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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 2, 2018 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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the dog had my daughter in the street like a rag doll. >> a young girl attacked by a pit bull. her mother is upset. neighbors are scared. but people who live with the dog say it's harmless. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daz. >> i'm dan ashley. that little girl thankfully is recovering tonight. she should be okay. >> abc 7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian spoke with her mother as well as those who live with the dog, and it's a story you will see only here on abc 7. >> reporter: this is hype. he's a 1-year-old pit bull accused of attacking this woman's daughter. she did not want to be identified. >> the dog grabbed my daughter and just dragged her out into the street like a rag doll. >> reporter: on friday afternoon the victim, who's in kindergarten, was walking up high street in this direction with an adult and another little boy. they were on their way to her after-school care program which is at the end of the block. as they walked past hype's house the gate was open like this and
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the dog ran out. >> sometimes she run around >> reporter: according to neighbors, friday wast the first time. >> the dog got me. he went after the mail carrier. he went after the neighbor next door. that dog went after these six people that i know of. >> are you afrads of that dog? >> yes. yeah, we are. we all are. >> reporter: many say they've reported the dog and his owner to oakland police prior to friday's attack. this woman lives in the house with hype and says he's harmless. >> the house has been broken into. the cars have been broken into. so if anything, he keeps us all here protected and safe. >> reporter: police referred the case to animal services, who ordered hype to stay indoors for ten days. the victim, meantime, has a large bite mark on her back side but did not require stitches. in oakland lisa aminute gulezian, abc 7 news. a san francisco airport employee who wanted to date his co-worker is accused of killing her fiance. kevin prasad and donovan rivera
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were charged yesterday with murder. they're accused of killing mark mongacat. prasad is the suspected gunman. investigators say he wanted to date tandar sane. she says her fiance was shot as the couple was parking in their daly city driveway. >> just like alabama, i hear that one. i said honey, you hit the garage door, stop. then after that i hear honey, honey, somebody shoot me. i'm just scared. >> i saw my son with blood in his mouth. i say what happened? i ran upstairs called 911. >> a short time earlier she had just finished her last day of work at the airport. the couple have a little girl and were planning to move to las vegas. she's struggling to accept her future without him. >> he's my life.
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>> rivera is accused of being the getaway driver. both men could face the death penalty. police in albany have arrested two people for the murder of a vallejo man. and tonight police are identifying the victim. abc 7 news reporter kate lars zen on the story. >> reporter: two people are under arrest for the murder of 23-year-old rafael fuentes lee in albany on sunday. albany police arrested 21-year-old kayla gibson in berkeley monday morning. later in the day an officer spotted 31-year-old thomas shimamura walking down san pablo avenue berkeley and arrested him. police questioned both suspects and booked them for murder. >> reporter: fuentes lee was found shot on this bench at 11:30 sunday morning along the very popular and busy elone greenway. neighbors say he'd been living in the bike path area for the past two weeks. this is albany's first homicide in three weeks and hithird in 1. a very unusual crime for this east bay community. in albany kate larsen, abc 7
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news. a morgan hill police officer is on leave tonight after accidentally firing his weapon, causing a bullet fragment to hit a 14-year-old girl near her eye. it happened sunday night after police chased a stolen van to del monte avenue and yagus road. officers told the two girls who got out of the van to get on the ground. that's when the weapon discharged. it came two days after seven officers were assaulted by juveniles at a morgan hill carnival. police were responding to a call of a person with a knife when a crowd of more than 200 juveniles became hostile. eight were arrested. the company in charge of cleaning up toxic waste at the former hunter's point shipyard is now facing a $27 billion lawsuit. sauce looet a&e law firm bonner & bonner filed a class action suit against tetratech on behalf of hunter's point residents. an toern says tetratech employees have come forward saying they were ordered to falsify soil test reports. >> the managers would tell them
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to switch that out with clean dirt and submit the clean dirt for testing, leaving the radioactive material in the ground. >> earlier an epa report found the company quaulsified nearly all of its soil tests from land slated for housing. a spokesman for tetratech released a statement saying the lawsuit is incorrect and meritless. the san francisco municipal transportation agency voted on a pilot program late this afternoon to regulate scooter companies. abc 7 news reporter leah melendez has more about those dmu regulations. >> reporter: the message is clear. if you want to operate powered scooters in san francisco as a company, you must have a permit. the san francisco metropolitan transportation agency board of directors voted to offer five companies a permit to operate up to 500 scooters each, allowing for a tota of 2,500 scooters on our streets. >> with a limited numbe i think scooters could be viable. ihink we're concerned about a flood, an overconcentration of
