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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 10, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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try representatives for jamie spears. >> will, thank you and that's what's making news in "america this morning." >> have a great day. eat day. right now on "america this morning," impeachment debacle. former president trump's lawyers taking heat for their performance on day one. sources say trump himself is not happy. new overnight, trump's lead attorney speaking out explaining what went wrong, and we look ahead. what is expected later today, and will any of this matter when it comes to a conviction or acquittal? breaking overnight, new revelations about the man accused of going on a shooting rampage at this health clinic. why he was previously banned from the building. asian-americans under attack. the disturbing video as a 91-year-old man is pushed to the ground in broad daylight days after another man died in a similar attack. several other assaults under
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investigation. this morning, the arrest and the demand for more protection. plus, we hear from the coast guard crew who rescued three people stranded on a remote island for 35 days. no food or water. is the 9 to 5 workday a thing of the past? the major company now saying, yes. and meow mix-up. >> i can hear you. i think it's a filter. >> i don't know how to remove it. i'm not a cat. >> the lawyer who just couldn't turn off the cat filter on his zoom call talks to us about the hilarious moments now going viral. good wednesday morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. today is day two of former president trump's second impeachment trial, and his defense team is under fierce scrutiny. >> and their performance so far it has been attacked by democrats and republicans alike. their presentation tuesday at times was rambling and confusing. overnight president trump's lead attorney offered an explanation.
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in the meantime, reaction is pouring in after an emotional and graphic presentation by democrats describing the day the capitol was attacked as they tried to turn the former president's own words against him to prove he incited the crowd. >> abc's andrew dymburt has the latest from capitol hill where the trial resumes today. andrew, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kenneth and mona. so house managers spent the opening day of the trial trying to link trump's own words in the days and weeks leading up to the riot arguing, if that's not impeachable, they don't know what is. the senate chamber under siege a month ago now a courtroom. senators reliving the capitol attack on the first day of former president donald trump's second impeachment trial. house impeachment managers using searing images from the january 6th attack to lay claim that trump incited the deadly insurrection using his own words to plead their case. >> and if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore. >> reporter: lead democratic prosecutor jamie raskin
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recounting how his family was with him that day at the capitol. his emotions weighing heavy as he recalled what his daughter said to him. >> she said, dad, i don't want to come back to the capitol. >> reporter: day one for this unprecedented trial was meant to focus on the constitutionality of the trial itself with democrats arguing stl impeaed office. but trump's lead defense attorney, bruce castor, spent most of his time on the floor sauntering through arguments that weren't clearly related to those constitutional questions. >> united states senators are patriots first. they love their country. they love their families. >> reporter: even republican senators susan collins and lisa murkowski say they were confused. >> i was perplexed by the first attorney who did not seem to make any arguments at all. >> president trump's team were disorganized, they did everything they could but to talk about the question at hand, and if i'm an impartial juror
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and one side is doing a great job, and the other side is doing a terrible job on the issue at hand, as an impartial juror, i'm going to vote for the side that did the good job. >> reporter: and sources tell abc news trump is not pleased with the performance of his defense team. trump's other attorney, david schoen, getting things back on track trying to assert since trump was removed from office by the will of the american voters, democrats have no case. >> for a great many americans see this process for exactly what it is, a chance by a group of partisan politicians seeking to eliminate donald trump from the american political scene. >> reporter: but after four hours of arguments, senators voting to move ahead with the trial with six republicans siding with democrats that the trial is constitutional even though trump is no longer in office. kenneth, mona. >> andrew, thank you. overnight trump's lead attorney appeared on fox news to defend his team's performance from a storm of criticism. david schoen said his partner,
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bruce castor, will be better prepared in the future. >> the fellow who you say did the opening today has his law firm there. they're very capable people. i'm sure -- today he hadn't planned on going, and so i'm sure that they'll be very well prepared in the future and do a great job in the case. there's a lot to say, and i know they feel very strongly about fighting against what they're seeing. >> as for what's next, republican congressman adam kinzinger, who voted to impeach trump, said he believes it's possible more republicans will change their mind when it comes to convicting trump, but he said it's not likely. the trial resumes at noon eastern today. abc news will bring you live coverage. we turn now to the mass shooting at a minnesota health clinic. police are revealing new details about the suspect who has been banned from the clinic for years. this morning a man with an apparent vendetta against medical workers is now accused in a mass shooting at this health clinic. >> there certainly is a history of him being unhappy with -- with health care, with the health care that he received. >> reporter: police say gregory
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ulrich opened fire inside the clinic near minneapolis killing one person and wounding four others. according to a court document, ulrich has been banned from the facility since 2018 and was not allowed to have contact with a doctor working there. investigators have not released the reason for the restraining order, but according to "the minneapolis star tribune," a police report from 2018 says ulrich was calling his former doctor three times a day threatening a mass shooting to blow things up and other revenge scenarios. >> they said they heard about 11 shots within a minute. >> reporter: witnesses describing the terrifying scene tuesday when police say ulrich shot the victims then reportedly called police himself. >> i heard this man say, get down on the ground, and i turned, and i saw the back of this man, and he had a gun, and there was screaming, and there was shooting. >> reporter: police have not released a motive, but ulrich's brother tells abc news he developed an opioid addiction after back surgery a few years ago, which he believes may have been a factor in the shooting.
