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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 14, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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jonah has more. >> reporter: 100, 110 degrees, hot is hot. but even if the wind dies down, you have trillions of gallons of water being dumped on the coastal communities this evening. you mentioned about a mom and infant child being killed in their home as a tree fell on top of their home. we're also learning a man died when he was trying to plug in his generator. something went wrong there. we also found out one person was killed simply by having a heart attack and first responders unable to get there because of conditions. we're in south carolina right now, the storm moving southwest now. take a look at the video we shot in myrtle beach. anybody who's been here, it's a tourest town, a lot of hotels,
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attractions, and everything is closed. three miles toward the coastline, they've all been evacuated. that includes a level 1 trauma center. that would be huge in an emergency situation like this. but because of the threat of the storm surge, 6 to 9 feet. a high tide coming in and an additional foot or two on top of that. they're being told to go to a place that's further inland. right now again the big worry is about those storm surges. the winds may be topping out at 50, 60, 70 miles an hour. not quite hurricane strength, but it's that amount of water that continues to wreak havoc, and the worst, we're afraid, has yet to come because all the water that falls has to go somewhere, into the rivers, into the streams. and then flows toward the ocean. it continues to build up the next few days. many homes, i'm afraid, if they're not flooded now may be flooded the next few days.
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we're live here, jonah kaplan, abc news. >> i want to check. if it's six feet of storm surge, you would basically be under water where you're standing right now. if people want to help, what's the best way they can help in any way possible? >> you make a great point. where i'm standing at the hotel, the water is just over the bluff, just over those dunes. it's very possible. we haven't reached high tide and the storm is just getting here. in another 12 hours, it's very possible the water could crest into this resort and other ways. if people want to help, the red cross is an excellent opportunity. people are going to need tools, gift home depot. the real work is going to come
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when people are trying to get dried out, getting rid of the mold and rebuilding the homes. unforl unfortunately these tragedies like texas and hurricane harvey, they're still rebuilding. >> let's get you out of the rain and stay safe the next couple of days. >> let's take a look at jacksonville, north carolina. you can see all these bricks that fell onto the street from a building. which eck this out. high winds caused trees to crash into cars as well as these buildings. luckily no one was kille ed abc news anchor jessica castro has a look. >> i want to show you some stunning videos. first this is from wilmington, north carolina. you can see the heavy winds that the drivers thood contend with.
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this is an abc news affiliate in new bern, north carolina. you can see even their studio was flooded. they were one of the hardest hit towns. in fact, there were rescues overnight. i also want to show you some pictures. trees coming down in north carolina. in fact, all over the state, you see these trees crashing down onl onto a car. a lot of power poles knocked down, a lot of people without electricity today. also, here's another picture of trees falling down. this is in a home in new bern, north carolina, and the homeowner on instagram saying they're lucky so far, the storm surge not approaching their home, and they were okay, no one was injured after taking this picture. again, we're watching social media closely as a lot of stunning images come into our newsroom. i'm jessica castro, abc7 news. >> thank you. reporters have been out in the elements to make sure you know
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what's happening in the storm. this is a good reminder. it's an excellent idea to take shelter when a hurricane hits. >> this is what a category 1 storm looks like. it is ferocious, and these winds are whipping. >> we're in the middle of it hard. i'm telling you, now we have surpassed the highest wind gusts they've seen since the 1960s. it's past fran and floyd. it's still going to be hours long of at least tropical storm force winds. the boards are coming up. let's go in. >> look out. look out > all right. i'm okay. we're okay. i a not cut. that was a bit of a surprise. >> look out. >> definitely. sandhya patel has more.
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what does it look like now? >> it is a tropical storm now and heavy bands of rain continue to move through north carolina and south carolina. so far over 16 inches of rain has fallen in north carolina, gusts over 100 miles an hour, and the storm surge has been up to 10 feet above average. tornado watch boxes until 11:00 tonight as the storm interacts with land. tornadoes are possible. right now winds at 70 miles an hour. it's moving at a snail's pace, 3 miles an hour, which is why the drenching rains and storm surge will continue, weakening over the weekend, making that turn through the northeast as we head into next week. the storm surge is expected to remain high, up to 12 feet above average. the rain totals, isolated spots up to 40 inches of rain. 16 inches for some parts so far and still counting. a couple more feet of rain is expected. ama and larry? >> thank you.