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them on our streets and sidewalks. >> reporter: these companies must now educate their customers on the law. for example, anyone operating them must wear a helmet. something many don't agree with. >> why don't you wear a helmet? >> because it is harder to carry with me. and it's not provided. >> yeah, but it's for your safety, right? >> yeah. but not smoking for my safety, not drinking. there's a lot of things they suggest that are safer but -- >> reporter: the scooter companies must inform riders that the scooters cannot be used on the sidewalks. you must use a designated bicycle lane. the board was told this is one of the main reasons why these regulations will now be imposed. >> people are riding them on the sidewalks, parking them in ways that obstruct the path of travel. >> reporter: the board will issue fines against those companies when some of those terms are violated. the companies must also ensure awful its riders. deltrice boyd said despite the regulations she'll always be a
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fan of the program zblip want to go up the street real quick and i don't want to wait for the bus, i want to hop on the scooter and go where i need to go. >> reporter: at the end of the program they'll propose changes to further regulate these scooter companies. in san francisco leeann melendez, abc 7 news. pets will soon be allowed to travel in united airlines cargo holds once again although there will be some new restrictions. united halted cargo service after a dog died in march as we reported and three other dogs were put on the wrong flights. united announced it will only accept dogs and cats. 25 breeds will be banned from rgo including pit bulls, bulldogs, pugs and persian cats. pets in the cabin will not be affected. united will also no longer transport pets through the summer through airports in las vegas, palm springs, tucson and phoenix because of the heat. facebook's developer conference, mark zuckerberg talked about privacy and security.
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that's not all. >> a new set of features coming soon around dating. >> facebook is letting users be more than friends. the response is both serious and snarky. plus, he's back. highlights and reaction from steph's return to the court. >> and a ship is returning from the space station with some cargo that will help humans go to mars and beyond. fog will start your morning commute. find out if it will burn off later in the day coming up. all that's ahead. what's coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" right after abc 7 news at 11:00. jimmy? >> thanks, dan and amma. look at what we did tonight. >> honestly, it seems like a dream, i can't believe i'm sitting here with you with clothes on. i haven't worn clothes in eight years. it feels really uncomfortable. >> it
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for more complete allergy relief. flonase. this changes everything. we use our phones the same way these days. so why do we pay to have a phone connected when we're already paying for internet? shouldn't it all just be one thing? that's why xfinity mobile comes with your internet. you can get up to 5 lines of talk and text included at no extra cost. so all you pay for is data. choose by the gig or unlimited. and see how you could save $400 or more a year. xfinity mobile. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. click, call, or visit an xfinity store today. facebook is trying to rebuild users' trust while adding fun new features to the social media platform. abc 7 news was at facebook's annual f-8 developer conference in san jose today, where mark zuckerberg delivered the opening speech. he said facebook temporarily stopped approving new apps as a result of the cambridge
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analytica breach and it's now reopening app reviews with some changes. >> some of our developers have to go through an extra level of scrutiny to make sure they're actually using the data in the right way. >> a new privacy tool called clear history will give users more control over the data facebook collects and keeps. facebook is also introducing a new language translator in the messenger app and a watch party feature so users may watch videos with friends. >> the additions don't stop there. facebook wants to help users connect in a whole new way by adding a dating service. the announcement is already shaking up the world of online dating. abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo has more. >> thank you, hinge. going on a date. >> reporter: nicki scheib is dipping a toe back in the dating pool with the help of online apps. >> i originally started with bumble and that was just kind of fun to me. >> reporter: but would she try the facebook dating app? >> my first reaction is just like weird and i don't know if i
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would because i don't go on facebook that much. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg may be looking to bring back users like here and shake off negative headlines about privacy and security. >> bottom line is we want facebook to be somewhere where you can start meaningful relationships. >> users would have to opt in. >> i'm not surprised because facebook started as a dating website. you know, 2003 with face mesh. >> reporter: san jose state's cyber security expert said this is a normal progression for facebook. >> for them this is one way for them to expand their market. at the same time it's one way for them to say okay, we're not going to share more information with third parties. >> third pties like existing dating apps. the majority owner o took a swipe at facebook. in a statement the ceo said, with the come on in. the water's warm. their product would be great for u.s./russia relation ships." hinge was less sarcastic writing, "they clearly drew inspiration from hinge. it validates our anti-swipe-r pro dating movement."
