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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 27, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. ♪ this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants-- a retired pathologist from wilmington, delaware... a student from cambridge, massachusetts... and our returning champion, a classical singer from boston, massachusetts... ...whose 2-day cash winnings total... w d re i the host"j al tbe
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thk u, johnny. the host"j tlemen ah, i know, we haven't gotten off to a great start this week with our finals, but i have a feeling that today will be different. it all depends on susan, maggie, and doug. [ clenches teeth ] don't let me down. [ laughter ] let's go to work in the jeopardy! round, the easiest round of play. one daily double awaiting you in one of these categories... yes. it's... you have to name the tv show represented by the kids we will provide in the clue. doug, start. new england for $1,000. doug? what is maine? maine. that's right. new england for $800. built in 1763 and still active,
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touro synagogue in this rhode island resort city is america's oldest jewish house of worship. doug again. what is newport? right. uh, new england for $600. doug. what is the coast guard academy? right. new england for $400. susan. what is champlain? correct. new england for $200. doug. what is boston? boston. right. uh, from the dutch for $200. maggie. what is caboose? caboose. good. uh, kids, $200. doug. ♪ what is "the brady bunch"? right.
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uh, kids for $400. susan? what is "modern family"? right. uh, brick by brick for $200. doug. what is "minecraft"? - minecraft. right you are. - uh, dutch for $400. maggie. what is kink? kink. yes. uh, kids, $600. doug. - what is "stranger things"? - yes. dutch for $600. susan. - what is an iceberg? - iceberg. good. from the dutch for $800.
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susan. what is a buoy? no. maggie. what is a booby? no. [ beep ] what's a decoy? a decoy. susan. uh, dutch for $1,000, please. maggie. what is dope? dope. you're on the plus side again. uh, karate, $400, please. doug. what is jiujitsu? no. maggie? what is taekwondo? you got it, and that takes you up to $1,200. takes us into our first break. l usme ja [ applause ]
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promotional consideration provided by... [ applause ] susan donnelly-kaye is from wilmington, delaware. she's a retired pathologist who, on a visit to belize, did something that i'm not sure
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i would have the guts to do. tell me about it. well, i got licked on the forehead by a jaguar. i hope it was a cub. uh, no, no. he was full grown, but he was, uh, in the zoo. um, it's a zoo of rescue animals, and was trained to interact with guests. the guest was in a cage about half the size of this, and the jaguar jumps up on top of the cage, and you put your head up, and it licks you. - oh, you're in the cage. - you are in the cage. okay. yeah. that's a little bit different. yes. [ laughs ] i-i could do that if it's solid steel. [ laughter ] maggie beazer, student from massachusetts. one of six children? i am. and there were more than six or eight of you in the house where you were growing up, weren't there? yeah. yeah, there were, most of the time, 11 people in my house growing up, multigenerational, very stereotypically utahn. really? yes.
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oh. okay. [ laughter ] i'll leave-- i'll leave it there. doug dodson. we keep introducing you as a classical singer, and i alluded to it in your first appearance. uh, are you a tenor, a baritone? what? what? uh, i'm actually a countertenor, which-- a countertenor? like alfred deller. yes. or male alto, for those who do not know as... [ exaggerated high voice ] you may have noticed i, uh... [ laughter ] but there aren't that many-- ...have a fairly high voice, so... but there aren't that many roles for countertenors, are there? there aren't a lot. most of them are from... many hundreds of years ago, they were written for castrated men. [ laughter ] so... [ laughter ] i'm never gonna be... [ speaking in deeper voice ] i am never going to be a countertenor. [ laughter ] okay. maggie, go ahead. kids, $800, please. [ beep ] that would be "the walking dead."
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- maggie, go again. - let's finish out kids. [ in louder voice ] ...willis. susan. a lot on that one.nt strokes"? . [ chuckles ] karate for $200, please. maggie. what is shank? no. doug. what is chop? a chop, yes. uh, brick by brick for $400. doug. what's the great wall of china? yes. brick for $600. susan. who are the commodores? commodores. you got it. brick by brick for $800.
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maggie. what is south carolina? no. susan. - at vginia? - that's the state. brick by brickor1,0. doug. - who is baum? - l. frank baum. correct. uh, cobra kai for $200. maggie. - what is king cobra? - that's it. uh, cobra kai, $400. doug. what are sea snakes? that's it. cobra for $600. answer... [ applause ] you are still in the lead. let's make it a true daily double. okay, for $10,400, then... dendroaspis, these deadly african members of the cobra family,
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come in green & black. what are mambas? mambas, yes. we have less than a minute now. ] uh, i'll take cobra for $800. doug. what's a copperhead? yeah. cobra for $1,000. a mark that looks like old-timey glasses on its hood gives the indian cobra this other name. doug. what is pince-nez? no. [ laughing ] i love that, though. [ laughter ] [ beep ] what is the spectacled cobra? back to you, doug, what three clues to go. karate for $600. [ beep ] what is dan? two clues left now. karate for $800. doug. what is okinawa?
