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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 9, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PST

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>> leaving you with a look at sfo where we are good morning, america. breaking news for our viewers out west. the first major winter storm of the season hitting right now. parts of the freeway under water. >> this is the end of the road for us. we're on the 101 southbound, and we can't go any farther. >> thousands in california facing mandatory evacuations. and now a warning about flash floods and mudslides heading for those spots already devastated by the wildfires. president trump takes the field at the big game last night, and now, tracking that high stakes meeting between north and south korea. north korea announced this morning they are sending athletes to the olympics. what will this mean about the nuclear showdown in the west? and an abc news exclusive. tonya harding, done apologizing.
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what she is saying about that attack on nancy kerrigan. >> competitors, yes. rivals, no. >> what did she know beforehand, and now nearly 25 years later, she is telling her side of the story only on abc. ♪ compete home alabama sweet victory. the alabama crimson tide overthrowing georgia, and reclaiming the college football throne. that quarterback who took his team to the win is here live on "gma" this morning. and we do say good morning, america. great to have michael back here. >> great to be back. >> your gps was working. >> i wasn't trying to find it
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when it was zero. >> i don't blame you at all. how about that game last night? we're playing at sweet home, alabama. roll tide. the freshman comes back in, and they go on to win it 26-23. >> you see them lifting the trophy for the fifth time under nick saban. the freshman quarterback in the second half. he comes in to lead the way. he is coming on. >> that's a tongue tie right there. that was very good. take a scene in alabama after the win. you thought you were excited at home. there they are. the students and the fans had so much to celebrate last night. a vcrazy sea of happiness right there. we want to get to our breaking news for our viewers in the west. a powerful storm is hit right now, and forcing mudslides and thousands to evacuate. matt gutman is on the scene for us in california there.
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good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. this is the 101 freeway. now check this out. look at the size that got heaved on this roadway. this is in southern california, and i want you to see the line of cars behind us. this is one of several places along the 101 that we have seen that have been completely cut off. there are hundreds of motorists still stranded this morning. >> reporter: this morning, rivers of mud overtaking parts of southern california. mary long of santa barbara, california showing this picture of mud overtaking her living room. this as the first winter rainstorm lashes the same parts of southern california scorched by wildfires this fall. this is the end of the road for us. we can't go farther on the 101. you can see how fast that water is moving here. that is a torrent of water.
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hillsides that were engulfed in flames just weeks ago, now completely diluted, with nothing to hold the soil in place. >> nothing is slowing it down. >> reporter: right now, thousands are under mandatory and voluntary evacuation orders. fears over mudslides growing this morning. some areas inundated. residents are using sand, hay and sheets of plastic to prevent the hillside from collapsing. this family is facing its second mandatory evacuation in less than a month. we first met them in december, cars packed as the thomas fire tore through. >> what are you afraid of? >> the fire. >> is it flowing down there? >> it's stuck on the other side. >> reporter: now leaving again. it was maisy's first day back at school since the fires. the family is arming itself with sandbags and makeshift waterways to channel the water away from
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the house hoping to prevent another disaster. >> if our house were flooded, it would be devastating. >> reporter: this is the result, robin, of 5 inches of rain in just a few hours now. right now, we have reports of first responders responding to people whose homes have been completely wiped out by those mud flows, and also you can hear those crews right now trying to take a damage assessment here. it will be at least hours before you figure out how bad it is here, robin. >> matt, thank you very much. they have been through so much. let's go to ginger now who is tracking the timing of this storm. >> we just got these images of california. under that tarp is a woman who was pulled from a debris pile, so we aring le looking for all that to make its way down the mountainside, and unfortunately rescued still ongoing, and it's about how much rain fell so fast, michael. thank you, ginger.
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let's get to the big game last night. wow! crazy scene of happiness right there. and amy was there in georgia for the game. we know she's a big bulldogs than. her alma mater and we know you hoped it would have been a different outcome but at the same time i know you're proud of your team. >> yeah, you know what, they did great last night. it was a thriller last night, yes, it was a heartbreaker to some of us and you know the crimsonettes here, they are having fun this morning. none of them have slept overnight as is the case for many alabama fans and no one can argue it was a game for the ages last night, you had a come from behind overtime victory for alabama and, yes, it also thrust this 19-year-old true freshman into the spotlight. >> reporter: with the game on the line, alabama turned to a true freshman quarterback, tua tagovailoa. >> tagovailoa trying to make up for it. >> reporter: boy, did he deliver. >> fire to the end zone. touchdown, alabama wins! the crimson tide will not be
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denied. alabama breaks georgia hearts. >> reporter: down 13-0 to georgia at the half. >> in the air, the dogs barking in the first half. >> reporter: alabama sacked their veteran qb jalen hurts in favor of tua tagovailoa, a five-star recruit from hawaii. >> throwing again, end zone, touchdown. >> reporter: the 19-year-old orchestrated a 20-point comeback. >> tagovailoa, plenty of time. surveying the field. fires, end zone, touchdown. >> reporter: but when alabama missed this last-second field goal to win the game -- >> no. when you miss it that bad that's pressure. >> reporter: georgia fans thought they had another shot at redemption in overtime. but the crimson tide rolled. >> touchdown, alabama wins. >> this is a great win for our
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players and i have never been happener happier in my life. >> what were your emotions as you watched the ball through flew the air? >> couldn't believe it. i could not believe it. >> did you know it was a touchdown. >> i knew we were up running seattle and when i saw him come through on the other side i said this was it. >> reporter: the number 13 has never felt so lucky. >> this moment, i mean it means the world but at the same time, i mean all glory goes to god. i can't describe what he's done for me and my family. >> the man that caught that game-winning catch devonta smith also a true freshman and says as they were coming up with that play he looked over at tua and said, trust me, bro. well, i guess that trust certainly paid off and a lot of people asking this morning if this victory makes nick saban the most successful college coach of all time. you may remember back in 2009 when he brought home his first victory for alabama he said this is just the beginning and it looks like he was certainly right. now he is tied with bear bryant for a record six championships,
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that is the most for a head coach ever in history so pretty impressive stats. we are going to speak with tua, that star quarterback, also an alabama player who decided to celebrate beyond the football game by proposing to his girlfriend. so a lot coming up still, guys. >> amy, it was exciting for us to be watching at home. what was it like to be there at that stadium? >> reporter: i mean, it was great for the first three quarters, robin. amazing and then it was soul crushing. it was soul crushing. i mean i -- we had the biggest highs and just the most horrific lows, i mean, we really thought when they missed that field goal at the end we had it and then we made ours, oh. it was a rough night. >> yeah, we're seeing -- >> amy, if it makes you feel any better i've been there more than once. hang in there. you'll be all right. >> we'll check back with you in a little bit. amy, thank you. we saw president trump take the field for the national anthem at
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last night's championship game and this morning keeping an eye on those talks between north and south korea, their first in two years. the north has now decided to send a delegation to the olympics. our chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz, is tracking the latest. she's there in seoul, south korea. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. after months of terrifying nuclear headlines coming out of north korea, today was a welcome and startling change on the peninsula, beginning with a walk across the border. this morning, on the world's most heavily fortified border, a delegation of north korean officials walked briskly over that small dividing line, right into south korea, enemy territory. greeted by south korean counterparts, the men shook hands, smiling and got down to business. and it did not take long. for the first time in eight years, north korea agreed to
7:11 am
send its athletes, a figure skating pair and maybe more, to the upcoming olympic games as well as a cheerleading group and performance troupe. the two sides also decided to have military talks to relieve tension at the volatile the north koreans calling it a new year's gift. for the south an insurance policy that kim jong-un won't disrupt the games. the south did bring up hopes of de-nuclearization with north korea today. the north said absolutely nothing in response. and there is no guarantee kim won't test another missile in the coming weeks. he is likely just one or two tests away from perfecting a nuclear tipped missile that could potentially reach the u.s. exactly the deterrent and negotiating power he wants. president trump had said he welcomed these talks between the north and south about the olympic games, but says kim
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jong-un knows he is not messing around when it comes to demanding the north halt its nuclear weapons program and the pressure will continue. robin. >> it will, all right. thank you, martha. now to new developments in the russia investigation. special counsel robert mueller has told president trump's legal team that he is likely to request an interview with the president, could come in a matter of weeks and our senior justice correspondent pierre thomas is tracking the investigation from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, george. special counsel mueller has indicated to president trump's attorneys that his team may want to interview the president and sources tell us that trump's legal team is pondering how to respond if an official request is made. would they be willing to allow the president to sit down to be interviewed or would they want to limit the scope and allow the president to respond only in written form? it's unclear, george, whether mueller will accept the more limited option. >> hard to imagine he would accept that option especially because in the past presidents have sat down with special counsels, ronald reagan did it, bill clinton did it before the grand jury, george w. bush did it. >> reporter: absolutely.