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adi said he'd be open to the app. >> your identity is tied to it so there's probably less a chance of a scam. >> reporter: your facebook friends won see your dating profile and facebook won match you with your friends. in san jose katie marzullo, abc 7 news. in eight hours the spacex dragon cargo ship is expected to depart the international space station. time lapse video shows its arrival in early april. the dragon will bring home some important cargo that will help scientists plan for long distance space travel. that includes samples showing how microgravity impacts, how grain crops survive in space and how space affects the immunity of fruit flies which share many genetic characteristics with humans interestingly enough. >> very fascinating. we want to check on our weather. it was a bit breezy today. >> it was windy out there. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> that wind had a little bit of a bite to it. i'll show you in a moment. live doppler 7 right now showing you what you expect to see
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around this time of year, which is low clouds and fog and reduced visibility in half moon bay and petaluma. oakland you're down to seven miles with low clouds and fog. it has been an active scene in the sierra nevada. numerous thunderstorms dropping heavy rain and hail not only in the sierra but the central valley as well. that same system that is spinning that moisture around has been responsible for the gusty onshore winds. right now not as windy as it was earlier but it's coming out of the west-southwest at 14 miles an hour at sfo. what is this doing? it is actually pulling up some of that colder air off the ocean and off the waters and then coming a blowing toward land. it's 51 degrees. the buoy report right now in san francisco. 50 at bodega bay. that's why it has been feeling so chilly tonight. as you take a look as to what the weather's going to be like for the giants-padres game tomorrow afternoon. it's actually not going to be that windy. it will be pleasant. upper 50s to the low 60s with a
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mix of sun and a few high and wispy clouds. i'll tell you this much. make sure you have your shades and sunscreen. it is going to be nice-looking weather for the ball game. here's a look at the temperatures right now. pretty much everyone in the 40s and the 50s across the board. a live look from our brand new camera at pier 39. this is abc 7 pier 39 camera showing you the clouds, the low clouds there in the distance. fog will be near the coast for your morning commute. sunny and mild in the afternoon. and we're looking at minor ups and downs into the weekend. sweater weather tomorrow morning. cool enough for it. low 40s to low 50s. fog will be not just near the coast but you'll see some patches around the east bay as well for the morning commute which means it could take you a little longer. reduced visibility, allow thaex tra time for commute time. temperatures tomorrow afternoon very similar to today. upper 70s inland low 60s along the coast. the coast actually might come up a little bit as the wind begins it relax. it's still going to be breezy. there will be plenty of sun from coast to inland. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast and you will
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notice that the fog will give way to sun. temperatures in the upper 50s to mid 70s, even some upper 70s as we head into thursday. little change. warmer weather for your friday. this is going to be up into the low 80s inland, low 60s coast side as the breezes relax some more. and then over the weekend the wind kicks back up again. the temperatures will fall a few degrees. only to warm again. you will notice that it's really just minor variations from day to day. download the accuweather app and you can check out temperatures anytime you want. the accuweather seven-day forecast does not feature rain but can't rule out a little drizzle now and again, which as you both know, ama and dion, it's pretty typical this time of year. overall, though, pleasant weather. we're not expecting any extreme heat or extme chill. police working hard, especiallycanine, which has a simple request before hitting the streets. seattle college student amanda knox, who was accused of murder in italy, sits downfor a
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one-on-one interview. "gma" starts at 7:00 a.m. tune in for that. but stay here with us. we'll be back in a moment. you wouldn't accept from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances.