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they're trying to gather emergency and hygiene supplies to help those displaced in the carolinas. >> abc's leslie has more. >> if you remember they had mobilize for seven natural disasters, now they're facing up to hurricane florence this regional director walked through this vast warehouse withonated with the personal products that often make their way here from the public. >> right now our partners -- we have 34 partners on the ground in the carolinas who are monitoring the situation as well as some other national partners, so they're putting together their needs list. >> reporter: volunteers from
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chevron started boxes up masks and gloves that are likely to to the list of needs along with things like diapers, shampoo, and toothbrushes. >> my mom is there right now with a lot of flooding. it's home to me, but more people are calling in to want to help us out. >> reporter: with florence expected to linger and trigger flooding for days to come, medshare is on standby on how to get it to the hurricane zone. >> it's a matter of flying it, trucking it. >> sometimes folks have put it on cargoes, folks have donated private jets. someone donated a yacht, put supplies on that. >> reporter: local teams are mobilizing and will carry the supplies with luggage. if you want to help in gathering donations over the weekend and
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starting at monday at 8:30 a.m., they can accept the items at their warehouse in san leandro. reporting live at medshare, i'm leslie brinkley, abc news. tim cook has tweeted that apple is donating. you can make a $10 donation just by texting the word florence to 90999. stay on top of the latest regarding now tropical storm florence with abc7 and the abc7 news app. be sure to get the latest news when it breaks. new details about the death of a utah firefighter who was killed battling the mendocino cal fire said a retardant drop by a super fighter is probably what killed him.
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he didn't know it is a hill where they were working and dropped the retardant just 100 feet from above the treeline. the force of that liquid uprooted a tree and fell on the firefighter. another tree snap and injured three ore firefighters. it's unclear what discipline that pilot may face. a big finish to the climate summit in san francisco. ♪ sa. dave matthews helped wrap up the
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san francisco's sinking and cracking tower may be cracking. >> melanie woodrow live from millennium tower with the latest on what's going on. >> reporter: it would have been a case of a restriction, one the building inspector would have define, but crisis averted. that is not the case and that's because of what you see over my shoulder, that scaffolding. the other reason this building is not being tagged is 36 floors up. our abc news camera was pointed as the window was cracked, one of the city's three demands issued by the department's
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building inspection. another to erect scaffolding around the building to escape falling glass. >> crisis averted. we were able to give dbi what they wanted. tom miller said there's one demand the hoh could not >> they have given us more time. >> reporter: more time after the department of building inspection threatened to close the building if the demands weren't meant. they said it would not take any immediate enforcement action unless the situation changes. the hoa says it cost $150,000 to install the scaffolding. on top of that there's a $1,200 monthly cost to keep it here not to mention the esthetics of it all. >> reporter: meantime it could be weeks before they replace the
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cracked one. finally the hoa says it's in process to go back on monday to look at the three united up and down, including 36 b, a necessary step, in figuring out what caused the crack. so we're no closer to knowing the answer this afternoon but it's an answer we may here. >> new details now on this nuny bus crash. it's frightening. we've learned the last of the three passengers has gone home. the 63-year-old is still in the hospital. the last we heard, he was in critical condition. the cause of the accident remains under investigation. a controversial 19th century statue in san francisco civic center has been remove. they loaded the statue onto a truck early this morning and
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hauled it away. it showed a native man. here's video of it before it was moved. some people called the statue racist and demeaning. the city board voted unanimously to remove it. for the past three days, san francisco has been the center of a climate change debate. >> yes. from here on it will be up to cities, countries, and activists to carry the action of change >> lyanne melendez has more. >> reporter: today with the help of people like james good all, al gore, and why not, dave matthews.