7:13 am
the president has maintained there was no collusion and he's done nothing wrong so he may feel it's perfectly fine to do the interview because he's got nothing to hide, but the trump legal team is going to have to be careful. this is a way for mueller to get the president on the record and ask questions not only about allegations of russian collusion generally, but there could also be a lot of specific questions including what the president knew about that trump tower meeting with the russians and his role in crafting don junior's misleading statement about that trump tower meeting. and, remember, george, the special counsel's team will be holding all the cards with information from witnesses that have already been interviewed and a lot of unknowns, for example, what is michael flynn telling the special counsel? the former national security adviser pled guilty in exchange for cooperation and he's looking at zero to six months in jail, some legal experts say that's a pretty sweet deal, george. what did mueller get in exchange for such a sweet deal? >> of course, the big risk for the president any false statements before the special counsel could bring charges. pierre thomas, thanks very much. we're going to get more from the
7:14 am
white house now. our senior white house correspondent, cecilia vega, is there, and we want to switch gears and pick up on that oprah boom that ghot kicked off. possible talk about a run in 2020. what was the reaction at the white house? >> reporter: well, we don't actually know whether the president saw oprah's speech. we know his daughter did. take a look, george. she's tweeting overnight, just saw oprah's empowering and inspiring speech at last night's golden globes. let's all come together, women and men and say time's up, united. got quite a response. people like alyssa milano saying you can donate to the time's up movement in you want to support people like your own father's accusers so got a little rough online for ivanka overnight. now, in the late '90s, donald trump was asked who he would choose as a running mate if he decided to run for office. he named oprah and you know that interview you had with him on the day he announced his candidacy for this office, he said, i like oprah. so we will see the official line from the white house is we welcome all challengers. >> of course, democrats have a
7:15 am
big decision ahead for themselves. lots of business in washington right now. republicans and democrats going to sit down again trying to avoid the government shutdown that could hit later this month, january 19th but this president trump's demand for a border wall still a huge sticking point. >> reporter: yeah, and that shutdown, the clock is ticking. this border wall, this issue of immigration is the main sticking point right now on this issue. we're looking at the shutdown and potentially just nine days away so democrats and republicans will be here for this. this is a bipartisan meeting at the white house. for democrats it's a nonstarter, $18 billion for this wall they say, no dice. president trump, a huge campaign promise. perhaps his biggest and demanding this wall and border security be part of this funding measure. nancy pelosi told reporters yesterday she's skeptical they can get anything done during this meeting so that just shows you, george, where they're starting on this one, really both sides digging in. >> meantime, on immigration yesterday, cecilia, the trump administration taking away that
7:16 am
protected status for salvadorians who have been here since 2000. >> reporter: yeah, more than a 250,000 people. so they were granted this temporary status after this earthquake, and it protects salvadorians and the country illegally from being deported. they now have until september 2019 to stay in this country. look, the big question. how are you going to force all of these people out of this country? they're here. they've got lives here. their country depends on these remittances, schumer is calling this heartless and reckless. >> thanks very much. we'll move on from politics now to that powerful storm out west forcing thousands to evacuate. there are serious concerns about flooding and mudslides. abc's diane macedo is here with the story. >> reporter: good morning to you all. not only were the fraternity brothers sentenced in this case, but the fraternity itself was also sentenced and now it's
7:17 am
impacting the whole state of pennsylvania, and it could set a precedent nationwide. a fraternity is now banned in the state of pennsylvania, and two members face up to ten years in prison after the hazing death of a student there. >> i don't doubt for a second that there is remorse on behalf of each and every one of them. >> reporter: the fraternity is prohibited from operating in pennsylvania for ten years. attributed to injuries from being repeatedly tackled by fraternity members during a ritual at a rented home and waited more than an hour before getting help. >> there shouldn't have been any delay and yet there was and then afterwards there was a cover-up. >> reporter: the decision is having ramifications for other victims of hazing, as well. pennsylvania's attorney general agreed on monday to take over the penn state hazing case that left timothy piazza dead in
7:18 am
2017. he fell down a flight of stairs after a night of heavy drinking. his parents put out a statement saying in order for there to be real and meaningful change, prosecutors and the court systems throughout the country need to take a tougher stance on these types of crimes. and penn state said they've implemented some changes to increase safety. >> thanks so much. ginger, back to you. big warmup coming up? >> above 60 in nashville, yes, headed for many of us east of the rockies. tuesday trivia now brought to you by quicken loans.
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good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. your accuweather highlights, showers taper today with the best chance in the east bay and the south bay, partial clearing and patchy dense fog tonight and a slight chance of showers across the north bay wednesday. in the afternoon hours, you can see that green signifying in the east bay and south bay a chance of showers. the rest of us 57 to 59. temperatures in the 40s tonight, 10 to 15 degrees cooler than coming up, amy's one-on-one with tonya harding. what she claims she knew before the nancy kerrigan attack and what was going through her mind after it happened. and two of the heroes from last night's championship game are here live. the freshman quarterback who led alabama to victory and the lineman who celebrated in a special way.
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hey, good morning to you. i'm natasha zouves from "abc7 mornings." we are tracking breaking news out of milpitas. chp confirming the person who drove wrong way on highway 880 and hit four cars near 237 has died from his injuries. that driver drove northbound in the southbound lanes around 5:00 a.m. all lanes are now open in both directions. sue hall is tracking the impact on our roads. hi, sue. >> that's sad news to hear. we have an accident in the backup to that accident sh and i will talk about that. first let's go to san rafael. you're seeing a solid stopped lights, cars, i should say, with back lights because of an accident near lincoln. at least one lane blocked. at last report, there might even be three lanes blocked. southbound 101 just a grind. here's what happened in the
7:24 am
backtown thbac backup to that milpitas backup. there's a major one towards hayward. >> sue, thank you.