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you got it. [ beep beep beep ] and with that, you move up to an even $11,000. the ladies have a lot of catching up to do. maggie, you have the most catching up to do. you go first, though, in double jeopardy! right after this. [ applause ] ♪
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the champ did extremely well in that first round, but this is double jeopardy! different categories and a lot more money. maggie, i hope you like these categories... followed by... and finally, each correct response ends in the letter "o." start. authors' fictional places, $800. doug. who is george r. r. martin? correct. uh, cold war for $400.
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doug. who's truman? truman is the president. cold war for $800. doug. what's the hammer and sickle? yes. cold war for $1,200. the cuban missile crisis of 1962 was resolved when this russian leader blinked in his face-off with the usa. doug again. who is khrushchev? yeah. cold war for $1,600. doug. what is the space race? that's it? cold war for $2,000. doug. what is budapest? hey, well done. you ran the category. you got them all. [ applause ] look at your total--$17,800. uh, ends in "o" for $400.
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what a lovely way to spend an afternoon relaxing on one of these. is a gazebo? that ends in "o." ends in "o," $800. susan? what is polio? good. ends in "o" for $1,200. susan. - what is gumbo? - right. "o" for $1,600. doug? what is esperanto? yes. "o" for $2,000. it's a japanese martial art and form of fencing using bamboo swords. maggie? - what is "aikado"? - no. doug. what is aikido? no. [ beep ] what is kendo? doug, go again. entertainment rituals for $400.
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maggie. what are sharks? doug. what is "sweet caroline"? that's it. uh, entertainment for $1,200. all right. [ applause ] um... you have $13,600 more than susan. let's do $2,000. okay, here's the clue. penned in 1880, this july 4th symphony staple touts a russian victory, not an american one. what is the 1812 overture? you are now $2,000 higher. $20,600. entertainment rituals for $1,600.
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doug. wh i entertainment rituals for $2,000. [ beep ] what is "the thing from another world"? just to scare themselves. doug: oh, that old chestnut. yes. uh, dentistry for $400. maggie. what is extraction? right. uh, dentistry, $800. here's jimmy. when dentists refer to the cheek side of your molar, they call it buccal, from the latin for "cheek." this adjective describes the tongue side and comes from the latin for "tongue." doug. what is lingual? lingual is right. dentistry, $1,200.
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susan. what is a bridge? bridge is right. dentistry, $1,600. - doug. - what is impacted? - that's the word. - dentistry for $2,000. maggie. - what are fillings? - no. doug or susan? [ beep ] what are veneers? maggie: mm. veneers. doug, back to you. uh, business lingo, $400. doug. - what is depreciate? - that's it. lingo for $800. doug. - hmm, what is an ipo? - no. [ beep ] what is a prospectus? - go again. - lingo for $1,200.
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doug. who is warren buffet? right. lingo for $1,600. doug. - what's a b side? - no. [ beep ] what is bundling? doug: oh. - doug, go again. - lingo for $2,000. doug. - what's a paradigm shift? - paradigm. good. authors' for $400. maggie. - who is seuss? - dr. seuss, yes. $1,200. answer... [ applause ] you can risk up to $2,000. $2,000. okay. [ laughter ] authors' fictional places... in the south, maycomb & finch's landing. who is harper lee? right. you're at -$400. go again. [ applause ] $1,600, please.
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maggie. who is j.m. barrie? yes. now the last clue... [ beep ] who is sinclair lewis? but you're on the plus side, maggie. so you're gonna be around for final jeopardy! [ applause ] i don't even want to mention doug's total right now. it's obscene. [ laughter ] final jeopardy! for the three of you-- cities in history. how much money will he earn? you'll find out when we come back. ♪needs somebody ♪everybody needs somebody to love♪ ♪someone to love ♪someone to love ♪i got a little message for you...♪ ♪when you have that somebody, hold on to them,♪ ♪give them all your love.... wherever they are♪ ♪i need you, you, you ♪i need you, you, you ♪i need you, you, you
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here is the clue for you... 30 seconds. good luck. ♪ maggie, not your day. we know. you are on the plus side, though, with $1,200, so you're around for final jeopardy! and you wrote down "what is alsace?" no. that'll cost you $666. [ laughter ] ohh.
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all right. you can blame--yeah. you know who to blame. susan, over to you now. "what is helsinki?" that, too, is incorrect. it'll cost you something. $2,000. that drops you to $4,200. doug, you were fantastic today-- 5,and i ha high hoin because you're good and you came up with the correct response of geneva in switzerland. and you will add $5,000. that gives you $30,800 today, a now very impressive 3-day total of... all right. we're going. but we're coming back tomorrow. ♪ captioned by los angeles distribution and broadcasting, inc.
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two powerful storm systems striking with millions of americans on the road. on one of the busiest travel days of the year. we tracking the thanksgiving storms. driving snow, icy roads, headaches at the airports. weather warnings from california to new jersey. parade danger. will high winds ground those iconic macy's balloons? the work being done tonight. but will they be able to fly? also breaking tonight, the kem plant explosion. first, this massive fireball in the night sky, and now, a second one. a giant piece of debris shooting into the air. mandatory evacuations. miles away, windows shattering, homes shaking. rudy's secret deals?


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