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>> reporter: dave math years song was fitting and timely. many in this audience wondered if this land coulder be rescued from the effects of global warming. climatologist jane goodall is known as the messenger of peace. >> as they grow up and move into positions of power and to politics and to business, do we have time to wait. >> reporter: the summit co-chaired by jerry brown was to challenge president trump after announcing the u.s. would leave the paris agreement. that treaty sets goals to carbon emissions. vice presidential gore. >> if there is a new president, they could give 30 days notice and we're right back in the paris agreement. >> reporter: today car manufacturers from around the world vow to invest more in
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electric nermg. the mayor of carmel, indiana, a republican, said the health of the planet should not be a partisan issue. >> great countries show issues, they listen to their scientists and they vow to leave our country in better condition than they found it. ♪ lift up your heart thank you very much. >> nice way to end it. now, another nice moment was when jane good jaul said whelp she was 10 years old, she bought a book called "tarzan and the apes." she said she read the book, fell in love with the forest and was jealous when tarzan married the wrong jane. got to love her. >> cute story. united airlines took a major step in becoming the greenest
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airline. they filled a flight bound to zuri zurich, switzerland, with fuel. this is believed tohe longest commercial flight ever undertaken with such a high percentage of renewable fuel. earlier this week they announced to cut their greenhouse gas emissions in half by the year 2050. >> all right. time to check on our weather. we have made it to friday. >> was there any doubt? >> of course, not. >> wednesday was a little dicey. >> it was. >> we have beautiful weather compared to the carolinas. >> i know. barely benign. let's take a look at live doppler 7 right now. we have clouds passing through the region, high and low level clouds as you will note there. you're going see a combination. it's as breezy. not as breezy as yesterday. out of the west, 20 miles an hour in san francisco. lighter winds inland, and here's
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a look at our live each bay. we have high clouds filtering our sunshine. here's a look at the temperature. 62 in san francisco. 70 in oakland. a little warmer. morgan hills, 83. a live picture, you'll notice the breeze. 788 in santa rosa. you have the low 0s. fairfield, concorde, livermore, still not where you should be, but overall a pleasant way to end the workweek. look what's rolling in. it's the fog down below and the high clouds up above. a little cooler tomorrow and it remains below average heading into next week. so hour by hour, i want to show you what's going to happen. as we head toward tomorrow morning, we'll see some low clouds around, but they're not going to be a solid marine layer, kind of broken up. for the afternoon, we'll see a mix of sun along the coast. cool start. low to mid-40s for the cool bay
4:21 pm
valleys. the rest of you, 50s. and a combination of low/high-level clouds. for the afternoon it will be mild, but not as cool. 62 in half moon bay, 7 in santa rosa. low 70s from vallejo to fremont. low 70s livermore, concord, 71 in santa cruz. you can download the app and check out the temperatures hour by hour, minute by minute to plan your weekend. the weekend is here. ak you weather forecast, cooler and breezy. on sunday you see a slight warming, but then those temperatures are going to drop again below average for your monday. upper 70s, low 60s inland coast. we'll keep you in a holding pattern before we start to see a warming trend developing in the mid to latter part of the workweek. temperatures are going to bounce to average. if you've really been missing
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the heat, we'll keep you in this pattern for several more days before we see things turning around. as you both know, october can bring some very warm weather. so we'll have to wait and see. >> thanks, sandhya. >> reporter: a controversial coffee shop and not because of their lattes. their usual twist in serving up big drinks. >> and construction at the new chase arena. we're going to give you a look. >> right now, the traffic. this is a look at south bay. this is the usual gridlock in the southbound direction. each the carpool lane is moving quite slowly. back with more on abc
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just when you thought that lake tahoe couldn't get more spectacular, there's a new way to explore the majestic site
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under water. for the first time visitors will be able to explore an underwater trail. california state parks provided this photo. it shows divers in emerald bay. it's called the emerald bay heritage time trail. it will lead divers to a boat graveyard from the 1920s and '30s. very cool. >> that is very cool, especially if you're a diver. the 14th and final grand prix will take place this weekend. this has been a popular event. a series of races will take place all weekend wrapping up with the 85-lap indycar event that's on sunday afternoon. but this the last time it will be held in sonoma unless they can work out a deal later on. owners of the private raceway in sonoma announced in july that they would not be seeking a new contract because of financial and geographic reasons. basically they couldn't come to financial terms.
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the warriors celebrated a major milestone in their new home, chase arena, when the crane loaded the arena's final steel beam. guests watched as ironworkers fit it into place. it's covered with signatures of those who helped build the chase center. the warriors are very happy. everyone getting theiring is nature in there. the warriors expect to start hosting events inside the chase center next year. it's not going to be just for warrior, but they're going to have all kinds of concerts and fantastic restaurants. but they'll open it for the 2019/2020 nba season. >> that's going to be big. this is enormous. the bounce house is going to return to the bay area. crews prepared to inflate it. the bounce house is massive, measuring 10,000 square feet and 32 feet tall.