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but what i see here never ceases to amaze me: change. i see it in their eyes. it happens when people connect with nature, with culture, with each other. day after day i'm the first to see change. to see people go out, and come back new.
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princess cruises. sail with the best premium cruise line. 7-day cruises from $599. good news, the storm is downgraded to a 2, and after 8:00 i'll downgrade it to a 1. you can see it back towards the extreme east bay right now. i think by about 8:00 that will start falling apart. light rain in the north bay and also in the south bay at this time. your commute planner is soggy whether you're on the roads, mass transit, on the bay, but this afternoon will be drier and a little breezy. my accuweather seven-day forecast, a slight chance of a shower in the north bay tomorrow. otherwise, dry and warmer than average by sunday. >> all right, mike. thank you. coming up, tonya harding is speaking out. what she says she knew before the attack on nancy kerrigan. that is next on "gma."
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and we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and
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advil liqui-gels and advil liqui-gels minis. what pain? ♪ welcome back to "gma" and does everyone remember this, pink's high-flying act on the side of a hotel during the american music awards. for her next act she doesn't have to scale a tall building but it's still a very tall task. she's taking on one of the biggest stages, the super bowl, and she'll sing the national anthem. >> an honor. >> high degree of difficulty. she can handle it. >> she's amazing. also right now, white house closely watching those high-stakes talks between north and south korea. this morning the north announced this he'll send a delegation to the olympics and re-open a military hotline. and thousands are facing mandatory evacuations out west as the first major winter storm of the season moves in and it will bring flooding and mudslides to that same area of california affected by those devastating wildfires.
7:31 am
we begin with that emotional new interview with tonya harding, the former olympic figure skater, made a surprise appearance at the golden globes getting a shoutout from allison janney who won best supporting actress for playing tonya's mom in "i, tonya." take a look. >> tonya harding is here tonight and -- [ applause ] i just -- i'd like to thank tonya for sharing her story. >> and you could tell that moment meant so much to her. so let's go back to amy who spoke with harding about the film and so much more. good morning again, amy. >> reporter: good morning again, robin. we all know tonya harding's legacy will be forever linked to that infamous attack on nancy kerrigan back in 1994, a hit planned by her ex-husband in which harding said she played no role but is now revealing that she did hear something prior to that attack. [ screaming ] >> what happened? >> she said some guy hit her. >> reporter: it was the whack heard around the world. >> why? why?
7:32 am
>> reporter: america's figure skating sweetheart nancy kerrigan clubbed in the knee at the 1994 u.s. figure skating championship. her hopes of qualifying for the olympics seemingly dashed. >> it makes you cringe hearing it. because you know how much that it had to have hurt. and why someone would do this, what are they after? i was scared. >> reporter: for your own safety? >> yes. and anybody else's. i mean, this had never happened. >> i'm pretty upset and angry that someone would do this, and i really want to skate today but the doctors all said i shouldn't. >> nancy kerrigan will not be competing in the 1994 united states figure skating championships. >> it's sad. >> but she was your competition. >> competitors, yes. rivals, no. >> was there any part of you that felt relief that you wouldn't have to compete against her to get on the team?
7:33 am
>> absolutely not. >> so you didn't think with her out of the competition victory was yours? >> no. it's not. any of us could have won. any of us could have failed. >> tonya went on to win the championship. >> tonya harding is the 1994 national champion. >> reporter: and secured a spot on the olympic team. meanwhile, rumors swirled around the 20-year-old's possible involvement in kerrigan's attack as the fbi zeroed in on harding's ex-husband, jeff gillooly who conspired with a team of assailants to carry out the attack. harding always denied she helped plan the hit. >> you never said to jeff, let's do this? >> no, no. >> he never asked for your permission? >> no. >> and you were never part of the planning? >> no. i did, however, overhear them talking about stuff where, well, maybe we should take somebody out so we can make sure she gets on the team and i remembered telling them, i go, what the hell are you talking about?
7:34 am
i can skate. >> so you heard them talking about doing something to someone before the attack on nancy but nothing specific? >> this was like a month or two months before but they were talking about skating and saying, well, maybe somebody should be taken out so then, you know, she can make it. >> taken out. so then when you heard about the attack on nancy did that pop back into your head? i heard them talking a month ago. >> i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: now 24 years later, harden says she is done apologizing about kerrigan's attack. >> enough apologizing. you she's got her life. i've got my life. we both have wonderful lives and that should be all that matters. >> tonya harding pleaded guilty to conspiring to hinder the prosecution. she had to pay a $160,000 fine, three years probation, 500 hours of community service but perhaps the worst punishment of all for her, she was banned from competitive skating for life. robin.
7:35 am
>> yeah, that was really conveyed in the movie how much that hurt her to have to give up skating. okay, amy. we'll get back to you in a moment. we want to tell everybody "truth and lies: the tonya harding story" airs thursday at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on abc. michael. >> thank you, robin. now to new concerns after two young children tide at the same arizona dentist's office. one of the families is now filing a lawsuit and abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: this morning, an arizona family filing a wrongful death complaint against a popular children's dental chain over the death of their 4-year-old daughter. >> they took half of my heart. they took something from me that will never come back. >> reporter: the parents of lizeth lares said they took her to kool smiles in yuma, arizona in 2016 for what the dentist calls a routine tooth extraction. the family says they took her back the next day because of a fever and were sent home saying the dentist told them the child would be fine.
7:36 am
but days later lizeth died. >> a reasonable dentist should have, we contend, recognized that this infection had spread and was something that needed urgent attention. >> reporter: the lares' lawsuit alleges the dentist failed to meet the standard of care. a spokesperson for the dentist strongly denies the allegations claiming there was no relationship between the dental care and the child's death. just last month a 2-year-old boy also died after a crown and filling at that same kool smiles location. the family says zion gastelum stopped breathing during or after the procedure. they are still waiting for the official cause of death. >> he was fine. he was good. nothing wong with him. he was in there for a procedure. >> reporter: the company says our hearts are breaking for zion's family at this very sad time. we have safely and compassionately provided needed dental care through more than 19 million patient visits.
7:37 am
and meanwhile, in the lares case a spokesperson for the dental chain calls the girl's death tragic but insist they advised the parents to take the child to a doctor because she had cold-like symptoms and it was unrelated to the dental work, but clearly, the parents aren't buying it. >> thank you. coming up, the new tv series sparking a fierce reaction from one of fashion's top families, the versaces -- excuse me, i got something wrong with my throat there -- about the assassination of gianni versace. about the assassination of gianni versace. gianni versace.
7:38 am
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we are back with the new tv show sparking a fierce reaction from the family of gianni versace. the fashion designer was murdered in 1997 and fx is now taking a closer look in its "american crime story" series. linzie janis has more on the series and backlash. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, george. the new series comes from the makers of the critically acclaimed "the people v. o.j. simpson" and now days before it begins airing, the versace family breaking its silence slamming it as an unauthorized work of fiction. >> help! >> reporter: fx's upcoming series on the 1997 murder of fashion designer gianni versace making waves even before its debut. >> i won't allow that man, that nobody to kill my brother twice. >> reporter: the versace family including sister donatella portrayed by penelope cruz lashing out in a statement saying, the family neither
7:42 am
authorized nor had any involvement whatsoever in the tv series, saying it should only be considered as a work of fiction. the versace series from fx follows the network's very successful "the people v. o.j. simpson." that critically acclaimed series racked up scores of awards including two golden globes and nine emmys. >> people sort of know the versace story, but they don't really and i think they're going to learn a lot actually by watching this limited series. >> reporter: 21st century fox and fx productions is standing by its work saying, the assassination of gianni versace is based on maureen orth's heavily researched and authenticated nonfiction best-seller, "vulgar favors," which examined the true life crime spree of andrew cunanan and stands by the meticulous reporting of ms. orth. in the past donatella denounced that book saying it's full of falsehoods. the nine-part series airs on fx january 17th, that's next wednesday. should be interesting. >> stirring up a debate. >> got to be hard on the family. it really does. thank you, linzie.