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>> to go in, have a shooting of people that are health care taking care of people, it just doesn't make sense. >> police are also looking at suspicious devices left at a hotel where ulrich was staying. the shooting victims have not been publicly identified. turning to the pandemic, the cdc says nearly 1.5 million covid vaccines are now being administered every day, and that's crucial because more contagious variants of the coronavirus are spreading. the uk variant has now spread to 39 states, and officials in the uk are finding more mutations. pharmacy chains in most states are now accepting vaccine appointments, but the walgreens website crashed on tuesday because of overwhelming demand. experts say pharmacies are vital to the vaccination effort. >> i think the pharmacy chains are going to play a very important role in those individuals who live in more rural areas who don't have access to large health care systems, however, i still think the large vaccine sites also have a role in the more population dense areas to get large individuals vaccinated in a short amount of time.
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and there's new information about the lingering effects of the coronavirus. a study finds 20% of covid survivors have experienced brain-related problems including memory loss and difficulty paying attention, but here's a symbol of hope. a 116-year-old nun from france got covid in january but has now recovered. she turns 117 tomorrow. a refinery leak in san francisco's bay area has dumped 600 gallons of oil into the water. the oil spewed into port richmond. local beaches are closed until further notice, but a public health advisory issued tuesday has now been lifted. the leak came from a chevron refinery. crews say it's now been contained. a morning of ice fishing on lake superior in minnesota turned into a rescue operation. more than a dozen fishermen became trapped when a chunk of ice broke away from the shore. emergency crews eventually got everyone back to land, but the men's fishing gear and their beers floated a mile away. millions of americans are
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under a deep freeze with icy road conditions this morning. so let's take a look at your wednesday forecast. the storm system moving east will bring ice from texas all the way to maryland. roads will be dangerous and the ice could bring down power lines causing outages. meanwhile, the midwest is preparing for another blast of arctic air. windchills will drop below zero for montana to missouri. minneapolis, get ready for minus 31. it will be slightly warmer in green bay and chicago at minus 24. looking at today's high temperatures, chicago reaches 17 degrees, kansas city hits 14 and warm despite some rain along the gulf coast. coming up, aunt jemima gets a new name. but first a major development as police investigate the crash involving the son of kansas city chiefs head coach andy reid. and miracle rescue, three people are stranded on a deserted island for 35 days.
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how they survived.
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aunt jemima pancakes, mm-mm, my, they're good. >> they may be good, but they're not aunt jemima's pancakes anymore. the name considered racist by many with a logo inspired by a minstrel character has been rebranded as pearl milling company. that's the company that invented self-rising pancake mix. the new name hits store shelves in june. the kansas city chiefs have placed assistant coach britt reid on leave as police investigate a truck crash that left a girl in critical condition. reid is the son of chiefs head coach andy reid. police have used a -- have issued a search warrant to seize the 35-year-old's phone. investigators want to know if reid was using it before or
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after the crash. they're also looking into whether reid was impaired. police say he told an officer that he had two or three drinks and had taken adderall. we're learning more about the three people stranded on a remote island for 35 days with no food or water. abc's andrea fujii explains how they were found. >> reporter: this morning, three cuban nationals are recovering after being stranded on a remote deserted island for five weeks. >> these people were very blessed. it was uninhabited but, yeah, they were out in the middle of nowhere. >> reporter: video shows how initially food, water and a radio were dropped down to them on monday after a routine patrol spotted large flags and a cross made out of sticks and fabric pinpointing the trio's position. the married couple and another man were found on anguilla cay, a small island between key west and the bahamas. the rescue crew then returned a day later in better weather to fly them to key west. >> we actually discovered them waving next to their temporary
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shelter that they had built for themselves. >> reporter: coast guard lieutenant mike allert was on the aircraft that made the rescue. pictures show the shelter the three had made. with little food and water, they reportedly survived off rats and conch shells. >> what's very common in the bahamas are conch shells which have mussel inside them, and it seemed that at least around the area where they were living, there were a lot of those. >> reporter: they were dehydrated and tired but not seriously hurt. with no signs of a raft, it's unknown how they got to the island or whether they were trying to flee cuba. only speaking spanish, the rescue crew was not able to easily communicate with them, but the relief needed no translation. >> being out in those harsh elements for a long period of time, that emotion is still definitely conveyed through a smile and just they were very happy to see us. >> reporter: the three were taken to a key west hospital. no word yet if they'll go back to cuba or can stay in the u.s. kenneth, mona.