4:27 pm
here's how it looks when it's ready to gomt we shot this in may. the bounce house also features an obstacle course, a giant slide, a ball pit, a deejay pit and a dance floor. >> you probably didn't see the movie "four christmases." there's a great bounce house scene. google it. >> i will. just ahead, the dramatic rescues we're seeing. >> reporter: devastating flooding as florence makes a slow crawl. i'm marci gonzalez. more details coming
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like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. florence is now a tropical storm. the hurricane has been downgraded just a hago. at least five people have been killed in the storm. water rescues are under way in north carolina. there were tweeted pictures of rescues in new bern. they tweeted more than 7,000 servicemembers, national guard, and active military are on standby.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: this massive storm moving slowly, dumping large amounts of rain. >> it's like a bomb has gone off here. there's a lot of water. >> reporter: hundreds of people rescued from rising floodwaters in new bern, north carolina. >> i've never seen this kind of damage here. >> reporter: powerful sustained winds and gusts up to 105 miles an hour, damaging businesses, sending this branch into ben selby's bedroom. >> my heart's beating at 100 miles an hour. anyway -- whoo, baby. >> reporter: this tree falling on a home in wilmington, killing a mother and infant inside, first responders pausing to pray. >> this is a difficult situation for all of us. >> reporter: debris whipping through streets. >> i'm okay. >> reporter: the storm prompting tornado watches. >> if you're in tarboro right y
4:32 pm
immediately. >> reporter: inland, the of devastating flash flooding just beginning. >> there's a hypermobility. this will become a mandatory evacuation in the next 24 hours. >> reporter: the threat is still far from over. tropical force conditions are expected to continue through tomorrow and the rain isn't expected to let up until sunday. even then the threat of flooding will continue. marci gonzalez, abc news, wilmington, north carolina. and here's a scene we'll be seeing much more of through the weekend, crews rescuing people from their flooded homes. this is in river bend, north carolina. it it's about 40 miles. many are heeded to get out. the local evacuation center is at capacity. >> it isn't just humans who need
4:33 pm
saving. rescuers could be seen in boats pulling dogs. they were hoping to find their owners soon. and we're getting new spectacular photos of hurricane florence from the international space station. these pictures were taken with high-definition cameras 2 55 miles above the earth. an amazing look at the sheer size and magnitude of this storm. >> reporter: the red cross is org nazing relief. you can make a $10 donation by texting the word "florence" to 90999. on the other side of the globe, thousands of people are under evacuation orders in the philippines. there's a super typhoon. it's called super typhoon mangkhut. it's moving over the country right now. it's massive, equal to a category 5 hurricane. gusts as high as 208 miles an
4:34 pm
hour. that's 100 miles an hour faster than hung florence to ge you some perspective. officials say 4,000 a expected to be impacted by this storm. a gas explosion last night, a team from the ntsb is now investigating the incident. an 18-year-old man was kill and five others hurt. the explosion set fires to 60 homes near boston. witnesses described the incident as armageddon-like. the owner of the pipeline said he's sorry and will cooperate with investigators. emergency responders were surprised more people weren't hurt. >> neighborhoods were being rapidly evacuated and people were being pushed out, and while this was happening, there were fires erupting around them. none of us knew how big that was going to grow? the governor of massachusetts
4:35 pm
declared a state of emergency. in washington, d.c., new investigation. paul manafort has take an plea dieter. abc reporter -- >> a tough day for mr. manafort but he wanted to accept responsibility. he wanted to make sure his family remains safe and lives a good life. >> reporter: with his guilty plea, paul manafort is now the fifth person from the trump campaign to plead guilty to criminal charges. >> this is for conduct that dates back many years and people should remember that. >> he faces ten years in prison, though it's possible he may serve a shorter sentence depending on how much he cooperates. something president trump had previously condemned on fox news. >> everything is wonderful and they get ten years in jail and they flip on whoever the next highest one is or as high as you can go.
4:36 pm
it should be outlawed. it's not fair. >> reporter: the white house kiss stancing itself from legal woes. sarah sanders telling abc, this had nothing to do with the president or his 2016 campaign. it's totally unrelated. but they say the white house can't completely ignore it. >> despite what they said, mueller is not done and going foords, he's going to talk dlekly to president trump's former campaign manager. >> his problems stem from his work with ukraine, not the trump campaign. he had admitted to millions of dollars of tax fraud as well as obstruction. lon na zack, abc news, washington. the accusations come in a lett eter cement to dianne feinstein. in the letter a woman who went to high school with the nominee said the assault happened in the early 1980s.