7:43 am
coming up, that hero backup quarterback took 'bama to victory last night and the lineman who celebrated by getting down on bended knee. they're both going to join amy live in atlanta. come on back. amy live in atlanta. come on back. on back. >> that's great. >> wow. to severe plaque psoriasis,... ...isn't it time to let the real you shine through? maybe it's time for otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months,... ...with reduced redness,... ...thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has... requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. tell your doctor if these occur. otezla is associated with an increased... ...risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have... ...a history of depression... ...or suicidal thoughts,... ...or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla...
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♪ ♪ ♪ back now with that thrilling national championship game. >> it was good. >> oh, it was excellent. the overtime win was
7:47 am
electrifying last night, and amy is on the scene with two very special guests. amy. >> that's right. guys, two of the guys who made it happen last night for alabama and crushed my soul as a georgia fan, but it's okay because i want to say congratulations to tua tagovailoa and bradley bozeman. you were just saying you watched "good morning america" every day growing up. >> i did. >> now you're on it. >> it's kind of crazy. this journey has been unreal for me and i'm so blessed to be a part of it. >> congratulations, i have to ask, tua, did you get any sleep? how did you celebrate? >> i got no sleep last night. you know, it was in hopes that i would be able to wake up for this interview, you know. not only that, i mean, i got the opportunity to celebrate it with not only my teammates but my family so that was something special. >> tua, this is michael strahan. you are the co-mvp of the game. you didn't even know you were going to play, so what went through your mind when coach saban came over and said, hey kid, get in the game?
7:48 am
>> i mean, you got to be ready when your number is called and that was just my opportunity to be able to get in and just show everybody what i was able to do. you know, i was fortunate enough to have that opportunity. i mean, it was a team effort, you know, overall. i mean, couldn't have been done if the defense didn't give us the ball back, the offensive line didn't do their job and receivers didn't catch. just a team effort. >> and, tua, the internet have fallen in love with you because you can see there from that answer you just gave because you're so humble and you're humble in victory and about this team and this big win you were a big part of yesterday and what does it feel like to have all this support for -- from everybody? >> i mean, it feels really good, you know, it's a blessing. i mean, i don't know what other way would be best to describe that. that's all i would be able to say is that it's a blessing. >> bradley, you got to give us the back story now.
7:49 am
this is george. how long were you planning that engagement? >> ever since we found out we were in. just kind of been in the back of my mind and, you know, it's such a great blessing to be able to give her that special moment and on that big a platform. >> where did you hide the ring? >> it was honestly unreal. >> bradley, where did you hide the ring during the game? >> well, one of our nutritionists, kevin murray, held it for me and gave it to me right after the game and it worked out perfectly. i couldn't ask for anything better. >> i was going to say, the uniform is a little tight to be hiding a ring anywhere, brother. and bradley, i have one more question. say the game didn't turn out the way it had turned out would you still have proposed? >> i would have proposed but it would have been at a later date. didn't want to associate that, a good memory with a bad memory.
7:50 am
>> guys, we actually have bradley's fiance. come on into the picture too. she's been watching the whole time. but i wanted to give you the opportunity to say something to the fans out there. congratulations, they're all clapping for you. >> i mean, from my standpoint, you know, thank you for all the support y'all have given us throughout the season. you know, i haven't been the starter but i could see the tremendous amount of support y'all have shown us, whether we're playing or not playing, thank you guys so much for that. >> yeah. our fans have been great. they show up to every game, showed up to, you know, countless hotels, you know, you name it and it's been honestly amazing, really appreciate our fans. >> you guys, well, congratulations, you two. you three. >> thank you so much. >> all right, thank you guys so much. amy, thank you. tua, congratulations. bradley, congratulations to you and your fiancee. so happy for your guys. >> thank you so much. he's only 19 years old, 19.
7:51 am
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good tuesday morning. i'm natasha zouves from "abc7 mornings." mike nicco is here with our rainy weather. >> hi, everybody. a record-setting soaking storm continues to unwind. at 8:00 i'll drop it down to a 1 for the lingering light showers that are possible through about 4:00. breezy this afternoon, about 25 miles per hour. you can see mainly light rain out there. there's moderate rain near stockton and our last best chance. on the bay, exercising, out and about, wet this morning but dry and breezy this afternoon. fog will be a big concern the next couple mornings. sue? >> looks like the fog is descending on s sonoma county. blue represents standing water and the orange is the fog in the north bay. earlier sigalert in milpitas.
7:57 am
off the waldo grade before the golden gate bridge. it's blocking the slow lanes. >> coming up, a new way to shred all your holiday debt next on "gma." we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. north and south korean high-stakes talks, their first in two years and the north deciding to send athletes to the games. what this could mean for the nuclear showdown in the west. ♪ sweet home alabama overtime thriller. a sweet victory for alabama. >> touchdown. >> the crimson tide rolling over georgia to take back the college football throne in a jaw-dropping win for the ages. shred your debt. the brand-new money trend that will help you kondo your budget. how it works, should you do it and can it save you money? princess charlotte, the adorable new photos making headlines and look at the resemblance side by side with a young queen elizabeth as harry and meghan make a brand-new public appearance this morning. and we can't wait for this.
8:01 am
taraji p. henson is the ultimate dangerous woman. a hit woman on a mission. ♪ what's really crazy and she's saying -- >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] we heard her loud and clear. >> oh, yeah. >> can't wait to get upstairs. happy tuesday, everybody. tell you what, 'bama fans are mighty happy on this tuesday. kind of feel it for amy after she likes georgia, went to georgia and she was there at the game. oh, the agony of defeat. >> such a big fan. >> she did rebound this morning. very proud of her team. >> she should be because alabama, they are celebrating that big national championship win last night. but we have much more on that coming up. i got to say amy has been a great sport about it. she really has. >> yeah. breaking news out of north korea in their first talks with south korea in two years, kim jong-un's team has announced they will send athletes to south
8:02 am
korea. our chief global affairs anchor from south korea, martha raddatz in seoul. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. this will be the first time in eight years north korea will be sending athletes, a figure skating pair to the winter olympics. today's meetings were held on the south korean side of the heavily fortified border. the mood seemed upbeat as they worked out logistical details. the south koreans did bring up de-nuclearization with the north. the north koreans later expressing strong discontent that it was mentioned. president trump had given these talks his blessing, but he said kim jong-un realizes he is not messing around when it comes to kim getting rid of his nuclear weapons and promises the pressure will continue and while the north and south made some progress in the relationship, which is expected to expand to military talks, there is no guarantee that kim will not test another missile in the coming days. george. >> we will be watching closely. martha raddatz, thanks very
8:03 am
much. >> no guarantees. now to that new storm threatening the west. thousands facing mandatory evacuations as flooding and mudslides move into that same area that was just devastated by wildfires. abc's matt gutman is in la conchita, california where the storm is hitting right now. >> reporter: this is the end of the roads for us, and you can see the california highway patrol surveying this debris flow from the other side of the 101 northbound. now you see the size of the trees that have been heaved up on the road here, and we have encountered several of these roadblocks along the 101, and we are hearing reports that houses have completely been wiped off their foundations. first responders rescuing people from homes there. significant concern of loss of life. we don't have a damage assessment yet, but there is a lot of concern right now about what these mud flows have done in the middle of the night. now there are sill hundreds and hundreds of motorists trapped
8:04 am
along this road here trying to get to santa barbara, completely cut off right now, robin. >> so hard to see that. okay. thank you, matt. we'll bring amy back in. amy has more on last night's national championship football game. amy. >> yeah, michael, the first half it looked like everything was going our way. i have to say my family and i had the best time in the stands cheering on georgia. if it just could have ended there things would have been great for us, but we had to get to the fourth quarter, and it looked like 'bama was going to win with that field goal. but i got to tell you, when they missed that field goal, i was down on the field itself. i think the mascot and i hugged, fell to -- yeah, there we are just thinking this is our chance, redemption, we're going to win. and that was short-lived unfortunately because we know freshman quarterback tua tagovailoa who we just spoke with, great guy, true freshman, throws that pass and as soon as he threw that pass, i knew it was over.
