder-for-hire plot, such a bizarre twist fields like a scripted tv drama. in fact that's what the defendant claims it was. here's abc's lindsay davis.
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dalia dippolito, the woman who was overheard on tape saying she was 5,000% sure she wanted a hit man to kill her husband was back in court today. >> counsel may be seated. welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. >> reporter: the second time she is being tried for the alleged crime after an appellate court reversed her conviction in 2014. her team of atoerntorneys tryin discredit the police department, saying they were fame hungry willing to go to whatever length needed to be featured on the tv show "cops." >> that proves she was feeling pressured. >> reporter: you have her on tape talking about killing her husband and paying money for it. you don't get much better evidence than that. >> reporter: it all started with this 2009 video that went viral. >> is your husband michael? >> reporter: it looks like police are telling dal ra dippolito, her husband of six months was murdered. >> sorry to tell you, ma'am,
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he's been killed. >> reporter: watch closely, because nothing in this case is what it seems. >> try to calm down. >> reporter: turns out police are duping dalia, the crime scene it is fake. police claim dalia ordered a hit on her husband and they have hidden camera video to prove it. >> nobody's going to be able to point a finger at me. >> reporter: the bizarre case quickly gained national headlines. >> police staged a fact murder scene. >> reporter: dalia dippolito. >> dippolito. >> reporter: amy robach sat down with dippolito last december. >> when people hear the name, dalia dippolito, what do you think comes to mind? >> everything negative. all the headlines. the person they're describing definitely not me. >> reporter: her downfall began, she says the day she met with what she thought was her dream man. >> reporter: what was your initial impression of mike dippolito? >> charming. really strong connection. >> reporter: police say after just six months of marriage, dalia has other men in her life who are helping her with a
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secret plan to get mike's money, condo and get him out of the way. >> so i came here. >> reporter: this is an undercover police officer, police say dalia thinks she is meeting with an actual hit man in his cherry red convertible. >> reporter: their plan, to stage it as a burglary gone wrong that leaves mike dead. >> because everybody during the daytime. everybody is at work. when he's not at work he gets two in the head. >> cops plan to film the last part of the police investigation. cameras are rolling as the alleged target, michael dippolito gets a knock at the door. >> your wife has hired a person to kill you. >> reporter: they drive him away and transform the street to make it appear they're really investigating mike's murder. >> we're at your residence, ma'am. can you come right back to your residence, please? >> he has been killed. he's been killed, ma'am. >> reporter: we know the cops are acting, what about dalia?
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>> you're going to jail today for solicitation of murder, you're under arrest. >> reporter: dippolito maintained she too was acting. going along with the plan that she says she scripted along with her then husband michael dippolito and alleged former lover mohammad shahadi. >> the tape it was a show. that was the tape. that was the purpose of it. >> reporter: you were acting in the tapes? >> yes. >> reporter: earlier this your she doubled down, testifying at a pretrial hearing. >> this is supposed to put on line so you can get publicity. >> on social media, yes. >> right. >> so we could try to get an acting job from it. >> reporter: it is hard to fiend a good hit man. they're not just cruising around. this is another case where it seems that someone wanted a close relative dead and they got turned in. at least that's the prosecution's theiry. >> reporter: back in court,
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contention among opposing counsel has the gotten so intense, the judge admonished them in open court yesterday. >> you are going to start acting professionally. i am not going to have this bickering between the two of you. >> reporter: it is not yet known whether or not dalia dippolito will testify, but with the prosecution resting their case today, it is now solely up to dippolito's defense to sway the jury. for "nightline," i'm lindsay davis, in new york. >> next -- ♪ ♪ another little baby, asking mek jagger to give him shelter. wait until he learns that papa was a rolling stone. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: abc news "nightline," brought to you by the lincoln motor company. ♪ (laughs..) here it is. ♪
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♪ ♪ finally tonight, a lot of fathers in the world. but at 73 years old, mick jagger may be the grandaddy of them all. here is abc's nick watt, asking
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"watt's up? ♪ ♪ >> reporter: start me up from 1981. mick today a dad for the eighth time. he is 73. 73. but here's the thing -- >> it is not just a blip, not like a rarity like a super moon. when you go on google and you put in, older dads, and all of these lists come up. >> reporter: ronnie wood, aged 68, just had twins. steve martin, slightly decrepit dad in father of the bride two. in real life, first time dad, age 67. on-screen dirty grandpa de niro. >> want to tag along for a bit. had a daughter, aged 68. donald trump don't forget, a dad at 59.
1:05 am
mick's baby mama, a 29-year-old ballerina from new york city. >> man this is a good thing for old men. >> if you are fryitrying to cone me this should happen, i just don't -- >> reporter: no, not buying it? >> new harry met sally -- >> charlie chaplin had babies at 73. >> he was too old to pick them up. >> they can get away with it. they have the cool factor going. they're in their parallel universe it is okay. >> reporter: jagger's oldest kid, 46, two with jerry hall, two models, and he has grandkids, great granddaughter and a new baby. and he is still singing "let's spend the night together." ♪ let's spend the light together now i need you more than ever ♪ >> reporter: maybe he a not done yet. papa was, after all, a rolling stone. i'm nick watt for "nightline" in los angeles. ♪ ♪
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it was phillip witmore sr. who said any fool can be a father, it take is a real man to be a dad. thank you for watching abc news. as always we are online at abc and "nightline" facebook page. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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