4:37 pm
she said he tried to force himself on her in a bedroom at a party. this morning he unequivocally denied the accusations. >> coming up, a plea for help, the plea to keep the national spelling bee going. it's been ten years. michael finney has a look at lessons learned ore the last decade. >> i'm sandhya patel. temperatures up a few today. i'll let y
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well, it's hard to believe it's been a decade since the great recession began. >> michael finni inney has mo m >> it's a day when the lehman brothers filed bankruptcy. it's been a tough ten years for a whole lot of people. how were you affected then and what is happening to your finances now. i spoke with rene who covers white collar crime and works for the "washington post." she said consumers learn you have to be your own advocate. >> i do believe one of the lessons is if there's going to be another bailout, you can't assume the government's going to come in and bail you out as well. the reason there was bailout is they wanted to save the financial system, not necessarily save the investors, not necessarily save the
4:41 pm
homeowners. >> moreau also says it has benefitted the people at the top. she said it's easier to get a mortgage if you have more income and great kritd. banks just aren't willing to take the risks they used to. >> the economy takes a huge hit, but they've had to shift. some of the shift has left behind the middle class -- the middle class has left behind lower income people. the census bureau put out some new numbers that show that the average middle income is now back to 1,000, which sounds great. but that's basically where we were in 2007. so the middle class really had like a lost decade after the financial crisis, and it's just getting back on its feet. >> as many continue to struggle, some regulators are pushing to relax rules designed to lack a repeat of the financial crisis.
4:42 pm
hi, there, everyone. clouds are passing through the bay area as you'll notice on live doppler 7. tomorrow afternoon it's going to be breezy at the coast. there's a lot happening this weekend. the grand prix at sonoma, sunny and mild. 73 degree. slightly warmer sunday, 75 degrees. we're going to take look at the autumn moon festival happening in chinatown. some clouds on saturday, giving way to sunshine. and then it's going be a bright and comfortable day on sunday. accuweather forecast looks like this. it ooh going to be cooler. slight warming on sunday with the p thing coming back down, romaining below average right on through the middle of next week before we start to rise back closer to where we should be for this time of year. we'll be back to average by friday. mid-60s to tupper
4:43 pm
80s. ama and larry? >> thank you. your smartphone can actually help a great deal. 911, that should always be your first call during an emergency, but if you can't reach 911 and you still have a data connection or wi-fi that's functioning, good morning america's becky worley said there are a few apps that can really make a difference. >> first one, zillo. it turns your phone into a two-way radio sort of like a cb. it works on even the weakest wi-fi or cell signal. it allows you to join channels on various topics and talk to other people. you can listen to people who need help, reach out for help yourself. >> that's interesting. there's also another map called crowd source rescue. protecting our oceans. what you can do to keep the oceans as well as yourself
4:44 pm
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bay area chirp may not be able to compete in next year's scripps national spelling bee unless new sponsor is found. they first have to win spelling competitions at their schools and then they move on to a regional showdown to see who gets to go to finals. but the founder is stepping down and so far no one else has agreed to do it. >> schools were enrolled. that involves hundreds of teachers, thousands of students impacted by the regional sponsor deciding they can't continue. >> reporter: local sponsor spend about $5,000 and pay extensions for the winner to go to finals. if your organization is interested in becoming a sponsor, we have a link at we have been speaking on the global climate summit. we have with us meg caldwell.
4:48 pm
so you're in charge of all the oceans. that's a nice tight >> not quite. the packard foundation invests basically equal measure and climate mitigation and ocean help because we understand that the ocean is at the center of the climate system, and without a healthy ocean, we are not able to combat climate change. >> all right. i was reading some interesting notes on your website, like one of two breaths we take comes from oxygen produced by plants in the ocean and 2.6 billion people rely on the ocean for their primary source of food. if you like breathing, working, eating, this is kind of an important deal here. >> yeah. i think what's not well underis the role that's played in the world shielding us from the worst consequences of climate change. heat annually absorbs 30% of our carbon emissions, so it's getting warmer and it's getting more acidic, be it's shielding
4:49 pm
us from ex-says heat and carbon emissions snow and the warmer water is why we're having these more ferocious storms that are happening all over the globe. >> absolutely. >> so what were your biggest takeaways from the summit this week? >> first of all, this was the first global climate gathering that had put the ocean at the center of the climate discussions, and you'll see from -- if you go to climate ocean, you'll see the agenda that's been laid out for global leaders from business, government, from civil society, and really a call to action, that we need to take care of the ocean that's been taking care of us. >> do you think we're making positive momentum here as a result of the summit that real steps are going to be taken? >> absolutely. $400 billion has been placed on the line to combat climate