8:05 am
i think we've been showing the video on a loop. i fell to my knees. the agony of defeat. i really felt that. it went from pure joy to pure despair. i survived. i made it. i slept two hours. i still feel a little a little sick to my stomach but i'm happy for the people of alabama because it was a great game, guys, and that's the end of the day. it was an awesome game to be at and it was an incredible competition between the two teams. we still got next year. got my red and black on. >> we're so happy that you had that memory with your family and had that moment with them all. >> it was great. >> special. very special. get back safely. coming i here, former presidential candidate, mitt romney, reveals his secret cancer battle. we'll get into the details on his treatment and recovery from dr. ashton. also ahead how kate middleton is celebrating her 36th birthday. plus, those adorable new photos of princess charlotte heading to nursery school. and celebrity trainer tracy anderson is here live. she'll show us all the best
8:06 am
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8:10 am
[ cheers and applause ] welcome back. hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo. they've been hearing tom's joke, our audience. >> hype man. >> he's working and got them hyped. >> the crowd back here. [ applause ] he's on it. you know that lara is on her way back from the golden globes and
8:11 am
we have adrienne bankert back here with some "pop news" for us this morning. [ applause ] >> that's right. >> what's popping? >> you popping. we are talking about "pop news" and speaking of the golden globes, which are over, all eyes are now on the baftas, the nominations announced overnight. "the shape of water" walking away with the most nominations at 12. "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri" which had a big night at the golden globes this weekend got nine nominations, which was "the post," a leading oscar contender didn't get any nominations. they are a big indicator of who we could see win at the oscars and airs february 18th which we will find out. >> yes. yes, we will. [ applause ] >> a lot of movies that people haven't seen. >> yeah. >> i just saw "the greatest showman" and i have to say, go see it. i'm just saying. a nice, happy movie. up next, nicole kidman seems
8:12 am
happy. she has a brand-new golden globe, and a shiny new instagram to go with it. check out her debut post. writing about last night, shut the place down -- that's nicole kidman speaking. i am so proud of my "big little lies" family and to have stood with my sisters on such a special night. #timesup and got over 350,000 followers in a few hours because she's nicole kidman. in her second post you can see her with her "big little lies" co-stars with the simple caption, my sisters. >> opening with a bang. >> yes. opening the new year with a bang on social media. but it's not the. ♪ last dance for donna summer. cue the music. ♪ >> you love to do that. >> cue the music. disco legend donna summer's life story coming to broadway. produced by the one and only tommy mottola will showcase the rise of the queen of disco.
8:13 am
what a way to keep her magical music and spirit alive. the musical opens on april 23rd, and you know people will be lining up for that. >> i'm good friends with her daughter amanda and her husband and they're in a band called johnny swim. i guess talent runs in the family. >> they're amazing. >> really amazing. >> that's good the know that you are buddies with them. i'm saying, tickets. i'm just saying. >> always something, adrienne. always something. >> i'm just thinking we're friends here so it's all good. >> i'll keep my relationships to myself. >> it's all love. >> but that was a great job with "pop news," and now we're going to turn to our "gma" cover story. former presidential candidate mitt romney revealing he was treated for prostate cancer last summer. this news comes as speculation grows he may run for senate. and dr. ashton is here. >> good morning, sir. >> she is going to talk to us about this. good morning, doc. thank you for joining us. mitt romney, he's 70 years old. he's been generally in great health. >> yep. >> so what is the risk of
8:14 am
prostate -- who is at risk for it and why? >> short answer, literally every man. when i was in medical school, michael, we were taught that in a man lives long enough, almost every man will have at least microscopic evidence of prostate cancer so the statistics, it affects about one in six or seven men. it is more common as men age so over the age of 65 definitely more common and there is a range. this is important. not all prostate cancer will kill a man. there are slow growing types and aggressive types. those at high risk, people with family history and african-american men typically affected more often. >> generally they say 40 years old you should start having your prostate exams. what is the new age now? >> well, listen, the screening -- this the most important thing in the world of prostate cancer. the screening recommendations have changed in the past years and there has been some controversy with that like any screening test for cancer because of the question, is that screening test doing more harm than good? so to be clear, this is a shared decision-making process.
8:15 am
it is not one size fits all. it appears the biggest benefit of screening is between men age 55 to 69 and it depends on the age of that man and his general health. we're talking about this blood test mostly called a psa so this is a controversial area and it's something that men should discuss with their health care provider. >> in romney's case he had his treated surgically. what are the other options? >> more options for treating prostate cancer than many other cancers. if you look at this list oh and this is -- there's surveillance called watchful waiting or surveillance, surgery, radiation therapy, cryotherapy then you go on to hormonal therapy, chemo. some vaccines. if it has spread to the bone you can target that. there are a ton of options and it's really something that the man has to discuss with his surgeon, with his urologist, and it's based on not just the stage
8:16 am
or grade of the cancer, but his age and his health so someone who is 70 may choose a different treatment than someone who is 60. >> got you. doc, thank you so much. the biggest thing, guys make sure you get screened. >> talk to your doctor. >> talk to your doctor. >> exactly. >> thank you. >> great advice there. turning our attention to our new series helping you shred your debt. according to one survey 53% of americans -- do you know this, becky? 53% of americans say they're saving money. that is their top new year's resolution. and becky worley is here with the hot saving trend. i want to you say the word. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> i bet you didn't know i speak a little bit of japanese which is handy because the hottest trend in shredding your debt is coming straight from japan to your wallet. the japanese have unique ideas about self-improvement. the latest craze, kakebo, dubbed the marie kondo method of home budgeting.
8:17 am
>> when you start at the beginning of the month and write down your goals, write down what you're spending on and you write down your income, that's going to help you organize your decision maker process. >> reporter: enter haley and cody. >> moving out from your parents you don't realize all of the things that you really have to pay for on a month-to-month basis. >> then we get the first bill and we're like, wow. >> reporter: they like all of us struggle to stick to their budget goals. >> we can figure out a way to pay it. >> reporter: what goals do you have around saving? >> i definitely wish i had a cushion. i mean i have some in savings but it's definitely not enough for me to feel 100% comfortable. >> reporter: those are problems a daily journal and requires a monthly planning session to allocate your expenses. it's based on what financial planners call the envelope system of budgeting. you take your monthly income and you divvy it up. money goes into the survival envelope first. rent, food, transportation, medical and phone.