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most citizens know it's best to comply with a police officer's request, but apparently the rules are different for their partners in the k-9 unit. that's maryland k-9 officer jenga lying there on the ground refusing to hop into the patrol car to go to work. good thing django's human partner's instincts kicked in. a few good belly rubs and there you go. the two officers were off to fight crime together. the officer's wife, who shot the video, said she's never seen the dog do that before. >> a little doggie biscuit does
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the trick sometimes. >> that works too. >> fans wanted steph and they got steph tonight. >> that's right. sports director larry beil is live at oracle arena. >> hey, larry. >> hey, ama. hey, dan. classic steph in th ga he comes back from the injured knee. ten seconds in he's launching thes. and naturally, splash. we'll have all the highlights of steph's triumphan
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good evening, everybody. larry beil live at oracle arena. warriors staff steph curry returned after a 5 1/2-week layoff. his knee looked fine, and so did his jumper. as the warriors hold off the pelicans 121-116 to take a 2-0 series lead. ♪ kury came in at the 4:20 mark of the first quarter. warriors down eight. seconds, in it's going up and it's going down. splash. and oracle went nuts. if you like, that check this out. from way out. who else has the guts to take
1:35 am
that shot? curry had 12 points in 12 minutes in the first half. but the pelicans hang in there. rajon rondo lobbing to anthony davis. the unibrow goes for 25 points and 15 boards. draymond green bringing the passion and fire as always from coast to coast he had 20. actually a rebound shy of a triple-double. having some words with several pels in this game. final seconds of the game curry misses. klay does not. 58-55 warriors at the break. kevin durant, we say a quiet 29. that wasn't quiet. that was with authority. he was very big late. 83-80 in the third. three defenders on curry. doesn't matter. splash. and hold the pose, young man. he's loving it out there tonight. dubs up three in the fourth. andre iguodala will call that the dunker's roll right there. plus the foul. dubs were up 10 in the fourth. curry with a dagger here, finished with 28 points in 27 minutes. gets a hug from the home run king, barry bonds, who was courtside. warriors hang on for a 121-116 victory to take a 2-0 series
1:36 am
lead with game 3 coming up friday in nawlins. >> feels good to be back on the floor. thank god for health. playing the game i love. great teammates. and big win for us. >> when you're out there on the floor the adrenaline rush is great. ne feeding off your teammates, the crowd's energy. that's all you really need. work hard the last six weeks and it paid off. >> brought a lot of life to the building. a lot of life to our team. the spirit. pretty fitting for sure. >> i would say it played out as i expected. i knew i would play him more than what we planned. he was steph. he doesn't take long to warm up. that's for sure. >> steph is amazing. no doubt. let's get to the baseball, giants and padres. oh, baby. a very new fan at the ballpark tonight at tied at 2 in the ninth eric hosmer, oppo taco off hunter strickland who's been really good this year. on this night no bottom of the
1:37 am
ninth magic for the giants. they lose 3-2, and there's more bad news because johnny cueto goes on the disabled list with an inflamed right elbow. a's and seattle tied 1-1 in the fifth. andrew triggs. unknow. nelson cruz jumped all over it. three-run blast puts seattle up 4-1. seattle goes on to win 6-3. a's, who were hot, have suddenly lost three straight and fourf their last five. abc 7 smorts brought to you by river rock casino. again, game 3 and game 4 will be in new orleans. we will have game 4 for you sunday afternoon on abc 7. they're turning out the lights. that is a subtle hint. it's time to go. that's a wrap from oracle. dan and amma, back to you. >> thanks a lot, larry, very much. abc 7 news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices with our abc 7 news app. >> our next newscast is
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so talk to your doctor and find out if you have hepatitis c. it could save your life. know more. babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait. all right. that is our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for sandhya patel, larry beil, all of us here, thank you for joining us. on
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a biker is clotheslined. >> he saw what happened so he comes to get her. >> see the frantic escape after a fast moving train. the card trick that changes everything. . > it's a celebration ofebratif grandma. >> plus get tuesday's buzz word for your chance do win a google home or amazon echo. ♪ >> the cruise that f
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for families with kids. >> you dump them off and pick them up without a look. >> i want us all to be clear on some of the facts. do you see the gate coming down? >> yes. >> whags next should have been avoided. this person is coming at it. >> you have got he comes to get her. she can hardly get out without that motorcycle being moved by her. that's when the train train tran >> rt. >> what did we just


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