4:50 pm
change through climate mitigation. we've seen is a commitment on the part of business leaders to embrace the ocean fully as a part of the discussion, but also to action. so we've got commitments to pursue -- protected areas in the oceans. hawaii and california have been leaders in that. we understand -- we have commitments to protect our carbon sinks on earth. so these are like the super powers of the ocean, and folks have realized it's just as important to combat deforestation on land and restore our terrestrial forest as it is to protect and restore our man grohl forest. >> what can we do as vings to help in this cause? >> first of all, get ours off
4:51 pm
carbon, right? commit to renewables, put solar panels on your house, sign up for renewable energy, drive an electric car, bike to work, walk to wouk. clean up the ocean. tomorrow is coastal cleanup day all over the world. u c sipe up. it's from 9:00 a.m. to noon. you can go to the con sservancye sites. >> if you like breathing, it's a pretty good cause. meg, thanks so much for joining us. >> oh, thank you. >> ama. >> thank you. tomorrow morning thousands of people will clean up trash on state beachbeaches. it's for the 34th cleanup. last year 800,000 pounds of trash and repsych clackables were collected. beaches are on the list this year. if you'd like to volunteer, go
4:52 pm
to the area's latest facility is a step closer to opening. a ribbon-cutting ceremony took place last evening. this place is massive. the new intensive and critical care units will have 48 beds compared to the current capacity of 28. the e.r.'s 224,000 square foot feet, four times the current facility, even the way it was constructed, it's state of the art. >> it moves from side to side three feet in every direction and it also can move up and down, which is kind of hard to imagine, but that's what this building can do. it's the same type of building that was put onto the apple campus. >> get this. it came in on time and on budget. there's no telling when it will be open but officials hope the
4:53 pm
to move patients in by the end o next month. cheetos infused food is apparently hot, hot, hot, so much so cheetos is opening up a second restaurant. the flamin' hot spot is opening tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. that sit. cheetos inspired bowl. yay or nay. last year they sold out in minutes. a chef is lending his name. >> i'm more of a classic cheetoes kind of galling not so much the flamin' hot. >> don't mix with perfection. >> that's true, that's true. a new coffee shop opened in redwood city. if you think that's nothing special, just hold on. the mini coffee shop is stirring
4:54 pm
up big controversy. new at 5:00, a surfer who has come a long way after a terrible accident. an incredible out-of-body experience, and who brought him back. an inspiring story you're see only on abc 7 news. plus -- families are outraged after a highly radioactive object is
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don't miss abc news at 11:00. the owners of what was supposed to be a brand-new bikini barista stand in redwood city have toned down their approach after a great deal of backlash from the committee. abc reporter chris nguyen came to a compromise. se. se. se. >> reporter: a steady stream of business. >> we're here and we want to serve you. >> reporter: but getting to this point was a compromise between the business owner and those who didn't see eye to eye. >> we're not happy with the objectification of women, the sexualization of any project so it will sell. reporter:is christina was upset when she learned plans about the plans for the baristas only wearing bikinis.
4:58 pm
she wrote to the board of supervisors asking for them to cover up. for now they'll wear tanks and shorts which is different from the three other pink panthers facilities. >> we decided to go ahead and make some changes for now and see how it goes on in the future. >> reporter: but if business isn't good, carmona will consider bringing back the bikini which for the most part is legal. >> this was a great example of democracy in action at the local level, and, of course, the community and all of us, i think, shared a common grounds about values relating to this establishment as it was completely figured. >> reporter: the owner has changed some of the drinks to be more family-friendly. >> pink panther has stands in modesto, fresno, and fremont. thanks for joining us.
4:59 pm
i'm ama daetz. abc news at 5:00 starts now. the fatal drop. a new report says a firefighter battling the largest wildfire in state history was killed when an air tanker made a mistake. plus -- >> this is about people and their live and their kids. >> families feeling betrayed after sinking their life sav the ings into what could be a serious toxic mess. >> flooding is likely to get worse. >> help is on the way. how the bay airy is reaching out to those affected by the disaster. >> did you see it? what's behind this phenomenon across our skies today. there is a new report out on exactly what killed a firefighter who was battling the mendocino complex fire last month.
5:00 pm
good evening. i'm larry beil. >> and i firefighter died when force of an air tanker dropped a huge tree on top of him. >> wayne freedman has more on this story. wayne? >> reporter: this report supplies many more specific details. these are the kinds of fire images people marvel at. super tankers lining up to drop retardant. it's risky work. this killed battalion chief matt burchett and injured three others. something went wrong when the plane came in too low, at 100 feet, not 300 feet as sprieb. here's the deputy chief scott


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