8:18 am
next envelope is called optional. think restaurants and shopping, then culture, movies, concerts, and finally extra, or surprise expenses like gifts, donations and emergencies. >> when we set goals, that really gives us the motivation to do things like stick to a spending plan. >> reporter: a daily nudge in the direction of getting fiscally fit. now, the book is not available right now in the u.s. but it will be this fall. the publisher tells us but great tips for really getting that debt under control. >> oh, great tips and i'm looking at it. you're going to have to really put some entries in here. i'm thinking maybe a more modern take would be welcomed. >> the same concept of the envelope budgeting can be done with a couple of apps. this one is called good budget and you see it lets you create your own envelopes. they've chosen groceries, gas, rent, but you can customize that. then it will also report your spending by envelope and how you're doing against your monthly income. that's the key. a lot of people also use mint
8:19 am
which is kind of a swiss army knife of all these financial apps. >> i've seen that. >> then they have budgeting in here. they'll tell you the categories where you're spending and even pop notifications up which is kind of -- we call it nagware, but i did get quite a few of those in december as the holiday season came to a close and it made me very mindful of my spending. >> something to keep in mind. all right, becky, always great to have you here. let's go to ginger. >> i was just saying there's no way i'd get my nails done. it's time. we should do this. your "gma" moment. when you sneak out at night and you don't want your mom to know, yeah, that's yarny, the dog in rex, georgia. sneaks back into her yard, yes. >> have you ever seen such -- >> she finally caught her. so tracy is her owner, her person and says i don't know where she goes but she comes back every morning and she jumps right in. i thought that was pretty cool. anyway, send us your "gma"
8:20 am
moment by going to my facebook page and posting it right there with that hashtag. good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. your accuweather highlights, showers taper today with the best chance in the east bay and the south bay, partial clearing and patchy dense fog tonight and a slight chance of showers across the north bay wednesday. in the afternoon hours, you can see that green signifying in the east bay and south bay a chance of showers. the rest of us 57 to 59. temperatures in the 40s tonight, 10 to 15 degrees cooler than we have a royal roundup. kate middleton celebrating her 36th birthday today after sending princess charlotte off to her first day of school and prince harry and meghan markle making their first public engagement of the year. adrienne back with all the details. >> hi, george. they're going to have a lot of cake. a lot of cake to be had. the young royals are going to be having a lot to celebrate this week. quite the number of milestones
8:21 am
ahead of the wedding of harry and meghan. while that is only a few short months away, the focus this week is on the duchess of cambridge and her growing family. >> reporter: duchess kate turns 36 today. she attended church with husband william and sister pippa this weekend, but has kept mum on any specific birthday plans. >> very much going to be quiet birthday celebration. it's not a milestone birthday. she just wants to be with her family. >> reporter: princess charlotte celebrates her own milestone heading to nursery school. the 2-year-old in her buttoned up coat and pink scarf with a backpack, showing off her love of horses in these photos taken by kate. charlotte is headed to the prestigious willcocks nursery school in london which strives to maintain excellence and good manners. $18,000 a year for the princess in training. and look at this. princess charlotte a young mirror image of queen elizabeth as a child.
8:22 am
as for the newest royal couple, prince harry and meghan markle made their first appearance of the new year at a radio station early this morning. markle's dad tells the british tabloid "the sun", i think they're a very good match. i'm very happy for them, meghan and harry. i love my daughter very much. harry's a gentleman. we now know that prince harry has spoken to meghan's father on the phone a few times but they've not met in person yet. >> that one is coming up. >> that's a big meeting. meeting mom is big. meeting dad sometimes bigger. >> no question, adrienne, thanks very much. over to michael. thank you, george. we're here now with andi dorfman, the season 10 bachelorette and also "the new york times" best-selling author is back with a new book called "single state of mind." it's all about her adventures as a single woman here in new york city. andi, welcome. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> before we get to the book i want to talk about last night's "the bachelor" episode. arie, he took krystal home to meet his parents on the first date. >> yep. >> too much -- >> crazy. >> -- too soon.
8:23 am
in your opinion. >> i would be terrified to bring a guy home on the first date but i have different parents, i guess. my poor father, i don't know what he would do to the guy but, you know, it's a crazy show, so i say go for it. break the rules, make the rules, whatever. >> who do you think just from the episodes out there, who do you think will get the final rose? >> good question. i like both of the beccas actually. and then i feel like i would just play to the odds and go with one of the laurens. i mean, there's four of them so -- [ laughter ] >> all right, i guess it's good to have options. i guess. >> when in doubt go with a lauren this season. >> "single state of mind," your book, and chris harrison, host of "the bachelor" and "the bachelorette" introduced to you celebrity tinder. i got to ask, what is that? >> you don't want to know. [ laughter ] >> all of us want to know. we want to know, right? [ applause ] what is celebrity tinder? >> it's like a dating app. basically he had fashioned it into a dating app that's very
8:24 am
selective. i found it a little pretentious but i went on it and out of it came a ton of disastrous dates that you can read about in the book. and i blame chris harrison for every single one of those bad dates. >> you know what, though, it makes you appreciate when you find the right one. >> hopefully. we'll see. >> in your book you talk about freezing your eggs as well in the book. what made you want to do that? >> to be honest, i did not want to do it. i felt like i was about to hit 30 years old. i had heard a lot of friends talking about it. i always felt like i'll never be at that age. i've got this, no worries. and i realized i was on the brink of 30, didn't have a husband, didn't have a boyfriend and i knew i wanted kids so i kind of had to push aside my ego and push aside this feeling of embarrassment and failure and, you know, not being at a point in my life where i thought i would be and just kind of make a smart decision and i chose to write about it for that exact reason. i felt like there were probably women out there that feel the
8:25 am
same way that feel a little bit embarrassed or ashamed and still want a family but aren't there yet and i wanted to share that kind of side of it. >> and on top of it whitney bischoff from season 19 helped you through it. she's a fertility nurse. >> yeah. >> and how was it to have your ex-boyfriend's ex-fiancee help you through this procedure? >> i mean it sounds weird but you don't see chris as my ex-boyfriend. yes, it's her ex-fiance but when you date 25 men at a time they're not exactly all your exes. but it was great. it was nice to have a familiar face in a very unfamiliar setting for me. >> yeah. the big question we all want to know, have you found love yet. >> i don't know. then i would give away book number three if i told you. >> don't give away book number three. we do have a lot of people who reached out on social media and their question for the fans on twitter is, is there anything wrong with staying single? >> absolutely not. actually i have had the best three years of my life being
8:26 am
single here in new york city. i think especially as a woman, you learn so much about yourself. you are empowered. we're living in a time now where women have voices, women are strong, women can be empowered and empower others and you never truly know yourself until you are independent. >> i like that. thank you so much and the book "single state of mind," it is out right now. make sure you go get it and join "the bachelorette" fantasy league at to sign up. coming up, taraji p. henson. [ cheers and applause ]
8:27 am
hey, good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." a driver is in unknown condition after smashing his blue sedan into a tree in pleasanton. it's a weather-related accident because the tree did fall during the night because of the weather. it happened on pleasanton sunol road early this morning. police tell us they were chasing that driver when he ran into the tree. no word yet on exactly when it will be cleaned up. hi, sue. the morning has been a mess. >> it has been a mess. take a look at the frein. it's mostly in the east. that's rain still falling, blue, potential for puddling and pooling. we had an earlier problem westbound 24. look at this long stretch of traffic for a good 49 minutes to get to oakland, and an earlier
8:28 am
accident coming off the waldo clear, traffic still backed up to mill valley.