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nba legend kobe bryant and the new push for safety reforms following the pilot's actions. this morning, a federal investigation finds the pilot's actions likely caused the helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant, his daughter and seven others. >> an accident is something that is unforeseen, unpredictable, if you will. unfortunately, this wasn't. we pretty well know what happened. >> reporter: the ntsb releasing its findings into last year's crash in southern california saying when bryant's chopper climbed into the thick fog, the pilot, ara zobayan, could no longer see where he was going and became spatially disoriented. moments before the crash, zobayan told air traffic controllers he was gaining altitude to fly above the clouds when, in fact, he was turning left and descending eventually crashing into a hillside. the ntsb also says zobayan violated safety standards by flying into the fog because he was flying under visual flight rules meaning he needed to see
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where he was going. >> the pilot was making his way up the canyon, and he saw that the clouds were descending and the terrain was rising, and he said, i can't make it, so he tried to pull up into the clouds, which he legally wasn't allowed to do, and tried to escape the terrain. >> reporter: investigators also pointing out as weather conditions got worse, zobayan could have made an emergency landing at a nearby airport, but instead they say he possibly felt pressured to keep flying as to not disappoint his high-profile client. >> we did feel like there was some evidence of the self-induced pressure. the two knew each other. we do feel that it was reasonable to draw the conclusion that there was self-induced pressure. >> some lawmakers are calling for regulations that would require all helicopters to be equipped with flight recorders and better warning systems. a man is under arrest in oakland in connection with a series of assaults on elderly asian-americans in the city's chinatown neighborhood. in one case a 91-year-old man was seen on camera being pushed to the ground as part of a disturbing trend of violence
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towards asian-americans. a man died after a similar assault in san francisco. and in another case, a 71-year-old woman was mugged on a sidewalk at 11:00 a.m. her granddaughter spoke to reporters. >> it was crazy because i warned her. i was like just like two days ahead, i was like, hey, like, make sure you be careful around our area. everybody is getting like robbed and stuff. next thing you know, i was at work, she gave me a call, she's like, hey, i just got robbed. >> police are investigating whether the attacks were racially motivated or have anything to do with the pandemic. a bizarre dating scam just days before valentine's day. a houston man is accused of posing as singer bruno mars on instagram and scamming a woman out of $100,000. he allegedly asked her to pay his expenses. officials say romance scams are on the rise. a new study finds a daily cup of coffee can reduce your risk of heart failure as long as you skip the decaf. researchers found people who
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the number one brand to support beautiful hair, glowing skin, and healthy nails. and try advanced, now with two times more biotin. ♪ working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living ♪ time to check "the pulse." we begin with the 9 to 5 workday going extinct? >> a major company in silicon valley says the 9 to 5 schedule is dead. it's offering workers the option of working remotely forever. the cloud computing company salesforce joins facebook and microsoft in offering a permanent work from home option. >> it says only a small number of employees will work in the office on a regular basis. weeks after his death, alex trebek is still giving back. >> his wardrobe is being donated to charity.
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300 ties, dozens of dress shirts and other items will be donated to the doe fund. >> it helps people impacted by homelessness and incarceration. next the zoom mishap racking up millions of views. >> a texas lawyer logged on for a court proceeding with his cat filter still on. take a look. >> can you hear me, judge? >> i can hear you. i think it's a filter. >> it is, and i don't know how to remove it. i've got my assistant here. she's trying to -- i'm here live. i'm not a cat. >> attorney ron ponton says he was using his secretary's computer, and her 10-year-old daughter probably left the filter on. he spoke to will ganss last night. >> well, the cat ended up having an expression of panic at the same moment my voice was having an expression of panic. the hearing was at 11:00. my phone starts blowing up while i was eating lunch, and it's been nonstop. >> they figured it out and the hearing continued. finally a bizarre sight in indiana.
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good morning, it is wednesday, february 10th. >> thanks so much for being here with us dark and early an wednesday. start with meteorologist mike nicco and a look at the bay area forecast. hey mike. >> hey joournl, kumasi, kobe anyway. a look at live doppler 7. sunny day. no need to worry about rain today but fog is starting to form quickly around the coast, san francisco and the north bay valley. a look at pier 15 back towards the embarcadero center intere


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