8:29 am
at home.ld generate your own energy, or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. hey. good morning. i downgraded our storm to a 1 on the storm impact scale. up until 4:00 we have a chance of lingering light showers, especially in the east bay and south bay. it will be breezy this afternoon, about 25-mile-per-hour gusts. my accuweather seven-day forecast, watch out for fog the next couple of mornings. sunshine and 60s by sunday. >> mike, thank you. we'll have another abc7 news
8:30 am
update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and welcome back. our audience is fired up for our -- all the way over there, george if for a very good reason. >> you're right about that, george. you know her as "empire's" cookie lyon. she was a nasa genius in the wonderful movie "hidden figures." now she is starring and executive producer in the new movie "proud mary," a dangerous hit woman. give it up for taraji p. henson. [ cheers and applause ] >> how are you? oh, my.
8:31 am
>> mwah. >> thank you. >> sit on down. you feel the love. >> i do. >> you feel the love. >> i do. thank you. >> oh, my gosh. >> i got to get this shoe right. >> you got it right? as i said not only the star of the movie, the executive producer as well. [ applause ] >> that is wonderful. >> yes. >> and i love how you play this fierce woman and on instagram, your page, you challenge other women to come out and say what are you most proud of? >> yes. >> what weare you most proud of >> i guess i'm really proud of this movie, because we haven't seen an african-american woman in a role like this starring in a film. we've seen bad ass like sidekicks but not number one, not the star of the show, headlining and so i don't think we've seen this since the '70s. and why? i mean and it's important also
8:32 am
because usually women when we get of a certain age they like to, you know, our career is over. send us out to pasture. >> it's not that way for men. >> oh, you can rattle off the men and they get these opportunities time and time again whether the movie does well or not. you know, there's the kicker. but here we are and all of my fine girlfriends in the industry who still look good, can still kick butt we're still playing the cute girlfriend, you know, time is up. [ cheers and applause ] time is up. >> you say time's up. the golden globes. >> it was beautiful. but i will say this, we're off to a good start. we have a lot of work to do. [ applause ] a lot of work to do. but how do you evoke change? you have to start with a conversation, you know, you have to start getting those dirty secrets from up under the carpet and let's talk about it so that we can evoke change.
8:33 am
>> surprised by how fast this has happened? >> am i surprised? i would be surprised when i see the difference in my checks. that's when i will be surprised. i'm always working. >> that's the truth. that's the truth. >> you know i love you speak your mind. you shake things up and this movie you're shaking things up as well. you look phenomenal in this movie but what was it like for you the first time you put on your costume. >> i just felt like black lara croft. that's what i kept saying. i had the ponytail and the combat boots. it was that -- it's one other when she really goes to where she puts on -- she has a ponytail and a navy blue note cycle jacket and motorcycle pants and i just felt like, dang, i could really hurt someone. [ laughter ] >> yeah, it was fun. you know, i don't think people realize how much work goes into an action film.
8:34 am
it's so physical. and, you know, we often hear tales of people dying, you know, and i'll tell you why, because you're in the 13th hour, you know, you've been working all day and you get to the end of the day and you still have this huge dangerous stunt to pull off and, you know, people are tired. you know, and sometimes it fatig fatigue that steps in and you take a misstep and it can go bad like the time i crashed a maserati. >> well, you're the executive producer. >> yeah. man, let me tell you if i was just the actress i would have been ooh. i was like, how much is this going to cost us? >> i don't blame you. >> i was like, go to your trailer. okay. [ laughter ] >> want to see some of this movie? >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> let's take a look.
8:35 am
>> like some kind of -- >> your mouth. look, i told you i wasn't going to let anybody touch you and i meant it. so you do all that for me, h. h? >> i damn sure didn't do it for myself. >> thanks. it's dope. you know you got friends that could be looking for me right now. [ applause ] >> could be a star in the making. >> i have to say this about my little prince. that's what i called him on set. i called him little prince. he is something special. i mean, that kid has eyes and a soul -- he's been here before. he takes direction very well. we had the best chemistry. he reminded me so much of my own son at that age, i mean that's how we hit it off and he's just
8:36 am
good. that kid is going to do something. he's going to be big in this town, y'all. get used to saying his name. >> that connection with you too just comes jumping through. >> yeah. >> jumping through the screen. >> it's something else. >> follow you on instagram. >> yes. >> is it true that that puppy you got for christmas snores? >> yes. >> what? >> he snores and he snores. >> look. isn't he the cutest little thing? he sleeps with one eye open, honey. >> look. [ laughter ] i miss him. he's at home right now with his daddy. lord knows what i'll walk back into. but i love that little puppy. you know, i lost willy. willy passed away. he was 16 and it broke my heart. i knew i wouldn't have him forever but 16 long years. >> yeah. >> and i got him right about the same age i got him. >> k.j. passed away almost 18
8:37 am
years old. >> that's hard. >> even though you know it's coming because he was blind. he was couldn't walk and it was like, hang in there, willy. >> you said you don't know what you'll get when you walk into their house with the puppy but we know what we'll get when we walk into the theater. we're going to get a bad movie. kick butt movie, "proud mary," hits theaters january 12th. >> segue guy. >> make sure you check that out. also, look who is here. hugh grant. he's live and present. [ cheers and applause ] the man himself. we'll be right back.
8:38 am
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starring in more than 40 movies, "rule actually," "four weddings and a funeral," and now "paddington 2." hugh grant. congratulations. we heard you got nominated by the british academy last night for best supporting actor. >> i did. it was very unusual for me and very nice, yeah. >> what's unusual is you're playing a villain. i want to show a little bit of it first. let's watch. >> very good. i suppose you know who i am. >> oh, yes. you're a very famous actor. >> oh, pooh. >> or used to be. now you do dog food commercials. >> well, a man has to eat. >> what, dog food? [ laughter ]
8:41 am
[ applause ] >> now, it looks like a fun role but must be tough to play a narcissistic washed up actor. you're perfect for the part. >> that's the letter i got and it was hurtful, yes. but i don't know if you saw "paddington 1." i know you love children's films but, you know, it's brilliant because it's not just funny and warm hearted but manages not to be smaltzy which was my worry and i signed up and it all turned out and come out ridiculously. >> 100% on rotten tomatoes. i saw that. >> i'm the man who has had 7%. >> you also got to bring your son to the set. what did he think. >> he was very bored as everyone who's ever been on a film set was and has been.
8:42 am
and i also -- i had a screening and i invited my children and hundreds of their friends and everyone loved it except my children. [ laughter ] they kept saying, why are you in it so much? >> you can't impress them. >> bring the bear back. >> yeah. >> we have a special treat. we have guests from great britain. big hugh grant fans. [ applause ] they've got a question for you. go ahead. >> yeah, we were just wondering what your favorite film has been so far that you've worked on. >> my favorite film what? >> that you've worked on so far. >> well -- [ laughter ] i did a film -- i did like "paddington" and "sirens" many years ago with -- [ applause ] it was a very low pressure job. low budget. never expected to have a big release. it was in australia with lots of naked women.
8:43 am
elle macpherson. i remember enjoying that. >> that'll do it. another one. >> you worked with a lot of people but who's next on your list you'd like to work with? >> well, i only seem to work with ben now. >> he's the voice of paddington. >> i just wrapped a tv series in which i play jeremy thorpe, famous politician who had an affair with this stable boy. >> paddington. >> played by ben so i had this unusual experience of having sex with paddington. [ cheers and applause ] >> and on that morning television note -- >> i'm sorry. >> "paddington 2" in theaters on friday. thanks for coming in. back to ginger. >> you know what, george, i'll never look at my son's paddington book the same. what i wanted to show you know
8:44 am
how coal it's been. look at these alligators in north carolina. this is how they were having to breathe. go in some sort of hieber nation and stick their snouts out and able to breathe through that ice because that's all ice and now obviously we are melting and we are warming. we're going to see that milder air stick around at least for a couple of days before the big next coal shot comes in early next week for a lot of folks. all right. good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco. the transition from showers begins at 9:00. just isolated at noon, then it's just about over by 4:00. here's my accuweather seven-day fofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofo >> now we want to go to the personal side of last night a exciting college national championship game, so many players have talked about how important their mothers are. one of the most moving commercials last night celebrated the way moms support their kids when times get tough especially when they face bias
8:45 am
or prejudice. it's called love over bias and comes from our sponsor procter & gamble. take a look. ♪ ♪ ooh child things are going to get easier ♪ ♪ ooh child things will get brighter ♪ ♪ someday we'll get it together and we'll get it all done ♪ ♪ someday when your world is much brighter ♪ ♪ ooh child things are going to get easier ♪ ♪ ooh child
8:46 am
♪ ooh child things will get easier ♪ >> yeah, that will get you every time. i know my mom, she always said you can do anything you want to. that's my mom on the beach with me when i was born in orange, california and there we are at our wedding. thank you, mom. i got a chance to do that. so nice. so many reasons to say thank you to mom today. i imagine so many of us college players included are saying it as well. all right, you guys. stick around. we'll be because with citrusy peel shine, i might as well be spraying orange juice on...grape juice. get serious, get a cleaner with bleach in it. that's right...i'll get it. clorox means clean.
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back now with your guide to toning up in 2018. trainer tracy anderson and some her fitness friends are here to help us. she's worked with gwyneth paltrow, jennifer lopez and you have a new book out. it's called "total teen." i want to thank you for joining us this morning. helping us get fit for 2018. you're an advocate for staying
8:49 am
fit no matter what the age. i know the book is call the "total teen." you have a son who is 19. >> yes. >> even your 5-year-old daughter penelope is in on this. >> she loves to move. but it's so important because teaching your kids to own their self-image is something that i think that you, you know as adults we need to really nurture and i've worked for -- with women for so many years where i'm helping them transform their self-image so this is a book for everyone really whether you need to recheck yourself and kind of go back to your roots where you lost yourself physically or just as you're coming into your physical self, staying connected to it and knowing how to care for it. >> even though it's called "total teen," this book is for everybody. >> i need to go back to school sometimes. >> i'm trying to avoid it personally. but some celebrity, j. lo, gwyneth have these incredible strong legs. you'll show us something that you do to help them that we can do ourself sflgs absolutely. so we'll start with the leg move. of course, i believe in lots of
8:50 am
leg moves, but we're going to start here and there's lots in the book so down like -- nice. that's really impressive. wow. >> when i cramp up that'll be even more impressive. >> now you're going to lean forward on to your -- the front hands, lift your back leg and lift your right arm and kick it to the side. you'll whack me in the head with that long leg, i know. just kick right over me. so wait transfers are something that i work. >> ah. >> oh, that's the old gluteus right there. >> yes. >> oh, that's awesome. that's really good is it a lot of these movements are designed to basically make teens feel really comfortable in their own skin so, you know, really doing this kind of abstract ment so they'll know where their bum is. >> you will and make sure you have plenty of room if you're going to do it in a crowded area and also chiseled abs. everybody wants chiseled abs. >> so we'll get into a -- wow. >> people are all about the abs.
8:51 am
so we'll get into a plank with your hips down nice and basically take the right knee over to the left elbow. i love to use the legs as a lever of resistance hanging against the ab dom national muscles where you're challenged to keep your butt down and keep your spine long and lift up out of your hands and shoulder girdle. >> you feel that. >> core big time. >> it looks like pretty easy for you. >> no, it's not. >> you've been working out since i saw you last. >> just trying to make it look easy but when the show is over i'll sleep like a baby. and we have something else too. strong arms. >> yes. >> our audience is going to help us with this. you guys going to help. everybody is going to do this with strong arms. >> so i really believe in, yeah, using your own arms as resistance, as well. so all you're going to do is hold your arms out to the side, shoulders down and retate palms forward and then your palms down. that's it. good job. nice. and down. >> that will tone your arms.
8:52 am
>> like you're going around a basketball so you want a little bit of range there. exactly. this will tone your airports. if we do it for five minutes you put on some music and really like getting into it, right. you can run, back and forth. >> you could be in the club. a new dance move. >> whoo. >> i like it. i would like to see you make that happen. i feel you could make this cool. i've been trying to make it cool for years. i get made fun of. >> your arms look incredible. just like that. and also could you leave us with some words of wisdom for 2018 because the start of a new year, people really have those resolutions that they want to stick to. >> yes. >> do you have any words of wisdom. >> for 1018 i say no complaining. no complaining. so when you feel like you know you want -- like me this morning i had to get up at 3:30, 4:00 in the morning to be on the air but i get to be on "good morning america." i get to talk about things so you need to shift your perspective and not go for the
8:53 am
complaints all of the time. what you don't have access to. you can make a real difference if you just shift your mind-set. >> thank you. if you're not trying to change it you can't complain i. keep the challenge going while doing that twist. don't stop. keep doing this. we have no complainses. that's what we got and tracy's book "total teen" is out now. make sure you check it out. the book is for everybody and we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
8:56 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by publishers clearinghouse. [ applause ] >> thank you, tracy, for kick off our morning with some nice exercise. and we just want to thank everybody for watching and everybody, have a great tuesday. >> happy tuesday.
8:57 am
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hi. good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." let's check in with mike nicco. he is tracking the weather out there. how long do we need those umbrellas? >> i think till about 4:00 we have a chance of lingering light showers, jessica. hi, everybody. up to 1,50.5050 0.015 inches of. you can see the heavier rain to the south and moving to the south. they're getting pounded in so cal. just an awful mess down there. for us, fog the next couple mornings. sue? we had a pothole westbound 580 near north flynn. you can see the drive times slow to dublin. antioch to concord looking good. a couple accidents on the waldo, the reason why it's taking so long to get to san francisco from san rafael. >> time for "live with kelly &
9:00 am
ryan." we'll be back at 11:00 for the abc7 midday news. our reporti >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, award-winning actor hugh grant. and from the new film "the commuter," patrick wilson. and we continue our "jan-you-ary" with a look at a "simply keto" diet plan. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> kelly: hi. >> ryan: good morning, good morning. how are you? [cheers and applause]


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